The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 18, 1940
Page 3
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_M^WMY,_MARCir 18, 1940 * IN OET|T TUB Many Difficulties Faced In Probing Crime- Law Hookup IIV Wfl.l.IS TUOIl.STO.V NKA Service Staff Writer DETROIT. Mni-elj W.-One lion- cop, who was almost run down by a car litlcred with $10 bills touched off Ihe spnrk to fireworks lhat is now going oil and giving up-iind-coming Detroit, spuc- tacles to consider: Exposure of gambling syndicates with nn annual play of $100,000,000 --about one dollar for every seven In Uelroit's iiKluslrial payroll, the | biggest in the world. Fifty Detrolters—linlf a dozen of them public officers—indicted on Itrati nnd corruption charges. Fifty nint-e indictments on the pan-mnny of them aimed al men who have held highest positions of ; Iriisl. Ojicralion of a one-mnn giand jury lhal has dragged In 800 witnesses—many in fear of Ihcir lives —to tell of graft reaching 52,500000 lo $3,000,000 a year. One suicide, sudden departures >- - ~ -• >•• —,^-> ^, »<,.from the city of scores of men of nt ' sscs . Judge Ferguson says ninny COURIER NRWS Vt';i.sliin[i(oi, Otwcrvprs See 1'iwclom Issue As Pux- '/•lini; One WA«.lliN(|'|'ON, Mun-h III. iup) —liiliiiiiiod iioliticnl ol)si'ivi>i-s arc loofcin.i uiwiird ni.|4 lls , I)L , m . xl poll" «! tniiulry hi the i;r,.;il ,.,11,,,. lion <>( wlicihfr ,„. , l(ll tho |, !m(|| . pine ('oiiitiioiittvalth will be-iiiuii- iin iiiili-|k-ii<loiii Kepiiljlic .,n ,j,,) V tlw (rue iloietiiilnlng factors In (he Independence i|iie«|lon. If trnde reslrlcliuns mid of the AIIICI-. iimrkol ciutse siifflclwit eco- iiomlo linpiu-t iinioiig Uio mosses of I lie Philippine people, Ihey nmy iheiaselves. nsk for )»-ii-c.-(niniim-' tion or pO!,t|innnnenl of IIKIWOTI- dence. If pollilonl fiimw coiulnui's in tho Far, nnd Ihe lineal () f Juimnesu nsure.s.slon persists, neillu-r the Filipino nor Ihe American pi-o- pie may !«• willing lo .scvor their liolltlcnl lli-.s. Mi'iinwhile. however. Inipurilni observers were willing lo cri-dll llu< advocntes of "Indepi'iidenci 1 rn-x- mniiuilUm" K-lth mnklnii ft wortii- tt'hllc coiilrlbutlon lo the |on K . riWljc.' (li-icrmln:ilion of I'tillliipliii'- Anierli-mi rrliitlon.s. Thoy bi-lli'vi'. howi'Vfr. Unit the neiil cliillnltc .step will undoubtedly nwiill llu> ncliun () f (he |!)|.| ioltu coiii'i-iwloiiul rammlwlon. Townsendile, Special Proseculor Chester P. o'ltarn digs occper daily into ,, 10 corriintion W |,, t . h finds organised gambling hus brought to. Detroit. H i>rand printing names or varying prominence, and all the i wllll<?s - ws were afraid to appear fuss and feather of n municipal mllcss llllls l'i'0tecte<l. :io!isecleaniri£!. For f 0 '"' months (he inquiry proceeded in virtual secrecv. Hundreds of witnesses entered the downlown building niiobscrvetl. Judge Ferguson himself was hor- rilied as the picture unfolded. With a change of city adminis- liousecleaning. • It all stnrtod last August when . lns|)ector Peny W. Myers, llie /."honest cop,'' jumped lo save him: self from a car lhat swung out of an- alley. Myers halted the c;ir TIIE S100 WAS DEUVKRED TO THE IlHiHT STATION The back seal was litlered with tration in January, belter co-operation speeded up police - — - ..v^.id wnn £.,....: "t-v^.m 11H . n guns and cigar boxes full of $10 • Ith!tn ''', I'HOSECUTOll FMiic A* , ^:... %r - , , AiilO.VG INDICTl-'l) bills. At gun-poinl Myers miirched j the four men in Ihe car lo the' nearest precinct stalion. Tjierc. they were relieved of $1000. come, too," says 'O'Hnrn. "The t we're not. going lo stop indictin labor lenders." The conference