Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 12, 1932 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 12, 1932
Page 3
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nit blue, 1 otir lives thru; sth not promised JM K<ia€ } *•"- :*Rhiiut" 'tfithdUl pain. nfttH pfOtYliMd ... _—j|tK lof lift day, test fe* the labWr B fS" ' # lM.i«J jfj-j. ftliftM f M(tJL«i ; ''f , JulgiH> XOr tile wflj ( ^dteeirftrflUFltortl/ < l V'ft* V -<l 1 _J 1 KfftiF Larte, who ttttTbeBft tiM gutfst Ms rfloWier, ^Mrf M^llc Litia ttt , pa*i;fefc-d(iys, has rttumed it* M Atdm6rt>, Dkln. Me, ami Mr« (l firne*t O'Neal an- rtBurtW tltt marriage of their sister, Mlw OtanlW VanNeft to Chnrtes Max- Harris of dre«hvl!le, 9. C. fh« wed- d(n« %a« sol«mArtl»kl on Saturday ftf tethoOfi, JanUBfV 9, In fcxarkans. Greek Beauty to Wed Londoa MN hhd Mrs. Qus Haynes hnd Mrs. Jlrittle Ifandgfirt have as guests this wfeek, Mrs, Arthur Hill of Little Rock aftd tOfi> Arthur Richard Hill, Jr., of City. - Mn and Mrs. t>. H, Lipscomb haVe ai house guest, Mrs; fid LipsCofhb of Little Rock. ^Mrs. Mollie Lane left Tuesday, for a visit with frlettds find relatives In Ardmore, Ohla. and Houston, Ten. The Woman's Missionary Sdetety of tHe First Baptist church held their regular- Bible Study bn Monday after. noon at the Vhufch. . Tht pastor, Dr. W. A. Bowen, conducted a most helpful-arid Interesting Study on "Prayer," Mr. and Mrs. fully Henry and Mr. K nd Mrs. Terrell Cornelius were Sunday Visitors in Hot Springs. Mrs. Julia D. Corley of Hot Springs announces the marriage of her sister, MISS Jessie Roper of Hope, to E. J. Franz of Hot Springs. The wedding Wok plaCe on July 3rd. 1931 in Wasfi- ington, With the Rev. H x H. McGuirc of the Methodist church reading the cdrembny. " v The losers in a recent contest con ducted by the Alatheati class of the First Baptist Sunday school will entertain the Winners on Tuesday even; ing at 7:30 o'clock at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred White on South Main • street. , s Mrs. W. P. Herman spent the Week end visiting with friends in Prescott. Mrs. ,.J, K. Jordan of^femmet was shopping in the city on Monday. ... Circle No, 1 of the Ladies Auxiliary Mid touting $125,000 * Cotutructed WHI Employ 100 Men of H |10MW Btfcel and iron mill hete this jteas- is virtually assured. C, i. Wirn*. executive of the iett dhetriieal ctrttipany, said the mill 1* planned as n result of developments of the cherrtical ctomtfatty in charcoal He has been lit Pihe Bluff at the .Dllley Foundry, engaging irf axfetfitttfnts in connection with his Ailc* Dlplaracos, above, Who was chosen as the most beautiful girl in Europe in 1930, is reported engaged to mfirry Jim Londos, wrestling champion of the world. Miss Dlplaracos Is en route to her home in Greece fol« lowing a Visit to the United States. eALL~62—FOR SPEEDY SERVICE When you need anything in drug store goods, just go to the telephone and call 62. That's the speedy service drug store- telephone numbor for Hope- motorcycle delivery service. Just phone, nnd the desired article Will start prt its way to you at once, In filling telephone orders, we take every care to insure that What is sent is exactly what is Wanted. We promise that you Will be pleased with every detail of this service. Ward &Son The Leading Druggists , "We've Sot It" PHONE 62 Motor Cycle Delivery of the First Presbyterian chureh held their January 'meeting at the Home of Mrs. R. H. Barr on North Hervey street, with ten members answering to the roll call. The Bible lesson from the fourth and fifth chapter of