Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 20, 1932 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 20, 1932
Page 5
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ktmmiw -t*. v < ^&L^ t *ft lj£ '» Jrt&L^ _i _j»; _ , ._ ^J""Tr"lk>JiL. Literary Societies In Basketball Tilt Wlli6ni«n« Win Over 1. X. -., L.'» by Score of 28 to 18 in Fait Game , the basketball teim of the Wllgonten Literary Society won over the team M the I X L Society In n hard fought lame Friday by ft score of 20 to 18. i A contest was held before the game to determine the highest per cent of paid admissions in the two societies. The t X L Society won and was ttart- td with a si* point lead. The I X L's held their lead until the last quarter • When the Wllsdnians gained n two- point advantage which they held until the end of the game. Hlte of the I X L's led the scoring With 8 points. Sheffield, Stone and Dotson of Wllsonlan's accounted for 4 points each. The Line Up I X, L Culpepper ............ Q, Rluiok .................... G Boss ......... : ......... ..... C Hlle ... ....................... F. Husky ..... ............... F .................... . Substitutes— I .X . L: Honea, Spears, Single and Hampton. Wilsonlan: Bonds, Webb, Arnold, Stephens and Brown. ' Wilsonlan . Wllsonian : ..... :.. stone Loe Wardlow Dotson' Found Dead In Plane Crash Audit Body Reduces Contract Applicants LITTLE ROCK — (&)— The state highway audit commission Saturday tlirriinated approximately half of the applicants for the contract to do engineering and construction checking work required in the audit of the state highway department. Mrs, Ruth Stewart, left, of St. Louis, and Mrs, Debbie Stanford were found dead in the wreckage of their plane near Ncwville, Pa., atfer searching parties had hunted for them in vain for days. They planned a flight to Buenos -Aires from New York, to be * made ID the spring. Sister of Missouri Killers Held Blevins Honor Roll For Term Is Given Large List Named in Spell' ing Only for Last Week The following is a list of students In the Blevins Public School with im average of A on all subjects. First Grade—Robert Foster, J. C, Smith, James Taylor, Leon ' White, James, Yarberry, Clyde Vern Snelgrove, Erfl Monser, Arlene Monscr, Rudclph Loe and Ila Bob Davis. Second Grade—John Stewart, Cahrlie Tyner, Nell Houser, Oleta Brakebill, Leola Zumnault, Helen Smith, and Bernell Stephens. Third Grade—Mayne Boreland, Harold Stephens and Christine McDougnl. Fourth Grade—Doris Osburn, Clara Bell Harris, Coy Zumnault, and Elgie Carman. • Fifth Grade—Noel Byrum. Ernestine Houser. Velmn Cullins, Ena Fern Stephens, Geraldine Thomas and Harold Davis. Sixth Grade — Wanda Ashcraft, Christine Brooks, and Imogene Nolen. Eighth Grade — Marie Ward and Herman Smith. Twelfth Grade—Orcn Stephens. Honor Roll In Spelling The following seventh and eighth grade students arc on the honor roll in spelling for last week: James Chamlee, Quentin Derryberry ( Jaunita Arnold, Dolores Ashcraft, Modine Maner, Dolores Perry, Lillie Mae Harris, C. E. Bruce, Harvey Montgomery, Aubrey Stewart, Jaunita Mullen, Odell Cannon, Ruth Harris, Florene Hiiskcy, Ruby Johnson Dorothy Nolen, Marie Shackel- t'ord, Flois Ursery, Marie Ward, Joyce Wood, Helen Zumwault, Opal Yates. Recovering i:- : : - : -#t •''&& ?>?