Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 20, 1932 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 20, 1932
Page 6
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L"^?-' TTTF^* -;^f**- \ > Ifj'i USINE EVIEW lie Park iansasPost Jtanftt Mwl W«io( u *VTK.-""¥/rT""*»« sm- rtSs been established PWI, one of the main frfs- west of the Mississippi Oil improvement at the Submitted to members Post State Park Com. „ ». ,(r, Burnett of DeWitt, I tf th* commission and also fltaittee in Arkansas Had supervision of the ,„«» l«rk of 40 acres now It* hsitoric old settlement I tinder the flags of four Was founded in 1668 by tL A state appropriation been exhausted in the wo was the first Terifi- . D. D. Glover of the ™™.^ In Which the post is ; has s«nt members of the com- r 6£-hi9 bill providing a _ .___jmemorate the battle of «, Post in 1S63. Other mark- fete placed on the historic post. r ..-: f^ A. of Magnolia to Meet Wednesday LnwiA—The subject to be dis- BC* it the January meeting of the "• f and, teachers of the Magnolia ir school, Wednesday afternoon iiforitim of the school will «r song "Arkansas," by the I a prdyer by Superintendent MIS, Mrs. J. G. Brown w}ll H, the "Privelege of Voting," k" Hawkins, local attorney, will «r«m the "Responsibility of Vot- 5?'America win be sung at the •'btthe program Mrs. R. C. War§*•&- president will, preside over fflfj!l tal session Mrs. W^W. Sor- condUct the study class on iwur Bo ya Case," and "Prbvid- £ Advancement and Higher Life „ membership drive.is being .fthis week. Special efforts autf made to enlist every patron t school as a member of the as- One Ms in Love, Kidnap Gang Caught Local P.-T. A. Study Group in Meeting Problem* of 'Teen Age Are Discussed in Inter* estingProgram The Junior Hiih study group Vill meet at the home of Mrs. J. It Williams at 222 fidgewood avenue, Wednesday afternoon at 3:45 o'clock. Various problems of "The 'Teen Age" have been considered and this will be the subject for the remainder of the study. All mothers who have children in grade seven, eight and nine and all others Interested In children are invited to atftnd. The Senior High Study Group will meet the second and third weeks of February* : • • •' City Worker* Capture Farm* and Till Soil HHK •. v fc * s «••••» •••B^MI^^^^^^^^^™^™™ one of its members fell in love with the pretty wife of one of its victims, Chicago detectives believe they ±awnsfttqA^w^±-W£-'iitt made a date with her after her husband had paid his ransom. When he called to fill his date, the ^.sJ?' Thomas and Oscar Martin. Tirst Lady' rf Spain Devoted Mother; Refuses to Bask In Official Limelight MADRID.—(/P)—Home sanctity ^nd the inviolable pursuit of routine household affairs are the bulwarks behind which Dona Pura Castillo de Alcala Zamora, "first lady" of Spain, pursues a tranquil domestic carere. Shortly after the inauguration of her husband as constitutional president of the new republic, Dona Fwa let it be definitely understood that her public life would 1 be rigidly re- stricte dto occasions when she might be required to appear by her husband's side. Newspaper folk since • then have found her housewifely instincts more than •• adequate ramparts against the hire of the printer page. Some, private charity work in the small towns of her native province of aen occupies the intermittent atten- ioir oi the president's wife. " ' t Worn as High T Invades Town „„„., Ark.-(/P)-Hip boots pom* fashionable in Caraway Mony as flood waters poured through '; in the Cotton Belt railroad L a drainage ditch near here, pts who used row boats to s and handle business said the St Francis and -'rivers in this vicinity wefts Iwing their banks as a result 't week's heavy rains and were __. jitting levees on floodways north he Business district here is under i f feet of water and the major por- nthe residential section in- Caught At Last BIRMINGHAM, Ala.— For weeks had Charles Parrish, deputy sheriff, sought Will H. Lemley, Lewisburg, to serve a capias on him charing low Parrish finally found him is f un- »yi- Parrish, appearing in the civil court ;-iury room, looked 1 over the jtospective jurors. Amongst them was Uemleyl He was taken to the county rail and the jury was short one mem- ser! Divine Knowledge i, Jfcstor—"Good morning, May. I hear | his seen fit to send you two lit- fcwto brothers." 