Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 11, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, September 11, 1896
Page 6
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•«•«••«•»•«•»•*••»•«•»•••»•>•>•»•• BACKACHE WHY? Because your Liver and Kidneys arc out of order Dr. J. H. McLEAN'S LIVER AND KIDNEY BALM is the "PEERLESS REMEDY" for curing | ailments of the Liver, Kidneys and Bladder, Diabetes, Rhcu- i matism and Brig-fat's Disease. ron ««LC rvrKvwmur «T $1.00 pen •OTTLI THE DR. j. H. MCLEAN MEDICINE co., ST. LOUIS, MO. : $25O, .000 The Best SmokingTobacco Made To Be Given Away this year in valuable articles to smokers of Blackwell's Genuine Durham Tobacco You will find one coupon inside each 2-ouucc bag, and two coupons inside each 4-ouncc bag. Buyabag, readthccoupon and sec how to get your share. "A HAND SAW IS 3HAVL: Wl' IS THE PROPER Th.fN" NOT A NOODLE. $• • £•..' The Former Dm j,- o t euro to Stop the j£.' Weddinc.' ;!"• I was standing on the corner of Hawk •nd High streets when a frisky-looking .•Id farmer came to me, says a writer in Si,the }s"e\v York World, and said excited*£>: ''.;> "Stranger, docs a- minister of the |t>Sospar live in yonder hrick house with jfl'jlhc-green blinds?" "Eev. Jlr. ; Sawyef lives there," I re- goodness," he''said,- with a ' ' "Sickness in your family?''! asked. "No sickness there, strang-er," here- plied,, "but daughter Libbie run away l^lmm. hum with a feller this morning'. '"oOn's'I heard' : of it I-startcd after'ein' n!"got sight of.'em jes' outside the city n.' kep 1 sight of 'em till they went into ^jonder house."-,--.-. $'\ "Wby don'.tjybii. go into the house and I'rtop. the wedding''?" .-I asked! ^i'''Stoptheweddin I '?Me?8a'y';straMjfer, §,*> I look like a noodle ? Bollock like a j!f»wk'that would kick athavin' 38'years ':(•! care an' worry lifted off hfe shoulders torra minute.?" hp aaked srftcastically. "Not exactly;"! replied;not, stranger, ;I jes' run after ie gn^il 'y pair to Jtecp 'em trom chang- >* th'eir minds. . I'llv.jes''wait here as iy as an,angel with a new pair of: :gs 'till the happj' pair come out, I'll give 'em my blessin' an' hurry ium an 1 kill the. fatted calf. Stop the yixey." MUST OBEY HIS OWN LAW. the Bartender Befnned to Sell Him Uou • Drink.' Because a man makes a law he may always break it-with impunity, un Clayton, ivhb keeps the Branch- hotel and is quite a well-known racter, made a rule some time npo for government of his barroom, says 10 Philadelphia- Eecord: He decided it when n man went to sleep in his >om that was sufficient evidence it the man had had enoug-h to drink. fpon awaking 1 , therefore, the sleepy •was promptly refused any more lor. The rule was rigidly inforced :L by Clayton, ^himself-and by his >t;her-in-law, who acts as bartender. ic -day. recently,, however, the rule »ved to be aboomerang-. Clayton was [tting in .his barroom. It .was'a very" afternoon and the host gradually (ozed oft into a Bound sleep. Some [lime later a customer came in. JTe'wore Kenvy boots and- the noise, of • his Sintrancc awakened Clayton. The latter up and rubbed his eyes. "Come an' e somethin'. Hi," said the customer. Clriyton stood up apainst the. bar and Bjeiepily called for a beer. "Sorry," said >'.bartender, "but you can't have any ik." "What!" yelled Cloy too, who now thoroughly awake. "It's: Igainst the rules; you've been asleep," •id the bartender, seriously. He stuck t, and his boss realizing-the justice t was obliged to g-ivc in. The rule .since been abolished. IMPORTING MEXICAN DOLLARS. To Be I'secl ns nn Advortlnlnff Snap b? United States Concoran. The local banks of. El Paso, Tex!,'the other day' received orders for and suip))od to Chicag-o connections .5,000 Mexican silver dollars. It is understood the Chemical national bank of New York has aJso placed a large order for the Mexican dollars,-which will be filled as soon as the banks can obtain the amount through Mexican merchants settling-" their balances. It is understood the Mexican dollars are to be tised as an example by tie Armour Packing company and other, concerns in the east, who have, announced that 'they will give a Mexican dollar aoxl SO cents' worth of merchandise in exchange for a. silver dollar of the United States. • '''.