Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 18, 1932 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 18, 1932
Page 3
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* v ^^;fe*»>», - ' ''"" " ' ""* > TO *aeh ofl* i« given a marble to oaffe i to (tor wailt ' fi stone that I* needed to heighten the And only hid jfbut ha* the magic to give it grace? t only his ha«t}8 have the cunning ^t&vj$ut'lt'!n.plaw. Ye*, the task that is,given -to each 4&ti6t\n0 bthe?'efetn*do» 60 the errand'is wilting: it<has walt- ' ed thwugh age* (of you. And now you oppenr; and tho HushoU ottos Me .turning'their gaze, To see whrit yoti do with your chance . . imthe chamber of days.—S^ltclcd. __ Watgic.'Bell and flkc T; Sell Sr., infthf week 'end vUUIng Mth 'Mr. -.jH'Mrsi Ike* 1 F,-sBell,.tfr,, arWhMr. and Mrs. Ifrtd Mflfiholl-in Toxflrkana. • Mrs. M. M. MCclouglinn nnd little (tori 'MeHe, Jr.., Wft Monday for a wetVs:visit with friends and relatives In Texorknnn. , Miss Cencvleve Dodd'of the iMag- rtolla. A. ^e>Mi-cbHege spent the weelc end ^visiting with-her parents, Mr. mid Mrs.'Qebrge-DoHd. A most delightful pot 'luck supper Was (enjoyed on Saturday evening at the'home of Mrs. M, M. MeCUyighan on .'.Ea&' 'Second street. The supper, Was served on small decorated tables, followed by contract bridge, wlthlMrs. ThosKinsar scoring high'for the laides and Kline Sriyder for 'the gentlemen. Mrs. 3. W. 'Anderson announces the marriage of her daughter ^Uth.-to <R. E. CJane, bf Derlta, 'La., on Saturday evening,-January 16. The'ceremony was.said ,in>the home Of'Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Buddin in Texarkana, wilh t>r. Buddin, pastor of the First Melhodisi church Of Texarkana, officiating. The .bride is connected with the Citizens NAtlonaLBank of this city,. Mr. Cane wholesale representative of the Texico Cil Company. Following a short wedding trip to Shreveporl and Louisiana points, Mr. and Mrs. Cane will be at home at 321 W. Ave. D. Mr. and.Mrs. Perry Moses announce- the orrivnl of n son, 'Robert.Lnrry,-on Saturday, Janum-y 1C, at the Josephine hospital. Wallace Cook and Matthew Reaves of Henderson State Teachers College,' Arkadelphia 'spent the week end visiting 'with home 'folks. Friends .will regret to know-that Little Maiy Dell,' daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Waddle .is seriously ill at the Josephine hospital. Mrs. 0. A. 'Graves will spend Tucs- tiny visiting in Little Rock. ; Miss Thelma Tobey of DeQucon is the house guest of Mr. and Mrs. Frank -R. Johnson. J0..-JJ, ; Mcps8got is spending a few daysilbn bu$irioss in Dallas, Texas, •making the trip to Dallas, via plane. Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Henry were Sun- iday guests • of "Mr. nnd Mrs. O. J. JMobcrly in'Texarkana. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Ellis of Saratoga •ware Monday guests of Mr. and Mrs. 'Tiilly Henry. • The JJuniONSenior High Study Group will meet 1 on Tuesday atfer- noon at 3;45 o'clock iin the home of Mrs. John P. Owens West Third street. Miss Whitten, the home economics teacher'•will direct the study. ON THE STAGE WednesdLay Friday S aturd ay RAJAH YOG East India Hypnotist (of Rinley Fume) Sec him hypnotise Miss Rip Van Winkle on the stage Wednesday night at 9 p. m. for a 72 hour sleep, ENTERTAINMENT EXTRAORDINARY! DON'T MISS)IT No Advance in Price LAST TIMES MONDAY Strictly Dishonorable —With— SIDNEV FOX PAUL LUKAS —Tuesday— The event which will! leave its indeliblq| mai'k in Hope. EDWARD G, ROBINSON -In- FIVE STAR FINAL —With- Marian Marsh Fame for Former "Miss America" famous East' India hypHOtlSt, Will tpm e thr«e-day e«* ifatSrnerU at 'the .Saehger itheatelf in Hope, featuring the 685th performance df a -wmittlonHt 'theatrical f«at. The fflltr, who has playad softie