Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 11, 1932 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, January 11, 1932
Page 2
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ftMKtrl-orall Wbutw, card* ....... their feaderif respottslbtlfty civilization to »through which te Aevi»e<s)j Bj» city oaflHet, uer It? msll, in ttempstead, Nevada, elsewhere $8.0*}. tfdtt to develop the ' 6?<'Hoi». •> *»#**e<fis«fn»ftirtf eOfuttKOtw M Yoal>laceM{m— ^We Can't the * writer over thftelephotie last "~ already mentioned on .this ~idges association meet«. did so ne votefl against -«. ,« . e Ie ^ s 'ature increase the state , 5 wB-eefcts a gallon. I'SA^SSJJ** h %fi« "is expenses all the *ack to attend a lobby 'meeting 1 the fras to vote a higher state tax to «y themselves a bigger salary—and the leiptirpose of voting against it! 'tuMiback" funds were threatened, we •on m Little Rock last. Thursday giving ,,-port to the high-binders and their tax- jaiii# policies. jfcagainst the County Judges association this %**• -ji ^ d ho ^ ^ lobbying organization of local Pfieirils ,has>'pi%yed on-the people's lawful repre- P^0m i legisla'ture/ persuading them to raise the ^—es, and : to .forcing them to vote higher state #o proviae.money for the hew salaries. .^j^^ fi .-po un fy!.Judg^,««6<3iraon is a v.w-.;,-— f---.,^ elected officials sworn J interests, but who at every opp'ortun- ^K-,to Revise new taxation, and prepare Jaifcst the.legfslature. . ; ys. to danin the legislature as ray not put some of t'he blar,*., shoulders of.salary-gfabbingJ'county - ~ t —ing-men that we'have? RockfJast 'Thursday Judge Higga ^j^Bti up oft putting across"the idea tha money is Squandered-" •ig*t3toplaint in a city one hundred anc t _^; BTempsteafl county knows that he nev ^e .'Charge or corrected one fact that thi r "* wto '*-fagainst him fight here in his own fid taxpayers of whom he is answera Even as we are writing this edit nty Kovernttient is receiving back : tfte4ast'quarterly return on the 6-cent gaso ' It amounts to $3,915, At the beginning of l|e.tour quarters was estimated as prob- CQimty. It will run almost that much. county "turnback" was comprised of a 12Y-> -*-*- '—<} issues and pi;herHighway depart to $28,000 in Hempstead county sum in 1929 and 1980. But in 1931 ttfx was raised from 5 to 6 cents a gallon, all ot i cent Reing- distributed to the county governments • JtP^aSS^ of Population, area, and car license rev- Tfci* additional $17,000 put Hempstead's total "turn receipts in 1931 at approximately $45,000. •OOO^twice^and^$45,000—and you have $100,- j. ea ^ county g6 vernmen t t didn't receive in. years county government has , „,. , -- ,- funds have.gone to perpetuate^ ' political machine—not to build highways, and the i bear mute testimony to this unescapable fact, up" on this criticism, where else will truth? Washington Rt. 1 H. S. Sutton returned home Sun,day after a week's visit with his son,' Luther, at Lost Prairie. • -Mrs, w! H. Worthy is spending a few weeks with her daughter, Mrs. Willie Hoover at Murgressboro. Mrs. H. L. Sutton. spent'the week end with her daughter, Mrs! T. A, Foster arid Mr. Foster of-Hope. Mr. Foster :is confined; :to .his .home •• on account of being sick. We hope for him a -speedy recovery. Mrs, Will Bain spent Friday at the home of Mrs. Sam Atkins,Ete are glad'to report that -Press Clark will remain in our. community, this year. ' . ( " Mr. and Mrs. Lee Gorham and children and Mrs. Ida Gorham and Miss Ruby Lively, were Sunday evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. J.-T. Herttbree recently. . 9 •' • We are glad to have Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gray move in our 'community. Barrel Roberts of Battle Field Visited with Everett and Lenord Morton during the . Christmas holidays. Mr. and'Mrs. Jeff Sutton are visiting the later's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas Roberts, near Providence. • • • • 'Mrs. Sam Atkins spent Monday of last week with her'sister, Mrs. Cora Livingston at Prescott. Mr. and Mrs. Lige PeaVden' visited relatives at Boughton 'Monday. • 'Mrs. Maggie Atkins returned to her home at Battle Field last week after a few days Visit with relatives here. Everybody' come out to Sunday school at Holly Grove,-every Sunday' afternoon at 2:30. Suspect in Murde^at Hot Springs Is Freed DALLAS, Tex.