The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, March 18, 1940
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER nw mnn.THiMHT Am,**,,..,, '. ' m m * • P'*-' VOLUME XXXVII—NO. 1. Blyllicvnic Bally News Blythcville Courier Mlssslssippl Valley Lender Blylhtvllic Herald Hope Of Saving 69 Miners, Trapped In Mine Shaft, Fades NBFFS 0., March 18. (UP)-Crows of men working with machines today bored .slowly llmuiijli a tunnel tlu-fiu miles into a Bclmont county hillside toward 09 men en- tomhcrl | )y i, g ns explosion in the Willow Gvovo mint! N,im- w- Sutm ' (la .v- 'I'he minci-H wove Ijolifivwl dead Mine officials and .slate luspec-* . tors had given up hope that ^DOMINANT'NEWSPAPER OF NOBTHgABT AUKAN5A3 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOOEl _HMTIIKVIU,K, AHKANSA8, MONDAY, JIAKOIf 18, 1D,|0 Pershing; Enroute To Hot Springs Hospital Seeks Alabama Judgeship F ° merl - oc " A " 0 '" ey JS[NJlIEIflll(ll[ SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENT* for . . any could have survived the explosion and Ihe deadly "after damp"—a carbon monoxide gas that poured through the caverns afterwards. How long it would take lo reach the victims no one knew because it was Impossible lo estimate ex- aclly the sixe of Ihe wall ol debris between the rescue crews and Ihe miners. Some thought It be two days. Pour men were certainly dead. At 5:25 a.m., the rescue workers sent out, the crushed bodies of John Marks, 34, and Ross McFaddcn. 51, tne crew of a mine train, who had been smashed horribly against a huge electric motor which had been torn loose from its moorings by the explosion and flung across Ihe entrance lo one of the cross tunnels. The rescue workers had been nljle to see the bodies hours before they could reach them. Two rescue workers were killed Saturday night by gas. After reaching the bodies, the workers found the 35 cars of the mine train Jimmied together in a. mass of wreckage which further slowed their progress. Only twenty men could work at a time in the tunnel. They were aided by loading machinery which piled the rock, slale and oilier debris into cars that were pulled out of the mine by power. Oas menaced Ihe workers, but an air current had been set up through the tunnel and it was blowing the gas out through an air shaft. The mine is a' "tunnel mine." There are three main tunnels entering Into the .side of a great hill which run on a more or less horizontal plane three miles inlo Ihe earth. Prom these tunnels branch •smallertunnels at right angles and from these are rooms or chambers where the coal is mined. The explosion occurred three miles from the main tunnel en-' .trance; jn one of the side tunnels, it' dumped tons of rock and coal -Into the tunnels, .Irapping.the" vlc- ; fitiVi "*""' '—I . -.:, .. Coroner's jury Probes Death Of N i n (i Tn Bhixe SHIRLEY, Ark.. March 18 XJl'l —A coroner's jury lorlay Invcsli- gated a (Ire that swept ihc home of Oils Allen ncnr here and claimed (he lives of nine persons Mrs. Snllie Allen, 30, and seven or her 10 children died in the ulaze Saturday. Yesterday Mrs Allen's brother, John H. Treesc 48 died of internal burns received when he inhaled flames. Allen remained in critical con- Mississippi Counly Resident Killed In Cotmly Brawl TUCSON Ariz., Mar. 18. <UP)_ John KMm ,„,,,. ]))v|] )rv llle Oenciul John j. I'ctshlng was en attoniey Is a "Oincuiie route lo lint Springs, Ark., todny Dinuicra'llc nomination (or a physical checkup ul (ho pav- Jiuiite lii Jefferson com eriuiH'nl Hospital there. Moulin,; (« dispatches lie left, by Iraln loday and will liiuiia arrive in Little Hock Wednesday at i ,,,. ,,„,,,,, , , ••i-.yo