-'• Xinmoei^Wrm FalU. ; Washington, Sept. 10.—A soeciul from Cumberland, Hd., says: The lumber and'planing mill firm of Batsou, Baldwin & Estel, Moundsvillc, W.'Vn,, has made an assignment, the failure having been cnused : by the general depression. The assets equal the liabilities, which are $12,000. THE MARKETS. Grain, 1'roTlilonn, Etc. ;Chlcafro, Sept. 10.. and easier. Quotations a.3 .follows: Winter—Patents, • |3.-IO@3.CO; straights, {2.5(1^3.29; ^clears, .^.GCfQ^.CO;-sec- onds, $1.90®2.00; low grades, $1.75©2.00: Spring—Patents, t3.30@3.75;-stralghta, J2.CO -O3.20;-'bakers', $2.10<S>2:25; low grades, $1.50 @1.75; Red Dog,. tl.20@1.40; .Rye, J2.(X)©2.20. .—WIjIEAT— Lower. September, EC 1 /4@5G t -4c; December, 58W@38Wc;..May/ C2'/<.@(i2%c. CORN—Firmer, No. 2, • 20i5j>20%c; No: 2 Yellow,' 20-}J(5;2l^,c; September, 20©20<X,e,; October, 20®20yic; 'December, 20%@21%c; May, :>Anot.ber Xi'W Orleunt* Hunk Full!. few Orleans, Sept. 10.--The Mutual ktlonal bank closed its dyors Thurs- f .morning. ngton, Sept. 10.—Comptroller els was Thursday informed ..that ual national bank of New Or£ns' liad failed. At its last report it I loans and discounts out amounting' (^1447,735, owtd individual depositors. > T 7GO, had undivided profits of $1.0,- frand owed other banks ?l.'5,n!)6.'-"The capital wns'$300,000...Bank Ex- Inlner Tucker, of,.Cincir,nati,has' been ed to take charge'of 'the bank. •' - luicHui, atp.t. ,10. -j KCV.™ Jerome ehon, 'a . brother'- :, of'; OATS—Active and steady. No. 2 cash, i®15^ic; September, lu^if^ly^c; May, IS^i^J /Jic. Samples steady. No-Grade, 10gilC<:; No. 3,' 9V=@16Mc; No. 3 White, 13i*Q)19c; No. " 15"/i®15%e; No. 2 White, 17%@19%c. RYE—Quiet and dull. No. 2 cash, 31o; 'rejected, 20@29i4c; September delivery, 31o, nnd December, 32V^c. BARLEY—Wns selling very well. Thnra wus no essential change. Old Barley, 20 ®23c for thin, to 2S@32c for malting- llp-ht weight to choice; new Barley easy, 17Jp2<io for. poor damaged to fair goods, up to 'fl<& ,'28c for choice malting, •- . ; . MESS.PORK—Market falriy active and prices' hleher. Quotations ranged at $5.65 ffi5.70 for cash; 55.65@5.C7>f. for September; 1?5,G7^@5,70.for, October, and JG.050C.70 for Jiinuary. . ' ' . '• ; LARD—Trading moderate and prices higher. Quotations ranged nt,{3,23(S;3.27',i for cash; $3.£2V5@3.25 for September; J3.27'/i {113.30 for October, and B.C2V<.!gi3.65 for.Jan- uary. ' ., - . • . . • BUTTER—Market firm ' at 801DC for creamerias and l(l@13c for dairies. 'LIVE POULTHY—Qntet. Turkeys, 8 011c; 'Chickens, TViSSc; Ducks, S@8%c per pound; Geese, per dozen, J3.000C.50. WHISKY—Steady on tho basis of ?1.18 for hlghwlnes. , <v , ' New York, Sept.-10. FLOUR—Steady, quiet, unchanged. . . WHEAT—No. 2 Reel steady, quiet. De-' oerober, 6D!4Jf)G5 11-lGc; May, 6S%!S)G9%c. ' CORN—No. 2 M@%c '"P; 'moderately aot-- Ive. No. 2, 2C'/4ia2CVic; October, 26 3-.Wc; December, 27^@27Vic; May, HEItO HONOEED. Commodore Perry's Victory Celebrated at Cleveland, •Day Begun with the Booming of non—Anniversary of Battle of Lake Erie Appropriately Observed. Cleveland, 0., Sept. 10.