*i0f ;t > .' i ,$y. Stephens to Speak at Spring Hilt Meet Farmers and Busines* Men's Club Will Hold Meeting Saturday On ,-iccount of rain last Saturday night the meeting of the Spring Hill Faimors and Busines Men's Club Was roilpcncd. The meeting is announced lor Saturday night, January 23. A? this time H. M. Stephens of Blevin 11 , veteran shipper of truck crops and vegetables will address those pres- «ht on the outlook for Hempstead tcunly truck crops in 932. . Mr. Stephens has had a wide ex» fierlence in shipping produce from his home nt Blevins and from other smaller stations along the Prescott Northwestern railroad. He has built a reputation of be- inj,' fnir and square in his dealings with (he truck growers and to those who buy the products offered for sale by him. The general public is cordially Invited tc attend this meeting at Spring Hill Saturday night, which will be ld in the auditorium of the high school there. Vinita Young, left, and Mrs. Albert Cpnley, sisters of the Springfield, Mo., killers, are being held by police in that city. The women were found riding in a stolen car last Saturday, and their arrest gave the sheriff the hunch that led to the raid fatal to him and five others. Mrs. .Conley informed police "you will never take them alive" when her brothers were mentioned. Quartet and Glee Club Organized Monday and Thursday of Each Week Set as Days for Practice Since Christmas a Boys Glee Club and Quartet have been organized in Blcvinr ,High School. About thirty enthusiastic songsters meet every Monday and Thursday in the music room during activity period. The boys evince much interest ns well at talent. The quartet consists of Jack Woodson, first Conor; Jimmie Dee Hampton, second tenor; Cecil Tate, baritone; Atiis Loe, bass. The girls trio has already won quite, a reputation and is being constantly called upon to perform. The perspn- nel of the trio is Mary Katheryn Loe, first soprano Lucille Loe, second soprano; Marie Tate, alto. Mrs. Glenn Coker is director of these organizations and Miss Thalia Nolen is official accompanist. » Josephine Dunn, filn hospital at Hollywood following an omerscncy operation for appendicitis. She was stricken suddenly. Blevins Farmer Digs Irish Potatoes J. W. Burke Harvests 23 Bushels of Marketable Potatoes Tuesday Fall grown irish potatoes produced a I splendid yield for many farmers of Hciip.cicad county this past season. Most of those who grew this crop have an abundance of potatoes for home use and many have had some to sell. J. W. Burke, Blevins farmer, spent i last Tuesday digging hi? crop which 1 yielded him 23 bushels of marketable j potatoes,. ; This crop was planted in August fol- 1 lowing a cantaloupe crop. Tokio News Events Twin Epidemic i SUDBURY, Ont.—You can't class; sets of twins as a disease, but there I was an "epidemic" of them here during 1931, nevertheless. According to records of Dr. W. J. Cook, health officer, there were no less than six sets of them in- this town about 9400 population. rnob CONSTRUCTION OETOUHS MO str^fa* WINTCK SUM: ro MtKe LOCAL INQUIRY KFORC USEIHS BACK ROADS OR • SHORT rLOOOCO HIGHWAYS. L THIS WIMTM. \t*t MIMMftt Of MlltS Of PMtO HMDS . UIWttH HOMM AND nu win FIHO rvt»r YUIEIY OF , MOtT, an?. iMOusm t scene**. < »«r no ulna on minus CMS on I f/f AMt»ICA*J DO MOT MCCO MSSFOITTS T0\ I «lff CUM AMD ARC ALlOWfO TO tfHId ) in MACK TOTHt US. HIKHASIS TO TW SUM I 'I OF HOMO FXf OF ourr. // / "» fACH HUSOM SHOULD UAKt AM IMHIOUAL *. CUSTOMS OCCLAKAJtW, CARRY YOU* CAR trSISTRATIOM CA»0 AISO YOUR BIRTH CfR- TtFICATt IH OKfR TO AYOIO CfUY WH£H , K-tMTtHIHg THf UfHTfO SMTfS. ,VMI*U. , * p£t > ttAf tffOtTt fO* MTIM T9 MQ70.USTS. — YS THUS m •ft. SWtWM TWt , A ii[i'* </ * ; J^ >t ~ r«r o«* sf4S Hituwtr ro KM WIST goes THf U4Ht FISHIH6 CAMPS. 