nan. He .will remain hi his I , ": " MU " " 1W bf ' 0(1 " «' sl < ! < 1 '"' special car in the Arkansas capital •. '»"»"»« for 11 mi!nbi>r of years oinsell for clglil hours before Hot Springs. on lo; lm 'l'>>; moved io ihul i lilythrvllle In 1KM or 1025. from Memphis. Twin., hos- ditlon pital, First reports said the blaze was started by explosion of a kerosene tamp. But authorities said later that the lair An ulteraitlon between members! of two Mexican famljle.s livintf in | .southwest Mississippi county which took place early yesterday between Marked Tree and Trumami, led to the slaying of Wiley Gullnrren, 2C, by Isabel IMnmsn, 20, who lias been jailed at Hjnilsburf on a charge of first decree murder; iir- rcst of six olhr-r Mexicans on charges of accessory to the '('act of murder; injury of thiee of Die Mexican* who participated In (he fight and warrants being .sworn out for two other Mexicans who will also be charged with accessory, it was disclosed today wilh the arrest of Delnrosa at his home near Victoria. Delarosa. who was arrested by Mississippi county officers yesterday at Ihe request of sheriff c. T. Sullivan of l>olnsett county, confessed slabbing GiKieney. two or three times In the back with a long knife, according to Sheriff .Sulli- :ip was burnim; • him properly after the was auto thus. ™~ ~ 1 . Approximately 112 men were rescued Saturday afternoon and night, more than half of them suffering from gas inhalation or shock. Of these 20 remained in hospitals today. The mine is two miles from this town which is six miles from Bel- lairc, O., and 1C miles from Wheeling, W. Va. At 4 a.m. (he diggers siill had GOO feet lo go through piled rock and coal to reach the tunnel where 1-1 men were believed trapped. Twenty- five were believed to be trapped in adjacent tunnels. The diggers were Impeded by heavy slides of rock loosened by the explosion and had to shore the sides and celling of the tunnel UK they went along. W. II. McWilllams, of the Hanna Coal Company, issued this statement : "from the present, situation, and after conferring with both H. L. Ireland, president of the company, and Ii. v. Clay, general manager, both of whom are engaged in rescue work near the explosion, it is the opinion that hope of reaching the men in time to bring them to the surface alive is dwindling fast." A vertical air shaft leads into the mine from the top of tthe hill-and through this shaft the rescue workers attempted to reach the entomb- Crusading Assistant Attorney General Finds Nothing Wrong At Memphis MEMPHIS, March is. (UP)This home of the powerful -political organization headed by Ed Crump had a clean bill of health today from Asst. U. S. Ally-Gen. O. John Rogge, who led the federal government's successful drive against the Long political machine in Louisiana. Roggc, who left for Shrevcporl last night after spending a 'day •listening.-to, complain Is, from per- at odds with the ganization, said that Cnimp or- one talked lo had anything definite or specific enough for me lo Become interested in." He had talked to Tom Collier and Ralph A. Picard, both ol whom had communicated with him previously. Collier and PIcard were unsuccessful candidates in the re- who said the Mexican told he didn't know what he was doing after he was struck over the head and in the chest with a blunt instrument. Saiitos Delarosa, 21, brolher of the defendant, has wounds on Ihe head caused by a blow and knife wounds in his leg and hand, and Andrew Delarosa, 24, another has injuries from having brolher, been struck over the head, face and back with an automobile tire pump. They are held in jail on accessory charges