Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 24, 1954 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, December 24, 1954
Page 3
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- ,* * -i" .U 1 - *," s 3 ^ Y r * / p • rf-tv-*'v-•» ,* /r" "*-'% : ', •-i <-. -.«*- -i j-W , ,' - • »- - - * j * ~i4^ijBSai*lH -v. ;*l »«MMat.-^r<^» *•»•/,•-', t.' , * v ' > .,, Ralph ornery Market :-iptp«ip.k i M j L^C^pB^ k ^ to '^luV(;J^^^ IWW^ goodwi*- ii"W" " ••' .C/»«M-W v** HOPE SUPPLY CO. M If Aft, HOM, rifed, A Host of good shes to our ends and customers Studios Are Worried by New Group %y BOB THOMAi -' MOtLVWOOD !fl,; w breed of actors iri- - r ----and the stuios are somewhat wor Swiit Order Out Citeh Attaches r Inovies , it used to be tM tmoet every of would atrnost ttteait td> get slgtted Up tor • young his heck grata I 3 lllStilfS^ lfe;^ v ^^^te>:;., : llM^,?: ; . ^3^ **v-vt''; %$>*fal*%>"' -<yi|-tf,lk' _±; _ /(1 -t^'"'- HSMpftrfifttLA* seven-year stretch by a studio. Some still feel that Way, But fiS* ing to prominence is anothfir kind o| actor th» independent sort. Marlon Brado is a prime exam' pie. Since the beginning of his film career he lids' refused, to sign with a studio for more than one picture at a time. Montgomery Clift is another. If a script is good, he'll do the film, but he doesn't mind staying off the-screen for a year or two. , The latest to jin this group is John K<irr a good-looking, 24-year- old who scored a hit in "Tea and Sympathy", on Broadway. He has scant regard for the galmor routine that film stars are subjected kerr (he pronounces it Car) is here to do his first film role, In "The Cobweb." He admitted he had numerous offers to sign studio term contracts, but has turned them all down. grew up in the East," he "All my roots are there, and . like living in New York, I see no reason to change." But wouldn't he like the secu rlty of a studio contract? "Who can ever achieve security in this business?" he replied quiz zically. ^A^ KS*V •*«*»-*. »^«^ \\tff — .™ — Iwifterlaftd demanded today CifcenoSloVaRia recall two ....Jafy 'attaches and a diplomatic dtofk ImrtiMately. A terse Swiss government an nfcutteement charged the three Ctifnrnuriist representative's witii ''fcttlyittes oh Swiss soil which are incompatible with diolomatc cus ttttis." The Swiss press has charged re peaiedly tha f'over-size" Cofnmu List legations are maintained in Switzerland as nests for spies. Neither Swiss spokesmen nor the Czech legation would give any further dBtaijls. The announcement said the three Czechs were "personal non Woman Hit by Meteorite to Keep the 'Rock' By JAM £3 SP6TSWOOD SYLACAUGA Ala Twenty WiftttArmyto Or^tr Poultry ' the diplomatic phrase Which means they are no longer Acceptable. Although the announcement Spoke only of the "Czech military tttache and two of his collabora* tors," an official spokesman later identified two of the three. He said they were Maj. Ludvik Sochpr military attache; his assistant, Maj. Frantisek Korbel and Va minor Czech legation clerk." SURPRISE ' SANTA BARBARA Calif., (UP) Southwest Airlines employs were startled yesterday when a voice suddenly started calling "all aboard for San Francisco" from a mail bag they v/ere loading aboard a plane. , Postal authorities discovered the voice came from a Christmas pack- I age containing a toy radio unit used in electric trains. days ago Mrs. Hulitt Hodges liimp pleasant-faced matron, p |ay down to take a little nafc the back of her mind was 4 jumble of plans visitnig friend getting ready for Christmas ' house' hold duties. But they could w»it. She had a cold and needed test. She dozed. ' . Then there was a thunderous crash. She felt a violent blow on her left arm and hip. Sunlight shone through a hole Jn the cell- ing. rough-edged black "rock'V lay near her. J She had been struck by a fragment of a shooting star which had hurtled to the earth from outer space. Scientists said she was the first person in recorded history known to be hit by a meteorite. She still has to spend part of fide* '.t*« The Arkan ss *: ^deration has asked the" AMhj td bfder how the broilers frhd^rfers' needed by the service Id? thefrtefct si* months. ' gfcarlels ttawks, APS 1 manager said ttSjay 'the request was made of ih£ Army QuarternvaLtef Mar £a Center at Chicago to help bol