Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 14, 1932 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 14, 1932
Page 6
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If^ffff.f^ • & ./£>a'^ roceedings In stead Cou rt9,181 Cat«* Occupy Roster for Second Day of m County Court Convened at the English, Near Blevint, 1819 rfi&^'ftr-the-l*^ ; »«d this first __._.. county, ' of Missouri, was ErfelUh, which ' av$0c( SoW«iwn€ffr 6n .. .'_'!.. washlftgtott and f.the exact location-un- ^Vr ( ' • ': • r i« fc&C week was taken ^"Secord now In the Washington. The ar- ttj« the second day for /taken front the same 'i&tut the other. V,t<J tiffie the Telegraph •" from this old will print the t6f this first Hemp- r for-thfe second >, 819, follow: itffiSDAY MORNING l&flnns sa, i«i9. i pursuant to adjournment, jury being called, Brazzel to attend, but it appear- CoUrt that he, the said is sick and* unable to e. is therefore excused. 6f 'Henry Cassidy it is that a commis- judge of any court of the peace in the Washington, territory of ,take and certify the at/ the'witnesses to the-last of Robert Dum- ised,,that the same may be ' 6 court as according to further ordered by the —. that William Simms i*to?collect and preserve 'the deceased until a pro- or administration of j granted,'he giving bond • for, the faithful discharge according to law, and the i Simms now here in open ^Urito bond and security to ' he court, himself, OO, and William on and William Ashbrook !fSttm of $750.00. v "of Henry Casidy that the "consideration the sit- Jones, a poor person > and it appearing to the the said George Jones comes rption of persons provid- ed tot fcy thV statue court orders that the treasurer of the county pay out of any money in his hands not otherwise appropriated the sum of $18 per month until his disability shall cease, to be drawn monthly, and the clerk make out a certificate of this order and deliver to the said Jones or to any other person properly authorized by him who shall be his authority for receiving the same and reclpting therefor. Sam G. Roane presented to the court the account of Asa Blankenship for conveying William Flndley, a person charged with murder, from Pecan Point, to the house of John English, $10.00; Boarding said person, $3.00; Guarding said person, $2.00, amounting to the sum of $15.00, which is allowed by this court, and ordered that the same be paid out of the treasury of this county, out of any money not otherwise appropriated. It is ordered that the clerk make out a certificate of this order and deliver to the said Blankendup, which shall be his vouch* er for receiving and receipting for the same. The grand jury came into court with an indictment against James Hill for an assault and battery on the body of John Flannlgan, found a true bill, and the motion of Sam C. Roane, prosecuting attorney ordering that a be issued on this indictment, returnable at the*next term of court. United States vs. John Lick, larceny, found a true bill. Same order as last above. United States vs. Henry Lick, recognisance. Henry Lick came into open court and acknowledged himself indebted to the United States in the sum of $100, to be paid of his good's, chattels, lands and tenements, with the condition thai he be and appear at our next court oi common pleas to 'be holden on the fourth Monday hi December next, at the house of John English, in the county of Hempstead, there, and there to testify in behalf of the United States in a certain prosecution: United States vs. John Lick, and not depart the court without ^eave thereof.Then the Re- cognisance to be void, otherwise to run on full force and virtue. Cotumbut and Guerm*y to Meet «l Armory on Wednesday Night Basketball fans ate assured one of the best gam*s of the season Wednesday night, when the Columbus boys will have tot their opponents the Guernsey High school team. Both of .these team have splendid reputations, Last ,«seek .Columbus was defeated iy-a-team tnm Patmos ,th!s was the first beating Columbus has taken this *MO». fiariy in the season Guernsey defeated Patmos, therefore fans who lave followed the game are predicting that the game Wednesday night be worth seeing. N The Columbus and Guernsey schools are located within a few miles of each other and each is confident of victory. Hugh Bristow is coach of the Columbus team and Horace Kennedy is in charge of the Guernsey'quintet. The game will be played at the National Guard Armory