along wilh Paul Gutierrez, 25, brother of the slain man, ami who Ls charged with participating in the fight; Fred Gnlven, 'M, brother in law of the death victim, also charged with having taken part in the fight; Dan Vas- tues. 32, who is alleged lo have aided in the get-away after the right, and Thomas Delarosa, H- year-old brother, or the defendant, who is alleged lo have held Gnli- crrcz while he was being atlacked by the Delarosa men. The injured men are being treated in the jail at Hnrrisburg. Two more Mexlcnn: were not available out who also live in the same neighborhood, are expected to be arrested late today, according to Sheriff Sullivan. Preliminary hearings for all of the men are scheduled to be held Tuesday morning before Magistrate N. J. Hazel at Marked Tree. Brothers, Who [Jvc A( Kioveniov Hopes To Avoid Shady Grove Accused i Contempl Pimishni c n I Of Stealing Cottonseed By Federal Court McCloiid, 35, and brother, Cecil. 27. who live In Ihel'UI Shady drove Man ^ hearings In municipal court Tries- day on charges of gntml larccily In connection wilh the theft of VAUJOSTA, On.. March :ly Grove community south of i Heaver sale ila, will b? (jlven preliminary! attorneys fi load of collon seed from i which would .Selhneycr Gin Company at Uoyu-1 appearing In Ion. 18. > —U. S. Dlslrlel Judge DUSCOIII .Id today he would hear . for Clov. K. 1). Ktvcrs inmirdialely after a current court session. The attorneys were expected to mnke mi uppeal through Denver truck luuu 01 cotton spmi from i wnieii wmiiii obvlule their client Macon Friday and , Possibly drawing a Jail .sentence for Aiie.stcd early yesterday by Chief i I'onlompl of court Deputy ,?|ierlff John p. William McCloud hn.s the Ihcft, the officer brother- has not made a Offl, Rivers' counsel, It was understood., confessed | planned io appeal a. contempt cl- sald. Hls'lsuion ami mi Injunction which statement. I Denver had granted \V, U Miller W the two brothers ] ousted highway board chairman' pounds of cotlon seed cltiecltag Rivers to let hint resume len days ago mid sold It. to cotton oil mill nt Oscoola. the office unmolested. Hivers nml his adjutant-general, ton seed thefts. Sieve and Melvin Elliott arc held In the county jail here on similar charges and their three brothers, Ralph, i-ete and Luther Elliott all of near Bragg City, Mo., are hi jail st Cnruther.sville awaiting trial on similar charges after having been arrested by Mississippi Comity officers. went to Macon to address a teachers' convention. Denver luid a U. S. marsh!)! arrest' him and bring hlni into court. The governor was released after nn hour on his own recognizance find directed to appear In Mncon contributions Senator ,',""''' . i ' ' I Hatch (Dem., N. M.) Hclm-nlng lo Allniiln Saturday, I Ncaly's amendment. Approval Impeded But Amendment To Go Slow In House WASHINGTON, Mnr. 18 <UI')— The senate approached n Ihnil vote loiluy on Ihit Hatch "clean politics" amendments wllh Indications Increaslni; thai, llu- measure will be sidetracked when It readies tin? house. A senate vote about, IWO'M, in. on the, measure which would extend the Hatch acl, restrictions to stale employes paid from federal (funds, was cerlnln on a mitmlmous consent agreement of the scnnlor.i. Speaker Wllllnm Dankhead made II. obvious loday lluiL the measure Is due for heavy sledding when It rcdches the lower chamber, Ite denial lhat IIB hnd nrrnnged lo Imvfl (he house Jutllclury commlllei.' plBcouhole tile bill but. emphasised his personal opposition lo the measure. "I mil not pcisonally In favor of Ihc llalch act amendments," snltl Haukhcad. "1 don'L iiilntl saying so. f think we have