Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 21, 1932 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 21, 1932
Page 3
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C1ET flKl.lti&M U men could still be iioiy anywhere, tt Would be In towers such as these fh*l line the coasts with lamps nnd warn the ships— The holy towers of the silences. Out there where voice and sinew matter least And temptations cnn leave no deeper mark Than sea gulls leave on waves, n man might learn To be alone with safety in'the dark. And when a man is master of a light that he can send out like n silver rod Between n life and death, he ought to know Something of the joy of being God. Selected. telephone 821 t-Wi -if"""! , i , i nnmr-a* Bandanna Used * As Blouse Mrs. Bill O'Brifn of Shreveport Is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Me Larty and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Porlcrfleld hnd as Wednesday guests, Mrs. Ed Brunaz- zl, Mrs. Jimmlc Alexander and Mrs Daisy Hutchinson of Texarkana. Tho*. M. Kinser has spent the pas few days on business in Shreveport La. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Tyler have n house guests their sister, Miss Grtic Kirk of Dallas. Tex. Mr. and Mrs. Terrell Cornelius en tertalned at dinner on Wednesda • evening al their home on South Pin street with Mr. and Mrs. J. Weldo Crawford and little son. Billy, an Mrs. W. E. Porterfield of Little Roc as guests. j Miss Anna Norton has returned from a, visit in New Orleans and other Louisiana points and points in Old Mc.xico. *Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Porterfield will hnvb as week end guiists, Mr. and Mrs? A. E. Wendling and son, Junior, of Shreveport, La. Dr. nnd Mrs. W. R. Anderson, Dr. J. S. Lawson nnd Julian B. Green visited th£ old state house nnd other interesting points in Washington on Wednesday ntfcrnoon. The Cemetery Association will spon. son a subscription drive for Hollands magazine until February . If you arc interested and core to assist in helping out the association in its work, and at the same time receive n subscription to one of the South's best periodicals, call Mrs. Henry H. Stuart. The Friday Music club will meet on noentt tta h«me of Dr.«,, on Sduth Him street, with .«.=. ..—-- fwltehefl « joint hostess. The roil call responses were the nafflW at «ofne WfeftUfrn stories, giving the name of the author. The program oft the state of Wyoming, was in charge of Mrs. Pannlfi Oarrett, who gave a most Interesting travelogue of the state, followed by Mrs. J. S. Gibson, Sr., who gave Impressions on a trip through Yellow Stone Park, written by Miss Lura Rcedcr, who recently toured the park. A paper on the education and religion of Wyoming was read by Mrs, W. G. Allison, the program closed with Mrs. W. A. Bowen reading a poem' entitled, "How Yellowstone Park." received its name. During the social hour, the hostesses assisted by Mrs. Sam Curry served a most tempting salad plate. Miss Lois Ferguson will present her pupils in an Expression recital on Friday evening at 8 o'clock In the high school auditorium on South Main street. The following program will be rendered: "Her Reply," Miss Carolyn Trimble; "Son You Washed," Thos. Honeycutt; "The Boy Who Stuttered and the Girl Who Lisped." Verna Mac Gunn; "The Good Little Girl,' M«r- tha Scarcy; "The Loose Tooth," Marie Kaufman; "What was It?" Jack Honeycutt; "The Movies," Ophelia Hamilton; "I've Got the Mumps," Kathryn Franks; "The Minuet," Avis Wilson; "Jonesy," Louise Lewis; "Cullarn Lady at the Phone," Janie Onstead; "Her First Call on the Butcher," Marilyn Ward; "Wisdom of King Solomon " Ellen Lou Bowden; "East is West," Geneva Higason. Miss Fergu- on will have as an added attraction o her porgam musical numbers by Wlss Elizabeth Daniel, of Ouachita col- ege and vocal numbers by Miss Mar. ha Jean Winburn of the Hope Public School faculty. Green Laseter Mint Fay Turns* and Btfftlee B*k«* were the Sunday SMeits of Ml* Eueft Byers. M , Mrs. John Andrews V*aS the Sunday guest of Mrs. Blevin«. 