Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 8, 1932 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 8, 1932
Page 6
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ordcf First empstead Court •;*. • Court Mild Over Hundred Between Washington and Blevins. fa Territory of Missouri _ leotiHevef Lyinift* 4 this c*n b* _ l» «m wfcch w«s the state of and 113 tit* first court , in Hfenlf^rt^ttd Joi Missouri. The was held In . h 'which is SSMWewhere on *e sbt or seven miles Th« exact location known. flrsi covtrt k quite reproduce ii w«ek; however »s Will likely be of in- 'of Inls paper we time as space pet- bt it following :ot the first few KON PLEAS COUNTY _ Pleas, for the ttrritory--of Mis- in June, ilttS. A.1). .Beaton, Wll- an* John- English, Is their several .come acting governor of "i$ them judged,of t ,oath of office en- n, cWnereupoa they took 8«Ek. - .. produc- ,ji» sheriff of-the —_^.jad, and it apptar- fc|iiourt "that the said Alex*>-. --^^duiyquai. to act as ac- fc'reiognized the said Alex&*., as sheriff of ij* by the sheriff. the following t;jurors for this term, Benj. J. Clark Henry Stephens, _,_ew Moss,' John C, (.' ? 0gd"en,» 'Abraham Tate, Robert Law, English, John Harpold, Crtbtree, SImbn Wltttr, Isaac P*n- hinltoil, Will Ashbroofe. Thomas Jacobs, Brtttttt'Sewy, John Holkum, 8aJnu«I Hopsort, Jeremiah Pate and fl«nj. Clark Sr. Whereupon the following grand jurors being 1 ' called came into court TOttety: William Stephenson, foreman, Francis McClellan, Henry Steph* enson, Calvin Merry, John C. Pennington, Sen}. Ogden, Abraham Stuart, Robert Law, John English, Simon Milter, Will Ashbrook, Thomas Jacob, Braize! Berry, Samuel Hopson, Jeremiah Pate and Benj. Clark, good and lawful men of the county and,were duly sworn as grand jurors for this county. Three of the original panel of the grand jury returned to this term made default, namely: John Harpold, Will Crabtree and Isaac Pennington, and it .appearing to the court that the aforesaid jurors had not been citizens of this territory for twelve months primary to this term of this court. It is Ordered that they be excused for their non-attendance. Benj. Clark, Matthew Moss and John Haleom, three of the original panel of grand jurors returned to this term, being sworn and given evidence of their inability to return as grand jurois.' and were excused* from attendance; for this term... On motion of J. W. Bates Esq., Samuel C. Band Esq., is admitted as an attorney of this court, he having produced a- license irom the Honorable Geo. Buliett, judge of this genera court for the county of Arkansas wltft the oath of an attorney endorsed thereon. Samuel C. Rand Esq. produced to the court' a commission from the acting governor of the territory "of Missouri appointing him prosecuting attorney for' the counties at .Arkansas, Pulaski, Clark and Hernpstead, whereupon the court recognizes him as prosecuting attorney for the county. On motion of Pej;cy Wallace Esq. he is admitted to practice as an attorney of this court ex gratis until'the next term of this court Court • adjourned until one o'clock this afternoon. ' '; Court met pursuant to adjournment, present as before. Court adjourned-;, until 1 o'clock tomorrow morning. . / Chas. Wheaton, W. Woodward, John English. *, f s—He's a Freshman Agi When Professor Albert Einstein of Germany, world-famous scientist, ar« rived in Calofrnia with his wife to study at the California Institute of Technology he was called a "freshman." That pleased him, for he has always contended >that even the greatest mind can only scratch the surface of knowledge. He is shown here with his wife as they sat on the porch of the home of Arthur Fleming in Pasadena. StarttOver Once Trophy Contender Caught as Rum Craft SANDUSKV, Ohio.— (/P) -Once a brave "contender for the "America" cup," coveted trophy so long sought by the late Sir Thomas Lipton, the "Shark." has been captured by customs officials from the bootleg industry. Records show the trim little craft was built on the Atlantic 20 years ago, and failed several times to win the cup races,' She was "sold ddwn-the lakes." New owners /detached her -tall, slender masts and installed motors. They removed a 20-ton Reel which greatly in- -resaed her speed. Oh three previous ^sions she was seized by the coast guard, and each time drifted back into smugglers' • hands. 