Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 11, 1932 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 11, 1932
Page 3
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. . far rat»l«««! of Comfort are lose their power to ft task, tfl-dd; purpose, while we live, fkf»* be gray or blue, _ .|»t nothing else can give, hag comfort to bestow that hl«i sense of prWe who tfuffer many a blow ., jfto bte thftrst aside? .^by all the odds of doubt fwi'ing but braving dll, iShoow to work their problems tit " . , _._ ttfslr glory, great at small, And what has pleasure to compare With that delight df doing things, fmt sense of satisfaction rate Which every hard achievement brings?, Vna weariness may cause a sigh And heavy may the burdens be, When the dark days have all gone by The sweeter Is the victory .-E. A. G. iMr., and Mrs, R. V. Herndon has as week end guests, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hearnc and little daughter, of Vivian, ta. Mrs, Anna D. Butler of Chicago, III. arrived Saturday for a visit with friends and relatives'in the city. ' Ml» Maggie Bell and Ike, T. Bell, Sr., had as week end guests, Mr. and Mrs. Ike T. Bell Jr.. and Miss Mary Bell Marshall of Texarkana. On Sunday afternoon, St. Mark's Episcopal Church was filled to its capacity to hear Dudley Buck's immortal cantata "The Or*-!. £ of the King" sung by the choir of the First Baptist "church of Texarkana, under direction of Mrs. Fred Marshall, '1th Mrs. Lloyd White at the piano. ,i the rendition of this beautiful sac; ed cantata, some of the best vocal talent, ever heard in our city was featured, and the f chorus numbers showed much time and work had been spent in their preparation. As a musician and director, .Mrs. Marshall needs no introduction to the Hope, people, 'and on' this occasion, they wore not disappointed, but were loud In 'their praise, and very .grateful for this splendid interpretation of this masterpiece. The church organ being out of repair, George Beasley of Texarkana, was kind enough to furnish one of his best pianos for the occasion. The John CHn Chapter of D. A. R. will hold the':, regular monthly meeting on Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the home of Mrs. O. A. Graves on North Washington street. Mr. ahd Mrs. Edwin Stewart and baby of Nashville, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. P, Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. J. Proctor Hill hod as week end guests, Mr.'tmd Mrs. Proctor Taylor Of El Dorado. Miss Marguerite Taylor spent the week end visiting with friends in Mulvern. Chns. C. Ncwhom Jr., made a business trip to Texarkana on Monday. Mr. and' Mrs. Zell Lockwood of Little Rock were week end guests of Mrs. Lockwood's father, C. F. Erwin. Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Buchanan and sqn Mark, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Smyth in Texar. kana. The Oglesby t P. T. A. will meet on Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the Oglesby school. All mothers interested are urged to be present. Miss Genevieve Dodd of the Magnolia A. Si M. spent the week end visiting with home folks. Mr. and Mrs.'Arthur Westmoreland and Mrs. Gertrude Moncriqf of Prescott were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Harrell and Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Harrell. The P. T, A. study group for Junior High School mothers will meet at the high school in the home economics cottage Tuesday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. This is for all mothers who "have children in school in seven, eight ond ninjhn-iheardawytsGsFTno eighth or nlneth grades. kbtrsfam