Medford Mail Tribune from Medford, Oregon on July 17, 1924 · Page 1
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Medford Mail Tribune from Medford, Oregon · Page 1

Medford, Oregon
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Thursday, July 17, 1924
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Medford maii j Tribune The Weather l'rtNlh'tion Cloudy tonight Modi' into t(MiiMiiittirt 1-YMuy. Maximum yt'sU'iilay hk Minimum Unlay -IU Weather Year Ago Maximum 86 Minimum Ml Oilly Nineteenth Tear. Weekly Kilty tliird Yiu. MEDFORD, OKWiOX, Til L'K'SDAY, Jl'l.Y 17. 1LM XO. 99 EAR BRITISH 0 Aviator MacLaren, Now 36 Hours Overdue May Have Landed at Isolated Point Weather Conditions Conducive to Safety. TOKFO, July 17. (Ily Associated Presa.) Although thc-re has heon no news received here up to this afternoon of A. Stuart MacLaren anil Ills party of Hritish aviators flying around the world since they left Iake Tushl-lnoye, on Yetorofu island, in the Ku riles, at un early hour westerday morning, no anxiety is felt here as yet for their safety. MacLaren should have completed a flight to Paramo-shim island, about 4SG miles north of his starting place, hy noon yesterday. However, it is believed likely that he landed at some intermediate point in the Kuriles, far from radio or other communication with the outside world. Iirought on Bay. Shitnushlru island, where the advance party for his flight laid down a. fuel and supply base, is believed the most probable point of this-landing. Tho Japanese destroyer Izokazo has searched as far north as Shimushiru island without finding any trace of the aviators and the destroyer Hama-kaze, which was on duty at Parama-shiru to aid the fliers, is searching southward thence. Tho original MacLaren party included, beside the commander, Flying Officer W. X. l'lendeiieith and Sergeant H. IT. Andrews. These three were Joined here by Lieutenant Colonel L. O. Broome who led the advance party which laid down a number of supply dumps in the Kuriles, the Aleutians'and in Alaska. Tho latest reports on the weather In the Kuriles where the American filers were delayed by storms and fog Raid It was cloudy but there was no wind which circumstance is regarded as favorable to the fliers' safety. TOKIO, July 17. By Associated Press.) No trace of A. Stunrt Mac-Ijiren, British aviator overdue at Paramashiru island in the Kuriles, with his companions in nn around-the-world flight, had been found up to nine o'clock tonight. Macljiren then was more than thirty-three hours overdue. Japanese destroyers nre continuing a search for the missing party. BOARD V. S. COAST GUARD HA IDA, July 16. (By wireless to th? Associated Press, via St. Paul Island). (Delayed) After receiving additional coal nt Petropavlovsk. the trawler Thlerpvnl was prepared today to start out in search of A. Stunrt MacLaren, British around-the-world aviator, who with his two companions, was reported overdue at Pnramushiru island, according to a wireless message received from tho vessel by the Ilaida. After returning to Dutch Harbor. Alaska, with the steamer West Jena in tow, the Maida wil steam toward Attu island and assist the British globe flier when he reaches that territory. HELD FOR DRUGS SEATTLE, July 17. Notified today of the arrest In Snn Francisco, Oil., of Ng Jock Lock, wealthy Chinese and seizure of $20,000 worth of drugs, said to have been sent to him in a trunk from Seattle, government officials announced that one of the most powerful narcotic smuggling rings In the United states had been broken up. The arrest followed closely the capture Tuesday of Charlie Wons and Harry Tom, Chinese, and Herbert Samuels, aboard a train en route to San Francisco with IS5.000 worth of narcotics near Centralla. Wash. Agents declared that they have located the channel through which flows a major portion of narcotics being smuggled Into the western states. JAZZ KILLERS PLAN CHICAGO, July 17. Stories that Nathan Leopold nnd Klchnrcf I-ob, confessed kldnaprtfrfl-slnyoxfl of Hob-ert Franks first planned to make their fathrr or Loeh's ten year old brother the victim, have been characterized by the proserutinn a "propaRanda tie signed to further the Insanity theary of the defense.' The defense Is endeavoring to make the youths appear as diabolic as possible, In order to prove that both are VICTIM OF THRILL MURDER, SCOUTED ib.uuu fULti dukw ri rpTDIP CTflDM Axle Grease Done Up in Dainty Packages Sold As Asthma Cure LOS ANGELES, July 17. Sell- lug uxle as a cure for asthma caused the arrest of George G. Watklns here yester- day on a charge of violating the, state pharmacy act, according to tho