Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 21, 1932 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 21, 1932
Page 4
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SLEW « (Continued One> Dance of the Marine Corps that culminated in the engagement a'Btrtler .(left), daughter of Ma^Oen.' Smedley p. Butler, re- jt. John Wehle (right).; They ritet-at the Quantico, Va, Marine commanded' by General Butler. Mid his wife tBteNV stefves at him'and kicked htm. "So I Jurt picked up a rock and hit her irt the head and knocked her down," the statement said. "But she got up and went to fighting again. I had the baby in my arms at that time and she kept on, so I picked up another rock and hit her. 1 think 1 threw three rocks as well as I remember, before 1 picked up the rock and hit her again." Reynolds, sairf he then took a stone in both hands and struck his wife on the forehead as she lay on the ground. Reynolds said he left his wife because she was "hard to get along with." "She was all the time fussing at me and one thing and another, and 1 cussing me out, and if I had a job and made any money! couldn't keep any of it—she was awful bad to spend the money." Reynolds continued. Me said that his wife had threatened to poison him and "to use a razor _ *-*« " rue. . , , .. . , Reynolds said he and his wife had liver on Lester avenue and on Arbor street, and that he had worked for Ed Williams, driving a truck, delivering groceries and feed. Besides her mother Mrs. Reynols is survived by two brother. Earl and Harry Webb. ___ • e «» • Marriage Licenses Since January First Hemps' Considerable Ground Over A Century Ago Original County Consisted of About Six Southwestern Arkansa* Counties. Wa* Divided Into Townships by First Court of Yore -*&e'tile*-<* < Telegraph H * - 184T fi'SKte: The foregoing narra- Lraiher lengthy for this column; avfew minutes of in- are repeating it here. JTtfRES OF A BASHFUL *?of the Witty correspon- ttew York "Spirit of the the following humorous ascertain, bashful lover. rwas Danphule—we used to ,.cJt-fot ahorj. Heaven help •should ever see this story. I i*-; doesn't take the "Spirit." many. misfortunes,' for he and knock-kneed, he the -inconvenient one or nevertheless, he was fond «f although when in their m never opened hismouth if and whe£he did Urp My, m»*M *»*«.•• .;.—»-, »— — both hands x t£help him ij -^' Hu> sweetest, love- girl in the square; tell his love, that was the hearcta good deal of the <rf*the eyes," and he ac- that, but whenever he ly hard at the win- Emily was in the wane person on the but on casting an" eye toward the par. lar window, and perceiving no slan of life then!, he thought it probable that no one was. »t home and as he hact proceeded so>'far he would proceed farther acid leave his card. No sooner determined" than concluded. In a reckless nioment he pulled the bell. The darned thing need" not make such a cuseed noise. The door was opened as if by magic and 1 a servant politely asked hi mto walk in. Miss Emily was all alone ta the parlor and would be delighted to see him. Oh Lord! Here was a fix! Going into a dark parlow with a pretty girl alone! It was too late to retreat. Miss Emily was sitting all alone. Being perfectly convinced that no choice was left him, int othe dark room he walkedf, or rather slided. All was perfect chaos to his eyes for a moment; but only for a moment, and then from the deepest gloom came forth an angel voice, bidding him welcome and draw near. To obey the order-was but the work of a moment. He never dreamed of the obstacle Fate had thrown in his way. He knew full well the stream of love had many ripples; but full grown snags;entered^not into his calculationf-Jfudge therefore his astonishment *i.being tripped^up almost at the fair one'si feet, t>y av«at •tool with pleatooricl^jtt which chsKbie or^a .cyefoss servant riaa plaSjAcroMft road to'happihess—over hesWerit.-i'pn* as the tailor had not allowed for an extra tension of the muscles and sinews, he not only procured 1 a tumble, but felso a compound fracture of the •black pants aforesaid, said fracture extending all across that point which came in closest contact with the chair. Having picked himself up as carefully as circumstances would allow, and a smothered laugh of Miss Emily's not setting him forward any, he at last succeeded in reaching his chair and drawing his coat tails to prevent a disagreeable .exposure, set himself down with as much grace as a bear would be expected toexhibit when re"quested to dance on nettles. The young lady, who was almost suffocated with laughetr at the sad mishap upon oy ci»w«. of her bashful lover, felt truly sorry te found himself M<" "»• and used aU 2l er IT"*! * best. Blue Mat, metal flascination to drive it from his mind, cMhimere pants, (said and evidently succeeded so far as to little tiahterthan the I induce him to make a remark—And on ?