Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 14, 1932 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 14, 1932
Page 2
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growing ftjit '"• 'in (inaamanajfljfr^^ tta Mate strtwt, Hof*, Arfc d6JE»tted. ComnWrl to protect their lfisckiftis The Star'a Platform Old Sdldier*' Fate mtiah _— "•*•»•?.*»¥*** .fttju toft tntlCn nGfltj Too rhucn'iS^h^ td6 much oil, Toff'rtwrtyjJioOTf ihat we don't toil. Tod WsHylilghways. too mnny cars T&» tttefiy peeplo behind the Tsars; Too", much poverty, too much wealth too many people have poot health; ^ Too much politics, to much booze ;To0 t m*ny Wearing high heetetl 90th birthday in Netv ^^ newspapers sent reporters to one of th efew men now living- who serv 'me is a thhl * that could be said by every nation and every generation. >rrp"~ «" VHIVC WHS sadness and the glory of the life of ff$&'&Stt^.3s^&& sS,s^ e <**«*«»* event of .their lives took place^ht laDecnnnino- NntTiinn- tii..* ~««^ t. • > _? vr ,»"*«- e "»"<• n'Wn,'v.»~ TkT AT. • •""•'«* - MICH lives IOOK Place -r>BH Kg* a ^ tlu .?« Clever happened to them after IQ ComDarfi with if Tinnr «,JM.I j.i__ .!.„• . , , and ••--•- > —OC»~~"-» wrv« wu the fiar seas on the Ala«,«'*, V* « Til —^ k? k^* *he service, was the.past to the end of his days iJySf 80 '^ £ kely ' from the e^^st days. One 'x#*K M L 111 andien * Greece, the far-away look in th* S^»K,T^fK,t«5 Caesar conquer Britain; the decrepit pen- tfle ages who had trooped to Asia Minor . Louis; the aging; Frenchman of less than wfto remembered marching to Moscow with TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO Miss .Johnnie Witt is visiting the family of her brother, Theo P. Witt, in this city. W. O. Sharpe, formerly of Minden,' La., Is now a salesman at Patterson's Department Store. " L.' J.. : Atkinson;; who for-the past several years /has-been withithe Hope Hardware Co., oft this city, has purchased a oneihaUlinterest in the hardware and furniture business of E. M. Bridewell, at Foreman. W. V. Thompkins, of Prescott, visit-' ed in this city ; yesterday. S. L^Reed visited in Little Rock Thursday. FIFTEEN TEARS AGO B^%Mffii££^B±lJ?> "• s Pictures, or rusty swords, or battered old - - - - - ]jf e j, as Jeft Lola Hoge is entertaining the Wednesday Bridge tflub this afternoon at her home ofr|No^kh Hervey street. Miss Louise Wart* entertained wid a Silk Stocking shower on Monda afternoon, in honor of Miss Thurs^ Halliburton, whose marriage to Mr S. H. Munn occurs this afternoon St. Mark's Episcopal church. Recognizing Genius SSSsftsfgWMSMSS s 2 $& W* aneaa of hint nothing except destruction and di™ «,»„ » »wT The voZ7 mtimeS l hat ^f, S ha PP e «^ 1" the world's ' A Chicago woman gave her sweetheart a set of false teeth and then he jilted her. Probably enabled him to snap at other opportunities. The United States protests that Japan's invasion of Manchuria is illegal. But Japan probably knows that Uncle Sam has been protesting for several years about selling liquor, too. Yet, if most of us could see ourselves as others see us, we'd think it was two other fellows. Frozen booze stopped sewage in a Missouri city. Frozen assets have stopped more than that. Dempsey said he would fight ten is But we the badness into prod u7«ve rounds with Johnny Risko in Cleveland if promoters could scrape up $500,000 for his purse. If there's room for J500.000 in his purse, it must be pretty flat. Anyway, Dempsey is just a big-time boy coming back. But from this it would seem he had never been gone. Washington Locals Mr. W. F. Parker of Texarkana tuned several pianos here this week, including the one in the school auditor- ton High School. .Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Rhodes", of Hope, were guests of Mr. and Mrs C. C. Gough this week. Several parties from here attended "The House Beautiful" at the Saenger Theatre Tuesday night. Mrs. Pink Horton. of Little Rock,' spent the week-end in Washington with home folks. Mrs. Susie Barrow and son, Cecil Wimberly, of Nashville, were guests of J. S. Monroe and! family Sunday. . Mrs. John Robinson of Hope, is y.is- iting her sister, Mrs. J.. R. Card this week. , - ]-?"' Mrs. J. S. Monroe entertained with a family dinner Sunday. Outside of the immediate relatives, she had as guests Miss Charlotte Matlock and Miss Catherine Holt, members of the school faculty. Mrs. Pink Horton, of Little Rock, speh tthe week with her sister, Miss Ella Monroe. Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Monroe had as guests Sunday Mi. and Mrs. L: F Monroe, Misses Charlotte Mitlocfc Kathryn Holt, Ella Monroe, and 1 '''Jew-' efl Smith, Mr. Jolly Stuart and Foster Citty and Mr. and Mrs. Gray Carrigan, of this city, and Mr. and-Mrs. Tom Ridgdill, of Hope, Mrs. Pink Horton, of Little Rock, Mrs. Susie Barrow ind Mr. Cecil Wimberly, of Nashville. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Gough entertained at a bridge party and dance at their home last Friday evening. Mr. arid Mrs. Paul Dudney entertained a number of high school students at a party at their home last Sautrday evening. the president and the secretary of the United Daughters of the Confederacy of Arkansas are appointed for the term of their offices by the 1931 act and Dallas T. Herndon, head of the History Commission of the state is also appointed for the term of his Office. The other members, Mrs. J A. Henry and W. H. Etter were' appointed for four and six years respectively and their terms have not expired. • *< » »i A students' aid department of an Oakland, Cal., school re-soles 100 pairs pairs of shoes a week, making the soles from old automobile tires. iTbo many, loafing, too many bets, Toolrrtainy falling to pay their afeebfs; ''•'•' Too miny spending their dough on ites '' ; Too much jmifig of Europe's sast; Too many jwStoiing high heeHW means, ' r ' P Too many buying canned corn and beans; Too many sowing their crop of wild, oats, Too many candidates after our votes; Too many having their washing done. Too many playing bridge for fun; Too many looking to Uncle Sam, Too many people don't give a damn; Too many poets, too much prose, Too many girls without underclothes; Too much buying of goods on time, Too many people don't save a dime, Too much ball, too much play, Too many politicians on big pay; Too much taxes, too.much spent, Too many folks spend every cent, Too much fun, too much ease, ' Too many rips In my B. V. D.'s; Toe. much reform, too much law, The dorndest mess you ever saw! —Maryville Daily Forum. 'i •*-»&,./»,, * £>oublfftf of Income fax Is Sought by Rooiwvell ALBAfttf, N, Y. -(#)- Governor RoBsevett In hi* anunal budget message Tuesday asked the legislature for an expenditure of $291,291,114 for the year 1932-33 and called for a doubling 6f «h* personal Income fax this year and next. France'* Olympic Squad Limited to 80 Athletes PARJS.-W^glility athletes are ex- lerf to c6Hs«ttlte the French team, In the 193S Olympic games in the Unit ' Political Amomcemtnte The Star Is authorlwd to ni>nvuuv« the following candidates subject (tf tiff action ot the Demoerattc ptlfKtrf etec* Hon Aiijnwt 9, "" . This limit has been set oh the number of representative. 1 ) dtje to a decrease to the er«Mts anticipated for the French Olympic fund. HBMPSTEAD COUNTY For Sheriff SIMONMStlTOtf , Itop«,A*fc Safety Gasoline NEW YORK.-A non-inflammable gasoline has been developed by engineers of Standard Oil of New Jersey. This new fuel will not catch fire at temperatures under 100 degrees Fah- •enheit. It has been extensively test-' ed in airplanes and is said to be more combustible than present high-test aviation fuel. It. may elminate the jazardf of fires to planes which are nvolvcd in crashes. FOR SALE-Two New Triumph Vashing Machines. No home can af- ord to be without one of these ma- hines. To close out these $52.95 wash- ng machines will be sold for ?39.95. lontgomei-y Ward & Company. 13-3t NOTICE Montgomery Ward & Company h< Hope, Arkansas, has n number of vefy useful articles that are being closed out during their Closing Out Sale al prices far below the present market price. Come select the article you need. You will be able to buy it far below the amount you would expect to pay. 13-3t Painful Piles = Go Quirk—No Cutting—No Salves It takes only one bottle of Dr. J. S. Leonhardt's prescription— HEM-ROlD —to end itching, bleeding, protruding piles. This internal remedy acts tjuiek- ly even in old, stoubborn cases. HEM- ROID succeeds because it heals and restores the affected parts and removes blood congestion in the lower towel—the cause of piles. Only an internal medicine can do this, that's why salves and cutting 1 fail. Ward & Son say HEM-ROID Tablestmust end 1 your Pile misery or money back. —Adv. You've heard of n picture with a perfect