Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 18, 1932 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 18, 1932
Page 2
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OTi rVlt b«ttev»no.*fw»t co-operative effort $&M SiL&r L, * *J ._ ttdw hifl/iu>ov -.., T _. _,.,_ jtt more efficient owerntnent through the clion dlfretent iways <of Winning-tils- ^ WdrJd Land, one way, which seems a little pfhetie'**nd^n1ore than,a little admirable, is ewspaper dispatch Which appeared the ate«4*war'Old<woman.in a-little Mich- pleted ther;BOth year of. service as organist . - ^ „* go, that record is mifil enough. It earned in thtf newspapers, and the cduld hardly have devoted j||ejis aomthihg-about it "that Awakes you stop and j;o 'begin with*; a picture instantly ..,., „.., f ho -has 'lived ;in a small 'town. . _... peein iihese;devoted; 'hariUwotfkitig -little <old fie^\n|llage.church—women whose entire orbit spans "' naft|a $dzeri miles of space, .whose interests |e home and the 'church? 'Their lives are-busy U 'JEhey find their -only 'freedom in service: jfte|abje$ttie ivillage affairs, from church-socials. ~ a ~*jis, have the'y noVJby", devotion and'hard work, : -"""'•* • t " • that w&*tip -our hats' to 'them. (jiUogical ftwist df -values, we Jiave/ discovered •"Bgnfiy-comic ,in',the rural scene. ,Any 'glib, ilinib^biiamed'movie ,direfetpr can-always tf inrf \, ;some {people •>live' in a farming corn- rural church are^presented'asfaint- Rot day. tf«s $W|iP foWHM* are beginning to'trfSfHOWtftffflfm business for the year, and irraj? Will be better ablfe to-rrtoke th«li<'»pkn* 5 *stt«r they -have • nttended ones of the** outlook meetings. », % cover the general buisness situation supply nnd deflBWW .«,,.,* outlook for th* vf». ttoiis^Pf*s<#Ji8mivestoek, crops, ffufts and ' Kansas City Southern A»k» Change in Rdles Llfttifi «SCK-(fl>)-The Kansas 'Ctty SeutViefh railroad appealed Thursday to the Arkansas railf&dd commissioner to relieve .it of carrying passengers on -freight twins, as required by,an acl'df 1893. The law Was t passed to afford a i convenience'to the public, as at ithat time. >fe\* passenger trains were run and there was need of a "local service." Times 'have changed, however t the rnilroad petition recited, and there is no longer,<need for the service. The commission *t February 18 as the date of, the hearing. A graphologist says faults and virtues* are-betrayed-by writing. Especially when read from /the witness stand. And now it's divulged that 'Lithuania is really ruled by two women. In which case,ithe slogan is doubtless, "Listen, Lithuania." Things (have got so -bad that 'that'; man on the street says stock-market suckers are waiting for a rebait. But it's unlikely, they'll swallow an- other hook without knowing there's'a catch in it. •; Colombia bull fight fans were disappointed in an American ,-bull 'fight-, er's performance because the bull was; lazy. Hereafter the American wlll ( realize that if the public must have! 'bull, it must be interesting. North Carolina is planning a 10-year plan to draw business. After which it is safe to predict a new and fiercer •wave of Carolina melodies. Finland voted on repeal of'her prohibition amendment. Yet, 'Finns arc| usually thought of with witer. "Jake the Barber" :is being ..extradited to'.England. to face 'a swinUlipi$ charge. .He could-hardly expect to ; get away with that in these days wharj England wouldn't even give Gandhi freedom. And, while the'United States is said to be the'largest producer of sdle leather, it's evident that the depression is making a little record of its own in producing leather souls. Business is so bad the giant steamer Bremen carries little'but v gOld. An expert says rattlesnakes sometimes climb trees,.but don't do it habitually. But after all that's happened since 'the 'Garden "Eden 'It doesn't make much difference whether or not that snake had'the:habit. Nevetheless, almost any newspaper Two Memphis