£ vest Th^ourt this roc^he split, for just at the mo- stateNs ari item of in- ment she discovered that she had lost OKthermometer rang- her handkerchief. "What has become nty toeighty degrees, of it?" She was sure she had it with ^ a hundred. M the her whence came in. "Havetft you neared, Jack found ! got it under you, Mr. Dabphule? she said. Jack said surely that couldnt be so; but poor Jack, in venturing an answer, could not possibly get along course he must drop the coat tail. In his anxiety to receive the missing "viper" he even ventured to incline his body so as to get a glance on the Trips to the altar have averaged" a little less than one a day during the first half of the month of January. Cupid's bow has evidently not been shooting so accurately as during the month of December. Marriage licenses issued by County Clerk Arthur C. Anderson since the first of the year follow: White: ' . ' B. F. Goodlett Shd Mrs. Ada Harmon, both of Ozan. Thurman Long andt Miss Ethel Sparks, both of Nashville. H. L. Powell and Miss Vesta Sailie Strawbridge, both of Hope. C. E. Goodlow, Gladewater, Texas, and Miss Opal Ross, Henderson, Texas. Clarence M. Maxwell and Miss Georgia Zimmerman, both of Hope. Buck Foster and Miss Corinne Collier, both of Hope. Colored: Henry Marshall and Annie May Scott, Patmos. Allen Perry and Velma Taylor, Hope. Lem Muldrow and Daisy Harris, Hope. William Brandon and Lottie Lewis, Hope. Edward Lloyd, Hope, ,#nd: Willie Reece Turner, Arkadelphia. When the first Hempstead cottft Wttt in session in June, 1819, the eOtinty of Hempstead embraced a large plrt of the territory that is now the «oun* ties of Nevada, Pike, Clark, Little River, LaFayette and Howard. The third day of this court was spent In determining the boundaries of the several townships that were, to be formed but of the whole, which was then known as the township of Little Missouri. . Out of the township of Little Mi»- touri, which the record oltti was bounded by the county lines of that time, were formed the townships Of Ozan, Saline, Clay, Missouri, f Little Missouri and Pecan. ; ; The court record of the day s pj | ceedings, June 23, 1819, follows.- ; Court met pursuant to adjournment present as before. The court taking into'consideration the vast territorial extent of the present township of Little Missouri, being now bounded by the present coun ty lines, it Is ordered that the follow ing townships be laid off and bounded as follows:* An illustration He: Life is.Unjust;*sorrife get everything that is good iand\beautiful and others get./ey,erytK^gfcthat is ugly She: Yes^ur^ffi^rrlage* is an example—you got" me, but I only got you.—Passing Show. ~ side'of tfc* street would inevit- ^bow to him,'thinking that he was jring to catch his eye. He has J expressive eyes ever since. ~'~ Jack obtained an intro, _«ough his sister, and with .B..— called several times; but she ^obliged to leave the city for a ' and as each interview had .icreased his ardor, he finally Hgpon going It alone. Long be' ffaced"upon by custom and his perspiration oozing and he almost determin- f and go home. HP con„,.,*? that he would take a ^. the- house and see how he ,/t$» time be reached the mane-firmly concluded not to gp in; WIS CURIOUS WORLD IteNlV MILLION ACRES floor. As he did so the fracture opened, anff behold there lay, as the lady supposed, her property. It was the work of an instant to seize the corner, and exclaim, "Here it is Sir, you needn't trouble yourself, Raise a little, it's under you." Alas! the "tail" was told; no escape; nothing short of a special interposition of providence could save his shirt. But what should 1 he do? Another and another, a stronger pull, evincing on the part of the lady a praiseworthy determination to obtain the lost "drygoods," coupled with the support to "get up Sir; you are sitting on it, determined him, and in the agony of the moment grabbing with both hands a fast disappearing j strip of linen which encircled his neck, he exclaimed in heart broken accent, "For God's sake, Miss Emily, leave my shirt collar." 