Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 13, 1932 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 13, 1932
Page 5
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fm <* 1 ^«;jv's T VW *-"*, -,* %i > EEKLY BUSINESS Circuit Court Uphold* : State's Cigarette LAW _„, ...k.-^-fA*)—Logan counity ; ttntrt Friday ruled In favor of .JtW In & st)t testing the legality , BfShfe olgttttffe tax law. R. M. Thomp- oughti toj rfepldVIn cigarettes seiz- >, By revenue ngents. __.j contended he was acqult- charge Of evading the law In fort anil that the seized cig- hould be 'returned. Pat M, af&lsttmt attorney general, d the state. , ...„...,,..Jn still faces ft suit for $2025 i.Irt.fnleS filed by the state ns a counter action. * Ofte thousand airplanes con be cared One Ihousahd elm trees will be Tax., Ift a city benutification campaign. 500 Jobless Men Provide Own Relief Rent It! Find It! Buy It! Sell It! With HOPE STAR WANT ADS . •;. The more you tell, The quicker you sell. 1 Insertion, IQc per lino minimum 30c 3 Insertions, 7c per lim\ minimum SOc . 6 Insertions, Go per line, minimum $1.00 26 Insertions, 5c per line, " minimum $4.00 - (Average 5'A words to the line) NOTE—Want advertisements accepted oVer the telephone may be charged with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, the day of first publication. Phone 768 CONCORD 8PR1NGF. Ark.-(NEA) —Five hundred unem.' >yed men who expect to have their > nks swelled to 2000 ns soon ag hous! tq is available, have undertaken to i Ive their own relief problem* here in an experiment without precedent In this'section. They arc seeking to rehabilitate themselves as self-supporting and self, respecting citizens through a community-owned nnd governed colony htwn out of an 8000-acre tract of cul- 6ver Arkansas timber land. Each member of the colony will be a stockholder and the worker of 10 acres of land. Their enterprise is called the Arkansas-Mlssourl-Oklaho- mo Develdpment corporation, and their holdings are in the center of the Ozark timber region, near Fayettevllle. Concord Springs is already one of the busiest hamlets in the country. Application has been made for a post- cfficc, a deputy sheriff has been assigned to keep order, a town-site has been laid out and buildings are rapidly going up, and plans are being drawn for a dam to furnish water and cheap power to the new town. A community-owned, sawmill is turning out lumber to be used In fashioning the houses which will furnish living quarters for all share- holers. Already many cabins, a commissary, a barber shop, shoe shop and land office have been erected. A canning factory is to be built as soon as vegetables are ready for canning. An eight-hour day is being observed. "He who does not work cannot eat" Is the town slogan, and it is ob served literally. Only persons with enough money to buy the necessary 10 acres of land and to buy food through the winter are admitted, but the total amount necessary is surprisingly small. The real head of the colony, George Pcrrine, vice president, formerly was a big builder in Tulsa, but he had but 69 cents when he paid his colony dues and landed at Concord Springs. The movement started in Tulso, Okla. His drawings of the townsite, cot- tnget;, commissary und other buildings lor the new town are professional enough to suit anybody. Carpenters, FOR RENT FOR RENT—Apartment furnished, bills paid, $17.50. C. W. Hnrrington, 1002 West Avenue B. 13-3tp FOR RENT—Front bedroom adjoining bath, close in. Phone 831. 12-3tc FOR'RENT—Five-room unfurnished house. Close in. Middlebrooks Grocery. Phont 60C 12-6tc FOR RENT—Five room house, Magnolia addiiion, Mrs, J. E. Scliooloy. •^^ 8-Ctc FOR SALE FOR SALE—One Munice Transmission ''to fit a model T ford one ton truck $45.95 value. To close out for $13.9&. Montgomery Word & Com- panyl 13-3t FOR SALE—One new Post Drill $6.65 value. To close out for $4.45. Montgomery Ward & Company. 13-31 Montgomery Ward & Company. 