Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 15, 1932 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 15, 1932
Page 2
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A I ' W,,^r\' t'"*'' « *«_. ~fK&*i The Associated fVess is exclusively r of «11 n#N4 ditches audited to it or 1 Iwihe local ne^ptibllsh«ah«eln. f Ka-eln BM ailo *«»&*»' . Ml be ttfefe IW til ttltaites, catd» aetoMtag ti» tfefwtted, Comtncwlttl cy fi i&e twiws kol««*8 to pwtect their waders jiiwaotials, The Slat dlsdWnu responsibility 6* shy uuwlld ted' manuscripts. • < , IT «tt iflstltlitloii developed by modern civilisation to t S» day, to fosllr commerce and industry, through widely hts. «nd to furnish thai check upon government which able td C rovide."-Col. R k McCormlck. .* 1* The Star's Platform cif * df tfw municipal power plant to .develop tht r-r-f-r, —otitce* o/Hope. -.._• pt&mtnt to 1S32, and improved wmitatv condUiotu in r<W«t ttijtn*** bacfc-ydrd*. »tt* Chainbrt of Commerce. COUNT* pfwrfdina for the, consrtuctton of a, road eacK year, to atafaallv reduce tht tuypQvt far evory j£faM*fic _ m , -,~ tent fits to Hernpsteitd tolintv'* greatut ' AiS^4*"'jf J >• ' ^" - * /liwiier' vty&wuitH*oti3i oeiieiHtt0 tfitUi co*f ! country <w it to itt town. ^ratoMHfl«*iMrdtfre»s on the state" Mphway prografh, ^V(«X t*/0wn, and a more efficient floverntnent through the; Taking the Blame has occasion to drop into Criminal court ftjit "muslb get the depressing thought, now and iat .one of the chief offenders against pur laws never o, the dock as a defendant. manner of people come before the judge for sentence ourse of a year. But Society itself — the framework '- o|-Htfye built up to work by and live by— never , fccfttrial,, 4tfld sometimes it is very culpable. /She? other day a 17-year-old Nejv York boy was arrest- OK taking ?60;000 worth of jewels from the apartment of ipiliionaire. for a firm' of interior decorators as a -^ F rand, boy. 'In that capacity— he had held the job e; years — 'he entered the" homes- of the wealthy nearly J His salary was $13 a week, and he gave $10 of I;— to'hgjp support the family. The, remaining ,.__,-., ______ own. " •. ;.. .'""' "" - ! "'" ' " •' ' ;spisjtheft seems to have been impulsive and stupid- More ' tfian anything else^ he..open.ed l a,waU safe .. j^apartna,ent, saw a glittering pile of jewels and pocket"Uj frightened and perplexed; he had made no attempt -ein;mto cash -when arrested. ....... ^ ' York newspaper, diascribing the case, remarked : e^ pri ^ run-down street between warehouses, a, garages, tenements and old dwellings from ' . , paint' is peeling. The street meets Park avenue ^...... f&' railroad yard. . . .. In his squalid home a reporter |f<piWd his- ihother weeping. She did not know what she ^Ijfflpslto «|o*jipw; she said, as he had been her chi£f sup"ever 'since he left schopl." There is no uia&, of course, in getting sentimental and "iearted; about youthful jewel thieves. But when you youngster's life, and remember how, "at 17, he %T' 'ITT"' The Japanese Do You TWENTY-FIVE irEARS AGO ort of a family, living in a miserable neigh- d and being obliged, almost daily, toJook on the osten- ug wealth of Park avenue, it makes you wonder. Ought not our society, which puts its Park avenues so deningly close to its stifling tenements and turns boys of ntp $J3-aVweek breadwinners, to admit at least a part e .responsibility in this case? When .County Seat* Are Only an Hour Apart A Lex Helms returned Thursday from a visit to his old home in North Carolina, where he spent the holidays. J. W. Phillips, our efficient County Treasurer, was down from Washington yesterday. •-E..L. Smith, of Ozan, was in town on business yesterday. = • ; FIFTEEN'YEARS AGO Miss