Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 16, 1932 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 16, 1932
Page 2
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ta «»!»*Sew*a. l%*4> »•* **^ R JjRraiSt wotk ef the d*y, b«^a£ 1 »me not injettns bf B6J|heyisi«^^S^^ »tt4tWlPtv*i¥«ar* imys „„.„ read Esaad Nith ia, what ta Th* SH*'. PUtrorm *', , Iff^ * fr^falfe'-T? J , *'»*«»* ftH^*' tft tfmprtwd cotmt^'i ortotmt 6«a*t!<«o Ant eft-op«ta«vc effort *A* .-.!/&'* jWiWr< NoMdreUdie. that> and you kno* more about Russia i^6wliiEto/ift6lW^ m **b w ^ 0 nave tnfll<s "" *^ W ' ^uS&ite c«tat*tf the last fourt ° Wtjgmphy tOWera above a lam .^...isft* that haitteen ahildish and »#«$• the Rtassteflrlwmfc Men- and w/ ^mtwhite. t&ttd qf the C&af? ... ^y? They should have i Ber> teadsts* They\came back _...„- - ir -^- Tr ism.- ©a? e-d¥r*spontle*te were suppose* to findfottto^hAt had hap'pejwsf.in Kusster~hut they ruined- it all by »tte»^in» to iind;o\|t;Wh^t .Was wrotnk > ttdtn^jty, when a, nation has jUs' „„,,„ prepefty, eliminated mons$, — r -—,.,, ._ 0 j, ftftd disQned Odd—finding oat "wHat ia w*dUiT is a Brit our correspondent* have painfully set it dow%.item by item, lust "what is wfong" in Russia today—and'the-re- sult is tWe aren't half a dozen man. in any America* city but what believe the grownup gestures of the *•*-'*" Russian- babe constitute a threat against our civi it's absurd. Russia may talk and act like a nations, but Americans are too good poker recognize the bluff. ' . .. Essad Bey "calls" that bluff, in a book telhn$e the> f air and unprejudiced story of the man who now rule* Russia s 180 million peasants. ... Instead of giving'argument to a Bolshevists views,oa state ajttd property and marriage arid God, consider thejcold hard flct of governmentwhich Essad Bey reveals, the K-"" siaa Soviet up against: _ . : Joseph Stalin istthe slender thread upon which hangs _,law and order-in .Russia today. He ^.Russia as we know-her. they used to be/ according to Mme. tw^M, «xandv opera favorite of yesterday, who America for a farewell tour. She can t find *<f * - ^ . • •at majority of American women—and' men, - v*^three cheers, because ladies, in the crinoline, SR sfl^sft. of the nice old word, are out. Pedestals inifovtabte; Women are having; a much more in- 'tme/since they slid down. Men may not adore ^ndify-but they like them much better. A'lady on Could; never get very close- to life. -""—^Ofllisfejijl at Shalot, as -you may remember, was WhefcSir.iaUncelot rode away without mak- Mmt^she^ lay down and died. That was all a lady at'the modern girls, whom Mme. Tetrazzini does LL ''-'-re- a, fairer, broader sense of values. They *" '* corner. They have been there. And or two they, fight a-ljttle harder in- W a^IUHULVT V* UVTVP VJU^VJI- -*>*&**•* »n a< cttrbstone and crying. \ women are- no'longer conce»ned utdren. SttB % a/aurprisingly larfe- who.are worlpno; are doing-it in sir families, and tg help te^v&w* WM^-.usually brings a drifting memory of wiligt»t»,ish'm white hands tiiat play with, a silver tea ' " '5e»'f8we«ti an* a' little* breathlesa that sipg old VIGX& Sidy has become confused with romance, * 'hj4ven?t changed at alt. Teteazzini doesn't iQiit.this. Thq girls who spun their dreams vw^^at Camelot and Astolat in the shy old days,. were basieaBy the same aa those who run depart• "-'" pqund typewriters. But the modern girl, 9t into th,e world and be part of it, has a !9 k a better understanding of the work W T " . . _t Experts say 1 women are becoming bald. Henceforth; when women lose, their heads they'll be easy to find. Baldness will.certainly, convert most women frorn wags to'wigs. And, although 'they spend' a lot of money on their faces, 'hereafter, they'll have to spend' a little' more to top it off. ; Already women'are! besieging- hairdressers.