1( HC V* W* M* u**"* "* , R . :; ?Iattte May—"Yet, sir, and He know; where the money's coming from, too •I neard daddy say so." Ian tO" .However, her main pursuit is the administration of a family home graced by the president and their six children. Niceto, Jr., 27, the oldest son. holds a law degree and is preparing for a professorship in Madrid university. The other sons, Luis, 19, and Pepe, 17, also are law students but with home needs that require the diligent attention of their mother. The three girls, Pura, 29; Maria Teresa, 23, and Isabel, 21, are finished commercial secretaries whose embryonic commercial careers were cut short by Alcala Zamora's assumption of the presidency. At present they aid their mother in maintaining the orderly, hardworking household which is the presidents preferred retreat from his official duties.. A checkup taken of 2700 male applicants for free lodging at the Corning, N. Y., police station showed that Jess than eight per cent were then or had ever been married. " An Englishman, a Scotchman and in were drinking beer . „. Each discovered a fly in hi , .The Englishman picked his out Bv __ Jrishman blew his out, and th f?.':3'Sfcotehroan wrung his out. L '"^ GULF GA- At the busy corner of Third and Hazel—on the new Broadway of America route, you 11 find that Good Gulf gas station. Courteous service—full value for your money. FOR SALE Dry Clippings and Dry Heater Wood 23 inches long ' Prompt Delivery .- ; ' Phone 245 HOPE HEADING CO. Battle Field Mr. and Mrs". John Morgan from Svening Shade spent Sunday with •elatives here. The number of cases of measles are still increasing. Mr. and Mrs. Ben McBay spent Sunday night \v'fh Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence McBay. Mrs. Frank Hill spent Monday with her sister. Mrs. H. E. Reed. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Wilson, was the Sunday guest of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Johnson. Arthur Walker from Paris, Tex., is visiting his sister. Mrs. M. E. Atkins. Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Morgan spent last Thursday night with Mrs. Clara Roe. Mrs. M. E. Atkins left Monday to go to Holly Grove to stay a few days. MADRID.-OIP)—Rioting, burning and labor troubles in dozens of places throughout Spain during the past 24 hours were" followed 1 Tuesday by threats of a general strike next Monday. In. several sections of the country city workers moved out upon the land and began to till It, the owners, in most cases, offering no protest. The workers declared they were ploughing only enough to provide themselves with food. The general strike reports, which could not be confirmed, said communists and syndicates were organized for a concerted revolutionary attempt to implant "literal communism" in Spain. • Superiors of the Jesuits, following a revival of the anti-Catholic demonstrations which resulted in several deaths In rioting and the burning of buildings, ordered 200 novices at the Loyola onvltiatc at Bilbao to pack their clothing In preparation for leaving in case the government declares the order dissolved. Injured Fatally In Auto Accident H. Douthit of Clarksville, Killed, R.M.Washburn, Shreveport, Injured CLARKSVILLE. —toward Douthil, aged 24, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Douthit of Clarksville, was killed about 7 Tuesday night on Brown hill, Just west of the city limits, when the car in which he was riding collided with one occupied by Joe Shoefflcr, 50, of Montana. Douthit died before he reached the hospital, R. M. Washburn of Shreveporl, La., representative Of the Shell Oil and Gas Corporation, who was with Douthit, is in the Johnson County hospital suffering from head lacerations and probably concussion of the brain. He is in a semiconscious condition. It was said that Shoefflcr was injured but he was not taken to the hospital. • Occupants of Shoeffler's car, whose names were not obtained, were not injured. Arkansas Scout Wins Scholarship Fred Pickens of Newport, Honored Because of Exceptional Record Douthit was connected with the Pilgrim service station on East Main street. Besides his parents he is survived by one brother, Lawrence Douthit; three sisters, the Misses Agnes and Robin Douthit of Clarksville and Mrs. Bruce Harris of Bartlesvillc, Oklahoma. NEW YORK.