Helen Hunter returned to Little Rock Sunday,-after a month's, visit to her sister, Mrs. R. M. Patterson. CrE. Christopher, formerly agent; for the-Iron Mountain,... in this city, 'and now traveling for the transportation department of that road, spent Wednesday night in Hope. J. T. M. Holt, of Bingen, formp State Senator, was in the city, yes.ter- day. ; . f : ••' \ This Dentist Can't Be Put Off W. T. Schwartz, formrely of this city, but now of Highland, 111., has returned to Hope, and accepted a position at the Hope Hardware Co. I S 3. means pf conserving revenue that might then be used for the benefit of the schools, a sweeping .consolidation of the 75 counties of Arkansas is suggested by Walter B. Sorrells Jr., in the Pine Bluff Commercial. As an illustration of the changed conditions of today he .points out that Pine Bluff and Star City used to lie two days' travel apart. It took a \vhoje day to go from the county seat of Jefferson county to that of Lincoln county, and another day to return. Now, we ftre told, these two places are less than an hour apart. ' Reduction in travel time—rand therefore in distance as it affects the public convenience—has been brought about practically everywhere in the state by improved roads and motor vehicles- What has happened so strikngly in the Pine Bluff-Star City case has happened to a greater or less degree in the cases of other county seats. When the people be- f " Jin to thjnjc about it, they cannot fail to realize that tax-rais- " ed money is being fruitlessly spent when two and perhaps v more county governments are maintained in a territory which ,could serve. The discussion of merger possibilities in the $Juflf Commercial and other Arkansas newspapers d lead the public to think about this matter. It is of the oraeticaj interest to all the people as taxpayers, and of -Special interest to all who need more from county govern; njents in the way of educational and public welfare service their counties are now able to give or ever will be able Gazette. Brother Says Murray Will Seek Presidency BISMARK, N. D— (#>)—Abrother of Governor W. H. (Alfalfa Bill) Murray of Oklahoma Wednesday said he expected the latter would be a democratic presidential candidate in the North Dakota primary election March 15. The brother, George T. Murry- of Berhold, N. D., came here to learn how to enter the governor in the contest. Soldier-Pianist Begins U. S. Tour Gandhi in Prison jffiay toe only a passing incident, or it may loom large '': k in Hintory. When Gandhi was arrested"again at his-home ^jil In4ia, at 3 :30 in the morning, with thousands of followers •"—"•'— ny1^ii4e to witness the event, he smiled and gave message: finite IB God's mercy. Tell the people never to swerve truth of non-violence, never to flinch, to give their all to win independence," countrymen," he said the British correspon- I bear them no ill will. I am fighting them out peasants he said: "Cheerfully suffer your and cattle to be confiscated. Go to jail. (n^ive police). Welcome bullets." be toofe le&ve of his family, comforting them as "ted calmly off to prison. „!!_" . - eaii any person or any ag*o? There may be only one person &ft £0flfPH££ Ipin. with.