yone far enough In the original Hatch act In re- slrlcllnu government employes, nn ceilalnly not going to urge action on It." The senate accepted an amendment, to (he llalch proposal lo prohibit stale officers puld with federal funds from using (heir Influence lo oblnln ciimpnlgn con- trlbutlons from stale workers. The amendment sponsored by Senator M. M, Mealy (Dem., W. Vn.l was adopted without n record vote. Ncely (old the senate it was designed io get nl those who lire asking slalt; employes for campaign Hitler Confers With MussoliniJPushes Diplomatic Offensive l)y (hilled A.loir Ilitlw opened it spcctaculnr (h-ive for Na/i victory vnrfnrc ... * -••..• >.. i»v; n/j. llfl/,1 YUJlUiy u'lllioiit Hie KavAKO wnrl'ni'f! lnn«- fn<»wi ! Carl A. accepted however. Rivers issued a defiant statement in which he chnrgctl Denver with Invasion of states' rights and Indicated he would cou- lluiie lo oppose Miller's efforts to regain his Job even If It meant Mimmonlne of additional gunrrt.1- nieti. The Rivers-Miller feud Is oac of long standing and came to a head In December when Rivers fired the . II . . . , J , ~-*-...~~, ...n... IVHUL^ IllUU my is; whose names AAA Investigators Stlidv-T 1 " 811 ""*' cl " l| r;' 1 i>»-- Miller seemed this afternoon • r> rv • several slate • court 'victories' pur- S I aymeill UlVlSlOllS P°i'Unir '» restore him to office bill /4h IVinnl T,,-^« was prevented from cxcrclslns them ztJl IClldlll I' aimei'S cent, special congressional race In T " e trollblc b silid lo have cli- which City Commissioner Cliff! mnxc <l » P«rty held at a relative's Davis was elected by a 20-to-l ma-! llolls ^ "Oar Market! Tree where Jority over his closest opponent. DavLs. who succeeded Walter Chandler, now mayor of Memphis, as representative from the ninth dlslrlcl. ivas supported by Crump. Rogge said the purpose of his visit was lo become beller acquainted attorney with the an dhis local district staffshrdlshrd members of Hie two families and a number of other Mexicans had gathered. Known lo have been enemies of aboul two years because Delnrosa's wife obtained n divorce from him and later married Gutierrez, the two men left the party in separate attorney and his staff nnci "to look into some complaints." "From all I can gather," he people here are very well satisfied with the local political setup and they apparently get good government.'' Roggc recently said lhat a "spot" automobilcs after an argument there, it is said. Officers snld Die cars were slopped on a road in Poiusett county just over the Mississippi County line and lhat the general fighting then slarlcrt. A number of the Mexicans involved have lived on the J. A. by the National Guard. Then T ,T^, ^ ^^ I Mi - llel ' H ' ellt to federal court nnd LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Mar. IB,— | received an injunction orderl-ig ueports concerning alleged Irregu- Rivers and slotldard to abide by Ihc larities in the division of AAA par- state court judgments Senator Sherman N. Minton (Dem., Iiul.) leader of a Woo of New Dealers nnd southern con- scrvallves opposed lo the bill sought approval of an amendment which would bring under civil service nil federal officers und 'em- ployes affcclcd by the original law, The amendment would apply io approximately 207,000 federal workers. H was rejected- 2<1 to 6H. •Minion's .jirouciMil was opposed by Democratic Lender ..Alon W. Uarklcy, who said U wns too Important a subject to dispose of In so short a lime. I: ity und conservation payments by. landlords nnd tenants have been received despite regulations Intended lo stop the practice. J. B. Daniels, slate AAA administrative officer, said yesterday. The AAA olliccr said five field ansas in a "routine" Investigation of reports of alleged irregularities John Buckley, 73, Dies At Hospital io tiled Tuesday at a hospital after only ' "' «>'v-gi.