lift low prices due to over-supply ' Jfawfcs noted the Army has Prom All ©f Us to All of You! bought SbpUt 6§ million pounds poultry ••'••'' this year compared aboht M'million pounds last year. ""» said the Army has been ask- ky Ihe APF to give notice it viu fcur S to'4M. thousand pounds Ht brpijcrs rind fryers next month as a'styirtet toward the tix-mohths Supply ^needed. and on her studio couch." Both the Smithsonian Institution and Alabama State Museum a t the University: of Alabama want the fragment, but the Smithsonian says the meteorite itsjelf isn't worth $500. each day in bed because ot the " -' Six hundred twenty Americans cally. ' die of cancer every day John was born In^O the theater I _ being the son of actor' Geoffrey Kerr and the Jong-time Broadway star June.- Walker, He did some summer theater work, ' debuting with Ruth Chatterton at the Cape Playhouse in 1940. He did a couple of roles wih Gertrude Lawrence in stock in 195P, then went to Broadway in "Berhardtae^ "Tea and Sympathy" followefl, 'and he was hailed as one- ot j the bright new acting finds. ••> He turned down Hollywood offers and returned to Broadway two star with his mother in "AH Summer Long." ,,The show lasted only 8>/& weeks and he carr>e-here for '/The Cobweb." TOUGHER LAWS AUSTIN Tex., (UP)Texas lawyers think it ought to be harder to get either married or unmarried. A committee of the state bar recommended yesterday that the 1955 legislaure abolish common law marriages and extend from 30 to 90 days r the Jwai^lng period after a I divorce suit' is filed before it can 1 be heard. v The lawyers said common- law, marriages wtire a necessity iti pioneer-days but Texas should no longer recognize them, "Suing is the only way she'll - , u " VM «A th n evtr get.it" said Mrs. Hodges of severe bruisJs she suffered. She $J *j , {t ^ fecl mc the has nightmares, in whicn "it seims g";^ f, mine . j think God in- X 1 Snd'heThusbaAd moved out tended it for me. After all, it hit 01 thelr f^&S^^F** ^orite is in care of her Mrs. Birdie Guy filed suit lawyer, now. and A Happy New Year WHITE'S DRIVE-IN jciAUiauj *•** j» **.- —— ——» i V I for the meteorite for which more | than $5,000 has been offered. Mrs. Guys lawyer said the Supreme Court has held that al meteorite belongs to the owner ot the property on which it falls. "The meteorite is personal properly" argues Atty. Huel M. Love for Mrs. Hodges. "It didn't come to rest on Mrs. Guy's property] it came to rest: on Mrs. Hodges P. A. Lewis Supply Co. Concrete qnd St^el Products qnd Syppli.eS: if> *K) *f dfsira *mm* Wa s't^ M # l — tf-Ot vibF ll ** 1 ;>> - RTOsrrwJTFiTL "r- f >\>E*i Greetings •> '^/'v. ^~. ' May-Christmas joya ! •nd memories live on i during the coming year and keep you in constant company with happinest., *»* Ipyjulness of the Christmas heralds bri*4 univirsal^joy to all jood -Thank you for your patronage in 1954 • - -i Hope to serve you in 1955. v Walton's Gulf Service CHRISTMAS HOPE BASKET CO. ... May *e intimate ptact *f t ftia* morning be encircled with and glow W the ChrMa* peace o< heart akin * *« spirit of the Holy Seaion. Ami best wishes for you on day of a tiny Babe peace and hope to thif werW thousand years ago* •V; .';>' C» Season when each w * -~ ' iii *.*»«**»» -*°^iiSL3J!* qtn express CW r!7^«r **tot^**^^.( X&h » * » sln ^ rc ^fcrJFoT^S &Z*Mfr -^Tfir^ Mt ^~WHmm\ • \ f W1STBRP5» HOME OF GOODY 7 // \ ! CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK g«*^ff%^<M^ ,"-/,/'"- '' / ' '^ ^I^IPS Our Daily Bread .Sliced Thin by The Editor Alex. H. Waihburn Fireworks and Christmas Greetings to All There is a particularly aggressive young salesman at one of the sidewalk stands on my route to coffee aa,d I flinch each time I run the fewuntlet of "Mister, do you need some fireworks?" I did. But that was many years ago. Not now, anyway. I And it wasn't at Christmas-time. That is one of the customs eacn| Northern-born has to adapt himself | to when moving South — the practice of setting off fireworks at -.- WEATHfeR PORt noon tonight, tie cc-idet 56TH YEAR: VOL. 56 — NO. 61 Stor of Hope 1899, Press 1927 Consolidated Jon. 18, 1929 HOPE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1954 Membet: fhe Atttelated PrtM «, Audit bureau of ClrtulaHorlt Av. Net Paid Clrel. 