Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 16, 1932 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 16, 1932
Page 3
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» the future, I • e*e could, see, vtnofi <K the worW, I An w«j(J<fr that wouW be? ,., „„ IkSveM fill with wfaMeltel* A*t**ttB of magic wlU lloti W the purple twilight, Dropplrtg down with costly effrthft heavens fill with shouting, And tier* caln'd a ghastly dew the nations' airy navies Una 1ft Itfc cental bluet war-drum throbbed noilonget 4 , battieiflags were hlrl'd PirllBhient of men,, ••• of the,world.* .the common sense ot ntt»c j!l hold a frtltUt realm In B«C, the kindly" eartk shall slumber, ,pt In universal 1NW, —Tentlyswi's toeksley. Hnll. Mm. Cprbln'lister-returned on frt 1 * dhy) night front a tw,p week's visit with lilend*-and relatives In Oklahoma Mr.- and Mrs, H. D. Durham hnvo re. t«rn*d fr6m a month's visit with Mid relatives in Tennessee 'to the revival services in at the First Presbyterian the benefit bridge sponsored th* Brookwood P, T. A. announc- Tuesday, January 19, has been postponed until Tuesday afternoon and eyening of January 26. Born to Mr. and Mrs. De Bruce Grove a 7 3-4 pound son nt the Jose- pHIhe hospital, January 12 at 5 p. m. He has been named Bonnie Lee. Mrs. Gtove-wa* formerly Miss Gladys Mean of;Prescott. . ., Ben Goodlett of Own was shopping In the city on Friday. . I* Reed and Mrs. J. T. Hicks e returned 'from a faw day's visit Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Hervey in TAxnrkana. * Di^M. Burford of Pino Bluff was a Hot Barbecue '•'•!:' PORK <> • ';•, Right off the. <* Hickory Coals 1 : Drive by for a pound. GREEN PARROT INI* Double Program KEN MAYNARD "Alias the Bad Man" -ALSO- Douglaa Fairbanks, Jr. -In"I Like Your Nerve" No Advance In- Prices —S A E N G E R— . NOW SHOWING . •T.niiiiinififiiniiii*n»nnmn«nin m i ttmttu \ Pola Improves Convalescing from tf recent opera- tlon ( Pola Negrj, WoVld-famous film star, is shown here, right, with her nurse, Edith Anderson, leaving the hospital at Santa Monica, Calif. ' ere always- mysterious They 'arc tferfn* of itfe, Inert,-and apparently, lifeless In themselves. Each year's sowing rf-eiiects the greatest seed story eve> told, the parable' of 'the mustard seed. Each little packet has Within It (he start of a garden. How good the garden 1 Will be depends,on W good the seeds are at the start. In order to be certain of having seeds of first quality and, that ore hot oW and low In germinating tftSwe*, ftuy teetb only from reputable sed houses. All seeds sold by firms of this character have germination tests, have been cleaned and; recleaned to removei «ny foreign seeds or fungus or other $ests that might ha.ve found; lodgment: in them and. are its true to name a» modern scientific care can make them. The We-of a seed; usually referfed to as its viability,-diiffers iiv various plants. 'In some ft is short. In others the germination 1 is higher when pe seedf is two or more years old, , Sofno seed wHl germinate certainly in rea- sonable'CjuanlUy only, when it islresh- ly gathered.: Other seeds rnuat Jiejtn the ground a year or more'- before ger. mit)atirig. All these» factors are c6nsjd- ered- by seed experts in 1 prep^arjng business visitor In the city on Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Terrell Cornelius were hosts to the members of the Emanon club on Friday evening at their home on South 'Pino' street. ' The Ladies' Auxiliary of St. Marks Episcopal church will meet Monday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock at the home of Mrs. J. T. West on West* Division street. Edward Bnder and Dale Carlton en- crtained at a dance on Friday even- ng at 805 West Sixth street. About tiirty couples of the younger set en- oyed dancing throughout the even- ng. