Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 12, 1932 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 12, 1932
Page 2
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t jpower pt&M to dtvelap tht ,* Jefi «tfl1tdfjf MftuKtiotti fa . cofwritiertoh o) A Weft !*<», to tfttfttoflv tatafe t&e t-ttMfa to HetttjMtedd cwmty* grtnteit viii' aJaS^-fo^fr & __ .. ,,^^.^, ^ ' r T " , r ' " • n " &&fe}» We D6«»t Like **\ i*'i* , -~ -v gdddesg it te Liberty—And ,f jft&Jr fJOke ftih at us for imagining our* " "-^^stf'always riding 1 to the rescue of .oppressed, still, that is What the H>y and man fmhly believes his country to «stt' shock, then, that we pick up Senor * pamphlet "Philippine Itidepeud- — desk from yesterday's mail. >ncado paints a .very different picture of .•tttatMh^tft tfe'knetf. He # speaking of td rote 13 million Malays 11,364 pfttfeafeIHfoty»' , It isflt' ^nktfonal—Wept 'as te ^all oti* (&wn struggle for ihdeperfdetide la. seven .thousand islands of the Philip•**M and thirty years. She promised ftbth- -—-jJBa^lifbniiBe. Admiral Bestfei? sailed B'jl Cox, had th* his leg badl? will soon b« again. TWENTY-FIVE YEARS" AGO / Dr. Herbert Dahlall and Miss Laura Stuart, both of Columbus, will be mart-led at the horne of -the bride In Columbus thl^ Wednesday everting. Jariuary 9th, Rev. C. C. Williams, of iS city officiating; Dr. Darndll is 6 young physician with a tright future* having located at FUHotv about a year ago, where he has made a host of friends, The bride is a "member of Hetnpstead-county'^ oldest-and best families. .™™ Eva Jane Barlow left Thursday ftr' Chicago, where she will re-enter jidingjUic Host three Qus McGlahahan has accepted & sitibn With h. L. Palterselft, at his strife Wi cuti iitte^ti Mrs. Steve Carrigan and Miss' flose Brazeil went td Little flock Thursday for a'few days visit Mrs. 6.-N. Slack and stm, Harder, left yesterday for their home at Houston, Texas, after an xetended visit to relatives in this city. felider Factory MO8COW.r-RUssiia,. through a campaign by Osaviakhim, is no* turning to glidifti with enthusiasm. It hate been announced that a factory to produce" 1500 ittotorelBs gliders will be established near here to produce both dute Both primary and advanced types; Gliding schools have been established here, ih Crimea and Siberia.' role of, a > —» •• »**»C its* V/U* A*4«««.-4.44«Ma Cf** V»W»TXl li*g \ that*s all right; but holding onto an '" of the-World is perverse and stupid. Jpe^cant' .defe^ki /anything against , v ^_ Hawaii. Wd gfiSald ad jilt Aftfel&atn < ; *n,the fhjttPPittfSj and puH«oat promptly. "•dtlr^entry $itfo tjte ,isi|rx$s ictoegbft , ~~ ^.v^metican flag. 'AdmirarDewey tfeat * $ttsiide Manila, but you will recall that when troops actually landed they fdught Mlipinog SrUnder the^ rebel leader Agtftnald^ thfe Fili- rt* Wfeip'tied the Spanish on land!', Spain lasted a relatively short time; but ^i""""*. lasted two years. They won their .. _ ^_ Jc it away f roitt them-f-on a piece awaf by-the Queen Itegent of Spain to the *dor in ^tadrid. „_ icon has any sympathy with that story. *# good time to'remembe* that the historic po- m *" s * WrV '**" Jjarty has always been for Filipino "~*"~ may pave the way Philadelphia has put Its museums oh a part time basis. That should pro Vide work for a few more antiques. Honolulu has been plated under military rule. Evidently has to be sbmc way to keep tourists looking for grass-skirted, ukulele-playing gals from getting beached. ' 'Yet, While business most places is al A standstill, in the hula-hula there's stjll plenty of movement. Some o fthose jobless Broadway hoofers might help things by going to Hawaii and showing the natives how the hula-'huia is ddneV Sunday. , .... Mr. And Mrs, Jones 6f Palmos, Mr. ^fiti Mlm GlftyTOn MliHnr^Of wits WMH* hiimlty were visiting near falcon Sun- Herman Sludge is b«* at hew* «l»ln offer vttefffll frtw Waldo atffl Texarkana for slme time. Mr. end Mrs. JllWffl* Huett of Pat* c*li6 don Mr. SftC'Mrs. W. L. Cox itidy, r blls. driver, ' « of getl ... 