The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 16, 1940
Page 3
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MARCH 10, 19ilo What Ii Fell Like To Play Scarlett OTTara (ARK.) COURffiR -NR\VS Difficulties Over Accession Have Been Frequent, To Continue «y DAVII) S. M'AiTE • United 1'rcss Suit Coneniiotidtm SING APOFIB. - Pjmily trouble', which Ions have beset (lie icyal house of Sarawak appear now ' to have left Die future of the line in doubt. When Sir Charles Vyncr Brooke the rajah, deprived his nephew Anthony Brooke of his title of liajah Muria, or crown prince he announced the Intention lo lea\c vacant for "the present (lie dcsi»- nation of an heir. Anthoiiy Brooke, who was named crown prince last March, is still 'a niembsr of the Sarawak civil .service. He k: in Europe on leave now and Intends to take up war work' Friends believe that he will return to Sarawak later anil after lie lias gained more experience in administrative duties. He ihen may In restored in his former position as Rajah Muda. Young Brooke is still regarded l>y many as die most likely 'siic- cc.«or to the throne. He Is the son or Capt. Bertram' Brooke, the 'luan Mtida, who is nominally the heir presumptive. Capl. Brooke however, Is in ill' health and is unable to slny for long periods in die East, it is not believed h» wlli ever become rajah. Kajah Has No Sons I Month-Long iVlniic u v c r s Will Be in Texas And Louisiana pcctnclc—whole blocks of sets be- ng consumed by /lames us build- ngs in old Atlanta burned, and I 'as a little confused by the grandeur of it nnd by what .seemed lo ie a frightening contusion. That vas the night 1 met Mr. David O. ielznick, the man who was pro— j. .,..,. ut me iui-in American iucing "Gone with the Winil," uncl wrestler. Singapore observers dc j V >'0 "ad yet to select a Scarlett not^ believe reports thai lady ''Kara for the film. """" ' prin- T ----' The present rajah has no sons, but • has three daughters. They ,are Lady Inehetrpe, who is driving an ambulance ID London, Mrs. Harry Roy, the wife of the dance baud lender, and Mrs. Bob Gregory, wife of the "all-in American Inchcape may become crown cones being mnde for "Gone «-ith he Wind." it an av.'csome cess a.s a result of Brooke's depo- lle fantastic quality of that tre- silion. . ! mendous fire, the conlusion I felt . Brooke, who is 27, took as his! lld thc feeling of loneliness in bride in Rangoon last Novembei ! :ile m'dst of hundreds of people, Miss Kathleen Hudden of Bristol, ! vas hidicative of what was to come. Ens;, she is a sister or a member i *• c °u'<l not know then, of course, of the Sarawak civil service. - vhat 1(! J' ahead—nnd if someone Brooke studied at Oxford, serve* lacl ventured to predict It, I prob- ior iwo years with the Malayan xbly W °»M have passed it oft as Civil Service lo gain administra- | fl °nsense. live experience, find then went to | Objective View Sarawak where he studied Dyaki The unexpected happened; it and became a district officer i " llltle lne ' {or llj esc months at . He administered thc government! - eilst - aml whether I wished it so 'during liis uncle's absence last " ' '""" " ' ID VIVIEN (.Appearing as Kmlflt O'llara in "Gone with llic Win,!", lo b« SJIOH-H in Itlylhcvlllc beginning Jla re 11 2U.) A year has gone by since the , ill in one continuous "take' 'and we stood watching the first so Tor what seemed an etcrnilv 1 , >,M,,,, ,„„,.„ ,„ >.„„ :,,. c|ol|gcd (1)]i . ol|Bh (Ile |ITOC of lm([ . c on Peachlrec Street, liming myself lo avoid galloping horses and ihundcring wagons. And between each shot, thc makeup man—he seemed lo be everywhere al once—came running to wash my face, Ihen dirty it up again to just the right shade of Georgia clay dust. I think lie washed my face about twenty limes in one day, and dusted me over with red dust after eacii washing. Oddly enough, the scenes of physical strain were not so wearing as the emotional ones. One night we worked at ihe studio until about eleven o'clock, then went out to thc country for. a shot against the sunrise, '.-.