-i-(iP)-The largest Boy Scout membership in the organization's history, 908,481, was announced to the Scout National Executive Board meeting Tuesday night by Dr. James E. West, chief scout executive. The membership has Increased 38,592 in a year. Fifty-two Harmon scholarship awards to Boy Scouts with exceptional records were approved by the board. Each award entitles its winner to $100 toward an education and the right to borrow without endorsement other sums from the Harmon Educational Foundation. The award winners included: Arthur J. Butt, Jr., 17, Pensacoln, Fla.; Albert W. Horn, 20, Pcnsacola, Fla.; Richard W. Keyes, 20, Orlando, Fla.; Edward D. Sallenger Jr., 18, Florence, S. C.; Fred M. Pickens Jr., 16, 318 Laurel street, Newport, Ark.; Stanley Mate, 17, Birmingham, Ala.; Robert Hingson Jr., 18, Oxford, Ala.; Vincent Bozeman, 20, Birmingham, Ala.; Boone Powell, 19, Etowah, Tenn. Anon Ii Suspected v in Burning of Burn ARKADELPHtA, Ark.-SheHr* A]« [ fred Duke and other Clark county officers have been called to WnwWftJ Springs to Investigate the burntlM Of» a barn at the home of Chartes Mcfts* i les. The barn, containing 800 bates of r hay, 700 bushels of corn, farm Jmpw-', ments and harness, was desMMwj, Monday under circumstances wnlen led the owner and the officers to "** „ lieve It was set on fire. BloodhtfundS > were brought from Hot Spring*. Th«y i trailed tracks;half a mile from the burned barn. Wuxtry Speshull - Reporter — "I've \ ' got a perfect news story." , ••• City Editor-"The man bit the doi? j Reporter—"Naw, a bull threw a con- , grcssman.' Swedish Prince to Wed Commoner in Switzerland STOCKHOLM.— (ff)—P rince Lennart, grandson of King Gustave, and Karin Nissvandt, daughter of a wealthy Stockholm business man, are to be married in May, it, is learned. The ceremony probably will take place in Switzerland. When their romance was first announced, the king forbade their marriage until they were older. Lennart, however, declined to follow the royal wishes. Trappers to Receive $20,000 in Madison Area HINDSVILLE. Ark.-(/P)-Trappers in Madison couhty are expected to receive more than ?20,000 for their fur catch this year. Anton Eubanks, one of the largest buyers in the county, estimated the catch was running about $150 a day. . «i» » » Oklahoma Man Is Held as Suspect in Holdup FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.— (/P) —John Ross of near Stillwell, Oklahoma, was held here Monday as a suspect in the $80 robbery of Mrs. May Young, postmistress at Evansville, last Friday- night. Bundy Service Station third and Hazel P hone 264 Good Old Dad SEATTLE. Wash—A pathetic picture was F. T. Hendrickson, 62-year- old street musician, when police pickr ed him up for begging. In headquarters he explained that playing fpr pennies and nickels was the only w'jfy he h.irl of ceding money to send nls son through college. He had two J50 money orders made out to his sqn, who is a sophomore at a western university. Warns Hikes in Taxes May Cause Rebellion WASHINGTON.— (/P) —A warning that continued piling up of the tax burden might lead to rebellion was put before the house ways and means committee Tuesday by James A. Emery,» representing the National Association of Manufacturers. Emery said about a fifth of the national income was required for public purposes. He estimated that every citizen worked about six weeks out of the year for the government. The manufacturer's representative advocated rigid economy in government. He proposed a graduated income tax, a "reasonable" increase in surtax and an adjustment of the difference he said existed between the corporation income tax and that on individuals in partnerships, Vigil of 67 Years Is Ended as Woman Passes That Throws New Light on This Man's Sneezing ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.— (/P)— Carl Hillncr's sneeze was not nearly so vicious as was first reported. There has been street corner talk that Hillncr sneezed'-so hard he fractured two ribs: He didn't hurt any ribs, says Kilmer. He merely sprained his back. Ouachita Falls to 11 Feet in South Arkansas ARKADELPHIA, Ark—The Oun- chita river at this place has fallen to a stage of 11 feet which is within banks. This opens highway No. 8, Arkadclphia to Fordyce and other southeastern points. None of the other highways out of here has been affected as viaducts and embankments are above high water. Sevier County Gets $2426 Gasoline Tax DEQUEEN, Ark.