* And he preaches the ' ' as the If little English boys and girls are afraid to go to the dentist's office, th dentist's office will come to them! This completely equipped dental-cham ber-on-wheels will take a dental surgeon, a nurse and all necessary appli ances on regular visits to 90 schools in the British Isles. A certain firm had the following I "Your salary is your personal bus legend printed on its salary receipt I ness, and should not be disclosed t forms: ' any one." On the western front with the A. E. F., Henri Deering was a hard-fighting, cool-nerved machine gunner. In rest camps feehind the lines he played pianos everything from Berlin to Bach—and was able to resume his interrupted career as concert artist alt- ef b# went in<4 Germany with the Tfw of occupation. Back in this JH&rjr, fog $ppn is to open his Amer- kan $B&IK>a with a concert in Phila? TAX COLLECTOR'S AND Tax Assessor's Notice Notice is hereby given that we will attend in person, or by Deputy, at the following time and places for the purpose of Collecting and Assessing Taxes, in Hempstead County, Arkansas, to- wit: Beard's Chapel ...................... Monday, January 18 DeAnn .................................. Tuesday, January 19 Piney Grove .................... Wednesday, January 20 At Emmet Garland Store Tokio ...................................... Monday, January 25 Belton .................................. Thursday, January 28 Sardis .................................... Thursday, January 21 Patmos ...................................... Friday, January 22 Bingen .................................. Tuesday, January 26 Union ................................ Wednesday, January 27 At Ingram's Filling Station McCaskill ................................ Friday, January 29 Blevins .................... Mon. and Tues. Feb. 1 and 2 Spring Hill ............ Wed. and Thurs., Feb. 3 and 4 Stephens School House ............ Friday, February 5 At Landes' Store Fulton .............. Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 8 and 9 Saratoga ................ . ....... Wednesday, February 10 Columbus ..................... '..... Thursday, February 11 Guernsey ................................ Friday, February 12 Ozan .................................... Monday, February 15 Hope ................ Tuesday, February 16 to March 19 . Washington ............ Monday, March 21 to April 10 After which time the penalty required by Law will be added. All taxpayers are requested to bring their land numbers to avoid errors. JOHN I. WIUON of , JOHN W. RJDGPIU of Mm at 4! A wan iMrig "Ms name tp --* a^toa C W* AWadettMfl Wf ushed frwft the Saenger Theatre to uUa .Cbjafcif- hospital about «8)S» clock'TMrgaaj 1 , night In an mv onsclous condition. Theatre employ ess say the man ap» arently fainted and was r t e|hdered; ufu onsclous. He' regalhed consciousness within few minutes after arriving at the ospital 'atd'totd the attendant* M ad accompanied his brother. Hetbftft o Hope, and 1 Was 1 to attend the pfotwfc how,-while: h*'waited, fo< his brother' o return to Arkadelphia, Farm Outlook Meeting „..._, ... — ,The out-oMovm peakers at the farm "outlook meeting; which was held in MaBnoHa Wed-* esday were ST... ft' Whjfc,' sisslstant economist ot the extension , department pf the t)n£versity pf Arkansas, i^ho spoke ori'Tfie World Business oltuatlon and the Credit Outlook," nd on "Livestock, Poultry' and )a!ry," O. Vt. ^are, assistajit direct- r of the fruit and truck experiment tatibn at Hope, spoke on "The Out- ook of the Cotton,: Fruit* and Truck- ng Business." The general ,thought of the, meeting was tfial the crop* will have to be alsed as economically as possible to meet the low prices. A large number, of A. & M. college tudents attended the meeting, as well : other, representatives of the county, •' i' i '-"'•• ^ •' '' ' • • -, Needs training EL PASO, Texas.—Eliodoro Rodrl- quez is no star hurdler. That's the reason- he Isn't,free today. When ordered by Customs officials to stop a car ne Wds^dHvlng; Eliodoro jumped out and attempted to escape over a low fence. His jump, however, Was not high enough and he tripped over the top strands of'wire. He was captured and charged with liquor law violation. When an Eskimo dies his body is removed through a hole cut m the back of the igloo. This hole 1 is then sealed up to that death will not pay another visit. -.