-he!; Scarlett falls lo her knees in Ihe run down fields of In retrospect, it seems to me that year while touring Europe. During that ' time, several high officials resigned because of differences on policy. . '• • • " '••'•'' '• m According to Nigel Hughes, until * recently secretary for defense In Sarawak, the state is one of the .most contented in the world. Called Benevolent Ruler .' "There is absolutely no unrest among the native population," he .said recently. "There never 3f not, into the character known ss Scarlett O'Hara. Nov.- the difficulty is to view that character objectively. That It wns a great, role for any actress was obvious, yet I can truthfully say that I looked on Mr. Selnnick's request, that I take a test for Scarlett, as something of a joke. There were dozens of girls testing, and I did not seriously consider the likelihood of actually playing the part. Yet once it was decided upon I ... .-..^..i.j, invic never will -- • ••*--«> * be-so long as there is a Brooke in ? lsco ™rcd.that there was, no jok- 'the nslaha (palace) at Kuching i'" g aboilt ' )lavln e Scarlett. Prom The white rajah has a profound ,, , 01 , 1 ' l was swepl alon » "^ understanding of Asiatics and I 1 " 3 " 8 ',', by " ^rful wave-it was their problems, and he wields a great and beneficial influence among all classes or llic population." The rajah has been in Sarawak for 43 years, and has made a close study of native habits and customs, and emphasized efforts for their welfare. Every subject has the right of direct access to him at all limes, a right that is frequently exercised by the Dyaks . lo present their grievances—real f>;r imaginary—lo the ruler. There Ms also a tendency today to put more natives into positions of trust, and it is expected that witli- jn a few years the administration will be largely by natives. ; Tivo remarkable parallels to the Tdispule between the present rajah Jind his nephew are to be found in the history of Sarawak under jts British rulers. Thc rirst white .rajah, sir James Brooke, who was granted the Sarawak territory by Jlie Sultan or Borneo in 1841, fluarrcled with his intended successor, and so did the second rajah, Sir diaries Brooke. I Frince Not Invested • The first rajah had no .sons and he Intended his elder nephew lo succeed .him. He was never officially enthroned as Rajah Muda, however, and before the rajah died they . Scarlett. Scarlett, night and clay, month after month. Perhaps Ihe hardest days I spent hard that Is /rom the point of actual physical exertion, were during the time we made the scene where Scarlett, struggles through the populace as it evacuates Atlanta. Seemed an Eternity Naturally this could not be done Turn and she'll never be hungry again. The sun rose shortly alter two a. m. and I could not sleep, although I had a dressing room In n trailer. We mnde t'hc shot and I arrived at home about 4:30 a. in., yet I do not recall that I was so terribly tired. Instead, 1 think of the dny that Scarlett shoots the deserter, and f recall that after that iierve-wnick- ing episode, bold Olivia de Havil- lancl, the wonderful Alelanie of thc film, and myself were on the verge of hysterics—not alone from the tenseness of Die scene, but from the too realistic Tall as thc "dead" man went down thc stairs before s. Wonderful Experience Yet, when the dny came thai meant ihe film was completed, I could nol help feeling some little regret that our parts were done and that Die cast and Hie crew —who were all so thoughtful anil kind throughout—were breaking up Clark Gable, Leslie Howard, Olivia de Havilland, Tom Mitchell, Barbara O'Neil—fine players all. We should see each other again, of course—but never again would we i.ii'e the experience of plaving in 'Gone with the Wind"! j NI5W ORLEANS, March 13 IU1 1 ) i •• Plans for the most extensive war i rniiiM iti the iieaccllmc' history of the nation are being worked out. A stall ollleer here Is milking nrrimgeuientN for Die first concentration or the entire United Stales 3d Army of 07.000 men in a month- loin; scries of ninneiivcis. The "batlletivound" already mapped is a large area of wesl-'cenltiU Louisiana and n smaller section of Knst Texas, the Iwo sections divided by the Gabiue river. Adjutunt- I General Itiiymoud 11. FlemiiiK of • tlie Louisiana National Citinrd, who has co-o|ieratod extensively with the War Department, in mappinit the S'->8,CCO.OOO maneuvers, says lamloii'jipi-s of most of the urea huve agreed to permit use of their acreage by Die soldiers nnd equipment. To Lust 'I'hroueli Mliv The War ncpiiriiiu'iil has approved the plan, aiTordinu to olll- cials. mid funds inv available to .carry out all phases or thc project. 