Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 23, 1954 · Page 29
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 29

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 23, 1954
Page 29
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-IfA** H6f»l, ARKANSAS The work in the field of fasdsm--and hate. A preliniinary report' on / Its iipdings to date says. of. -the «.lmi- 1,'srity be^weeri Communists > -and Fascists; -, '(.-•• •• "Both seek ' to ' destuoy;' oiri^'lcoh* stitutional government ..fend', •st'ip- plr.nt it with a gndle'ss* dicErttorship in which the individualVH? 'deprived of- hs rights and liberties • 'to' be- I'pme nn abject slf.ve of' the state. '' The comtnitl'je picks HE examples of Fascist ar.d hate groups, in that order, 'thrso- two 'outfits: 1. The Nntionil . Renaissance; arty headed by James H. Ma- kJifa &&,,. time -we realize than ever how much our old and new — W*«iK » A :, ^haqjeweant to_ us jhrqughqut fj^ ^ * • * * • " • • ' and more thari.ever l^kf^e 0 ^ 7 ^ 6 ^^ in Christmas. ^".^ ^ e i..» i ji*. *'*£V i fr <• i <• - IVORY |^f,; M*^««I.. >• *\fv>* • -/ ^ ,.<.., |||XW*'\f l rf •*» ** f' ' ! Finds Hate Groups Are All Loathesome .Sj-.^ff-V . .. By JAMES MABL6V/ r .-i ,, , WA9M1IJGTON' (*) 5fHt tTh-AmcrJe?.n ActiviUls divertihg f')f".:a'""_tim<* 0 '.fforh its, ._ 0 . , rearch for Communists to Jobk fbr Fi.?cists and "haters" ; has i found ?.ll equally loathesotna. i e cOrrtmitlce hasiVV fihislrcd its irn'ilatc the Nazis vith an "elite guard" which wears lightning bolis instead of swastikas on afrr ban8<!,' it 'appeals to violence and holds street meetings whicH often end in stone-flinging; and cells for d fasesit government in the United States. v And this is port of what ths committee reports on. thc.McGin- 2ey group: It preaches hatred 61 Jews anj I^egroes; is pro-Nazi; it calls "Adlai ar.d Ike" Marxist stooges: it user, its publication "slimst exclusively" as a "vehicle for thi exploitation of ignorance, r/rejudice tr.d fpar;" and through the col- urnns of Common Sens e the Mc- Ginleys "appear to sorve as clearing-house for hate propagan- .dffit's throughout the country." dole, of Beacon, •Y; .'with', a monthly publichtion cnlletl The Bulletin and a following icf perhaps fewer than 700. . • '»•'.:. ,2. The • "Christian ;/ Educational Assn. headed by ' n father-son te'arn. Condc J. McCinley and C.J. JV!(cGin]ey Jr., of Union, N. J. With a,.-..semi-monthly publication called ^Cfirnmon' Sense. '. .The comrhitteo says ihe Communists ' and Fascists "derive strength by dividing their opposition communism choosing lo set cjass jagainst class while fascism irlcites' racial and 'religious dis- ' d."" It adds: 'Destiile the similariites.between communism .and fascistn their prapaganda.to the effect that each :S the foremost opijo'nljn tof the o{her is undoubtedlj''^rns.ior contributor to whatcvei'/s-.ipport each hps been .able to .muster' in our Luciano Wants to Be Left Alone • ROME.. -Wl Charles (Lucky) Luciano, appealing against a police crackdown keeping him off Naples' streets from dusk to dawn, Loves Rob in iSupport of *a Dog Star by WAYNE OLlVefi NEW .YORK MPI — You'd think a glamorous singing'star of musical comedy migh tbe hesitant about piiiying a supporting role lo a dog ftar but pretty Jan Clayton says "I love it." It.was a complete change of pa.ee for Miss Clayton when she took the part of the widowed mother ot a small boy in the filmed "Lassie" show on CES television, after a succession of film and stage musicals. But .slender, vivacious Jan is enthusiastic about the transition "because "acting always was my first love." . r • . "I know I'm a hotter actress lhar. a singer" she continues "Ar.d besides, I've been singing since I was 4, and I'm tired." ' "It's hard to convince anyone in £-how business that a singer can act" she said on a trip here from Hollywood, whore the film is been cast in musical .roles since, until "La-,su* ! clme to TV. But playing the ; rble. of a mother' war no grea.t change for Jan. Sh3 ana her hi'sband " fcobert Lerner, E>n attorney, hava <four children of their own Sandra 14; Robin 6; Karen, 5 and Joe 4. ' CHIEF, ' KELLER, Tex..; (ttP) Firs Chief M. B. Steyohsprt'was uhus rally unha.pp.y about; a fire today that swegt a cleaning establishment