in Hope and wil begin,at 7:30 p. m. A f f *r wr ^•M£p*wr^r^«* |J Teams to Play Here all the brain we have in these days of competition and so should see that it is not injured in any way and the truly wise person will abstain from all intoxicating drinks and thus preserve all the faculties and powers of his mind. Pastor SSys Church Is Safe iwj Greatest Danger to ^Church Lief Within and Not Without jlyiRKS FROM MY ANVIL." * ^ 'By J. C. Williams hurch has but little to dread rfde opposition^ For cen- ,4els and atheists have been ™_! the waHs of Zion but have iSobatter the" 1 d""" 1 - T" 6 ef ~ SflClarence Darrow, the avowed > demolish the church and » M ,c are futile. But the great if is4rdm the indifferent and un^- members and, half infidel within the church. The old ie conquest of Troy by the is being re-enacted—the Rent It! Find It! Buy It! Sell It! •- With HOPE STAR WANT ADS The more you tell, The quicker you sell 1 insertion, lOo per lin» minimum 30c 3 insertions, 7c per line, minimum 50c 6 insertions, 6c per line, minimum $1.00 26 insertions, 5c per line, minimum $4.00 (Average 5V4 words to the'line) NOTE—Want advertisements accepted oVer the telephone may be charged with the understanding that the bifl is payable on presentation of statement, the day of first publication: '' "...' Phone 768 TORRENT : 5 and f. 'Qwjfkg'eould not take the city by out- i-j^ft'dV, attack and so made a ieint at fe.w J i. c ' J _ i j w j n g ; ^ j eft a woot je n horse ,„, to the Trojans. But the horse ; filled with Greek soldiers and the unsuspecting Trojans drew the walls, the Greeks came ^ opeived the gates and the army came in and overwhelm- city, thf enemies of the church have «en able to destroy the church the outside and have adopted the ir of getting the gates opened within, and by the supposed and supporters of the church, W we see large numbers ofi members totaly indifferent to Christ and they do nothing to the Lord's work, but are as dead weight and hinder the mwp <rf the chariots of God. Then IM the unbelieving preacher cast- '•faubts on the truth and authen- 0f the Scriptures, the deity of ajnd his bodily resurrection, and $$ existence of a future hell. & the real danger confronting inity today and we are in more from this than, from the Tom $d Ingersolls on the outside. (ear there were 100,000 acci- iths |Q the United States and d these were killed by that prican juggernaut, the Au- aj»d (be majority of these by reckless or drunken a no longer safe to ride expensive highways, as w ^ntly rides there. In li as many people are kj lee /highways as Americans killed World war, and since 1918 over of our people have been killec careless and intoxicated driv- ^ prty is that but little is |a prevent this slaughter and the '<S» sre seldom punished „ war when we are allow- T fearful wreckage of human , and lives to go unchecked? aft great travelers, and during W» will travel over six bun„ jop miles on the earth going r the sun, but on next December w*& arrive «gfe}y without acci 4 sxt. sdaeduj* tw*. The hand directs ths t^rtfe ig its course tfaft fun ang op djrunk o onto another or out into space and •would that we had some way of conducting our highway traffic and avoid this horible destruction that we witness every day. But little ^ill be done and the slaughter will continue all the year and the sight of bleeding and mangled human bodies will be a common sight, and all this too in "Great America." We often hear of a young man having the "big head," and he is the object of ridicule but the 'big throat" is worse than the big head and many of our young people, and old ones too, are affected with it. The big throat is the highway traveled by the deadly alcohol, and damages and finally destroys the vitals of the human body. Happiness, property, business and health go down the big throat and the well-to-do become poor and the poor become poorer. I know a physician cnce who was considered one of the best in His country and accumulated wealth rapidly and built up a large practice and erected a fine dwelling house, a cotton gin, a thriving store and bought hundreds of acres of fertile lands. But he took to strong drink and it was not bootleg liquor either, as he demanded the best old Bourbon that could be had. But the best liquor will destroy as well as the worst and so the same results followed as if he were drinking cheap Arkansas White Mule. Down his'throat went his practice, then his cotton gin and then