—Tha nnui- versary of the battle of Luke Eric was made a holiday for the city Thursday, The majority of the shops und factoriej closed and the city put on a gala dresl for the occasion. Commander Perry's monument in Wade park was covered with flags and flowers. At the footway placed on elaborate.floral vessrl bearing the inscription: "Don't give up the ship." Great numbers of visitor? from northern Ohio, many of whom reui-imbered the dedication of I'ervy's monument in 1SGO, came to the city oa the. early trains,-The visitors from New England wondered that this monument had been taken from the public square in the renter of the city and placed in nn out.' lying: park. The clay was u'sherod in by I he booming' of cannon. Gov. B jshiiel!, ot Ohio, presided at the moi'ninp'exer- cises in the 0. N. G. armory. The immense building wns well fllk-d, many ot ihe audience comiug- from th.^ east. Gov. Bushnell sug-g-ested that congress ong'ht to-appropriate momy to erect a monument on rut-in-J!ay island to th'.> memory of the men killed in the battlo of Lake Erie. "If the g-em.'rnl government is not able to do if," he said, "the siate of Ohio ought to do if." ITc then introduced Gov. Warron Lip p'tt, of Rhode Island, the 6r;itor of tli? f'l::y. He said: "Preeminently was the victory 01 Lake Erie due to Perry's personal.char- acter. • Naval history does not fnrnis'.i another example of. personal bravery like that of Perry." Ex-Senator M. C. Tin.tlei-, o[ Smith Carolina, a nephew, a-nd Oliver Ha/.arJ Perry, of Elmlnirst, N. Y.. a prrnmlson of the commodore, were introduced and made remarks. One of the most interesting incidents of the morning meeting wns tlv: introduction of j\frs. Elizabeth McPeters. She is a d-nlighter of Ben Flein'ri-r. oni; of the gunners on the T.nwrence. She U now nn inmate of the city infirmary Gen, Axcine sprang to his fe?t- .'and moved that steps be taken to take her from-thc institution and give hern comfortable home. L. 13. Holdcn promised that one would be provided. Ri>v C. E. Manchester, a cousin of Commodore Perry, delivered the closing prayer,' LION LOST THE FIGHT. Gladness Comes \Snth a better understanding of the ' • transient, nature of the many phys- end Ills, which vanish before proper of' j<wt»—gentle efforts—plco-sant efforts— Ailfhtly directed, There is comfort in •Jie knowledge, that so many forms of Jukness.fire not due to any actual dis- i«*e, but simply to a constipated con(7 ; - •ftua of the system, which the pleasar.c .«mi]y laxative, Syrup of Figs.-prompt-- j removes. That is vt\iy it is the only -eimedy with millionsof families, a::d is .everywhere esteemed so highly by all •Ao va.luo good health. Its beneficial affects are due to the fact, 'that it is the jfcO remedy which promotes internal Asanliness without, debililat'ng the nrgans on which it acts, 't is therefore tfl important, in order to get its bem>- AoJal effects, to note when you pnr- *«se, that you have tlie genuine arti- t--i. which is'manufactured by the; Cali- '.M-nia Fig Syrup Co. onJy and sokl by .yiA t ?putable druggists. (fl in the enjoyment of good health. vnd the system is regular, laxatives or ot&er remedies are then not needed. If VioSicted with any actual disease, ona *i*y be commended to the most skillful ^feysicians, but if in 7ii-cd of a laxative, !iae should have the best, and with the •;?all-informed everywhere, Syrup of «fijjs stands highest and is most largely ost, general satisfaction. California Man'n Thrilling Adiontnr* with a 6avn£A Uoant. liichard Folks, a remdcntof Monterey county, Cal., recently killed a huge California Jion with a club and by throwing stones. He was ably assisted by three dogs and escaped without a scratch, although t'.io dogs were not so fortunate. The lifi'.i! i:;stvd tlyee hours, nnd when ifwn-s finished Mr. Folks felt like resting. Mr. Griffln, of Priest Valley. Monterey county, Cal,, furnishes the following account of Mr. Folks' exploit-: "Mr. Folks had gone into the country