Killce, who said the livery f stable lubricant, done up in dainty packages, was dispensed fr to asthma victims at fifty cents un ounce. it ! HELD A MYTH Footprints Made With Knuckles of Hand Abyss Where Ape Man Fell When Wounded Contains Nothing Smith Party Still Clings to Story. KKLKO, Wash., July 17. The story of the seven foot tall "gorilla men" who last week, it is related, attacked Marion Smith and his party of gold hunters from Kelso and routed them from their cabin in the mountains near here last night was declared a myth. Two of Uncle Ram's forest rangers. J. H. Huffman and William Welch, after a personal investigation at tho scene of the reported activities of the "ape men" told a Post-Intelligencer staff correspondent that they had found nothing whatever to substantiate the prospectors' tale. True, they found a purported footprint of one of the "animals." Huffman, howover, with tho knuckles ami palm of his right hand, duplicated the imprint perfectly with the statement "they were made that way." Welch, accompanied by Fred Beck, one of the members of the prospecting party, went to the edge of the abyss into which one of the "gorillas" is said to have toppled when wounded by one of the party. The ranger scrambled down into the supposedly inaccessible canyon and found nothing. The cabin occupied by the prospectors was also examined but despite the four large stones, which the "gorillas" nre supposed to have used in their bombardment of the structure, the rangers were Inclined to the belief that they were placed there by human hands. Tho members of the Smith party still stuck to their tale but Welch declared that these same men had been going into the mountains and returning with similar stories for the past five years. Tv-RT.HO Wnsh.. .Tiilv 17. OnlV tracks of cougars were found where ape beasts were said to have been seen in the Spirit Iake region by mining prospectors last week, it was re- ,wii-ru,i ii 1 tn r Pn rlfwr TTrn nlf Hetn and Hoy Dailey. who were the first of a number of explorers to make an ex pedition into that section, when tncy ....i.i.m.i n L'.ilu, ttila mnrnlni? Thpv completely discredited the report that wild men had been seen there or had made attacks with rocks. The men wild they slept In the canyon all night and found the country no barren there that they believed It next to impossible for animal life to survive there. Kaelo Ihml MIssliiK. I.OS ANGELK8. July 17. Encle boat twelve, out of San Diego, which has !een missing for more than a week Is still unaccounted for, although It was reported yesterday she was proceeding to nort, according to a wire- I less message received today by the Federal Telegraph company here. Famous Dull Diet ' KKATTLK. .Inly 17. Matador Segls Walker, a noted dairy sire, owned by S the Carnation farm at Carnation, Wash., north of here, died yesterday. The animal has been head of Carnation herd fur ten years and h:ut descendants In many dairy sections of ' the world. He was valued at $L'5.000. TO MAKE fATHERS rrnzy. according to Dr. William O Krohn. alienist, who will testify for the Btate. Tho prosecution contends that the hoys were normal, healthy and well educated and expects to ln- trod uco evidence In support of that ' contention at their trial, which opens Augun 4. I A plan to radiocast the trial has been advanced by a Chicago new-1 pnper, which has nunmiued a reier-. endum on the subject to Us readers. J GORILLA IN RANGERS ATLANTIC .1 American Girdlers at Brough, England Plans to Be Overhauled Before Last Leg of World Girdling Launched New Engines Installed. BROITQH, England, July 17. (By Associated Press.) The American army around-the-world airplanes arrived here from Croydon at 1:08 o'clock this afternoon. The nviatoi-H found awaiting them every facility for the rapid overhauling of the machines, including all the necessary spare parts, extra wings, instruments and controls. If the survey to be made shows any of these parts are required, including new engines to be installed before the hop-off from Kirkwall, they will be ready for Instant installation. If the survey shows only nioderMo "ar and tear it is anticipated the work can be completed within three days. The wings and wires of the planes in some cases will require replacing, but Lieutenant Lowell II. Smith, the flight commander, is confident everything will be shipshape about August 1 for the last big jump. LONDON'. July 17. (By Associated Press.) The American army world fliers hopped off this morning for Brough near Hull where their planes will rest for a week or ten days while their planes will be fitted with pontoons for their jump to the Orkney