The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on November 11, 1954 · Page 40
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 40

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 11, 1954
Page 40
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:.. x N- x v , k v x- s v x , - . , V 1 v Thursday, November 11, 1951 1 11 CINCINNATI ENQUIUEK Page 36 ! ' ! f'l VSi r.-' I 5 W T'"" Vf feu x ' " DANISH BUTTER STOLLEN IS BEST The aroma of fresh baked yeast-bread and rolls permeated the lobby of the Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co. yesterday as the 15 prize contestants in The Enquirer's Harvest Time Recipe Contest baked their recipe entries during the day. The judges, Lydia Cooley, home economics director, Procter & Gamble; Mrs. Joseph Buskin, Buskin Bakery, and Mrs. J. L. Suydam, selected Danish butter stollen, baked by Mrs. Dick Fitzgerald, 4650 Winton Rd., as the best entry. Biscuits, muffins, coffee cake and other quick breads will be featured in today's bake-off. Self-Employed Get Benefits Even If In Inactive Status BY D. B. GALLAGHER Much the same procedure is followed in arriving at monthly benefits for the self-employed as is followed for those working for salary or wages. However, there is one outstanding exception. Earning restrictions for the self-employed are the same as for the employee $1200), and the same regulations apply in figuring months in which benefits are due. Should yearly earnings exceed $1200, however, the self-employed have this advantage: Even though a self-employed person receives profits from his business, if he is past 65 and under 72, and "fully" insured, he will be entitled to monthly benefits during the months in which he renders no substantial service to his business and doesn't earn more than $80 in profits or wages from other sources. ' Example: The owner of a "WHERE THE WISE REALIZE" TRI-STATE SAVINGS & LOAN CO. It's a Woman and f . I f , "V nun ai mi mum iiBmmmmaammammumum tells you about it with hints . . . music. . . those things you like to hear! EVERY MORNING , "The Woman's Way" on Mon. thru Fri.QAM WLW RADIO business, classed as self-employed, takes no active interest in it, leaving the management in the hands of others. This can be for any period. During the full calendar months in which this arrangement is in force, the self-employed person will be entitled to earned monthly benefits. Even though the above is in force, Social Security tax must be paid. (Q.) "I am a widow of 67. My husband paid Social Security self-employment tax from the beginning of 1951 until his death early in 1953. He left me the business. Although I take no active part in it, leaving the management to a lifelong friend of my husband, I have been paying Social Security tax on $3600 a year since my husband's death." (A.) Your position, other than the amount of taxable earnings and benefits, has not been changed by the new amendment. Since you were 65 at the time of your husband's death, you were entitled to monthly benefits from his credits. After this year you will have credits of your own, increasing your benefits. As an owner taking no active part in the management of your business, you are entitled to benefits as explained above. Contact your Social Security office. I'll write more about self-employment in next column. Mail question on Social Security to D. B. Gallagher in rare of The Enquirer, Be sure to give jour mulling address. V World . 