iihuost ended right there, and might ns well have for all the good It did. One union head climaxed his criticism Today (hose indicted include Sheriff Thomas C. Wilcox. Prosecutor Duncan Mccren, and former Superintendent of Police Fred W. Fralnn, "There ivlll be plumy more lo whole gang that ran wild under prohibilion has now turned to the numbers and policy rackets. We keep running into 'old-time members of the Purple Gang, ihe Ecorse rurii runners, Ihe old liquor niobslers. The air of this county is surcharged with murder." Both gray-haired, gentle-spoken Judge Ferguson and fiery O'Hara have had to accept bodygunr.1 protection. Detroit is suffering from a sort of "grnnd-jnry fever." It has largely closed down organized gambling and prosecution for ihe moment. It has driven.jiien of shady reputation to Cliica'go and Miami to avoid tesiifyingAJisrorls are being, made lo bring'them back. Hanks of the grand jury stall, BRUCE CATTON IN WASHINGTON KV liltUCi: OATTOiV f'nllrh'r Nevi.s IVasliin^t Correspcnnlcnt WASHINGTON, March 18,—Top executives of the American Federation of Labor got, little comfort, out of their recent conference with Assistant Attorney General Thurninn Arnold concerning lits building costs campaign. No sooner were they seated in Ins office than Arnold began: "Vou might as well understand one thing right from the start: |n more expensive start than had been figured on. G. O. 1'. (JONGltKSSMU.V Sl'LlT ON 1,A1101! Republican t'ongressmnn cnii- cnsed the other evening ami decided to delay Inking n stand on Ihe Smith amendments lo Judge Homer Ferguson: onc- K3O era lid jury. It turned out that some of that IPK-M-IU nnd future, 0 ( I'lilllppltic- ' Amwu-iiii i-i;J:itio)i N . it Is bfllcwd (•eiliiiii unit Hi.-, unjiiin,! |ut m -,. of tin- l-'ar Kaslern Ai'chlpiilngo will i «'- 'he poini, O r urniU'.st i anil liii|iiii-y in ni,> di'libeiiiliii.-!..; «| Ihul >riiimiilti>e. "i IO:H the UiiJIi'd sinle.-i Inttnclii'ii u iioid espi'i-lnu'iit hi "COlOlllul" policy |,y yoU,,,, („ ,,,..,„[ the I'hlllpphH- islunds, a land rich in nsoHu'L-s nnd iradition, ihelr cpmpIHe polltU-al Independenre, effcjtlvc in i!HOr A ID-yeur tioinil uuriod wns provided lo per- mil (He l-'ilipino people, midcr ihelr own lenders, to manage the process of iKljiisiiiieiil lo Imlcpcndeiil si.itus. l-'iir liisl Sci-nc ChaiiKL'd Tlit'ic wns n mlnlmuni o( regret over lhis developmenl unlil ,in|nin lnv!Kle<l Clilini, and foiiiur concepts of imtlonnl si'ciirlty were (lisnrplcil both in Em-ope and Asia, Finn advocates of Independence! became rinilloiis, nml ninny Filipinos us well us Americans were inclined lo wiili-h ihe puling years soincwhnl fcnrfnlly us lln.'y broushl nearer Ihe dale of iiiilii- Mind Your Manners your knowledge of correct, WBP by niisivei-Ing the fol- miWiiioiM, (lien checking Die milJioiiliUli>e aiiswm 1. Is a rormn] Invllnltoii wonted . social below; -- f .,, t ,,, JII>114IltUJl V In (ho iirst or ihlnl person? 'i. Must n formal .(nvltnllon be answered? I- Mny u fonmil Invllailoii be HMMvcrod by lelophone? •I. If you iii-o Invlled lo » cock- tall party, mi, v you nsk for p(;| ._ -mslon to Iii-Jim a housegucsl? •'. If you are Invited lo dinner i"V you ns-k (o bi-lni! another iJWSOIl? Wllllt IVOllId you d,j |f__ Vou have sent oui Invitations (n » P'lii.v mid yo M beco;ii(> Ill— yotir the Wagner net until inemhcvs had I had more time lo study them. In- I tcresting part was the back-slake i fllscnsslon of Ihe labor vole and ! High Commissioner i'nul V • Mc- tlie G. O. IYs altitude to it. Quite Null In io;m brought Ihe whole ti number strongly oppose wooing, the labor vote by any concession in regard to Hie Wagner act. ': Snld one: "our pisiform will ccr- lainly demand sharp revision 'of Ihe law. If labor takes Ihe ntlHml< "" »iv.i'u ^ i nj iii.ii 11 iii.