4 We hoff .„ » drive the bti Herald ttntgWn of Stamps called t6\ , it M(«S ,Dara ¥$yW $uriday after-< titton. i " , Our pr*achlh| w6s fine Sunday, we had a lfir«6' CFdWd at bBlh ser*ie«. Everyone .reinember'there will be preaching at HiHl6h thii WWk ai night at 1 dVlacki'everyort« cftme. Several of the young folks of this community attended the party at Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Words, al Pbtmes, last Saturday night, all reported a nice time. Mr. awd Mf«: ISVeKtt Mofftedfl spfent last Sunday night with her parents, Mr. and 'Mrs. Sam Stiles. bet alhfelng each Sunday night at this plaw, ; Rosston Rt. 2 rfealth of thU.cdmmuhlty.ls very good at this WrltlrtB. Chris Butler U having quite a lot df building ddne oti his place. The builders, Joe Martin, J, M. Butler and t. H. Butler, have made fair progress ihe past week> H. W. Butler attended circuit court at Prescott every day last week, Leon Martin of Shreveport, La. spent Wednesday night with H. W Butler and wife. Earl Reeves moved to his place known as "Ellis Farm" the past week. 4, Cutting hickory and gum Is still thi order of the day. farmers will begin to cut stalks and prepare for 1932 crop fcoon, if fair weather prevails, Thee seems to be a vehy good gur- plus of hogs df various size through these parts. Our school bus continues to make Us dally trip. Dolph Ellis has moved on the ol< Mitchell farm. C. H, Butler asd family spent Sunday night with James Martin nnc folks. R. A. Butler and family spent Mdn day night with Mr. and Mrs. H. W Butler. Mr.and Mrs. Hinton Martin spen Sunday with Mr and Mrs. Lige Mart in. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Marlor spent Sun day with Mr. and Mrs. C. H; Butler. Purtte mtti fowity church at Laneburg Saturday and ItttMW, * M?, .and flfa V«ipt J«fe* toeni Utt. a«d MM. fibB Whllsey df* fftov. ng ta Laftebufg, we sure will mis hetn. ^Mrs. Wltthle Partle and BVajw»n turtle sp«ht a wWle guhday night with May Irvin. »lrs. Pebrl Bills is still improving. s,- Annie fllchardson is not doing so well at present, hope she will soon get better. Mrs. Mlrtie Butler spenl Tuesday night and.Wedftesday with her father, A. T. Flncher. Mrs. Eva Jackson, Is improving some now. af'ifcJias fefecd all •* Death of a Man of Millions O^ENWALIJ is dead, He Was numbered among JliJantriropi8ta of all time. H€was70. He e skies of Europe. He came to America at Fcft* his first pay job he received five cehts an tty step he rose from poverty to affluence, and time h<? h^d given for uplifting of humanity more than f<CKXMX)Ot His great fortune was founded on the,growth of •rs, Roebuck c% Co, a»4 he pitted this fortune against re~""" racial tolerance, ignorance and poverty, and his mttte than established the truth of the saying was one of'the greatest public benefactors of the age lived, of |t His.^perfional contributions reached $21,568,he had created the Rosenwald Fbunda- wroent of 2QOjOOO shares of 3ears-Boe- |?0,000,000 at the time of the gift. He owtt irtoftum^nt as he walked down the highway h#te4 into^renpe; he hated hypocrisy; he believ- afrel of ihe Fatherhood of God and the brother- l»8ij, -He ww '^ot a great warrior or a statesman of & merchaiit prince for years and years, and , He knew the underdoog, the dog in the auft e had been in the ditch as a youngster and he f wealth when wealth came to him to do hia best to lift Of the dttfh and to teach the sublime gospel