Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 22, 1932 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 22, 1932
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»7 f v* <J.£? We *. *, ! ** , * I -»«jy, ; r ;*«k»i **M*i *<c«» «r k*4> V V *»r .* i- t >% >,V ' '"• ,,"•"«? nn #•• if?* \-V •I" ''/tf'ji 1 '™ r WAH**" 1 £, >J -%Waef*Vtt y'TS *"&,' s^-apr^y «•<•*#;$& ifs'*)"*,* ' '- ''MLJrJ'S &ME 33-N WiBEft 7| ftteSfi P)—M«jni Aimelitnt Ptni. Mr-M««n« N«wn*tw HOPE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, JANUARY 22,1932 FINANCE jr I Bodenhamer Asks Unemployment Aid With 6-Hour Day Pait National Commander Reveals Legion and A. F. of L. Proposal FOR AN EMERGENCY District Legion Meeting in Hope Hears National Discussion The national American Legion and the American Federation of Labor will poln in a petition to this session of congress for recognition of a six-hour day and a five-day week as an emergency measure to relievo unemploy- Jment and combat the dangerous forces of communism, Past National Commander O. L. Bodenhamer, of El Dorado, told a district Legion meeting in Hope city hall Thursday night. In addition to its , unemployment measure, which he admitted would be criticized from some quarters, Major Bodenhttuncr said the Legion would push for favombls action on an adequate hospitalization program for disabled veterans, and for universal draft of money as well as men in. time of war, guaranteeing . that only de. fcnsive wars would be engaged in. An Emergency Proposal The Legion's curtailed working day and week is advocated as a temporary measure only, the speaker said- 1 "The family in the'backbone of American civilization, and -the Legion believed," Bodenhamer said, "that it is bitter to ask each employed man to make some small sacrifice for the time being so that the family circle of the capable but jobless man may not be totally destroyed during 'this'period of economic disaster." The Legion program drew .Uj>fair- gatlon from the Texarkana"post, and the post commanders of surrounding ,,cities, " If Dr. J. L. Kosminisky of Texarkana, "past state commander of the Arkansas department, preceded Bodenhamer in an inspirational address on the aims of the national Legion, Visiting Commanders Jewell Vick, commander of the Prcscott post, spoke briefly for Nevada county legionnaires; J. D. McCarty, commander of the Texarkana post, brought greetings from Miller county; Hillie Davis spoke for Howard county as commander of the Nashville post; and Jess Powell and Edgur Johnson, joint commanders of the Stamps post, appeared for La- Faycttc county. E. F. McFaddin made the address of welcome on behalf of Hope, and introduced visiting post commanders and other prominent legionnaires, J. L. Stringer, commander of Leslie Huddlcston post of Hope, presided us master of ceremonies. Bodenhumer was introduced by Alex. H. Washburn, who told briefly of the community week performed by the El Roradoan prior to his rise to r.ie national commandership. The colors were advanced and retired by Color.Sergeants Charles E. Taylor and Vernon Gunn, at the opening and close of the meeting. The Hope Boys Band entertained tile 'meeting with u bund concert. S-&- "Trunk Slayer*' Faces Court court nf'phn . anA ^ e11 ***»*• ^ B - Winnie Ru , th *»« (indicated by arrow) is shown here with her attorneys in at Phoemx, Arizona, where she went on trial ohargad with the "trunk murder" of Mrs. Agnes Leroi X-ray cian. A ser technician. A separate murder indictment accuses Mrs. Judd of slaying Miss Helvig tubercular Women Protest to U.D.C. Home Lease Misunderstand Statement by Governor Parnell at Meeting LITTLE RQCJC—(/p)—A misunder- flood, remark,; made by Governor Par- .group of United , _ . ^ - . Chandler to Preach at Washington Local Minister Accepts Invitation of County .Seat ; Church Group Rev, W. R. Chandler, local minister will preach at the Baptist church in Washington next Sunday at the U o'clock hour, according to an announcement from the Washington congregation. The general public is cordially in. vited to attend this service .and especially those who live near Washington, f Toupee for Sports Wear Gay and Waterproof ST. MORITZ— (ff>)— The toupee for tports is next! : Mme. Elsa Schiapurelli, hero for the (winter sports, wears with her skiing suit a postiche of ash blond hair, treated with a brilliant lacquer which resists water. It has flat curls on either side and a high bandeau giving the effect of a headdress and making a cap or beret unnecessary. Mme. Schiaparelli's ski costume is of navy blue wool and is worn with a red blouse. / Immgiration Transfers to Reorganize Service WASHINGTON.