700 9 "" mm GALLON MILK 1 PACKAGE VELVA WHIP FREE BUY DOWSTOWN MT, ADAMS BRIGHTON AREAS A. A C. Quality Market lOZJ freftniui Ave. A t Fix) Slam Hit Linn M. A A P Fond Blarei Race A Klrirr Rarkem Parkview Market 1417 Central Ave. Rprnine Fond Market 2J3 Mulbrrr; M. Blll'i Food Hhop 1513 Vine St. Bonn.M Fruits JlU Walnut M. Brnwn'f Pony Kf 1U Mulberry St. Central huper Market 14 Central Ave. Charlies Variety Mor 2 W. liberty St. Kixie T rmlnal Food! 1th A Halnut ht. Duke's Drive Inn ,lh it Smith Ml, larll Mrats 2155 W. MeMttkca Av. (1. ii i. Vomit 21110 Vine St. Oav's irocery Baunt St (.ibon rocery .t;U Haurn Kt. Harry a Market Hth A Cuttrr SH. Hopper's roi'ery 51.1 K. lZlh St. larullo (.rorerv U1H Walnut St. Jot'l Food Varkrt Liberty A Wrieru Larry'i Market lllll Hrpuhllc St. Lt'nta BfolhfrK Market Ki5 K. MtMli'ken All. I.iberty-Vme Market H(IO Vine St. Library leliiates.n Corner ine & (.arfield PL Linttnee Ice ( ream 137 Vine St. Lindner Ice ream liiit Main St. Linn SI, Food Market Armory A Lion Loll Fod Sro.p Freeman Ave. Looecotn'a smoke shon Hill Haimilkr St. f.ouit'n Food Market 2577 W. MrMirkrn Ave. M. Ic M. I'arkvicw Market 4H(I Lock SI. Ma rearer Delicatessen 1423 Rare St. Masters Meats 21 Court St. Mat's (inm'rr s r.. l.ilh St. McKlnlcj's I'arkvlew Market 433 K. I .till St. Meyers s. rorerv 211 V. llJtll St, Mevcrs (irocery Made A Kim Sll. Milan s.rocery 057 Martin St. Mohan k Fruit Market 272 W. McMicken Ave. Morironl FfKd Market A3 1 Hroaduav I'raeee Orncery 7 1 1 (V. ( ourt 8t. Race St. W ine Stors l."3 Race St. I'lk-AI'ak 137 t. !Sth St. Roehrit; t.rocer? Hth A Walnut Sanrtmann's 4. rorerv I st. (irenorv St. Pete Si hnur tirocery 245S W. MiMlikcn Ave. A. Schueler A bons Grocery 11)23 l ion St. Stiarf (irocery 4 7 W. tourt St. Shinn's firorery 13113 Pendleton St. SteKen (troccry 12 l.tien St. Steidie llrun 1.'.37 Vine St. lodd's drocery Ma A l.ncil St. Towne Food Shop H2 Rroadoav Flossie Van Antwerp Grocery 1(H1 Walnut St. Ventura (irocery 422 K. 12th St. Vine street Maiket lne, I'M 5 Vine st. Virginia's Markrt 1044 Freeman Ays. Oscar W illher 2 HI F.. Liberty St. Frank Wetnle (.rocery A Meats 130 Flndlay Kt. Wilscr Grocery 4HI W. McMicken Wilkerson (irocery 13t4 Pendleton St Wion's (.rocery l.l.'tfi Mnn St. Winkler's Parkview Market 655 W. Court SI. W one's (irocery 1721 Bavmlller H. W'oodvfaril (Grocery 213 Woodward Ave. offers 1 bach AND SAVE AVONDALE BOND BILL ROSELAWFI A A P Food Stores 3303 Burnet Ave. A A P Food Store 7842 Readme Rd. Albers Super Markets 2'HS Readint Rd. Albers Super Markets Readlnr Rd. A ( aliromis