-u *iit:giuariuc.s <.>,,,,., lt i T/ J ram start of the AAA program In ' ss ' Iic wils n J' cnrs of nn.. .. . l"«b'"m m „„„ , . . .. . """ l colmnll " ll > r lived In the New Sur- 1933 through 1939 and hat he- ' " B ° probably ivould require two or ! vcy . Ihree months more lo complete ! W ^ s , m '" Irolll '»l '" 1BG7, his ihelr Jobs. ln l" lc ,tvir e ( n Ki in 1M1 ,„,, on]y sm ._ 40 years. Jfe ]y c'lildren, Shoots At Neighbor; Result Is Uncertain Ruff GalllDii, 50, may be churned with nss.iuK, with Intent to kill, as the result of nn nHerciitlon which occurred at liLs home ye.slcrdny northwest of llluhlowcr In whirl) he Is aliened to have flrcel sevcrul shots at Neb Couley, his •15-year-old married neighbor. Conley, who fled lluont'li the woods when Onlllon threatened him, has not yet been found. Officers were sccklnB Conley Uxhy and Oalllon wns nt liberty pending Uir- Mr. -Daniels said the AAA three rc tvvo "^l 1 «tillrtrcn, Hill ">'"»»> wns ai nucrly pending Uir- years ago discontinued Itn practice, i Jmcs a! sllUc " 'slaml, N. Y.. and I" wr Investigation, according to of sending checks for an entire Bllr " e> ' DMd '"Bs °' Lake Village. sl '"" [ , Hnlc Jnekson. f, .. .... ' *.lll-UV. . . o njllUni* Inl.l ^frir,,*..,. .t...t r* _..!,.. ftirui to the landowner with in the United Slates would be the Gwl <lt>iey farm for several Ark. slructions to pay the "tenants t'iio ' , IlUel ' mc " 1 was made amounts due them but that some i Co ' 01 ™ 1 . cemetery with in Ihc Ihc Oer- center soon of an investigation similar lo that which rocked Ihe foundations of Louisiana. "I'm leaving Memphis," he said, "and Memphis Is not on my cleanup list." After spending a day or two in 'ids had "devised " some I " m " ^"'"•laklng- Co. In charge, me to gel control of the pay- I ed until yesterday afternoon when ; ghreveport, Rogge will go to Alga* drove them out. The rescue | i OT(n , where he has "some busi- work was then shifted to one of | ness the horizontal tunnels. • John Owens, president of the United Mine Workers of Ohio, said , the entombed men did not have "a. ghost of n chance." James Berry, former state mine inspector, said: "There's no hope for any living thing in the mine." Pathetic women and children grouped as near the mine entrances as police would permit them, forlorn, weeping. They were the families of the entombed. The rescue work- is being directed by officials of the slate mine department nnd the workers were Hanna Coal Company employes. They were equipped wilh oxygen tanks, gas masks, and every mine ! tool. i H( dec|jlic(| (Q to Atlanta. When he stepped oir a plane here, he said that he was "not good for n story." "And I won't have a story in Atlanta, cil her," he said. Three fn Family 'Lose' Their Tonsils!™?, 1 ' °! ""' sp ' v ' L ' n 'i"'"*""* «g" ' "" J "° '-iiltural conservation program h each Tt'i"! ™1 '^l" '"^' 'I Not Liable F °r Damages The Moore children have no more lonslts. Robert and Richard, three- year-old sons of Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Moore of Manila, nnd their six-year-old brother. Jitntnlc. uu- denvtnl loBsilolomies today nt Walls Hospital. The children will probably be removed to their homes tomorrow. New Orleans Cotton] __ ' A. t. Stock Prices & T. . Am. Tobacco open high tow close May . 1053 1058 1052 1057 July . 1029 1037 1023 1035 O:t. . OG3 953 363 DG8 Dec. . 948 35'! 948 953 Jan. . 940 946 P4G 94G Mar. . 033 938 932 933 1063! 