- (ff) -Seer etary Doak Thursday announced transfers j in the unmigration service amounting I to a virtual reorganisation of the field I service.. j Daughters of the Confederacy mem- >ers, who were protesting against a mining lease on the Arkansas Con- ederacy home property caused one if the women to leave the meeting indignantly followed by some other members of the delegation. Both the governor ond the woman, Mrs. R. J. Lea, later said the matter resulted from a misunderstanding. Mrs. Lea in leaving the meeting, said the governor told the women that they knew the "South was in the wrong" in the war between the states. Governor Parnell said that during the discussion of the lease he said, "Whether it was right or wrong," referring to the lease. Mrs. Len accepted his explanation. The delegation of women here Friday said that legal action would be taken against thp lease, Offers to Ransom Kidnaped Husband Wife of Denver Business Man Willing to Pay "Reasonable Sum" Housewife's Aim Is Better Than Hearing TEXARKANA — Staley Sastro, aged 24, was .shot in the arm Thursday night when he knocked on the back door of a home on College Hill seeking a free meal. The wounded man says he rapped on the door and when Mrs. Albert Kuhn raised the blind with a pistol in-her hand he said: Lady, I'm not gttlrig\tqKrob- you; 'wll^I want is a handout." Mrs. Kuhn fired at the man. -She told police she thought the beggar said: "Lady, I'm going to' rob you, hands up. 1 Officers placed ihe man in jail for investigation. DENVER—(#>)— The wjfe of Benjamin P. Bower, 62, baking company executive who was kidnaped from his home Tuesday night offered Thursday to pay "any reasonable sum" for his safe return. Her offer made public through newspapers by her lawyer, was designed to offset the effect she feared might have been created in the minds of the kidnapers by announcement ol several rewards for their apprehension, totaling $2,100. Failure of the abductors to nego. tiute for the $50,000 ransom they orig. inully demanded from the owner ol the bakery, Stephen Knight, through Mrs. Bower, left the investigation almost at a standstill. FLAPPER FANNY SAYS: HEfl. U. ». PAT. OFF. Florida Bank Held Up Early Friday Between $12,000 and $15,000 in Cash Is Taken From Institution JACKSONVILLE, ,Fla.-(/P)-Ovor- powering five employes as they came to work, two bandits robbed the Springfield Atlantic Bank here of between ?12,000 nnd 515,000 and 1 escaped The robbers, armed with sawed off shotguns locked two of the employes in a vault and handcuffed the other three. Emmet B.Y.RU. to Appear at Fulton Will Present Play at the School Auditorium on Next Monday Night "Getting Rid of Eppie," a three act play, directed by Rosalie Arnett, will be presented by the Emmet Senior B. Y. P. U. at the Fulton high school auditorium on Monday night, January 24. This play was recently presented to a packed house in Emmet and several other towns and schools in this section have requested the Emmet church group to give them dates. Cast of characters: Mrs, Elizabeth Featherby, Mrs. Milton Townsend; Jean, Dorothy Arnett;Catherine (Kay) Frankie Arnett; Miss Eppie Perkins, Edna Arnett; Mrs. Templeton-Tweed, Nora Arnett; Mr. Peter Crosby, Harvey Snell; Sir Harry Gwen, *C. B. Ward; Thomas, a footman, Alden Willis; Lucy, a maid, Era Wells; Elise, a maid, Bonnie Smart. Time, the present. Scene 1. The Featherby's morning room. Scene 'i. A room at Mrs. Templeton-Tweed's. Time of presentation, about two hours. •»«-»• girl basketball player's goal to be courted and u#t a County Schools in North End Visited Board of Education Finds Efficient System in Operation The Hempstead • County Board ol Education has just spent a day visil- Mnrsome of th£ schools In the north end of the conunty. Bingen, McCaskill and Blevins were found to be operating in a splendid way. Trained and efficient principals with select faculties are in charge of these schools. The number of children being served by the three schools is approximately 1,000, and in addition 200 students are attending Nashville High School from the northwestern part of Hempstead county. Senior high schools are maintained nt Nashville and Blevins while junior high schools are maintained at Bingen and McCaskill, The County Board of Education was gratified to find that adequate training was being furnished rural children. This (mining equals the best offered any boy or girl and we ore. glad. The num. bcr of students that have the privilege extended today, or will have during their public school career, is 1600. The County Board of Education plans to visit the schools in the south portion of the county at an early date. It is gratifying to know that, the majority of students now sharing the advantages of first class schools are strong in their expressions of appreciation for the privileges being extended them, and it is the sincere de- sre of the Board to extend to every child the privilege of such training and fit him or her for life work, the board announced. W. Homer Pigg, J. O. Johnson, J. W. Butler, H. R, Holt, C. D. Middlebrooks and H. M. Stephens are the members of the Hempsteud County Board of Education. • The county superintendent, E. E. Austin, encouraged and accompanied the board on the visiting program. Texas Auto Crash Car CoHides With Truck Carrying Laborers in Beaumont Area BEAUMONT. Tex.