Albers Super Markets 1HM3 Section Rd. Brenners Market 3'I04 Readlni Rd. Christensen'a Uellcatessen .3 I HO Readlni Rd. Colonial Food ShoB 17 29 Section Rd. Fhlman's Food Market 2 200 I.snrdosj Farm Rd. Frer (irocery H42 Mellsh Aye, F'oodland Delicatessen 3 Ion Burnet Ave. Foodway Market Valley Shop Inn-7617 Besdinf Rd. fiebhart Grocery 233 Piedmont Ays. Howard Meats .35 1 H Readint Rd. J. A II. Super Market 3049 Readint Rd. Leon A Jimmy Delicatessen .3B17 Readlnr Rd. Malowlts (irocerv AV 940S 3433 Readlnc Rd. Marcus Brothers Parkview Market 3-,i Readint Rd. Pllder's Market 343 1 Burnet Ave. Pranikft (imeery A Kosher Meats 3323 Readint Rd. Rockdale Pony Kef Rockdaie Ave. Rose Pood Shop AV 8724 81 Z Rockdale Ave. Rose Manor Food Khopps 1133 losantlvllle Ave. Roselawn Food Market 7K04 Rradint Rd Schocppel's Meats A V 0511 3127 Readint Rd. Stanley's Avon Food" 3321 Readint Rd. BU K ARB KENWOOD MONTGOMFRV AREAS Albers Super Markets 40IIO E. (.albralth Rd. D. A B. Foods 7H24 Blue Ash Rd. Daniel's Parkview Market Cooper A Blue Ash Rd. Fillppi Pony Krt !S10 Monteomery Rd. Gahby's Pony Ket Blue Ash A Clifford Rds. II. A S. Super Market Kenwood A Hunt Kds. Howard's Meats 424 Matson Ave. Joe's Food Market 9412 Montfomery Rd. Johnston Mrats S3 14 Plalntirld Rd. ' Jovi e Markets Inc. 71l Bine Ash Rd ST 984S Mack's Fmid Market 4 4 57 Svcamore Rd. Mike's Pood Shop O Mile Stand C C.C.. Hiehw.w Ohio Food Market 7 244 Ohio Ave. Westendorf's Finer Foods 7091 Montfomery Rd. ST 6633 CAMP WASHINGTON NORTHSinE Albers Super Markets 4 131 Hamilton Avs. Becker Delicatessen 423 1 Klrby Aye. Bill's For Brans Super Market 21149 Coleraln Ave. (. hase Ave. Food Market 10S Chase Ave. Chlrco's Parkview Market 2KI7 Coleraln Ave. ( otlate Delicatessen 407 H Hamilton Ave. Elmore Delicatessen 1904 Elmore SI . Northslds Fmll's Delicatessen 3N.39 Sprint Ornve Ays. J. A R. Food Market Chase A Chambers M. Krorer's Kornor 4 22 2 Coleraln Avs. I.arhtrup (irocery 390 1 llerron St. Linden Food Market 104 Pulte St. Lindner Ice Cream Stores 2H20 Coleraln Ave. Lindner Ice Cream Stores .3937 Sprint (irovs Martin's (irocery 3K4II C'olcrain Ale. Mi-yer's Brothers (inieery 1MHH Blue Rock Ave. Mlsrhcll Market No. 3 4021 Hsmllton Ave. Oehler (irocery 4138 Chambers St. I'erev's Delicatessen 12S Chase Ave. Scheff's Parkview Market .301 1 Coleraln Ave. Ben Schock's Meats 4 100 Coleraln Ave. Thomes Grocery 1772 Elmore St. Van Nlman's Super Market 43 18 Coleraln Ave, W'hlteford (irocery Rachel A Culerala ttiy, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at dealers listed & 3 cS A . . j" il V ft ON FRESH Wurst Delicatessen 447 3 Coleraln Ave. COLLEGE HILL FINNETTOWN NORTH COLLEGE MILL AREAS Albers Ssper Markets H033 Hamilton Ave. Albers Super Markets 6H70 Hamilton Ave. Beech Hill Parkview Market 1191 W. Galhraith Rd. Bob A Duds Party Supply 1397 Mc.Makln Ave. Mt. Healthy Bud's Pony Ket (.albralth A Bobolink Collne lllll Food Market 5HIH Hamilton Ave. Collne Hill Ice A Coal Ce. 6277 Simpson Ave. Dick Food Shop HI 