Attorneys Recovering After 'Crash Memphis attorneys were recovering Thursday from injuries suffered Wednesday when the automobile in which ;they were returning from Osceola, Ark., left the highway.near Stacy,'Ark., and plunked into a water filled ditch. Harry Spears was at the Methodist hospital. Wills Davis was removed to his home after hospital treatment. Both were cut and-bruised. Davis was driving. She was once a^cHlld worker in fr Lancashire. ^England, cutton mill, making *!x ihilliriga •« week, 'butinow -Miss Evelyn Holt, above, Isipnld>800 pounds a week.as'the-principal star of a German •film company. Pou County Glass Eater PORT ARTHUR, Texas.—A'prisoner was recently ^brought to the.local city jail on a charge of drunkenness. This being his second stretch, he was given a sentence of six months. When his lunch was given him, he turned it down and asked for- glass, 'tacks and razor blades. He was given some- glass and much to the surprise of Warden M. B. Ward ate it. He is a former circus performer. today would buy Adam's and Eve's "own story" «vthe basis that "now it Can be gold." tosh and (bizarre. utsweifcnoWibetter, df >we have dived there; and this 11J "'who has played'the'organ (doubtless,a somewhat ' "" ' "tjcideca'des will seem a rather impressive one job, any job, for-60 years in a row is, '.than irnost of us can'ever do;.and in the : history of such-aivoman there is-a,profound and in tile?*fl£ fidelity and unselfishness that we could study ' •' " 'ofprofit. \<ireat Trunk Highway in Arkansas ' . to "an 'Official pf the Broadway of America ff,467-.m'ile iEoute Jis .paved <all ^he way io_San Mego, -with ^the -exception of ' BY KA W3f, by uMeday, •Ooran and Cot BEGIN HEBB^OBATf B? 1,32, mites JJn (length, 'The Joeatipn,of these ,_!»" was <not'specif ied, JJutstheJfot Springs - ; Sen- 'd*8ttSpetets J that a-longer stretch of them exists in Of *the route in /Arkansas than in any other ,mpre specifically: F?^ojtne of ttheunpaved miles are'between Hot Springs, and -"" ' ,, «rtd«moj?e*of 'the unpaved miles are -between kit-; : and Memphis. Traffic ds being detoured. The high• is not a complete 'link, nor will -ever 'be, until Arkansas i a bayd surface on sen alUweather base." *;fO:?«'C(*»rs0 it is important that all main state roads should "Impleted throughout as rapidly as the highway depart- aqaji sfin4 ononey for the work, 'But 'of the main roads pe gaps to 'be 'closed, the great trans-state and trans- ,,^ v . jital road between Memphis and the Texas border ;%$sfc?aemand8 early attention. We need the tax revenues and *•""----*---^business.obtainable from this great artery of travel. e need the favorable advertising we should receive it' trunk 'highway were completed for the whole of its Arkansas.-— ^Arkansas Gazette. . — ANN and 'CHCII-*. have (ox year* supported themiel- -ve», -tkelr • yoonpcr »l«ttr, 'HAH V- PRANCBS. and uhelr atnmSpnrenim, .known n« «•« O S A L I E" nnd "GRAND." Becnaie of thin flnnn- clnl responsibility. Ann, Trho=l»'28. ; ;l» unable «o marry .HHIL BC- ROYD, young \nvryfr «o whom «he hue been enimced for «l«hl yenrii. Ceolly, 22. loTM'DA-nmrFMeKEElL,, , on •engineer, bat when heKiro.no»e* •he rcfuiei to nnme'thelr. weddlnt ' dote 'for the «nme reason. iKInry-l-mnces, IB. -nnB -wtlll In (•rhool.'iitrlkn up nn >neannlntnnee w»h EAUI. DB ARUIOUNT. »nuUc- vllle ndtor. nnd meets him secretly. He tries to ncrsunue 'Uor to ibceome him stage -pnttner. - : Ann and .Phil qnorrel when she hcnn. tETfTX. KING, who works 'In Phil's nine* 'balldlnu, address him with endearments. De .Armount continue* to arse Mary-Frances to Join his act and she pfomlsm in irtve him her nn- •wer.nearr>«,ven'»nis.' iOe«lly -Is dls- tnrlied when she lenrns illarry ; lm» left town wtfhont te'lllnic her about It. Ann tries to lorftel 'Phil -by coin^ around with KENNETH SMITH, -rich and very attentive. V NOW. GO ON WITH THE STORY 'CHAPTER XXXV 0. CARMIOHAEL,. preal two; he heard 'them whispering In the