—(XP)—Judge Grover Adams Thursday ordered the release of Walter Shanks, detained for investigation In conectlon with the slaying of Preston Austin, Victoria/Texas, cattleman, at Hot Springs, Ark., In 1929. • Attorneys for Shanks had filed ap application for-a writ of habeas 1 corpus when the hearing was called by Judge Adams, the court, was advised that Houston Emory,: prosecuting at- tbrney at Hot Springs, did not want Shanks hpId any longer. ' Emory had previously advised Houston authorities that three other suspects in the case had been cleared. They were A. M. Jenkins, W. F. Martin, and W. S. • (Shllo) Scrivenor. votrte the aiHWWftti ttrft-tornnWfrnl to their tariff nflftr By 214 tc 174, ttfos Wuse voted t6 take up the rrtetWUM WRfcri would make administrative, changes in the present taw but waul* -few* the Hawley Smoot levies where they now stand. The vote, Which <teeifc«» that th* house would take trb the Wll under regular procedure without limiting de b»t«, came after opaflthS Word Ishes between democrat* and the democratic majority charged the republican tariff Was responsible for economic conditions. In reply, one republican, Mlchener of Michigan, observed: "Hie mountain has labored and brought forth a mouse," Good at Ship Sailing, Poor at Huiband's Job LOS ANOELE&-(/p)-Captaln Edward Miles, 53-year-old adventurer, may be able to stesf a irtiall schooner around the World alone,, but as a pilot for a matrimonial bark, tie admits he is a failure. He says his bride, the former Louise \,Totty of Memphis, Tenn., deserted *him in Ceylon. Mteuls in 'Los Angeles awaiting n divorcjB from iReno, Nevada having previously established residence (here. Until he gets a divorce, he said he would postpone the final leg of his trip, which cnlles for a voyage through the Panama Canal:to New York. Miles said his bride did not accompany him in his vessel, but sailed ahead to various ports by fast steamer. "She jumped ship at Ceylon and went back to Memphis," he said. "She said she was tired of it all." » ' !«• • •' Jefferson Oil Te*t Being Watched Close JEFFERSON, Tex.—The first core was taken from the Baunach Development company's Miller No. 1,-test well on the Moseley block, this .week at a depth of 1950 feet,' and, according to Bertrartd DeGeraffe, geologist for the company, it is thought the drill nearing the Natitoche sand. The core -in^ dicates the Well may be logging with producing wells in the Caddo field, officials say. ' Much Interest Is being shown In the well, as is indicated by • the presence of a largo number Of oil scouts daily at the well. This wall is located In Marion county, about seven miles from Jefferson. . Fire prevention is being taught In public schools in 608 towns and cities of Texas. 'mt i ,7 ^t : Lawless liquor Trade in Chicago that the Congregational Educa- ebr isjrofng to conduct s campaigw ®> make people rally familiar with the f»ct that liquor trade con- MM flajgi-antly violated the law before the passage of amendment; and this, both for the dry and a perfectly sound an dsensible campaign. i» no question at all that the liquor trade brought on jteelf. Jt made itself such an offense that it millions of citizens that it ought to be suppressed d the fact should b* remembered. now there js certainly room for two schools of $ the success or failure of prohibition. But noth- |»med by ignoring the manifold problems which ifffifUf& contaned. If a new solution to the liquor i» fca be foqnd, the lawlessness of the old-tiine liquor iBHUrt 3«wredly be taken into account. BY KAY CLEAVER . . ANN. ft;ciLy : CMS FENWIOK live nllb (heir > >;rAadpBrenl». Th> .sUler* fcnr* iiten oyphnnod alace oklldboo*. Tbe Brnnditnrcfl t>— ktiown ni "iKO: SADIE" and "GRAND"— bnve lone ilnce Ion .their vreiltth noil ike HoiUehuld li nopkiarled b* Anta'« iind Ceellr'* fOtntug*.' Fat <tht» rea»q», Ann. 28. Hud PHILIP ECKOVD, yon«K IniTTCt, *rt •Hll "but it can't be as*funny as airtnat. 