Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 15, 1932 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 15, 1932
Page 4
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mtfst g&f , Sfcf 1— » tfttt, dfoS't Kef SON. "I'll give you my answer ow ah«uldVt of tafted that iii SE n«» «* .«*# . «*§«•«** f* •«*• 4* KM* hi*,. v«M«. fttoitv xxxni , help if said Mary "My fattUy would World tfitei of t& Gripes! - said , Hale*, hdn. *d M tbi on krtb trf Influence any dgafurt fief if«W« yon, -or got 'a happy home Mi ybtrr* erd*y t'iS ct&tt afiout yon At It froffl that And leave* me tell >*lflt your looks sBapaconld'sure go far— travel, I come home, 1 * dreamed Mary- t 'tod b# rleb and famous, presents" to everybody, be« tdrfclven. and—" • y**h, aura Now, after 1 .letter from Butt yesterday, ;t6 tblnkine-^ee? 1 got to I' tins back—see? Well, what was, why couldn't f Just skip oat, most any , (n;tie bns together. No nor keeping In touch |tefte¥i. tfke^u said—'' say. Oceeplng in touch " ^ It Was. We'd fcfDeBfejf;,ln slgbt ot a week, 'L A <L *••" sf * ..; t " kl , •.CanVmered Mary- fill* tutdt ol course, itli Wfdesmaiaa. and .as matd ot honor. But elft(Wn*BU Real romance! «.,/you heard about Mary* Fenwlck and that hand- tetmt it IS— " n— I've been mean- for qflfto A while to tell yon " ! «M£. AIT a 1 Jtiatte? of fact. I'm not; fixed to net married for about f (four i month* yet— MO? By (be fld wdfltlfir. Hera waa material ht, ghe mlgnt hate dotit Uiat Strl's. father t6r 9MM& Bid «v«* ted* «fl»a * s f»tter» . illy ni will d<» 10. sni might age , I* «iffl««J4» wtth th« at least* that M Had MM Matt-led and dl*ow«« tttd could not remarry Bettr* * ye»r mad :efirp«4d, or, gtairtttg her trustfulness, 6r ere- or both, aad without accoe- f«t wr of ctfpfdltjv tV4 might have bM« ftytittl!atftt# M to Ifie «««flt df 'tt« tmvtm to tfitfih Ma*} wlw go soon td fall heir. Hef atf«Wer flttfllly spoken, may or may not be indicative of the thought processes that contrived It. « fiould be engaged," 8ha said, ym «6fll«'e» fltt Mr elKOt' ther Denver, and I eonld go to tfi* girls' camp, like I'd planned. It Is going to be better thaa ever thW yea*, and Mr. Hill Is going tti arrange 80 EraWirude ana 1 can BSve rlda'ant^ eVe'r'yfh'ftfg 1 ! and ' my* knlckef suit already , and there's going to be a swimming etfarnameni. attd .jCfissy ssltf 1 cbufd EWimming suit, it is so much prettier than mine. We'd. have a serfrei etfgttgemdnt, and -*6 could write letters, and I'd dedicate 7 ong hours to go off in the voods and think about ydnV If -tile girls ihought it was queer, or. anything, Brmlntrude could kind of tell theifa -"Just hint, you -know— that ad a beautiful though kind of sorrowful secret We'd be faithful all through the years, and—" "Gripes!" he interp'ose'd. "What's tfie Use of all the agony? I'm. not much hand at writing letters. Never was. 'Nother thing, you're over- ooking the main Issue— see? What about the act? What's going to lappen to the act, with you off in that damn-^pardon me-^camp and me in Denver without a partner nor anything? Trouble with you, bon, you got no imagiriatien. .We're crazy about one another — see?; You being so 1 noeticai and ffrletty a-tfd'iit How'd I feel thinking about you eft. alone out h'ere, pfey to any evils and temptations that might come along, and not a happy home Ife nor anything? A ituddeds'fiK pertorner, he's got to put. his heart ntd It as well as bis H-ga^-see? Or t won't, get 'across. Itiwon't get across.'