atid destroyed, clothing belonging to 4Q persons 'including the ;hjef. vowed today tyen Soviet he'd go Russia anywhere if people , •As f6r fyaie group's, the committee says they appeal" "to :the unwary by a cynical use of concepts having a deep- emotional '(appeal to the majority of decent citizens — love of God, countrji^ home; or antipathy to communism. "Amid protestations W patriotism and religiotfs 'dcVption, these groups propagate ''Hipaxos and smears : aimed at : setting creed £.gfrinst creed and race against race," the report says'. , Some of ih.b same . people .write for both/ The Bulletin and Common Senye, according to the corrunittee, which says, "a number of jndividu- als notorious for th'eir efforts to create a .nationwide, Fascist organization in the United States in the- l'930s" are - contributing' to McGin- Ify's publication. , This is some--of what the committee says of Madole's Renais- spnce partyt • • ' ^ • ~ •I It 'preaches admiration for Hit ler, hatred fbr Jews; it 'tries to would just let him alone! After fidget'.n? for five, hours' in a chilly corridor and fir,Elly having a 10-minute session with an iu- .tcrior ministry commission, thf> New York vice- king. decU.red: ''I don't want to stay in this country 'Eny more. I don't feel lika an Italian. I wat to. sco somewhere where I'd. .be left in peace even n Soviet Russia if they want me. '.•• don't care about: politics or any- hing else. I just want peace.". Luciano said Rlumly he didn't save a chance to' say anything to he board.. ....... , . l "They.didn't let me say a single vordj" he said: "They, just looked at -me'. Then my lawyers said a 'ew words about mp not having done Anything in Italy, .and the hey'told me -to go." No decision, was announced he appeal against' a ruling a month ago.ordering 1/y.ciano off the Naples streets from dusk to dawn. Luciano was deported - to .his na- :ive Italy'ih" 1946 following his r'e- lef.se from prison, in .New 'York bta.te. ! fc^ ^^^P*1^f"-"^''" f ' ^IviP^^V;/,-v.;T : -j/ r ' l -53f i^-' "" • ' i ",'*, fc;<v r, D««rtit>er23,1954 r Mary-Edna Mdry Harrim Edna Brooks "I've been my favorite actress 'or years," she added with ii grin. Another, reason she doesn't mind playing second fiddle to Lassie is 'I love the darn do? so much," although she says, "I know that v.'ilh a dog and a darling bey liko Tommy Rettig in the program not even my rnolher rvould look et me." Miss Clayton, born in New Mexico, got to Holly we od first by winning a beauty contest but failed to win a: contract with the studio that sponsored it. She did get a week's singing ' engagement along with Maxie Rosenbloom in a supper club and that resulted in roles in several; .Hopalong' Cassidy movies. Curing- the war she did. a USQ tour of the Aleutians' and on her return was signed for a lead role with Wallace Beery in "This Man's Navy." .Following, further, overseas tours giving performances for servicemen slip was signed by the Theatre Guild for the part of Julie in "Carousel" on Broadway. She played in.. "Carousel"- for r.ine months and the rjight after closing in that,, one she' opened in •the revival of "Showboat" and had fe^^|;j|,^ LY DEPARTMENT STORE .--•'- .--•'C^''^ '.*..', ' 7 f '•^ , r'- ,\7 »'„' 5 ' s " T,0. (TOP) PORTER 4 WISHES 4 j.»- f^-X!** t -«t..^ 1 **.* ( ITj "•' * * * *i 4 ' * 5 V ^ *> < ' u&#* season's Queetinqs V- one with another. In expressing our / Christmas wish may we also add our sin- * AUKANSAI WYLIE Glass & Salvage Co. May the Stat of Bethlehem that guided th$ wise men to the Christ Child shirte for you again this Christmas. May its light of promise gleam softly and steadily over this , bejoved land of ours. May it lead us to [ greater wisdom and goodness in our deal- PI rflThe efett of • Worth- est 'Ofient aJriiher which arrWed >h'ight from itong Kong f epoHed ecihg distant shellbiirsts ' after eaving Taupeh Formosa, today Ot Okinawa. !"lt was nothing to get concerted bout it was so far away," said Walter Bullock of Lakevlew Minn. eterdn pilot 0f ' the : foiir-engifte XT4. He said his plane, was over tier when he saW three shell* lirrts to the -fight two about five miles away and one about a mile way after his plane carrying 23 issejigers left Taipeh. . . ' •NOithwest headquarters in St. Paul, Minn,, had