1 While the series of maneuvers will lust throughout. May. Fleming says llic most Intensive "warfare" will be from May 13 to 'K,, Fleming k working with the commanders of (he army's -llh and 8th Corps Areas in planning the spectacle. IJeut-Gcn. Stanley D Embrick, with headquarters at Atlanta, is in charge or llic -Illi Corps Area, and Major-Gen. H. j Uvees with licnclquni-lei* lit Fbit Sum' Houston, Tex., is commander of the 8lh Corps, Are.- Is Hilly The Texas-Louisiana area was selected for the maneuvers because of its central locution between the iiroa headquarters and because it Is sparsely populated and most of the territory is rolling hills wllh cutover limber, small creeks nnd •ort highway connections. "The maneuvers will bring into action every branch of thc army's combat farces," Fleming explains. "There will be airplanes. Held artillery, nnti-aircrari artillery cavalry and tanks. Probably between 2,000 and 3,000 airplanes will take part." Reserve officers from several sections of the nation will be called to Iraln during (be maneuvers, and division, brigade commanders and key stall n lcn of slnle Nulional Ouivrd unlls will participate. However, the majority of. National Guard officers will not bi; called inlo these games. PAGE TIIRE* Super-Soup For Supper, Try It, Says U. S, Cooks (UI'l— Tlia WO- inon of DM. Aifi'lmlMirc, Di-jinrtmnnl Huroaii or Home Kconomlcs, who me inihl to think up iippeUnlns nnw dishes, "sujier-:,oun fur ipjier sometime soon." If J'»u My It real tot it sounds like a cmm-Dtlon of soup -calm, but (ho uovci nnit'iil cooXs who brewed u put ,if ".sii|jcr-sou|>" decline Ihiil it is even boiler llian It l!lll!.V The m-lpc rwoiiuiii'tidcd by (lie bnivnu cull'; lor plenty of lisli or other mont, nn<| lots of vegetables i'0oki>il vvi'll. 'I'hls should be flavored \vith cult pork nnd llic-: ixniri'd vi'r cnu'ltcrs liofore serving. '"I'his chowiler, or .viper-suup. w uuiro IntiTi'silutj in lexlure and iwrc npiii'd/lii;. in riavoj i] llln ,„•. illnary cream soil))," (lie bimMii '(il<l. "H Is Jiisl thc tiling for cool dnys." '1'lie nucr.sldr i,f jmju>r-M>ii|> proli- ubly ouini! HUM- on llii' Miiyflo\ver One of Its dlstniK relullvt.s, ho',v- cvor, (liny be MUIK! tn less ill)!ii!lli>d cuinp.iny— nntli-r lin lliroiigh a coarso sieve. Then add i" to Jifflted milk, mid thicken with flour blended .with fat. Onion t tt\- ery or parBley nuiy be used lo KIVC flavor." ,Another is made entirely of vcgc- lables. This recipe calls for Ihe use or several vegetables, such as peas corn, carrots or asparagus. These arc cooked Imjcther until tender llii-n chopi)i;d nr imisbed. Milk, is added to alve It a soup- like consistency. I-'lour Is added as a binder, and fnl for Ilivor. ,3ea- soiiliijs should be ad(ib;| In''plenty of time to develop their full fluvor l)cfoic servlns. JJurlijjf Jumiary. WiO, 2C5.0QO new iinssenyer cars were regis- (cred, accordluu <to returns from :i« slnlevi of- the country. stew In almost any hobu I mini: h,,rlully thresh lh ( . door of a Brooklyn cmnlroom Mrs H''Hb:i Keh.lir watched tensely n.s a bliu-ribbon Jury slowly nt'cd In l^«'ly she aw,,ll«l their m diet- -and collapsed when It w.i.s reluycd <" her. her ImiJbaud.,ir- 0 |d pil,e-ll B hk.r Ernest Kehler Had been ccj.wl,.,! of nrst di'Km manslaughter lor the klllUm or Dr. Walter Ow'innn C'onsuliito secretary. llfc'fin camp. Chiiwder, to cull It by Us older niiiiK 1 , orlBliuil«l us n rnininuiitiv IMi-stww on tile coast of France, the biin-nu Mild In triiehvj Its an.' '' Jt bet'.niK' populm- in ^j ew l ilurlnif the curly days of LETTERS TO EDITOR _ To (lie COURTS Divorce suits Hied recently include: Gcncvea Campbell vs. Freeman Campbell and 1. P. Clirton vs. Eliza Clirton, Clarence Meadows of Lcachville attorney for plainlills; faul Prcwelt vs. Snlly Prewett, ^irgil Greene, nllorney for plalti- Girl Scout Troops Hold Annual Mollier - Daughter Banquet Sanies disinherited violent quarrel. Sir nephew, ...