44 Coleraln At. Dnlan's Market HI 14 Hamilton Ave. Entlrhardt's Complete Food Market 1817 Van Zanrtt Bd. J A Oauu Flnneytown Foods H431 Winton Rd. ( lover Food Shoppe rSH27 Hamilton Av. Gene's Pony Ket A Delicatessen S E. Corner Pippin A (.albralth Grrenhlll t Consumer Service 30 Irwin Ave.. Greenmus Gus's Meats 1927 Van Zandt Rd. Ilithway Delicatessen nnOU Hamilton Ave. Joyce Markets, Inc. 1S2U Van Zandt Kd. lou s Parkview Market 71107 Hamilton Ave. Rahn's Market 1039 North Bend Rd. Hehn's Meats Market 3844 Hamilton Aye. Reuter s Super Market North Bend Rd. A Coleraln Avs. Sehaefer Meats 1810 Cedar Ave. (arl Sletert's Grocery SI 49 Groesbeek Sun Rldiie Dcin atessen I 100 North Bend Kd.. rinneytewn Turner Food Shop 6120 Hamilton Av. Walter's Foods 0712 Savannah Bt. Nick Wullenweber 7314 Hamilton Are.. Mt. Healthy Wolf Food Market 1843 Van Zandt Rd CORRVVII.I.E CLIFTON MT. A! HI UN A-B-C Foods 3133 Jrllerson Ave. Albers Super Markets 338 Ludlow Are. Albert Super Market 2913 Vine St. Calhoun Meats 132 Calhoun St. Don's (irocery Ohio A McMillan Fdcn Delicatessen 133 E. I nlversllp Economy Market Ludlow A Teliord Are. Euclid Food Shop 101 E. I nlversity Art. Forest Pony Ker Forest A Vine St. (I. A r. Delicatessen Eden A 1'nlverslty Glencoe Food Market 21 Glencoe Place Grocerv-Meat Market 302 Milton St. Hithland Food Market 2111 Hithland Ave. Hill Ton Market 2(107 Auburn Ave. Jefferson Food Market 3033 Jefferson Ave. Keller's Pood Market Ine. 319 Ludlow Ave. Koch Meats 3161 Jrffrrson Ave. Ludlow Delicatessen 339 Ludlow Ave. M'inbert food Market 2313 Ohio Ave. Rahr's Meata 334 Ludlow Are. Romeo Fruits 2342 Vine St. Wm C Seissiter Meats 2824 .Mferson Aye. Cnlverslty Market 100 E. Cnlverslty Ward Grocery 2H39 Hlrhland Weber's Food Hhoa 14 W. McMillan Wotber's Parkview Market 2117 Raiine St. EAST END MI WASHINGTON CALIFORNIA Albers Super Markets 1 2 230 Reerhmont Ave. Bailey's Food Market 4909 Eastern Ave. Beechmont Food A Wins 2111 Beechmont Ave. Calvert (irocery 2137 Eastern At. Corswell (iroce-y I'll ('ontress St. Earl's Puny Ket 4139 Eastern Are. East End Su.ier Market 4004-8 Eastern Ave. Eastern Food Market 2272 Eastern Ave. ONE PACKAGE with each Vi GALO-OH of CEDAR HILL FARMS HUPS m .withut a?j? CUrb mv . At - "If r . fc'ni 7r ; MILK AT 1. A H. Grocery 2071 Eastern Ave. Ganson's East End Fruit Market 4007 Eastern Ave. Gardner's Delicatessen f 3914 Eastern Ave. Handy Pantry Beechmont A Salem Plk Hartlaub's Grocery Mrars A Beechmont Ayes. J AR. Food Market 4333 Eastern Ave. Krdwell Delicatessen 4847 Eastern Ave. Lindner Ice Cream Stores 4931 Eastern Are. Mt. W'ashlnrton Ice A Beer HI 39 Plvmouth St. O'Neills Bakery A Delicatessen 4910 Eastern Ave. Palmers (irocery 3227 Eastern Ave. Roilrers Food Shop 3903 Krllot Ave. Salem Food Market fiMil Salem Pike Sandy's Complete Food Market 3704 Eastern Ave. Chester Sheatsley A Son 20n3 Beechmont Ave. Sutton Pony Ket 1H32 Sutton Ave. W'snnlter Food 3340 Columbia Ave. Russ. Wheatley Meats 3331 Eastern Ave. Wlltmever Grocery 2800 