the store and then the large farms and then all of his money and then disease preyed upon him and death claimed him, wrecked and broken. We all chipped in and bought a coffin for him at death, as he did not leave enough to get this last necesity for himself. The name of this man is "Legion" and he has a large and suffering following. Why do we say a man was as "drunk as a fool" and not say he was as drunk as a wise man or a preacher? The brain, the battery through which le mind or soul operates, has the most delicate lining in the wonderful vuman body called the pia mater and : is very easy to harm or destroy this ining. When a person drinks liquor he alcohol goes to the vitals of his tody and reaches this pia mater and injures it and finally destroys it and so the brain cannot properly function and the mind is hindered from free iction and so the victim is drunk as, fool because of this injury. We need . FOR RENT—Apartment furnished bills paid, $17.50. C. W. Harrington 1002 West Avenue B. 13-3tp FOR RENT—Front bedroom adjoining bath, close in; Phpne 831. 12-3tc FOR RENT—Five-room unfurnished house. Close in. Mlddlebrooks Grocery. PhontBM :,' ; 12-6tc FOR SALE FOR RENT—Five'room house, Mag nolia addition, Mrs. J. E. Schooley. 8-6tc FOR SALE—One Muncie Transmis sion to fit a model T ford one ton truck $45.95 value. To close out fo $13.98. Montgomery Ward & Com pany, •. . 13-3t FOR SALE—One new Post' Dril $6.65 value. To close out for $4.4! Montgomery Ward 4 Company. 13-3 FOR SALE-r-One % ton Chain Hols 7 foot'lift. $10.85 value to close out for $7,85. Montgomery Ward & Company. ' . 13-3t FOR SALE-One Mothers Pal Electric Mangle $39.95 va'luVtTo close out for $24.75. Montgomery Ward & Company. - 13-3t FOR SALE-One Mothers Pal Electric Mangle $59.95 -value. To close out for $39.95. Montgomery Ward & Company. - 13-3t FOR SALE^-One Grind-Rock and Stand. A very useful farm equipment item*$6.10. To close out for $3.10. Montgomery Ward ^Company 13-t3 FOR SALE—One Repossessed Table type Gasoline Stove $19.95 value. In good condition. To close out for $9.95. Montgomery Ward & Company. 13-3tl ~FOR SALE—Four Screen Doors in original crates $1.55 value. To close out for 55c each. Montgomery Ward & Company. 13 ' 3t FOR SALE—Five Screen Doors in original crates $3.35 values. To close out for $1.35. Montgomery Ward & Company. FOR SALE—One Repossessed Incubator. In good cpndtion. 300 egg capacity. $23.95 value. To sell for $13.50. Montgomery Ward & Company 13-3t WANTED Amazing New Double Sight Glatfe* 5000 Offered On Free Trial Readers of this newspaper are invited to take advantage o{ the sensational offer of a large Chicago spectacle house which has perfected a new double sight spectacle. These latest most up to date spectacles with large clear full vision lenses are guaranteed to improve the vision and enable wearers to read finest print, work, sew, see far or near. They are insured against breaking or tranishing. The Capitol Spectacle Company. Dept. N-51. 113 So. Dearborn St. Chicago, IIJ., are offering these $18.00 value spectacles at only $1.98 on 10 day Free Trial, with the understanding tha| tJi/ey will aflisze and delight you t)f there wili he no cost. Write today for day fcee trial, giving name, ad- 9S& *$?' -A4v- WANTED—Mrs. W. Q. Warren and Mrs.-Ernest Wingfield to have lunch free at the Checkered Cafe Friday. NOTICE "Leap Year wedding rin* Free. 13-3t A Picture of your future. Husband free. W-3t_ NOTICE—Complete Family Finish Sc oer no''nd. . Pnugh Dry 5c per pound this m- riudes the ironirvi of vour flat pieces. If yon desire shirts ironed thev may he taken nut of the bundle and ironed Damp W»»h. 3c per pound, washed and wrun* damp, w if you Dr»fer the flat njiwse* 'rosed 4c o*r nonnrt. <?LBAJSfER AND PRFSSEH ' Carry We: Delivered 56c; Save Half on Motor Oill 190% Pure Pennsylvania 75e In f-Gal. Cans From Pennsylvania's richest pools! Refined and De-Waxed! The best you can get. Goes further! Last Longer In. 1-dal. Cans fcverey gaijon of Zlrte-He is Guaranteed to cover 400 square feet ,wlth 2 good coatsl It lasts longer; goes further, and no experience needed to apply Ul . How's this for VdlueJ BOYS' WOOL KNICKER PANTS With elastic waist and knee bands. Regular $1.98 value reduced to...... 98 Chiffon and Service Permanently Dull $1.33 Value *l Extra strong, extra clear dull finish, PURE SILK Hose at 89c! Curved French heel, reinforced foot with cradle sole; picot top. Three lengths! > No