-' li^/ ' M^ 1 .; *v • You mean,'' Interpreted Mary- Frances, "that if I don't go with yoU It will ruin your professional career?" "Hell!" said a sorely overtrled and perhaps a slightly overwrought Mr. DeArmdant. "1 got no pro- 'esslonal career at present, have I?" "Well." rebuked Mary-Francea. "I it. way. ftst ftsrfot Bjywifi ^hat i mean to say Is— well, hew f tfean 13— l need you, Ffankfe; honest I do." The cro«n was heavy for bar pretty young toad, Her chin went down Instead of up. intuitively she knew that she had tt,on>the guerdon of womankind, "1 need ycrti." But the trouble WM, though she was aware of its worth and unaware ot its dangers, she did not- want It. Agenor was not hef> grandpa. « » • «TT ain't," ffiart went on, "that I * don't see your perfdt of t'lew and ail Hk« that; But I'm a gentleman.: If you know anything about me by this- thne you must know that I'm a gentleman— see! And t give you my Wortf of honor— my holy: word At hoflor— that I'd treat you square, see? Straight, see? And when 1 mean straight t don't mean maybe. And you wont be mQctr'-ttore anslous than 1 am tor the finals-thai Is to say, tor the final tltae to come when we can get married and everything open and aboveb&ird— ade?; 'Until that time cfitnesf, il'nt telling you, Frankle- 1 pals, buddies, absolutely. No t&ot« isfia no les's, seet" ' ; "Well,'' demurred Mary-Frarices» •I'll think , ft over again. Bu't i don't much believe I'd better go." '"thiak U over— huh? Say, listen' Frank le, if this was any other girl but you I'd think you was stringing' me— see?" Playing me for a sucker. I know you ain't I know how pure and sincere and unselfish you are and everything. But, just the same, you've been thinking this matter over for 'weeks now— see? We haven't got any more time to waste —see? Her"e it Is June already, and we got to go to Denver, and get the guy there to fix ua up on an act, and we got to rehearse it and get to Chicago In time for a decent booking in the fall. Now, like 1 was saying. We're crazy about one another. All right Why can't we take the buss and skip- most any night now? You could tell ydttr., folks you was spending the nigh't with your chum, and We ' d beatHf. VI can't keep on sticking around here— see? Come on.! now, Frankle? You ain't going to- leave me cold — fldt after everything you've said and all, aro you? Come me your premise, and we'll seat ft, like y6u say; with a sfeet little kiss." a litt,le on«A. stipulated iinjjprrances. •' ':/'•" '•' " Eafr said. "Crlpes!" when the little kiss was over, but be went on to say. "Sometimes It kind . of seems to me that you just take) it all out in talking. Frankle." "Earl!" said Mary-Frances. 'Heart's dearest!" "Sure. 1 know. I'm glad you're that type and all — see? But what hot!. Now. Now of —that's & good rule. YOU get to make up your mind, and that's all there Is to It— See? I got to beat it Out hefe bf the ntlddle of tSe Wet5K at the latest" , • •'i have to think It over 86m« more," said Msfy-Ffauces; "1 just have to." "How about tomorrow nlgtit, Monday, then?" ••well—" Mary-Frances ftooetled ("flrmintrude, I have promised? to gtVe him my answer this *ery aigbt")— "tomorrow night, teen, beloved." "Yea or no. then, tomorrow night #6 kidding? No fooling?" "t promise," said Mary-Frances, • * * C ECILY said, "You know, Ann, 1 do feel sort of better,'* and pushed away the bowl, emptied now of its hot, stimulating milk, and nibbled at tbe last crumbs Of torist "Not," she explained, "that I'm happier— but, well, just spunkier, maybe. You have been good for me, angel." • . . . Ann asked, "1, or the hot milk after you'd eaten nothing since yesterday?" and added, "Sister's gi*l," and picked