6(TWf(H Ifttff WH *t*f(S *T 9 4M 4/a (4M Vf TO IV Ft. WITH OfHVfB iwo , CHiLoam County 'Board Visit Sieving All Members Report Find-' ing the Schools Here in Splendid Condition The Hempstead County Board of Education spent Tuesday'on a lour of the schools in the north part cf ITcmp- stead. county, visitiviK t'ie schools at Bingei), McCaskill and Bluvins. The tour was concluded' with nieelUv; ;:t Blcvins in the afternoon. Members of the Ivmrd »rr: C. D. Middle-brooks of Palmosi. Roy Holt cf Tokyo. J. W. Bntlrr o," VyHsliini/- ton, J. O, Johnson of CoUiitibus. 'II. M. Stephens of Bbvins and Ilowor XV. PillK of Hope. They were nccoiiip:'.r.ird on th'.s tour by K. K. Austin, c<;;mty sunerin- tendent of public insti uclio;i. AcccnlinR to- n rc'iovt of tho be.i>nl all school!' visited wero I'onnrl to I)L' in excellent condition. A tour of the schools in tlie S'liith part of the county is pUmiK'd ii! the near future. Wallacebiin?; News Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Daniels and fumily of Hope were visitim; Mr. aivl Mrs. Fred Yates Sunday afternoon. We are proud of our new nei^hbers whc have recently nuivrcl in our eoni- munity and we want to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Bill Taylor. Ml. and Mrs. Jack R.\rum have moved to Tokio. we certainly do mi-them us neighbors and citi.'.en.s of our community. Mr. and Mrs. Vivusr Cumpl>c-tl \vi>ve vifiting will) his pr.rcrit^ at I'nividonc.- near Hope lui.t 'l'hur;,iuy. Mr. and Mrs. I.in Wurd. anc.l daiulh- ter. Miss Irma Wood, v.e.-i- slir.npinn in Hope last Mi.nday. The singing at Mr. Tales Saturday night was enjoyed by those who attended. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Yarlx'rry, at the Experiment Station, near Hope, were dinner guests at Mr. and Mrs. Fred Yntts. Sunday. Miss Lillian Whilti ni-ton. w.is visiting with Mrs. Marie Campbell. Hun- day morninij. Mr. and Mrs. KloyJ Wood were visiting Mr. and Mis. liuitmi Harris Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Ella I'YylnirK'T. Mrs. Eunice , and Mis. Hilda /'uaiiiantl. were cveniiu! ;;iu;.l-, with l\lr. : . Sl.-lh Yates. Friday. Mrs. Ii'ina Cuudlills. MKs Lillian Witltngien. Miss (llady., Harris, and Miss Ha/.el Morgan. >,vcrc \'i>ilii-|; ox-ii in Texarkana. .. - - ^C^O-CE^' Manager for Village Enters Municipal Ranks MIAMI SHORES. Fla. i.!', M 'Ii, "village manager" has entered 11"' ranks uf n\u;ueipal uffici-.d.;. Miller Williams, for five \eai" I'nii- willi wealthy iiihTe-ti, ai I'.dm Beach and Miami as tax i.\peil. ha been appeinled manager of Ihe uev.'ly created village of Miami .Shores. A huge cypivss hee re/eiilly cut in Louisiana v.'as US!) years old. \\h'ii ^av\•ed il produced' ;.i\ liui,r lonijs cn: 1 4 M,lli!i feel ul lunib,']. K\\,-:'>•• Lomcnd lhat the tree grew one inch ii: diarieler evei'.v ffi years oJ' i!., life. Diami.nris fi.uiid ij! i\lie!iigan. \\"\:~cousin and lllinuis tiavei dejio.s.t.-, aie to indicate the presence uf .• dianiiiiui' field in the ninth. i M. L. Stuart was a busienss visitor i to Nashville Wednesday. G. C. Mc- iHarty wa;; a visitor to Washington Fri! day. j' XV; F. Morris Jr., fs working in the | Murtrccsboro post office. Mr. Hunt ,thc postmaster, is on tlYfe sick list. • Joe Ray was a business visitor to Murfi eesboro Thursday. W. T. Cooley was a business visi- | lev to Nashville Wednesday. i~- The school bus line out of Tokio '• i:: impassable and the bus has to de- i^tcur around through part of Pike county to ;;et to the highway. <• Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Cooley of Corinth visited relatives 1 here Sunday. Travis McLaughlin of Nashville visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J, F 1 . McLaufihlin Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stuart of Nashville visited Mr. and Mrs. M. L Stuart of Nashville Sunday. Mr. raid Mrs. Howard Cooley visit- ec 1 . Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Kelly of Mur- fressboro Sunday. Mrs. Ora Cooley is visiting in the Corinth community. Billie Bryant of the Roy community was shopping in Tokio Tuesday. Sam Stuart was a business visitor to Nashville Friday. Tom Lively of Belton was a business visitor to Tokio, Saturday. Lucian Bell, of Roy, was shopping in Tokio Saturday. Miss- Alma Cooley has been visiting rcaltives at Murfreesboro this week. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Thompson and family of Nashville visited relatives here Sunday. .Tim Kelly and wife from Texas vis- j hod his nunts family Mrs. I. H. Cooley i this week. J Mrs. Dan Stewart is right sick at 1 this wiitiny. | J. M. Byrum is moving from Blevins ; to this community. i XV. T. Cooley, R. A. Cooley and L. S. Sanii;rd were business visitors to Nashville, Monday. i Mr. and Mrs. Roy Thompson, Mrs. i May Thompson and Mrs. Geo. McLarty •\\?iv business visitors to Mineral i Springs Monday. I Louisiana Sets Record in Vegetable Shipments I NEW ORLEANS —(/P)—Louisiana's fruit and vegetable industry had its bipac.st year in 1931. B. B. Jones, agricultural secretary of the New Orleans Association of Commerce, reports that shipments for the year were approximately 15.000 carloads, an increase of about 5,000 carli ads over last season. 2500 Miles in Leaky Boat! f To Fool of i Give Coach I Sweat teun 21. .Irt We high receiving Miss Randl Lerohl, 68-year-old woman of Superior, Wis.,',is In theirtiidst Of a 2500-mile trip alone down'the Mississippi river in'a, leaky boat, 1 -which river veterans have warned her will no island the rapids of .the lortter "fiver. She cannot swim, but say's she/has, always wanted to travel and will continue ler journey. She made.Keofcuk, la., the 43rtl day out and expected'to arrive n New .Orleans before the,end of the whiter, She started'.from' St.-Paul,* Minnesota. .. . ' ^, _ ; u ftt of Ami Stephene,,, ,lle Stoae, Tyftn Guy Loe. Silt Monroe Yokem and The boys wish to for the interest sho. year, they appreciat by the people Mr the games on the The football boys jft a sweater in rettfrn for,;t fort he put forth iirtf "' 'successful team. -C< 'shown 'great iritetest Aeaiv He half wbrkidj the team' a s 'admirably., Conference New Gas Mask BERLIN.—Germany, pioneer developer of gas masks, has now produced a "full-view" mask, in which the wearer can see on all sides. Previous masks limited the wearer's view to a narrow area seen through goggles. The new mask is made of a transpar- em material, whcih takes the place of 1 rubber and fabric in the old mask. Costly Drink WORCESTER. Mass.—One drink of whisky cosis a lot in these times of prohibition without getting a fine Kicked on to it. Andrew F. Johnson ; u;ld Judge Rilcy that he had only one i drink when he crashed into Uie car of I'Vic Nelson Judge Riley fined him • ; T5 for driving while under the- in! iluence of liquor. Blevins GirMs Married Sunday Miss Clydie Lee Tate Becomes Wife of Delight Business Man Lesley Presley of Delight and Miss Clydie Lee Tate, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Tate of near-Blevins were married Sunday afternoon at the home of the brides parents, Rev. York officiating. ' •••.••.