wind and caught 'them on 'the wing. "No duty, no ; matter to whom It belonged, -was-safe anywhere near Mr. Carmtchael. ' Mary-Frances 'Fenwick was coming down 'the- walk on her -way 'to school. Mr. tOarmlchael, i affecting a strolling gait, met her by the pink roses in his parking. " "Good morning, imy dear," he said. [IffR, '0. Will Be Applauded For That ROOSEVELT, himself a prospective presiden- al caniddhte, declared in a public .address that the dem- ahould refrain from personal criticism of the president United States. a difference between a personal criticism and a President Hoover is accepted by the people iuntry as a patriotic citizen, and an honest and hon- j|e is. that. has had but a single president in all its -reeofd -didn't stand for integrity— and even r was-regarded aa a man of personal integrity, but one i upon Ijy corruptionists. Warren G. Harding's admin" ~~9» Jwney combed with graft and corruption, but an JH&tte believes he was imposed upon. <8^*K«overii8ipvibUcly charged with friendliness to fovernments even to the point of not properly repre- WWH people, That may be true, but it isn't eor- •President Hoover has served the country through p$rio& Re., is net unpatriotic. " -"•••*-• wfljj to confine their criticism to dent and sole owner ot the Pome-Maid Bakery Products Com- .pany {Carmichael's Big Cream Loaf. Carmlchael's Cookies for Kiddies. Carralchael's Cakes for Choice Occasions), stood on bis •front porch and frowned across bis well-mown lawn over to bis bugless .pink roses and sighed worriedly. Gray haired, healthy, clean shaven, excellently tailored, In appearance he resembled a banker— or thought that be did. His ambition for 25 years since he bought "his first small shop and stopped doing baking for the other fellow, had been to look like a banker. That, then, must have heen so much to the good on this early Monday morning. Also, conscience clear, he had slept .well, bad arisen, breakfasted satisfactorily, kissed bis wife whom he loved devotedly, and had gone now—as far as the porch, at least—to a business that was thriving robustly at a time when many businesses were failing. Neither surfaces nor depths seemed to provide reason tor Mr. "Qood morning, Mr, Carmlchael." "Nice moeniog, isw't-'lt? On your way to school. I suppose?" "Yes, Mr. Carmicliael." "School soon out now, Isn't It?" "-Yes, sir. We're havlng'Our finals this week. It is algebra today. 1 am -dreadfully worried about It. It's so hard." ciOPEAKlNO of worries;" said .Mr. •^ Carmlchael, "I've been quite a bit worried 'myself, here of late. •Very queer thing. For some time now I've -noticed a young -couple over in your yard—right near the corner. They meet there'frequently. ;i wonder if your grandfather would like to have that sort ot thing going on In his yard?" "What sort ot thing?" said Mary- Frances. "Love making, \ have no doubt. Innocent love -making," -modestly insisted Mr. Carmlchael, "but— night after night. No. -I nm certain that your grandfather would not like it," "1 don't much think he'd care," Mary-Frances comforted. "I'm not so sure of that, young lady. I'm not so sure at that. Here is a peculiar thing. The girl is your size and ibuild. In fact, 11 I didn't know what a sensible little lady you were, I'd be positive that she was you. But I know you too well 'to think that you'd be sparking out in the yard, night after night, when you should be in (he house studying your algebra. That's the way 1 know this girl isn't you. You understand, I'm sure she Isn't- In fact, I'm BO sure of it that, unless I see the couple there again, I've decided not to mention It to your Carmlchael's should depression. Peace been dropping slow . . . .. Milk* Rurrftuneing the admmistration of the late 4emjftgratic president, might have made Thst democratic president was ^«ifA*T -•• ''v '• o**** US out of war" slogan, and the presi- on knew, that war was inevitable, and »oe n 9» the ejection was over, war would be we jfoe •' administration, it must But, Uad someone come inquiring I to bMrry^now, I as to the -absence ot tbe nine bean rows and tbe hive for the honeybee, be would have been told tfrat Mr. qa'rmicbael bad a disagreeable duty to perform, iiuties were Mr. Car- Bjiohael's fetishes. Kindly, well meaning, earnestly mistaken about things, Mr. Carmlchael did. need to see bis duty to do U- 4$eQt«4 duties from afar 994 wblff or grandfather at all. Ot course, it t should ever see them there again, even once more—and I feel it Is my duty to watch out—then I'll be bound to inform your grandfather, and no If's nor and's about It." Mary Frances' cheeks dimmed tbe roses' color. She said, "I'll have go by for my friend, Errointrude Hill. Goedby, Mr. Carmiobael." walked away so fast that she heard Mr., Carmlchael say, "A word to tbe wise," only once, though he uaid;lt three times before he said, "Weil that's off my mind," and smiled nja satisfaction, and went to take his ear from tbe garage. Mary-Frances might 'not -hare flunked ilat 'In her ralgebra examination; and tbere is a stout cer- tainty'that she-never would have written to Earl ; DeArmount: Dear Prince .Wonderful: ,A11 has been discovered. We dare never meet again. Whatever you do, don't C"me to ee me tonight. 1 mean .it really. This, dearest. Is our first enforced absence fronveacb other. Beloved, let .us put our hearts together and get comfort. It Is not a true separation to know that another part of the world contains the rest of me. Oh, the rest ot me, tb rest ot me that you are! So, thinking ot you, i can never tie tired. I rest your". I will give this letter to nqy friend to take to you, and if,you will 'answer 'In the Inc'.osed, addressed, stamped en velope I should get It before I go to school In the morning. Answer at once, and be sure to use -the envelope, 'because -It Is Ermlntrude's itlng, and if tho family should see It before I Ho they would think 1 was getting a note from Brmln trude. Dearest, I love you too much, top much. I cannot write It. 'I nm your most unhappy and loving. Prankie. It Is difficult to know what to do with quotation marks In Mary- Frances' letter. It Is so mixed up. Perhaps the sections that she crihbed can be detected without pointing at them. The child had a certain genius .for getting hold of books she would have done just as well or better without. Her plan lor acquiring them had, as has much of genius. Its roots, at least, n simplicity. She hunted hard, and high and low, for books that jgd the word "love" In their title, ercludlng only those that seemed deal with religion or nature s^udy. Rosalie's mind liked going the easy, anthologlcal ways, and she frequently confessed that, though aware of her folly, she ecu Id read better with a pencil in her lingers; so tbe small bamboo stand behind her door ("My own Intimate collection — my dearest fiiends. One should have them close at band; don't you agree with r ««8 a pity, a great pity, (pr Mr- Carmicbae) ajjd ai» di in « Slim cbance, ftt least, ti me?") was richly fertile with ready reference material for Mary- Frances. The Englishwoman's Love Letters, however, bad not been found In Rosalie's room. Their thin volume had been squeezed crooked between West Coast Shells and 4n Qpltome of Modern European Literature tl8«&>. in tUe library downstairs. It -was Oiled with pressed, powdery four-leaf clovers, which were a nuisance. In the front of-It was a bookplate, underrated, which read, "'fbis Book Is the Property ot N. Monks, aqcJ Must Be Returned to Him Without Fail." In tbe ot it. rubber stumped, were the purple words. "Thla Book is tbe property 0t4be Cozy Nook Circulating Ulbr»ry. 'Wendling] Utah." Another Of 'those black-saeep volumes are fated to stray and get lost cm the most moral, dlgnlQed, and law- abiding bookshelves. Poor little thing, It nil groaned its tras<"'-.