„ „.,„„„, and nominated his younger nephew, Charles, as his heir. Charles became the second white ^ rajah but quarreled with his eldest Kson, the present rajah. Rajah Charles Brooke Is said to have regarded his son as "young and thoughtless" although he was given the title of Rajah Muda and shared in the government. • In 1912 there was an open breach between father and son resulting in Vyncr Brooke leav-' iug Sarawak abruptly for England in 1912. The quarrel was patched up, and he is today recognized as a wise and experienced ruler. Now he has had difficulties with his intended successor. Sarawak is an Independent state In North Borco. Its foreign relations arc conducted by Great Britain which Is responsible for defense or the territory. The rajah's decisions are final in domestic policy. \ It Is reported that automobiles TOfQ more dangerous than (he sea to American sailors. During 1939, M sailors were killed in auto accidents, while only 33 drowned. The Deep South was the theme of the varied program presented last night by members of thc local Girl Scout troops at their annual j Mother-Daughter banquet at First Presbyterian church. One hundred and ninety-six mothers, scouts and Brownies attended Ihe affair. The Girl Scout and St. Patrick colors of gold and green decorate the tables at which the spaghetti course followed by apple pie was served. Bowls of yellow jonquils alternated with standards of (ho combined shamrock and Girl Scout emblem. Placecards were the shamrock emblem handpainted with thc Girl Scout slogan, "Be Prepared." LaFctra Afa.v was loastinistress. Miss Virginia Williams' troop dramatized the life of Juliette Lowe, founder of the Scouts, to begin the program. Eugenia Moore sang a solo. "Jeannie with the Light Drown Hair." The senior high Irops. of which Miss Mildred Moore is leader, presented portrait studies of women Tamous in Southern history. While Lanelle Smart told of Margaret Mitchell, Talhilah B.inkhead, Dolly Madison. Mary Todd Lincon and Mnrllia Washington, LaFctra May sketched charcoal portraits of them. Illustrating Southern poetry Miss Helen Louise Shaver's Junior ngh troop gave two negro spirit- tials as. choral readings, They used 'Standing In the Need of Prayer" ind "All Gort's Ohillen Got Wines " The Iwo troops at Sudbury headed by Miss Mary Hubler and Miss Eva Davis presented In costume a Southern country dance and thc Minuet. Literary excerpts from the novels, "Tom Sawyer" and "Miss Minerva and William Green Hill" were dramatized by Miss Alta Garlington's Central school troop. Girl Scouts from Langc school wearing red bandanna.? to symbolize thc old Southern mammy sang four songs under the direction of their leader, Mrs. George M. Hunt. They were "Shine, Moon, Shine", a Lullaby, "Shortenin' Bread" and "Might Lak a Rose". The program was conducted with group singing. Mrs. W. C. Iligginson is commissioner or the local Girl ScmiUs council which sponsored the event. Temple Israel Aid Group Meets Sunday Under thc auspices or the l/idies' Aid a Sisterhood service will be held in Temple Israel Sundav afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, instead o! three o'clock, the regular hour of weekly services. Thc service is open to everyone, both to men and women, it wns stated. Mrs. Harry W. Ettclsou. of Memphis, wife or Rabbi Ettclson. will be the gucsl speaker tor thc occasion. She Is a member of the board of the National Federation or Temple Sislcrhoods, Ihe national chairman or the Unlongram committee, and past-president of ihe Memphis Sislerhood. Following the service, Mrs Ettelson will meet with thc women of the congregation for questions and discussion. Sunday school will meet Sunday afternoon at 1 o'clock iiislead of 1:30. the usual hour. Error of Statisticians Proves They're Good SACRAMENTO, Cnl. (UP)-Slnlc Controller Harry Riley is willing to admit that his statisticians make mistakes, but- not very bin ones.. For example, last July, hl s office estimated thc state government's receipts for the