Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 9, 1932 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 9, 1932
Page 2
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, to tmutoattv «d«ce th* Visited «M«^r>« Prewott this week. We hada little storm to this com* mwttity ucfltion a Menace? ^«r.flA^w-— f.•"*'* of universal education J®^fc£ l !A ll SfHiM epre 2 8i011 was furnished Sri?fe£' -Mft* 11 ' famous scientist, in sS5F**l ol W» m Arkansas. that many This, -._,. daily in Germany as an crowded-irtto the inaiead ; and Jfre added: te sii,eh,education. practically free. The -> do in a-time of unemployment is - - ... Tpilt is that the professions are 2££5: * < om there are no Possible jobs; SltSBff men «^ e f °r social unrest, for revoltt- ;tb£t remarjc are interesting. Teach- M^fKb.*^ '* a PP a J ent1 ^ is fine business as long SP£*P. r t" 6 the man to do with himself j-hiit jpamin idleness he is apt to start thinking fits^niWjufih he lives, and if he sits down '— M.U.MVJ <TT:vnioawiy ,OI Him WWW, HO 6ne was damaged except L, fi. Oresh* am. It blew hW «&l»ney oya* *ft the roof tearing p8*t,<rf.Ae ropf In, blew the post froijs Under the pttreh ,«nd blew his ohickeft hovue away. * Mrs. S. L. Puttfet spent the Wj&ek end with Mr. mrtl Mrs. t>. B» Bailey. Mr, and Mrs. R. P Puller «t»nt Sun* day with Mft and Mrs. C. JrVMMtln. Mr, and *&*. .Gilbert ICviHer and children spent Sunday with M*s. E. B. Collier and family of near Hope. Miss Bonnio Skinner and Madison Hum wore married Thursday night of kst week at tb*'han» of Rev. T, A. Middlebrooks of Hope. Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Bailey spent awhile Sunday ni«ht with Mrs. S. -L. fuller and Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Puller. Mr. anW Mrs. O.-L Mitchell spent) Sunday with Uwlr daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Garrett of near Prescott. — — T'—«••*. w*uw program for Thursday, January 14, will be as Ml-' lows: CofrtrlbvtUottti each member might make to the club, Mr*. Willis &A which to sew. Each member WM8 t« co»ie. A surprise awaits you, ill Herring was a Prescott vlsi- ay. He was visiting his nt.it- Dale WJte&n, who I* ill in Dohtieli, hospital inters 'conducted preaching in Bottom Saturday morning «ftd «Jght and Sunday. Garland Boswell returned to l*aye Sunday to resume hi* «tudl« to the . Al|t« Whltt«n. returned Jo Charten- ton Saturday, after spending the holidays with his mother. Algln Is science Instructor in 'the Charleston high •school. Miss Virgnia Waller spent the week end in Prescott. Raymottd Cot*«lt«« spent night <«»{th Norman Grant Do You s just anp1ier,way of voicing a truth that , ga as they are; a pVocess , fixing his eyes on the world world ihat is. ,., way all the way down the line. The £|ffit,to protest about bad living and working n the man who managed to get through-gram- man ' in twrn ' is inore r ' - Mgh school graduate, who doesn't get discon- •as the.cqilege man. w * possible effects of that rising scale aboat. TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO L. S. Williams has purchased the grocery business of 3. T. Taylor on Elm Street, i jf'T| ; 1|] Thos. H. Siroms, an old-time i-esi- !ent of Hempstead county, and one of |"fhe best citizens the county ever had, spent Thursday and Friday in this city. • Mac Garland was down from Emmet Sunday. Dr. Stuart, of Columbus, was in the city'yesterday.' . - , FIFTEEN YEARS AGO _ Mrs.'D. H. Lipscomb has returned ,fo be done about from a visit to relatives "at Oklahoma i City, Oklahoma. • Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Finley and children have returned from a visit of several weeks in Southern Texas. Miss Effle Mae Bridewell left Friday for Fayetteville, where she reentered the State University, having bee'n home during the holiday season. Mrs. Rufus Herndon entertained with a birthday party on Friday afternoon, celebrating the seventh anniversary of her little son, William Robert. Those who enjoyed this treat were: /Benjamin Haying, Harper Black, Joe ... , , ] Bra{dner, Tom Duckett, James Mont- 111 Wie value PI I gomery, William Briant, William Mc- Sutton satis- A**ailinsr George Bernard Shaw "PAWESj according to cable advice from & few moments at a party the other even- ,J8haW'toctask for his socialistic teachings. cal