Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 15, 1932 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 15, 1932
Page 3
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W-i ClETYiNEWS lilt, Sid fllnry Telephone 321 IB the real good?" We asked In musing mood, "Order," said the law court; "Knowledge," sad the school; "Truth,' Mi dthc wise man; "Pleasure," said the fool; "Love," said the maiden; "Beauty," said the page; "reedom," said the dreamer; "Home," said the sage; "Fame," .said the soldier; "Equity,' 1 said the seer. Spake my heart full sadly; ''The answer is not here." Theft within our bosom ^Softly this we heard; "Beach hcnrt holds the secret; Kindness is the Word." —Selected. Flo Ziegfteld's Daughter Mrs. Chns, Brinnl hn tins Thursday over-night .guest, Mrs. Minnie Haynes of Camdcn. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Perdue of Louann were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ouy Linakcr. ' Mr. nnd Mrs. Max Cox were Tuesday guests of friends in Texnrkano. Friends will be glad to know that .Mrs. Dale Wilson, who is n patient in the Cora Donnell hospital in Prescoll, shows continued improvement. Dr. nnd Mrs. W. A. Bowen, who are to leave soon for their new home in San Marcus, Tex., were honor guests at a party given on Wednesday evening at_ the home of Mrs. Fnnnic Garrett on West Second street. The party was planned us a surprise, mid was sponsored .by the choir of the First Baptist church. The spacious rooms pf the Garrclt home presented a very «by appearance with its beautiful decorations of cut .flowers , u "d potted plants. Dr. anci'-Mrs^powen were invllcd to comc,,w^{h ^tjnc choir for regular choir parcUcc;, put\jipon their arrrtfal. found a vc^y .different scene. A number of anting «WPV^t* under the direction of, .^s^^C,. Carlton and Mrs. Kline ^fioydcr Eurnjilied fun for the evoningTOTH thffi following musical Vrogratj^wjns jjfvtft: Vocal selections, Miss M#fl««Sm%Wuiburn and Miss FrnncKJ ^S*y^er^selcytioiis sung by mnilo kuarfette, composed of Messrs. Kiith, -"rBdwcfe'Hr^Wtfn and Taylo,; solo, Mii'sUcr ""EcTlfflif Locke;. harmonica seloctions. Mrs. Belle Jones, j At the close o fthe program, Mrs. Carlton, in her usual pleasing manner, presented the honor guests with a beautiful gold cloth bed spring, as a token of appreciation and esteme from the choir. Dr. Bowen was also given a package of envelopes bearing the name of ench of the clioir members, with n request to write. The following little jingle was enclosed with she spread: When the nights arc dark and dreary ! When the moon and stars wont shine When yqur head is aching, weary, And for Arkansas you pine, Whan.the ehoBts'of.lhi* Texas jjungers, "XJome'crecpin* round your bctl, You'll be safe from all dangers If you'll cover with this spread. One of the interested spectators at a recent polo game in California was pretty Patricia Zicgfcld, above, daughter of Florcnz Zicgfcld, Follies.mag- nate. The guests then retimed to the dining room, where they partook of a most tempting buffet luncheon, with Mcsdamcs Garrett, Snyder, Curlton, Yarbrough and Garrison presiding. 666 EGG Liquid or Tablets used internally and 666 Salve externally, make a complete and cffoctivo'treAtmont for Colds. $5,000 in Cash Prizes Ask Your Drtigagt fur Particulars "STRH DiSHONORABLE" LEWIS STONE —nr—,'VI" Sun. -Mon. LAST TIMES FRIDAY Marian MARSH —in-11 N D E R 18 —With— ANITA PAGE NOKMAN FOSTER —Saturday—• Double Program KEN MAYNARD The King of Cowbuls —In"ALIAS THE BAD MAN" -ALSO-Douglas FAIRBANKS -iji- "1 LIKE YOUR NERVE" MATINEE I-o 6 P. W. 25c Julian B. Green, evangelistic singer for the Synod, is the guest of his aunt Mrs. George Spragins. Mr. Green is lending the singing for the revival meeting nt the First Presbyterian church. Miss Evelyn Lewis was