1033 975 962 953 945 Chrysler Cities Service Ccca Cola Gen 1 !. Elect Gfii'l Motors fnt. Harvester Mont. Ward '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 171 88 1-2 27 1-1 72 3-8 81 3-8 4 1-2 120 1-4 37 3-4 been in effect. Senath Man Killed ; Leachville Men « ; LITTLE ROCK, Ark., March 18. | (UP)—A measure enacted by Ihc i 1930 special legislature nuthoriz- Mos • Sl , . ,, , I '"cut dlslricts for delinquent laxcs ™ r Jr arch 18 '~ • *»« held invalid lodav by Ihe slalc 30, of Senath, Mo., .supreme court because it was not Ihc governor's call lor CJalllon lold officers lhat Conley came to his farm house tor a visit, bringing wllh him some whiskey which they drank and lhat lie feigned unconsciousness only lo witness Conley make advances to | his 24-year-old wife. Tung to his _ ; barrel shotgun and fired nl Conley as he fled through the woods. Although some negroes told officers lhat Ihcy saw Conley .stumble as U he had rallcn, they could find no signs of his having fallen and John p. Rclnmlllcr, chief deputy sheriff, said this afternoon he was of the opinion that the shot went Ian &Xvlc Small; James Sheplwrd, 20. Leaehville; Joe Hall, 20 Loach-' ville. affirmed In part and reversed part by Ihe high com I. H held Ross was entitled lo Ihe $4.000 but Henry Patterson, Well Known Farmer, Dies Henry Patterson, long a well known farmer who lived on the , Clear Lake road, died this morn'" ing, II o'clock, nt the home of Company officials believed lhat the coal digger.; had struck nn old gas well and that a spark from n pick had set off the explosion j Livestock Hogs. 15.200—14.000 on Top, 535. 110-230 Ibs., 525-530. 52 1-2 i N. Y. Central 15 1-3 Two of the dead were John Howard Sanders, tipple foreman,! who went into the mine soon after! the explosion nnd were choked to I tle.ilh. slaughter steers year ing 1 Norlh Am. Avintllon : Packard ) Phillips j Radio ] Republic Steel Scccny Vac StHdebakcr Sid. of N. J Texas Corp U. S. Sleel the accident occur- after working hours. 20 7-8 , ..,, n . ' 3 3-4 Little Bound Over 38 1-8 C 1-81 18 1-81 11 3-8; COOTER. Mo., Mar. 18. — Ray 10 3-4 Little, 23, of Tyler was ordered held To Circuit Court Denton, Mo. Woman his son. Roy Patterson, 106 East Sycamore street. He Hits 73. In 111 health from tuberculosis for a long lime, Mr. Palterson hart lived in Blylheyllle since he was ;.compelled to retire from his work. j Puiiernl riles will be held Tuesday afternoon, 3:30 o'clock, at Cobb S K 1 ' 1 ",', '/'^"'n' l(!f . t C '' (!r ' nmi «0'l f" confer for' two Jiours llnlimi Premier Hmi/lo Mu,. TO |ini In- a nt roa cat <«i .snowy Hrennor (which' Italy has foil ifl.l tho ' N '", xi ^ while the nnncll to s o the c c hoon, of t|,cir thrusUi at Allied stronghoTtls! * Nothing was announced officially after [he meeting of (he men who rule (ho desllnles of i wo erc u "hi ullled powers. Dispntchc.'! .said that Mussolini was smiling ns Uicy unonk hands nrtcr (he conrerenw "|i<l "ml Hitler's face was pale nbovo din black military raincoat But pending Ihe hour when tlie fuehrer decided lo announce the •surprise" that Nazis have been Hilling for u week, It was clear hnl the Ocrnmas sllll were hold- lie Ihe (Iliifomntlc offcnsho against Urllaln and France nnd «eie try- Intr furiously to strike n succe 1 . Mon of body blows while the Allies still were confused as n result or i-fatoratlon of pence In Finland. And In broad- outline the plans of Hlllcr In Iho pre.senl phase of n conlllct that sllll is predoml- nnnlly n "war of •nerves" began to emerge. These developments Indicated Iho trend: „ „• , - ...... ,. '• "Ulef met wllh Mwuollnl OT llmllntlons he said Imvc ftt ll 'H'no