-j \,i iiii,j3jjj iiiv; in w . ji JUUU1 lilr, US I Jit (I LI lUlllC ot Arnold's policy with a spirited thul the law just mustn't be loiich- which has been working long hours at terrible strain, were broken recently by the appopleclic death of William c. Buckingham O'-1 Ham's .assistant. They think of I linn as a casualty in the battle lo clean up a gtel ,i city—but, (he cleanup goes on. dofensc of individual liberty. When he got through Arnold laughed loudly. "That's almost word for word whal a high-priced Wall street lawyer said to me less than two weeks ago." he explained, t-'SA is 1'uoun OF CUBA!' HOUSES Officials of the Farm Security Administration are quietly proud of the way 1 they've cut ''farm home building cosls. On their newest resettlement projects, they're putting cd, or mustn't be touched very hard. It'cl be toolish for us to worry about labor.": ' ' ,. SlGfiO was destined for that stalion 1 I I r - I n l .: anyway. It wns one small eddy Loc «l VjirlS, UsCeola •_ in a whirlpool of graft Dial Spc- ~ cial Prosecutor Clicsler P. O'Hnni •charges has engulfed much of . Detroit's officialdom. Soon after the "S1000 alley inci- denl" a young Detroit woman, Nil's. Janet MacDonald, committed suicide with her young daughter. She left behind a note accusing a man of having jilted her, and saying that lie wns n "payoff man" for! J, )ersons al tnc """ory here Pri gamblers. These two incident,'; rous up four- and five-room 'dobe-anrt- wotxl "apartment houses" ut a cost less limn $1300 per family. If llie'y been able to build Hint way from the start the hislory of the resettlement projects would be considerably dilferent. nig trouble there has been that the homes built were loo fancy, lience too cosily; chief reason for that 'though you'll never yet anyone to | admit it) was the interest, taken in the projects by Mrs. Roosevelt. She . Blylheville girls and Osceola ?<"• behind the movement in its j boys won the "" division titles mid i eni '^' days and plugged so hard for ! Grider girls and Luxora boys the } bathrooms, full basements, cen- "B" division titles in the /ifth an- ! lr!l) Itenlijig and oilier refinements that the whole business got off lo M T'll l\Cgro lltles OHIO It llATTUi IIATCMI HIM, Disgruntled D e m o c r a t s have charged Hint passage of Ihe Hatch act extension will hand the next election lo the Republicans, since (lie dominant stnte political machines—which the bill would wreck —ate mostly Democratic. Senate Republicans have said little nnd quietly 'voted for the till en bloc. Jn Qhio, though, tac Republicans are in charge; and Ohio Republicans on Capitol Hill arc beginning to set- loud cries of protest from back ; home, ihe complaint being Hint llii) law would handicap Ihe parly "terribly.' and won't you please gel smart and vole ngalnst -I? mutter to n 'focus with nn address tirglni; "realistic eximilimlion" of i Independence. He warned llml the Philippines would be "bloody Jsramid" If the milled Stales withdrew In 1916. Although McNnll has coiillimed lo urge retention of Ihe Philippines .shin- hi.s resignation of the high commissioner.