Dawes.style, ttie ambassador shot holes in a rad- /aepeeh >the famous dramatist had just made, and to mead his ways. *#W* this may have had on, Mr. Shaw is not :D«t someone might as well warn the ambassador that man i» not, very often, a paying business. «her man of:his time, Mr. Shaw has a way of attacks. Many, many have tilted their lances with has ever- unhorsed him, end Mr. Shaw usually .turns the laugh on ; iPaw^s be advised that the dramatist is mos t elusive target the modern world holds. ' A«*Qcmtions Millan, Philip Steinberg. Boughion Misses Estelle and Elizabeth' Britt have returned to college after spending the holidays with their parents. We are very glad to have Mr. Ike Grifford and family move to our com- xnunity. Misses Katie and Catherine Good are spending the week with their aunt and uncle, Andy Allen of Artisan. . Mis Cecil Cummings spent the past week with her aunt, Mrs. J. D. Kelley. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cummings spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Rob Buie. Mrs. Opel Stockton and Auther . mo * t encouraging phenomena of the depression 1B,tbat noted recently in, various parts of the middle west, # taxpayers are beginning to form associations to insist : Wate, county and city budgets be reduced. ft. «r«J^n n M democracy you have to organize; and Of aJWWOT all of the organizing has been done by groups ^WfTrt; to see the government spend more money, not less. r mutant .Agon demands money for this project, another for r eaon organization-gets w }yit it is after, and the / taxpfyer. having no organization to make his wishes get* soaked. Beavert were guests of Miss Cummings Ne wYears' eve. Cecil The ones on the sick list are: Mrs S. A. Bullock and the little two yea old son of Mr. and Mrs. Theodor Powell and Perry Murry. Rev. Albert Lambert filled his reg plar appointment as pastor of th Nazerine church here -Sunday am Sunday night. Miss Dortha Galloway spent thi holidays visiting relatives in -Pros cott. ' Miss Murriel Galloway spent Christmas here with .homefolks and lef Sunday, to take up her school work ai Hickory Grove. The many friends of .Mrs. Harris and daughter, Mrs. Bessie Anders and son Harris, wlecome them back to their old home again, after -having been gone from this place three years. George Andres is driving Don-is Bullocks buss this week while he is attending court at Prescott. Cohen Garrett is spending this week n Prescott serving on the jury. Ncrbourn and Albert Stark of near Centerville spent -Monday night with their aunts, Ola and Ela Stark. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey, Smith sp>nt Sunday with his brother R. D. Smith and family. L. N. Cook returned home Monday from a week's visit to the bedside of two of his brothers in Texas. N Mrs. Mattie Erwin and Mrs. Carrie Ghormlqy were dinner guests of our telephone operators, Misses Ola and Ela Stark, Sunday. Mrs. Ester Reece spent Sunday with Mrs. Marie Bullock. Everett Button of Prescott spent the week end visiting his sister, Mrs. Henry White of this place. Mrs. Mabel Lambert had as dinner guests Sunday Misses Emma Honea, Lucille Ghormley and Marion Erwin. Mrs. Bulah Stroud and children of Hope spent the week end with her mother Mrs. Saunders. Misses Edna Lambert and Margaret Erwin spent Saturday night and Sunday with Miss Fay Andres. Two of Thurman May's brothers of Bodcaw, are visiting in his home this week. J. D. Smith's daughters, Mrs. Rose Laster and C. A. Bennett's daughter, Mrs. Tinnie Cavet, having spent the holidays here left for their home in Dallas, Texas, Sunday morning. Laneburg Henry Almond made a business trip to Prescott Monday. Our Central ball team played Bluff City our our court last Friday afternoon the score was 39 to 17 in favor of Central. The P. T. A. meeting was well attended last Friday atfernoon. All parents of this community are encouraged to come. 