The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 16, 1940
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VOLUME XXXVI—NO. 307. ' l™imMi«)URIER NEWS '•'1 Blylhevllle Daily News Blythevlllo Courier Mississippi valley Leader Blythcvllle Herald AUKANSAS AND 6OUT1IKAST MISSOURI Roosevelt Plans To Speak, Attend Dinner, Despite Slight Fever .WASHINGTON March 10. (Ul'jl-l'rcsiilenl Rcioscvoll 1.HI a little more limn a degree of fevev lodny bill Ilia soc- ctftiy siud he would make every effort io speak on nil in- leriiiitioiml peace broadcast tliis afternoon and attend the i anmml dinner of the While House Correspondents Association tonight. * !_ _„._.. ! President Roosevelt hopes to join Queen Wlllielmina of Uie Netherlands, diplomats and religious leaders today in an international radio broadcast in the interest of peace Hie program may reveal further developments in Mr. Roosevelt's efforts to enlist the moral forces of all churches in his drive for peace. He suggested such action several months ago to the right Rev Henry St. George Tucker, presiding bishop of the Episcopal church, _J!LVTIIKVILL|.;, AHKJANSAS, SATURDAY, MAitriC Where Train Hit Tn.c|< And Twoiily "Sc7cii Died • - .'""'• ' '" "•'• "" — '•""•' m'"i .• -••'• " . v••;::.•,•;•£;!<•• -' SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS who will preside over today's forum' The broadcast. 1.5 sponsored by the foreign mission conference of North America and will be entitled "The Christian Foreign Service Convicatlcm." The program Is scheduled to begin at 2 p m <c.s t) Mr. Roosevelt will speak at 3'12 [>. m., Irom the White House The address of Queen -Wilhelmina. who has been a major figure in peace efforts of European neutral countries, will be broadcast from the Hague, count Robert Van Der Straten-Ponlhoz, Belgian ambassador to the United States will Georgia's Chief Executive Is Arrested On Con- lempl Citation ATLANTA. Ga., Mnroh 1«. (UP) —Gov. E. D. Rivers returned to He capital today under technical rederal arrest lor contempt of court as the result of his light for Georgia's "sovereign rights" and his own right to use the Nallotml Guard to oust W. L. Miller, chairman of the State Highway Commission. "I'm still governor of Georgia " he said as he arrived from Macon. where he was arrested last night on the steps of the city auditorium at the conclusion of a Georgia Educational Association meeting. He had been held prisoner for speak from Washington. Oilier participants will be Dr. John R. Molt, chairman of the' , . ~"~ " '"' International Missionary Council "" ^° 1 ":^ U»»ed Slates Ma: Dr. George A. Buttrick, president °- l ' le ' and '' clc ased on of the Federal Council of Christ m America; Dr. Charles R, Wat- whcn he prom-] . _.. „, „. ,,,, L . f ed ' allci ' considerable argument, son, president, of the American a IW ar next Friday before Fcd- Unlverslty in Cairo, Egypt, spoakine ,, Jl "' se Bascom Denver and ex- from Cairo; and Dr Charles T ! Why he lBnorcci a f ^eta\ Leber, chairman of the Committee >' I')?,'," 0110 " " ga '" st of Reference and Counsel of the ; iring with Twenty-seven Mexican citrus fruit pickers were killed and 11 a truck taking them to orchards In t) on the outskirts uf Alamo, Texas when a passenger train spllnlcred furnished famed negro contralto, who will be placed In the network from Calgary, Alberta, over the facilities of the.Canadian Broadcasting System. -Eight Men Recelvi Total Of 80 Lashes WILMINGTON, Dei., March M (UP)—Eight men were given a tclal of 80 lashes In the courtyard of the Newcastle county workhouse today in the greatest demonstration of this form of punishment (hat has cpme down from colonial times. As a driving sleet and snowstorm swirled nbout them the men were- led out in pairs, stripped Io the waist and shackled io the ancient whipping post with their hands and arms above their heads. Still in conference with legal advisers in the state house Ion? after ne nouse long after I n . _ governor indicated'. Kumania Lases Up On Iron ; U'fMlKI r( « .. ,..!