to look after Home stock. He took three dogs with him One of them was a pup JUMPED TO THE GROUND, that he was training, and the others TO ENCAMP WITH THE G. A. R. OATS— Firm. State, 20©29c; Western, DliQiZac; October, 19%c; December, 20HO bid. POTIK— Quiet and steady. New mess, m% steuiuor Launched. Belfast, Sept. 10. — The Hamburg-American Steamship company's new twin-screw steamer Pennsylvania was successfully launched from the Hnr- lan & Wolf ship yards Thursday. The new vessel is. the largest merchant steamer afloat, being- of 30,000 tons displacement, and 20,000 tons carrying- capacity. 'She is 5$5 feet long-, C2 feet beam ahd'42 feet deep. The Pennsylvania is designed to make an averngo speed of 1-1 knots nn hour and to-have, a passenger capacity of 200 first cabin, 1JO second cabin and 1,000 steerage.. . The L. A. TV. of Pennnrlvanhk Pittsburgh, Pa,, Sept. 10.—The state meeting-of the Keystone division of thi? L. A. W.. began here Thursday, lasting three days. The day was open sd with the 25-mile'road race to Sewickley and return,'in-which there are 105 entries: There was a'lantern paradp in the even ing, in which about 3,000 people participated. There are SO entries for the hill climbing contest Friday. SaturSay afternoon the, races for the amateur championships will be run at Schcnley park; No professional faces will occur, as the entries for that class'were few. f>lg Company Formed In London. .•Vancouver, B. C., Sept.-10.—A ca.ble- 'gram from London says there has been a, company formed there with a capital bif'$500,000 td. build a marine railway and carry on a -ship-building yard in Vancouver. The Cinnabar'Mining'com- panj-, which owns Cinnabar mine at Savouas Terry, B. C., has 1 ordered n complete furnace plant'from San Fran- cisco'and will manufacture-quicksilver on a large scale. Theresa a large do-; mand for the article in the mines and also in China where it is used to make vermillion. Want to Stop Making Whfakj. Pittsburgh, Pa., Sept. 10.—Pittsburgh distillers have secured the signatures of firms producing 65 per cent, of the whisky distilled in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Maryland, agreeing to remain idle until September, 1897, irrespective of whether or not all the distillers.in the -states named sign. It •is thought that all but those producing 15 per cent, will agree to the.proposi- tion, they being the ones who prevented, a former agreement from becomi.ng operative. ' Sonn of V«toi-iin» Vote to Meet at Stone Time ami I'lucu a« Ulder Doily, Louisville. Ky., Sept. 10.—-At Thursday morning's session of the command- cry in chief of the Sons of Veterans Commander Russell's recommendation that future encampments be held at the same time and place as those of the G. A. ];. was concurred in, but it was not definitely settled as to whether this should apply to next year's encampment, for which Indianapolis, Boston and Denver are striving. The commander in chief was given authority to appoint a committee of five to represent the organization at future G. A. K. encampments. Indianapolis gets the. next encampment. The election of officers resulted: James L. Eake, of .Beading, Pa., commander in chief; L. P. Kennedy, of. Colorado, senior vice commander; R. M. Buckley,' Jr., of Louisville, junior vice commander. Fred W. Hiene, of Nebraska, and Fred Meyers, of Colorado, were elected members ot the council in chief. PATE Dies OF A FAIR CYCLIST. Received of Fracture or the Skull In a Collision. New York, Sept. 10.