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mock of .Bradley Will spend the week end visiting.with flrs. Mcek's parents, Mr, and'Mrs. K. G. McRne, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stroud and : baby jave returned from a visit with Judge nd Mrs. A, P. Steele in Ashdown. Mss Mnry Billingsly of the Lewis- 'ille Public school faculty is spending he week end visiting with home- oiks. Miss Myrtle Threckle of Tcxnrkana s the week end guest of Mis$ Anne, iciper at the home of Mr. and Mrs. 'inley Ward. Mrs. Ode Stuart of Little Rock was i recent guest of Mrs. Henry H. Sturt. Mrs. M. M. McCloughnn will enter- ain, nl a potluck supper, followed by iridge on Saturday evening at her iome on East Second street. Friends will be glad to know that Mrs. Hugh McGaughey, who recently underwent an operation in a Little lock hospital is able to return to her iome in this city, arriving on Sunday evening. Friends will be glad to know that the condtion of Frank Lowthorp. who recently underwent an appendicitis operation is reported as. being satisfactory to the attending physician. She met the '•great lover" in t'he heart of Broadway and then she didn't want to go home ! PAUL LUKAS SIDNEY FOX LEWIS STONE Feature! tes— SOCIALLY CORRECT COMEPY PARAMOUNT NEWS ^^^^w^^B^^ Study Seerf Liiti For Beit Plant* their teed stocks. OW crops in which-the Heftft IB low are destroyed to make' way toe fresh seed. Stqciu are not allowed to lie around from year to' year. In sow- Ing seed, the fact must .always be botne in mind tWat the quickest mlnatiorl is, from three to five- Other seeds, require from two-to 4rt>eks. Carrots and parsley are jjreininatoMi, Radishes are one of the quickest . • Another factor In the success of seed' planting is providing suitable' 1 condition, o{ soil, moisture and,' temper^* tiur«. Some scdd will not geminate untti the teinpet*4ture suits '-, It regard less of othsr condiitions. Thi old 1 fashioned portuteca o»t rose mosstis an «x- am&lci It self SoWs readUy but doe* not come up Until ;the weatha'r is Warm enough, Some seed germlnaUis be$t in low temperatures.' The delphinium is c|ir exattUjle? of this trait. • It jjermifti ates. beat,with temperatures inithe/ fdr t|es or fifties,','; .',>-. « i Study .the nature of the seed you plant and dott't'expect it to'WttW «Q- til conditions - meet Its requiuemehte. These arc usually told, on f the see,d pjacke^or in the-seedl-catalogiie.: i ple's Society. .'-...... . 3:00 PJ m. Monday. Meeting of (the Ladies' Auxiliary. This meeting will bo proceeded by a' 15 minute prater service.' All ladies of the congreea- tion should. oMewUhis service:: The revival services will continue throughout the, week. Preaching every afternoon and! evening*' You- are- cor-. 1 dially invited. - • ...... THE CHURCH OF CHRIST John G. Reese, minister Bible study Lord's day morning at 10 o'clock. Preaching at 11:00 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. . Morning sermon. "The Christian. Conflict." Evening sermon, "Elijah on Carmel." Mid-week Bible study Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock. Ladies Bible class Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. You will receive n cordial welcome at a\l these services. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH \V. A. Bowen, Pastor Sunday School at 9:45 a. m. B. Y. P. U. at 6:30 p. m. Preaching services at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p, m. The pastor will precah ot both hours. FIRST METHODIST CHURCH 3, L. Caiuum, Pasto r Sunday School at 9:45 a. m. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. League meets at 6:45 p. m. Prayer meeting at 7:30 p. m. Wednesday. The First Quarterly Conference will be held after preaching Sunday night. The Presiding Elder, Rev. L. E. N. I Hunley, will preach at the evening j hour. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH yy. R. Anderson, O.D-, Minister 9:45 a. m. Our Sunday School meets in departments for the study of the lesson. We want every member of the school present and on time Sunday. We have a pUice for every one who will come. 11:00 a. m. Morning worship and sermon. Evangelist Rev. J. F. Lawson will preach. Song Leader R«v. Julian B. Green will have charge of the music. The pastor wants ^| see every member of the congregation at this service. Come wiUi prayer and the spirit of consecration. 7:30 p. m. Revival service. Good singing. Dr. Lawsqn will" preach, jv- erybody welcome. 6:45 p, m, Meeting of Young, Pea- Jots Around Shover Mr. and Mrs. George Karber, arc moving fro mthis vicinity this week to,, their place near Rocky Mound. Their many neighbors regret to have them move away. A farewell party for them was given at thier home, here Tuesday night. James Jordon an4 family moved from here to near Patrhos Monday. Harlod hauled one load of household goods for the mand spent the night at Hamp HUetts. P. P. Otwell is suffering with a badly bruised hand. The election held at Shover Springs Tuesday was fairly well attended. Silas Sanford and mother, Mrs. H. B. Stanford and cousins, Mesdames Minton, Young, Collins and Jimmy Collins cnpoyed a nice rootoc trip 'over into Texas, a -short distance, Saturday. Quite u number of the south section of this, vicinity. ,weye , a$en,din,g a- trial at Prescott, Monday. " ; Mrs. Nellie Leach spent* a day last week with her friends Mrs. Cliff Rogers. • t . Mrs, Leach spent Monday nt the H. B. Sanford home. , P. P. Otwell ajnd family entertained at Sunday dinner his father, mother and a sister from Prescolt. . Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Santord entertained with a family reunion in honor of gjuests from Little Rock. Their cousins Mrs. Alice Young, Mr. and Mrs. James Collins and son, James, Jr., and Mrs. Lenna Minton, the latters home beina in Jonesboro. Mr. Collins is chief auditor of the Lion Oil Refining company, he and other friends enj,oyed a two day hunt while here. Those present to enjoy the day with the relatives were Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Cobb, and son, Winston, Mrs. Ree O. Gray, .Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Bearden and' little son, Glendon, Mr, and Mrs. Silas L. Sanford and daughter, Darleen, Harold Sanford and two little sons, Howard and Chancelor, Miss Pauline J. Sanford and Miss Pauline Britt. This meeting of Mrs. Sanford and cousins was the first time for nearly 50 years, when they were living in Illinois and this was a happy reunion for them. Washington The IJeAnu and Washington boys played a game of basketball on the la.tter-'s Court,.Friday afternoon., TKe tioing with a score of il and 11. .Mrs. Sadie, O'Steen and children spent Sunday in DeAnn. Mrs. Ella Gold and daughter, Joe EllO( spent the' week'end'lri Texarkana visiting M. C. Kolb and family. The young people ^ of, -Washington regret to lose. Miss Opal Huisey from their social circle, but their best wishes will follow her in. her new. home? Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Springs and daughter, Louise and Miss Pearl Lacy, were visiting • friends, ia Emmet Sun~ day. . . ; I. L. Pilkinton and. family were business visitors to Hope Saturday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Sammle Smith were shopping in Hope Saturday. George Holt was selling vegetables in Hope Friday. Sam Merrell and family have moved to the A. C. Cavender 1 home. E. R. Timbierlake wap In Hope on business Saturday. Mr. and Mrs< Marshal Rowe of Texas, are spending a few days with relatives and' friends, eviwptshrdlutabsihdrtifetaoshhhhhhrdh Mrs. Robinson, Mr?/ John Cards sister is vsiting her this week. WEST PA1M BEACH, Fla.