6 Moi. Ending Sept. 30, 19S4 — 1.SJ7 Storms Whipping Europe Send Death Toll Up By MILTON LONDON MARMOR Winter We, Both of Us, Wish You and Yours a CURKT/W gales Christmas. The custom is in sharp| w hipp e d Bri'.ain and much of Eu variance with the rest of thej rO pe brought new misery and peril country, defined to the Fourth of July. ( My feelings,' on where fireworks are more warlike "the question weren't helped when some lad exploded a torpedo in the Saenger theater at a tense moment in to thousands at sea and in flood- threatened lowland areas this 'day befcre Christmas. Thje rtorm already h?s claimed 7i lives. Troops and civilian* guarded nea ciefunses as the storm went into its fourth day with little letup. "Dial M for Murtier." It wasn't]Hundreds of ships continued -to very Christmas-like; but, for thatiiide out the blast in churning matter, neither was the'.picture I seas. v/as seeing. Exit phurous note. was on a sul- Fireworks for Christmas are, The British Air Ministry issued r.ew gale warnings last night for the waters around Britain, and however, evidence' for sure that temperatures fell below freezing in SStotherners trace their ancestry much of the strk'ken region. The back to England and the Continent. For that's how Christmas was celebrated in the Old Country — with pageantry and noise. winter's fury was felt as far south as the Mediterranean. "We live in a state of war again with 'the sea," the Dutch radio early today. But the broad- It was probably the same thing j£ we call "commercialization of cast added tha tlhe greatest dan- Christmas" today. But no holiday ger tc Holland's 'dikes was over as long as the storm does not escapes the slur, other country. Perhaps the main iri this or any difference between the use of fireworks in \-©j NorCi and South may be attributed to the theory that the austere New Englanders and stolid Dutch spread their particular custom across the Northern states, while tha South held to the original manners of the Old .Country, unamended. I never have seen this theory in print — but it came to me as a likely explanation. We are nearing the end of another year — and, by the grace of. Him whose birthday we are cWXebrating, a year of prosperity and continued peacei ' For this we are thankful. The Star, which goes to press early today and will omit as usual the Christmas Day publication, " wishes all its subscribers '"and advertisers and its friends elsewhere the best of everything on this, the best holidays. of all the year's again whip up the waves. The sea level is declining steal- ily," the speaker said. In Britain 2.000 troops whose Christmas leaves were canceled stood watch at sea walls lest today's high tides sweep rain over reclaimed land, as they did in Janvary j953 wherf many .lives were lost and great damage caused. Buddies of Bern Killed •-« ••• j^..st.i..-^»,>i^y.."....n»-^v-»., ..• by Russians By RICHARD KASISCHKE MOSCOW (# A former minister of state security and three other old associates of purged police boss Lnvrenti P. Beria have died before Soviet firing squads. Two lesser officials have been sentenced to long prison terms. A government commumoue an nouncerl Last night the fate of ex- Minister Viktor Semenevich Aba- kv.mo and five of his one tribe bides in the State Security Ministry. All v/ere charged with treason and political rabotage. The communique was printed in f.He government newspaper Iz- veptia on the first anniversary of the official disclosure of Beria'b 'execution by a firing squad. Iz- vestia said the latest sentences were passed by the military trib ong nations is "imperative" for unal of the Soviet Supreme Cour French Refuse to Approve German Arms By HARVEY HUDSON PARIS .... UPi For the second time in four months, the French Assembly refused today to r.pprove German rearmament. But Premier Pierre Mendes-Fance quickiy nounccd he would, call a fecond •vote and stake his government's life on a final okay. The • deputies' stunned Mendes- Terms Peace Among Nations Impreative NEW DELHI India (/P) — Prime Minister Nehru and President tito of Yugoslava declared jointly to- that peaceful co-existepce the survival of civilization. They said they welcomed "signs' of easing of certain tensions in I In London a source well the world which have recently formed on Soviet affairs said emerged." Their joint • statement was put