Hof( St. MADEIRA LOVELAND REMINGTON Carmarro Foods 8001 Euclid Cobb Grocery Ixiveland, Ohio Coleman Thri(t-E-Market Loveland, Ohio John Kromes Grocery ('amp Dennisnn, Ohio Johnson (irocery Rranch Hill, Ohio Mae's Grocery A Service Station Branch Hill, Ohio McCov's Pony Kef lAveland. Ohio starre's Grocery Loveland, Ohio Whitley's ParkTiew Market loveland. Ohio Wolf's Groceiy Remintton. Ohio MADISONVII.I.E MAItlEMONT FAIRFAX Arkcrmann's Super Market Est. 1911 3909-11 Bramble Ave. Albers Super Markets SX09 Madison Rd. Albert Super Markets 4103 Plalnvllle Rd. Alkn's Pleaslnt Grocery 8200 Desmond St. Best Food Market Wonder Pike Bill's Pony Ket 3823 Wooster Pike Charlie's Delicatessen 8738 Bramble Ave. Charlie's Market 0910 Madison Rd. Clark Food Market 3N32 Watterson St. Duke's Pony Ket 4148 Plalnvllle Rd. Fairfax Pony Ke A Tavern 5908 Wooster Pike Harper's Market 3913 Oak St. Howard s Quality Meats A Grocery 3910 Madison Kd. Joes Meats 4110 Plalnvllle Rd. Joyce Markets Inc. 0320 Madison Rd. Jovce Markets Ine. H012 Wooster Pike Karl Yorhum Grocery 8012 Wooster Pike Madison Meats Ted Eysoldt' 3M0H Madison Rd. Mannlno Food Market OIMIH-U Madison Rd. Mescr's Pony Ket 0330 Kenwood A Madison Rd. Plnewood Food Shop 0918 Wooster Pike I. B. Ratllff Grocery 3903 Bramble Ave. Ssuter's Ponr Ket 4101 Plalnvllle Bd. MII.FOKD A A P Food Store Main Street Browers (irocery Main A Center St. The Farm A Home Center Co. M. R. lli-Oman. Prop. Mllford. Ohio Harkmelster Meats 131 Main St. I A 8. Wine Shop 24 Main St. Klpp's Grocery I 10 Main St. Kuhlman's (irocery Main Street Lantcn's Parkview Market 447 Main St. Pancero Meats Route SO Last f Mllford ft I 0 CREAMED c:ml0r': diet it., " ", iTURP nu s to vf sti avc . iS-rearnv YOUR GROCER'S Raby's Finer Foods 217 Main St. Sid's Delicatessen 310 Main SI. NORWOOD A A F Food Stores 4320 Montfomery Rd. Albers Super Markets 4500 Mam Ave. Andy's Finer Foods 17 40 Sherman Ave. B A I). Delicatessen 525H Hunter Ave. Rartlrtt s Food Shop 4705 Section Rd. Bolte Brothers Mrata 2028 Worth Ave. C. A M Parkview Market 2730 Norwood Ave. Deters Food Market Hudson A S. Madison At. Docpkes (irocery 2501 Williams Ave. Five Point Food Shop 4400 Smith Rd Jk 849 Flnkles Meats 2133 Elm St. Fishters Complete Food Market 39H8 Montfomery Rd. Glenn's Pony Kef 3735 Montfomery Rd. Haines Parkview Market 4109 Section Ave. Hoffman's Food Market 5228 Montfomery Rd. Joe's Fruit Market 471 (Hy Montiomery Rd. Johnson A Lee Grocery Leslneton A Else me re At. Joyce Markets Inc. 3838 Montromery Rd. Joyce Markets Ine. Worth A Warren Kuhn's Grocery Slane A Montfomery Kunkel't Food Market Rol.ton Ave. Ni'-haos Meats 2013 Worth Ave. Norwood Food Shop 3949 Montfomery Rd. Norwood Fruit Market 4012 Montromery Bd. Pat's Delirateaaen 17 30 Sherman Ave. Proffitt Super Market 2304 Norwood Ave. Rov's Market Forest A Williams Ay. Srhad Meat Market 4507 Forest Ave. Sherman Delicatessen 1923 Sherman Ave. Stan's Meats 4731 Montfomery Rd. Steler't Food Market 4401 Allison Ave. 1 r. Hilt's Food Market 