Aia,-(/p)-A f|thf* _.W *8tt wWe wtrtmd$d probably: V In €fe home ef a son-in-law hire wwfiesday night as the climax to a far&lly qitfflfel, ftento a Mufchlson, 34, was desdrib- ed as dying In his home neair here Thtirsda-r morning and Will »o«V »i r hl» fatftir. an Elmore 'Ootinty planter, wa» in. critical condition at a M«ntgoffl«fy hospital from btillet wounds inflicted by Barney Wood, as the clima k of a Cartel. Sheriff R. O, Neighbors said Thursday he was informed that Mitrchlaon and his so to went to Wood's home near here to demonstrate with him i for whipping bis Wife, Murchlson's daugli- ttor, Wednesday. .,".', Wood eatorte here and surrendered to Sheriff Neighbors and was held pending the outcome of the" two wounded men, t Emmet Charging that her \ husband, Dr. Richard Reithrnuller, 'deserted her, Lucy Doralnc, above, Hungarian stage and screen actress, is asking a divorce In Los Angeles. Miss Doraine is one more girl who has beenj called the girl with the million-dollar legs." DeAnn The Grownup people of this community held their third annual Now Years party and midnight supper at G. S. Samuel and son's store on New year's night. Everyone reported a wonderful time. Mrs. Lucy Roberts and daughter, Lee, and Mrs. Myrtie Breeding and daughter, Mabel, spent Friday with Mrs. Mattie Burke, near Hope. The Literary Society pf this school met Friday afternoon and the members rendered a very nice program. Quite a few visitors we?e present. Several days ago, the Oakland basketball,team, player a game with the DeAnn team, on the DeAnn court. The score was 36 to 11 with DeAnn as the winner.. Oltavon and Curtis Breeding spent last Saturday night with their sister, drs. Mamie Critchlo. Allison, Sutler Enter Florida Tennis Tourney MIAMI BEACH, Fla.-(/P)-Wilmer Allison of Auston, Tex., and Cliff Sutter, New Orleans, Were the first ranking tennis players of the United States to accept invitations to enter the Pan- American tennis championships here February 21-28. Allison and Sutler rank No. 3 and No. 4, respectively. George Lott,. singles champion o the 1931 meet; 'John Van Ryn, runner-up to Lott; Ellsworth Vines, Frank Shields, Bryan Grant tentative entrants fo rthjs year's tournament. LAST TIMES MONDAY Charles FARRELL Janet GAYNOR '-In."DELICIOUS" -With- EL -SAENGER-, Ruth Chatttrton Health scorns to be good, except a few bad colds. Mr. and ^itrs, W^ T, Harden and'fam- ily, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Harden and family, mov«d from Boughton in our community 'last week. Miss Zeoln Love of Texarkana is visiting friimds and relatives at this place. ; Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Mylle called on Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Harden a while Sunday nigftt. Miss Lucifte DeHan, is visiting relatives in Ltttle Rock and/ attending the bedside < of Mrs. Jewell Wiggins who has bean ill for some time. Singing is progressing at the school house every Friday night, everyone is invited to come. R. W. Wylie has been attending court at Prescott the past week. Sweet Revenge INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.—S e y e r a 1 times robbers had broken into the gas station of Clifford Gheeh, Jr. But Cliff was determined they'd no longer make a victim of him. A negro bandit .broke in recently and ordered him t ohand over the cash. But Cliff handed a» few punches instead. The station was a wreck after the fight, but Cliff had put the robbers to flight. Speeding Hatching LONDON.