ir. Leningrad. There was no indi calion when they were serried out in the purge indicates a struggle still i, going on among powerful figures France by rejecting 280-259 treaty calling for West German re- srmament within a 'projected Seven nation West European union (WEU). Most observers l.r,d prc dieted the past would get at leasi c pmail maiority. . The Premier had been so confi dent'.of ratification that he slid not make the vote a confidence is sue. he pact had been given a preliminery vote of apprcval by th< Assembly last October. The opposition this time wa: strengthened by members of thi popular Republican Move muit Community plan. The Assembly killed this proposal last Aug. 30. M.R.P speakers earlier had indicated its members : would abstain in the vote on'the WEU treaty but the party decided , at a last minute recess meeting last night to OP- Clark Jury Raps Vote Handling ARKADELPHIA ttf A C lark County grand jury has criticized he handling and counting Of bal- ots in last summer's Democratic primaries. The grand jury did not return >ny indictments, but said that ii ell that "no indictments should be •oturned at this time because of he insufficiency and the Jack of epal evidence that would warrant convictions. .• •. '.'" The grand jury said thet its tabulat'ons of votes in 40 precincts c'iffr-rcd greatly from the certified vote. The jury said that there wns no proper place to store the, ballots for six months after the.elec 1 - tion, os provided by lav/. The jury added that 1G ot the 80 boxes two from each precinct we?e ,not sealed. Fields Granti Politii BUDAPEST, Americans Noel x and " have asked -tot, , and 1 Hungary, a govern%nttvco quo announced todi -"•«*•* The brief 'Statem 1 tbe Hngariari' Newsj at 12:35 p. said:,,- •'. ' "NoeWL . , , A. ^leld, Amgrlcit pose the Premier. Immediately after the official MU jcnicc, toe ' Answering a Letter to Santo Glaus Is a Fine Example of Doing Something for Others By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK -Jf, Some people who want to do good don't know now. This story is written to tell only one way. The feeling of wanting to help others often surges highest around Christmas. One way to sx- press your good will is to go down' to youv local post office and answer a letter to Santa Clausa letter before both houses of the Indian'within> the Soviet Union tnd Pro- Parliament in the wake of thejmk-r Malenkov himself m.-.y be Yugoslav leader's six-day visit here with Nehru. Tito left last night by special train to tour northern X|3ia. The Nehru-Tito statement appealed to the world and the seriously involved. The informant identified Abakumov as a onetime private secretary to Malen- kov. The six convicted officials were accused specifically of hatching up Cl^J^JC;«*CVi W LHW WWJIJ14 HA1VA fciiw . — — i- •• — United Nations to accept relations the "Leningrad case," a trial several years ago in which "without ;;ny grounds a number of party ;>nd Soviet Workers were falsely accused of the most serious state crimes," Izvostia said. The paper added that the men imprisoned as a result of the convincing have now been "fully rehabilitated as Soviet based on soviereignty, nonaggres- sion and noninterference-in domestic affair* — the same principles Which .Nehrvi and Communist Chi nese Premier Chou Enlai recently endorsed. But Tito and Nehru indicated they were not prepared to join to jMther in a formal alliance to achl *ve these aims. They said they "repudiate" suggestions of a third ; bloc or a third force in the cold I war. that except for your effort will go unacknowledged and perhaps rob a child of his faith, Your postmaster will probably be gald to help you. Some 60 per cent oC letters to Santa Claus are rmuled without a postage stamp on them. Since the mailmen are reluctant to return a letter to Santa Clans marked ''address unknown" or "I insufficient postage," these missives cataloguing childish hopes have to end up in the "dead letter le. What else can be done • with hem Well a great number of postal mployes personally answer the etters with gifts. So now do a umber of other individuals and rganizations. Typical is Newman Broun, mid- le-aged jev/Jch reasonably pros- erous one of seven brothers and hvee sisters; from a family that new hard times and had to • put ts young to work while they were Hpavy Loss in Walnut Ridge Fire | WALNUT RIDGE (/P)— The' Lawrence County. Implement Co. was Ascribed as a "total loss" by the Wlrner after a fire swept through th.e installation yesterday. Owner Henry Balte estimated the s damage et $200,000. He said the Sfire apparently started with an ex- E plosion in the firm's repair shop [and quickly spread to tlie re^ [mair.der of Ihe building. Fire-fighters from pocahontas, pavagoul'd, the Walnut Ridge Base and ' Jpnesbovo aided Walnut Ridge firemen in ba'ttling ihe five. J altz said that "'10 or 12"'cars '.'