- But it won't, be 'long,; before women will be calling them hairguessr ers—and many:,other;things., .', A golt.ctub hdis been invented that plays' sweet music if'jo'u hit the ball Ti^t., Giving; the efftct, gerhaujs, of •'t- .'. ^ t ', VSXfi'iJ^ff^ •*> ''-'" . How all we. need is a fishpple that can take pictures. ' Laneburg • ^>w«*wKaBi«»/ nas m.— ,wy<F<*Mded by LeHl ott IPtncI.,m av/FfQKt ttOtBWM»ii-* "K " um»wp»o w w^-*e..." -T^.-— 5&pAl#m».bttt KQW lo»2 will that governments last whose &er petuity.depend*ona,cantittUQUs,Une of gejUusesJojr rulera? Evefcin the United Stateftrand Great Britain, two ms . By ttif Jcettt, .— combined they cqul4 wduw and be enaWed to jtili jwxinn* UlOTi -r"V J • owVlVffr IBWW^wWwjf nrwoK * fnf*w* •» * »»— — ~ v r attd tote up.the Hook.fiat Lenin, start- have Tf<rts$ with »f^*w^wv i^» ^^7^-J ^ &» Ctenghis Khan or ,, the United Stateftra,nd Great Britain, two we* empff«B, We scorc«!y hope for a » .»..«* But Russia, the child among nations .needs must hav« cotttiftttou» «*iea of wMaea or M > to swash - wll nfev« make the tftttde^ SW tuwn't that Wflft of gove^wfient whiefc builds m its ctansi so that they &* too mucK of one man, but mawh forward uftdeif the momentum , Russia wueitettfs nolhinjp new. AU that the Bolshevists have shoutedabout state and- property and marriage and God, was 'shottted a sefttury and a half ago by the French rev- k They shouted it, and then they put it into effect ou remember the rest of the story? Robespierre, Batitoft And-then—KttpQleon, Is StWltt Russia's Third Man? . Ww should worry about that- It is more important that we stop taftintt nonsense about Soviet Russia's domestic pro- 1 ess , writing frem tlwe t* time the dJtf»r«ftt of county an* cutting dawn the overhead of cottnty county mp Vttattd for consftlWatlon than tnogl th* counties arotwd h«w. W* f«J go Bought** grains any possible 1 bearing upon American business and life and ma^nners. . . . , Russia has iust started. France is the finished product. Taking Russia seriously nowadays would be just as cruel and unfair as overhearing some smaU boy's boast thatjie was gdjng to be a jroliceman when he grew up, and, then holding him to bait -VVC*"-' 3v*»W%* *^n %¥«MW%*7|t f*t- W****^* w**v«w* wuv»***»»«.^ »* ...» .. — ^eteraaredo, morfrsympathy and wisdom and tolerance and *~ '"-*- r^jcommon sense. fye feat as. much of a mystery as she was in the ,r 0f «f*en slie st^ed at home until th& moon came up-, but ^e^njiidejaJUy more interesting and companionable. Dis. ,.,..11 'M tokine a, seat in the game means not being a lady ahe».nojr the men who know her, mind in the least. ir^># ! > '•• ft'ViA, The Bonut Again i IK' »«M aoidieraf bo»u& discussion showing signs of life. It was supposed^ to. have been settled for some time to come by ru*« action of the American Legion convention a few months ago wW the demand for further cash settlement was voted A& in the case of the negative vote at the previous con- K , • ywjwon in Boston, the action of the Legion as o whole didn't *' -»tep'9gj*»Mon of smaller groups or the activity of the nation ;" sFwgS&tive committee of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. , • & bJBJ has. baen introduced in Congress calling for im- '»inediate fnllpfty^nt of bonus certificates. It is claimed thot many congressmen who were neutral or opposed to such: ac' tidtt at onetime are now favoring the bill It 5» claimed also "1 tBAt full payment would increase the circulation of money in '^ tWft country by |l8 per capita* / Neither the dire prophecies of disaster nor the extrava '* fSW»t promises of widespread benefit following the enactmen .