islands. Half a dozen Knglish planes wero in the air when the Americans took off and Htarted with them on the 15ft-milo hop. The same American nnd British officials who yesterday welcomed the American fliers to England wished their guosts a good journey. The pilots of the planes will remain in Brough about two days. They will then'return to London while the machines are -overhauled. Oregon News in Brief POISTLAND, Ore., July 17. Purchasing ugents oC western states today opened their second annual convention here. C. J. Holers of Seattle, vice-president of tho National Association of Purchasing agents was tho nrinclnul sneaker at tho opening ses sion this morning. PORTLAND. Ore., July 17. Trap 0lt..,.i.,ru lctit western states and two Canadian provinces today began competing for cash prizes or jauu in the Pacific coast zone handicap tournament which will continue here until Sunday. ALBANY. Ore., July 17. Albany milk consumers will, after thla week-pay twelve cents instead of ten cents a quart for milk, it was announced by the local association of milk dealers. Tho two cent IncroaH'j is due, It is said, to tho Increased ms: of feed. OUKOON CITY, Ore., July 17. CheBter Newton, OreRon City youth and member or the United States wrestling team at the Olympln games, who took second place in his clans against wrestlers from all partn of tho u-nrl.l u-ili tm wlvnn n f iti ItiiT recei- tion when ho return.! hom3 next month. A banquet and reception 11 ml Ihn ft litiirPa nf 1 twt lorn 1 I i- wanis club will be the main features. ErOKXE, Ore., July 17. Arthur Llndley, 68, farmer living cat of Goshen, was fatally injured yesterday when he was thrown beneath the horses' hoofs when the tongue of the hay rake he was riding broke. Lindley had been a resident of Lan county for thirty years. POKTIjANI). Ore., July 17. John Itebsloek. medulist In Wednesday's play In tho Oregon state golf championship, was defeated by IJoyd H. Keurly of Waverly country club, one up, in the first elimination round of the championship flight today. !;. Hurt. Portland, defeated ft W. Pr'scott, Kugene .1 ami 4. J. H. Straight. Wnverly". defeated K. O. Immel, Kugpne, 6 and 5. ST. I-Ot'IS. July 17. Damage estimated nt $200,000 wn caused by a never electrical Htnnn enrly today which dedtroyed lfi.OOO telephones and 20,000 electric light connections. The r4-nille wind destroyed thousands of trees. Tho telephone system was In terrupted more than In any storm since the tornado of ltJlfS. officials aid. AUG unnnn nnirn nunii LLLUimu oiumifi Closeu p of Wife of r m.M y irm , A closcup of Mri. Chaiiet i I if . the wife of the Kctiublican nominee for vice president is tbc latest photo of her. FIRE SITUATION IN SOUTH NOW UNDER CONTROL Blaze in Sequoia Reserve Is Checked Flames Rage! 7000 Ft. Above Sea Level Near, Bend Washington Towns Safe 16 Fires in Idaho. SAN FRANCISCO, July 17. Continued improvement in the. forest fire situation in California was indicated in re port h received today at headquarters of the combined fire fighting agencies here, but shortly before noon no reports had come from several. of the fire areas since Inst night. The Hull Hun fire In the Sequoia national forest was controlled today at latOHt advices. No further trouble was anticipated unless the wind changed for the worse. HKND, Ore., July 17.A firo of un certain proportions was burning late yesterday near the headquarters of the east fork of tin; Dgh Chute river, close to the 1 fcwgluR-Klainnth county line, over 70(H) feet above una level, according to reports received here. All other fires in Deschutes county are under control with fairly high humidity lessening the fire hazard, it was announced. SPOKANK, July 17. -The line of forest fires in IVnd O'Reille county was still burning along a front oT about thirty miles today, word received here from the district said. .The towns of Tiger and lone in the heart of the fire area, were believed to he sale. The largest fire, east of the Pend O'ltcille river, was reported burning along a ten mile front. Sixteen forest fires were reiMirteci burning lit Stevens county and ten were reported in Coeur d'Alene mining district of northern Idaho. AMIANY. Ore.. July 17. Iss dam-ago by far was inflicted by the San-tiam forest fire near I'troit last week than was refuted from Mill City, Supervisor C. C. Hall reported upon his return to Alhany from the scene of the fire. Supervisor Hall said the area burn ed will not exceed H'OO acres. It had been reported at 4'MMi acres. The Hammond Lumber equipment consumed is probably valued at not more than $tn,K"i, Hall said. It had previously been estimated that the