Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 23, 1954 · Page 31
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 31

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 23, 1954
Page 31
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M 5 9 I - S-T-A-V AftRA,NSA kti**i r t .* J ' v JSf^T'.'S'V*' f '' IsdM^.* i»l. t..~'- Doctor Sefe From Chair of 1$' s ->' ..i,'* 1 * -t -\ > CI/EVEtANO t^ V T - Sam* uel Shcppard was saf efrom the electric chair almost from ihef firs a juror said today*' — Mrs, Louise K; Feuthter, juror Ko. 1 H said-.tip ohe on the panel mentioned a first .degrea murder •Verdict Without a -recommendation of mercy. Jack M. Hanscn another juror said. its deliberations the started . "Its' ecliberations the first day by voting on the var- 'jous possibilities starting with the electric. , chair. That -was quickly vcted rlown and then juror's Went ,on to other verdicts, he -said. The reason the jury took 39 hours n'nti 23 minutes of actual deliberation time was because it exarninetl "all' the testimony, end the evidence" Hanscn said The jury had the case 102 hours all told. ' "We tore the evidence apart and put.it all. back together again," he added. Christmas Jp£e .one, .that - will long ybe> remembered : for' its' happiness and SiswrifflL, .rtf""" 1 " f* *" *? %• * i f Furnishing Co, 7 Inc. FHJN& FOR TtfE HOME" . -St, < ' Hope, Ark. Locaj Option Vote in Greene Asked Show^Seefti to B6 Lasting on Television By WAYNE OLIVER NEW YORK «P) One Of the early predictions about televiBiOh was that it. would use up tdleht so fast wbody would be able to la's very long, but it isn't turning out 'that Way. • . Five of the top 10 shows of December 1948 still are around and going strong and the' star of a sixth will be back next month. The .C. E. Hooper rating service, which no longer Issues national ratings, had Milton Berle in first place six years ago and he's in third in the latest Nelson ratings end seventh iii Tredox. In second place in the December 2940 Hooper ratings was Arthur 7 Counties Give « Faubus New Car HUNTSVILLE - !* —A new car 1vas presented to Gov.-Elect Orval Fatibus in a ceremony here yester- About 250 persons heard Faubus say he turned down gifts of .two Cadillacs to "accept this car from my friends in northwest Arkan- t66 MUCH GOLD . , DALLAS (ft— Oilman David Mc- fcdrd reported to police yesterday that he lost seven gold nuggets and pn itrctit diamond downtown. He said the nuggets and half-carat diamond were hanging on a gold chain on his tie clasp. Faubus was given a i9fio, greeh two-toned tour-dnor Mercury dah. J. E. Duriiap editor of Harrison Daily Times and a parti sfi the cipant in the ceremony said it was bought with contributions ranging Iro'm $1 to $10 from friends of the next Arkansas governor in seven counties Benton, Carroll Washington, Madison, Bone, Searcy, Gcdfrty and ' Talcn. t Scouts and Newton. , i V'hioh isn't in either the latest Nielsen or Trendox but does appear frequently in their top' 10. Fourth in. the Hooper of six years ago was Ed Sullivan's Tonst of the Town, fifth in-both-the rt-w-Tren- dex ?nd Nielsen .surveys. Seventh in the ratings of .six.' years ago was Friday ight 'boxing-, on NBC, PARAGOULD UP — A gvoup o which isn't in either of the latest rohibiticnsits yesterday 'ssked for top 10s but is'one'of the'currently local option "election in Greene! popular' and high-ranking • shows. ounty to outlaw the legal rale of- ' '•' '" '" '™ — loc-hplic beverages. -The' 181;petitions filed with Coun- y Judge J. Ed Thompson contain- d 3.273 signatures. The Rev. Amos jrcer- missionary for thi: Greene County Baptist Association filed 'ie petitions. In 1846 ; the county turned down .proposal to prohibit' the sale of ieer anc •-••-=- li "" {JUpulctl illlW jnyil-it.niirv.jiif; oii^'^vo. The sunday night Television Play' ' J94B end while top 10 now it close 'to the house was iriissing from the regularly plushes charmed circle.' . In sixth place m 'the Hooper top 10- of -six years .ago' .was a show Beat-ing Fatal to Negro Man • LITTLE ROCK UP! A 42-year- tld Negro man who was clubbed sy an "unidentified assailant here last night -died '.his morning at University Hospital. Police- identified the .victim as. A. B. Oden. They sfid a taxi driver told them he saw Cden scuffling with another Negro- man on a street corner. . The -taxi driver described the assailant as short wearing a coat and blue jeans or overalls. He.said the man ran away after Oden .fell down. . Oden died of head concussions. The instrument with, which he was hit was not-found. May the joys and pleasures of the Holiday Season b* centered around you and yours and Aay they continue throughout the day* to come. BenRateliff Grocery I/tarring Phil Silvers, no longer on the' air: But Silvers will' be back, on CBS television in a new filmed show on' Tuesday nights nexc month. Hofcl Front Is Damdged by Wreck .LITTLE ROCK UP! The front of the Marion Hotel suffered the mo.s-: damage in/a three-car wreck hero this morning. • • Police said Frankey BUTOWS, 20- year-old.. ,waitress , admitted she was speeding, when she cut .around the co'rner. Her car. and two others - i tico was dislpdged leaving a sag- 1 gih'g'rbpf. ' ,-'.'. .. Damage to the .portion was estimated 5 by ,the hotel ; ; manager at $3,500. .'Damage to 'the : three cars in the.'"collision totalled, an estimated $2,200.. There were no injuries. - - ' : - Arkansan to Head N.M. Air Base CLOVIS, N. M. (UP) A 1940 graduate of West Point today was named executive officer and deputy commander of the 312th fighter- bomber wing at Clovis Air Force Base. He is Col. Henry H. Norman Jr., Hardy Ark., who nutil his appointment served ns commander of the 312th Fighter-Bomber group. TPribr to his assignment to' Clovis Ah Force Base Norman was director bf'reouirdmehts afheadquart- \ir Command.- Lang- va'sibn of North Africa in 1942 as commander of the 60th - Fighter Sciua'dron. He was" shot down' in air action 'there but returned to Arner- icsh lines with the aid of friendly Arabs. - ' • MIDDLEBROOKS GROCERY 815 W, 5th REVER ||i|;th« Kt,tle things at Christmas time that j "'fcjlfeqto,. t ?Wd Santa',? visit oa Christ- \ if .»>'"• V |uA l * T, , . I , ir» -youthful laughtet » > . -thd , / of evergreen* . «•« the Christmas , oC'HIM. ,. joyful carols and gay'^ ^ ^^^ &jpf$up* and meiilages'of good will for all.' s* * ^l^f\^ '" %)iiijj th« leason hold many happy-times and " *.*<*t*. i Er *r > iF-aifriiorie* Iqr the.«o«u»g year. tSynw ��< f ) 1 *'. - ^- '-4 , ^ -~i. ^ff&3 Western Auto Associate Store *r«/ SHIPLEY STUDIO for your happiness .> .'*/?* greetings t <•"- y %*> We send warm and *$V*H-. ,\*\*t'* ; - **><'Qn> ' fa your happiness at, ,V:^;^ : ^ " rf -**feX ^idlMiir/v*. ?> JAMES CLEANERS and-LOUISE" *' :**3£*.