of the largsst theaters In the nation, and comes to Hope from a recent engagement at f the Arkaru*s theater InjLit- llo Rook, will hypnotize a girl on tW«Hn«8tey, convey her to a grave tiedr -the 'theater, and hold iher in a hypnotic -State until :SaturMay night, •When the Will 'be , awakened on the StrtngeriStage, according to the rajah's press < staff, According to tho rajah, the girl will bo kept without 'food or water for 72 hours, end will .emerge front her (long sleep Without harm. The performance lias been accompll»hecl 584 'times, he said. Rajah Yogi will open Wednesday night at the Saertger, and, skipping Thursday, will appear again Friday and ^'Saturday. He Is making a Hour of the'Malco Theaters, Inc., 'houses In Arkansas and Tennessoee. .No one could say that lovely Ad-! HenneDoi'e hadn't "a leg to stand'on" •when she applied for a job' In the talkies. -Already the /former VMifiS -America," -•benuty/eontest "Winner,- -is a featured film player. Personal Mention Friends of. Mrs. Thomas 'P. Parsons i of Washington will regret to learn hat her leg was broken in a -fall at her home Friday afternoon. Her daughter, Mrs. M. C. Bruce of this city s spending a few days at the bedside of her mother. Mrs. R. T. Jackson, of South Main, Street, who is a patient at the Josephine hospital, having suffered a frac-. .urcd hip some time ago, is reported to be improving, Miss Otema Miears of Lewisville, underwent an operation at the Josephine .hospital Saturday. Her condi- .ion is'reported as satisfactory by hospital attendants. B.-S. Alforcl of Minden, La., n former resident of - Hempstead county spent Sunday and Sunday night .with relatives near Spring Hill, returning to his home Monday afternoon., re W*dn«tlny, Friday Jonesboro ,A. and M. Head Visits Magnolia MAGNOLIA, Ark.—V. C. Kays, president of Jonesboro A. and M. College, visited Magnolia A. and M. Thursday, following a-tour of- the college and Its facilities, Mr, 'Kays went to Magnolia •where he spoke to the Lions clUb. •In-commenting upon the success of the A. and M. College located-at Monticello, Russcllville, Magnolia and •Jonesboro; -saying -much df 'the success of the institutions was due to the splendid co-operation of the -colleges. He also pointed out 'that there was only a small group politicians who were abolish the 'colleges. of self-seeking' attempting to Home Demonstration Contest 'Prize Awarded MAGNOLIA,. Ark.—The new Vernon nomc demonstration club of Columbia county won the J25 first prize in the Cotton 'Belt pantry stores contest in this county. ?Each of the 24 members reported that she participated t in the canning program. A total of 1883 cans] of vegetables,-2793 quarts of fruit, 69 quarts of meat, 384 quarts of fruit juice, 1427 pints-of plokles,'989 .pints of preserves, 1374 glasses of .jelly and 4374 pounds of dried 1 and vegetables were preserved. Mrs. Laz Pearce, president of 'the New Vernon Club, says the club won because of'the hearty co-operation of the entire membreship. The new president 'is Mj-s. H. B. Brazwell. Legalized Betting 'Spurs Norwegian Horse Buyers DUBLIN.-(/P)—The Norwegian horse buying commission has completed 'the purchase in the 'Free -State of 21 animals, ranging from three to eight years, for racing in Norway. This transaction is expected to be tho first of many as ,'the result of !the passage by the Norwegian legislature of a bill legalizing parimutual betting and providing a new race course at Oslo. Until now trotting has been chiefly in vogue in Norway. • i • ' Alleged Liquor Runner Found Beaten to Death GREENVHLE. Tenn.