—Antpl- nettft Johnsoni. Palm Beach social reg- isUriio, is a good business head. So good is she that she has been awarded the right to handle her own affairs although still a minor—18. Sie sought permission to manage her own personal property and real estate, and a bank president and architect testified os to her ability. ... tht boy* <sf OIK place play* MahlHgtott fc&»tMftt ' can, tfftfilh* 11 ft- Ml* Art* Ree fiurke speht ight wlth/Mlsse* Nbrfna And dfa larV, a few »norc also. gathered to lay tloKrtlftes, lotto and checkers, jj6p* ortj artd candy was served. There was • a birthday dinner- at Jther Clark's Saturday, hit brother, ster and their children wert tft- ltd. , , Miss Caudle and Tfvln Burke, Mis* tae Belle and Blstoa Samuel and en? Tlmberlake visited a while Sal fdaj evening with Mb. and laude Butke. Mr. and M«. Catlton Samuel ie super fue,st ol Mr.' and Mrs. JtJn Wnol4 Saturday night. Bro. .T.'Li 2j>ton preached Suhday; fterrtoon ist the Bapllst church.. Miss UdMl Samuel, Glaranco and uel Willis were the guests o£ Mis* Phynetor Clark.Sunday. ; Bro,. Murray Tlmberlake and Noel 'Steert were the dinner guests of t. and Mrs. Johnnie Samuel Sunby. ' ••• .•,''••• There was a birthday dinner at :rv and MfcJ. C.-G. Coffee Sunday, it as Grandpa. King's birthday. Mr. and.Mrs. Claud Houston, Lillian nd Dettort, (brought their mother, Mrs, . i, Ellis to visit here awhile . Misses Clora Lee Clark, Hilda Lee mite, Mae Belle Samuel and Mrs. il Bui-k suid children spent Sunday 'ternooiv with Mr. and Mrs.; Johnnie amuel. •.'. ' •' •_ ; - ' Paul Samuel spent'the night With r. Jew*! Burke Sunday, night Miss Marine Hartsfield*. spejit the ighl with ft^iss Phynetor Clark. Wed- esday nlgh$ - Mtases Ola, and Lorena Arnold spent ie night with Mr. and Mrs. Grover lark Wednesday night. Miss. Hilda Lee Willis visited our chpol .Wednesday afternoon, ' Mrs. Jessie Samuel was called to levins, her father Mr. Cummings real sick. » Miss Ogal Narvell spent Sunday /ith Misses Alvere and Bertis Mae obertsdn. GURDON, Ark.—The- machinery is eing placed on the mill site of the ilerne Lumber company at Blerne, and sheds are being built to house this machinery. This . mill will employ bout SO people and timber on the •act of land owned by Mr. Clark of \rkadelphiawill be sawed up, dried nd planed-,here and shipped to all arts of the country. NOTICE OF PRIMARY ELECTION Notice L 1 ! hereby given that a Dem- acratic Primary Election la called anc ordered to be held in thq City of Hope, Arkansas, on Tuesday, February 23 1932, for the purpose of nominating candidates for the following offices to-wit: One City Recorder, One City Attorney, One AlSerman for each of the four wards. Persons desiring to offer themselve as candidates for either of said offices are required to file a Corrupt Practio Act pledge, also a pledge to suppor Democratic uonjinee and to pay thi required fees not later than midnight January 23, 1932. CITY DEMOCRATIC CENTRAL COMMITTEES Ed VanSickle, Chairman. W. Homer Pigg, Secretary, Resolve to Save Part of Your Income in "That Straw* B*nk" Citizens National Bank Capital and Surplus—$300,000.00 AM<*&—$1,100,000,00 OFFICERS AN& DIRECTORS R. M. LaGRONE, President. L. D. REED, Vice President. R. M. BRJANT, Vice President. C. C. SPRAGINS, Cashier. - 3. C. HALL, Assistant Cashier. CEO. W. R.OBISON O. A. GRAVES J. A, HAYNES Wm. TEMPLE A. L. BLACK 3% Interest on Savings Machinery I& Being \ Installed for Mill fm*qmmipmiti**fr***^**fa*i*ii^i^^^^?^^*^^^^^^^^^—*~^ ™ •" • •••»• ™ • prrt'isU ! l»!u^wi^lue,^rk'the offier Is a felbhde vnW~,_ a*,* *fc^etwins,;«uJ;'-tyHllijt Fwu^ein tte«ta vott Maetiens,; left, wort _ S.ustrift" in 1931,'•he* 1 'sister is a'favored candidate f6r the tilauty yeac. Rain ™d:mbre,,.taio ( .%e W^sh-'the su» woui4,sh.ifle again. ;;. . Mi> an^Mr^FwiiPette and children were, the; supper gvieSls of Mr. and Mrs; .Sid HoUsjton,Vof libBK- Mr?. A. R. Newberry. anjj daughter afe. ,o.niithe. sick>Hst. Wfe hppjBr they will soon be; better. ' Prayer-, meeting ^ and ; church jwere .well atetndedSundaV night. Rev. Ryster spent-Sunday night with J.