'COMMISSIONER'S SALE Notice is hereby given, that persu- ant to the authority contained in the decree of the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Arkansas, made and rendered on January 4th. 1932, in cause No. 2468 wherein The Midland Savings & Loan Company, a corporation, is plaintiff and R. B. Carney et al are defendants, the undersigned will on Thursday February 4th. 1932, at the front door of the Hempstead County Court House, between the hours of said day fixed by law for judicial sales, sell to the highest bidder upon a credit of three months, the following described lands in Hempstead County, Arkansas to wit: A part of the East one-half (EW of the North West Quarter (NWW of Section Thirty-three (33), in Township Twelve (12) South, in Range Twenty-four (24) West, and more particularly bounded and described as follows, to wit: Beginning ten (10) feet Westerly of the Northwest corner of Lot Numbered Two (2) in Block Numbered Sixty-five (65), in Anderson's Second Addition to the City of Hope, Arkansas, according to the recorded plat thfreof, thence running Westerly on a line extended from said Lot Two (2), One Hundred and Forty (140) feet to Elm Street, thence Southeasterly along Elm Etreet Fifty (50) feet, thence Easterly and at right angles to Elm Street One- Hundred and Forty (140) feet, thence Northerly and parallel with Elrn Street Fifty (50) Feet to the point of beginning, being the Northerly one-half of the tract of land conveyed by W. T. Sullivan and wife, to A. C. Erwin, as recorded in Book 78 at page 188 on February 11, 1920, in the Records of Hempstead County, Arkansas. Said Sale will be made subject to the approval of the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Arkansas, and the purchaser will be required to execute bond with approved personal security for the purchase price and a lien will be retained on said land as security for the payment thereof. The purchaser may waive the credit and p;y his bid to cash, il he so elects. Giv«n uwi«r roy hand on this 4th. *" ° l JWUary> " HAREIS Township of Missouri All that portion of the county o Hempstead, bounded as follows, shall form one township, and be known by the name of Missouri township. By way of the Little Missouri river at the mouth of Howard creek, thence down said river to its comfluence with the Ouachita river, thence down said river to the 33rd degree of the northern latitude, thence west with said de_ gree of latitude so as to Intersect the road leading from the Post of the Ouachita, to the courthouse in the county of Hempstead. Thence with said road by Hickman's to Handleman's, thence on a direct line to the head of Howard creek, thence down the same to the point of beginning, Township of Monroe And all that part of the county of Hempstead bounded as follows shall form one township to be called and known by the township of Monroe; beginning at the mouth of the Bois'd Are creek and Red river, thence down said river to the 33rd degree of north latitude, thence east with said latitudjj to the southwest corner of Missouri township, thence with said line to RandlemanX thence in a direct llm to Langford's and said Bois'd Ari creek and thence down said creek to the beginning. Ozah Township. .•::, , All that portion of Jtenv. county bounded as follows ihall one sepairaiS township ,aii^'«hi_..,- known by the name of Oian~'towiishi_ Beginning at Langford's on Bois't Arc creek, thence in a direct line to Bryant's store, thence north to the Little Misouri, thence down the samr to the mouth of Howard creek, thence p the same with the Missouri town- hip'line to the head of said creek, thence with said township line to he Monroe township line, thence with he Monroe township line to the beginning at Longford's. Saline Township All that JSortloh of Hempstead coun- y bounded as follows shall form one separate township and shall be known >y the name Of Saline township. Beginning at the'niouth of Bois'd Arc •reek on R*d river thence up said river to a point opposite Spanish Bluffs thence on ft' direct line to the mouth of the Kosstott on Little River, thence up the Kosstott to the line dividing Clark and Hempstead counties, thenc north with said line. to the nortl corner of Ozan township on Little Mis souri thence with said' township lin to Langford's on Bois'd Arc creek thence down the same to the begin ning. Clay Township And all that portion of the count of Hempstead bounded as follows sha form a separate township and shall b known by the name of Clay township. Beginning on Red river at Maddock's place, thence With the road leading rom Maddock's place to Maddock's salt works on Little River thence with said river to the h*adwaters, thence due north line to the Clark coun- y line, thence east with said line to he Kosstott, thence with the Saline pwnship line to the mouth of the tosstott, thence with said township o Red river, opposite the Spanish Skiffs, thence up the Red river to the joint of beginning. Mrs. E, fi. BlaolCA. 