—(#>)—Slumped behind the steering wheel 'of : his car, Horace Tweed, 40, described by Sheriff B. H, Renner os a liquor runner, 1 : was found dead Friday by school children on a roacf six miles • east of Greenville. .His head.h»d,been beaten in, apparently by : a blunt instrument. PAUL, twelfth brought from Andrew Flood waters of the Ouachlta River, in northern and ceitral Louisiana are endangering the IWes-and property of .housands. This photo shows a streetiscene in Monroe, '_, a , Lowlands in the vicinity are'uAder-<lrom three to six .'eet df 'water. • . .;• ' • . •••••- l i No Irregularities In Jackson County Only Minor Clerical Errors Found by State Accountants NEWPORT—Only minor clerical errors and no irregularities in the accounts of the officials of Jackson county were found by auditors from- the state comptroller's office who completed their work this week, after spending the past eight weeks here. Marion Douglas was chief of the accounting crew. The work has been approved ^by the chief accountant of the comptroller's office but the report wilt not be made public until received by the state comptroller. The audit covered two years, beginning November 1929. of Fatal Injury )on Summers Strudk by Limb While Working at Calumet i '- ---;," ;BLYTHEVnXE4-Efforts were made fr'lday to locate relatives of Don 1 Summers, aged 62, who was injured fatally When struck by a falling tree. The accident occurred in the Calumet ommunity, nine miles west of Blythe- 'ille, late Thursday. He is believed to] lave come here from Alabama. He lad worked in the Calumet vicinity or the past three years during the otton season. Summers was helping ut a tree. The-falling tree-knocked-a imb from another tree, wliich struck Summers across the neck. Revival to Be Held at Hopewell School A revival service will begin Wednesday night at the Hopewell school, with the.'Rev. J. >B. Talbert, of California, in charge, it was announced Monday. Everyone is welcome to attend ' and participate in the singing and evangelistic service. MANY CANDIDATES (Continued 'from page one) Body's Composition LONDON.—Analysis of the 'human jody by Dr. T. -E. Lawson ihas shown . to be composed of the following: Snough water to :f ill a 10-gallon 'measure, enough fat for 7 bars of soap, nrbon for 9000 pencils, phosphorus for 000 matches, iron to make .one nail, ime to whitewash a chicken coop, and enough sulphur to rid ° one dog of leas. Builds Key Man to Lead Alabama Basketball Team TUSCALOOSA, Ala.— (#>) —Coach Hank C,.isp has reversed theorder and is building up a key man to lead his basketball team, rather than building the team around a key man. Losing Lindy Hood, center, and Walton Laney, sensational running guard by graduation, Coach Crisp needed a man to direct Alabama's offense in its stiff schedule this year. Bob cotton, tall and clever under a basket, seems the most likely man to get the call for the season. He was u substitute Ipst year. Malcolm Laney and ''Stew" Aiken, regulars of the 1931 team, are back in harness, aided by three lettej.men, Ed Kimbrough, Franklin Nobles and Paul Munkasy. A THREE DAYS' COUGH IS YOUR DANGER StGHAL Persistent coughs and cold* lead to serious trouble. You can stop them now with Creoroulsion, an emulsified creosote that >s pleasant to take. Cieomulsion w * new medical discovery with two-fold action; it soothes and heals the inflamed membranra and inhibits, germ growth. Of all known drugs, creosote is recog- nixed by high medical authorities as on.a of the greatest healing agsncieg f or p««v sistent coughs and colds and other terms of throat troubles. Cwonuilsion contains, in addition lo creosote, other healing "laments which soothe and he»l the infected membranes and stop the irritation and inflammation, while (he craowte go*t on to the »to»iacb, is «b»ri»d int« A* blood, attacks the «»* of the trouble and checks the growth of the germs. CreomuUion is guaranteed satisf tory in the treatment of persistent coBfihs and colds, bronchisj wth»8, bwftdbJtii anj other forms of rwplra- tory diiesses, and is ejcellent for buUdiAg up the »y«t«B after cold* *r nju. Mow »funded if wy cough on Plan Dairy Meetings for 'Sevier County DEQUEEN, Ark.