4500 Carter St. Varon's Delicatessen 1909 MnnUomcrv Rd. Vista Food Market 1900 ( leaney Ave. Williams Ave. Delicatessen 2133 Williams Ave. Wimd Grocery 4133 Bell Ave. OAKLET HTDE PARK LINWOon A A P Food Stores Marburt Ave. Albers Super Markets 822 Delta Ave. Albers Super Markets 2875 Madison Rd. Aliens Food Shop 40H8 Marhurt Av. At's Pony Kef Marhurt A Rrotherton Rd. Rut s Pony Ket Edwards Kd. A Hyde Park Ave. Braeke's Food Market 1010 Delia Are. Delta Fruit Market 317 1 Lliiwood Rd. Erie Ave. Fruit Market 2730 Erie Ave. Ertel's Superette 4392 Verne Aye. H. A II. Food Market 3510 Erie Ave. Itsrhner's Meats 3205 Llnaood Rd. Jovce Markets Inc. 3930 Edwards Rd. Joyce Markets Inc. 3104 Msdlson Hd. Mevees Pond Shop 3027 Madison Rd. Rowe's Food Market 4033 l.lnwood Ave. Srherer's Food Market 437 Delta Ave. Vlelhauer (irocery 3945 Paston Ave. Wides Complete Food Market 2838 Observatory Rd. PLEASANT RIDGE KENNEDT HEIGHTS SII.VERTON Alders Super Markets 0200 Montfomery Rd. Albers Super Markets 0919 Plalnrield Rd. Balls Market 0 308 Montrnmery Rd. at Kennedy Buds Food Shoo 7217 Montfomery Rd. Carl's Delicatessen We Deliver 0712 Montfomery Rd. Edwards Beer A Wine 17308 Montiomery Kd. MILK Hind' White Villa Food 7 043 Montfomery Rd. J. A J. Food Shoppe 8104 Montfomery Rd. Keller's Market 3304 Montromery Rd. Klnt-Duffy Grocery 6209 Montromery Rd. Redwood Carry Out Kennedy Ave. A Woodford Rd. Shoey's Pony Kef Station 3039 Monliosarry Rd. Triantle Food shop Rldte A Msplelial Ave. RIVER ROAD EL1ZABETHTOWN LAWRENCEBl'RO Al'RORA A A F Food Store 0574 River Rd. A A P Food Mores Lawrencehurf, Ind. Raker's (irocery Lawrencehurf. Ind. Raker's Parkview Market Aurora. Ind. Brandt's Delicatessen Aurora. Ind. Cheek's Delicatessen Aurora, Ind. Courtney Dickens A Bon Aurora, Ind. Fsllls Grocery Lawrencehurf, Ind. Fowler's Grocery Lawrenccbsrr. Ind. Gerlaeh's Superette Lawrrneebsrt , Ind. Haerint's Parkview Market 7507 Brldrrtown Rd. Harry O'Neal General Store Aurora, Ind. Harrrslck Grocery lw-rencehurt, Ind. Hobb's Grocery Aurora. Ind. Kittle Grocery Aurora. Ind. Laehenmann Grocery Aurora. Ind. Meenach Grocery Genrre fit. Aurora, Ind. ""' rhers Parkview Market North Rend, Ohio Nichols Grocery Ellrabethlown. Ohio Rldte Super Market Lawrenceburt, Ind. Scharf's Grocery Aurora. Ind. Simnnson's Dot Grocery Eiisahetbtown. ohie rTlew Market 03..0 Rlvrr Rd Thleman's Market Lawrencehurf. Ind. V otel't Delicatessen Lawrencehurf, Ind. White's Grocery Lawrentrburr, Ind. Gen. C. Wood Grocery Lawrenceburt, Ind. WAI.NCT HILLS EAST WALNUT HILLS EVANbTON Albert Super Market Melrose A McMillan Courtney Brothers 2041 Madison Rd. Donohut Mrats 1009 K. McMillan St. Evanston Food Markrt 3003 Montfomery Rd. tC.nk' "'I'Catessen 203 1 M .HIinH ua Gluts (irocery "ooonurn A Tail Rd. Grnthaus Meats 27 10 Woodburn Ave. Gunnlnft Delicatessen 201 1 Madison Rd H A Market Wold A Hewitt Ave.," MW Hewitt Grocery 20.31 Hewitt Ave 1 HO J Brewster Ave. Joe Ctaeclo (.rocery 2.33A Mas St. ' Joyce Markets, Ine 740 t. MrMld.n St. Joyce Markets, Ine 27 20 Woodhurn Avs. Kammerer Meats 722 E. McMillan I-everldte Grorrry Stanton A Oak Wo4odHbunrnr;,,',r' 3,!rh;.'