Other Hose Has All the Above Features at ^ve 25 %f Load Up With RED HEADS They Go Farther! . ... Hit Harder! Box of 25 12 Gauge 65c Other Sizes Also Reduced 20-Gauge 55c 16-Gauge 59c MEN'S DRESS CAPS This quality cap ^- X"V' sells in other f^ \->9S+ stores for $2.00 or • W 1~^ f' more. Ward's ^-^ ^ ^* closing out price.. MEN'S WORK PANTS Vat-Dyed made of mercerized 2:50 boat sail drill. $1.49 value. Buy now while they last. ONLY $1.00 MEN'S HEAVY CHAMBRAY SHIRTS An outstanding value at the.reg- ular price. Dou^ ble r e I n f o reed sleeves and shoulders. Reduced to WARD'S QUALITY OVERALLS Genuine Hickory Stripe woven through and through. A real value at $1.10. Now they are re. duced to ....... COMFORTERS Cotton filled. Gay cotton sllkoline covers, sateen bound. Quality and style sells elsewhere for $4.00 and more. Ward's closing out price— $1.98 CHILDRENS SHOES A good assortment of Oxfords, one straps and high top shoes. Kid leather and patents. Values to $1.98 - 98 BOYS' SCHOOL SHOES Oxfords and high tops in black and tan kid leather. $2,98 values— $1.49 MISSES SCHOOL SHOES Brown and black Oxfords and one straps. Kid and patent leather. $2.98 values— $1.79 MEN'S 16-IN. BOOTS Our famous OIL KING. Double soles, double tanned uppers. Our very best. Prices reduced. $6.49 values — $5.49 AUTOMOBILE JACKS Screw type with long extension handle. $1.95 value. Buy now for BOYS' WORK PANTJ Ward's f a m ous invincible quail* ty. An outstanding value at the regular price. Reduced 79 REVERSIBLE CRETONNES Guaranteed sun- fast and tubfast. Beautiful new cretonne designs, ' as smart as today styles. 29c values.. 19 MEN'S FLANNEL SHIRTS Youkon quality. $1.48 value. Com-, mon sense says buy at least two at this price i i a 98 only — Greatest Value in Years Berwick Suits MEN'S TIES Fine quality, bright new colors, new patterns. Regular 98c values. Now ONLY.. 49 Now at the Lowest Price on Record Extra Trousers $4.00 Before you buy be sure to see and examine these wonderful values. You buy them at this because Ward's, store must close. Dress better for less. WINDSOR PRESSURE COOKER Approved by Goo*d Housekepeing Institute. Saves you money, food and fuel. Prices reduced. 12- quart size— $13.85 GALVANIZED WASH TUBS Double zinc dipped, standard _ weight. Sizes one ^^ Mf and two. 79c val- 9 •%/» Hurry while ^^ m. *\j ue. they last only one to a customer WOMEN'S FLANNEL? ETTE GOWNS MEN'S DRESS OXFORDS And high top shoes in black kW- Only u limited quantity. Values to $4.98— . $1.98 WOMEN'S DRESS SHOES A good selection of Oxfords, one straps and three eye ties. $3.98 values. Reduced to— $1.87 Solid colors. Prices have beep reduced. Buy them now tor only 79c WOMEN'S RAYON HOSE , Heavy servire knit to fit silk and rayon hose. Limited quantity. HURRY. 25c $1.00 WARD'S CUP GREASE High quality. 25c value. Save! Buy *^ ^» now from Ward's I 1^^ for only (one M %_J pound can) RADIATORS Tubular Radiators for model A Fords. 75c allowance on your old BLANKET-LINED JUMPERS Our famous Homesteader brar Priced low at the regular price f2.48. Ward's closing out price $1.19 BOYS' LONG T R O U S E R S All wool in conservative c o 1 o rs and patterns. $1.49 value. Ward's closing out price.. 98 BOYS' WOOL SWEATERS Slip on styles in navy blue colors. A real saving. 98c values. Now ONLY 49 Radiator— $10.28 SIMONIZ POLISH Keep your car looking new by using Simoniz. You can save money on this too, at Ward's. 75c value 44c TIRE PATCHING KIT Ward's famous Riverside tire patch. Two tubes cement, 72-square inches of patch. 25c value. Now ONLY 17 EXTENSION CORDS 6-foot .extension /^ f\ cords, complete ,^£ »J ^ O-x C with plugs and and sockets. 60c value WOMENS RQCHELLE SHOES A good selection of Oxfords, one straps and three eye ties. $3.98 values. Reduced to— BLEACHED MUSL11 Our finest, beautiful soft, fine texture that's bleached pure white and free from starch. 36- inch. 19c values.. 12 PILLOW TUBBING] Our finest, seamless, pure white and free from starch. A real 25c value. Buy now for 18 BIRDSEYE DIAPER! Endorsed by physicians who know. Non-irritant, sanitary. Sealed at the mill. A real $1.05 value. Buy now, the dozen.... 4 89 MEN'S HEAVY WORK SHOES Two heavy outer soles sewed ._ tacked. Heavy tan uppers, triplj sewed and riveted. $3.98 vain Now $2.98 BOYS' WORK SH01 Black and tan Scout moccasin style. Ideal for rough wear. values— 2.97 $1.49 MONTGOMERY WARD & Co. HOPE Phone 930 Second

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