- of the. fo»t bonua measure came true. Other factors were so 1 ba# that the bonus millions didn't make, much of a ripple m " the national situation. Yet for that very reason congressmen '/ou&jit to be slow to fall for the argument as to increasing - money in cirettJatiw by another cash payment. *!, K?ito»lt ateo b« borne in mind that in the very un- -^oftlajjeed oatlpnal budget which is troubling private citizens '" ' ftiift nuWit olfteiala «like, allowances for pensions and other grants t» w»r veterans already mate up one of the largest tota)a of gov»rnment expenses.—Harrison. Times. P»y Your Debts O JflB of the factors'that is impeding business recovery ia the poor colje^tiojaa of armost all business enterprises. In masy «tae« the failure to pay debts is due to the fact that the o>btai'» Sf$ URaJble to collect what is owed them. But there OT« uumirouft JBjstaneea where advantage is being taken of tte d*i»«eaiBfl tP defer payments that could be made without embajr*»roeot w injury. All peirsons guilty of this sort &f ' i are. gaftif thenfaelves as mueh harm as they are do- Sialone Health in-this part of the county is good at this writing, except- colds. Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Martin spent Sunday "with Mr, .and Mrs. "W. T. Simpson, • , . . Singing; at Corenth was, fine- Saturday night: Every one come next time. Elder R. L. Martin filled his appointment at Ashdown Saturday and ^Sunday. ' • Miss Opal Gresham spent Thursday night with Misses Pauline Martin a Myrtle Franks. Paris Marti 'nspent Sunday night with Harold. Martin. Misses Pearl Wenferry and' Odie Mar lor called on Myrtle Franke Tues.- ay afternoon. ( Floyd Marlor and family spent Sunday with Bill Martin and family. Miss Myrtle Franks and Pauline Martin spent Sunday with Mrs. Rober ilartin. We are still having plenty-of .rain. Health, is pretty good at present. Preaching was well attended' here Everyone present heard an. interest in gsermon, both Saturday and;'Sun day by Rev. W: E. Thomason, Mrs, M; Di Armstrong and " f son spent Saturday night witK Ut R; At mand and family.' . •'.'',. Most every, one has finished movih around here. . We are sorryV tO; los Eddie Hart and family from our com munity. •-.., Several from this-place are^ attend- ng court; at-Prescott this weefe ' . , Mrs.. Munn. McGough's mother, : Mrs. Butcher ia visiting her at present. Mr. and Mrs. C. Q. Wo|wl,ey "'-' er parents. Mr., and Mrs. Bill Monday. _ ,'.••.... • We had.' seyerat" interesting fames lately. Central, hoys, and ilayed Rosstoa Tnursday, evening, :entral winning, both games. F?id«X jverfing Central boys, and, gills, pkixed, ~ li l our boy's won 'biat.'oiir : girls lost. " - • Miss Nora Hazzard hM. returned lorn efrom a- fe wdays visit with'- her wother and family at Rocky Mound. Sheppard Little Gladys CorneUua has, be.en pretty sick since Friday; but is better flow. , ...''.." Manda Jackson, has. been sick but is up, again. Mr. and?Mrs. Tommie McBay spent Saturday night with. L. C. Mc»ay's folks of Battle Field. Walter Cornelius waa sbopRing in Hope- Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Spring; of Pul ton called on Mrs. Alice Finley, their aunt, Sunday afternoon. Roy Cornelius was, visiting, in Hope Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Cora McBay. and daughter, til lie Maud, and*Mrs. Pearl Cornelius were visiting in Sheppocd Saturday evening. William Hor^on and Family have moved to Powers from this community. Newell. Huchelia and wife and his father, Mr. Jackson, who formerly lived; near Patmos have, moved into otir midst or*, the place owned by John Sunday: school was fine- here Sunday. Some visitors who. we welcome and invite them back, 'Mr. arid Mrs. Mouser and sons,, of Hope, visited' at the home of their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. 'Aaron, Sun- 'day. '.