-FrNewbeny. . . ' .;/••We, are glad to have Mr. and'Mrs. Do.Wns-'and^ family \ to/ ntoy^- in our community. _- . ' ; • Mi-, and Mrs. i John Snarkes and children of Fulton spent ^the- week end with, relatives at this'.placei Thurston 'Jackson is on the sick list. Friends of'Mrs.fF»C. Zimm&ely are glad to know she is able to be mpved home. ' ': f Mr. and Mrs. Elmer ^ Calhoun a^id family of Columbus spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Petre. Ed McCorkle is in Little Rock Saturday representing : Hope at .the annual winter meeting of the Arkansas Press association. Spring Brook health is,good, in'this'community atjthjs writing. Hog killing seems to be the! order of;the day. 1 ' . Mi-, and Mrs. E. C. Cajhofin, and Mr. and Mrs. Jack. Terry spent Sunday with then* mother; Mr,s. r Ed Cusick. Mr. and Mrs. Lu Ross.and'little son, Clyde Jr., spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs., Scott Ross df fimme't Mrs. Ben Wilson, Mrs. C. Rogers called"on Mrs.'Jonah Terry "Sunday evening. ' Mrs. Lucy Terry called at the home of Mrs. C, Rogers Saturday evening. Roy Bruce called on Tommy Cusick Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Prince visited Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Robinson Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. John.'Rogers spent- Saturday night with their aunt, Mrs Malone. • *» Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Sinclair spent Sunday night with Mrs. Sarrah Brad- The singing given by Miss Flora Cannes Sunday night was well attended- • . , ty and Mr.'Dauj Mr. and Mrs, i ^-'••W^ Evi K , „ , Healtfc ie iWt;w R M.v Garnet are* niuriity, after! ' VrfCtf a Half yea*s., we hope f to „L. & S'ommwiili' iting M v We are glad'to, sdn, move' back movted,t „ A E, & Mltter ariAM ed T. M. Earner Thuris ^ ' * .' ^.4^ We are; swry G, . t this commuattyf Jj£9t «,"9PW» Y«"H in,to the house ing) i ; Mrs. Clarice Stbk/ea:^ Gaines of McCa^itt 1 •$ itors Saturday. -' KAY CLEAVER STRAHAN - HEGIM flERD TODAY ANN and CECILY PE5NW1CK ka.ve.for zear* ^upport«d tksnucl- ' v««, tliclir jroun«r (liter, UAB1'- H-UANCB8, and Jhelr Krandparcnt*. knarm u "nOSALIR" (toil ''GRAND." Became of tali flnan- clal r«»pnn*lblllty, Ann, who ta 28, t» aaoble to marry PHU ECHO YD, roan? lawyer to whom «h» . hn« been engaged for elffht rear*. CecUy, 22, lore* BAimiTMcKEEL, an engineer, bat when, he nroponea •he refaiei to name tacit weaalaa; date for the annie reaaon, .Mary-France*, 15, and atllr la •chool, •(rlke* up on acaualntanee with BAIUi DE ARMOUNT, vnnde- vllle actor, and meet* htm *ecret- . ly. He trie* to perraada her to became hl« linge partner. Ana and Phil quarrel when *he •ear* LETTY KINOt who work* !• Phll'n office building, addlfM Mm with endearment*. Da Armount continue* to Braje Mary-France* to. Join hi* act an* •he proBil»«« to elve him hex answer next evening. Cecily !• dli- turbed when *he learn* Barry haa left town wltboat telling; her about It. , NOW GO ON WITH THE STORY ' CHAPTER XXXIV «4TTYPOCRITB t" said Cecily. "1 "• don't see how. you bear U,, angel. Truly I don't It they start acting toward me, now that Barry, and' I— Well. U they act about; us aa they, act about you. and pbjl, I will pot stand \t," «ye* you will, *dear. You'll have to. It IB odd, though," said Ann. "I w»a so afraid they'd blame PhU and be all soppy about sympathising with. me--tbat line. And instead th,ey act as it I'd Injured them, per* sonally- and, on purpose, by breaking my engagement.,"' "You never'can see, through, them, can you? I cao read tbem like a primer. They are. so glad, and so relieved—-away down deep. I mean, they don't know tbat they are, ol course—that they have to cover quickly, and