-;)!!)), llicrc hus not lieeu any marked reveisal of feel- Ing In the united Suites on the subject, in the Philippines, it Is understood here, ihe movement has uroused widespread discussion iiivl di'bule. Iml no definite clinngc of national viewpoint. liiili-ptlHl['ii<[. Trend Strung Mriny insular analysis here,, even "(noli;! those Inclined In bb 'sym- imlhcltc lo the recxamlnatloU Idea lire convinced, us a result oi ihe trend of tilings thus fur, thill llieie is no Immediate ]irospc:l of halting TowiiMnidlU-s m< cling of (hi- TowiiM'iul club No. One Prldiiy i 1 louse lu 1 n rd following tin! business session'. I 'I'. W. C'.ofoi-lh. Oi-vllle Chlsin nnd Mnrlon clillon Jr., u siring nid vooul (rift, presented several numbers nf(er which lllllle U»lla.t iilnycd n Aline and violin and !U' guests lold v,<hi:n "it you nre 111? Ansu'vrs 1. The third. 2. Yes. S. No. It i.s wi-ltli-n in ii),. pi'isnn. •I. Yes. 5. No. IH'st "Whul Would Yon Do _PAGB_THRE» Auctioneer Sells Home But at Wrong Address QUJNCJY, MaSi. (UPJ-Whllc Mr. nnd Mrs. Normnn Goodwin were away Irom home on a brief vacation, mi nuolioncer of the Home Owners Ixian Corpomllon put up a red flag on the hour and their o er lioiiso and two-car garage to the lilghest bidder. The Goodwins liavc owned tlielr home for 1C year;. The auctioneer nno made a mistake In the address and should have auctioned inn house next door. mine umia.4 iimywi n violin and cliiilnct duel. Miss Knicsllnc Price,) O. w. .Mccmchen mid Mt. Cllllbn were vocul soloists on the program. At The Hospitals Hlylhcvillc HusjillHl Cliircnce White Jr., clly, ml- mlllcd. Mrs. liosolln Sivope, Mnnlla, ad- mil ted. Mrs. P. N. Uwmell, clly, nd- liorn lo Mr. and Mrs. Wlnfred Miller, clly, H son this morning weighing eight pounds and twelve ounces, who hus not yet been mun- ul. Miiry lillmnctli Blasscock, city, dtsintssed. Wells Hospital Leonard Mayo, clly, lulmltlwl. llnhy Di'IVIeSl. Steelc, admitted, Curl l.eon Johnson, Ynrliro, ad- . iillon— (n), sol- mitted. Robe;! Moore, Mnnlla, mltnlttcil. niclmrd Moore. Miinlln. iul- mltled. Jhnnilc Moore. Manila, lulmltlcd Mis. j, \v. Wrighi, Dccrlng dismissed. Mrs. s. A. Thompson, city, dismissed. Mi-miihls llapllst|ill;| Mni-y Ellen Webb, Osceola admitted. Mrs. Sam Ulllahuniy, Osceoln mutinied, AIi-iU|iliK- AlHhmllst lliispilnl Homer Smith, clly, lulmllled. Long Distance Spanned By Police Short-Wave 1.0RAIN, O. (UI')-Rndlo car police here oiten receive short-wave orders from ncvcrly (Mils Cfl ( »iu lluyjmi n. s t t .n uud chuckle he \Mt\ln shorl-wnvo police radio operates on llic same high fi'ctiiieiKiy m Ihe Deverly Hills police radio, hence ihe l wo often get 1'iU'li olher's culls Hclwccn the hours of :i ftn d B P.KI. especlnlly Lonii,, |lol | L .,, flj)(1 lecepilon from Cnllfornln so clear ml Ilicy must il.stcit cni-cfully to the station number lo avoid elms- IHB out on n Deverly litlh nsslun merit. ' "~" BU lujiiry Odd; Clty'KiKil SALT LAKE CITY (UP;. _ Mis .Wnlier U Hnn.sen sued the city for $aoo damages for Injuries iccelved when she hurt her linger putting .1 nickel In a purklni; meter machine. FRER BOOK EXPLAINS ALL ABOUT PILES A 'new edition of nn I!lu5traled HflOit has Jast l^cn publisher! by the Thornton & Minor Clinic— Ihe world's oldest Institution speclnliz- Inu in the treiitment of piles and other ruclul arnicllons. Tjils booK explains why recl'nl disorders fre- (Hienlly cause such common iill- nu'iil.s n,i heiidaches sicrvoiisncss slomnch mid liver (roubles, it points mil Uio danger of neglect- Ing even a minor case of piles shows how malignant and News »nm. n( |., & Minor Clinic, by which move than fiO.OOO men nnd women have been relieved during the past 02 years, ntid which requires no lios- piliiteitlon or the use of radical surgery, i s fully explained, U you ni-e nrillcled, send for a copy of this frank and Informative book which will he sent you In plain wrapper absolutely tree. Address Thornton & Minor Clinic, Suite 819, 82U Mcdce St.,. Kansas City, Missouri. BUY COURTS . , - Mac