that made all men and that the Man of Gallilee, preached the dictrine that they should live to- rs in peace and unity. —Texarkana Press. When Charlatans Flourish in the January issue of JJarpers Magazine points lie takings of the fortune tellers do not seem to ; in the J«»St by the depression. Jn fact, he adds, «e to shew that astrowgists, numerologists and ; variety b»V» made more money during the past prosperous $ttea. probably te not very hard to find. In good motral te content to go his way and takfc V nftjiout worrying much. But when times , Irsutic desire to Know what lies ahead of jn4 oyi by ardjnary methods, he tires the money he can ill afford- natural. LEAVER STRAHAN 1, by ubltday, Doran and Cdk nimto *6bAt CECILS nB«MAltlrrtiAl». FEtfWICK II** J»t* «k«W Thtr CE8 BT»a been orphaned Tfc*irTnMdpj*re* SALIE" nnd «aHA •Inee lo«t tkelr komM>lioId l» *a nfad Cecily'* eKralaffg.' Ptt» Ann, 28, «»• PHI BCHOYOi yotatg Inwier, Urn B POttpoblriK their mnrrlaKe tko«t they have been engaged 8 Cecily, S3, Im ta Itnr BARRY MoKBBL, »m . tmgtptet, Vat *h«a lie ptdpdiei ••«> to nMie <Ke Tredaing d caiue *he enneot leare. Ann Mth the flnanclal renponklblllty of (•• . . ; Hnry.Francet, ift, Md Mill te •eb.ooV»trlfce» np an *c««*ln««nka wltb EARL DBAHMOtmT. •i«ett eompaat aeter. Ske Meei* hl« •ecretly «nd .be ttltm to' §erMrtd* her to,. become bl» partner In, • rande^lle net, Fhtl <••*• Ann 4^ dtajncA A ?l*\ l rt« ha. i>eTerM«n bVlortt •end* him a note. Phil'* explanation* are Ta*rie. dm the way home Phil «tap» tli« eat lo^l aoma engine (rankle.. LBTTY KINO, vrhd wrqie «b« nete, an KBNNETH flAlVRj lei* e.evr come ale«K In ««ort«« e»r. Lctfr nddte»«e* Pfcll wlflb en4fann*nt* ilrtQ Anitf n^iflr^fv.tteta to jlmlth'tf ear nn« «»lu hi A to 4«k* tier home. . ' • • ' KUi Laav, » teafktei feporU that Jrtnry-Prancea to. mtglMIng ker •cbool norbi NOW CO ON WITH THE CHAPTER XXX AS the door closed, Anft looked up ** fram the Ironing, and Cecil: turned from the shelves. Cecllj said, "Goodness, 'Ann! 1 didn't know aba was going. I'm afraid we hiyt her feelings, I forgot to listen. We didn't even tell her we were glad about tbe Carmicbaels, did we?" : "She talks too ranch," Ann said, but faintly defanaiva, "I know. But 8h9 taesns to be so much better than she is. So dOeq Grand. Tbey both do." Ann said, "I think I'll go to •«• Miss Lane thja a(terqeon." "I wish you would. I'd go, but Barry Is coming early." "phn think? Mary-Frances 19 boy "What of it? She's » normal, ^eftltby girl o« J5." "We weren't boy Birucfc at 15," said Ann. "We were BO worried and so busy.. Still, I do remember a llttla Jewish boy named Milton; and what about » handsome—Carl was his name, wasn't »*• Ann?" "Pear mel" Ann almost $mil«d. "I hadn't thought of him for yjars. Hia father was » biiteher—I bated tbat, Ol8»r, does it Jmpreaj ypu tbat Oran4 ag4 RoBaile ba»» suddenly te«un, ot late, to talk a lot about our being married? They &e?ef u»ed Iff' Lately tbey drag it in by ttte «cruf of tbe 0#ck when, ever tii»y lili to 9* OrT-^a't tbeyt" thlnklnc of that Just flow when Ro- silfe Wax tailing. I decided It was for one of two reasons, fclther they ak-if tfylfag to find but Whether fior> It Wd I nr* engaged^-" ''No—not really; Oh, angel, the way things are now With Barry and ins is Simply almost too perfect. "res', t know, hbney. But you said one of two reasons. What la the 8thef reason?" "I don't know eiactly. But 1 Bfcrt of wondered If at last they bad Waked up a little. Got bold of tbe ffcct that We kept things going here and frightened?"