first seven months or Ihe fiscal year would be approximately 394,205,000. When the books were balanced Ihe actual receipts for the period came to $94,303,000, showing the prediction was correct within 0^ "f I per cent. ICdltor: A Tumble And in i how.' days there was n great cry or the people. The hud was plagued with misfortune, and there was yrenl lamentations, for they were sore or their lot. There were those saying, we luive muriKugcd our Imuls and our vineyards, and the fruits thereof, Also there were those th=t sutd we have borrowed for taxes, and lo our sons and daughters hnvc come to be scrvuuls, mill we can not help them tor other men have our hind and our vineyards. Woe be unto us. ror the sins or our forefathers rest heavily upon tiii s generation. And it came lo pass In llmsc tiny* that there arose up one who wont about among in,, people, nnd HUT" was a great tumult In the laud and he uxhortetli them along I'vii ways, (or he imrsiicth evil. Sayelh he: (rive unto up yoiu gold and your silver that it may lie put to u good use nmong your brrtlir-n whom ye have not seen, and he taketh of Hie Ijulu thul ihev lui:l. Vet some (here were who cried out. Seesi thou not what yo do? Kuowest thou nol that, this money is us the .weds of desolation unto a Inrvest ol dead men's bones? Wherefore brimjetlr thou reproach and condcmtiiitlons tn u n | p | j,, f j nsainst us tenfold? Why visit yc upon us these Intimities, nnd p"s- lili'iice of wur Dial we nuiy be I Jlulu lierore our enemies, and our j land become as Iron and brass I yielding not Its increase. llishold, now spare us these irlb- tilHllom. Wnlk not rmilrary u, paicc, but walk .straightway In tho luilh o[ righteousness with peace timl Rood will toward nil men. .INO. R. WI3BBTKH lilylhevllle. Arkansas. Read Ccurier News want :uls. An Englishwoman, Mrs. Sage, was the first woman to ascend in an air craft. She accompanied Vincent Lunardi in a balloon on June 39, 1185. Persons with annual incomes over $300 own only 10 per cent of all the automobiles lit the United States, Metropolitan FARM LOANS Jas. B. Clark Glcncoe Bulldinir Blylhcvlllc, ,Vrk. Aullinrijcil Mortgage Loan Solicitors for the aiclropo'li- lan T,ifc Insurance Co. LOW KATES PROMPT INSPECTIONS LONG TERMS KEl'AYMKNT I'KIVILEGKS Clark-Wilson Agency, Insur. Jss. B. Clark Our Service JS YOUR Assurance OP Safe Driving! Safe motoring j s thn aim of every driver. Then, why nol assure yourself or (his'safety as far as your automobile is "ion- cerncd. Drive In and let our mechanics put your car In shape for any driving. The cost l.s reasonable and the wort: guaranteed. EXPERT MECHANICS MODERN EQUIPMENT ALL WORK GUARANTEED PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5'h & Walnut Phone 810 DANGERS OF HEMORRHOIDS further and more serious and dangerous' e . cancer fls ills nsswc, cryptitis, thrombolie piles etc From these develop the following reflexes: nervousness. •stoiiteam-.s*. constipation despondency, headache, back and leg ache, etc. A L'Tl ,. r °,? ttt! dlscasw arc take » we of In our office without hospltatetlon. All accepted cases guaranteed DRS. NIES & NIES SH Main St. Blytiertit,, At lt, 1-1,0,. en If n motorist drove cljjhl hours u day, nnd .wended 'ID miles an hour, he would have to travel 'M years before he covered nil HIP highways in (lie United States. ] Courier News want nd,» ijcopli',- DIB bm'c'nu siild, e Ihuri-'B sonu'llilnu wholesome and friendly abaul any klui! of soup, Tills philosophy proimuly has been handed down by the y cminlry folk who, In years p.isl, ijiilhered on wlulw H|JJ|I|« for chowder parlies. "Hill modern cooks have also worked oiil several lcss-rillhi|; variations of the 'super-soup'." the bu- reiiii siiUl. "one very popular vnrl- iillon Is: "Use clams, oysters, lobster, siil- uiflii or any other fish, First «IH.<the fish and Dion dice or mush 11 Fleet .loyner Say. ^'IIH <!lv« Me Vour (Jus Unshifss I'll Olvi: Yuu Hie "I'KIC'K" — SAVK— .1QYNKR Oil, CO. STANDARD TIRES •OTHER SIZES 'ftOHORTIONATELY LOW// At Today's LOW PRICES! •As Cl»c Per Week Low As 3U - On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 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