'Tell roe about It. You said you ' l>o«(ponlne inelr marrlace thouirb • they have been enenved fl-ye«r>. Cecily. 22, U In love nllb BAHRY tlcKBEL. an Hclneer, but tvnen lie prOpofeM ; *he refnir* to name the tveifdlnK date ne- onn«e nhe cnnnot lenVe Ann mllh -.the flmmclnl rrnpontlbltlty of the home. • .i' ' . Rlarr-rraaee*. lib and •till In •chool. iitrlk<!*'up an ncqaalntnnc* nllh EAHL DE ARM00NT, ritock • eompaDy ae(or. She meet* blm •euretly on neverol o«ci»«lonn. »Inry-Prnnce« hn« led Him lo believe >fae In 18 yenn old. He ttln to pemaade her to bveone •!• partner In a vaadevllle not. Phil take* Ana to dinner and a slrl «he ha. never «<^en before •end* him a not*. P*l|'» ezplann- tlon, are VORDC. On the trny home Phil «top* the cnr (o lnv«*tl»n«e •ome en«lae trooble. tETT* KUiSj *""* w»t* «"* »ot», and KE.MVETH SMITH, her e.curt," rome nlona ; In another car. hetty nddreMe* Phil w|«h endedntlehU and Ann, anvry. Bet* In •mlth'« car and o«k» bin to take hvr home. He .trl«* la ninke a date far the o«*t night >>Pt «he refn«e». NO\V GO ON WITH TUG STOhV CHAPTER : Ann told, sparsely and witb a lack of quotation that would have moved Mary-Frances or any other pity and to she finished, gifted expositor to shame. "And now." rN the morning, a sunny Sunday 1 morning wltq robins ftqd church Dolls, a messenger boy camp to tne Fenwlcka' front door to deliver a letter. Ana went to the dotor and took the letter and read It In tne hall and went back to her Ironing In the bltchen. Cecily, putting fresh papers on t&e cupboard shelves, asked, "What wns It?" "Nothing," AUIJ wavered, -nd sizzled a damp (loger against tne Irpn, and pulled t>- a corcf loose (or It to coo), ''except f. note from PUD, ( knew almost exactly what would be In j( before I read It." OecJJy laiigq?d, "Well, that's one to any U, But It Isn't what I'd say if Barry had sent ma a note In the morning, ypu 40 take things for granted, don't you, angel? ?Q» know, | t&tnk it is wonderful, this and waved the sheet of paper, unfolded so that It Happed, "now— this!" She began to laugh again. 'If I want to explain why he told me lies and why she called him 'darling sweetheart, he'll listen to meiat any time before noon today. Did he say 'a, m.'?" She consulted the note. have said laughing, "No. Well, be should •a, m.'" She kept on Barry if thousands of Christmas .— Jomshore of Fhjl'u for so lores we—put J couldn't keep as you've kept Phil, That i«, I'm afraid | couldn't." • "Suppose you read toy love letter," Ann laid. Cecily, Amazed, refused to do anything oj the sort, and upset a can of cinnamon. "Do. please." Aon Insisted, "It is funny, lt'*?-too terribly funny, Read It, and I'll tell you about U later. I wanted to tell you, but I couldn't seeoi to get started." Cecily r«*fl uneasily, "Dear Ann, It you care to telephone to me to explain. I shall be In my room until noon today, fours. Phil." Cecily questioned, -cava- Her. HOT! "U Is Ann. "It too ||»gbed. gall), oh- «f#«ml farejy powtble «t>0t, Ann." Cecily's very voice '** Was shocked, "don't • ' caref 1 "I must care," Ann seemed to be arguing with herself. "I must c%re —terribly. But it hasn't started in yet. 1 suppose it Is—excitement or something. There's a bole, ot course. When 1 woke this morning I fell In the bole. But now U feels more like the place left after an aching tooth hns been extracted: It Is—sort of empty but comfortable-It you understand?" Cecily, In her first love affair, up n a rarefied atmosphere amid stars and. rainbows and sky things at a height from which the earth below was indiscernible, could scarcely be 'Jtpeeted to understand the comforts of holes. She said, "Hum-um," am- ilguously. and eyed Ann and wou lered as to the wisdom of attempt ng either advice or consolation. Ann appeared to need neither Ann seemed to be finding the ful equipments ot life in a not Iron nd a nightshirt of Grand's. Ann raa smiling a little, and amazingly