-.",' -.'' ' . Mir. and Mrs. Roy Rodgers and children, Mr. and Mrs, Early McWilliams and children'were dinner guests in the W; A. Walker home^Stifaday. Misa Liilie Middlehrooks, Mrs.. C C. Westerman of Hotfe and, Mrs. Chil- don, of; Ne*viUe* aU swHaweond Cobt- and wif«:of U>is>Bbc*-wew,afk visitors in th.«ftt«wnc* cut MK and Jphn B^ece, 9f Qsje thfthome >:?.l."t< .''•'• Anttoch Mr. and; Mjs, Rpbcrt- Edwards anc family, from Ij>rescott are., spending a few days, visiting in this, 1 community Sara. Crabb, Mrs,, Madle Harden anc Misses, Irene Harden and- Beatrice Crabb visited in Texarkawa Sunday Misa G,eola Lane weiiv.with them tc hec home aJUsr an extended visit- in .this, comraunUjr. •.:.'. Perry. Dougaiv left Sunday a for, Kil gore,'Texas, where, he will spend few days. . Bev. and Mrs. J. W. Xork and MU Bulah^York visited in our community Monday. Mist Katie Lane from, Texarkana i sptiadiog a-few days beer with friend and relatives.' Several from this community are at tending count at Prescott this week. M*.and Mrs. Elmer McElroy spec Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs Sid Dougan, • ' tittle John Allen and C. D. Gr«e Jr., are spending a few. days with Mr and Mrs. Lee Cook. The Golden Fleece! It would b* aa piofitable to the debtors as to the creditors |(» itt«l*Wa t»> bjajtaJd promptly• This would mean that the naditor* i» twra eoold discharge theiy own obligations and " , invest a»me of the surpllW in business expansion. Put-; monjey into circulation would start the wheels ot aviag an d^hft d^tora would receive their share, of »» dwvakOe from a reyivaj of business prospewtx. , _.. „ ,; debts a* a«e» aft yt>» can and you will get your & j.fc? •" ^JJA rf Xtb«k^ ^w^SJJ 1 ~ ———-.*». mM*x/v**fnhi o * /^/w»/wi/i/>»/»-}rt / Health in this, community is pretty good at this writing. Sawing; wood "•ems to be the order of the day. Mrs. May Erwin was the guest of her Ister, Mrs. Opal Carlton Saturday. Miss Ruth Purtte was the guest ol Miss Clara Davis, Friday night. Eddie 'Carlton and wife and Mrs. Lizzie Carbon were visiting relatives tt near Union Saturday. Friends were very sorry to hear of he- death of Mre. Nannie Hawuv who was, buried at this place tost Tuesday evening. Bro Bright and Bro. Erwin conducted the funeral M, M. Mitchell and family were guests of W. L< Shipp and family Saturday/ night. • J.ett Loe- and wife were the guests of'her parents, R, E. Dillard Saturday night; and Sunday. Misses Ruth and Blanche Pttrtle were the guests of Mrs. E. M. Woosley Sundav. night., ftoy Carlton and; wife, spent Sunday afternoon with her parents,' Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Dillard. Mrs. E. M. Woosley and daughter Edna, were the- guests of Mrs, Era Ghormley Saturday. Buck Hawin and children moved in the house with F. A. Dtllard Thursday. H., L, Purtle and; family were the Cliy of ftofte-ta ,—-— NashvUto, P*«*w>t»» UwJiVlU* and Texatkana. AW ol thwe countjr seals could be reached In one hoUt's «me on our good roa.dk in an a.utotnobile and white it might not be practical to oono9o\idat« all of these (Aunties It would certaiiiily be the most practical thing In the world to consoldiate two or more of these counties to. cut down overhead expenses of the various of- It is true that, some off these off tees, perhaps, would have to have additional clerks but they could all be controlled and managed like all large business* are being managed in the United Staites by a few superiors and .high priced officers. The people, of the State of Arkansas and the property owners especially ai* very much overtaxed and In times of depression like this they are compelled to, abandon the most necessary things In order to support a targe number of offices and commissions. It seems to be the policy of