13-3t FOR SALE—Four Screen Doors in original crates $1.55 value. To close out for 55c each. Montgomery Ward & ,C6mpany. 13-3t FOB SALE—Five Screen Doors in original crates $3.35 values. To close out for $1.35. Montgomery Ward & Company. 13-31 FOR SALE—One Repossessed Incubator. In good condtion. 300 egg ca- pncity. $23.95 value. To sell for $13.50. Montgomery Ward & Company 13-3t Gale Length of Channel Rag«t on British Coast LONDON>-UP)-A gale raged thfe length of tne English channel Sunday and did considerable damage along the south coast of Great Britain. Giant seas broke over the promenades of all southern resorts. Lifeboats went out several times to the assistance of barges and other small craft In distress. No loss of life was. reported. A lifeboat from Elscy rescued nine men from the collier Mango near Portsmouth before dawn after the collier had been buffeted all night. Aft* erwards she was swept aground. Aviation Survey , BUENOS AffifiS.-South America is rapidly being developed by a network : of air lines between the different countries. Argentine officials have just completed a survey of a line which will connect Buenos Aires and Asuncion, Paraguay, via the province of Entire Rlos and Corientes. This line will carry both mall and passengers. Let 'Em Cry MONTREAL.—Hardhearted landlords and complaining negihbors were given a jolt here when the Circuit Court ruled that a family cannot be vlcted from, a house because one of ts offsprings sets up lusty bellows now and then. The ruling insisted hat crying is a normal occupation for a normal baby and that it is not [rounds for cancellation of an apartment lease. Came the Daws WANTED bricklayers, electricians, barbers, tradesmen, writers, factory hands, musicians, preachers are. among the strange crew who plan to carve themselves a new destiny out 'of wilderness like their hardy forebears did in '49. "Please say we are not Reds, radicals, Communists, or a Soviet or Little Russia group," he said. "We are merely American men out of work who seek to solve our own relief problems. We are not beggers and believe that a general back to the land movement might do much good for the country that has gone too far in buying paper securities. We have a plan —a 10-year plan—for our own rehabilitation. "We prefer to build a new communr ity for Mother Earth in the-Ozark wilds, rather than stand in a breadline in a dead oil city and wait for good times to return." - . Dr. H. L. dough of Tulsa is presi- WANTED—Mrs. Boyd Van Eaten ahd Mrs. G. A. Bankston to have lunch free at the Checkered Cafe Thursday. He. NOTICE Leap Year wedding ritig Free. 13-3t FOR SALE—One Ms ton Chain Hoist 7 foot lift. $10,85 value to close out for $T.85. Montgomery Ward & Company. 13-3t FOR SALE—One Mothers Pal Electric Mangle $39.95 value. To close out for $24.15. Montgomery Ward & Company. 13^tt_ FOR SALE—One Mothers Pal Electric Mangle $59.95 value. To close out for $39.95. Montgomery Word « Company. 13-3t FOR SALE—One Grind-Rock and Stand. A very useful farm equipment item $6.10. To close out for $3.10. Montgomery Ward &Coinpany 13-t3 FOR SALE—One Repossessed Table type Gasoline Stove $19.95 value. In good condition. To close out for $9.95. A Picture of your future, Husband free. 13-3t FOR SALE Dry Clippings and Dry Heater Wood 23 inches long Prompt Delivery Phone 245 HOPE HEADING CO. GULF GAS At the busy corner of Third and Hazel—on the new Broadway of America route, you'll find that Good Gulf gas station. Courteous service—full value for your money. Bundy Service Station Third and Hazel Phone 264 dent of the corporation and nominal head of the community. He is a practicing physician and lawyer. John McBride is secretary of the venture and C. E. Gillespie Is-, treasurer. A hotel, garage and tourist, camp are being built on the highway for revenue purposes. Idea for • the colony originated with a woman, Miss Ida Lawley of Sand Springs, Okla., who, however, is not a member. • The first 100 "builders' 1 who are hewers of wood and drawers of water for those yet to come, wear, the corduroy and boots Of the old-time mining camp. They are growing new corns on hands made soft by years oi office work and white collar jobs. Bu ther eyes are alight, their skins clear their muscles strong. "America finished?" says one work er. "I should say not. We still ore a pioneer country." Fliers Take Their Swims in Dual-Role Reservoirs SAN ANTONIO.