4M Mrs. C. A. Robertson called on Mr*. Annie Simmon* Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Nellie Jones and daughter, Pauline of Hope, spent Thursday night with Mrs. Miller Stuart, Ruth Ann Cumble spent the week end with Edna Lee Baker. Mr. and Mrs. Olin Byers are the proud parents of a big son, Charlie Richard. E. M. Stuart visited with his sister, Mrs. T. L. Johnson, and Mr. Johnson Thursday and Friday. Ernest Byers called on Miss Wilma Roberts of Providence Sunday. Mrs. Roberts visited with Mrs. Orie Byers, Monday. Miss Louise Robertson spent Saturday with Miss Cornelia Lewallen. Misses Fay Turner,-Louise Robertson and Bernice Cumbie calle^on Mrs. Earl Fincher Tuesday afternoon. Saratoga Don't bo surprised if your best girl borrows your bandanna liana- kerchief to use for a blouse. Tho Ijlouso In the beach costume shown abovo was made from a liuge bandanna by Nell Hughes ot Memphis, Tenn., nnd Is one of tlio features ot her smart costume at Miami Beach. ' Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs R. M. LaGrone on North Hervey street The Choral Club will meet promptly at 2 o'clock followed by the study a 3 o'clock. With the president, Mrs. Gus Hayne in the chair, the Bay View Readin Club held a very instructive and in teresting meeting on Wednesday after Mt. Olive Health here is very good ot present except bad colds. The last few days of pretty weather has been highly enjoyed by everyone icre. Miss Meroline Waters of this place is spending a few days at Kilgorc Texas,, visiting Mr. and Mrs. Frank 2ole. Edgar Bustin and family visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lonnic Buslin Sunday. School at Willisville is still moving along very nicely. The roads are bad but the busses still make their dailj trips. Sunday school has been postpone here for several Sundays on accoun of the weather and bad roads, but w hope to get started again very soon. Next Sunday is preaching day, let' all go and hear what Bro. Erwin ha to tell us. Jack Waters is having some new ground cleared. Flying Priest We are having some fine weather Mr. and Mrs. Glenn were visitors o Hope Monday. Mrs. R. T. Dodson. Mrs. Huber ! hillips and Mrs. Leon Dodson were hopping in Hope Monday. Martell Holland who is in the Julia tester hospital is reported doing loccly after being operated on for lie removal of a pin from her stomach which she had swallowed some time igO. Friends regret to know that Wayne McJunkins and family have moved rom our community. They moved o Fulton, Little Donald McJunkins is back al home now after an operation at Julia Chester hospital. We are glad that he s getting along so nicely. The lafdes of our town are enjoying the quilting clu'b. They are meeting at the home of Mrs. Garland Ellis and Mrs. Sam Williams this week. Mr. and Mrs. Shellie Howell from Louisiana is visiting relatives here. Something In a Name A bootblack was puffing away at a cigar when a patron, to have a little fun at the boy's expense, asked him if he always smoked sigars. "Yet, sir; pretty often," answered the boy. ' "What brand do you generally Smoke?" " 'Robinson Crusoe,' sir." He whose shoes were being shined pondered a little. "I never heard of that brand," he admited. "It's a name I've given 'em myself, announced the boy. "You see, Gov'- nor, Old Crusoe was a cast-away." A pilot license wrfs the government's Christmas present to Father John J. Fagan of Brooklyn, N, Y., Pictured above in the cockpit of his plane. He took up flying as a diversion and has 36 hours in the air to his credit. , Rajah Yogi Hypnotised Girl on Stage of Saetiger Wednesday Night Miss Clco Walker of Shreveport, La,, was hypnotised by Rajah Yogi, East India hypnotist, of Ripley fame, on the stage of the Saenger theatre Wednesday night at 9 o'clock, and conveyed hi an Ambulance to a grave located at Fifth and Elm streets where she was buried for a 72-hour sleep. Rajah will hypnotize a local man on the stage Friday night and break a three or four hundred' pound rock on his chest, while suspended in mict-alr, ''The Mad Genius," feauring John Barrymore will be the feature attraction on the screen Friday. The program for Saturday includes the awakening of this young lady on the stage at S p. m., as well as "Safe In Hell," featuring Dorothy McKaill, plus added short subjects. ., t aWf HduBS ^ ilttees plans ftitt* ible routes for eft from Minneapolis, Washington. This would connect With thfc Chicago. It would i fully equipped. age of alf mail States lines hag U.. pounds to 16,000,008 mated, ftr •"'mote than ...... were transported. RAJAH Good News For Hope Williams' Laboratories have arrang- pd to have a man in your town who will tell you about WILLIAMS FORMULAE, the New Formulae that those who have been fortunate to get a bottle are so enthusiastic about. This Formulae is available in this community for the first time. Get your bottle now and see for yourself what wonderful results it produces. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money rfeunded. GET BACK YOUR PEP YOU KNOW THAT "WONDERFUL FEELING" Recommended for stomach, liver and kidney disorders covering dyspepsia, biliousness, gassy stomach distress, chronic constipation, sick headache, neuritis, neuralgia, rheuma tism, lame back and general weakness Keep your stomach, liver and kid neys healthy and nature will do th rest. Get a bottle today from WARD & SON, Druggists —Adv Patient too Long Aunt: What? Your fiance made you wait nearly an hour for him? I would not put up with it. Neice: I'd rather wait an hour for a man than a whole lifetime as you have done.—L'lllustre, Lausanne. • • » It is estimated the cost of operating an electric radio is about two and a half cents an hour. Little Wonder "Why do you beat your Wife?" "She keeps.saying she is unhappily married."—Vart Hem, Stockholm, Butcher: Don't buy anything from our neighbor, the grocer, today. Housewife: 'Why? Butcher: He just borrowed our scales.—Gentle Nostra, Rome. Persistent cbttgha and colds lead to serious trouble. You can stop them now •with Creomulsion, an emulsified creosote that is pleasant to t#ke. Creomulsionisa new medical discovery with two-fold ac> lion; it soothes and heals the inflamed membranes and inhibits germ growth. Of all known drugs, creosote is recognized by high medical authorities as one of the greatest healing agencies for persistent coughs and colds and other f onna of throat troubles. Creonmlsion contains, in addition to creosote, other healing ele merits which soothe and heal the inf ecte< membranes and stop the irritation and inflammation, while the creosote goes on to the stomach, U absorbed into the blood, attacks the seat of the trouble and checks the growth of tne-germs. Creomulsion is guaranteed satisfactory in the treatment of persistent coughs and colds, bronchial asthma, bronchitis and other forms of respiratory diseases, and is excellent for building up the system after cold* or flu. Money refunded if any cough or cold, no matter of how long standing, is not relieved after taking according to directions. Ask your druggist, (adv.) ments which soothe and heal the infected to directions. ASIC your oruggisi. \BU.., CREOMULSION FOR THE COUGH OR COLD THAT HANGS OH Last Times' ZANE Romantic .?•>•& Rainbow frair-l GEORGE FRIDAY Rajah YOGI In Person His act will include- breaking a 300 Ib. stone on the chest of a local man. —On trie Screen- John Barrymore "The Mad Genius" No Advance in Pirji w * ii BY KA*-GLEAVER by oubleday, Doran and Co. IIECIN IIEIIE TODAV ANN nnd CECII.Y PENWICK fcnvc for ytnrm •unvaried Ihrlr youitRcr »•»•«*, land leave him moaning on the i about It. hesitated, hung "GnANO." nroiuuo ot lhl» n " n "* «lnl rc»pan«ll»lllty. Ann- »«'» '» •?• U nnnl.lc to mnrry IMI1I, ECHO YD, younji Inwjrer «o whom «lie ha. been cnKOKCd '«' ''K "' Cecily. 22. lovcn HAIIRV nn engineer, lint when he •he rcfiwcH to name Ihclr wcddlnu drila for Ihc unine ren«on. IS. nnd Mill »n "No," said Mary-Frances, two big frightened eyes beside the telephone, whimpered as Ann hung up the receiver,,, - f -- - "Ann did Grand say she could He. I love you all, Ann. Mn r,-i.-r nn .TM. „., , never darken his door again? Did "Of course." said Ann. trying to •ohool, «<rlkc» up nn nc<|imliilnn<-e Ann?" make It light 7,'itt ?^r% D .rJ,?5 U wm i :"c"«r- p^Si" said Ann. "Of course tbe same time. \j. lie trim to pfrMinde her to I t Run on nn(1 Boe wbat you c an everybody around hero. Run be AnTn h m" V'i;MM 1 ."« r J?" 1 «i,on .he | do about breakfast. That's sister's j now, dear, and get to your study- hour* I.ETTY KING, who work. In I>hll'« odlco huiiaiuK, ndarCHU him Ti'lth entlonrmentn. Ann 1rU» _lo ly, dutifully. "1 was thinking, Just now, as I sat beside him In his pain. We have been married almost 60 years. In all that time 1 have never found fault nor (law. He has been always you, yi-Bii.uua, .upright, honest, generous, tender, Mary-Frances, and loving, forgiving, Just. \ could go you Ann. I love on and on. There is no— urn—attrl- Grand and Rosa- buto that has to do with goodness that your Grand does not possess. marry, of course, and soon, I hope —yon may flnd a man who Is bait as good as your