eautiful In that yellow smock. Rosalie, full rigged from church aroe cruising into the room. ''Pear girls," she said. "1 -ome bringing tood news, and—" a pause overlengtbened, and a bright smile —"J fear, bad news. Now. which shall we nave first, the good news Cecily aslcea. "And is lhai the sooti news or the. bad?" Rosalie shook,a playful finger at Cecily. "My dear! Indeed he dlu not.; He bas none to wear. I'm sure. That horribly overdressed, ratner common Mrs. Waggoner glittered her hands about, ungloved,, you may be certain, all during the service. To say nothing of her ears. Large red ears, absolutely unsuitable for diamonds. It was most distracting. Grand spoke of it, too. She sat in front of us. We were discussing tbat very thing when Miss Lane caught up with Us—" A NN stopped Ironing. Cecily ** turned from the shelves. Miss Lane was one— and the girls felt the most Interested and Important —of Mary-Prances'* teachers. "Of course," Rosalie went on, "Grand and 1 know that Miss Lane was—well, at least, overly pessimistic. These old maids, you know. One does hate to be censorious— particularly on Sunday—but Miss Lane—of course, never having married—" "Rosalie," Cecily Interrupted firmly, "wbat did Mlas Lane say? It was about Mary-Frances, 1 suppose?" "My dear! Have 1 worried you? I shouldn't bave called It bad news —really. She began by asking after Mary-Frances' health. And then she did go on to say that Mary 1931, by ubleday, Doran and G* *»^—«^M>_« news.' Mr, ami Mrs. Carmlchaef have invited Urand and me to spend the first week In July with them In their beautiful new home at Seaside. They are going to have a s,mall house 'party—to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Mrs. Carmichael's charming sister and • her husbatd. Mr. and Mrs. Day— her'name Is Deborah —Deborah Day —isn't that utterly quaint and delightful?—are a' T to be their guests. Our first thought was, as you may know, that wo could.vi leave out little girls. We said as much, and frankly. But Mr. and Mrs. .rmichael were so charm Ingly insistent They quite overpowered our^every objection. As they said, we see so very little ot you now, e' -;r of you since you both have your sweethearts—" * TWENTY-FIVB TfEABJ AGO Will Oglesby has restarted his po- snttm « BwkkwptiT at the Bank of Hope tind will leave Friday for BiHes- vllW, Wh*te hb' Will attend Arknn- sasCollefe. Mr. and Mrs. Roland Patterson have rctumaa -frem « delightful visit to t metheV in DalliU, county. Jf, O. Battle, who Was reftredHn this city and who how resides nt Augusta and Miss Dora Wade, of Pfescott, W6te married In' the latter city on Tuesday evening of last week, flev. 1. M. Vlack officiating. They will reside In Augusta, YEARS AGO Joe Boswell, of the Safferslonc-BOs- weil'Co., was here from Prescott ye*- terday. Gould Wilson Was here from Prescott Thursday. Frank Borrow, of 0/an, was in town Thursday. . •' " The firm of Reed, Routon & Co., has been, announced as successors to Reed Bros,, one of Hope's oldest and most substantial mercantile enterprises. The new firm is composed ot Messrs. S. L. Reed, Ralph Routon and O. L. Reed. Hempstead County Man Named on Commission WASHlNGTON-Rep. 1. TU Pilkington, of Hempstead county, has been appointed to .the War Time Capitol Memorial commission by Gov. Parnell. Pllkington's term will lost six years. He. succeeds Mrs. T. Y. -Williams, whpse term expired. The copitol memorial commission was created to Insure preservation of the old Hempstead county court house well past the century mark, which served as the state capitol building during the Civil war. Kansas City Favored for Democratic Meet WASHINGTON - (J?) - Telephone advice reached democratic quarters Thursday afternoon that Kansas City business men had pledged $50,000 'to secure the democratic national convention for that city In June, The Information carrying a certified check would leave for Washington nt 4 p. m. There was widespread opinion among committee that if Kansas City raised such a substantial fund,'it'had a very favorable chance to be selected over Chicago, Atlantic City or San Francisco. Think Robber Suspect Wanted -at Shreveport TEXARKANA.