— (#>)— A series of dairy meetings will be held inl .'Sevier Bounty during the last week in rfan- tfory. W. H. Woodley, extension dairyman, will assist in some of these meetings. Another speaker will be announced later. F. S. Venable, secretary of the'Coun- .y Bull Association and County Agent C. U. Robinson are working out a schedule of meetings with the idea of holding the annual reorganization of .he various bull clubs during this veek. Dairy marketing work will be one of the subjects taken up at these meetings. Forestry School Will Be Held at Camden CAMDEN, Ark.— A forestry school, which was to have been held at Camden, Ark., December 28 and 29 will be held January 28 and 29 in the same city. The change in dates was • caused by the inclement weather and the unsatisfactory road conditions at that time. The forestry school is sponsored by the co-operative extension workers of Arkansas. Sam Rorex, Brooks Hays or Judge A. B. Prid'dy—will seek to succeed Governor Farnell furnishes more conjecture. Only >ono of the three, if any, would run. And'(he decision probably -depends somewhat -on what Congressman Ragon will do. •jjilemptrplUuit Howard Hoed'a tfrlenda have been booming him for the race,'' •Regarded as : a -candidate -for sometime, Dwight H.. Blackwood, chairman of the'state (Highway commission, has yet made no formal'announcement but talk has it he has continued to make'his plans to that end. Lnmar Williamson of Monticello, chairman of the democratic state central . committee and a close ^personal friend Of'Governor Parnell, has been silent as to any <plans ; he might have but reports persist he will be in the race. Lieutenant Governor Lawrence E Wilson of Camden is running : for reelection at present, ibut there is talk •he will enter the governor's race. The various congressional races also are taking shape. In the seventh itrict, State Senator Fletcher .McEl- ihannon of Arkadelphia has announced ifor the place held by Congressmai Tilman B. Parks of Camden, who expected to stand for re-election Representative Wade Kitchens o Magnolia also is a probable candidate as is Senator Duval L. Purktns o W/rren. In the fourth district, the hottes race of all may be seen. Mrs. Effie Gene Wingo has not said whether she will seek re-election, but her candi dacy is regarded as certain. Opposing her is A. D. Dulaney state .insurance commissioner, served as prosecuting attorney of hi district while residing at Ashdown and 'Ben Cravens, of Fort Smith, for mer congressman. Others are expect ed to enter. In the fifth district, all depends up on what Congressman Heartsill Ragon does. There have been no reports of op position for the incumbents in '.he other districts. Ban On "Importers" MEXICO CITY. — Senoritn Amalia Rojas has written to 'Gen. Rafael E. Melgar, president of the Nationalist campaign Committee, to do what he can to stop an ancient custom of Mexican mothers. This custom is that of telling children, when they reach the inquistive age, that they were imported from Paris, Venice, Berlin, Mps- cow, New York, or some other large city. She advocates telling them they were brought from some Mexican city. Plans National Party For Jobkss Denies Capital Parade 'Move to Embarrass U. S. President PtTTSBURG.-'(/P)-A reply to tharges of attempting to embarrass the Hoover . administration by his march of unemployed ; to; Washington on record, the Rev. James R. Cox. was forming a-.national ..party.