Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 19, 1932 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 19, 1932
Page 3
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J*? tf -^VMBH^^^H^^i^naW Hid Henry telephone 521 g. L&, Bam .t«mi*¥y II, 18 Died 0*lobtr 12, 18T6 When the day In softly ending Aftd the shadows fall; Then we know that God is sending , Lovely nights to all. , 'When the dawn Is softly stealing Itt and,shadows go— Then we know that God Is giving 'Lovely doys—and lo, Up the sun is quickly rising, 'AH is bright with dews Then we know .that Ood is loving Juit as We should. do.~Selected. Mi 1 , and Mrs. T. H. King and thcif House guest <Mrs. Alice VOM of Kan- shs City Mo,, were Sunday guttts of Mr. and Mrs. 0. 3. Mobetly In Tex aJ-kona, W .. Mrs. James L. Jamison left Tuesday rhorning for a visit with friends and relatives in Little Rock. Circle No. 4 of the Woman's Mis- Monary Society . of the First Baptist church held their regular monthly meeting on Monday afternoon at the homo of Mrs. Chas. Haynes on West Second street, with nine members present. Appreciated guests were Mrs. Cleve Andres, president of the Missionary Society and Mrs. W. A. Bowen, who is leaving soon for her new home in San Marcus, Tex, Mrs. Gus Haynes had charge of the Devotional, and Mrs. A. M. Key, assisted by Mrs. Chas. Haynes cmd Mrs. John Owens presented a most Interesting program on "The Church df Tomorrow." During the social hour, a delicious salad plate was served. The next meeting will be held In the home of Mrs. G. H. Martindale. The Bay View Reading Club will meet on Wednesday'afternoon nt 3:45 O'clock at the home of Dr. Etta Champ- lln on South Elm street, with Miss Mamie Twltchell as joint hostess. On ' account of the prayer meeting each afternoon nt the First Presbyterian church, the hour for club meeting has been changed to 3:45 o'clock. . Rev. and Mrs. W. R. Chandler have . returned from a visit with friends and relatives <1n' Paris, Texas. While in Paris, Rev. Chandler, by special Invitation occupied the pulpit on three different occasions in the First Baptist and Iminanuel churches. Circle No. 5 of the Womans Mis- Sfop a Cough or Cold Before It Gets Too Deep a Hold The' one thing to do about ANY "co!d,-o$-any couth is^o-Stop it just >as q'ufckly as possible . . .to cut short the drain on your vitality and the dange'r to your health. We have a very carefully chosen *col(K:tion of the most reliable, most effective cough and cold remedies —nil fresh—and can help you keey every member of your family free from colds and coughs this Winter. Ward & Son The Leading Druggists "We've Got It" PHONE 62 Motor 'Cycle Delivery Coming Wednesday The famous East Indian Hypnotist in Person IRAJHA YOGI See him put Miss Rip Van Winkle to sleep for 72 hours -^Buried Alive. —On The Sreen— ZANE GREY'S Romance of Hie West "THE RAINBOW TRAIL" , Not If You Live to Be A Hundred Will you again witness such drama , , . Such Devasting Realism! Edward G, ROBINSON -In- FIVE STAR FINAL Terrifying in its amazing power! -With- Mariftti Marsh Because he.made a nerve grow so that all its secrets are visible "from birth to maturity," Dr. Carl Gaskey Spledcl, above, of the University of Virginia,, has won the annual $1000 prize which the* American Association for the Advancement of Science •wards for outstanding discoveries. sionary Society of the First Baptist church held n most interesting and helpful meeting on-Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. John S. Gibson, Jr., on Grody street with Mrs. Houston Wolfe as joint hostess! Miss -Jean Laseter gave a very inspiring devotional and n program on "The Churches of Tomorrow" was presented by Mrs. Jesse Brown. Following a short business period a delightful ice course was served to 15 members. Mrs. J. A. Henry, representing the Pat Cleburn Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy delivered a most interesting and instructive talk on Robert E. Lee on Monday •norning at the Brookwood school, on Tuesday* morning nt the Oglesby school and on Wednesday morning at :he Paisley school, in celebration of :hc birthday anniversary of General Lee, occuring on the 19th of January. The Womans Christian Temperance Jnion will meet on Thursday after- loon nt 3:15 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Henry H. Stuart on East Ave. B, with Mrs. C. B. Tyler as joint hostess. Judge L. F. Higgason is spending a 'ew days in Grapevine, Tex., where he was called to attend the funeral of his sister, in law, Mrs. Roy Higgason, whose death occurred- in that city on January 15. Texas