—By exerting a pressure of nearly a ton to the square inch, scientists at work in the Imperial College of Science at South'Kennsington have succeeded' in hatching a hen's egg in, a.tenth of the normal time it ordinarily takes., The eggs were placed in special steel cylinders and the pressure was exerted. Despite the weight, the eggs were not cracked. , Now Jimmy Knows LOS ANGELES.—J i m m y Francis Lamb, 16,' was'*fOrever curious"'dbb;ut the .sensations of death. He planned to experiment and tell his classmates how it felt to almost die. He climbed to the top of the family automobile, attached a strap to 1 the top, and'then wrapped it around his neck. He then jumped off—into oblivion and tile experience he had always sought Charter No. 12533 Reserve District No. REPORT OF CONDITION OF THE First National Bank ' OF HOPE IN THE STATE OF ARKANSAS, AT THE CLO^E OF BUSINESS ON DECEMBER 31, 1931. RESOURCES - Dolln j: s ..£ ts ' Loans and Discounts ••• 2^£?™ United States Government securities owned — asi.jss.^ Other bonds, stocks, and securities owned 423,446.29 Furniture and Fixtures = - 1 S'?!! - ?! Real estate owned other than banking house 8,uw.<u Reserve .with Federal Reserve Bonk 33,843.33 Cosh and due from banks 59,904.11 Redemption fund with U. S. Treasurer and due from U. S. Treasurer 5,000.00 W. E, Jptteft, resumed, hit last wW* In a to»M«l -^ _, dhlllKolhc, Mo., after Sending this holidays With relatives and ffl*fid»; ' Another Who Etfcapeti at Canton Is to Cuitody - •*••• iFOftT WORTH, for the Six Vnefl remaining'at after a December 31 jail bredk at Cart* ten, Texas, went forward t nfght as officers aetea on a .„ ._.. believed" might lead to their capMlrif, Russell Welch, Deputed ring l&d , in the escape'of 12 prisoners from, the, Van Zandt county jail at Canton was taken in custody, here Saturday morn*' irtg. Officers dragged him from beneath a pile of clothing in a north side apartment house.in which he Was hid. . There Ws no gun play, Welch wasj unarmed' save- *of a knife he appar* cfttly had used In an effort to pry open la locked doot leading to another. apa«hi*ht. , , Welch, It was said, has five charges of burglary pending against htm. Five of the estflpcci prisoners were retaken shortly after their break for.freedom. Pie Routes Robber PORTLAND, Ore.—As Floyd Bam-' ford was walking home with 8'pie in his hands, a robber accosted -'him. "Sticfe>tem up!" the holdup man order-, ed, ;"Walt'll I put this pie down," Bamford returned. 'As he put the .pie on the sidewalk, Bamford had ah idea. He. brought up a haymaker from the street and drove It into the 'robber's tummy. 1 With a groan the holdup niari' fled, Bamford .picked up his pie and went home. An Honest,Thief MILFORD, Pa.—A thief broke into the drug store of William Schmidt «nd took eleven watches, thirty fountain pens, two cartons of clgarels and 50 cents in pennies. The day after the robbery Schmidt found a package in the store > rantaining the following note: "I never stoled before and my connense hurt me. Here is your watches and pens and cigarets and pennies with 2 cents interest." - Wandering Pussy LONDON.—Five years ago Peter, pet black cat of Mrs. Mary Thomas,''of Hempstead, ran away. Just recently Mrs, Thomas heard a scratching on her back door. She opened it to find her cat, 12 years old, had returned. It was minus a paw, one of its 68fs%as torn, and its fur was shaggy.hnd missing in spots. - TOTAL : 1,110,950.85 LIABILITIES Dollars Cts. Capital Stock Paid In :• 100,000.00 Surplus ~ «^>»« Undivided Profits—net 1,265.11 Reserves for dividends, contingencies ,etc. 4,000.10 Circulating Nontes Outstanding 100,000.00 Due to banks, including cerified and cashiers' checks outstanding.... 7,837.24 Demand Deposits ..'