* perhaps, worried — A • « NN shook ber head. "Well? But that eouidn't be it. I'm sure it isn't. Ntt. f tidy Seeta to wish us t6 ' "Yes, I know* But don't you see —they would? feeem to, I mean. They'd think just far enough to declare that they wouldn't stand In tbe way ot our happiness; but they wouldn't go on and think about What they would do it we went off and left them. They might feel worried and frightened, but tbey wouldn't, allow themaelYen to think It—much less aay It, They are tbat way with everything. Right now they are both planning a lifetime ahead of them. They won't recognize death—they won't so much aa nod to It.'* ' Ann sighed. "I don't know what I'll tell them about Phil and me, They'll question BO." "Don't Ceil them on* word about It Phil's busy—something of that sort. He has been busy a lot lately." Declly stopped for a second, tried to :ake that back, could not, and went On: "Tbey don't really notice much, efer. Sometimes they Just pretend o, Don't say a word, add before hey've missed Phil at all he'll be baok again." "No. No, be won't Not ever. We're ail through, phi) and I." "Angel! Isn't that silly! You've tad quarrels before." "Hot lift this one, And before, 're cared so dreadfully. CUsy. I've ieen so crushed—so hurt, Now I'm u*t sort ot light feeling and free, can't espiftlo it. There's tbe bell again, You answer It, will you, Cieay? J don't wast these a&pklns o dry out." "Phil's changed ids mind." Oe- telephone." She took the Iron from Ann's hand and pushed the bbx liy laughed the Ml sh« went toward wW «till laugbing wheo she ta tba kluijea, wiiH » big trow ft JgMK'f. to "Hurraa f*r «Qh, Ann, wbftt the Into ber arms'. -:• Ann stood still and held tbe card board thing as she might bave hel A baby. She closed her eyes and bi at ber lower Up, trying not to moan with tbe surging pain at relief, i bad been only a mad nightmare Site was loved. . Phil loved her There was no loneliness, no fear IJe would be With her soon, and bi arms Would hold her in strength and safety, and his lips would glv her all of life again. Cecily's voice, still laughing, was urging her to open It. She could laugh nowi Laugh forever and al ways—she and Phil together. Sh ptit tbe box on tbe tablet and aa her fingers tugged at the bow she thought that everything could be explained—or forgiven. It was so easy to forgive. Cecily said, "Oh, Ann—the beau ties, tbe beauties! And smell 'em!' Ann, at last) let the air out o ber tightened lunga, and It made a queer, suffering sound as she said "tie shouldn't bave—" because tbere were suqh masses of them, down there In tbe green, shading from creamy white to deep rose. Water lilies, so rare, so different £nc Pbil bad remembered bow She lovec them and had got them and sent them to her—all the water lilies in tne world. Bbe reached for the card. She hoped tbat Clclly would not notice bow her bands were shaking. She hoped that Pbil would not Bay tbat be was sorry. She wanted to be tbe first to say tbat He need not bave sent a card—the water lilies said all that he'd ever need to say. "For my inspirational girl," she read. Below that, neatly engraved, were a few meaningless words; Mr, Kenneth Homer Smith," • * » A NN said, "I came to talk to you for a few minutes about ray Jttle sister, Mary-Frances Fenwick, f you can spare tbe time, Miss Lane." Miss Lane, portly, comfortable opking, poised always as a sternly matter-of-fact middle-aged person, answered, "Yes, indeed. Come in, won't you? I'm so glad you came, Miss Fen wick, go B i ai ].» she overdid it because she was not at ail glad to bave Ann come, and because the tragic look in Ann'g white face and dark eyes reinforced ber conviction tbat parents (relative* U> tbis She general always came under cJasBi&atloB) were idiots. fe»r«4 t«at thla interview Vftl tft bt difficult, Sue had promised tb.088 lovely, »weet old people tbls MPtt^* th»t, if either Ann or Co- «JJy should talk to her, she would opt W« tbeni shout the silly wdhr Will, ool i-c • nice poetry •-,; !