Girl Challenges Women to Bouts on Mat AMARILLO, Tex—(/P)—Miss Esther Kirkpatrick, because she likes "novelty and sportsmanship,' 1 challenges any woman of her weight to a wrestling match. She'is in the 130-pound class. Miss Kirkpntrick admits she tried 'practically everything else" before joining the ranks of the mat preform- ers. Her list of former occupations includes jobs as a clerk, cashier and esthetic dancer. She will wear blue tights, she says, lo harmonize with her blue eyes and light brown hair. She is five feet' two Inches tall. • CARD OF THANKS To our many friends we express our sincere thanks for their kindness and sympathy to us all, in the last illness of my wife, Ella Mitchell. We thank both white and colored and to those for the service of their cars and the floral offerings. Thanks to all. Ben Mitchell and Children. 29x4.40-21 $<£03 Each .9 in Pairs New! Lifetime Guaranteed » , I Million Americans Aik- ed to Sign Pledge. AgaimLJquw As a paH bf itse nati6n-Wlde dele- bratlon'-fcf the twelfth anniversary of the l8th,Ame,rtdm*nt which occujfed January 16, the Woman's Christian Temperance Union started, the enrollment of at-least S million Americans opposed to drink, Pledges are fafeirtK distributed to the public through the 10 thousand local W. C. T. U. organizations. , •• The pledges read: "I hereoy. declare my purpose to abstain from alcoholic liquor as a beverage," In the fifty'eight years of .its ex- istnece it Is estimated that more than SO million persons have enrolled themselves as total abstainers through the W. C. T. U. During the Week ending January 16, meetings under W. C. T..U. auspices were held in' mofe than a thousand communities stressing the scientific facts of the* effects Of alcohol on the human' system and the growing conviction that intoxicating' drink has no place in this age. At every meeting the following will be read: "We challenge the west to solve the liquor problem with anything better than to,tal abstinence; we challenge the •wets to produce a better educational program than the facts concerning alcohol as divulged by. science; we challenge th ewest to substitute spmet- thing better 'than law observance. We challenge'them to produce a program of liquor regulation which liquor men will obey and which can be guaranteed as a remedy for drunkenness, vice, , lawlessness, corruption, and waste. For twelve years the wets Wave sneered at prohibition. What have they to offer?" 0 Di Spring Hill Our school has been very low in attendance for about two weeks oh account of measles. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Prother arc here from Smackover for an extended visit with homefolks. Owing to the inclemency of the weather the basketball games were postponed Saturday night. Mart Yocom and family were over From Evening Shade Sunday visiting his mother, Mrs. Mary Yocom. Mrs. W.' M. Smith is spending a while with her daughter, Mrs. W. O. Phillips of Fairview. Little Edith Sooter who has been very sick with measles is much bet-, ter now. Miss Irene Turner spent Sunday With Miss Swan. Garner. t. The-first quarterly conference was held at the Methodist church here Sunday. Bro. Hundlay, the presiding elooi'" delivered a fine-sermon at'11 o'clock and held conference In. the afternoon. Bro. Campbell preached a good sermon 'to a big crowd Sunday night. Mr. and Mrs. Linnie , Walton, were over from Texarkana Friday afternoon visiting her parents, Mr, and Mrs. Phillips. Miss . Geariette Roberts of • Battle Field was a guest of Miss Jewell Martin for the week end. We are glad to have Mr. Cleve Foster and family move nearer Spring Hill. Arlin Moses and Fred Yocom were Monday visitors to Hope. , p|«h« and rtvw man- *»§ Mexican and American ttrthwltttt Saturday In an lAvesllgatidh of wha appeared to be an InteyftaHlonttl serial smuggling ring. The Mexican customs «ttto»t» Vfi dfcy swooped down frttn a moitoplan south of Cololfttta, Mexico, « ffllfet up the Rio Grande ffoiVi Ntuvft Dare. do, and took Into custodly two nttn, who Said thev were front Sah Antonio. Officers said the plane was filled With cans of alcohol. Earlier in the day other Mexican authorities captured A biplane and Its three btuupantc near Huevo LMWdo, but refused to give any infottnutldm abdut the latter, other thoft tjttt lh»y hdd contraband goods in the.p1ahe. Columbus Mrs. J, M. Holding and Mr*. ToWUtty McCorkie entertained the membefS of their Sunday school classes Wednts day night at the home of the-iortrteir. dames were played during the 1 even ing and refreshments were served to about twenty guests. Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Evans and Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Taylor of Shreveport spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. W W. Ellen - < Dick Milam of Mineral Springs was a visitor here Monday. : i ;; Rupert Alexander of Mandeville spent a few days* last week with Mr. arid Mrs. A. T. Bishop. " Phil ^Hatley of Little Rock spent the week-end with friends here. Mrs. J. R. Autrey, Miss Mary Oaines Autrey and Mrs. H. H, Darnell were visitors to Hope Wednesday. C. A. Pearson of Fort Smith was a visitor here last week, . Mrs. Herbert Griffin of Hope spent a few days last week with her mo'thi er. Mrs. T. T. Clendenin. Edwin Stuart of Nashville was a recent visitor here. C. E. Boyce of Bright Star was buying cotton here last week. R. C, Stuart Was a business visitor to Washington Friday. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hipp and Miss Ruby Hipp attended the funeral of Mrs. John Cowling at Liberty Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. C. R. White and Jim Stuart were visitors to Hope Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. William Gilbert spent the week end with Mrs. T. T. Clendenin. J. L. Stuart of Washington was in town Friday. '* Mr. and Mrs. Fred White of Hope spent Friday and Saturday with Mrs. D. W.* Hamilton. Move to Dismiss Texas Tax Law Attack Fails HOUSTON, Texas.-(yp)—A defense motion to dismiss the court attack On validity of the state automobile tax law was denied Saturday afternoon by Judge Charles E. Ashe, and one witness was offered by that side, before adoptlrnrnent for thecTay. •' Tax Collector J. W. Hall and the state highway department are defendants in the.suit, brought by the Harris coUUy commissioners, on the claim the law is unconstitutional in its ap-' portionment of fees colecled in the various counties as between the counties and the state. The commissioners contend the provisions of the law discriminate against the larger counties. The statute permits a county retain- all automobile license fees up to $50,000 and half of all collected until the county's share reaches $175,000, but requires counties to remit to the state all over that amount. Spccdwiy Fall Over»U« 30x4.50-21 38x4.75-19 29x5.00-19 30x3'/ 2 Prlc« at Each £4.37 5.11 S.J9 3.57 Each in Pairs 4.97 s.as TUNE IN Cooayear Coast-to- Coast N.B.C. Programs Wed. Sac. ARK. MACHINE: Specialty Co. Phone 257 218 N. Wataut Hop*, Ark. Alternating romance, drams, com* edy and put* eye-filling betufl^ J» wual wopmions, "The ftatftWw trail," MX fftwlzatlon 6f the FahiWW Zane Gray romance, featuring Gewge O'Brien, which starts Werfnwday «t the Saenfceir Theatre, is a most wel- oome-and refreshing relief front the so-called sex and gatfgster plays that this WVWwer,' for one, has groWft heartily tired of. Opening with a bang, and not slackening Its pace tor an instant until it cbmes to the happy fadeout, the new film gripped the first audience tn » manner that no other film has donb In months. Telling as it does the stirring aif- ventures of a I6ne cowboy, who, sin* gle handed attempts to rescue three people from a hidden and irtpenetrafcje valley in the midst: of a section infested With the West's most daring outlaws, it is packed 'with action, thrills end 1 some of the hardest riding ever seen on the talking screen. Not only Is it one of the rhos texciting films that local fans have seen In many a day, but the strong element of rom- »n it is of the most ' V (J ? an * W(Wd . gUrdlng the truly tareath-takiAl batk* tWhlrids of scenic beauty against which Jh* ««ori is projected. One reads that tfift Fox unit sp^nt three vfreek* in the Qttrtwl Canyon, and penetrated to fee loneliest regions by pack-train to fee* cute them. The results, however, anv ply 'justify whatever hardships may .have been encountered. No picture, of course, could possibly be *> gripping if every part i n it/ no mattet how smalt were not perfectly^ acted, All the things that starfd Out are things that all for praise. ft»r- ticularfy notable in this regard, are the performances 6f George O'Brien Mm- self. .Petite Cecilia Parker, a newcomer to the screen, gives a notable performance as does the versatile Minna Qotabell, Rosc6e Ates, that Side-Spotting stutterer, James Kfrk- wood, J. M. Ketrigan and W. L. Thfrfne, Director David Howard 1 deserve's unlimited praise for the perfect accomplishment of what must have been a most arduous task, Shover Springs Folks in these parts have lots of Tiin when they get out on the roads, wiping one another push out of mud holes, if you 'can-call it fun. Health-is good in these parts^at present. L.'E.'Darwin and family were dinner j guesta Jn', the home of Gilford Byers and wife, Sunday. ' W. A.