'C. C. Wposley is suffering severely from an infected leg. Mr. Ford took the Smith Hughes boys up to Mr. Erwin's to see the state champion hog dressed, which weighed 1200 pounds and dressed 884. Miss Nora Hazzard is visiting relatives .at Rocky Mound this week. Holly Grove - Brq Scott preached a fine sermon to a large audjence here Sunday afternoon. Little Atene Atkins spent Saturday night with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. A. ,P. Clark. Elbert O'Steen of Washington attended church here Sunday. M. V. Derryberry an dfamily attended church at DeAnn Sunday. Miss Annias Clark spent Toesday with her sister, Mrs. Jesse Atkins. We are glad to have Mr. Poole and family move in this community. Mrs. M. E. Atkins has returned to the home ofiher daughter, Mrs. Ben Wilson, after a pleasant visit here. Relatives and friends here are very, sorry tojearn of the death of Mr. and Mrs, Saylo Ray's .baby of Little Rock. Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Lumpkins spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Elliott. .B. F. Murphy of near Washington spent Sunday night with R. T. Hembree and family. • • Mis Lillian Willis has been visiting Mrs. C. A. Atkins of Hope, C.. G. Coffee of DeAnn attended church here Sunday. Will Bain's house was destroyed by fire last week. Friends .are sorry to know that Mrs.. John Murphy h§s been very sick, we hope for her a quick recovery. Harmony Thad Vines and family have moved Into their new home. Mr. and Mrs. Munroe Cox of Hope spent the first of last week with O. H. McMlllen and family, Mr. and Mrs. Grady Reece and son, Howard, were visitors Monday of last week at Bodcaw at the home of Mrs. Recce's mother. J. W. McWUllams and grandson, Roy were vfeltors at the Geo. MeMlllen home Friday night. Mr, and Mrs. Joe Daugherty and sons Denver and Paul Ray spent Saturday night and Sunday with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. N. N. Jeanes of Evening Shade. Mr. and Mrs. Earnest McWilliams of Hope spent awhile Sunday with his father J. M. McWilliams. Joe Daugherty'was called to Gallon on business Saturday morning. We are glad to have Ralph Rogers and family move into our community. Jim and Joe Douthit called on Leo Farmer Sunday evening. Sheppard The rain hps the cceek out of the banks and in the fields. But everyone is enjoying good health. Mrs," G. W. Gilbert and son and daughter, Henry and ; Rehecca, spent Saturday night with her sister, Mrs. Alice Finlcy. Hugh Gilbert of Washington called on Miss Lillie Maud McBay Sunday afternoon. .W. J. McBay spent Sunday evening cent of its cane sugar. to Hope . Mes. Alice Finley called .on Mrs, Claude McCall Monday. ' Mw,.C«ft McKay .ipent a feW.lioUW In the bosie of Mrs. Pearl Corn*llUs Sunday. Delbert .Taylor was visiting In 06 home of W. J. MeBay, Saturday *4fM. R. E, Simmons is contemplating a trip to Marietta, Okla, , M. Cornelius spent Wednesday flight with W. L. Cornelius of this place. EveningShade We are having fine -weather here' for the last few days. Health isn't so good at this -writing as the flu is somewhat scattered. F. M. Garner is critical! yil with the f4u, we hope for him a speedy recover^." We nre glad to report that Miss«!i Effie and Madie McKamie are Improving after having measles. •Mr. and Mrs. Carl Smith have moved Into the house where John Odont lived last year. > ' Cladie Golden, of Battlefield tpant New Year's eve night with Clara, and Mable Miller. Most of th« farmers of this community attende dthe farmers meeting at Spring Hill Saturday night. Miss Augusta Miller was the -Friday • night guest of Clara and Mabel Mil-. ler. Mabel Miller and Nadine Fant re-' turned to Little Rock Monday after spending the holidays with their parents at this place. G. F. Bolden of Battlefield was the Saturday dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Miller.. Raymond Miller spent the week \ end with Duell Fant near Hope. During the first half of 1931 the For! East supplied the United States with! 99 per cent of ,its raw jute, 48 cent of its raw silk and crude rub-i ber, 70 per cent of Its tea and 40 peil BY KAY GLEAVCP age, and she goes (n strong tor.all UEUlPt HEUE TOfMV _*"»(, CECILVand MARY PRA.