.! Neumann Food Market 2 170 Gilbert Ave Park Ave. Grocery 20(10 Park a.,. Parkway Foods Haekberry A Falrfas Ponder-Huhn 1999 Madison Rd. Shorpe's (Irocery Vlsta A Ivy Ave. Tony's .larket 2330 Woodhurn Ave. 2S39 Woodbsrn Ave. WESTERN IIILI.S-FAIRMOIJNT A A P lood Stores 4023 Glenw. a... Albers Super Market swua ssienway Ave, Albert Reprit).Market 4001 Harrlsun Ave. Albert Super Markets Western I'laaa Miopuini leniew Art's Grocery 2014 Harrison At. Baumann Pood Shop 3320 Glrnmora Ave. Slav. b Hrnthera GrneeCT 3820 North Bend It. Bill's Psrkvlrw Market t 1707 Oueen City Ave. C. A r. Delicatessen) 2614 Harrison Ave. C. A R. Delicatessen 302S Price Ave. Dick's Parkview Market 1 102 Harrison Ave. Ed Klrnke Parkview Market 3101 Price Ave. 1 1 - a Parkview Fonda 5834 Olcnwaj Ave. t- 1 1 k. sain.,.1. Knn., HirIM 1880 Sutter Are. ..... p.rkvtew Market 4731 Delhi Pike Hear"lh Food Market 001 Hawinorne avs. J. Scalea Grocery 2161 (Jueen City Ave. Kreimrr's Parkview Market &70 Carson Ave. Lanten's Food Market $1 vv. oin n. Macks Food Market KllSH Glensvay Ave. Markland's Parkview Market OU90 nriateiown svoasi Melser's Parkview Market 731 state Ave. Montana Food Market aalo Montana Ave. Montfomery Food Market 1881 Westwood Ave. Remle's Parkview Market 3300 Harrison rsvo. S. A R. Parkrlrw Market 3412 Glenway Ave. Scalea Grocery 1957 Uueen CUP at. Rrhoenr'l Food Market 3391 Glrnmor Ave. Rrhratr Brothers 3030 Waraaw At. Thesken Market 4502 W. Hth St. Vollrath ParkTiew Market 260S Harrison At. WINTON PLACE VALLET Albers Super Market 8IO n . Benson St. Albers Super Markets 7517 Vine St Albert Super Market 5113 Vine St. Cliff's Food Market 150 Delmar Ave. Dietrich Food Shop A Pony Ket 503 Davis St. Ed a Super Market 647 East Epworth At. Filers Food Market 593 Wyomlnf Ave. Farrell's Dellcateaaea 929 Vine St. Porman't Meat 135 Church St. Grraci Brothers Super Market 809-011 W. Wyomlnf Av. Ilonerlaw Grocer? 114 Readint lli'sa J. C. Tomes Grocery 80S W. Wvomlni Ave. Johnnie's Parkview Market 4001 Klnts Hun uriv (ovce Markets inc. 105 Mills St. Joyce Markets Ine. 0105 Vine si. Joyce Markets Inc. 8420 Vine St. Under Ice Cream Stores 717 W. Wyomlnf Ave. Mefford's Quality Foods Vine st Ross , Munafo Parkview Market 0319 Vine St. Nave's Grocers 1 101 Jefferson St. Neals Saper Market .201 Jackson Poore's (irtieery Forey and Catherine St Rotha;.s Dlile Markrt 233 Readint ltd Santone's Food Market Sprlnifleld Pk. V Wyomlnf A. Solomon's 6203 Hlfhland Ave. Stanley's Parkview Market 4928 Vine St. Wyomlnt Grill Drllcalesafts 1208 Sprlnifleld I'lks MASON LEBANON SOl'TII LEBANON Davis Grocery South Lebanon, Ohi Duff's Grocery South lbarran, Ohi East End Market l,ebanon. Ohio Henrv'f Market Lebanon. Ohio Howard (.rocery Mason, Ohio John f James Food Market Lebanon, ohi Jones Market Ibanon. Ohio Lee ('rase South Lebanon. Ohio Marvin's Su.ser Market Lebanon, Ohio McClunt's Grocery