—It is the belief Of Texarkana officers that Walter Turner, arrested in Hope Tuesday, who was carried 1 from Texarkana to Canton, Texas, Wednesday to face robbery charges, is wanted at Shreveport on a murder 1 charge, Police Officer Spurgeon Herrington Thursday sent Turner's fingerprints to the Caddo parish sheriff's office. Herrington said he had been advised that Turner is wanted at Shreveport tor the killing of Bud Ward, chicken farm operator, there last summer. An investigation already is underway to determine whether or not Turner is wanted 'at Wewoka, Okla., in the killing there four years ago of a peace officer. swe action «f the fcem«!iHrt»e prt««rt» ««** tlon Aufust 9, HEM1OTEAD COUNTY For Sheriff SIMON M. StJTTON -,J , FUh Company CruUer ^,\:i 4* J , - Eulalte b* the WiflfHl Wstt cortp*2*t b, ' ede ftrtt '. WEST, b* the Mimed to the water's edge ftrtt ' darty Thursday. ' Apparently no 'one was nbofltd. Power boats from the Key West naval station speeded to the b\»rftl«i craft at the entrance to the aouthlW** channel soon aftre the first wns Sighted about 2 a. m, They cruised In th« vicinity for 'sonns time, but fcrtiMfl rib trace of a crew. Navy officials said they could not determine If the boat was anehofea at the time of the fire. The hulk went to the bottom. Her owners said the Eulnlle wi»s sent from Miami recently to go OH drydock nt Key West, Two men were aboard when the boat left, but company officials said they.puobably anchored the Eulalie at the channel entrance and went ashore. Arkansas Educators Planning for Meet LITTLE ROCK-W-Plans for the Arkansas Education Association's annual convention March 3, <t and 5 are being made by a committee of Its leaders. D. C. Hastings, of Cresset, president of the association, R. C. Hall of Little Rock, and H. L. Lambert, executive secretary, the members of the commit-' tee, will meet soon to select the place for the convention. Ten district meetings of the association were held at different cities during the fall, and the meeting In the spring has been planned to replace the convention formerly hold cnoh November, McNab Health is very good in our community except a few colds. Lin Norwood and Wlllard Moore made a business trip to Murfreesboro Tuesday of last week. Dan Wolf, Mildred Smedley, Helen Jones and Claude Smedley visited Pauline Ferguson of Hope Sunday. Johnnie Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Chas Dossey and Roland Smedley of/Murfreesboro spent-Tuesday night with S, L. Smedley of this place,. Newt Carlton of Hope was a Wednesday visitor here. work of ir-e had entirely satisfac- nal or—the tad news." Aon did not answer. Cecily sug geeted tbat the baa news might better N gotten over witb flrst. 8)10 didn't believe that Rosalie bad either good news or bad news, for tbat matter. ''Bring me a chair, will you. please, Cecily, darling? Ann. dear, could you reach and lower tbe shade just a (ride? Thank you, dear, so njwcn, i was sorry that you girls missel cburcb this morning. Pear Dr. f<jr«?k gave us uplift for tbe entire we«k—stimulation-urn—all tbat, I »ni sure 1 bare ne?er Us- to a more marvelous dig. COUFM, | told him m | believe fMi|»4. I tblak, Uowew, t&at to Ifl tJN) worst tajte to V«|f dlWWfl.<l« in tae Howm o/ the Frances' school not been— well, tory." "Did she say bow It was unsatis factory?" Cecily asked. Ann questioned, "Was that all she bad tD say?" "Practically all, yes, She talked rather V.'e got so weary, so very weary, standing in the sun. She praised Mary-Frances, you know— urn— all that. Charming, really— or, rather, you understand me, she tried to be, though of course she bad no real personality of any sort, it is no wonder that she hasn't appealed to gentlemen, is It? She Is so sort of— well, un- whimsical. So sort of—" "Pld she say Mary-Prances' work bad been unsatisfactory in her department only? Or did she know about the other departments?" Cecily insisted. "Well, as to that) she did mention that she had talked with 