Up the bowl arid plate to wash them along with the other dishes piled lu the sink. "I'll put .ettle on. ' Cecily sighed, "I suppose we'll have to do those ding dishes tonight. Mary- Frances might have washed them for on co. It wouldn't have hurt her." "It Is on and boiling. I'll wash them; you dry them. Mary-Frances would have, if you'd told her. She just doesn't think." "Well, we thought. We bad to, When wa Were her age." "I know. But we were different." "Yes, but why were we? 1 think we are different yet. And w bat Is, (he matter with us, anyway? Oflier girls grow up and have jobs, and boy friends, and good times, and are happy. After a while they get engaged, and then they get married and have babies and keep on beln'g happy. Look at us. Quarreling with our beaus and everything. Just' a mess." i "Well— Don't pour that watei oVer them, honey, it's too hot. Never mind, It was only a jelly glass. What was 1 saying? Oh, yes. We've Had worries and responsibilities all along. Sometimes 1 think Phil was right when x be"said that we. didn't have any definite point cpuld place and begin toj bop "Hope! Shoot, Ann— tbat'j we do "best. That's what We've al ways done — wait around and hollowly hope. You told me yourself, half an hour ago, not to hope. It Is the best bit of advice I've had. Look at Grand and Rosalie — hoping. Two summer homes, and — " "Poor dears." said 4fpn. '' ; (To Be Continued) •'._. - Do Unto Others Iff^fffA, N.'.Y.—'Twas a cold.morn- ifc-'and Fred DiPerna was ruining his " day fay laboriously trying to jlis frozen car. Along came a .motorist and offered to push « Jintil his car started. Later the aftcrndbii Fred came upon a main tHe sdme fix He Was. "Want ashed Fred. The motorist Uf». It Was the sarne fellow " fngly pushed* Fred in the ^__, "Oshat makes \a even," said i Fr*4, as h«-finished the job. Thumbed Into Jail . MT. CARMEL, Pa.—Ben Zaleski and Joseph Lutz stole two overcoats at Shamokin, State Hospital . A* they were leaving the hospital, Dr. G. W. Reese saw-them and telephoned police. In civilian clothes State Trooper.Sauer drove to Shamokin, saw the pair standing on a street corner and "stopped when they "thumbed" him for a •ride. Instead of taking them to their destination, however, Sauer took them to police barracks. Hard Blow LOS ANGELES, Cal.-Charles Lehman heard a suspcious noice in his front bedroom. Entering, he found his son, Lawrence, lying on his back with a tube from an open gas jet in his mouth. The father jerked the tube from his son's mouth and talked 1 to him. The son did not answer and thinking the son had not taken enough gas to hurt him Lehman went to his own bedroom. Early next day he tried to awaken his son, but he was dead. BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Lauf er Attack Victim ' * 1 - 1 < "" «/»*/. c ' <f * • j Mitt, N. C.-(*H*»p- dffi6t*s will. get a big chance on the University o£ North Carolina bo*ing earn this yeai\ ' Marty Levinson, l^pounder, Is pe nly refirtsf Coaeh 6fayto« Rowe has fl«k Its fefe-.*Ml« 0*»rfe 15, and Hugh Wilson, 175 are She .rlelps. Spend $10,000,000 a Year!—Here you see Princess Aga Khan former Paris shop girl,.who now helps her Ihdla'ri«'$Stehta"tc husband spem the $10,000,000 he is reported to receive from his followers each year. She i shown, ieft, as she appears in a Parisian costume and.at the right is a rec'.'n picture showing how she dresses in ; India. Aga Khan, a famous sportsmah, i spiritual head of some 30,000,000 Mohnmrnedans. Such Manner*! LOS ANGELES.