when Surnnci Welles been effective since llu proisratn he- ' wl ><> conferred today with Pope K«ii nnd tire siwclflcally wrilleii In I'lus, still was in Rome Thus it 3ul AAA lias Its Own Strict Political Ban, Stale Clu'cf Insists I.rrrLE ROCK. Ark., Mar. 18. '"f'— County and comunmlty com- mltleemen of the Agricultural Adjustment Administration do not come under provisions of Ihe Hatch Low for they are nol federal cm- Dloycs. J. U. Dniiicl, slale admlnl'i- ratlve officer of llu; AAA. said loilny. He added that AAA regulations ifovcrnlng coiimiltlecmen stilclly limit political acilvlly. the nrllcles of association of the county asrlcullurnl associations. Bcucrnlly was believed , that the Iiichrcr was Inking n final fling at 'AAA regulations place many of I ll >« possibility of stnitlng a move Ihc same prohibitions on the no- > 01 ' I>CKCO on Nazi teims but, In I llcal netlvlly 'No F u r t ti c v Temtovial Ambitions' Russ -'Solemnly" Promise STOCKHOLM, 10. (UPl-Sovlel Sweden, Russia view or Ihc announced attitude of Britain and France he coulil have little hope for success 2. Killer wants the support of imn-bclllgerciit Ilaly in maintain Inn peace In Ihe Balkans so llml Germany can continue .lo got supplies there snci frustrate the A1- I lied blockade. In this lie also wants Russian nsslslnnce and Uius It Is necessary lo overcome hostility bc- Iwcen Rome and Moscow. 3. Premier Paul Pela Tclckla of Huntjary was reported In Budapest dispatches to plan an Immediate: trip lp Italy lo confcr-wllh a n s 1 Mussolini. Italy,Is,concluding li»de ••) ni'Bflla'IOiisJiiwUS .'.-Bumanlr. ' and Icdlng out the possibility of better relallons with Tuikcy Oei- mnny Is prompting Improvements Mnrch snld iiuthorllallvely loday to have fc'lv- cn a formal diplomatic promise Hint Moscow hns no Further tcrri- lorlrtl demand* In northwest Europe. The disclosure was nmde In connection wljh-llie announcement by n Foreign spokesman lhat Russia had withdrawn all objection to fortification of (he Aland Islands, ly!»S belu-ecii Sweden and Pln- of Turkish-Russian relations. Thus some Nazis and Fascists have envisaged a huge economic bloc that would be dominated by Italy, Germany, Russia and perhaps Japan, nml would lake In all of southeastern Europe's little states to the vasl disadvantage of the Allies. 4. If peace still Is tmposslble- as seems certain—on "Hitler's terms nt present, Nazis repeatedly have sold Hint Ihe Qcrman aimed forces arc ready to strike a decisive blow at (lie Allies. Thus Hillei Is obviously preparing tor Inlen- liorL lights at the Gulf of Bothnia.I sided warfare as well ns for a long The spokesman denied reports that the Soviel had requested rrcc At Ihe same time It was closed Unit Qornuitiy formally ...... Ihrtalcncd to Inlervene In Ihe «- fl r In Finland ir Ihc allied powers scnl Iroops lo aid the Finns, al- Ihouiili Dcrllu did not object to passage of nlllcd war materials ami volunteer* through Sweden nnd Norway to plulaud. Swedes considered llu: Russian altitude toward the Anlnud Islands as significant. dls- i economic struggle If necessary. "" Waives Hearing On Charge Of Arson Enrl Virgin, held in the county Jnil for several dnyi; In connection with the burning of n community church nt Klrodwny Sunday night, March 10, waived preliminary hearing Saturday on a charge of arson. In the meantime officers are continuing their Investigation of Ihc mysterious fire which destroyed Ihe church nnd left traces of gasoline ns a clue as to Ihe origin. Driver Of Truck In Crash Is Fined $2GO .1. L. Bcckham, 47, was fined $200 In Municipal Court loday oii a charge of driving while under i Ihe Influence of