-.- -7,,™-™- -v~y * n " * C0lft * miltee'ef nine railroad presidents wttfi dMerfed timil Wlday when Banl«l Wlllard, chairman of the executives, it a ftMWiU.an Jf the. au» ..,, .„„„' Ifa sSme of the rail" ^^ 'presld^rifB had arisen. . y^Ulajri, vho i« resident of th« Baltimore and Ohio raiWbad. said sort of restrictions p» the >en the railway 'c^SBWll^ by some of the weswiifr » far eastern um" nttd- and he would IttltnedlBU the railroads fit que«- ,»^..~n out the t«ohWcal«y., brotherhood delegatift Wer* 'to plunge Into the joint diseus- iiou uf Wage reductlOris and slftVla* Ii6ri. o* Unemployment,' but «ty acceded to the desire of the coininlttee representing the employers.. The chaitman of the railway com- mlttee said It .was a^rent some of th* Itnes hrfd nWuft* uHderstlwd the measure of authority the committee of nine required. gi U ^r rrf?rr • ^jF^'^r-,^ M Licen«e Tax LaW Set H0USTON, Tex.-r(Mtr A ^J*^* ''"-"-'"thje co'nstitUtlpBallty of the .... Ittf II ttltfcMttM? tf« Icikrwlitg caftdldat*! f MttMi o< fh* 0e«wMt«tte \ JtttH Auttut I, im Matt aVjlSmoBlte license scheduled to 8,0 W trial day In dlirtrict court. The tout Hartlii county era seeK te have the law ... lot its allegedly Inequltab tionment o"f the fees as bjt various counties and tHe Rat The peatlbn ailjewd the" 31 criminate* against the lar| ties In the state, and that i operation 195 counUea pay the state of'what they col cense fee. Chicago officials are takir slashes. M this keeps on wjll haye to let out Al ' bring back prosperity. THREE '1• PmiMeat eoochi «M| «oU« lead! te •eriotwtroub^ You cwilop them now withCreomuWc^«ne«ulilWcrewtoie that it pleMitrt to tskftCrewnalf ton ts a new medical dUcoTwy wltli two-fold action; it BOotHes and heab the ioflaaed atembrane* and inhibit* gerra growtH. Of all known dra» crewort it noof ai»ed by High .medical *uthorUl«i M one «(the graiteit healiag agenciw for per•latent cougM* and colds andotber forms of'throat troubles. Creomulsion contains, in addition to«eo»ot«,oUier healing de- benU which »ootheudlieal the itafected memiiraoe* and itop the irritl Inflainmatlon, while the — on to the Mpmtch, U absorbed 7 ; blood, attacks the scat of the! ftod checks the growth of the ge Creomultion la guaranteed ( tory in »*»« treatment of d cough* and co)da, bronchlil bronchitis and other forms ' tpry disoasea, and is eic_ buudlng tipi the aystem after] flit. Money refunded if any ' cold, to mkiter of how is not reUired after ta* todiiectlem Ask your c ukin«. Make Every Purehaj Shop at AAP mnd Save the Dif f ewnce. You .. •ured of a High Grade pf Food at Attractive Prices. PiH.bury'i VerigQod PLOCR Every Sack Guaranteed 48 Tall Can Peanut Cakes Lb 17c| Chum Salmon cane 10 Ibs. 48c 20 Ibs. 8 oz. Hot. 15c Package Encore Prepared SPAGHETTI cans Tomatoes 2 No. 2 Cans 15c|FigBars Lbs. lona Corn—good standard quality 3 No. 2 cans I'into&ans 5 Ll . ZOc | Eagle Brand Milk Can Pacific Toilet Paper rolls Cream Meal 24 Lb. Sack 33cJBrooms Each Grandmother's Bread Regular 16 oz Loaf or Pan Rolls Raisin Bread 10c Sliced Bread 6c A & P COFFEE 8 O'Clock, lb 19c Red Circle, lb. ?5c Bpkar, lb 29c WHITE HOU| MILK 3 Tall or 6 Small cans BANANAS-GoWenYeilowFruit 2 Ibs. TEXAS GRAPEFRUIT-Seedless 3 for Excell SODACRACKERS 2 Lb. Box Economy Oats 3Ms Lb. Pkg. 12c Dried Apricots 2 ^ 27c A&P Cleanser, 2 Cans Dog Food VJTAMONT 3 Cans I Table Salt 3 ... 10c| Brown Sugar 3 Chuck or Pot Roast u,. 12c [Bulk Compound 8 Pure Pork SAUSAGE-100% pur* 2 Ibs, Lb. Sliced Breakfast Baton pound DRY SALT BACON PORK CHOPS-Nte and L*a» 2 pounds pound SH1N1UIS& HCNK HA

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