hostess on Thursday evening to the members of Just a Mere Bridge Club, and a few special guests at her home on West Sixth street. Bridge was played from two tables, with Miss Elise Reed scoring high. Following the game, the hostess served a delicious plate lunch with hot coffee. Gus Bernier. Jr., entertained n group 'of his young friends at a dinner Wednesday ovening at the New Capitol hotel, in celebration of his twelfth birthday anniversary, the dining table held for its central ornament, a beautiful birthday cake, and attractive place cards marked the places of the following: Franklin McLarty, Charles Briant. James McLarty, David and Paul Waddle, Tommie Turner, Robert Singleton, Tommie Franks, Roy Lewis, Bcnford IVIcRae, E. P. YoUng Pr., Foster Finlcy, Mike Snykcr and Ess White Jr. Following the dinner they, attended Uie^.sho.w at the Soengqr thqatfe.'' • ""'" ,''''•"' Etrintet ft ¥. P, U. Id Prettnl Play January 10 "Qettlrt* Rid of Eppie," a Iwtt fi« f>tey will be presented by the Dmme Stttior B. Y. P. U. at the H»Bh Sohod auditorium in Emmet on Satutda; night, January 18. The play is unde the direction of Miss Rosalie Arnett It Is the plan of this group to pro isent this play in several other com munlties In the near future, accord Ing to Miss Arnett. The play has a splendid cast of Km met residents and is expected to drav a large crowd wherever it Is pro Rented, . . . See First Show ONTARIO. 'Chi,—Foster Curry dls patched six tons of snow to Los An gelps, in order that hundreds of chil dreVi'WRo hilvb never seen snow mlgh revel in It. The snow was gatheret at Foster's Camp Baldy resort ani loaded 'on a truck. A truckload o mlstleto was also shipped to Los An gclcs from the mountain resort. Can You Do It? PITTSBURGH, Pa.-Frank Moran says he is the only man known tha can clean a chicken and take all thi bones out'without breaking the car cass. He cleans the chicken in the or, dinary manner, using a small paring knife, and the bones come out nice and smooth—if you know how. Having 11 children, this invention has helped him considerably. Extraction of alcohol from Indian corn for power use has caused the erection of ;i plant for this purpose at Johanneszurg, S. A. The first ustronomcal observatory in the United States was built at Williams College, Williamsburg, Mass., in 1836. Ashdown-Hope Game Friday Night Large Crowd Expected; Fase Game Predicted by Basketball Fans The most thrilling game of the basketball season si promised at 7:30 Friday night, when the Ashdown Panthers will oppose the Hope Bobcats at the local gymnasium. Following the Ashdown-Hope game the Columbus boys will play the Texarkana, Ark., high school team. The lineup for the locals is as follows: Kennedy, England, Hamitcr, Lcwallen, Urban, forwards; Breeding, Lloyd, centers; Pritchett, Adams, Berry and L. England, guards. Columbus won the district championship last year and so far this season they have lost only one game. Ashdown was runner up in the district and has deefated Hope in cycry game of previous years. ! Hope has a strong team this season, however, they have lost only one game. The game Friday night is expected to be hard fought. Texarkana has a strong quintet. It is sajd they not only,hava their eyes s"et f bn the district' championship but thd state championship this season. | Personal Mention | Sidney Barber left Friday morning for u motor trip to Baltimore, Maryland. An All-Expense Week-End Vacation in Little Rock <% «>4;,i ~T I . JsiiTT Just $8.00 for Two, or $4.50 for One Including All Expenses 1. The Albert Pike Hotel offers you an ideal week-end viicution in the capitol city. On arrival you may purchase the special week-end card entitling you to— 2. Room (twin beds if preferred) and private bath. 3. Cur storage in Albert Pike Garage. 4. 