'Forest Fires J.S. $1,211 Apiece Mont—(/P)—It cost Un- erage of $1,211 to com- |he>J,S8T forest fires which ittftwestern Montana and i^fdaho during 1931. ' ttJs was .the highest average tff',«?four worst fire seasons 'figures at forest service ire reveal the average fire has been reduced 670 acres in 1919 to 89 of the total number i 1919 and 1931 with the acre- shows how modern. lUn^ methods/have check. „_ tanww In 1919, 2,258 fires l'?otef L329.27S acres, while the 1,587 blazes of last year covered 124,556 acres. • Caretaker in Camp Pioneer Succumbs .LITTLE ROCK—(/P)-State Bank Commissioner Walter E. Taylor Thursday issued a!charter for a new bank at Jonesboro, to be known as the Mercantile Bank and Trust company.' The bank will be capitalized at $100,000 and will have a surplus of f 100,000. The capital and surplus has been fully paid ni cash. The new bank will have no connection with,either of the banks which have closed duhring the past several months, but will be a nen- tlirely new institution. Ball Hawk's Wife Drills Grid Team in Honolulu HONOLULU.— (/P) —H e n r y Oana, San Francisco outfielder in the P>- cific Coast league, may know the "in side stuff in baseball, but his wife can give him plenty of tips when It- comes to the gridiron. While Oana is busy with his baseball duties on the mainland, his wife, formerly Alma Richardson, is busy coaching a 120-pound barefoot team in Honolulu. . t Her team is called the Pearl City club. Barefoot teams on the islanc continue their play long after the mainland season closes. Mrs. Oana played basketball while in high school, and since her schoo days has been a star on the tennis courts. Basketball Season Find* Many Teams in Race for DUtrlct Championship Activities In the realm of basketball have been resumed after'the let-up for the ChrtS!|nas /holidays',. Many teams have played In the prtst week', some shewing promise and others not 80 good. " , Among the leading teams of the county this, yeaf is Columbus, who won the district championship last year. Although handicapped' by the loss of several of their stellar players, Columbus has bunt a strong team around the two Gilbert brothers, Gerald and Carl, and bids fair to make a good showing this season, heir" next game will be with Patmos Friday night, at the armory in Hope. Spring Hill always has a strong basketball team, at least it has in the past and this season looks to be another strong one for them. Mr. Honea has several of last year's veterans back and is using them as a basts to build some young material. These lads defeated the Patmos team at the armory lost week. Patmos and Emmet are two other strong teams that are likely to give other teams a struggle when things are being decided around the end of he season. Patm'os; has one or two men, such as Dukes;and Payne, who iave played several' years ahd are ooking good thlsiyear. Emmet, has a fast bunch of boysV who are develop- ng fast and are looking good. Our own team of Washington Is developing into a real threat to the peace of mind of other county teams this season. Pilklnton and Patterson are real ball players as well as the-other men on the team". They will likely play a game at the armor>-ln Hope this week. Flogging Deters Crime, Is View of Welsh Judge CARDIFF, Wales.—(#>)—Floggtm should only be administered in specia circumstances, Mr. Justice Wright said here when sentencing two men to two years in prison and 18 strokes with the "cat" for robbery. "Itfts a cruel punishment," the judge commented, "but it'is inflicted onl; on those who themselves have causec pain to innocent victims. • ,— s-.^, u Insane, Kills Six Wife And Another Child Seriously Wound«d With Hammer CAPfi OlRARftKAU, Mo-H/n-Ollver Oavenporl, 80, Wll«d five of his children, seriously wounded his wife and another child with a hammer ahd shot himself to death In their farm home near Patten, Mo., early Thursday. He apparently was insane. .—, «»•«». ' ^ French Cavern Reveal* Prehistoric Finger Prints PARIS.