—Sevier county has received $2426 as its share in the final quarterly distribution of the extra- cent gasoline tax made by State j Treasurer Roy V. Leonard to the 75 counties. -^««»> • It is said that the 300,000 tons of ma- erial" used in constructing the Empire State building in New York contained bout $17,000 worth of radium. •*A8 VOV WEBB!" fcj- we wonder, would be the if Great Power - dirt ' smoke> ashes> pime °* the tP the many tedious hours in the old not kitchen, just to family meals! to ** old time under or ovei>hea ^ d homea to the old- "wood-shed" days-laying in the season's sup- eV D, D-, too)-spUtting the day's supply-carrying jt m- stove— Mother Nature will defer her command-"As You f uture Arkansas Natural Gas Corp. ^ Cities Service Unit B1NGHAMPTON, N. Y.—(/P)—The lonely vigil of 67 years kept by Fanny Read for the return of her soldier- sweetheart from the Civil War is ended. She died at the state hospital here Monday where she was brought after the death of her parents two years "go. She hud lived in seclusion since the war. Only four times did she break her seclusion—eaeh time for a funeral. Wednesday there will be another funeral. Mrs. C. H. Cnitehfield ! and Mrs. Terrell Cornelius Will Be Given a Free Fingerwave Call 39 For Appointment Drawing Contest Begins Thursday MARINELLO Beauty Shop Phone 314 HOPE TRANSFER A STORAGE CO. E. G. Coop, Mgr. BIRD'S Liquid Roof Coating Makes Old Roofs Look Like New! Bird's Liouid Asphalt Roof Coating will stop rust and leaks in sheet metal roorlng. And it will renew and protect composition roofs and ready roofing. HOPE RETAIL LUMBER YARD J. M. Harbin, Mgr. Phone 178 WE EXCHANGE Meal or Flour for shell' ed milling corn. We'll grind your corn into meal, SOUTHERN GRAIN & Produce Co. Phone 248 LUCK'S SERVICE STATION U. S. L. BATTERIES Plenty of Power for winter driving! Battery Service For all Makes of Cars Recharging-Repairing Phone 485 $5.00 MEAL TICKET $4.00 Cash A discount of 20% Lunch 35c Less 20% on ticket 28c CHECKERED CAFE PHOTOS By Day or Night. Cloudy weather or sunny days. We are equipped to take your portraits at any time. The Shipley Studio Phone 359 for Appointment GAS STOVE REPAIRING I We rebuild and repair all makes of gas stoves. Let us cover your kitchen cabinet with NICKEL ZINC Reasonable Prices ' t Radiator Repairing HALLIBURTON] Sheet Metal Works Phone 611 INCREASED USE BRINGS DECREASED RATES For Every Type of Motor That Good Gulf Gasoline For More Power Gulf No-Nox—Ethyl Stops Knocks Gulf Supreme Motor Oil For a Smooth Running Motor Gulf Refining Company M. S. Bates/Agent Phone 84 More Bread For Your Money Blue Ribbon Broad, and other City Bakery products, give you more ounces of better quality bread for the same money. Ask for the home bread at your grocers, and you'll save money! CITY BAKERY Bakers of Blue Ribbon Bread To Our Farmers Got plenty corn now and some over. Why not plan to double crops next year per acre with drain tile instead of working so many acres? We guarantee it can be done, our loss if it docs not. Its the only way to produce on wet lands at all, easily doubles on semi-wet land and increases largely on any land. Your Credit Is Good. Phone 230 HOPE BRICK WORKS If Electricity was used in the home to the . employed by industry, every housewife would have electrical!' The man of business considers electricity a good, investment. Is there any you can make for your own home which will pay the dhrt- dends in comfort and convenience Electncal appliances do? The more of them you use, the less it costs for each service ^ey perform Snap the switch any hour, day or night, to command the service of your Municipally Owned Light Plant. Hope Water & Light Plant Dedicated to Service at a Low Cost DO NOT BE FOOLISH You are if you are feeding your cows cottonsee( when you can trade 1000 pounds of cottonseed to us and receive 2100 pounds of cottonseer meal and hulls which is recognized by the be? authorities as a better feed. TEMPLE Cotton Oil Co. B. L. Kaufman, Manager U. S. Government Bonded Cotton Warehouse Standard and High Density Compress Automatic Sprinkler System Cheapest Insurance Rate in Arkansas Union Compress »nd Warehouse Company H. 0. Kyler, Manager Phone 179

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