••! found writteh in Mary^andes* notebook. Copied, she thought, felt sure, hoKed and trusted. Not original—surely not! Oh, no-Miot original! The dear old iantleman had said, "We shall inform Mary Frances' shters ot her failure id make ber customary high grades. That is their due. Yes. We shall need to tell them so much In order to dla- ctiss tbo matter ot our little one's health. Also, tbey may be able to assist ber, from time to time, witb her studies. But of this— more delicate question, we shall say nothing. Nothing. Tbey themselves are young. A bit Impetuous—a bit, may I say, censorious. Youth, as you know, my deaf lady, Is a stern disciplinarian. My wife and I Will deal with this situation. Yes. But with tact. With gentleness. With diplomacy,..." • • • COMEWHBRB, In the midst of It, though Miss Lane could not now recall where nor reason why, she had given ber promise of secrecy; and here she was in a pretty plo 1 'o, A lady, and a professing Christian, neither told lies nor broke promises. It was not particularly difficult. Ann was readily satisfied. Only one evasion was necessary; one snowy and small white He did tbe trlok. Dr. Tureok himself bad said tbls morning that to give needless pain was (not a sin, Dr. Tureok was far too nice to mention sin) a grievous fault Troubling and worrying further tbat pretty Ann Fenwick, already, apparently, BO deeply troubled and worried, would surely b« worse than telling one little flb. "Promise me now," Mils Lane said to Ann as they stood together under tbe winding, drooping wisteria on the porch, "not to worry about this,. Mary-Frances is a nice bright chfld, Bne'll come out all right." "I'll not worry," Ann said, "I'll watch her diet" "You aren't looking sjj. very well 'ourself," Miss Lane sympathized. "I am well, extraordinarily well. flucb a beautiful spring this year, Isn't It? I don't remember such a beautiful spring—ever before, flua.. bine. So much sunshine, I mean, md—well, so much sunshine an4 brightness and birds and sunshine and all." Same old story, Miss. Lane d» Ided, as Bbe returned to ber spick' and-spon living room; pretty girls lever bad a lick of sense; not ft tck. Asa Fenwick. Bbe supposed, ejected tbat tragic air. Well, it 9*0 a blessing tbat Mary-France» ba4 t&oje wise, charming old peo- le to ««ide her. (TAfie flftcher «p«lftt . Mr. Krs. f, A. MM. P«v& Tamltn la moving in with her son, Attijia aterhlin. M. MiMhell went Sunday with hwr sister, Mrs. Ante .Mr. , MM. «ey c«r»W aftematm wfth 8ft Str, and Slrt. F« A. SHIftrdi ,, \Mr», Lltiie Cwttdft end family tfeflt wither daughter, Mrs, Kd< raw; e>«. W, ' JVJS COUNTY Sheriff S..JJ& Italy S#Wgt| Health We fl*»< the goo* fll been havltia feme < part few ' ' vtt Arftflld ' filled his regular, and Mrs. F. A. Dillard. New Liberty ~ There have.,been several cases of flu in this community the past week. We hope for every one h speedy recovery, We have certainly enjoyed the beautiful sunshine the last few days. Mr. and Mrs. Dock Hamilton and sons, James and Carl, were in Prescott Saturday. Joe Hamilton, student in Prescott high school, spent the week end with homefolks. Mrs. ,T. A. Glanton returned home Wednesday after spending several days with her brother and family at Guernsey. Mr. and Mrs. Olvin Hamilton and Merman Hamilton visited their parents, Mr, and Mrs. Dock Hamilton Saturday night. Courtney, Tommy and Travis Glanton and Tom and Cohen .Hamilton and M. D> Armstrong visited Joe and James Hamilton Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Crider and children visited at J. L. Bardwell's Sunday. Will Anders is vsitlhg his sister Mrs. Nettle Crider. The members of New