petulance ip alwaja at band and easy. AU that talk the other evening about Mrs. Car- mlchael's sister and her husband being BO happy and well off—I'8up> pose you didn't get that, either?" "No, I didn't. Do you think tbqy were just, rretendlng to thlub tbat the »M people's boui& was pleasant?" "Honestly, as Marta would say. No they weren't pretending that tbe Days—is that their nameT—were well off, nor that tbe houie v 3 pleasant. They were thinking so with all their mights and mains, so that they could't possibly be glad tbat you and Phil were no longer engaged, and tbat we both were working (or them, and tbat there was no danger of their ever having ta live in such a place. "It Is all very well for us to be agntlmentat and say. tbey don't Imow tbat we are keeping then), and kseplng this ding-dang old bouse (or them to live ta. They do too know It. They'd bave to. But knowing and reco^nlziug or admitting a.re different things. Wo are M bad as they are. We won't admit tUat they know—because we duu't W4ttt to be sarrz tor them or ol them. Grand baa oeen and ugly about Barry JSron* tlw verg flrst, Tl»e only «» cu.se In the world, he could give tor trying to make trouble was because wo weren't engaged. He'd-bave had a better excuse, and made more fuss If we had been .engaged the minute we met No—they are afraid. They are scared to death." "Oh, poor dears." "Stop It, Ann. You make me sick. They can be blissful enough now." "Just the sc^Je,. whether you like it or not, Cissy, we do owe them a lot." V"ES, but, In all conscience, •*• aren't wo ever going to get the debt paid? Do you know what la going to happen to us, Ann, mortgaged for life as we are? Before long we'll stop-being the Fenwlck girls, and we'll be those Fenwtck girls. We'll go queer. We'll shrivel and simper and look bony and pathetic. We'll sniffle and have sties on our eyes and cavities. In our teeth, and we'll pick 'em with our fingers—" "Cissy, stop that, now. I won't bave it. That isn't tunny.. That's coarse and horrid" "I'll say It's horrid! And I know '. getting 'vngy, so you don't need to tell m->. I'm doing It on purpose. After this I am going to do as I pleasa; w, at any rate, I'm going; ta to waat I please as well is I can, chained" up In prison. 1 think. 111 begin to smoke. They say smoking Is t*markably quieting to tbe nerves. I wish 1 had a clgaret now-, 1 wish. I had a pipe!" •That'* & M Ann approved, "I'd much rather have you go on the loose than languish. In tbe old books, you know, the heroines always languished, the lazy things, and died ot broken hearts. But tbe heroes went straight to the. dogs, enterprisingly, and drank d-egs, and came alone nicely and reformed and Htarried the other girl" "Oh, well, of course, Ann, It you think it Is funoyl" "Think wb.B,t }» tunny T Take ft dry t$f} tovQl» 4ft§ri^ "Think I'm funny! Or think our situation, yours and mine, Is funny I Suppose the door bell were to ring this minute and. we'd go and find Phil and Barry both standing there, both wanting to make up. And we would-"" * "No/-*" said AUO. "But suppose. Then what? Wa'd begin all over again, where we all were a month ago, I couldn't, quite, because I WM dreaming all month, and I'm awake now. Put, anyway, there we'd b^-dolng what? Waiting and hoplngj And then all this would happen right over again. U U. tbe only thing tbat can cappen. I've bqefl Uka Grand and BosaHe, I've refused ta fec« tns fact; but I'm. facing tt now. We are stuck, Ann—you »a<) I. There isnt any •vay put, W« can't have love, We can't have anything." "We bay* love, it it comes to tbgt. Cissy. We bave each aod Mary-fraj*ce»—" evading. You know what I mean. PhU has waited for you, all these years, becausftTQJ* are the most beautiful thlngrta the wo^ld. Barry wouldn't wait torn* like that I shouldn't allow him to —maybe. And' even Phil got tired. Not