James was conducted by Mrs. G. K. McRae, Sv, A short business period Was in charge of the'leader, Mrs. L. C. Becker. Miss Annie Allen led the program, which consisted 'of letters from foreign fields read by the following members: China, Mrs. J. P. Brundidge; Japan, Mrs. Kendall Lemley; Korea, Mrs. W. R. Anderson; Mexico, Mrs. Hattie Penney; Africa, Mrs. A, A. Hogue; Brazil. Mrs. Frank Trimble. A'synopsis of the foreign missions was given by'Miss Annie Allen. Percy Clopton has returned from a short visit with relatives in Dallas, Texas. Mrs. C. E. Bell and Miss Margaret Bell have tckcn an apartment in the of Mr. and Mrs. K. G. McRae, Si. on Edgwood avenue, in Brook- Wood. Charles Avlnger of Little Rdck wns the Monday guest of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Whitworth. — Announcement has been made of the marriage of Miss Lorainc Clopton to Mr. L. C. Wood, both of this city. The ceremony was read on January 2nd, in the home df Dr. and Mrs. W. A. Bowen on West Third street, with Dr. Dowen, pastor of First Baptist Church, officiating. Mr. and Mrs. Wood returned on Monday night from a short wedding trip to Hot'Spring* and Little Rock, and are at home in this city on West Fourth street. The pffflposed plant will employ approximately 100 skilled laborers aftd will manufacture Dannemdra iron, or »teA frofii .scrap iron, using eharedal as a foundry fuel; The Steel mill will ,bc a direct' outgrowth of the Crossett Chemical company, . Which wa"s developed by th« Crossett Lumber company, one of the oldest and largest lumber companies in this part 61 the country. Charcoal, Mr. Warner said, Was driven 6ff the* market by coke because of Its easily manufacturer and uncertain sourceT of supply under the bid methods. The Crossett company is able to put charcoal on the market by Its new process in even competition With core as to cost. Through its modern? reforestation program, the Crossett Lumber company has a perpetual supply df timber. Chatcoal also is derived 1 f?6m what is ordinarily knoWn as forst waste, limbs and branches and scraps from the 1 mill. Mr. Warner said a Monroe, La., man had guaranteed a supply of 60,000 tdns Of scrap Iron annually from that city, and that an- Inestimable amount coUld be suppliocTfrom Little Rock and Pine G< ._ afl» ' Mrs. Henry ftti Ma Ada ._ Hnieh ttm, Is *ttfl;*o Saturday a " "Either .Al*ift « ft' *cas a . Jofe flnK^iy. . , : Mf.'aitd Mrt<JJrO. Rodfc KpSfit thft with C» 0. Whitney, and havt' ,_,_..ed t6 tlntf tome it OtW6ft lll.s MerUeH Ahd*fion visited With hid friend Dock H&8 Saturday. 'Mrs. Chartei tt«y», Mrs. Lol* May ttvfl Miss Ma*», Whitney called «t Mrs, ^ehry Prahois one day la«t week; " * Sondy* 61 HoJ* Wa» a business ..here last W<<ek. f. and Mrs. tfiwrtmce Grant mov« ft this dommtinity last week. fthd.Mfii Wm. Thontasdft attd nave rttoVftd h«re from Texas. ' Mr*. Mia Albrtght of Hop*, -Was 'vlsfflnfe frleftd» Hef»* Saturday. m and.Mfl. W. L. Elder and chll- dfeti <sf Hop*, »Wnt Sunday with. Mr. ajid-MfS. C, 0.'JwKltney. 1 'The GuefhfNfyT'ep Club had a nice {iwfat the H6m6 « Miss Arlene Pat. . . Manufacture of steel and iron in this section of the United States is not_a novel idea. Iron ore was mined in Texas 40 years ago and iron smelters were operated successfully in that state, using charcoal as a fuel. With the discovery of coke and the rise of Birmingham to importance as an industrial centpr, the TeJcas mills were, forced out ot business. Ordered to Smile INDIANAPOLIS. Ind.