—(/p)—Finger prints left by prehistoric artists Were discovered in a grotto of the Pyrenees by Mm. Man- dement and Jftuze, archacloglsts. Crawling Into the cave, they found on its walls ten high reliefs in clay. All depleted charging buffaloes, four of the images being a foot long. The clay had been first thrown on Idtko'i _ . Statute Fill* df«nff the "dlvott* coital" 6f thfc haa ftdedi Wten the Idaho l«gl»l«ture tteWMay law nearly a y«w « Iness meh started elaborate flons to MrWt divorce seeker*. Hwv* tly timbered mountains for Mktnti * crystallttear lake (or boalliw *fW swimming, a variety of wlnteif sp6fW and elfitiafe In general were to (talked, But Nevada passed a "slit' weeks Haw." , , Nearly a yCar after the Idaho U'JJ was passed, an observer and optlmln of a . *ar ago said, "We've had only one promising prospect. She was f«*v New York, and we understood she came here for a divorce. Then oije day her husband came, found theW children In the park and drove *W«y with them. The woman left next day. the wall and then shaped by hand, the marks of the primitive sculptors' fing. ers being plainly visible. Juanita Hansen, above, former film star, is back in California with $118,000 awarded' her as damages in n suit jrought against a New York hotel for jeing scalded in a shower. .She hopes to stake a comeback in the movies. Paris Women's Hands Grieve American Artist PARIS.-(/P)—"Sculptor requires woman with unusually' beautiful hands as model," read an advertisement recently published by N. C. Smolin, American scluptor. Old women, young women, flappers and professional models responded but rione of them got the job. "I want an oval hand," he said, "with, long tapering fingers with slightly retrousse tips, without furrows; not too vivacious, just an expressive hand." •He didn't find one and now thinks that modern women spoil their hand's by too much work. Keep Hope People Working Help employment at home by sending your laundry to us. Sending out of town, your money leaves Hope and builds up the other town. We are working from twelve to eighteen people, and they spend their money with merchants here at Hope. Complete Family Finish 8c per pound. Rough Dry 5c per pound, this includes the ironing of your flat pieces. If you desire shirts ironed they may be taken out of the bundle and ironed for 8c each. . Damp Wash. 3c per pound, washed and wrung damp, or if you prefer the flat pieces ironed 4c per pound. SUITS-CLEANED AND PRESSED CASH AND CARRY 40c DELIVERED 5Uc LADIES' DRESSES 60c-up HOPE STEAM LAUNDRY ESTABLISHED 1907 PHONE 148 ''Hot Air"—Specials throughout our entire '. l j'^: stock. Just a few lister below. wir Gold Medal, Kitchen Tested-!? Lb. 38c ' 24 Pounds 68c Bird Brand 100% Pure 4 Pounds 38c 8 Pounds 68c Fresh Yard Per Dozen 2k Texas Green Three Pounds lOc Holly Brand—Sliced or Crushed—No. 2 Tall Can 14c eese Best Full Cream Pound 19c ap P. & 0. Naptha 6 Bars 'otatoes or Red Triumph Smooth—10 Lbs. 18c hetti gki»ner&-The Best 2 Packages /5c L Patterson's Something every smoker wants to know! • Absolutely pure... that's what you expect in the things you eat and drink... and in the cigarettes you smoke. "Chesterfields are as pure as the water you drink," a noted scientist writes. There's no way to make a purer cigarette. Starting with tobaccos... the ripest, finest, purest leaf that grows is selected for Chesterfields. Mild to start with ... Cross-Blending makes it milder still. Then it's wrapped in paper that is so pure it burns without any taste or odor. The phrase "Scientifically Purer" is entirely justified. By our use of a highly scientific process which was worked out by Dr. Paul Gross, the Head Chemist of our Research Department, Chesterfield reaches a state of purity unmatched, to our knowledge, by any other cigarette. In addition, scientists check every ingredient, every method. Even the factory air is washed, and changed every 4W minutes, Hove purity! ; Notice; too, the clean, white, attractive£ package.., moisture-proof. ChesterlSeJ^s come to you as good and as pu,re as they're made. Good., , they've got to be Change to Chesterfields and see, A WPNPWFUV NIW MBIO PR06BAMI ToiiJ6tt,..at 10i30...Che»teraeld's Radio Program. I4«fe» » Cl»Wt«neW...U«l back...and rel« while N«t Stolkret's Orchestra 8W* Alt* Gray, soloist, charm 9V»y your <*re«. It'l OH tb e eutire Coliunbi* Network .. . broadcast from CQ*rt »° coa « • • • « VW 7 Art) tbe bra?'* 10:3 ° & * ^ IN DU POMT NO. 900 MOIS. ClUOfHANI. THI ilff AN* MOST IXMNflVI THAT'f MAPI IHIY'tl MHDfi t • THCY'tl *UII THfY fAITI IITTIR TJtey £&&i£if

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