•trucks -ind six traqtpr's were fieMroyed. _'..,' NQW : " ; JJOGALES, Ariz. — (ff>) Mrs. Mar- euei'ite • MaePonald complained mas with American Uopps in jh&t American Avenue, which she rea. [ive? pn, didn't haye a romantic | He will sa / masses for U. S ser name. She wanted it -\ icemen in Kora fiom P-isan t< to Sunset Avenue, The.the demjutauzcd zpne duimg h,i lowan Found Dead in Auto Wreck NORTH LITTLE ROCK UP) A 53-year-old Iowa man was found dead in a wreck here that ended a six-mile police chase and resulted in the arrest of two teenage Ok- lahoma'City youths. State Police Sgt. Floyd Short said that the dead man, who may have died from a heart attack, was Ed ward O'Hara of Dubuqve, Iowa ?hcrt said that the man apparently was a hitchhiker. Short said that the two Oklaho ma City youths identified them selves as Lemeuel Abbott, 17 anc Robert Aaron Page, 16. He said the car in which they were riding hac been reported, .stolen. Cardinal to Spend Christmas in Korea SEOUL '» Francis Caidma Spellman auived here tpd<ay to spend his fouith consecutive City Coun?^l did her one jjx-day visit etjer Jast nifilit;,_T^e_y Changed " |i ;$£ ui, «u w*«. *-/nu<4 City Airppit. Cardina Murder Charge Against Lawyer Is Dropped MIAMI, Fla. Iff) First-degree murder charges against James T. Roberts, Baltimore attorney who was ndicated for the kidnap-slaying of his 7-year-old daughter, have been dropped and the state indicated it migh t press perjury charges against a private detective. The charges against Eobeiis were dropped yesterday on reccm mendation of State Atty,, George A. Brautigam and his staff. Eoberls, at his law office in Ballimore, said: "My only hope now is that authorities renew their efforts to locate and comiiet the real killer." Judith Ann 7, was kidnaped and Klain July 7 while the Roberts family was visiting the home cf Mrs. Roberts' parents in Miami. Roberts was released in $10,000 bond following a habeas corous hearing Oct. 14. Harrydurant, one of Brant igam's assistants, said in a statement to Circuit Judge Pat Cannon that the stale lacks evidence to Servicemen Die in Motorcycle Acci" HOT SPRINGS, UP) Two serv- cemen died near here this morn- ng when the motorcycle they v/ere riding and a passenger bus collided. . Francis Sullivan public informa- ion officer at the Army - Navy hospital where the men were taken, tentatvely identified them as Pfc. Marcin L. Dia, 20, a Marine from Ncith Little Rock, and Pvt. William J. Dickson, • 20 whose only Eddrcrs was listed as U. S. Army, Ft. Knox, Ky. State Trooper Glen Minion said Ihe pair died instantly. Other details of the accident were not immediately available. Minton said the 'accident occurred on the Hot Springs-Little Rock highway about 10 miles north of here. count was , announce :-d, Mendes- France announced he would call for a second reading on the treaty, one of four interlocking accords aimed at enlisting 500,000 West German troops .in Western defense. The ' Premier also s ahnounced the new vote expected some time next 'Week would, be a confidence question. : He' jind bisj Cabi- ' 'the Ark-La Will Change Form of Gas Bills Customers of Arkansas Louisiana Gas company will v receive- their monthly statements in postcard form after January 1, according to Mr. J. Fred Gresham district manager for the gas company. The change from the present envelope system to the postcard billing will begin with all statements rendered by the company after the first of the year,. Mr. 'Gresham said. . "There will be no-change'in the method of computing - bills,?', J&v. Gresham said. "The , statement!