. .: 241,950.51 Time Deposits 550,897.89 Bills Payable and Rediscounts 94,000.00 TOTAL 1,110,950.85 State of Arkansas, County of Hempstead, ss: I, Lloyd Spencer, Cashier of the above-named hank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. LLOYD SPENCER, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me this llth day of January, 1932. , Clarice Cannon, Notary Public. My Commission Expires Jan. 28, 1933. Correct—Attest: R. G. McRAE J. R. HENRY N. P. O'NEAL, Directors. RECAPITULATION ASSETS Loans > • • Furniture and Fixtures Real Estate , Stock in Federal Reserve Bank Due from U. S. Treasurer $ 5,000.00 United States Bonds 281,355.72 Other Bonds and Securities 420,096.29 Cash and Sight Exchange 93,747.44 Total • 284,215.15 15,003.83 8,182.42 3,350.00 800,199.45 TOTAL ifl,UO,950.85 LIABILITIES Capital Stock Surplus Undivided Profits Reserve Circulation Bills Payable 100.000.00 11,000.00 1,265.11 4,000.10 100,000.00 94,000.00 DEPOSITS 8M,685.(il TOTAL *1,110,950.85 OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS R. G. McRAE, President LLOYD gPfNCER, Cashier. N. P. O'NfAL, Vice President. SYD WcMATH, Assistant Cashier. STEPHEJSSON, Asijstwji CijgMBr. of F^dgreJ Reserve Syst CHAS. C. McRAE E. P. STEWART JAS. R. HJSNJJY J. p. BARLOW Rent it! Find It! Buy It! Sell It! With HOPE STAR WANT ADS The more you tell, . The quicker you sell. 1 insertion, lOc per linej minimum 30c 3 insertions, 7c per line» minimum SOc ,. 6 insertions, 6c per line, minimum $1.00 26 insertions, 5c per line, minimum $4.00 (Average 5V£ words to the line) NOT E—Want advertisements accepted over the telephone may be charged with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, the day of first publication. Phone 768 FOR RENT FO RRENT—Five-room unfurnished houfce. Close in. Middlebrooks Grocery. 8-3tc, FOR RENT—Five room house, Magnolia addition, Mrs. J. E. Schooley, 8-6tc WANTED WANTED—Mrs. John Vesey and Mrs. Kate Scott Holland to have lunch free at Checkered Cafe Tuesday. Itc WANTED-Buff Orphlngton hatching eggs. Must be from good Stock. Will pay premium above market price. Braemar Hatchery, Texarkana, Ar%. 13-31-tf. NOTICE NOTICE: Help employment at home by sending your laundry to us. Sending out of town, your money leaves Hope and builds up the other town. We are working from 12 to 18 people, and they spend th'eir money with merchants here at Hope. Hope Steam Laundry, Phone 148. 9-tc 31VS FOR SALET-Two young grade Jersey cows. Fresh. H. S. Dudley, Hope, Ark. Phone 1603-2-2 9-3tp. FOR SALE Dry Clippings and Dry Heater Wood 23 inches long Prompt Delivery Phone 845 HOPE HEADING CO. Cha B«flu<lful" < , JWh««fy 12. AiTJhor of "House to .the Channirtg Pollock, author of "The House Beautiflit" ; is,hot Ihe type'of ^dramatist ifyho' 'write* nierely for the $>ox office. ;To'hlB i credit it can^be stated that she "neyer composed' with screen royalties'in view. The author of "The- Fool,", '"The JBneniy^,and ,"Mf. Moneypenny? Is ^a zealot. Certa'ln id^alg inspire him;,certain.meraXma- ladies and'social perversions disturb him. The,, result is usually a drama with a mdral that teaches a vital les- ^rtteup^ ig'KhfaW; »anB ._ „_„„„_ * The wohil J8,mori(?l«i- ai-M folfcht it hmhe«rd»the sa "It tfte pubUc'ddes i\ot appfealirte a play of .this sort .then It lg.fo% to' wasw fay' tWfrfe 'sjtopilhy^olf^the pifblie.- "The H,otJge Beautiful' t hw a trariscenderlt, beauty that-' Is U^ltfom s«6h tn <aie''*heatre:" r So ,wMe ^Edward C, Steffi, Oramalld laitAr t»f«he BJ-o6Kftm/9ta«dillPd Union. $ < That .