—Mrs. Agnes De- verc, handsome and well dressed, apparently about 25 years old, who gave her address as No. S35 Ninth avenue, died at Roosevelt hospital at five o'clock Thursday morning'from injuries which she received while riding her bicycle at 11 o'clock-Wednesday night. Mrs. Devc-re, who had been riding her machine-during the evening-, turned into Eighth avenue at Forty-second' street and continued north on th<?. west side of the avenue, which was contrary to the rules usually observed by bicyclists. At the c'orrier of Forty- sixth street she collided with Carl Hendrjckfion, who-wns riding south on the avenue, and both were thrown heavily to the ground. Mrs. Devere's skull wasfracturedaiid Hendrickson is in the.hospital suffering from internal injuries. were old dogs that he had used for coon- hue ting. "While passing through 'a canyon Mr.-Folks heard one of the dogs that had g'oue oil by himself barking loudly. He hurried to the place and found that the dog had treed SL lion instead of a coon. "Mr. Folks was unarmed save for a small hunting knife. lie concluded that he would be as brave as the dogs and render them a little assistance. He secured a number of stones and b^gan throwing them at the lion. The distance was short ami Mr. Folks was a good marksman. So he succeeded in .making tilings' uncomfortable for the lion. "Finally .the lion received a stone squarely, between the eyes and jumped to the ground. Mr.Folks beata-retreat and left the dogs to take care of themselves. - No sooner had their enemy struck -the ground than .ail three dogfl assailed it at once. The lion fought vigorously, but was unable to free himself from all of the.^ogs. Finally the lion turned tail and ran to another tree, up which it climbed in order to escape from its tormejitors. "The lion then'took up its location between two bowlders and iawaited the onslaught of the dogs. 'Approaching the animal cautiously Mr. Folks dealt the. lion : a terrible blow -and jumped back. The lion-, started after him, but the dogs attacked it from the rear and diverted its attention. : ' "The long- strain, was' beginning to tell on Mr. Folks and the dogs, as well as the lion. JFinally the lion, was so exhausted that he could struggle iio more, nnd Mr..Folks broke its skull, killing it." LOOKING FOR. LUCK. The Indian medicine man cures by charms and incantations. He frightens away the "evil spirit" who causes the sickness. He does all sorts of things that civilized people would call idiotic and barbaric, but the civilized folks are not so very much ahead after all. They do just as foolish things as doe* the medicine man. They go along carelessly, and allow the little sickness to grew into the big sicknesi. They allow constipation t» grow into indigestion, heartburr, dizziness, headache, insomnia, and a hundred other distressing conditions. They do this frequently because they do not kuow the cause of their trouble. • It is a pretty safe rule to look for the source of o-ioths of human sickness in this one simple and appallingly prevalent trouble. Another foolish thing that smart people do is to take some alleged remedy for constipation and keep on taking it, day after day, month after month and year after year. Perhaps it is better to take the medicine than not to take it at all, but of course if they stop taking it, their trouble will come back. This last statement is true of every other medicine prepared for this purpose except Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. One " Pellet" is a gentle laxative, and two a mild catharic. They are geD.tle and efficient in their action, permanent in their raeults. You don't become a slave to their use, as with other pills. The People's Common' Sense Medica] Advisor, in plain-En- RlLsh. or Medicine Simplified by R.V. Pierce, M. D., Chief Consult- inK Physician tothe Invalids' H'o- tel and Surgical Institute, Buffalo, N. Y., 1008 pafres, illustrated. 