tired of you, angel—but tired of! waiting, and hoping. He daesnt care for that cojnmon Uttle King, thing—he couldn't, a/ter you. But well—men are men." "So I have beard," said; .Ann. "Women are women, too. That is repetition. That's not, reasoning* At best, it is a, cute Uttlii «on.Ten» tipn men evolved to use. In place ot decency and loyalty—ag.es ago. They've, needed It. W* barent But there is this, Cissy, honey, i wasn't going to say it to you right naw» because- I tbougbt it might make, you more unhappy, in. a way. But now I think I'll say, it anyhow. I've. been thinking, the last few. dayi, and it Barry comes back, as I know- he will, and begs you to marry him, i want you to do it—soon. I really want you to, dear.- I' want It more than anything. I'm going to. insist tbat you do," "Big chancel Let. you down and leave you with all this burden. 1 couldn't and wouldn't, and you know it—or you should. You haven't let me down, all these years and' years you and F&U have been en "Twenty-two isn't'-M arms—«ven lor *- man. daily not w.ttli.»ll.tl»4t think ot the,. mfl»tJp,;tJ Barrjs said someone tol old-Mr. Smith-left, lion dollars^halt of when he came ot aige, his sooner or/later., ;Thln«;f«t Ann saliJi not, alto, "Phil is out of It now. You could keep on working and helping at home. You'd have to, I'm afraid, for a while. I could manage tbe rest. As you «ay, Mary-Francas should be more help—" "There's no good talking like that, Ann. I wouldn't want to do It, C hope, and U I did want to I— couldn't. So that is tbe end of that —please, Please don't over talk about U again, angel, i mean it.' Ann stooped to bans the dlsbpan in the cubbyhole under tbe sink. ToPhiUnebe, 8 ald, "SeathereT At ways accusing giasy at- letting roe down. Predicting perQdy for her, and making me afraid, and making me mean about Barry at first, aad all. Cissy doesn't seem to be the one who has let we down, does she?" Conversations of this sort. she had discovered, were excellent counter Irritants. Cecily asked, "Did you Have, good tlnie, wUU Kenneth, this after- "I »UDp«se BO. The river was glorious, He l« teaching ma (to crawl strok»-or trying to. l*U sweep, and you set tbe tray lor breakfast, wHl you?" "»e'&— mad about you, isn't Aw?" "Not ft Wt ta tbe world. U b* were. 1 wouldn't play witb fete- H» is 88 year* olfl, aad he's found. tb* game, of love and tbiolw it |» fl«i tun. i&4 I'jft u) interesting OD"Or young for his agev-;: younger " him, or ask him It*."' ' ,, "Angel—you could w «Y»S, I two* *>;' tt^'4'.: auout It and Wdnapi Ulnv f n,« comes out ttomi i "My wor«, Ann! that I naf»|bn after all, not^any girlajto ever *v« hava » gnostj oC "Our class is better than his His father made most, of ai^jnowrji In Junk— Just plain Uwi*i *»rtol %i war and right »fter» 'Swlllli Roienblatz,' so I think It pROl wasn't even the Smith brain* made, it Kennr i» » ttlee,-tW|»l child; but I don't feel R»rt*«uJMl|L set up because ot his, attentUw»* H; t "Isn't U t fi" C>«ilv letting- Ana's remarks PASJ, when the King girl bat hep oa all tj»t .*« didn't boU clutch?" trace of chtlUniss. "Keangfc her ftl«»4«Wp w?» v » neighbor attaUt-'iilnoe sbe dancw extwotdtei _ and dresws wall, »ad U g.oo41 be WXi, He liked to pi*? wU» 1 sometimes; but be BOW ot marrying her, an$ «M' I Imagine ate |» tire* of and wlaheg to »ftvry. Phil is go handsome, and : ny is so flomely,* "I dont tbtnk ]»«*• oily wl4 «W Bli frtcWesi Md teeth that leap «Jt ft y»ft Imk sooa kiss a q«tBc«. H , "Have you kisaeft H»f ' ' «Not tbat lit & «»¥ of you? iiMbrt but } htvtqlwiqd I won/ti, 8M here, Cissy, it y««'re « bim, and his. money, and bin i »nd bis family-«-why don't; bim? I'll trade bim for f green satin mules that 8*rnr you. I'll trade bto and ' somethiaf to boot for-*-" Bui tt was M «ad come from ber tryst Hw

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