the Arkansas Legislature at every session in the last few years to raise the taxes and Increase the commissions and bureaus. We see these commissioners rWing every day over th» state on salaries that are above the average living man, all at our expense. If we were to consoldiate our counties the various deputies and constables throughout the counties could perform'all the services that the counties need and we could increase our school taxes sufflcent to support our schools in a creditable manner, imp r ove our roads and reduce our taxes by the saving of overhead expense. There is no other large business in .the State, of Arkansas that is handling their business with as- large an over Health Is very good at thii , •Mr. »nd.Mr». 6b« BeftVert Jtrt net" guests at Mr.- ana* MrvJ . Mfsses Mary Johnson Malone spSht Sfchirdajt Misses Marie and- Cecil- C > MtM Kfltlt'.QoSd ao«M night With Miss Ruth Boule. < Miss, Mildred BeaUert'cnllejd i Marife Cufiunlnga Sunday a head as our very 'County Governments. January 15, 1932 ' J. A, SULLIVAN. 'Hope, Arkansas. guests of their daughter, Louteen Mitchell Thursday night •> » • Washington Rt. 1 Health In our community is just fine at this writing, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Button visited mour OI P „„„„ their brother and wife J. C. Button Mrg ^ox served Monday. Mr. and Mrs.Kermie Atkins moved back to Bottle Field last Thursday. Miss Wilma Ru^h Roberts was the ily spent Sunday ia Miss Audrey Cox who is attending A.. Si M. college at Magnolia, spent the week end with hec parents here. Mrs. Paul Hanson of Hope spent Friday visiting her mother here. Mr.- and Mrs. Max Cox of Hope visited here Sunday. Mrs. W. B. Cox, ST., Mrs. W. E. Cox Jr., Mrs. Herbert Cox and Mtes Audrey Cox visited in Hope Saturday. Dew.ey Hendrix of Hope was here Monday. W. E. Cov, Jr., entertained four Edwejrd .VlfUddl* an* have been seen 'in o,ur lately. • . Miss Lawrence Bxltt and her. spwftt Sunday. afternoon Norman and family. Green Laseter' Mr. and Mrs. Raymond BOM, j Mr. and-'Mrs. Sam England -•'" with Mr. and Mrs. Rosa and! Sunday. Misses Eleanor McWttllams Louise Robertson-/called on Mr.S Mrs. Carl Reece Sunday, Marjorie and; Jack. Butler visiting friends and relatives it community Saturday night and| clay. ' Mrs. Baitey called on Mrs. a while-Thursday evening. Tom Barr has returned.' to hifl after a f pleasant visit with, and 1 friend* of this place. Several young people-from th munity attended the party. Grove Saturday night. Rent It! Find It Bur U! Sell With HOPESTi WANT Al The more- you tell, The quicker you Ml) 1 insertion, lOc per minimum 3Qc 3 insertions.. Tc pee 111 minimum 50c 6 insertion*, 6c per . . . , ., tables of bridge- Friday. Mrs. Htcks of guest ol Mis* Lillian Williams Sunday and they with Albert Williams of Cale attended Sunday school at Holly Grave Sunday afternoon. Those visiting at the hom<» of A, P. Clark Sunday were/. Mr. and Mrs. Clovis Little, Mrs. Ive Bain, Mr. and Mcs. John Robinson. MUs. Gladys Williams spent Saturday night with the Misses Clark. Mrs. Lee Gorham spent Saturday afternoon with! Mrs. Poole. Bro Scott was. visiting at the home of Lee Gorhnm Thursday of last week. M. V. Derryherry and family visited Mrs. Gilbert Clark at Boughttw Sunday., Mrs. H. W. TuruwrlaJie visited her aunt at Prescott Sunday, who is very sick. Harry Derryherry is at home from Kansas, Mrs. Eddie Sutton. spent a while Saturday afternoon with Mrs. Sam Atkin*. , We aie. sorvy to report little Charles Salishurg. is on the sick list. But is better now. A crowd Qf the. young, folks gathered at the home o( Sam Atkins, Saturday rught and Wfnt from there to the hows of H fe. Sutton, where all report a jolly ttrae, W .T. Bain made a business trip to Hope Saturday. Miss Annie Clark spent a few days last week with her s«rter, Mrs, J. C. Atkins, he Misses Morton, Thursday night of Hope won high and Mft. T. H, Seymour of Fulton second high prize, a delightful salad course. Roy Cox and Ralph Moser went to Magnolia Sunday-. Cecil Weaver of Hope was a visitor here- Monday. 