liquor In conj necllon wllh Die highway ncci dent Wednesday night in which • Mrs. Nellie Arnold, 31 was critically Injured. It wns brought out In the coui'i trial lhat Heckhnm luid agreed to bear all expenses in the injury of Mrs. Arnold, whose condition today wns reported ns "fair." She has a concussion o( the brain, severe cuts on the head, Internal Injuries and her entire body is badly bruised. Both Ihe truck owned by Beckham and that owned by R. H. Henson of Stcele and driven by J. M. fiord of Stecle were demolished in the head-on collision which occurred two miles south of Blylhe; ville. Ford received Injuries which If tjiere arc new developments, riw not prove very ii the case, Virgin will be brought fjeckham escaped Dies At A?C Of 82l5mf !l1 "° mC Wllh l ' 1C RCV ' E a |»esl of Blytheville'ln western MIs- UICS rttrtgC UI 0£ Williams, ,»s or of First Methodist• Uisslppl countv, was almost wiped _. r serious and, in the case, Virgin will be brought j fjeckham escaped with minor to Irial during the circuit court t, rl || scs und cuts. session which opened In Osccolal today, It was announced by Chief. .. .. „ .Deputy Shcrllf John F. Rclniniller.| Holly {street nOUSe The burning of the church, j which was a missionary unit of the Northern Presbyterian church, closely followed the mysterious fire of four weeks ago when the small business section of the farm- Ing community, 20 miles south- Is Gutted By Fire An old house at 1115 Holly street, occupied by the Peter McGann family and owned by the E. E. Hawkins estate, was practically cic T Slaughter hellers, 650-1050. Reef cows. 525-625. Cutters & low- cutters 4CO-500. New York Cotton Chicago Wheat May July open high 101 1-2 102 low close 1013-8 1013-8 Chicago Corn 993-4 081-1 99 May open 553-1 5C1-8 high 551-8 SO 3-8 May July Get. low close ' Dec. 51 1-8 55 3-1 ,lau. 557-8 5G3-8 Mnr. open . 1043 . 1023 . BSD .841 . !>38 . 033 prev. ilsh low close close 1048 1040 1041 1052 1027 1020 1027 1029 9,M 860 965 954 938 S37 946 938 931 9S1 938 93(5 Little | home with her daughter, Mrs, J. E. Spurgcon Patterson, who has been ot KaskliM. and family. She is also 1 making frequent visits here of late stroyed by fire yesterday noon. , . . - ] sissippl county, was almost wiped) The flames, which started froiil I Church, ofiiclallnR. Burial will be, out In Ihe burning of two com- sparks from the flue, spread sO n Maple Grove Ccmclcry. | blued slorcs and residences, a j rapidly that only a part -or Ihe two sons, Spurgeoii Patter- . dance hall, rcslaurant and twoj contents or the house could be saved.. l Fire Chief Roy Head placed the Voluntary Surrender Of Permit loss at $500. WEATHER i rt 11 iescmc 070 Eife Fostered the fatal woundin* survived by one brolher, "B" Ma- 96o • of Fred Forsyllie Jr., was dismissed, gers 934 • The prellmlnory hearing was at- Holt Funeral 941 leraleri by n larce crowd, charge Home wns In through her attorney said to- that she had voluntarily surrendered her beer permit to th* ,, ... „. . -- •--- - — revenue department recently. ^oh. H « M ,"' B f lve<i last Her P erm!t was "no ^ two issued nKrt^qi ?' ?<""• *' 110 , ls cm - to Qosnell residents which the rev- ployed in St. Louis, will arrive late enuo department announced re- Ruby Bates, Gostiell rcsl-. Arkansas— Considerable ctoudt- Ihls artemoon. cently liad !x«n revoked. ness and much colder to nearly freezing in extreme northwest portion tonight. Tuesday partly cloudy and colder In east portion. Memphis and vicinity — Cloudy and colder tonight, preceded by light showers, lowest temperature about 40, Tuesday fnlr and colder.

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