'the other teachers. She said that until ;hls term Mary-Frances bad been so unusually brilliant. She wondered about her health, yrand and I think It might be wise to take her out of school for a time." ABU and Cecily spoke together, vita 99e voice, tbftt." "We'll tbiok U over, of put a stop to that. "01 '-' course .you must go. U will be splendid for both of ou. Won't it, Ann?" Ann agreed as wholeheartedly as a-person whose mind.Is fully occupied with two other subjects at the samo time could tj expected to agree. "1 fancy," Rosalie said, "that our Ann may be wondering how wo are to return sue. hospitality. Grand and 1 considered that, dear, you may be sure. We discussed It. alone tog ther, after we left the Carmlchaels. Grand says that with his a flairs as they are at this time to feels reasonably certain—rather n.ore than reasonably certain—that within a year we thall bave a country home of our own—or, at best, two years; those places we are Informed take rather long In building —in which we can return this hospitality and many others. "We plan to do as the Oar- mlchaels are doing. We intend to fill our home with our friends throughout tbe season. And If you darlings are married by tbat time, a.; I hope you may be, It will be the placo where you and yours will spend your vacatlona — always. Grand rather favors the mountains for a location. But we love the sea, U will be a difficult decision: tbe mountains or the sea. Though, as Grand says, both are possible: a few months in the mountains; a few months by the sea. We need more vacationing. We need more playtimes. All of us. And Grand and I hope an a Intend to see that we bave them: long, lovely, happy playtimes together, and soon BOW. Vou darlings will, of course, marry. Grand was saying this morning, In tbat connection, that be hoped shortly, very shortly, to be able to celp both of your sweethearts la « [WatchYour ] Kidneys/ 1 Don'i Neglect Kidney and I Bladder Irregularities If bothered with bladder irregularities, getting up at night and nagging backache, heed promptly these symptoms. They may warn of some disordered kidney or bladder condition. For 50 years grateful users have relied upon Doan's rim. Praised the country over. Sold by all druggists. •an's Barbecued Pig at the Green Parrott Inn 324 North Main BEWARE THE COUGH OR COLD THATHANGS ON Pentatant coughs and colds lead to serious trouble. You cain stop them now with Creoraulsion, an emulsified creototo 1 that is pleasant to take. Creomulslon Is a 1 new medical discovery with two-fold «c. '', lion; it soothes and heals the Inflslned membranes and inhibits germ growth. Of oil known drugt, creosote is recog. iiized by high medical authorities a« ona of the greatest healing agencies for per., siilent coughs and colds and other forms i of throat troublei. Creomulsion contains, | in addition to creosote, other healing ele- i mento which soothe and heal the infected I membranes and stop the irritation and) inflammation, while the creosote goes I on to tha stomach, is absorbed into thai Wood, attacks the aeat of the troublof and checks the growth of the germs, V Creomulsion is guaranteed satiifao. tory in the treatment of peraiitent coughs and colds, bronchial asthma, bronchitis and other forms of respiratory diseases, and is excellent for building up the gyatem after colds or flu. Money refunded if any cough or cold, no matter of how long standing, is not relieved after taking according to directions. A»k your druggist, (sdvj Winter p/oysNO favon'fes Now is the time tc prevent winter trouJes W« Qne tt*W-<-lt Is only a "No, no, we'll fiot material way.. Ann was busy witb her Ironing. Cecily was busy with ber •ftelfea. Rosalie talked on .for a wblle before gh# pulled herself put of be? ebalr an4 veat W ay, moving »Jof J? tbroufb her perfumed allow her to flnlajj Ibis now, U? 4*4 tbeo we'll aej whether m StJWMfth. cin be built up durtftg Acil no w for (ft* K9«4 with POINT SERVICE MAGNOLIA „ PETROUUM COMPANY IT4TIQW8 AND PE4Lf*S IM TI«A|. OKLAHOMA

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