Grand. You'll never flnd a man as good, because he la the best man that ever lived." Icntive. Cecily I" dlnliirhed when ahc Icnrnn Ilnrry hii» left .own wHhmit telllnis her nbonl H. Mnry-Frnni-m fnll« In «n e*- nmli.nUon nnd nriiinl*ea l»c Ar- mouiil Khe'wlll no nwny with him. Next Liiornlnu Ceelly «ee« Ilnrry oulxldt the hoime In bin enr nnd, nijnln.il her urnndlnllirr'ij command, ruttlic* ou( to nice! him. NOW CO ON WITH THIS STOH* CHAPTER XXXV1I1 baby. Everything will be all right." Ing." Young Dr. Selberg and bis bedside ... manner arrived together. After a TV/rARY-FRANCES went as far dignified and deliberate exnmlna- N-™- tho door. "You'll remember i Rosal , e ^fieves every word she has tlou ho reluctantly gave out the that, won't you. Ann angel.' If— Ba j,j ( Could I ever love anyone like news tbat, though Mr. Fenwick was anything should happen, or any- L Uat? Coul(1 cissy? We couldn't, suffering from shock, he seemed to thing, 1 mean. And you'll love mo, wbyi l W0 nder? Why should Cissy have sustained no fractures, abra- too?" an( j i nave to be so different—so sions, concussions, contusions, or Ann repressed a sigh, refused to disillusioned? Is there something lesions. It was so formidable a list a u ow ii ors elf to shake her head. wrong w mi U8 7 Or Is love a game that the negative did not help much. »of course, Mary-Frances. But don't ot B0 ntalre. in which one has to Ilosalle continued rocking and UQ s |i| y< what could happen?" cheat to win?" weeping; and Mary-Frances, poking - •• ARRY camo to meet her, but this about tho kitchen after eavesdrop- morning ho did not ask whether Pine at Grand's door, asked in a " b choked voice, when Ann came. "Will be looked pretty, and that was for tunate. because he looked frightful. Ho looked white, aud unpressed, and unshaven, nnd tired, and cross. Ho did not take her hands. He bung his own at bis sides, as U tbey wore pounds too heavy to lift, and they pulled his shoulders down and forward. He said, "I've been driving all nigbt, trying to get away from you." Sbe said, "Grand is coming, He'll choked voice, when Ann came. "Will he die?" And, reassured, "Will Cissy ever dare come borne again?" • • • f course, dear. Cissy didn't mean to hurt him. Sue's not to blame. She wouldn't have hurt him for tho world—and he Isn't hurt a lot. Except bis feelings. She'll be borne before long and toll him she didn't mean to, and tbat she's sorry, aud everything will be all right. Don't worry any more about it. Your history examination "Like," said Mary-Frauces, "well | —like if I should Hunk in my exams or anything." / "You aren't going to flunk." "1 mean—If 1 should." She came aunt's eye! .-- , , — back to Ann. "I'll kiss you goodby t ell you what it Is, it's poker, again, I guess. Will you and Cissy poker," he finished firmly, love me If 1 flunk?" "Poker," Ann reminded hi I cheat to win?" A PPLE SAUCE!" said Kenny Smith that afternoon, in Ann's quiet office. "Solitaire? My Be yourself, Ann. I'll Yeah, make a scene. Let's go—anywhere." As sbo stepped into the car one of tbe mules dropped off. Barry stooped to pick It up, and she said, "Hurry," * * * W7I1AT made Grand so hopping mad was that he could not recall a single speech ol Lear's. To have been a lover, nay, more than a mere lover, a student, a disciple of th.; Immortal Bard's for a lifetime, and tben In a crisis to have It all come to naught, was hard, very very Uard. True, the blow, blow, i) thou winter wind, was ready to band; but in his opinion the Heigb ho! seclion, directly counter to bis own philosophy, all but ruined tbe Bong. Nor bad lie been able, ever to give bis entire approval to Rosa lind. So be bad to be content wltb moaning, again, to Ann, "She struck me down. Our little Cecily turnec aod struck me down," and let H g at that. Ann knew better; but since an had not seen anything except Cecil running out of doors In her batb robe, al) she could say was. "Bu Urand dear, sue didn't uieao to. Is today, Isn't It?" "History . . ." said Mary-Frances aguely. Not since yesterday after- oon had she considered any his-1 ory otber than that which she aud arl were going to make together, ivatious , . , For tbe first time tbat morning \nu thought, "Cissy shouldn't ave." To Mary-Frances sbo said, Honey, all families bave little usses sometimes, and tbe only hing to do Is forget all about them. Jissy will come borne and be sorry, and by tbls time