Liberty church met Sunday and called Bro. Chris Barham to preach for them this year. We welcome him to our church. , pelntffient at this plaeft tue first San day. A Sunday school was organised and- thelf first lesse* this year JW* last Sunday. Everybody come te Butt 1 day school next Sunday, *' basketball team all itt short visit to Texarkana played' thWe lames and Won all uf them, Friday hlght they played fexarkana Hlfh school on the Texas side wirfning 40 to It. Saturday afternoon they ploy ed the VMtafkana high ftnodl eft me Arkansas side winning 39 ,tp s 19. Sat* • • **• ' • • faf of 34 to 17. The players returned hOftve Saturday night after the game With Bright Star. , NOTICE IN BANKRUPTCY . District Court of the United States Western District rtf Arkansas Texarkana Division* In the matter of Payez A. Nejlm, bankrupt. No. 944 In Bankruptcy. NOTICE ON PETITION DISCHARGE. Notice is hereby given that the said Fayez A. Ncjlm, Bankrupt, hag filed application for a discharge in bankruptcy, and that it has been ordered by the court that a hearing be had upon said application before said coUrt on the 25th day of February, 1()32, at Texarkana, in said; dH&HcVVitt SO o'clock in the forenoon, at which hearing all creditors and other per&ns ih interest may appear and show c'ausc', If arty they have, why the prayer of said petitioner shoufd not be granted. Texarkana, Ark., Jan. 11, 1932. Attest: Whi, S. Wellshear, Clerk. , By J. Warren Slovens, (Seal of the Court) Deputy Clerk. 666 But according td reports, while" the hula-hula Is hot, if It's well done Isn't raw. it But of course for the , mummies, things Will be pretty dead. Good News For Hope Williams' Laboratories haVe arranged to have a mah in your town who will tell you about WILLIAMS FOR- MtlLAE, the New Formulae that thpse who have been fortunate to get a bottle are so enthusiastic about. This Formulae Is available In this community for the first time. Get your bottle now and see for yourself what wonderful results it produces. . Satisfaction guaranteed or your money rfeunded. GET BACK YOUR PEP YOU KNOW THAT "WONDERFUL FEELING" Recommended for Btotttach, liver and kidney disorders covering dyspepsia, biliousness, gassy stomach, distress, chronic constipation, sick headache, neuritis, neuralgia, rheuma. tlsm, lame back and general weakness. Keep your stomach, liver and kidneys healthy and nature will do the rest. Get a bottle today from WARD & SON, Druggists -Adv. 86d Liquid or Tablets used internally and 066 Salve externally, make a complete and effective treatment for Colds. $5.000 in Cash Prize* Ask Your Druggist tot Parlleulat* UGLY GOITRE "Goes In 4 Week*" Avoid Dangerous "Your (our weeks home treatfoeut etldtdwfc goitre. "--Mrs. J. M. Spencer, Attic*, Ohiw "My doctor said operate. Bat by yonr treatment I ended trty goitre In i mouth. That was 3 year* ago. Goitre n«r*r rw turned."— Mrs. W. A. Pease, Cretton, B. C, p End Cortr* Quick at HMM ..'300,000 people hare treated EoitrM tt home thia easy,' harmless way. M«ny pay goitrt.i ended in 4 wccUj even thouth other Big <f p«g* «l _. Battle Crtek Spkcjaliit tells bow to end goitre 41 methodi had failed. - „ . FREE DOCK by Battle - Send No Money ' Send me FHEE book How to End Oolu* QuMl M Horn* wltiiout Danger or CperaUon. ""•" «ddr««i- SAVINGS In ( fair weather or bad, you can depend upon Middlebrooks service. Quality is unsurpassed. Prices are right. A few specials: • 2Oc Guaranteed Strictly Fresli Butter Best Creamery Pound 3Oc Coffee BETSY ROSS Speclal-Lb, 3OC Coffee BETSY ROSS 3 Lb. Can 85c Pecans Sliellwl-Poiuid 35c Flour GOLD MEDAL 24 Lb. Sack 65c Middlebrooks GROCERY COMPANY Phone 606 or 607. As near as your phone

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