- as Mary-Frances shoved it hack Into Its .place. • • • p^RMINTRUDB, who had been waiting during the long process of the latter's construction, said, "Well, If you're through at last, let's go. Let's don't wnsto the whole afternoon." Wnste!" sighed Mary-Francos. "Waste!" reproached Mary-Frances, and followed Ermlntrude out of the sour, dark old library Into the warm, fragrant bouquet of June. On the 'front porch Ermlntrude paused to say again—she 'had said ty several times before—"1 Just % don't see any sense In it." Mary-Frances crooked her arm around Ermintrude's plump waist, "Come on, darling. I'll walk aa tar as the lire house with you." "No, but what 1 mean," explained Ermlntrude, as she allowed herself to be led along, "Is that If you're going as far as tho fire house, 1 don't see why you can't go on the rest of tbe way and call on him yourself and tell him yourself about Mr. C-'ralclmel and all.-instead ot me calling on him and giving him a letter." "All 1 can say to that," deplored Mary-Frances, "Is that If you don't just naturally understand a thing ike this, Erniintrudu. just naturally understand it. It wouldn't be any use In the world for me to try to explain It to you. I'd do as much tor you, any time. And. anyway, I don't think it Is ?uch an awful ot to do. considering that I'm right In the midst of a life tragedy and everything." 'Mary-Frances," said Brmln- trude, "are you positively certnlu that you flunked algebra this morning?" 'That's about the hundredth time you've asked me.- What's tbe use ot talking about U all the time?" "You don't even care, do you, that we won't get our ponies to ride in camp nor anything?" "1 do too care. But i think your father will get yours anyway. It wouldn't be right not to get youra DECJUEEN, Afk.-O. W. Knox. poul- tvyvrtan with • the extension setvsle of the University^ Arkansas, will be in Sevler county on January -21, to give demonstrations .on the making of n home made brick brooder stove. Two demonstrations will be given, one nt D. M. Caddell's home near King in tho morning of January 21, and the other at Mrs. John Huckabee's home near DeQueen on the ntfernoon Of the same day. According to Miss Mildred Cantlon, home demonstration agent, the brick brooders are no more expensive than an -oil or kerosene burning stove and in some cases the cost is less. They also have the advantage of using wood for fuel, and being made of brick, the heat not fluctuating. They have been found to be satisfactory nnd Inexpensive, Anyone in the poiiltry business or who raises a home flock will find n brick brooder easily made and upon attending these meetings will learn ho wto construct one. Miss Cant- Ion says. - a» s •» Wife of Army Man Is Found Hanged in Home LEAVEN WORTH, Kan. — (fP)— The body of Mrs. Louise Bowering, 28- year-old wife of 'Captain 'Benjamin Bowering, of the const -artillery, was tound hanging, from .the bath room fixture in their- quarters at Fort Leav- onworth Wednesday. Post officials expressed a belief that she had committed suicide. Doctors said she died ofWtrohgulation. She had been in ill health. Captain Bowering came here ; from Virginia. •• - <» » «»i Lucky Escape POMONA, Cal.— A moment's relaxation from driving his car to light a cigaret -caused J. N. Farley's machine to plunge over the hillside above Glendora. at Spider Crest canyon, and drop a distance of 1000 feet. Farley's body was thrown clear of the cor and when he recovered consciousness he found the auto wrecked and burned. Unable to move, he was forced to remain in the canyon for 24 hours before he was rescued by Don Byron, flood control employe. - .^»s «•• Persistent Husband SPRISGFIELD, 111.