-^-Two men were killed mid 10 injured on the Fannett highway near here Thursday night when an auto ;olljded with a truck loaded with pipeline laborers of the N. A. Saig company, which is constructing a pipe line for the Yount- Lee Oil company. Man Floats 800 Feet Down Sewer Line Rescued by Other Members of Crew Who Were on Inspecting Tour ALBANY, N. Y.—(^Pj—Carried 800 feet in this city's main underground sewer line, John DEBO, was rescued Thursday by fellow workmen who ripped off a man hole cover and descended in time to save him. DeBo, a street department employee was descending into a manhole to hspcct it for a leak in the mains when he slipped from the steel ladler and was swept off through the iark cavern in the sewer stream. Other employees who were following him down the ladder retraced their steps, ran to the nearest manhole and heard DeBo's frantic cries •M- he grasped at the slippery cavern walls in the darkness. When he reached them, they caught hold of him and pulled him out. Court Bat tie Starts friday in Murder t Trial at Phoenix Defense Oppbses Bring- i ing Suitcase Into Court ;|ii Room for Evidence CLAIM NOT IN CASE Judd on Trial for f Murder of Only One' at This Time PHOENIX, Ariz.— (JP)- Winnie Ruth •Judd's counsel started a court battle Friday when the state offered exhibits 'of .the receptacle in which the bodies *bf s Agnes Anne LeRoi and Hedvg Samuclson were sent from Phoenix to Los Angeles. The suitcase, which contained part of ;Miss Samuelson's body, was the firp major physical evidence. The defense argued that the sui caaj did not come under the rule by wlfch other receptacles might be entered in the evidence, since it contain. edp"only parts of the body of Miss Sarhuelson and nothing else." Mrs. Judd is on trial for the mur- de| 'of Mrs. LeRoi in the present case Pi-T. A. Appeals to -Fathers, Mothers Mrs. Bert Keith Declares ; School Crisis Here , Must Be Met Editor The Star: This is an S. O. S. call to every man and 1 woman of Hope to*tally tb the support of the*schdWs in this great crisis. The School Board cannot do It alone, neither can the teachers. The mothers and fathers must step into the breach with them. It is you and your children who are most vitally concerned. Certainly we are as resourceful.and self-reliant as our pioneer forefathers. They came into a wilderness and hewed out their homes and! schools and churches bare-handed. Again, after the war between the North and South we were without moriey or credit, and our county was in ruins. Our fathers and mothers had to find their way out by hard work and good management over many years^ Their blood runs in our veins. Their example inspires us. The Parent-Teacher association is the point of contact between the home and school, the clearing-house of ideas and wrokable plans. Tnke your place in the ranks and/we can down Debt, Doubt and Depression by persistent and united effort. MRS. BERT KEITH, Charman Membership Committee. Jan. 22, 1932 Hope, Ark. Farmer Killed in Fight With Officer Deputy Wounded in Attempt to Arrest Young Alabaman Hoover Is Endorsed by Republicans of Ohio C'OLUMBUS, publican state Ohio.— ( central committee Thursday approved the administration _H T1 ..... !. 1 ____ i TT ___ l_ • »» ' FLORENCE, Ala. — (/P)— Delware Uigue, 40, Wayne county, Tenn., fann- er, was killed and Deputy Sheriff Gillis was wounded in a gun fight near Lutts, Tenn., Wednesday night when the officer attempted to arrest Pigue's 9-year-old son on a theft charge. Gillis was brought here by a man his gun at him, but it failed to work and he fired six bullets into Pigue's body before he had time to shoot. The son opened fire on Gillis and, atfer wounding him, departed in his father's automobile. Gillis was brought hese by a man named Dobbs, who swore out the warrant for the arrest of the youth. The officer's condition was not considered serious. , •n f. ,000000,000 Here are two of the chief officers of President Hoover's new $2,0000,000 000 reconstruction corporation, now being organized