6So.ooo copies sold at $1.50. Xow -sent, paper-bound, AUSOUJTBLV FREE on receipt of 2; one-cent stnmps to pny for mailing only, Addruu Uic AuUior, at ONE-HALF SIZE Of BOIL POZZONPS (COMPLEXION POWDER! |h»» been tho lUnditrd for fortr >c«f » . li more popular to-du th«n *T«r baton. ' POZZOXI'S I Ii vbe Ideal complexion powder—bomntlfrtnr, I rcfre«Uln«, cleanly, BMllhfu) una barmlew. . I AdtMcsto. InTlslblo protection tothe lac*, t . Wl'h «rnrv buxorPOZZONTtl • mm* nlflcent NcovflFi GOLD PCJT BOX b K>««n free of ehmrfe. 'AT DRUCK3I8TS AKD FANCY 8TOBES.' THE Munsoo Typewriter Is a Qood Machine. LARD— Dull, nominal. Steam rendered, $3.W. -• • ... ' '' . BUTTER— Fancy steady, fairly active. Western dairy, 8©12c; Western creamery, CMc: .do. factory, 7V2®llVic; Elgins, 16'/jc:. : Imitation creamery. IQCfflSMrC. •CHEESE— Firm, Part skims, 2@5c; full Bklma, I'/Sc. .'.... , y. J.lre Stock. ' ChlcaRo, Sept. 10, p.VTTLE— Market dull, and lOc lower, except best. Fair to best beeves, $3.20@5 20; itockers and feeders. $2.CO@3:7!J;-.- mixed cows'und bulls, $1.30i8 > 3.60; Texas, ?2.50@3.1u. HOOIS— Market strong and active. , Light, 3.1303.'10: 'rough packlngi $2.55@1'.70; mixed and butchers', $2.!W@3.35;,, heavy packing IjhlpplnB, J2.7Cli3.2S; Pigs, $2.0n©3.2n. Improved Order of Bed Men. Minneapolis, Minn., Sept '10. — The Improved Order of Eed lien, in session in this c Ity, elected officers on Thursday as follows: Great in- cohnee, E. T. Daniels, of Griffin, Ga,; igrent senior,,George- E. Green, of Binghamton, N., Y.;, great sachem, A. II. Baton, of Danvers, >l'ass.; great Junior sagamore, E. D. Wiley, of De8 Moines, la.; keeper of the wampum, Willinm Proven; of Massachusetts. TolegrftpheH Enjoy Themselves: Pittsburgh, Pa., Sept. '10 •— The old time telegraphers and their friends left at ten a. m;.on a special train furnished gratis by the Pennsylvania railroad, to visit the- Edgar Thomson. (Carnegie's)rail mill, and furnaces at Brnddock and the Westinghouse air brake and electric works at Brinton. In the evening the'lnrlie's a'tt-ended 'the theater and the gentlemen a banquet. - •'• , llerbort 8%artn for Paris. London, Sept. 10.—Hon. Hilary.' A.' Herbert, United States secretary of tia navy, started, for Pai-ir CJiuriiday morning. ' ;..._:..,..... .••;. ... • • ITALIAN METEOROLOGIST DEAD. Lnlel PaimIri'PaM« Away at the AJje of Borne, Sept. 10.—Lugi I'nlmiri, the Italian .meteorologist, is dead, aged SO years. . , •••• • ..:.-.-• - [Lulgi .Palmlri was born . at Facchio. Bcnevento, April 22, 1S07., He was professor ,o£ physics In tho marine college at Naples and afterwards in the university. 'In 1SCO no had the direction of the Vcsuvlan observatory. Ho de'voted much attention to electricity and magnetism,, and for use Inthe yeauvlan observatory designed seveml new .instruments, especially two—one for the study of the .variations in the amount and .-.kind of atmospheric electricity; another was an electrical seismograph, of which two duplicates .have been purchased for use Jn Japan. Full,details of the observations upon the volcanic phenomena of Vesuvius were.given in.the:varlous reports upon the observatory,'published by Prof. Palmlrl.;) ; ' '' Baltimore'* Chancel or the Pennant. Baltimore, Md., Sept. id.—The Brooklyn and Baltimore teams will'transfer a game which' was postponed b'y raiu in Brooklyn and'pjaylt off here Friday. Baltimore, must win three more games to be absolutely certain of .taking the pennant.from .Cincinnati, or,two more, to be certa'in.ofbeoting.Cleveland, provided each of'the.m should win .all, its remaining games. : • • : Tobacco Factory Burns. Richmond, Va.,, Sept. 10,—Gorman, Campbell & Co.'s tobacco'factory in this city,, with about $3S,000' worth of to-' bacco.'ih tho building, is'on fire, but it is believed the disaster gill.stop.there. Kemarkabla Scene Recently Wltneaied IB * . 