company's loss would mount up to $lfj0.000. OuuUc In I til sola MOSf'OW, July 17. Three person are reported killed ami tunny houses destroyed by an eiirthqimke nt Tashkent Wednesday. Several villages f it the shuck. G. O. P. Vice Presidential Nominee ssr ivsssv i mr, G. T)a;cet. This informal view of1 Then Dawes Plan Will Be in Effect Paris Thinks Eco- nomic Unity Depends On Underwriting On Guard Against Default, Reparations LONDON. July 17. (ISy Associated Press.) Preach members f the committee of the luler-alllcd conference dealing with tin authority of the reparation co!!!Mliision announced this afternoon their determination to Insist upon taking up by bankers of the proposed loan to (iermany as a condition precedent to the recognition that the Dawes plan Is In effect. The French members also expressed their Joint conviction that the economic unity of (iermany could not be re stored until the proposed loan was underwritten. The statement was made before the French officials entered a meeting of the committee formed by the conference to ileal with the authority of tho reparation cornmlMHlnn regarding action to be taken In the event of possible default of (iermany in the execution of the Dawes scheme. It is uudei'Htood, according to a French semi-official source, that the committee nf the conference which will decide on the means of naming tho A merican repre.sental Ive on the reparation coin minimi whose task it will be. In accordance with tho ller-riot-.Maedonald plan, to arbitrate the question of Ocrmany's eventual default, seems ill agreement to ask the International court at The Hague, to name this American representative. National Al IMIIkIiiiii;. It. H. K. Si x York 3 9 I iii-k 4 13 0 I'.ntti'i ii's: MrQulllan anil Knyd'T; MMTjX'M and Hlnlth. At Clil.iiKi). It. II. K. I'lula.l. ll.hia 2 7 1 rlili-iif" 3 11 0 llatHTlcH: HuMm.II iui.I !li-llne; Ki-i r anil ll:itlntt. AilH-rli-iiit At It. II. i: St. I.'.iiIm 3 6 1 Washington ' I) 0 0 lt:tth-i Ii'h: IiuvIh anil Kko; Kachary anil ltlli-1. At l'hllailnllihla. It. II. K. rhii'MK" an J I'hllailrliilila B 10 3 HuttTl": Thursliin anil CroUHO; Itnrnini'l. IttiniH anil I'l'vklnn. Iji-trolt Htmtim name pnntiirniod ; rain, Clivilanil-Ni'W Ynlk same nost-nontd; ruin. - FRANCE WANTS BANKS TO BACK GERMAN LOANS BASEBALL SCORES Originator of Nick Carter and Bertha M. Clay Tales, Dead NKW Y(l:K. July IT. John It. I'nryell. originator of the Nick Carter detective stories, died Tuesday in lieiidfield. Maine, his literary associates here have been informed. Mr. Coryell bean his writing career as a reporter on a San l-'runciseo newspaper but soon launched Into free lance authorship and amassed a fortune. The Nick Carter stories, most of which w.-re written by the late Frederick Van Rensselaer Dey. were suggested by Mr. Coryell, who wrote the first few of the series. Mr. Coryell also wrote some of the Inter novelH bearing the name of Bertha M. Clay. BILLON BALLOT Abolishment of Public Service Board Asked Claim Names Enough to Secure Place One Block of 4300 Names Ousted Ask Certification. SALFM, Ore., July 17. Petition for a writ of mandamus to compel Secretary of State Kozer to certify to namea on an initiative petition providing for abolishment of tho public service commission and to ;uit (ho bill on the November ballot was I'od with tho county clerk here today. Tho plaintiff is Jnsephlhn M, Othus, who with W. K. Richardson, and A. N. Reurle, all of Portland, submitted the original measure. The petition for tho writ alleges that while IS, 480 names wore secured to the initiative petition when under the law only ia,4U8 were required. Iliu petition was only credited with having 10,247 legal signatures and as a result its filing was rejected by the secretary of state. Tho petitioner charges that Kozer was asked t submit to tho county clerk of Multnomah county for certification a block of 4:100 names in connection with the petition, but ho refused to do so and that such block of names never was in the hands of tho clerk of that county for certification. Further, the petitioner states there were IMGH names of legal voters on the petition which were rejected as not being genuine. SAI.R.M. dr., Jcly 17. W. E. Itlcll- nnlHon, Portland attorney. Ih expected today to file tnandumtiH proceedings both In tho circuit court nnd tho hu-liri'tno courtM, nKalliHt Secretary of Ktato Kozer to force him to place on tho Initiative bill providing for tho alilnltlon of the public, nervlco com mission. Tho secretary rejected tho mensure because It lacked about 2000 signatures of the necessary number certified by county clerks. Tho Inl- tlatotH claimed