—A lesson in manners and a 180-day jail sentence was handed to J. Kerns, vagrant, by Judge Ida May for his impudence. In his trial Kerns insisted on addressing Judge Adams as anything but "Your Honor." He caller her "judge" and "ma'am," but refused to use the correct title. As a result he received 180 days in jail instead of the Usual 30- day sentence, which is usually suspended if the defendant agrees to leave the city. Touch On Mac JUAREZ. Mexico.—Some America^ youngsters are not content wjith -a sizeable amount of spend money' day. But let them pa ya.. Visit mfl ario Ramos, little Juarez newsboy,: .m they'll mend .their spending^ ways. Mac's mother' is dead :arid : .his father is in Los Angeles. He supports himself prt the" 15; cents he makes every .day selling papers. Half his monthly islary;goes for room hent. *-. . : : ' • • • * The world's biggest" stamp collection is said to be that of the family of Baron P. von Ferrary, of Paris. This was begun in 1865, and has cost its owner about $2,000,000 up to date. There were 1471 suicides in New York City last year, 'or' nearly* twice the number on 1920.' ' " -''^V Close Call eum Leftni en Soph Talent the , , nly other Weft with Varsity exper- Rowe faces a tough problem flnd- f men to replace such stars as Good- idjje, ffoWerweS, fcfivis and Warten. Way Behind SAL xiAfcBGlt¥/-Th« county at- ofney's o«t«e can't seem to keep up with Sheriff 3. Grant young's liquor squad and Pete Derrtarla. Pete wds attMtetf by the sheriff on a llejuor raid, aftd * perslstefil violator charge was sought against him. While the coutlty Attotriey's office was busy figuring: out whether It should be filed, Young's squad rtilcfed Pete's home gain and ftfurid more liquor. tilth H««l* For twt only Wlt«bfe L should also be Worn by n]6n.' a statement rriarf* 6vF, B. f high h«el used by women of. puts the heel bone In « JJo«u thai the weight 6( di* few.,» mitted througliout the of the bone instead of Its ] only. Som* Sprinter EVANSVlLLKy walked otit of SfsWre in thief geeting aWav with W» ran after the cat to* hftlf a W jumped on the rUtilrll' wararS man who was AtMng the raf i out, ieavtfig (he cat Ift *«'•, .7, drove the cflf in the dlfectldft th«n had lafeeti and finally captUr thief with the assistance of Douglas, who helped hold him| police came. A "Bawl" Party EL PASO, Texas.—From the looks of Ihlngs, you'd think the seven pnt- rofa in the California Poppy cafe had onions for dinner. But they hadn't. Deputy Constable Hermeneglldo Garcia Was showing his tear gas gun to a friend when it accidentally went off. it caused" the patrons to cry like babies, Most of tKe sweating of a done oft Its tongue and the sou its feet. Phone 3Sf The Electric Numt BACON ELECTfttJ COMPANY COLUMBUS, Ojiio.—H. S. Haze! grove's taxi had been stolen. Patrol men Waldo Barr and Bill Hilton foun it, and Barr climbed into it while Hi ton looked for the thieves. As Barr sat in the cab another taxi driver saw it and hurried away for reinforcements. He returned with six or seven cab drivers who nearly mobbed Barr before they discovered his identity. Money In the Air LONDON.—J. Moore, Kishlake farmer, put $180 in bills in his inside coat pocket. He had just received the money from the sale of two cattle. As he walked outdoors, a strong gust of •wind blew .his coat into something like a balloon. It flared out and cast the money tc* the wind. There was a mad scramble to retrieve'the bills. Some of them were found in tree branches, but 590 are still to be found. More U. S; veterans are in hospitals now than at any time since the World .war, a report of the Veterans' Ad-ministration shows. Persons with incomes