* will show the dates of the monthly meter readings, the number,of;-cu,-. bic feet of gas. consumed,! anditne-l^oVrS gross and net bills. >J •The. . for", political t ment'bf.the'Hurig public. iThei-gpvirnrl ed 'the' asylum 1 JL.UC,. U U. tfi^tg/twiffff raid Ut >had*not4been;j the dramatic-new, a the' field mysteryiuni Respondents telephoi "I" really -CDhnot^ legation *poke>man fesVed dead, mysterious*,, 'summer* of freed^frqni; Koel 1 '/ h?dKlv»v«25,j"»»rjj coilec6ng1mm»S vanishe?'"'***"* 1 "^*"'* Assembly persists 'in' f its i ejection of the past. In a succession of votes during a harrowing all-night session, the Assembly approved restoration of West German sovereignty and a French-German accord on the disputed Saar two of the three other pacts, Mendes-France announced , that the fourth, calling for West Germany's entry into Ihc North Atlantic Treaty Organization, would be made a confidence issue. Under Assembly rules this automatically postponed the vote until Monday. 'considi pany in postage (t in mailing --—-,--, jals and in time •''previously consumed by inserting the statements in envelopes. ' * The appearance of the blue gas flame on the face of the statements will make them easily identifiable, Mr. Gresham", said. Kidnaper of Sweetheart to Get Test RALEIGH, N. C. (UP) A cot- Ion mill worker xmdergpes mental examinations today to determine v/hether he was legally sane when he held his ex-sweetheart captive at gunpoint for 24 hours and threat- edned to kill anyone who attempted to rescue her. District Solicitor Lester V. Chalmers, Jr., issued a warrant last . , -r, , , ., ^ f JI1CI a, dl., IbbUCU tl V.dllcUU lUfcl convict Roberts "on any degree of niht ch8rglng Graham Timber- homicjde." He sajd the prosccu- lal 31 with ,, assault wlth a tion ';cannot _ rely upon tne very d(; , dly weanon .. and pos ,u b ly kid- "Four years ago my wife Helen, aw a notice in the paper Bus- Testing that peopla pir:k up and material testimony of the witness answer letters to santa Claiis" aroun recalled. "It was four days :efore Christmas, and she thought ' should help maybe a dozen par- icularly those ashing for 1'ocd and clothing." Brovm read a few letters shown i;m by postal officer Peter McEntee, who holds these things close o his heart and ended up by try- ng to answer 700 requests. Now he and the Yount; Men's Philanthropic League, started in 2923 as a Jewish charity answer some 1500 Santa Claus letters year. The League members now n their mid-Ms, includ e many 31'ominent businessmen. They raise money each year for some ?00 charities and don't draw a lino r.ased on race, creed or color, o rgan iz a tion'i- junior auxiliary get a ;;reat personal pleasure out of the "Operation Santa Clans.' Each childish Christmas appeal sifted for them by the post office is further checked. The gitts are bought at wholesale prices or los; Eai'h child averages between twa and three gifts. The sifts aren't all c'.olls snid toys end v/aim clothing Of'i>n aftw mv^sl|ig«ition, a family's lent it paid in advance foi s>evf^l months to i<?lieve a money pinch. One boy of 13 crippled since bujh, asked fpr an plumirurn wheel chair from Santa Claus He got it end, insisted pp hpppwg dowrist4»s OH his pf^cfe^ ft9a\ 4 $J|h C. Clarke Wood.' Wood is a private detecitve who claimed he had seen Roberts on the morning of July 7 near the bay-front thicket where the child's body Was found. Brautigam said he would ask the grand jury at its next meetnig whether Wood should be indcited for prejury. Some Relief for Eastern States By The Asrcciated Press The eastern half of the nation with the exception of the Northeast, today got a little relief from the cold weather of the past several days. Temperatures dropped ns muc'i as 22 degrees early today in the northeastern part of the country. It was around zero in home of the tnow-covcred aeras in New Eng lard. The wanning extended from easiein Nebraska and Missouri eastward across Illinois and In cliana to lower Michigan and Ohio Temperatures were up 5 to 1C t'cgiees in iTlonda, with :eading*> ir. the middle 40s. Reading, how over, generally werojaelow normai ;;tdly ap. chai-ges. Timberlake surrendered to authorities yesterday when ho freed Mirs Jesse Elizabeht Davis, 29, after holdir.g her for more than 24 hours in th epacking rc'Oin of a textile mill in Wake Forest, N. C. The slim mill worker was docile nfter he gave himself up. "I didn't know what I was doing," he said. "I wouldn't have ever most of the gt the