they did not havo time to complete tho certification. It Is said tile mandamus may either demand that the secretary of ntatn placo the measure on tho ballot with the petition as It stands or demand hat ho send the defective 2000 names to the county clerks for certification. BAY MTCIEM MAUSlll'IKI.l), Ore., July 17. Offi cers tiro worklnu on a cluo that Timo thy P. I'ettls, nogro war veteran, wIiohg body wns found In tho bay last Satur day, wns dniKKod with poisoned moon- shine before he wan made a victim of ft double crime. INDUS KOZER TO PUT INITIATIVE STATE STARTS WAR ON AUTO SPEEDERS: 'HARD BOILED' COPS HA I. KM, Orp., July 17. T. A. Haf-ferty, chief Inspector for the stnto muter vehicle department Issued an order to till officers of tho state traffic bureau to "arrest all motor vehicle drivers who In any way violate tho speed roKulatlnns and "to prosecute them to the limit of the law." The order Is specially directed to the Kalem-Tlllamook highway, Tho Unllen-Ciillfornla and tho lower Co lumbla river hiiehways. nnd the Oro- uon Trull section ut ths Culuinbui DAVIS GIVES ! OETAILS OF ! FREAK NOIES Dry Methodist Spurns Because , Ha Headed Lawyers, Another Squeamish About Breach of Promise Suit Tammany Chief Calls. UKTST VAIXKY, N, Y., July 17. Ou what is probably the greatest adventure that can come (o any American, John W. Davis, to use his own words, "has discovered that the life of a presidential candidate is not a bod of roses." Mr. Davis announced his discovery last night during; a speech here arter a non-political reception by hfs neighbors. The doiiw eru tic nnmlnna rmiuoil laughter when he related the contents of two letters ho had received. One was from a Methodist and a prohibitionist, who will never vote for any man who had been president of a bar association. I The other writer was sorry to hear the nominee had been sued for breach of promise. Announcement of the choice of a chairman of the democratic committee Is expected todny. It Is reported that the selection has been made. Tho choice one roiort said, is Clem U Shavor or West Virginia. A tentative plan of campaign organization calls for the establishment of headquarters at Washington with outposts in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and other strategic centers. NKW YORK, July 17 When John W. Davis came to Now York from Ills country homo today ho had a long tils-cusHlon of cumpalKti plans with Senator Thomas J. Wulsli of Montnna, who Is chairmnn of the notification committee; (Mem Shnvor of West Virginia, onn of those under consideration for national chairman, and David Ladd Rockwell, who was manager for Mr. McAdno. It was expected he would announce his choice of campaign niun-agor before night. This will probably ho Mr. Davis' last day in New York before ho leaves for Maine tomorrow. Ho will spend tomorrow In the country. Among tho callora were Judge OI-vany, tho new lender of Tammany Hull, Judge Wescolt of New Jersey who placed President Wilson's name In nomination In 1912 and 1916, and John Godfrey Saxo, former state senator. Tho nominee moved today Into offices in tho Murray 1 1 III hotel, which will serve as his Now York headquarters. Senator Walsh was asked what he thought of the dispatch telling of the determination of his fellow senator from Montana, Mr. Wheejor, to support Senator l.a Folletto's candidacy for prosltlent. "I don't want to comment on Senator Wheeler's action except to' say that I regret It," said Senator Walsh. "Sonalor Wheeler Is a man of strong convictions and earnest purpose and I am sure he has taken the course that he thinks is his duty as a public spirited citizen. Needelss to say I do not agrco with him. "I have no doubt that Mr. Davis as president will be found advocating every snne and progressive measure as ho did when ho was In the house of representatives." Fast Horses Meet. NEW YORK, July 17. The entries or Black Cold, Kev, Ordinance and l.ndkin, have been received by the Jockey club for tho mile and a quar-tor race at Ijitonlo on October 11, in which Kplnard, crack French thoroughbred, will bo featured, It was announced Into tonight. BETTER THAN DEATH river highway and all Macadam road opens fur motor vehicle truffle. SAt.KM, July 17. Hotter have bntil-bolli'd state trafflo officers than hlllhwny tragedies Is tho policy enunciated by T. A. Kufferty, stnte chief traffic Inspector, In a letter sent out to tho members of his forco In various parts of the state. The letter directs that traftlo squad to enforce to the letter tho laws against speeding and urges prosecution to, the limit. ..j

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