-Walker and wife and Early McWilliams . are wide were dinnck- guests in the 1 home of Mrs. Jettie Rodgers Sunday. Ora Gilbert of Fulton returned home ast Saturday after spending a week visiting his brother. Edward, and his sister, Mrs. L. E, Darwin. Damon Johnson visited his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.- John • Reece Sunday. Next Saturday night and Sunday will be the regular time for church at :hls place. Miss Elhora McWilliams was the dinner guest of Miss Lilima, Aaron Sunday. We were' made to feel sad in the death of Sid Taylor of Hope, whose body was laid to rest in the Shover Springs cemetery last Friday. Centerville It looks as if we will have some more; pretty,'Weather: after so much rain. , Health is pretty good at this writ- ting/ Only Miss Mabel Rbfleh is very sick.: •:, ^ ••• . ••'/,;:.<;•••: ,/,/. : Buck,Foster and'Miss Corrin Col- yller. Were : quietly' married Sunday. • We wish ior them a'long and happy life.; - .' •". :.:.. Mr. arid Mrs. Harland Sanders spent Sunday .with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wade McElroy. ; John Buie and son, Fred, made a business trip to Prescott Saturady. * Mr. and Mrs.' Earl Erwin "and chil- dren'spent the night With Owen John and family Saturday night. • Mr. and Mrs. Roy Collier spent Sunday With Mr, and Mrs. Howard Collier. Mr. and .Mrs. Fred Buie spent Friday night with Mr. and Mrs. Earl Erwin. Swedie Erwin, Jim Gleghorri and sisters, Vera and Oils, and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Buie called ,on Mr. and Mrs. Harland Sanders Sunday night. Mrs. Tulton and family and Mrs. Hainey spent SUnday with Mrs. T. S. Gleghorn and family. her std*, rente! at sea and a «i«*ftrfut-Mtle odfktx&iftt, «i fey , the Csmef • Lemuel OWB fid a heavy fox Prtday, nlke' towed into this part stem flirt eariy Saturday. -A gup 15'feet f'Wd'e/ t&ttfidfati from hef wMdtoatA patttty iftWIhe No. I ftee roott,' «Bd^lft* I^IBlfedff AJUB ffctout *£ Jt-vli fc * .iLjkU, ^i, i !,* Drifts. she arrived here she down by the bow, with aft compartments flooded. Continuous puWping, however, has dfalnetf atitx.* cept -three. Gapt&in L. C. Fafwell, deitroyisit fore* engineer officer 6f the Londim section base; Comiftiftder IL W. Den%. wolf, chief of stiff, and Ltettte&ftt* Commander J. E. WHItbeck, edfo- mander of the coast- guard destroyer Erieean, have been nanted as abdatd of investigatibn to mee*t Monday, j x*": Butte BEST CREAMERY pduihi Coffi ee BtTSlfttOSS POON0 Cocoa nuts Jello Six Packages and 4 Molds (Free) for Middlebrook's GROCERY Phone 606 or 607 . As near $1.90 (After 8i30 p. m., tlatlon.to-Italian) M IAMI .. the city built upon age-old coral reels.. .where pleasure-bound America covers its feet with white sand of Miami Beach, plays polo, races boats, catches fish . . while the most of us turn coat collars about crimson ears. Anyone you'd like to call in Miami? You can reach him by telephone,* usually while you hold the line. Just tell Long Distance: "I want to talk to Miami, Florida." Give her the Miami number, if yoii know it. Or say, ''I'll speak to anyone who answers at (name and address of friend)". It costs so little when you use station-to, station service after 8:30 P.M. For instance, a three-minute conversation , . t From To Costs Hope Pine Bluff 25c Hope Memphis 65c Hope El Dorado 35c Hope Little Rock 35c •The average long dlilanc* call, no matter how far, goes through In If M thgn 2 mlnutel. SO U THW E%TE»N BliLl. TK LI-PHONE % dfe ^i f.»L-*ii*j!^iieiaifr *,>•*? 4m«t! Co. I play safe by sticking to LUCKIES ••>*'}. ?; ' v. OH, WHAT A GAl IS MARYI She'i on* of th* genuine beautici that *v*n th* camera cannot flatter, Sorrpw one) pr9f»»»!onal bad luck foltew*d b*r for y«ar*. Now ih*'» a bri(fc.,.tb,«»tud!o« clamor for hor ...»h« public levw her...and th* Hollywood tun U ihlning. Her n*w RADIQ PICTURE I* "WIN OF CHANCE"...Here's to you, Ma»x A*t9rl W«'r« glad you *mok* IUCKIES and w«'r« grateful for that itat*ro*nt you oave ui with- evt a c«nl of payment. "I can't afford to take chances with my voice* So I play safe by sticking to LUCKIES—they're always kind to my throat. And I'm dowbly grateful for yowr improved Cello* phane wrapper which opens so easily with that clever little tab." It's toaste YourThroqtProtecrton»qgq.n»tlrritqtlon»» •BSBPHLI! '* ^-fpm w*w 14, TUNB m ON U/CKY STRWW^60 modern mintttttwithjbt ^ tndb> betxmiM t^ m^ ^ ttmorrow, ««w

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