Mason, Ohio Scholts' Grocery Lebanon. Onto Sherwood's Market Lebanon. Ohio Smith Grocery State Pt. 42 Vincent Wallers Parkview Marks South Lebanon, Ohio NEW RICHMOND TO FELICITY AREA A A P Food Stores New Richmond. Ohio Camery's Krrvtc Station Chile. Ohio Evans Brothers Grocery Felicity. Ohio Hotel's lavern New Richmond. Ohio Hurhet Food Market Felicity. Ohio Her A Kremplen Dot Food Store Moscow. Ohio John Killer's Grocery New Richmond. Ohio Kenny s Grocery A Pony Kef New Richmond. Ohio Kenton's White Villa 8 lor New Richmond. Ohio liouderli.rk s Grocery C nil" Ohio Louderbark's Carry Out FelirlH. Ohio Osborne's (irocery New Richmond. Ohio Parker's Fruit Market New Richmond. Ohio Point Pleasant Food Market Point Plrasant. Ohio R. A Biaikhurn'a Grocer? Nrvlsie. Ohio R. L. Flvnn's Grocery New Richmond. Ohi Reed's Grocery New Richmond. Ohi Rorrles Groeeny New Richmond. Ohio Swart " Service Station Nevlllr. Ohio Tom's Grill New Richmond. Ohi Ed Wise (irocery Felicity. Ohio Wllmer Jones Grocery New Richmond, Ohio NEWTOWN MT. CARMEL BATAVIA Bond Grorrry Newtown. Ohio (arl Ludlow Meats Mt Carmel, Ohio Dave A Delia Dnrary's Wlllowville Food Market Wlllowvllle, Ohio Everetl's-( arry Out Batav'a Ohio Georre'l Meat Market-U. B828 isrwiown, "nio Kohlrm's Market Batavia Ohio Mt. Carmel Pony Kef Mt. Carmel, Ohio Newtown Dot Food Store Newtown, Ohio Pfleffrr Poods Mt. Carmel. Ohi guallly Meats Bata-ls. Ohio Riffs (irocery Mt. Carmel. Ohio Spauldinr A Dorsey'l Market Batavia. Ohio Whitley's Grnretw Newtown. Ohi NORTHWEST CLERMONT COCNTT BLANCHESTER Rarkers Service Station .Vllllama ( orner Boston House Owensvllle, Ohio Brownie's General Store Owensvllle, Ohio Dsley's lavern Williams Corner Day's Shopplnt Center Pleasant lllll ltd. Dirk A Ray's General Store Prrlntown, Ohio Innis (irocery Monterey Ohio Jack II Iti h (.rocery Owensvllle, Ohio Krulhaup's ( orner Mulberry Ohio Lvkin's Restaurant Nrwtonsvlllr, Ohio MrHenry's General Stor I'leassnt Plain. Ohio Meeker (irocery Woodsllle Pike Moore's Grocery Pleasant I'laln Rd. NewtoNsvllle General Star Newtonsvllle, Ohio Pate's Service Station A Grocery Blancheslir. Ohio Reeves Gull Hervlc Mt. Repose Rothmans General Store Newtonsvllle, Ohio Shopplnt Center Rlanihester Ohio Wilsons Self Service Market Newtonsvllle. Ohio TOBASCO TO BETHEL AREA Kohl's Grocery Bethel, Ohio Brooks Fruit Markrt lobasro. Ohio Brown's Country Stor Bethel, Ohio Filles' Grocery Amelia Ohio H AS. Fond Market Bethel, .Ihlo llall-bmlth (irocery M..lhl onio Hall's 8u iper Market Hamletl. Ohi Ame ta Northslde (.rocery fihin Pantry Shelf Wllhamsvllle. Ohio Robert's Food Market Amelia. Ohio Thnm.. i.lnr... Bantam, Ohio Villare Msrket Wllhamsvllle, Ohio WILLIAMSBURG. OHIO A. A C. Jordan's Grocery 3th A Main Sis. Bnrter's Meat Market Main St. ( hattrrton'i Grocery Main 1st. Fred Herd Grocery State Route 270 llowland't Grocery Main It. Medarff Store Main St Ott Food Market Third St. Thrift. f Market 4th A Main kt. f

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