been notified the )kinaWa-bound plane Was fired on n'd a Northwest official in Toloro ad said it was by Chinese Na< bnallst guns. After hearing Capt. Bullock's re ort a Northwest official here said it must have -Men cither practice ; some trigger happy Chinese. It as over Chinese Nationalist ter- itcry at the time." When you burn a ton of coal, a- bbut.2^ tons of carbon dioxide are eleased. . " , ' . "V * ^ ( With J>o.peful hearts, 1 let us raise bur voices" ^ in prayer that /soon afl 7 people everywhere_will - come to know and love true Spirit pi! PJhristmas ,, \ .the joy comes in giving as well as receiving,. fr, ;" ; : / i'MORGA'N"- LINDSEY »«t ", Airliner Sees Firing Near Formosa Man of Year Title Should Go to Mr. Average American \Vho Is Really Backbone of Nation By HAL BOYLE . NEW YORK —<A : stranger in worn topcoat came up to me as 1 saw at my typewriter with a preoccupied air. • "Excuse me" he said, and as 1 looked Up with a start, he added Irlnning: "'tild I wake you?" "Certainly not" I said indignaftt ly. "I wasn^t sleeping. I was thinking." ; '.•What about?" "Well," 1 replied, half- annoyed. "I was about to pick my man of the year candidate. It is one of the chores of colurnning. Every columnist who wants to ,get; ahead In the world has to do fotlr things during the year praise mother hood alert the public to the menace of poison ivy, discover a ne\v sure -cure for hay fever, and pick rvlc« Gill Safh speaker ot cti Cohgtcss cbnvenes flta! „ t _ ft«*t' feldntn -1!«lis the adminlsttatlotfg proposed reduc pier you're tops oh my list,'the real man of the yean"- ' He shook hands started to leave, then turfled balk uncertaittiy. * "Anything wrong?" l-Si'Sad.-'--; "No" he said, -1 was just thinking about ths Jlttle lady. "Anyttoiijf gocd t done Was all bn account of her, and 1 wouldn't feel fight bet» ting this haftof if" >.-;-,-' "How about us making Her th* C.B.Russell Grocery ,'As . f f 1 - ' •,•. ^ BROS. GRAYDON ANTHONY LUMBER CO. tfe^al^lMjSl."^»Vfri Ji-***S ^fitt^ff^JS^'ITl I,Hill II T Mj3*4*~r* ,f- I 1 .±$$&&# ' the man of the . year." Who you going to pick?" he asked. ... . • . • "I'm In'a quandary" I said. 'I'm torn between. Pope Pius, President 1 ; .Eisenhower, Winston Churchill Pierre Merides-France, and. Carl 'Sandburg.'? : "I . knew, it:". ,'exclaimed the stranger,. taking off his battered hat and throwing it on the floor. "You're just like all the others:" "What do you mean I'm like-all the others'?"' "You're like;'allr the other typewriter :''jockeys, when they get around to picking :the'man of the year. You always play it safe and give the "nod to' somebody j with a headline name." , . . ; "Is there anything wrong With the men I mentioned?" ; "Not 'a thing 1 ," ' he .admitted: ^ : "They're all fine .men. But they're Valready '. famous; 'They don't reed any more'honors; Why not be different?' -Why^don't you. pick a dark horse for man of the year?!' >Wcll,"-I said,' thinkirig'that wa9 a • mixed,' metaphor df I'd :,..'. ever heard lone.." !.'Who .you got in mind mister?"- •:• -'•• .••••'-.•' •. ;"Mea" ; ,he-said 'defiantly.: -"And don?t liugh'." .'..:;';.. • .": "I'm not - laughing" I told him, looking ateund.for help', ''But would you/mind' .telling- me why I .should name 'you'^'mian of the- year?" "Don't think I'm riot important," he said,''Tin'45 years-old, I got two kids in - school I got .a wife. I -also got' a- 3-year-old car .that's p;afd< for- and a -.house, that isn't, but it will be. I got a television set,-- a 1 refrigerator a- radio a washing machine, and $7,500 worth Of insurance.?' •; "Well buliy.for you." : VMaybe thatdpttft impress you.'' he' sa.id. ''.'fiu't I'-keep all. those things together on. $72.50'*a Week* ririd I' give; .tnbjfjey; to:l.the' church and .the Red Cross and the Community -Chest:*'' 'V T • * ,'• • ," : • •• "Well, bully:: bully, for you, but" of the year?" 1 6aid. "How you're refalij- ta?kfhg '—gee, will she be surprised." He , jleft smiling, but ttS he reached ..the A»br he turned and said, "you woul<}f»'t kid me would you? I reallyvwoli't believe it until I see it in the;heWs paper." , .;.i!> ' ' Well here it is in the newspaper: To Mr. and Mrs. Average. American, mart and woman of the year 1954 and twin bulwarks,of-- a: free world in the terrible and'Wonderful 20th century. .,.'