pait Snow (lurries «-yere ippprted In. upper Michigan ?.n.d. New York. top m.ark 81 at 3'4fe91$ 4. done this for world." anything in the Miss Davis although weak from her ordeal, was reported in. good condition. Dr. C. T. Wilkinson said she had not received any injuries and still "seemed fond" of Tim- fcerlake. Wikinson said it was Miss Davis who presuaded the former mantal patient to give himself up and receive medical attention. Timbertake", spin-ned by Miss 1 Davis for a soldier at Fort Bragg, N. C., released the girl and turned over his .25 caliber pistol after authortes assured him he" would, be taken to a .state hospital oml would no the put in'jail. After hi? buncnder Tjml?e?lako s-i. taken t? the state mental jjos- heie. Police Foil PlottoKill Union Leader HACKENSACK, N. J. (ffi An alleged plot to assassinate a union cfficial has been foiled by police who nabbed a man they soul was the hived killer, A cordon police tipped off to the plot by undisclosed sources, closed in near the Montvr.le hom-J of the union lender yesterday and arrested James E. Cotab, alias Trank Gieen_ 33, of Tampa, Fla., on charges o'f conspiracy to commit murder. Saved from the planned shotgun death, authorities said, was Paul Hall ,40, secretary-treasurer Of the 75,000-member Sea farers's Union (AFL). Bergen County Prosecutor Guy Calissi said Cobb admitted he was going to kill Hall by the first ol the year for $15 ( 000, Detectives were working today on the many angles in the case, seeking the man or men who put up the money for the alleged slaying plot. Hall, as secretary-treasurer, is the top man in the Seafarers' Union, at a salary of .$28,000 a year. He is now running for reelection in on election whicft started Nov. IS and ends Jan. 15, His rival Ray White of Tampa, Fla., was arrested a1> his homo on vn open charge at the request of authorities here: White, who has been president, of the AFL Central Tredes and 'Labor Assembly Tampa, denied any connection with the case, • 3 Children Perish in p Home Fire AUSTIN, Minn, 'to Two days before Christmas here found Mrs. Donald Bottslson in the hospital and the charred bodies of her -three oldest children at a funeral home, All because daughter Janice, 9, and her 5-vear-old twin brothers, Donald and Darold, couldn't wait to find out what Santa was bringing them. While Mrs. Boltelson prepared dinner last night, the three youngsters sought an advance peek at Christmas presents they f.uspccted might have been hidden in an 'upstairs closet. They carried some matches, A fire started in the inside of .the clofed closet in front' of its door. The three children huddled Into an alcove under the eaves against the flames. The mother's first warning camo when dense smoke poured down the stairway. Mrs. Bottclson grabbed 18-month-old Chris, raced from the house and thrust the baby into the arms of a passerby,. Bw Ihe heavy smoke kept her from the others. She was taken to the hos* pital suffering from shock o^d smoke inhalation. Firemen found Janice, D.OIW4 and Darejd still huddled in each ether's arms, Cprgner B, J, Crpm- well said.the three suffocates! 1 «n4 fill were burped, TOO DIM jto,d plunged N. Y (/P) — A fuse flew WJSl*M into da.i'tej|>ss for 35 minutes Jast ...... •* Young lorry more Charge JL.AS VEGAS, fjev. (/H Jphn Bar- lyinore Ji\ intpiTupfs celebration of his second wedding anniyer^aj-y for a Municipal Court appci, ranee today on a reckless chargo. Barrymore. 2? \yas arrpeU-d tedi.y by pffjcers' wh,q said h? wat, lane-changir\t( dangerously heavy traffi?. He was jailed for about three hours unlj} he tained $300 Accused Slayer to Get Hearing Today BRINKLEY A preliminary court hearing was scheduled today to deqide whether Billy Bay WiU* Ingharn should be bound over to § f rand jury on a charge pj first de^ gree murder, or released, The Iptyear'Qjd Florence, youth is charge4 In foe fatal bing of Mrs. Milton Fuller, old wife of ( 9 Brtnkley apt .dealer and mother ol *W9 rt iylg * *• .The hearing, to give report thftt to pf ttew $W pi- tjons expect.a IbjplapM again transp extra lively to be ,, wbq, wft. days in Awgwsta ' jfowever," mother AJr^ yer, apd^a associates-^ unnwal pageant J ,h4ater, T Flvebtt are dvie,-.- '•)"* Boston .,' >as Ish by w (j <*&*£ Ui'jw* L.BBT

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