-Judo Storte- house's face lights up witht -an occasional smile now and then as the result dt a recent order by Judge. Cahn- eron. Stonehouse was up before the jude on a charge of injuring his daughter Mildred. She stated that in additional to physical hurt, her father hadn't smiled at her for four years. "I believe it would crack your face if you smiled," the judge told Stone- housfe. "It isn't enough to support your family. You betteb smile when' you go home." Two Tatfrls, '6he rich, the ,6thet are held in Chicago in connection, with the slaying of Detective James J. Ca'p- lis in aft attempted holdup at a night club there. Marcella Royce, 17, left. Is frotn a well-to-do family, while the parents of Dorothy Evans, 16, right, support seven children on ?27 per week. Patmos Several enjoyed singing at this place Friday night. Everyone is invited to come and sing with us every Friday night. ' Bro. Season of Waldb delivered an extra fihe sermon here Sunday afternoon from Thampa, Fla,, by airplane. He is • the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Hamlter. He landed his plane in front of his parents home. Several enjoyed a party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Ward's Saturday night, Mr. and Mrs. John Loha and S. O. Median were Camden visitors last week. Mrs. G. H. Rider and son, Barney spent Sunday with Mr, and Mrs. A. B. Rider. Boys Arm 1«-Broken in Automobile Accident PARAGOULD.—Lloyd Terry, aged seven, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Terry, is suffering from a broken right leg and other injuries.as a reSult of being struck by a Chevrolet sedan, driven by Robert Ralph, timber buyer, Saturday. Mr.. Ralph was driving South of Pruet street and was turning west into Main street. The Terry boy was going north across Main street. His two companions already had crossed the street. Terry apparently, having stopped. He is reported to have started running to catch up With the other two boys and to have run in front of the automobile. AittnMvS* moved in this neifHbbfhodd. i ,C ' : , Mitf, T.E. Lotan and iSon Ddrse Btfcnt.SundayWH Mrs. Logan's moth en Mr*. ' j Oak Grove We are sb ftlad to see the sunshine again. 1 \ • •'.. • t. ti. Wise of Hope spent Sunday night with Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Jones. Mr.'and Mrs. Algle>Shurmoh spent Saturday nigtft With J. i. Mullens. Mrs. D. M. Collier and" children attended conference Saturday, aftfer"- noon. v •. ; , Mr. and Mrs. Lull Flontz spent Sunday with R. L. May and family. . \ Wits Loease Robinson and MlSS SUi- nice Cumbie spent Friday night with Miss Blanche and Cathreen Ross. Mrs.'G. H. Wise and children of Melrose. spent Saturday night and Sunday with her daughter, Mrs. Hollis Mullens. !.>|.|'f Mr. and Mrs. Lester Mullens spent Friday afternoon with his mother Mrs, Frank Mullens. Miss Mildred Wise spent Sundya with Miss Jewell Ross. , Sid Sqinner and family 'have* moV-' ed in their new home. to «teadiiy dccrtillog ir over »loog period ^rfycats. tg^nt.boutlt " ( - r ^ Agee & Spraggins Fire Tornado Automobile Fire Automobile Collision Burglary Hold-Up Farm Property, Every form of insurance you may desire! Call Us- -Phone 935 Columbus H. W. Sheppard of Hot Springs, dis x - trict manager of the Bell Telephone Company wns H visilor hero Wednesday. Mr. nnd Mrs..E. Haselman of Ozan Were visitors here Thursday. R. L. Levins of Washington was the guest Sunday of Mr. and Mrs, Joe Wilson. Mr. and Mrs, David Wilson spent Saturday with Mrs. James Ferguson at Nashville; Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Ageo or Hope visited with Dr. and Mrs. J. R. Autrey "aturdny. Mr. nnd Mrs. Jim Wilson Jr.. spent he week end in El Dorado, guests of VIr. and Mrs. Jnmes Wilson. Dr. and Mrs. G.' E. Cannon of Hope visited in the home of Dr. Aulrey Sunday, R. E. Jackson and J. O. Johnson were visitors to Hope aSturdny. Miss Mary Guines Autrey spent the week'end with Miss Sdlma Lee Bartett in Hope. Mrs. W. B. Booker of Texarknna was U visitor here Sunday in the home of Mrs. R. C. Stuart. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Green of McNab wero guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Green. Mr. and Mrs, Allan Downs have returned from a visit with relatives at Eagletown Oklahoma. Miss Lorena Darnall spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wilson at their farm near town. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. W. Abies of Texnr- kana were-guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Stuart. Ml-, and Mrs. C C Stuart, Miss Roberta Stuart and Miss Mary Lovins of Washington were guests of friend: here Sunday. S A E N G E R— Tue.cUy Night at 8:30 Some Good Beats Left— 12.00, $1.50, fl.OO, 7Sc CHANNING POLLOCK'S THE HOUSE BEAUTIFUL fed* ««tor EXACTLY AS PEODUCED AT THE APOLLO THIATRE, NEW YORK 80 Change* of Scene in 5 Min,, 40 Second*. 80 Coitumw— Oiitinguwhed Cast With Eltol IntrooWJ, Mm GUf |« Wd « New York Rent Itl'-Find It! Buy It! Sell It! With • HOPE STAR WANT ADS The more 'you tell, The quicker yoU sell. 1 inscrtibn, lOc fler minimum 3Dc 3 insertions, 7c per minimum 50c 6 Insertions, 6c per line, minimum $1.00 26 insertions, 5c per line, minimum $4.00 (Average 5V4 words to the line) NOT Br— Want advertisements ae- cepted over the telephone may be charged with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, the day of first publication. Phone 768 planted along streets of Big Springs, for at one time at Wright Field, Day- I ton, Ohio. , ' THE NATIONAI ^.L^L.'itm±iLl^J-L,t**A ', FOR RENT FOR RENT—Front bedroom adjoining bath, cl^se in. Phone 831. 12-Stc Greatest Values Ever Offered ARK. MACHINE SPECIALTY CO- Telephone 257 Hope, Ark. FOR RENT—Five-room unfurnished house. Close in. Middlebrooks Grocery. Phont 606 12-6tc FOR RENT—Five room house, Magnolia addition, Mrs. J. E. Schooley, 8-6to WANTED WANTED:—Cora Turner and Mrs. Howard Schuster to have lunch free at the Checkered Cafe Wednesday. Itc WANTED—Mrs. John Vesey and Mrs. Kate Scott Holland to have lunch free at Checkered Cafe Tuesday. Itc NOTICE NOTICE: Help employment at home by sending your laundry to us. Sending out of town, your money leaves Hope and builds up the other town. We are working from 12 to 18 people, and they spend their money with merchants here at tjope. Hope Steam Laundry, Phone 148. 9-tc FOR SALE FOR SALE—Two young grade Jersey cows. Fresh. H. S. Dudley, Hope, Ark. Phone 1603-2-2 9-3tp. FOR SALE Dry Clippings and Dry Heater Wood 23 inches long Prompt Delivery Phone 245 HOPE "There are no belter cigarettes HE BOWED UP SMILING BobM9nt«om»ry hqi b*«n an Iran worktr, dtck hand, railroad m«chanl« tad • howd-ot *»(«* In Hollywwd . . . Ht goomtd t« "I have alwayi usedLUCIOES-M ftir M I wn 9<»l» w*r9 «h-wy »W bit grin . . . Ami Nwy'll 90 wmpl.fcl* zoo*y whtn tt»y «M bin la hl» laleit M-O-M, WiVATE UVE5" . . . H»'t ItMCk t» IUCKIES th»t* lajl 7 y»or» • • • N»l o buftolu nickel wai (Mid for bli »tgtem»nl . . . Ht 9«vo It Ivit (or a plMM"< there are no btttw dflftttw«*coiigWtttl»^W afco year improved Cellophane wrapper wftb that little tab that ofttiii yeur package to " It's toasted" »(*,*< 3^ J**Jte»t«riMM Tml^»TiSm9mmmmm

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