—(/P)—Theoretically, there are no swimming pools at Randolph field, the army's new "West Point of the air." Practically speaking, however, there are four pools on the post where the personnel may swim and dive. They are water reservoirs forming a part of the fire-fighting and sprinkling system. Equipped with sloping bottoms and smoothly finished sides, they were fitted for a dual role since no government appropriation was allotted for swimming pools as such. — • •• Probably ought to extend that moratorium to include Leap Year. First the depression gets a man down, and then the women Leap on him. WARNING ORDER No, 2506, In the Hempstead Chancery Court. Walter E. Taylor, State Bank Commissioner Plaintiff vs. Ben Alford, et al Defendants The Defendant, The Chase National Bank of New York, New. York, is warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, herein. Witness my hand and the seal of said court this 28th day of December, 1931. WILLIE HARRIS, Seal) Clerk. Attorney Plaintiff W. S. Atkins, iope, Arkansas. (Dec. 29-Jan. 5-12-19) United States Amtossaaor Britain, is ssowh, above;a% ed hi New "Work,'eh' route ngton for dlscftsilnos' with ; oartrrient officlali,'oH : tKe -fcVincoiiiuiif; disarmament'' conferinces at; Geheva; Switzerland: . .' : ;'...•;..,; Hurts Too Much HOUSTON, Texas.—An unemployed man attempted to commit suicide here by cutting his wrists with a razor alade. But it hurt so much that he caled an ambulance and was taken to a hospital. After his wrists were taken care of, hospital "authorities released him, cautioning him not to attempt suicide again. "Don't worry," he said. "You. won't see me any more. That Hurts to much." Floating Hotel .BERLIN. —The former steamship "Gurpfalz" has been turned into a floating hotel at Ludwinshafen, on the Rhine. 'The steamer is anchored on the riverfront and is used mainly by river workers. It has full hotel service and even has holds in which rowboats and canoes of river folk can be stowed when they stop at the hotel. "AS YOU WERE!" What, we wonder, would be the reaction, if some Great Power could und would say to the many thousands in Arkansas who are now enjoying the benefits of NATURAL GAS—"As You Were!" , BApK to the dirt, smoke, ashes, grime of the old time solid fuels! BACK to the many tedious hours in the old 1 hot kitchen, just to prepare the family meals! BACK to the old time under or over-heated homes! BACK to the old "wood-shed" days—laying in the season's supply, (and C. D. D., too)—splitting the day's supply—carrying it in- feeding the stove- Let's hope Mother Nature will defer her command—"As You yf e re"—for some fur distant future generation! Arkansas Natural Gas Corp, A Cities Service Unit TisNoJoke SALT LAKE CITY.—Practical jokers, poines Mrs. Louisa Maclaren, run things too far. For we«ks now someone has been sending taxicabs, bakers, •plumbers, coal : dealers, grocers and milk men to her home with merchandise she never ordered, The climax was reached when the 'third ton of coal she hadn't ordered reached her house. She appealed! to police to locate the joker responsible. Inexpensive Prescription Guaranteed to End Rheumatism Thousands Joyfully Astonished at Swift 48 Hour Relief Progressive pharmacists will tell you that the popular big selling prescription for rheumatism right now is Allenru—for 85 cents you can get a generous bottle from Briant's Drug Store or any up to date druggist. You can get it with an absolute guarantee that if it doesn't stop the pain—the agony—and reduce the swell, in 48 hours—your money back. Uric Acid Poison Starts To