26 insertions, Sc per minimum HQQ (Average 5Vi words. tQ<l NOTE—Want advertiser cttpted over the telephone charged with the unders,, that the bill is payable on, I tatiori of statement, tbe.r 1 publication. FOR RENT] > Hinton We sure are having some bad rainy weather now. Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Lewis's new houso has been completed and they have moved into it. Several from here attended the dance at Dutch Huckabee's last Saturday night. « Tommie Ralph Gibson was a Hope visitor Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Effie Bair and Miss Iline Rogers spent Monday with Mr. and Mrs, W. L. Cox and family. We, are sorry to report that little Katherinc* Ellldge got badly burned, one day last week. We hope for her a quick recovery. Mr. and Mrs. John Huckabea and son, Don Lewis^ ol Hodcaw. were vis.* iting in the home of Mr. and Mrs, Wallace Lewis, Sunday. Herald Panne called to see Miss An? nie Ratliff Sunday evening- Mrs. Vera Ward and Mrs. Pearl Huett called to see Mrs. Norce Qdpm last Thursday afternoon, Mv. and Mrs. Tom Vass have moved into our community. Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Odom have moved near Patmos. Fulton Mrs. Randolph Hornby ol Piescott and Mifta M4tti» Royslon of Littte ctk were week «nd visito*'S oerex MBS. L, A. Foster Qf Hope was. a iC«o.t visitor hw«, Mrs. L. J. GUtatpie of Hope and Mrs, Shulta ol Fulton w«re , dinner guests of Mrs. C. E. Royston and Mrs. J. J. Batik). Wednesday. Tom Crosnoe of Hope was a bus»ness visitw oe«« . W- H> Orton w«s a visitoj to Hope . Mrs. T. J. Logaw, Miw Lenora W»l SOB, and Miss Auna , , Mr. and Mrs. C« Wtft fW,- Battle_FieW Miss Louise Lay of Oklahoma City is visiting her sister Mrs. Collier Stevenson of this place. John Hy man Yocom' died January 1. He was laid to rest at the Smith cemetery. Mr. Yocom had been in ill health for some time. Mr. and Mrs- Frank Hill from Spring Hill were the Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. E- Reid. There are several cases ol me|slea vi this community at this time. Robert Martin from Spring HiU called to see Miss Jeunette Roberts Sunday afternoon- Mrs. Willie Tarpley from Spring Hill was the dinner gv»e»t of Mi. ^nd Mrs. Kennie Atkins. Mr. and Mrs. Perry Johnson 004 little son, Perry Jr., spent Sunday with Mi-. «nd rM> Ben WUfon. FOR RENT—Furnished a[ day phone 3ft night phone 73 JTOR SALE OR ,-„ School Bus with contract, trade. Will accept in tra. farming tools and feed stu Newberry. IrOR RENT—Rooms with 1 .Jiflne 374W. Mrs. S. R. South Pine.. FOR RENT-Front bet- ing bath, close in. Phone FOR BENT—Five-room house. Close in. Micfdlel eery. Phont 6Q6 WANTL™, WANTED—To share my j couple without children, Davis, East Third street, WANTED-Mrs. Frank , Mrs. Ed. McCorkle to have at the Checkered Cafe Mor FOR SALE FOR SALE-Who wsntsl piano like- new? Now in t ity. We will sell it for. the. „ ance due and make terms ratj return it to stock. Write, phone our expense quick send our truck after it. 6%. & Co., Texarkana, Ark-Tex. lOST LOST-iialtese'cat wittf on breast. Return to- F Cornelius apartments.. NOTICE 8c per. ptouod. Rough Pry Sc per pound 1 , eludes, the ironing of your f If you desire shirts ironed: ha Wkep out of the bundle i for 8c ea*h. Damp Wash, 3c per powad, anc} wcung damp, or if you flat pieces ironed 4c per pou . CLEANED ANB Cash and Carry 4«cj Daliv Ladies' 1907. 69c-up. Loundjy, Phon» l il .

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