— John A. and Mrs. Helen Applegate were divorced last September. Recently John met his former wife and asked to drive with him to Riverton. There, she says,- he forced her with a gun to remarry him, holding the pistol against her side during the entire ceremony. Then he took her home lind kept her a prisoner until she escaped out of a window. She is now seeking annulment of her second marriage. Tools of Ancients FEIPING— That the ancient Peking man used fire and primtive tool is shown in the exhibition of the young CITY (Democratic PHmary Tor 'City ' 'FRED WEBB 'For Alderman Wart One L. C. (LEX) Chinese geologist, W. C. Pel^ ot recent miieing of .thq Chinese ueolo col Society here. The geologist played bones, tools,'find".other I^ ments and evidence that the oncl6| of the Peking man's age-use fire..Tl pushes the use of fire back 920,0 years ago, the age in which the Pel ing human is .though tto have exist! Marquctte university will lose oril three football letter men by the.thrw year rule'this spring. Ten Were M through eligibility in the 1931 seasoH «P» 9 mm j Marvin "Duke" Nelson , of ,F< Dodge, In., winner of the 1930 $10,M Toronto swim marathon, expects f have,n try at swimming the Engll| channel next spring. Guernsey just because 1 flunked." "Tbe trouble with Daddy." Ermlntrude, "is that he always doea just exactly what bo says be will, and he never does what be says be won't. He said it wo both passed in everything he'd get us both ponies to ride. And if we bad, bed of got tbe ponies if he'd bad to go to. Pendletou or some .place and steal 'em. But since you flunked, be won't, and that's all tbere Is to It. i guess 1 know my own better than you do." (To Ua continued) Mr.:and Mrs. Bruce Dowtl nnd ch dren of Texarkana called on Me here Sunday morning. Mrs. Dowd ' be remembered os Miss Elizab Pryor a'former resident of this'puj Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Franks daughter, :Muriel Of Hampton Sunday guests of relatives. Mr. Bohammon of Rocky Mound > a business-visitor here last Tuesdq Glen Calhoun of Bright Star YJ visitor here Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Thomas children of..Abellne, Texas, hovej rived to moke their home here ing lived in Texas for several > ( Mr. and Mrs, Jess Kitchens; daughter, /Charles ; Aubrey .1 Of- .1 kana were ' ihfe' ovei* nTgnt /gue' Mr. and Mrs. 'Rqy Franks, Si Misses Pauline, Estelle and KnC ine Yarbrough of Hope were SuM afternoon visitors here. j Verbon Walker of Hope was a? itor here Sunday. Rent It! Find It! Buy It! Sell It! With HOPE STAI WANT AD! The more.you tell, The quicker you sell, 1 Insertion, lOc per lino, -•—.. -minimum JOc 3 insertions, 7c per line, minimum. Me 6 insertions, 6c per -line,: minimum $1.00 26 insertions, 5c per line, minimum $4.00 (Average 5V4 words to the 1 NOT E—Want advertisement copied over the telephone ma charged with the understar, that the bill is payable on pre tation o£ statement, the day of \ publication. Phone 768 When Rest Is Broken Acl Promptly When Bladder Irregularities Disturb Sleep Are you bothered with blad' der irregularities; burning, scanty or too frequent passage and getting up at night? Heed promptly these symptoms. They may warn of some disordered kidney or bladder condition. Users everywhere rely on Doan's Pilh. Recommended lor 50 years. Sold everywhere. FOR RENT FOR RKNT—Furnished apartr day phone 39, night phone 135. FOR SALE OR TRADE—Chev School Bus with contract, for saji trade. Will accept in trade, mil farming tools and feed stuff. Newberry. (16* FOR RENT—Rooms with board, 1 phone 374W. Mrs. S. R. YoungJ South Pine. 15-3ti FOR 'BENT—Five-room unfurnis house. Close in. Middlebrooks eery. Phont 606 12-6tfl " WANTED WANTED—To share my home wj couple without children. Mrs. Da\| Davis. East Third street. 16-3ta FOR SALE FOR SALE-Who wants a piano like new? Now in this vicfl ity. We will sell it for the small mace due and make terms rather return it to stock. Write, wire phone our expense quick before send our truck after it. Brook & Co., Texwkana, Ark-Tex. 15-Sj LOST LOST—Maltese cat with white On breast. Return to Harry' Rauch Cornelius apartments. LOST-Svuidqy night, between L....,, ville and Hope, heavy fblack a».'| case, containing d&hee and women'l clones. Return to-Hope Star. 18-ltp i JUii

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