•'-•:•• tion In lhe> ««ned force* "mlich loo df iBtiftf*.- He §1*0 said last filgnt that de Jtense apprOfcHstions should be )n< trlfased JftSfrad o! cut. Mis t»rk c'limttXed « Sam Hay bOH> day Ih (Jreehville. the Texas Democtat told a banquet ftUdlcMe! , •• r "THef* •>« thlnfs' tnote import aftt thai balancing the budget We e^goVto slay' 8tr*h*. As^ad .as 1 hats taxes, 1 would e to 1^»y '' »n6r« . taxes .to build enses iso," that no international d espet ado Would ; date to attack us." . .-•.'.-.....-...••• First Winter Day * Mild in Arkansas, By The Associated PreM, Today was the first day -of -winter, officially speaking, but, not the coldest most Arkansas ;poSnts ; ,h»ve seen this season. > s ' Gilbert which .recorded • a- '19-d*- gree temperature r.eaditig, J ,eaj;ly this morning had the previous; to* for the state of 16 degree's oA Dec. ?.-.-. ' i : >" • ,' Other low mercury readings thli morning includ ed 22- degrees at- Batesville 24 at FaycttevilleviS-. at live , AWAHEUMj trails f., (UP)Express agents experienced a little difficulty today ttyUig;to delivcra.present that arrived^ from New Mexico naflcgr midge ^Mexican burro. Extend* Hearing on Labor Dispute i}0tt*8 f fll Eisenhower today extended l« 1 the deadline for aft feptet m & wdfi between Wrtuafljrail 6? tha ta» war The ft** be is to out Mang frttndt and Cult Esso Standard Oil G r/«j«tk 1 1> \.^n '•W Flippin, 26 at Walnut Ridge, 1 , , at El Dorado 30 at Fort Smith and P,ine Bluff and 35 atr Little Rock and Texarkana. . ..„_,, Skies were fair today and expected to continue so through toy , , "But nothing?." .he. stprmed, see you 'still don't know. me. Listen you- payemdht pundit, if it weren't for , me every stibre in America Would .close-, its .doors, every wheel in every facto.ry would stop turn- inland there: wouldn't be any eiections nor no "baseball- games Either, I can tell you. Now do you know who I airt?" ; / ; "Your face is fa-miliar, but I'm sorry I don't quite .recall: your '' ' 'Yo'u don't?" he said exasperated.' ."Well,''you should'. -You and thc ! othisr?ivory domes'.gave ;it to, mCA.-1^' (the ;guy~ you're'; ( always pa'.tting ; : r.ri. the back f; in, print and /?aiiltta-tHe ''dommon-'man,' the av^ itfiricdn, a^nd oh yes.— —„_ ieUpw.-.Wpll ore : in my I.-:.wint-'.to;"Be, the big fellow." $'' r i<?U}'.ytiu'aijei" I told him, ^g aiiotocr' sjieet'id : .the f. : f"]Eyerything you saj ta ue^and k it makes you any hap morrow, with no important teni perature changes predicted. Liberace Suffers : Heart Strain '-. NEW YORK (UP) ' Liberace.* the pianist, has.'suffered a , , mild and temporary heart strain" It was announced here toda'v*, , ! John R. Jacobs Jr., attorney and spolesman for the TV entertainer said today that "there is no cause whatsoever for concern" for Liberace. Liberace who .parlaye'd'.'can- delbara and piano playing into fortune is presently resting Hollywood. The statement by Jacobs issued after several reports been published that 'Liberace seriously ill. • Jacobs safd: f - s ' • ' -'•"There ig np cause whatsoever for concern, opjthe> ,*ait\pt 'I" ace^s legioft of friendsjfor his „ . , sical health. Liberace's exhaust^ his exacting and prodigious ,wot^ schedule on television and concern ,_ performance the Idst three, year* ' made it wise for him to to a thorough physical checkup fore formulating his critCTtainrnent schedule for the year 1955.-' , "Liberace visited Dr. Joseph Marx. The medical examination disclosed neither a critical lior^tt serious cardiac condition as, bad Marx noted a mild* and temporart heart strain due to lack, of rest and. advised Liberace to his current holiday vacation to JPej>. •i ...t^ A « !.«. i~ MHt>n<3>*lA«l 4**' <WAc«it«m < d a regular dd-«me ChrHttnW the kind we hope you en|oy '^ remembering... and wi* lt,cow» sincere lhanto far 'V, i( "0-; ^\?| r *> •-?jn HOPE LOCKER & PROCESSING CO., 1 when he is scheduled to Presume, normal a'ctivity." • " , : v % ^p,' 1 j _____ --- -- _ j _^ - j ^| > v'^* '" RUNNING OUT OF SPOKANE WasH. (UI»K' '"-* having trouble for their new Mrs. Barh<is, 36, a tout run out of riatideV'<for> l-Tth and 18th children,' ~ ------- fTCHLEY FURNITURE STORE V » t -* ¥ i S * A "t ' ?* &j3$fc*i?kM to •

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