\. CE8 PENWICK live , T |||. ,he4, The .i, tcr . hn ;; «'ncc chlldlioud. SALIE . n« ld l'n«n<«— known »> «l»o" nod "GRANl>"_hnve l»nK IO "" Jr " >e "" Jl «»«" ** by Ann'. p O r dill " .npp«r«ed b and Cccllr'ii ciirnlnux. ' nnd younjs lawyer, Inscription in gold or silver is accomplished with an eleotrim pencil that writes with heat through gold or silver foil, hom 'e»Pon«lli||J«y of (he nn() , nn( ,, M , . lo never home. ™ THIS CURIOUS WORLD , bpwever, the worm seems to be turning. It is an ti hopeful sign, A militant taxpayers' organization governmental economy a popular thing among Woroeii M Artiits the artist whose paintings of Maine's Irenes recently drew favorable attention in New pgeftg Ibat the trend of American art hereafter will te AftH09 of women. , h« says, respond to art and concentrate on it m* dp; and, he added, "woman is bringing art thftt - t ** IO B a " to hf jg J>robably right; and the encouraging It » thai fewmne appreciation of art is on a plane than it wa» a few decades ago. Ever since wown have been more or less the arbiters of •J» it aa critics, but as the Rublfe wte like* and 0»ute» SU bti y de, m tefcf uppertnpat. In the past their tto ly gop^j too often it has led lift s JwF Birfe. WQfflan i& apt to have a sounder taste fe to predominate, it majr be IN ENGLAND" WOW GO Ofll WITH THIS STOItV CHAFfER XXVIII gHE had thought he would not un derstand, but be did understand and he laughed a little, pleasantly. "I'm sitting pretty." J: said. "What about you?" An could lie, but not over tbe telephone or rapidly. Sbe had to t-'-- her t'm9 about It. T to try on? of tbe speed boats tomorrow afternoon?" he ask d. "A coupla other fellows and way up the )8 pretty fair for supper— l have u houseboat river Chink cook c'u v- 8 cotu swl"i, Jf i'. not too -'4—; around." "Thank you." Ann said automatically, "but J can't, I have another engagement." "With jetty's boy friend?"- he taunted. "No," said Ann truthfully. "I don't understand," she went on, "why, wheu Letty could play with you, she wants to play with Pnll." She bad spoken her thoughts aloud, out not completely. Wnat she meant was that Utty King bad Appealed to her aa 9 person who would prefer two speed boat*,' one liousebffet, cue Chinese cook, and twp automobiles to one automobile in failing health. Kenneth Smith, young, masculine. this hooey about love and tripe like that." "You aren't homely." said Ann. though she really could not remew ber what he had looked like m the light and bad -n Impression, onl, of cleanliness -and blond youthfu' ness. "And you are young, too." "Young, too," : - said, "but no too young," and paused to b pleased with his epigram. "I'm no so young at" that," he resumed "I'll be 23 ne-t November. Thafi only live years younger'tban you and what's a few veara between friends?" tetty had said, "Phil's told me a lot about you." It seemed odd tp think of these strange people. Mr Smith, and betty King, and Phil discussing her and her age. What exactly, nilght "a lot" mean? "S»y," he said, "you aren't sore at mo, are you, for pulling thai about your ago? When a girl Is as pretty aa you are she's—she's kind of ageless. You know what I mean? didn't think," "No," nbe said. "That v/as ail £ht, cf course." Tbluk. She bad to think. She had uot done any thinking at all as yet. Her heart must be broken, a would needs be broken. Sbe must think about that, "Tell me about yourself, won't you?" she tossed to him to play with, so that be would atop bothering her d "ve her time to think. wouldn't," she an wered. "Gee!" be said. I'll tell the world "You're great! tbat's the est 'THE university hadn't been so * hot.., . Sbe was probably numb, or whatever It was that people wer from pain and shock, and the ach and the hurt would begin later Collecting rents, looking afte dad's interests. Mr.ter liked to faav ilm stick around, now that dad wa rone. . , , This strange feeling 'reedom, this sense of escape couldn't have anything to do wit] swpp I evur natle la my lite, and I'm'seme swappb vellow-halred boy, If i do $.i" •• ' "1 hope," said Ann. 'that l haven't made a lot of trouble for you and Miss King and that you get thlngb 'alsUoned out— "Not a chance "' • <> tnterru: -d .are the young." He bad curae to. another jhort "I acted like the devl hack t',ere on road, but that was je. ause i was sore -.t being ma monkey of- -othlng more nor leas I -uess I talked pretty rough, didn't know you then. Sorry and every'hing. 1 "It's all right. I think you had reason ent V be angry." "I'll say I did. But so id you All that lovey-darUng boloney—on purpose fcn yo« t, bear. But you «•• ft sore." "Yes, I think I was, I've forgotten." "Any girl who'd do that to another girl, horn IP like that and all, s a bum sport. It's not square sbootlus. It's rotten—that's what heartache. Letty's folks