••, '•. • Mi-, and . Mrs. Pre'sley will make their home at' Delight, where•' the young man is ,in business.' Blevins Personals Mr. and Mrs.'Brlce: Bean; and-family have moved h from Blevins to 'their farm home in Redland township,' near McCaskill. v ,-• Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Stephens', Jr., and Mrs. H. M. Stephens are speeding this week , visiting in New • Orleans, La., while there .Mr. Stephens is attending the National Fruit and Truck Jobbers convention. Miss Jaunez Hembry spent the past week-end at her home in Delight, having been called there on account of the serious illness of her father. Miss Catherine Brown is in - the Cora Donnel hospital at Prescott convalescing from an operation for appendicitis. , Miss Marguerite Holland spent the past week end at her home in Arkadelphia. Blevins P,T. A. Hold Interesting Meet Special Program to Be Arranged by Group* for Founders'Day The scond meeting of the Blevins P. T. A. was held at the high school Thursday night, January '14, On account of threatening -weather, only a few members were present. A most interesting, as well as in. formative program was presented on the .subject "Health—Physical, Social, Mental, and Spiritual," These four phases of health were ably discussed by Superintendent J. Glenn Coker, Mrs. Cdker, Miss Nuth Garland and Rev. Hyde, respectively. Special numbers were^ given Jbyfi,little Miss- Marciu Stephens, - reader,'/and Miss Marie Ward, reader. ^ '-•£ ^ The next monthly meeting win commemorate Founders day with a special program which is being arranged. There are approximately 54,721 dentists in the United States. Henderson in Session The first q -the Blevtos' Episcopal chtlrch, ! here Saturdayf tfi* H Union met wrtJi'tfe- Friday night. • tj j- ~ „ , t¥ Sweet Home! • - > > *<* . Rev. Arnold delivered-^ esting discourse here Su Theme "Streams in i day evening subject Thou." Mi. and Mrs. Bob Peaclp. cott visited Mrs. Wfttgy'sf Mr. and'Mrs. J.*A. 1 day. Mr.' and Mrs. > calling on Mr. r and' Sunday afternoon. '^Mrs. W. S T. in -TPrescott Thursday, af Mr. and Mrs. Sam Yar and Mrs. firvin Yarbewy Mr. and Mrs. Chester Yat! day. Mr, and Mrs, J. J. , Mtv and Mrs. MontiHatrii Sunday atfernoon. Prize-Winning Family Dropped Something! KNOXV1LLE, Tenn. — Two young women entered, the lobby of the Tennessee theater. A package one was carrying started to slip, and finally fell on the tile floor with a crash. Glass flew and then, out of the wreckage, a stream of what was known in ancient times as rye whisky, coursed down the .floor. The girls vanished before many questions were asked. Storm'Detector LONDON.—Static which plays havoc with radio reception does some good after all, the Radio Research Board has found. With radio rangefinders, weather officials have been able to trace the birth and path of storms by recording the static sent out by them. Storms were detected as far as 2000 miles away. r i •«>• U. S. Public Health Service scientists have found that fleas can transmit typhus fever. Miss Muriel Walker, right, won an automobile in a slogan contest time ago, and now her father, Dr. Edward N. Walker, has a modest fo because he entered a contest conducted by a motor car company. For minutes' work he won a $25,000 prize. He and his daughter here are with Mrs. Walker, in their home in Akron, Ohio. «JW Between January and June, 1932, : ; -von Minnesota and Iowa university ] icanis will enagge in nine varsity 1 athletic dual engagements. WANDA AND WANETA • HELEN.AND HAROLD I NORMAN AND NORMA Parents ol four set* of twins and gr»ndper*nts of 8*v in other children-all born during th« last U y«ftrjH$ amazing record of Mr. and Mrs. John Hanky of Robbinsiale, Minn. Some of their grandchildren are older heir youngest twins. All of the twins we healthy and ran out in sub-iwv weather to pose with Uieir moji his picture. The twins are: Norman and Norms, four rears old; Helen and Harold, five; Wanda «oi W •ight; June and Junior, eleven. Mrs. HwOey is behind :hem. There are two other children U» the nurried. Another died.

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