'the St.' tonU'Moryve. - - ' ' According: to ithe St: Louis Republic the assistants <at the morgue there witnessed a peculiar, happening- the other day. They were "sitting on a, corpse" which had been troubled in life with apoplexy, when two colored women entered. One of <the visitors was fat and CO; the other was young and timid. "Youse got er co'pse-heah ?" asked th< elder.of the two negresses. "Why,-yes," answered, an . assistant. "Why?" "I.wants'to rub 'is hand on mydoter's neck." "All right; rub away." The daughter shrank back as her mother half dragged her toward the.ex-' i blgn standard of eicelleooe. H&nj qatn ,,. ot the "Muneon" oonilder it THE|BEST. You will flnd It a valuable as.ilnttut In TOOT of- Doe.- Address for particular) .; THE MUN50N TYPEWRITER CO MANBFACXUKERS. 840-244 We»t Lake St., Chicago, III. with F)rIn B i» Mine. Indianapolis, ,-Ind.,- Sept, 10.—Three men are now under.arrest-at Sullifan charged .with .setting fire to the old Pittsburgh mine nt Hyinera, August. 26, which entailed a loss of $73,000. The accused are : Jack Boyles, of Lib ton; a man.nnmed Thomas and Tobe Goodwin, who iwas captured at Terra Haute. Tb« ,property, is owned by Chicago capital-.. ..-• -r-"Is God we r trust' 1 flr»t appeared on the copper two-cent issue of -1864, until la the first ufle of the word "God" in any government act ' --:'.,. "GIVES' LUCK." man- on ice\ She^ shivered and gasped •while the cold hand of the corpse; was passed around her neck several times.^ Her mother's smile-looked uncanny in tho dimly-lighted room,'and, the hands jagain pressed upon the breast of,the corpse, the old woman laughed a sort of ,'trlumphant.laugh and moved toward the cioor, .where the younp girl had already tremblingly hurried with face 'averted. ' • . '• • i'TVhy did you do that?" came the .question from the men who had remained quiet during the queer proceeding.; . . -• • •' ; . "Gives luck," was the only explana- tlon.iof.the big negrcss as she moved outside. : Out in the sunlight the girl still shiv- cred?and nervously grasped the arm of her mother. ' ' ' " ' | Novel'Thief Catcher.' A. ;novel means'of protecting a cnsh- ,iox -from marauding-fingers has been hit upon by a certain merchant at Buda- iPesth. He- sprinkles the.; box with, a certain powder, which has the peculiar effec.t of dyeing the skin, blue, the coloring being intensified by washing, and resisting 1 the perstinslons of soap. Ihomofommeprlcoc „. try. IfTouprctnrtoconiohtMwBwiiicoa. IracttopnrmllroaofaroKndhcitclDniMmd curjviodld* potaiih, vid *tlll haveacheimM palnii KuoouTtttchei In mouth, Sor* Tliro»t, Flmplet,. Copper Colored Spot!, Clcer» on ur partoi thVbody, Hair or Eyebrow* Mlllnr ant. It I* tnis Secondnry BLOOD POISOB 7ern»ninte«tocure. Wo-sollcltihanlonobttS -ate care* »nd challenco th» world for « AOnnZinftrantr. AlMolutonrooMeontMol«doD "illcfltlon. Addrcis COOK REMEDY COW -il ; IZawnio Temple, CHICAGO, f*1n . Manhood Restored. — NEK.VIT.iH, the Woniler" ' ' , -rftil Kon/nn Rcmody.lB Bold wlth« - ... Atrophy, loni, V Mricoccl«. l.93itiiudo; all drAlns iu)l loi* of pL-for of the ainerntlTe 'Oiyuw, -^uspil by oTcr-cJirllo^, S^SfSfSSSSS.^SiS^^SSfi^St feft£B^ ta ^.HrSS^'Sfi« • BO, or« tor 16. Vim every 16 .order vc jrtvB.* iar»nt*o to «tire or reftana the 8, r. K-eiliog. LOGANSPORT. IND. 4GOODIHVESTHEHT. " PIPE.LPTE CERTIFICATES; • I IwdedlndeDomlnntlonBof «50.; 8100., «250., $500., «J,000. The interest is guarantesd for 6 years. They not the purchaser Spcrct. porncnum. The interest.is from earning. ,. Tho coupons are payable gcral-unmially. They are Eimilm to Collateral Trust Bonds. The principal is rapidly enhancing in value. They lire a »sfe investment. Tor particulars address: DSBOTCVE PIPE.LICTS ST8TEM, _ Manhattan Building, Chlcigo, Rlf

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