-of .the jobless. • ' . • • . Seven thousand" iunemploywh came into PittsburghjSaturday s on 'foettfand by automobile and special train for a big rally at Pitt stadium. West Virginia, 'Ohio and 'Pennsylvania were Hyman Marcus Joins E. I. Rephan Stores Hyman Marcus, of McGehee, has oined the- Rephan New York Stores, 2. I.-Rephan announced here Monday tfr. Marcus, well known in the cloth- ng trade in Southeast Arkansas, will >e stationed 1 at the home* office store n Hope at least temporarily, Mr. Re- >han said. Undertaker's Claim in .Rewards Not Considered SPRINGFIELD, Mo. —(fP)— County officials Saturday refused to take str- lously a. claim for §400 of the $1000 reward offered for the "dead or alive' sapture Of Harry and Jennings -Young slayers of six peace officers, .filed ^ W.. L. Strane, Springfield unde£ a>v f ". , 3 <-. » v *;.jj ' Itarne returnedrthe ^slayers' bodies from -Houston,^ Texas. 'Officers 'salt payment of (the rewards would await whatever claims developed from Texas police and pihers who participated in the capture of the killers, who shot themselves when trapped in a cottage at 'Houston. Thus far no Texans have made applications for the money. ham ami- ocdasion/.emei'geaicy or tither 35c 35c 3Sc 35c 35c 35c 35cWEEK ,• Eugene Permanents $4.35 Other Permanents ....$3.35 And ?2.35 •Shampoo, Plain or Oit.......35c Finger-Wave. • .35c Water Wave .........'.......;..35c Marcel .'. ...35c Arch S. „" " • 35c Plain Facial .'35c .Manicure s . 35c White Way , Beauty Shop Phone 119 » S 1 winter (&Mfi PETRdLECjM COM PA STATIO-NS 'AND DuEALEBS IN T.EJCAS. LOUISIANA AND NEW MEXICO m . Arkansas Republicans Will Name Delegates EITTLE ROCK— (yP)-The republican state central committee was called Saturday to meet here at 2 p. m. Thursday, February 2, to select delegates to the national convention at Chicago. Members of the committee living here .said they anticipated the delegates will be instructed for whom to vote for the presidential nomination. Although none would be quoted, several said they believed the convention would instruct the delegates for President Hoover. Andrew J. Russell is chairman, and 1 Osro P. Cobb, secretary. Escaped Oklahoma Bank Robbers Are Captured TISHOMINGO, Okla. —(/P)— Two Oklahoma bank robbers who escaped from the Johnson county jail last Friday were recaptured by Sheriff Fred Hunt at Sulphur late Sunday. flection at Waldo Is Held by Women WALDO, Ark.— Women have served as judges and clerks in an electiqi for the first time in the history of Waldo. During the special senatorial election which resulted in Mrs. Hattie Caruway being 'elected to the senate. Mrs. John Rhea, Mrs. T. R. Earle and Mrs. U. R. Beeson were judges, and Miss Bernice Dickson, Mrs. G. R. In- j abnett and Mrs. M. M. Fjneher, clerks. Mrs. C. C. Garrett was appointed sheriff in order to make it an "all- women" force. All served without pay. is not relieved sfter taking according -gisj. (»4vJ Fast Thinker LOS ANGELES.—Quick thnkiing on the part of W. C. Wuest saved his eyesight, physicians say. While working recently a lot of steel shavings were hurled into his eyes by tools he was using. From parts at hand, Wuesl constructed a powerful magnet. Groping blindly about, he brought the magnet in front of his eyes. The shay- ings were drawn from his eyeballs, causing him extreme pain, but saving ills sight. Gurdon City Primary Is Set for February 16 GURDON, Ark.— The city democratic central committee, has oidered a city primary election in Gurdon, February 16, and candidates must qualify and pay their fees on or before February 9. Hugh Campbell was elected Monday as chairman and Dolphuh Whitten, secretary of the central committee. No candiutea so for have announced their candidacy tor mayor, marshal, or aldermen. The present officers lire H. S. Nelson, mayor; J. H. Sheppard, marshal; Miss Ethel Conn, city recorder; David Lasater, city attorney. 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