5-coursc dinner in main dining room Saturday night. 5. Dance tickets, Silver Slipper, 609 Main Street, Little Hock's newest ball room—or— G. Theatre tickets to the leading theatres. 7. Breakfast in Coffee Shop Sunday morning, or Continental breakfast served in room. 8. Table d'hote luncheon in main dining room Sunday. The above accommodations end entertainment for two J8.00. For one, just |4.50. Please do us this favor- To avoid delay on arrival, write or wire lor advance reservations and mention, "Special Week-end Vacation." Address communication, Attention the Manager. Seventh and Scott Streets Little Rock Arkansas W. T. (Billy) BRIGGS, Manager LEWI? SIDNEY FOXT, GfeOfcGE MEE*tR, PAUL UUKA<? ftieetAeiqi/^"STR.IGT».V DISHONORABLE' "A Love-Hungry girl will go to any length in her quest for happiness." This is the assertion of Sidney Fox, beautiful little brunette actress who recently deserted the stage to embark on a career in motion pictures. Her third motion picture is "Strictly Dis- lonorable," the season's most eagerly wailed comedy drama which comes ; othe Sacngcr Theatre on Sunday and Monday. "A normal girl," says Miss Fox 'need's love as an integral part of her life, and her life cannot be complete without it. Call it the mating instinct, f you will, bpt the fact remains that the attraction of the sexes is of such .ranscendent potency that nature it- ielf defeats any attempt to stifle the feeling. 'And so, if a girl is starving for ove, nothing on earth will dissuade icr from seeking it, and she will go as 'ar as need be in her effort to secure t. But, regardless of the depth of icr desire, there will be no interference with the nicety of her selection. Phcre will be no headlong rushing nto an affair of the heart without the discrimination that is a natural part of icr being—not, at least, in an overwhelming majority of cases. "When a girl starts on her quest for ove, she is usually totally unable to say just what sort of man she is seek- ng. She does not know. But when she finaly comes upon him, she real- izes at once that here is a man she could love, honor, and perhaps obey. But there is no controlling the dictates of the human heart." Tlie personal feelings of Miss Fox are directly in line with her cinematic attitude in her latest production, which is "Strictly Dishonorable," Universal's romantic story of a great love which has its inception in a New York "speakeasy." Though she is accompanied by the man to whom she is engaged, she is immediately attracted to a philandering opera singer impersonated by Paul Lukas. When her fiance leaves the place in anger, she is totally undismayed on the singer's invitation to spend the night in his apartment. This, too, in spite of the fact that she is thoroughly unsophisticated, and that she has already been informed by her new acquaintance that his intentions toward her are "strictly dishonorable." Lewis Stone is featured with Lukas and Miss Fox in "Strictly Dishonorable," and the supporting cast includes Sidney Toler, George Meeker, William Ricciardi, Carlo Schipa and Samuel Bonello. Tlie screen play was adapted by Gladys Lehman from the New York stage success of the same name, and was directed by John M. Stahl. Big Savings For Thrifty Shoppers Texas Green Cabbage POUND 3c Fancy Winesap Apples DOZEN 12V2C PEKOE Oleo I'OUNU lOc Special Sale on Snowdrift and Wesson Oil Dry Salt Meat GOOD AND STKEAKED I'OUND 7V2C Sunshine Waferette Crackers 2 POUND BOX ISc Split Silk Flour 48 POUND SACK 95c Del Monte Unpeeled Apricots LARGE CAN 19c Armour's Vegetole Liiiirci 8 59c Oodles of Other Specials Come In MARKET SPECIALS Sausage Decker's lowuna Brand Fuck—1 Lb. Cartons 18c Pork Shoulder Roast Pound 10c CHEESE FULL CREAM-Pound 17c HAMS Whole or Half-Pound. CHITTERLINGS 3 u« 20c LIVER Lbs. 15c SLICED BACON FINDLESS-Pound 16C . . . What Mr. Butler, the teHiftSP, I* hlnking about, when he glare* 6Ve* m spectacles, and gives the "edffie hither" sign with his forefinger, to th* maker of a "hot" check. . . What would happen to the front »nd of the drug store if the brakes on .' S. Bates' car failed to hold some day when he crosses the street and ilides to a full stop in thirty feet from brly miles an hour. . . . Whether Paul Rowe will ever let lis barber> shop interfere with his hunting and fishing. ' . . , How much profit the drug store makes out of a milk-shake and a ham sandwich made by Raymond Robins. . . . How Jim May can read a light meter in a dark corner from twenty eel away with one eye, watch the nemorandum he is making for your with the other, and chew con- enledly on a half plug of tobacco, all at the same time. . . Whether the senior class of Washington high looks any brighter at four p. m, than at eight a. m. We Sometimes Wonder. .... Why Wallis looker spends ta many pennies in the scale* at the drug store that answers questions concerning fame, fortune and love. .... What Ev Timberlake and Tom Haynes find to argue about between the World's Series and the Primary election. . . ... What the Business and Professional Women's Club talk* about in session. . . . . How to achieve the contentment, expressed on the faces of Joe Booker and his mule, as the mule ambles slowly dbwn Main with Joe on his back, when Joe makes the delivery of the evening papers. .... Where the far away look in a young lady clerk's eyes is centered as she comes back from dream land to behind the counter, and casually asks what she can do for you, after you've asked her for the third time for a can of tomatoes. Answers to the above questions gratefully received.—Washington Telegraph. tte mated 16 be mHltofi*. Good New For^ Williams' ed to have a man In : will tell you about MULAE, the New Formulae j who have been fortu tie are so enthusiastic &l Thw Forffiuke U community for the your bottle now and ;sM what wdnderful rasttlt* ft Satisfaction guai money rfeunded. „, , GETBACKYOUtt rut Recommended 1 for _, and kidney disorders'i pepsia, biliousness, ga_, distress, chronic cOnsti{i headache, neuritis, _ tism, lame back and Keep your stomach, 1W neys healthy and rest Get a bottle WARD & SON, These are saving days. More in cal lories*—more in food value—anit in quantity. This store originated bargain prices in foods 4% yea¥ And still it leads in saving you money. Freshest of vegetables—fline foods—and only government inspected, packing house meats. All at tali Flo ur COUNTRY CLUB 48 Pound Sack 75c Vanilla Waf ers Pound 2lc Crackers 2 Pound Box !9c Coff JEWEL—Pound I9c Soap P. & G. or Crystal White 8 Bars 25c Fig Bars Two Pounds 23c C orn No. 2 Standard Two For I5c Cigarette PAUL JONES Package I5c Hominy No. 2% Can Three For 25c Catsup '/j oz. Bottle Two For • 25c Rice Whole Grain Six Pounds 25c Ol Two Pounds 25C Cabbage Five Pounds I5c STRING Beans No. 2 Can Thre For 25C Mustard Quart I5C Candy Chocolate Drops Pound IOC Salmons ClIUM-Can IOC P runes Four Pounds 25C Sugar 20 POUNDS $I.OO Potatoes WHITE-10 Pounds I7C Matches x Boxes I5C Peas No. 2 Standard IOC ARMOUR'S Compound Pou»4 Pail 690 PORK ROASf '* -, Pound I2 l / 2 cl SALT MEAT Pound 8»/ 2 c kM •"" s/X NeckMesI ••"d? Pound Sc ' SPARE RIBS 25. Lbs. Old Hickory f Smoked Bacon Pound 15c * Swfit's Sugar Cured; 5 !' Rindless Bacon Pound 22c PORK CHOPS . *f Pound 15c j'J ROLL ROAST All Meat—Lb. 18c THICK RIB ROAST Pound 12'^c , f'M BRISKET ROAST Pound lOc GROUND BEEF Pound 12'/ 2 c Pure Pork SAUSAGE Fit to Eat—Lb, lOc ' Frank Furters Pound 12'^c FULL CREAM CHEESE Pound K. C. ROUND STEAK Pound 22c STAR HAM Ends—Lb. lOc PICNIC HAMS Pound 12'/ 2 c Veal Chops Pound 15c Veal Shoulder ROAST—Lb, ISc

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