±tei£y* t n again )» (I CHRISTMAS i-ijg- ^-» • , est Parts fO OUR MAHY FRIENDS AND CUSTOMERS A BLESSED CHRISTMAS TO ALL OUR FRIENDS A HALL-MCNEILL 101 S. Elm . Phone 7-3661 v *'~~ rstmas 'Let it never be said of any of us that no room is to be found for Him in our hearts. • MHOON'S JEWELRY FAMILY SHOE STORE "Where Good Shoes ore filled. 113 E. 2nd. Corbin Foster .... Phone 7-2700 - a5bi A CH S' 01 " !.It extend 4« wishes of b«f and g ood many blessings... saying You" to those who have helped make the HOPE AUTO CO* » " T yw "" f£j r fprd Dealer *ef JOyfi 99 Ytiii MiAiie 7,2341 HOPI/ ARK, ««9 W« Sf C9m| it, * cf ""* "V/*>,*••''i 1 * ^ *• '•''^ ^_** l '"- 1 *\,"' •' , •>' , ^ ,-*'' * '"^ v " '' '"' '^'" • T " 4 ">'"'• v > '*' "*', "' ' , oK*"* '* ~' j "* ""^ ~-', l '' -*j3l if/19S4 . H 6 p I If A * i tt 6 P I f .A** A * SLONOli WOULD YOU LIKE }'l" APPLE Pl£ CAN 1 HAVE W """ " •"—•""•--] A NEW If CMek YffMf QYfr .IMJ'^ <? Animal Antics • Answer to Previous Puzzle N N U ACROSS •- DOWN 1 Wild pig iGrizzily — 5 Large monkey 2 Bones 8 Male bovine 3 Afresh 12 Domestic slave 4 Peruser 13 Short sleep 5 About 14 Iroquoian & Golf term Indian ' TRo.pf finial 15 On the ocean 8 Insect 16 Assam 9 Bear silkworm 10 Roster 26,Krtocks . , 41.Ra.ccoon-like ' 17 Essential being H Dregs 27 Presently niammal } 18 Community 19-Cereal grain 28-Paifaful -. 42 Gala event ( with falls in 20 Lampreys 29 Pitcher 43 Maned beast : Quebec 22 Pause 31 Wan 44 Dry province .23 Blow with 34 Be bornei _ ... J6 Notion , 20 States (Fr) °P en hancj 37 Beasts of 47 Fijlip , 21 Consume 24 Window glass burden 48 Story : 22 Unit of 25 Chief god of 38 Gibbon. 50 Cravat i reluctance the Eddas 39'Detatn' ; 51 Social insect • 23 Pastime 26 Set free 30 Youth 31 Go by 32 At this time, cuckoo family 34 Enthralled 35 Mineral rock 36 Writing implements 38 Ocean vessel 40 Fruit drink 41 Cooking • utensil ' • 42 Blaze; ; 45 Painter • ! 49 Ireland i 50 Light brown :.. ! 52 Feminine ! appellation 53 Labor j 54 Indiana (ab.) • 55 Genuine '. 56 'iTermirii 57 Greek letter . CARNIVAL • If Die* Turner 1954 (>» NEA S.rvi;«. lr». "He's crazy about a certain blonde at the laundry!" I1DE GLANCES By T. M. S,,. U. 8. P«t Cepr. 1M4 by NEA 8«ri 18-33 "I told them Margery had a dale anl weOT but they *ai.!th^y wwr« h0r>9ji:jrrltn<li OUt OUR WAV 8y J. R. Willlomi A; CIPER B^RTV ON THE VERY NI0HT WE'RE HAVING A CHURCH BAZAAR AMD t?UMPINS THEM HERE A HALF-HOUR BEFORE THE LAST CAR. te> DUE GO- THEV WOM'T AAISS IT— 1 BELIEVE YOU'RE ^TBn PUT YOUR ARMS AROUWP ME, HOLP ME TiaHrr-'- UPAWP OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major (?OCI<I^6 ^ ATT(?A,CTINi<5- FUNNY BUSINESS Bv Hershberaal f 'Jt's for yol^you^buddy^ays yougot^he wrong house!' r SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Selze» sweepers t « OZARR lit «*<C FLINT • S ¥ * •» w ""F^»™ Ut»aim->...>n liuilliBJimfertmm „** S&StGS, WASH TUBB> ! THEYAL FEET COWBOV zwrs LIKE THI£ WORWINQ BOYS, WHWTHBVKE ,ItSLPE CKRE OF UUfiER: BROTHERS ANP Ifl r- >ic.t««i 400 f*- AND HER BUDDIES '; fWMOSV VOtWVCftV . WTTM W * * ~ .BUGS BUNNY, Y/IL.L VA,PUDDSV? 1 PWIEND-i I'M STUCK' ALLEY OOP JE55 IT'S JUST AS WE .OIDN'T WASTE TIME '' CHA5IN' TH 1 SURVIVORS OR •RINKS ARMY; WHAT WITH ' TH' ME6S THEY LJEFT FDR US TO OEAN TWUGH UMPA/ Wr*^F p ^mM$& ~J*& :$f' PRISCILLA'S POP DON'T WORRY PRISCILLA, BUT, POR.. you CAN'T c ^^^i JTHI STORY OF MALTHA ^Y|ii

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