tomorrow every- bins will be as it has always been. Ituii aloug, now, if you've eaten your breakfast, and look over your lotebooks. Your history examlna- lon Is a thousand times more Ira portant than this little affair." "Would U be all right, then,' asked Mary-Frances, "for me to go to Krmlmnide'8 for dinner tbls eve ulng aud stay all night?" "Surely, dear. That will be fine And you and Ermiutrude can stud) together for your English examina tiou tomorrow." Mrs. Hill would see to U tbat tbe; studied, during examination week If Cissy shouldn't come home unti afternoon, and It there should b another scene—perhaps at dlnnefe- Wory-Frances would know aolliln "Dear, listen to mo. You are talking very foolishly. You aren't going to fall In your examinations. But, If you should, that wouldn't make any difference iu our love for you. We'd be sorry and very much disappointed, but we'd love you Just the same. Nothing you could do would make any difference in our love for you. But you must try hard, so that we can be proud of you as well as love you. You will, 'on't you?" "I expect," sighed Mary-Frances, tbat you'll all be proud of me some- line. Oh, yes—1 expect you'll be roud, all right, it that's what you want to be." "That's tbe way to talk honey," Ann approved. But she returned to ho dlsbpan with some small worries concerning Mary-Frances, Ot ate she was so—odd. The little lill girl seemed like a nice little girl, aud Mr. and Mrs. Hill were iue sensible people—only, Mary- Frances had never used to be so odd. Perhaps, during the summer, sbe and Cecily could encourage some new friendships for Mary- Frances. Ann reminded him, "la a man's game." "Women can play," he grinned, "but most ot 'em aren't so bot at it. They overbet tbeir hands. Tbey cheer when they get a good hand and holler when they get a bum one. They can't bluff—much. Tbey cau't remember tbat four aces beats a full bouse. They'll discard a pair aud draw to a flush every time, and they'll bet a four flush as high as a good one. Tbey throw away their openers. They hate to ante. That's tbe trouble with you, Ann. You won't ante. You bave to get in tha game before you can draw cards. You won't get In the game. You won't play. Now, listen, Ann , . ." Aun did not listen, very atten- Rosalie tiptoed into the kitchen. "He has -,/rglveu her," she said. "He has forgiven her fully and freely and from his heart. It was his desire that I should come and tell you" tively. She seldom listened to Kenny. She merely allowed him to r-ttle along and along, and so found a panacea for loneliness. It was after three o'clock. She was beginning to worry seriously about Cecily. All day sbe bad been expecting a telephone call from ber, but none had conie. Surely the child wouldn't go home and dress without calling her. Surely the child wouldn't stay out all day in lier bathrobe aud slippers. Surely tho child— "That's all I want, Anu. wouldn't ask for a thing oil earlli but to be good to you and make you j happy. 1 want to buy things for | you—houses and cars aud diamonds "That's good," said Ann briskly; land liiiugs. I want to talse you far too brislily. places and watch my wife knock "Aun " breathed Rosalie, as 'em dead. 1 want to see you wear- Mary-Frances might have breatbed ins black velvet and diamonds, and it, "isu't be wonderful 1 ;" white eatln and pearls." '••Indeed bo Is." said Ann prompt (To He Continued) •fi$4 ft He landed in Cal. with 35c . . . drilled tor oil, which provod to be banana oil ... lumbured around in a lumber comp . • . and spent 7 years playing «igan- lic parts like a privale in Iho Russian army . . . now he's back in a lumber camp i" his new PATHE PICTURE, "SAD TIMBER.' Bill scored a fint on LUCKIES — he's smoked tluin 14 >uun, and was glad to say SJ v, li.out any remuneration. Bill Boydt __ do not ^ if cause throat irritation "Certainly I smoke LUCK1ES, I've been smoking them since 1917. In those 14 years I've tried other brands, but LUCKIES are the only cigarettes I like. Fu ^J^J^^ my profession, 1 must consider my throat, r do not cause throat irritation." 66 toasted Your Throat Protection—against irritqrton-~«9o|««*; " Tool Cellophane Keeps that "Twsled" ««<»' €*£f £l£S5 TUNE IN ON IUCKY STRIKE-60 modern m.Y.uws <vith the grid's finest dunce ore*. of tod*:, become* the news o/ tomorrow, cW Tuesday, Thursday and iawrduy

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