ts tabilize banks and businesses and create cnfidence. Charles G. Dawse, left, is president of the corporation, and Eugene Meyer, right, governor of the Federal Reserve Board Is chairman of the directors of the finance company, which will make loans to banks, building and loan companies and other organizations, according to Self-Reliance Is Asked by Pastor Dr. J. Frank Lawson, Revivalist, Addresses "Friday'"""-" 3 A stirring appeal for. the kind of citizenship that stands,on its own feet in an emergency, in pioneer American fashion, was given Hope Rotary club Friday by Dr. J. Frank Lawson, re vivalist who is 'conducting a series of meetings through Sunday at First Presbyterian church. i •. , < . Dr. Lawson likened the state to : tHe I^ingdom .of Heaven. Every man and woman is a citizen of both, he said. We have the privileges that go along with citizenship in each—and at the same time we can't escape the duties ;hat accompany citizenship, he said. It is the duty of every citizen to stand up.for state and God, no matter what others around him are doing, the pastor declared. It is the duty of every citizen to be self-supporting, unless he wishes to confess that he is an incompetent, the pastor declared. Dr. Lawson regretted that in the course of his wide travels as an evan. gelist he found so i many tender churchmen who relished their personal feelings apparently more than .heir worship of God. He said this country needed more stamnia and courage to be the kind 1 of individual- sts from which America had sprung. Julian Green, revival singer who is accompanying Dr. Lawson .entertained the club with a group of songs, The program was presented by L, barter Johnson, of the program committee; and the club had a 100 per ent attendance. Dr. W. R. Anderson, pastor of First 'resbyterian church, extended the ity an invitation to hear Dr, Lawson •reach every night at 7:30, Slayer May Be Indicted Today Prosecutor to Ask for First Degree Charge Against Reynolds HOT SPRINGS-The funeral of Mrs. Irene Reynolds, aged 27, to whose murder her husband, Guy : Reynolds son of a rural minister, confessed, was held at the Shippey cemetery hi the Mountain Pine sector Thursday- The husband made no request to atend. He' is in the county jaiL Mrs. Reynolds was born near Bear, in the western part of Garland coun. -ty. Her maiden name , was Willie Webb. Her father died when she was a child and her mother married a man named Avant and now is a widow for the second time. The 22-months- old baby of the Reynolds is being cared for at the home of a cousin of Reynolds. Prosecuting Attorney Houston Tm- ory said Thursday night the Grand Jury will convene Friday and he will ask for a first degree murder (indictment against Reynolds. Local Man Leaves For Forrest City 0. L. Bowden to Become Manager of Bmy Store of That City 0. L. Bowden, *veii known local man, for seven years manager of the Busy Store here and later connected with Rephan's New York Store, left Friday morning for Forest City, where he has accepted a position as manager of the Busy Store at that place. Mr. Bo.wden will not move his fam- of President Herbert Hover ,a»d pass- j ily to Forrest City until a|ter the close ed a resolution endorsing nomination. f or V e- of the nrescnt nounced. school Venn he an- 3 ostal Department Not to Raise Rates t Rate of 3 Cents on Letters Not to Be Put in Effect WASHINGTON— (.f)— The post office department has given up hope for obtaining postal rate increases as a part of the administrations method of reducing the treasury deficit, F. A. Tilton .assistant postmaster general, said Friday. The postmaster general recommended to congress that the rates on non local first class mail be increased from two to three cents and that 1921 war measure rates be resumed on the bulk of the second class matter. Petition,* in Behalf of Murray_WW Be Filed BISMARCK, N. D.—(^—Presidential filing petitions in behalf of Gover- non W. H. (Alfalfa Bill) Murray of Oklahoma will be circulated in North Dakota soon, his brother said Thursday. George T. Murray of Berlhold said plans had been completed to take this step, necessary to filing for the demo, era tic nomination in the state primary March 15. Hje has. not heard whether his brother wpuld permit his name to be place^l o» tfe election ballot. Two Men Arrested at Still Location Waive Preliminary Hearing; Held to Grand Jury Under $500 Bond John Young and Harry Burns, white farmers, living about 10 miles South of Hope, waived preliminary hearing before Judge U. A. Gentry Thursday afternoon,, and were released under $500 bond each on a charge of possessing a still and manufacturing liquor, The two men were arrested near the John Young home Thursday morning by officers Allen Shipp and Will Porter. At the time of their arrest they were operating a 100 gallon copper still and had 200 gallons of mash on hand. They will be arraigned before the Hempstead county .grand jury at the April session. 