{he -public has shown' Its'iap' preclafloh for 'fftie Houke',BfeitIttful" is evidenced'by the'-tremSnBotis'iflii- dlcnces Attending Mr. Bollock's > play 'Whereof it 'has been shown. ' Local .theatregoers may' be- hafipV in the.knowleage that "The'House'Beau- tlftrf' s^»nsored'-b» Crosby', diiige'and nkyed^Jby an all star Cast will be'lpre- sented at Jhe' Saenfeer Tuesday iftight. "The HtJuse Beautiful"' W a^stwy of thirty ye&i's in the .llfevdf a wlfejthat loved her husband \n ah old-fa'Bm'on- ed wayi loved the/pa!ns as.Well 1 as|the i&ya of living andf striving -.together. ,The husbarjd, Archibald iDavisY • .was 'just one of'th6'cohtmon,run' l 'bf?heroes y»ho6e .struggle, and 'batUe '.wHh^'ch' problem as'it comes-along, .while/they Winino particular acclaim,..aChlevelthe respect and love of their'fellbw-men. ! Tn^S tttx 'UuOks .COS'^tllK CwlGCuMffti of li " * ^ the special ass»ii«m«htlon,.the'I'eilll.;. « In'CflrWiriButter jtefrtttl,.,, ,f ! J f , ,** •*.*.. That's Speed ST. LOUIS.—-Hctures taken at one- thoasindth- of 'fl feecdrid', We'rd ta"ken here by a-new-X-ray-tube in-a-demonstration before the .Radiological Society of -, North > America.: With ." this tube doctors'Wi)! be able to survey the interior of a human body much more -thoroughly,^ it, is said,- The -tube -is known ^s the "electric dam tube." "Speedy" Detectives "LOS ANGELES.—In.a recent holdup, John J. tWoolard had a»J1200 dia- moiid 1 ring taken from him. Shortly' after, thieved called and offered to sell him-the ring for ; ?200, naming a place for him to meet them with'the money. Woolard notified police, and headquarters dispatched .seven detectives to the place khe thieves and Woolard were to meet. But they got there five mjnutes after 'Woolard, who had his ring but not his $200. Sample Suftdent ' .... -.Boxing Instructor—"That wasrwhat they call ai,half hook." : . £M>H . (nursihg^his jaw)r-"WoU»you cap keep the,.'- other 'half, 3 '—Boston' Transcript. > F ; . • Bribery Is Charged ; to Liquor' Runners NEW .YORK— (yp)—Wholesale i bribery of coast guardsmen by liquor runners in 1 the NeW^ofk area, th'eHdtal running to-a sum, estimated-at a million dollars, -it. was,revealed ^Friday by Federal district attorney *H6wirtd Ameli. Twenty coast guardsmen have, been arrested and have confessed complicity, to the charges. ,' Outlook Conference;to ;Be Held at England t ENGLAND.—An >agricultural k outlook conference will be'held at 7:15 Monday night'at, the England High School auditorium. Waldo , Frasier Eonoke county agent, will be assisted by E.'H. Reed,'extension economist of the agricultural j extension .service University of- Arkansas) G. H.' Banks, assistant-director-in .charge of .the rice experiment'station, anS. Arthur F^Lee, vocational agriculture instructor of England. The speakers wilL'give. Information feg^rdlnglhejeHerilia^tl- jjultural'olitlook.ot this-section! JfeSunil table discussions.-will'follow their adv dresses. 0ehanBes;of Scenein5Min./4 60Co»tumes—Distinguiihed Wfth*thel>Intropldl, John ' ' - G«>.-A.; f , •- ,:'^-'^SB Meadowt-Draufehon Grfcdua Get the Best Portions ' *A &*i*tot KSihMil , Catering to Jhe Better ,Class »<4 hart*, :St*notypy|."Typewrltihgr Off Ice Training, et< •'. Stiff, fttiliMf^CcipMl *»Ulilfc^ecott«rtwrt. Free DartaMtatiiihat ketosvin' cortstani, touch with slead i" cortstani,touch with : the best'time' to enroll. .„ > - ' ' ,.i* s^x"^rT*' i . . i j s /\J>w; XWBL&-& •.«*! ->*,V'»-A)V "I* 1 SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA ^ .. $, yt %^ The Chesterfield soloist ALEX GRAY Romantic Baritone "and\ 3 $ row .tie can Wfc»llh4»r it's g tender oW love song or • d«(dliw« Wt frttW A* latest show, tite*)'* the 40q» thrill of teal wu»ic in M halever lie CbWlWfi«W radio progrftnu And hear Nat , too» wtih J *^ *f

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