nicks hus Iliad still • In chdiici-ry conn for n divorce Ihe mnioh lownrii" l'lil'lfppiue"iiidc- [''""! l^r? "I""' E ' R Mexllmler \ mended nm»lnn»« ' I" lllllllltllf S UtlOrllCV | __. I HIM Lemon Juice Recipe Checks Rheumatic Pain Quickly If you SHIRT from rheumatic, ar- 1 thrills or ncuillls pnin, try this simple Inexpensive home recipe lhal thousands arc luslng. Out a pack- 1 "Bo of KU-EX Coinpomul lodny.l Mix It with a (|imit of water, add 1 the Jiilcc or •( lemons. Il's eiisy ' No trouble at, nil and pleasnnl You need only a tiiblfspoonsful two limes 11 day. Often within 48 hours |— sometimes overnight— splendid ] I results nre obtained. If the pains do not quickly lenvo.nnd If you! do not fed heller, mi-Ex will cost' you nothing to try us trfa sold, liy your drugglsl under riii abso- lule money-buck guarantee. IJn-Kx "lompoiind Is lor sale nnd rceom- STANDARD TIRES Cnnnda, Norway and New Gale-. „..„. (lonii are the principal .sources of I developments world's nickel. pcndcnce. They believe llml Congress Is i "set" on independence, nnd tint. Filipino leaders nre still "sold" on . the independence gonl, nnd hence it is hopeless lo connl on any i;n- incdltilo change. The economic and international of flip nest few Bros. Drug Co. ...... ,......,,.„ t,, I.MI; Illj.M. U-\Y i years, Ihese experts liHieve, will be NERVOUS RESTUSS I.y<ll« 1C. I'inkluim's V«L'etnlilo Cotn- lioiinll lieljis calm jumpy ncrvcj duo lo female functional ilialrcsa. Made caimially for troirtcff. Try it I . good drug stores everywhere. tuial Mississippi county Negro scliol basketball lournamciit which was .staged before a crowd of 1200 « - .ed enough indignalion for several .citizens' connnitlees to petition the -,-circuit court for n grand jury in- vesligation. Judge Homer Ferguson was named as a "one-man grand • jury." He set lo work. POLICE WOULDN'T All) TN CI.KANUI' : : ..Iu<lge Ferguson got little co- operallon from a police dcparl- ment so deeply involved in ihe •i-iickeis tliat already its superintendent had been suspended, its • chief of delectives had resigned, a • precinct commander had been removed, and two detectives were •: in flight. So aided by his spccially-ap- , • pointed prosecutor, O'Hara, Judge ' Ferguson rented a suite in an of- ' fice building and begnn calling j witnesses. ' Little was said in the newspapers, which co-operated by not Now Many Wear FALSE TEETH With Little Worry $ Eat, talk, laugh or sneeze vvith- ' oul fear of insecure false tee'.h dropping, slipping O r wabbling. PAST-BETH holds plates firmer nnd more comfortably. This pleasant powder has no gummy, gooey, pasty taslc or feeling. Doesn't 'cause •Jinusea. It's alkaline <non-acid). Checks "plate odor'' (denture breath). Get FASTEETH al any ding slorc. Adv. 8 day. Blylheville girls defeated Osceola 15-14 iu a hard fought game lo win ihelr title. The Grider girls eked out a victory over Armorcl girls with a score of 13 lo 10. The Osceola boys defeated Bly- lheville 20 to 1C, displaying a brand of basketball that won the ovation of the fans. The Luxora boys easily trimmed Caivson 2-! to 11 to gain the championship. K. Baker nml A. C. Hicks were the referees. Read Courier News »-ant Metropolitan. FARM LOANS Jas. B. Clark Glcncoc Building niylhcvllle, Ark. Anllinrizcd Mortgage Ixian Solicitors for Ihe Mctroiroli- lan Life Insiirnncc Co. LOW KATES PROMPT INSPECTIONS LONG TK11MS KEPiXVaiENT Cbrk-\YHsnn Agency, Jas. T!. Olark All Heady to Relieve NEURALGSA DANGERS OF HEMORRHOIDS Hemorrhoids do not nnd cannot corrcci themselves Relict from ointments is Illusive and temporary. 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