8". fllaek, A. C. nderson and Mrs. Ro*y Redmond motored over to Prescolt Sunday fternoon. , Oscar VanRlper was a visitor to Vashington Monday. Mrs. E. R. Timbetlake entertained nformally Friday atfernoon of last week in honor of her aunt, Mrs. SalHe Whlpple. Mrs. Sailie Whipple of DeAnn, spent he week in Washington, the guest of tfr. and Mrs. E. R. Timberlnke. Mrs. B. A. Hartsfield returned to her lome In Seminole, Okla., Sunday, af- er spending several weeks here with ler mother, Mrs. aKe Holt. Mrs. E. Ri Timberlnke entertained with three tables of "Forty-Two" i"riday evening. « BW)MHaaM ^^ HVHVVHP . Locals appointment SUfldtf »nd Sunday night, preaching to a T«g* «n|flg«i<m, • M*. MBTMfi, J, M, Hyatt, Of burtriess virtu** t* <rt Iteor A. P. win be »#fy W lam Of Ml Mr, Bittey it «t flrWWtt in Johnson Gity, TMUI,. tart I* *xp«*«d horn* « toon M h« l» tbt« to mik« th« ovtr- land-trlp. • ' , ,. *., Rev. J. L. toward WHB * vltltor m .» chuwh at the Baptllt chur*h n«*t Sunday mowing at which ill mwnbws »fe ex- Mrs. Tom Parsons suffered n ««r ous accident one day last week when she fell from the front porch at the lome of her son, Mack Parsons. Mrs. Mack Parsons was uiqte sick last week, but is much improved now. Fonny Jane Elmore has been real sick for several days. Mrs. Ruby Wilson had as guests conduct «ervlc*«at next Sunday motHlng. . • Mr. and MM. Frank Ywbrough and Mr*. Ztn Ray were salted to Liltle Rock Tueaday Jnornlhg to. attend the wdBide of Mr. Yarbrough'i broth«r .ho it IB reported, i» very III. MM. W. I. Strbud wHtnt to Little lockTuesday to «p«nd a f« wday». The BaptUt MUslonary Society B luesday afternoon *lth MM. J. R. Card. ning ot the Red river at Macldocks place, thence with the Clay township line to Maddock's salt works on Little river, thence with suid township line up the Little river to the headwaters thereof thence due north to the Clark county line to the Indinn boundary, thence with said boundary of Red river, thence down said river to the beginning. It is further ordered that the clerk of this court rtuike n transcript of this order and forward it to the governoi of this.territory of Missouri. Pecan township All that portion of the county of Hempstead bounded as follows shall 'orm a separate township known by .he name o! Pecan township. Begin- WARNING ORDER No. 2506. In the Hempstead Chancery Court. Walter E. Taylor, State Bank Commissioner ....~ „,...,Plaintiff • - : ' '••"'' -• • ' Ben• Alford, : tt al....'.. ./Defendants The Defendant, The Chase National BariJc.of New York, New York, is warn*d to appear in this court within thirty/days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, herein. Witness my hand and the seal of said court this 28th day of December, Ittl, . WILLIE HARRIS, -(Seal) Clerk. Attorney Plaintiff W.. S. Atkins, Hope, Arkansas. (Dec. 29-Jan. 5-12-19 DUAL WHEELS On Your Present Single Wheel Equipped Trucks and Trailers We can furnish and install dual •wheel equipment on your present trucks and trailers to bring them within the Highway Department's new ruling of loads per tire— AT ABOUT ONE HALF THE COST YOU WOULD EXPECT Let Us Give You Quotation ARK. MACHINE Phone 257 218 N. Walnut Hope, Ark fivt ?«*»." "Wh»t did th« doetw di» "Starvation." — '' Stockholm, He Wlm the Prlt* 'Jonei ilwayi strikes me a» an indolent sort of chap." ,, "Indolent? Why,' he's M la«y that he always" runs hl» car over a bump to knock the a*hes off Ms cigar.'- Tlt-BIU. • , Drug Store W»ntt Filled by TELEPHONE telaphttned order will bring to you anything you ttti* need from this completely stocked drug sttfrc. . Call 62 You will find this service by^Usle- phone a great convenience. Make jse of it just a» often as you please. Complete satisfaction is guaranteed on every telephoned order. Ward & Son The Leading Druggists "W«*ve Got It" PHONE il Motor Cycle Delivery BRUSWIN© UP SPORTS Commissioner in Chance) y. Jan. 7, 14, 31 "'-:, >,',' * This is the famous sports A' art feature that has entrenched ] itself solidly in the favor of a J r nation's fans. Unusual feat« in the sports.world, culled from -• his own tireless research and from the flood of sugH gestions that are mailed to him from everywhere. Accurate/1 interesting/ illustrated with punch and individuality. , j A keen student of all major sports/ a masterful artist, J Werner Uufer is as consistent at the drawing board as Babe Ruth if tt tht plate. "Brushing Up Sports" is a regular feature of the sports pages of Star JANUARY CLEARANCE Mark-Down Prices You Have Waited For LADIES' DRESSES AND SUITS Ladies' Silk and Knit Dresses and Suits. One big group of the newest styles In Silk Jerseys and Knits, plain and fancy colors, all sizes, values to $15. $5.95 LADIES'DRESSES One big group of Ladies' Silk Dresses, in plain and printed Crepes, in brown, blue, ;green and- black. Sires 14 to 44. 125.00 'value— $12.95 DRESSES AND SUITS All new, this season's styles, In both knit Dresses and two-piece Suits. In brown, grey, tan. green, red. 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