cast! If all the stars In Hollywood were In STRICTLY MMmORABU wouldn't be a better picture! -Wilh- Sidney Fo* Paul Lukas Lewi* Stone —S A E N G E R— SUNDAY-MONDAY ANNOUNCEMENT! Mr. Wayne H. England Who formerly represented this company in DeQueen and Horatio has moved to: Hope, Arkansas viclnit" conlinuc to solocit ncw business for the company in this The Mutual Life Insurance Company of Ne wYork J. T. THOMPSON, Manager. Little Rock, Arkansas "AMERICA'S OLDEST COMPANY" ' Pilkinton on War Time Commsision To Fill Vacancy Left .by Mr«. T. Y. Williams, Term Expired I. L. Pilkinton, Hempstead county representative, was appointed by Governor Parnell, on January 6, to the vacancy on the War Memorial Commission caused fay the expiration of the term of Mrs. .T. Y. Williams. The original members of the War Memorial Commission were Mrs. Wiliams, Mrs. J. A. Henry, of Hope, and W. H. Etter of this city. Under the provisions of an act of the General Assembly in the 1031 session, the commission was increased to six members. COMMISSIONER'S SALE A Congress and Business . remarked the other day is a tragic commentary on our government heave a «gh of relief when i Congress £ S y Ue} Hae] * m tenterhooks a7 to what our national legislators convene" mifirbt ™» l y ^t jt is the com° much on ttefrb fmy mm. Miss Mary Catts, who is a member of the D. A. R. Chapter of Hope, attended a meeting of that society Tuesday afternoon. Miss Margaret Black, of El Dorado, stopped over <n Washington Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Black, en route from Texarkana. Mr. Carl Miller of El Dorado, was a visitor here Sunday. The basketball team from DeAnn came over Friday afternoon and played a game with the Washington High School team, the game ending in a tie. Mrs. Buby Wilson returned home Monday from a weeks' visit in Pine Blull with her daughter, Mrs Pude- phatt. Sam Mwill has bought the A C Cavende* home and has moved his amijy into it. Marshall Rowe and wife, from Wy- JBWft art here on a visit to his fath- r'g family. InoritaUon* J»v# been received here to th* waduatiwi of iff' — ' "w *W •^ flfPW «W w »MR* $*n*v*ff VUlr WfM? *» tormstly * **u4*»t in the Wash#08 |«*W»* .Miss Kolb's father wa« NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN That n pursuance of the authority and trections contained in the decretal rder of the Chancery Court of Hemp- tead County, made and entered on he 21st day of December, A.D. 1931 in a certain cause (No. 2492) the pending therein between Common wealth Building & Loan Association complainant, and J. Ed McCorkle, e al., defendants, the undersigned a Commissioner of said Court, will' of fer for sale at public vendue to th highest bidder, at the front door o entrance of the Court House, Wash ington, Arkansas, in the County o Hempstead, within the hours pre scribed by law for judicial sales, on "*¥• the 28*" day of January a. 1932, the following described real estate, situated in Hempstead County, Arkansas, to-wit: Lots Ten (10), Eleven (11), an d Twelve (12), Block Ten (10), in Frisco Addition to the City of Hope Hen stead County, Arkansas. TERMS OF SALE: On a credit of three months, the purchaser being required to execute a bond as required by law and the order and decree of said Court in said cause, with approved security, bearing interest at the rate of 10 per cent per annum from date of sale until paid, and a hen being retained on the premises sold to secure the payment of the purchase money. Given under my hand this 30th day 01 December, A. D. 1931. WILLIE HARRIS Commissioner in Chancery. Oec. 31, Jan 7, 14. Copr., 183Z, Tho Aaerlcui Tubuccu Co. VOONG AND IOVELY A flicker studio sent owl a ruth call for loretta young's big iliter. Sister was out—so torelta rushed In... and the film-flammers have been giving loretta a big rush ever since! Her new WARNER, FIRST NATIONAL PICTURE "TAXI," 1$ a panic. Later, you'll see her as a Chinese gal—slant eyes and oil—in "THE HONORABLE MR. WONG." 5h«'» Luckied for four yaari. Good for you, Lorettaf-and good for us. Mr. and Mrs. People—not a cent vvai paid for Loretta'* statenwir. ~*Jr . modern cigarette . And vow improved ff$&&& there are mylUCKJES." ne wrapper **nm YOMTl y^jigf.myx. %?<& ;ut for 110.95. Hoatgomefy Ward * rWSSW- i3-3t AndMt TUNE IN ON JLUPKY STRIKE-CO modern i of tottey becoji)ft tw news of

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