Leave Body In 24 Hours OMt of your joints and muscles go he uric acid deposits that cause all your suffering—it's a safe, sensible, cjentific formula—free /rom harm- ul or pain deadening drugs. The same absolute guarantee holds good for sciatica, neuritis and lumbago —quick, joyful relief—no more idle days—it removes the cause. —Adv. BIRD'S Liquid Roof Coating Makes Old Roofs Look Like New! Bird's Linuid Asnhalt Roof Coating will stop rust and leaks in sheet metat rooring. And it will renew and protect composition roofs and ready roofing. HOPE RETAIL LUMBER YARD J. M. Harbin, Mgr. Phone 178 WE EXCHANGE Meal or Flour for shell' ed milling corn. We'll grind your corn into meal. SOUTHERN GRAIN & Produce Co, Phone 248 MRS. FINLEY WARD and MRS. R. B. STANFORD Will Be Given a Free Fingerwave Call 39 For Appointment Drawing Contest Begins Thursday MARINELLO Beauty Shop Fifth Youth A«*.t«d . for AtUck on Off lew Murdw ' < i H" f, .chuitct fith fi*ftl« and')* t6 W ._.„...: for f i«M (6f jiMBPMl ft 1 wit San Di«fo L.*ion Post 1 Claim* Many Of ficm Nonchalantly '( aftokijigr^' > fii^ttl bside-dbwn Dlbe;' Charles G/rlDftA SAN DffiOO, dil.^4n^96 numer-' ous aw. ewwl«lon«d tffflt^hi sntonf Item^b^i^tlW'^c^foYpwtV AMUfehtfi <t^3M<KJilfcit*fc Jt&'lMbW£ A "M run"'''.••"•ifflfiuVj 1 .'T'" t r •-••'..->c>v,'; V Wr^tr^^cl^^dU^ • 4ifld p*iii^'mmM)lwtt+^frM Former Arkansas Mayor;-, Is Dead at Pine Bluff PINE BLUFF.—{^j-Chwl?s,E. Tay-1 lor, mayor of Little Rock tt6tnl9ll to, 1919, died at his home here Monday., after an illness" of three: Weeks.": He was 63 years'old! : ... /'.'' Taylor was secretary' of'tfc Bluff Chamber of.Commerce^ f , eral years, residing-Vast : >year:' •, '••. Phone 314 HOPE TRANSFER & STORAGE CO. E. G. Coop, Mgr. LUCK'S SERVICE STATION U. S. L. BATTERIES Plenty of Power for winter driving! Battery Service For all Makes of Cars Recharging-Repaiving Phone 485 $5.00 MEAL TICKET ;:i.^-:;/;^.-y'.-v'^, ; ->^i'V;.?P.V '•' ".,va**v»«>M.J:2*,jjiy2i2 : '''-u i "•*'<•• v • -..:'v.' •^•^^*v:.f;^v.%Cv Pfettfy ;^*rfjfl|*/;6fcv f «ta% -din;.. We »re etutfpttir tov, tike .your — a^^. -^iv«^i ain^^ <,:..••-. s-'-'ff.fffvfyrv fj''t' •*-- '•• iviV ; >-W«^ }.,i r»*rr J *Xx>&:!4-? mr^^msat Kj^m I'"' /'' * •'-,--• '-Vi'*'"^'^.ivHw -i.-"«i'?i*M&l m^iMiim v::..'.''-•;.':* .-•: i .-Hi i">V $4.00 Cash A -cli Less 20% on tick'et For Every Type of Motor That Good Gulf Gasoline For More Power Gulf No-Nox—Ethyl Stops Knocks Gulf Supreme Motor Oil For a Smooth Running Motor Gulf Refining Company M. S. Bates, Agent Phone 24 or 934 For Your, Money Blue Ribbon Bread, and other, C|ty Bakery products; give you inert ounces of better quality bread -.for the same money.' Ask for the home breaof at your grocers, and you'll save money! CITY BAKERY Bakers of Blue Ribbon Bread •^^^^w^^^^^^^^^^ij^i^gj^ij^s •••••^w^r^^ :.-: •;,• -•##• • i '?«'v^v^^:^;,4iy: : ^'y;,v ; :;i) -'""-'•.S : )^!^s^^S . :^.^^ '••: • !»£ W: ^-vfe? - : ^-X-^ v^ : ^^tl|^ ^A^i^tb^»>VC*hM»m da<for jrpU <t^^«*^l*jiM Hope Water & Li «•»•',.••• '' : "''":: f ms^m ••• \ -'. ,7TT ™ ".••"•"" -— ', •—- ~ ----- •—_- - - • . • . ---- f^, - •-• '*• i:^"*'' 1 - * •^ji ; S,*ft To Our Farmers Got plenty corn now and «>jn» over. Why not plan to douW* crops next year per acre with dr«in tile instead of working so nwhy acres? We guarwtet U can be dont, our loss if it don not. Its the only w«y to product 09 wet lwid« «t gU, wily douWti on semi-wet land «n4 Uwr«M«s ly on any Und, Your Credit Is Good. HOPE BRICK WORKS • •••.',•' iv^-H. •"••-'.•.,- y 1 :.;'' ;. ;r ; - .:;" ••;' tV "^iS^i^ " .''•'•' -;'--'->- u •'•.>•••• • •••-'•:-;/uvv^,/'/'^^*%^||nv< 5 vT ' % v ''^»u' A •-?-*''--.—.-- i'i i' r il in i i «i •• 'tiJ4 II i i •liii" iil'ii'Prt'ii'sWilftiT Cotton Oil Co. B, I* Kaufman, Manager U. S, Government Cotton Warehouse SUndard and High Denrity Compress Automatic Sprinkler System Cheapest Insurance in Arkansas *.!? Union Compress and W*rf home Comptny 0, '

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