ha <fW W* U read ber clear. ** I S»M8. If you like tjwt Mn<J ol 900, of course, I'm s£ homaly ' 8 f ootl Be8j *w, sne's ypung awfully young, tm t 9f b« Jived ne*t door to them before be. old man got caught in tbe crash Too bad, it had given Utty » taste f - e things. . . u was «p g not to have to ride home wlti ana quarrel and quarrel. Odd, didn't feel furiously angry with Phil; not any I* -er. (MO, she dinnt r -. thing. Numb? Bscited? That was not lonely, as yet. She was not sad. She wo- M be, The edges of the road were lighted si much of auy No- not exactly, would pass. She vegetable etundfl on either side; now: fruit and were spreading places to eat— C ' »\icken. Places to dance; places to get gasulioe; bright, brigbt but with big dark space* among them. . "Of," he iwghed, know about that?" \ started. For wore U»a» u** tod Dot feft » r( * * &9 bad said, "I'm afraid was (be explanation. There was the reason she was ot suffering—not heartbroken. Phil iad not been sporting—be had lied o ber. He was not a square shooter, Ho was—rotten. If she could remember that—not sporting, not a quare shooter, rotten-*perhap8 ah ould forestall the heartache en rely. And tbe loneliness? And the lopg daye coming on to lopg long evenings? And the Jong, ion life? She had forgotten that llf all of life was ahead. Life wlthou Phil? But that, too, could som later-"Or," Kenneth said, "wouldn you know about that, either?" 'His voice had been going on, a this while. What bad he been say ing? What had sh.e said before "Well, yes," she answered, "I migh possibly know about.that." "Gee! But you are great. You •e-«-welJ, If I du say It, you ar< absolutely the most different girl ever met In my life." How restful tflle boy, tftls funny mpossible boy, was. How easily pleased, flow uncritical. There was a poem she had read. She bad iked it well anough to copy It; abe had bad Mary-Frances in mind, hough it did not entirely suit Mary fauces, and it did suit this boy. }ow had It foce? "Innocently wicked—Innocently wise. inno- impudent—innocently gay.' That was what this Kenneth was, oow thaj he was ov»r being row. He wa« gey. (Jay. Tbe rest {tbeppem, »ft«r tn«? 8am.$tbj B B bo«t youth being aa'aJJLan rwg. Dealing an alien tongi^, and then be lines for Maj-y-i'rsasei, <•— we tae darllagii pj m ^grt; silence, and she tjpoke Iinp«Ul>v«ji)r, "You are so young,." she .said. "I like that." he disputed—youth's ears are seldom tuned to tender ness—"l am not. if i do say It myself, I'm a lot older than you are. Experience; and everything. >i . don't want to hand it to mysplf. but ; Just the same ..." She let him run along with that. She listened but lightly. Slid thought only to. postpone thinking. | • • • 44 F)Q you know, a girl like you,. sho could really mean soraa. thing in a man's.life? Juat naring this ride with you tonlght~-.lt* > meant a lot to me. I can't toll you how much driving with you tonight has meant to me. It would mean « lot to any man." But," ehe protested, not too tactfully. "1 baven't said anything .at "That's It." he pronounced, what you don't say. No llne^no wisecracking, or trying to, or any. thing. It's the way you listen to « man and understand. You—well, you're deep. Deep. Knowing you, f I do say It myselt, is like—well, t's kind of like going for a swim n the surf after a fellow's been wading In a kid's wading pool, Do you know, you are the first girl, absolutely the first girl who's come nto my life that understood, just Ight off without asking questions or anything—well, all about me, nd my getting kicked out of tne university and all. WJiai you ar*-. l.know. vvalt till! get the word. Inspirational, it's what you are. Inspirational." Ann bad no Idea what to to with that, tWre was so much of it. to she said notl g. "Gee!" he said, "but you'r* grsat! 1 ' M " "I suppose," he said, when flnaMw -and to Ann it had dragged out to ^ long flnally-the car had stopped in tne driveway m front oj •--house, "(here's no chance for date tomorrow'/" "I'm svrry," she said. up, l rolght have "«"«>»» 't- you kiss me good night?" "No," said Ann. in* ot susb "Reel You're great know tbe g4rl who auld easy to court but hard tp 8 a distant relative pf easy to c.atcb. but hard tp As Ana w«at for Phil and IPO* y wer,

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