1 * * £ /If £^4l Credit tofl Bill Is Pi Senate oft! ^L_ u< Measure Aims to quid Cash for,Ei__. of Real Property May Billion, of Aid to Bu ness Struct „ , ;-2ii^.>/i| Friday passed r the ajiinu. providing for a gigantic jfi Deration to speeo* tip sent it on to the t nature. . Soon afterward," the appropriations , committed duced bills which Would ipp half a billion dollars, f of ation's Capital / •• '' Amended Bill Proposed by President >koovey,v finance corporation measure was' 1 * passed 1 by the senate, but was. ed in the-house. Aconfe ' ed between t the two* amended measure, was* ap the house, and late Frfda/Sfl went through ffi> senate agal lacking only the president's ture to become effective.' ' ' i * ' The announced,purposejof ministration's reconstruction is to make available half,a 1 . lars with which a corporation; be organized to turn loose up: billion dollars to the finance !i tions of the nation. , < -'-' 3 'M Might AM Credit /; It is believed this-, ially T in "unfreezing" up in solvent banks, in-the" ?i undiscountable-. Dapeci^lt": States to extend easier credits t own customers, knowing that an credit situation woulo* prevail-at 1 central banking Tiouses, notably , 12 key banks of the Federal Heservel system. *' ' = 'v*""" Auxiliary legislation is expected assist the building and loan cc of the nation hi the same, coming to the rescue of institut which have much property and o1 evidences of real wealth, but are, she on actual cash. While the credit situation generallif may be relieved, it is not regarded likely that the new corporation will be of direct benefit to the depositors inpfl closed banks. It is generally under-' 4 stood that the credit corporation wouW,, assist only solyent institutlons-al- *"' though depositors in closed banks,'' would benefit indirectly in a -large* < realization upon their bank's ™^_, hrough the general improvement in'' >usiness conditions. ' ' Youth Held as Suspect in Post Office Holdup CALICO ROCK, Ark.- (#>) -Ealon McVey, 20, was held here Thursday for the robbery of the post office at Pineville last week. Post office inspectors who arrested him said he confessed and named an accomplice who is being sought. About ?70 was taken from the post office. Bulletins MADRID.— (/P)— Word from Catalonia Friday $ald that troops took over half a dozen villages where "workers republics" were set up Thursday during what the government described as a communist rebellion. , LONDON— (#>)— Great cabinet split on the tariff issue Friday but contrary to the precedent they will not resign. It was understood while a majority of the cabinet fayotsd a flat rate tariff of ten to flift$ga agf c£njt go manufactured «n4 najmUy mapufaciur- i,IKK) Damage by Fire at Glenwood Buildings Destroyed p n Site of Theatre Burned Year Ago GLENWOOD-Fire discovered about U Thursday destroyed two buildings in the business section of the town and caused damage estimated at J2£QW>, Origin of the blaze was not determin? ed. The two buildings, occupied by the Atha meat market and Young's cafe, were owned by Pob Sigman, whose loss was placed at $10,000. A year ago a theater, occupying the same site was burned. Part of Thursday night's Joss, was covered by insurance. Considerable water damage at the Merritt grocery, next door to the buildings, resulted from the fight on the blaze by the volunteer ftremen, who formed, a bucket brigade and also utilized the hose of the Caddo Lumber Company. The postoffice, a drug store, a ! ware store, a bakery, and the quarters of the Glenwood Herald, weekly newspaper, suffered damage, but the lire did not spread beyond the two build" ngs in which it originated. Operators of the cafe, who lived in the rear of the building, noticed the flames and, sounded the alarm. At midnight, when the fire was under control, fireman still were at work. While the blaze was being combated residents of the town learned that the home of John Packet! at the edge of lenwood was attacked by fire with resultant damage estimated at $1,000. 3 Basketball Games at Hi SchooU'nday Night Beginning at 7:$0 Friday night therje will be three basketball games played < at the local high sdhpol gymnasium, %e Hope Bobcats Will play the Spring Jill team. .•, ,Another g»me is aapftunfiftd; feejtapeji Colu«bus and Blaviftg «BW_%| * final game for the eveaujg " will am* *)» " '

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