of $1,000,000 annually number 194 in 1930 as compared with 504 the year before. Doors and drawers that stick should Ije rubbed with soap or bees wax. JACft QUINN, VETERAH BIG- LEAGUEr SPlT&AU. PITCHER 91GNEP to PlTcM BALL IN CHICAGO. HE IN THE MAJORS PDE CHICK LEAST ONE WI/MAJER. FKOM PEO 3O, 193,1 19, »9ii AT -TAf Mrs. Thomas H. Massie, above wife of a naval lieutenant stationed aj Hawaii, has been revealed as the woman whose mistreatment by five natives resulted in the sensationa vengeance slaying. No More Gas In Stomach and Bowels If you wish to be permanently re lieyed of gas in stomach and bowels take Baalmann's GaGs Tables, whic are prepared especially for stomac gas and all the bad effects resultin from gas pressure. That empty, gnawing feeling at th pit of the stomach will disappear; tha anxious, nervous feeling with heart palpitation will vanish, and you wi again be able to take a deep brest without discomfort. That drowsy, sleepy feeling afte ffjjan.er will be replaced by a desir for entertainment. Bloating will cease Yo«r limbs, arms and fingers will no longer feel cold.and "go to sleep" because Baalmann's Gas Tablets prevent gas fwm interfering With the tion Get the genuine, in tbe yp «i»ge, at any good drug P«iee $4, Always on by»jad at WABD $ SPN'S 1< L ' : -***'— DARWIN STORE Money Saving Special For Bargain Hunters Eggs Fresh Country Two Dozen 29c Full Cream Pound Lettuce—Tomatos—Celery—Green Beans Butter Fresh Country Pound 3OC Dressing Gold Medal Salad Special I4c Rice Krispies 10c Kraut—can 7'/£c Chipso, pkg 7'/ 2 c Pork-Beans 7c Beans—No. 2 can....!0c Salmon—Chum ....10c Cleanser 1 —can 5c Meal—24 Ibs 33c Turnip Greens—Egg Plants Oats 55 Ounce Package M*de by Quaker I9C Meat Market Savings. Sausage Decker's lowana Brand Pack—1 Lb. Cartons 16c Pork Ham Roast Pound 14c Pork Brains PER SET 5c SPARE RIBS Pound HAMS Whole or Half—Pound Choice K.C. Steak Pound 18c BEEFROAST Aoy Cut Fore Quarter—Pound 126 SLICED BACON MNDLBSS-Pound 166 ^ Saturday Specials ' Special Prices for One Day Butter Cocanuts Cauiiflour Col Fresh Country Dozen Best Creamery Pound" FRESH-Efldi Pound BETSY HOSS 3 Pounds Middlebrook's GROCERY COMPANY As near as your phoj Phone 606 or 607 Due to an error in correcting a proof in yeatei day's Hope Star there was an error in the Jai uary Clearance Sale advertisement of DEPARTMENT 5TORE "Where Price and Quality Meet" The special price of Quilt Rolls and an extij special price on Towels, for Tuesday only, wei transposed. The advertisement should have read as follows EXTRA SPECIAL Tuesday Afternoon, January 19lh From 2:30 to 3:30 p. in. 18x30-inch Towels, fine, soft absorbent yarn, attractive colored borders, strictly first quality, either bath or huck, 25c quality, each 9 EXTRA SPECIAL Saturday, January 1C, 1932 When the doors open at 9 a. m. we will sell to the first 100 grown people entering our store, one 5 pound bag of granulated Sugar for 15 EXTRA SPECIAL Monday, January 18, 1932 When the doors open at 8:30 a. m., we will sell to the first 100 grown people entering our store, 5 bars good Laundry Soap for 10 2 EXTRA SPECIAL QUILT ROLLS—15 yards to the roll,- attractive quilting pieces made up into 2 pound rolls and including small designs, in figured and solid colors. Ideal for quality Quilts, bargain priced, per yard There was also a mistake in the price of MEN'S TOP COATS One group of Top Coats, made by Fashion Park and other good . in tans, gray, brown; conservative and y"oung men's styles, values Which Should Have Read $14.95 BEG PARDON

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