«, I __ 'I that the troops would stay where they, were despite his arrest. U/S. AgeiitVProbing From • l . ul| l T Trees Ross Stevens Enters Upon Duties As Postmaster Todav Ross Stevens took up his duties as postmaster of Blythcvillc todnj after having been sworn In two I months ago but was. unable to be- aiiy | gin work until the • - date of /r \ birth was proven to the satlsfac- -'.•' i.i ,UpiJ. of tlie ciyll.seylCBxdepartnie'j/, /*;•! ' • Rcc'pminemlcd to the postoffice " i^- department last Aug. 19, Ihc rcc- ll '°" oiiuiioidution was confirmed Jim LITTLE HOCK, Ark.. March 16. i rt^rtto^ 1 ££™J™£ ' \\ »=? .'« «" "PPOjntcd a week -The Tntriiiinmr-a tinii ,.r <,.„ i i^,,i n ,,^ ,„ „!:."?,-'-,?. °L .. '"lor but the technicality of cstnb- Pulaski County Shortage M^^V^o-Li'' ,,, (Ouardlsts have been released from —The United m , . " ..^ u ^i..j Ljtjjaiv- fi<".i-i\v; ajjuuuiicen lOuay. dnl.nm tT'-'Invnltl'T 1 * 1 i ', lt ° UU!C R ° Ck ™ e ° ractal ea7J>Ue sai " 32 '«>" odiv he S26MO-. n T SCe ' W ', 10 ?° l B " ardS vvcrc tclKasca Mar( * >' «>«' the $26,01)0' that was embezzled 81 were released yesterday ofto'lrT ^td™^ COlleCt0r ^,™^!"" «.«>*« .«<>«" that Germany had demanded the Wlikes Resigns Post i c , c I nele scveral "ays ago nnd wen AS Mate Senator i established in an office at the Fed LITTLE ROCK, Mar. 1C. (UP)— •n, tj\ i mm uciniany nafl demanded the The federal governments inter- ] Inclusion of the iron guard" " the cst in the case, which resulted i"! present-cabinet Grand Jury indictments, of iwo| ..-. ,, former deputy collectors on char-'., L hatl bcei1 "sported abroad lhat ges of taking 81,000 of the missing' e 0| lllul n c ' crm an oiler to funds, is bused on nn inquiry jnto !!! !-. nmntcc Rumanian's security pro- income tax returns: jvided at least two members of the , . . — Gov. Ualley's office announced today that Senator Luther Wilkes of Phillips county had resigned his post effective yesterday to take over the pastmnstershlp at Helena Senator Wilkes 1 successor will be' named by the governor or will be nominated In the summer primary. New York Cotton May Jul. Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. open 105G 1033 976 058 954 942 Prev. high low close close 1050 1051 1052 10G4 1028 1029 1039 970 974 983 !i56 956 968 1034 97G 95S 954 942 954 941 954 941 941 941 New Orleans Cotton — -- i ....^,. IT — —""" *"*•" ""-m>Ji-i.-) u Tliree Treasury agents arrived; " Glclirtl wcrc Included h. here several days ago nnd ware.- abmc| -established in an office at the Fed- The government, it was known era! bunding. It wns reported re- has been turning Iron Guards out liably that many tips and rumors of prison a few al a time diirln* tlie concerning the shortage are being past several months having agreed sifted. Several anonymous callers (to do so as soon as those held had pledged their allegiance to the May Jul. Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. Prev. open high low close close 105Y 1067 1061 1063 1074 1W3 1043 1037 1033 1048 978 880 973 875 986 I 954 S6i 962 962 ~ 953 9« 946 945 945 912' 966 Intelligence Unit of the j icgiance to King"enrol" the official n c i • , , ,, States Treasury Depart-! ga.edc announced (o'day I "" g , T^ ° f lls Wrt " Me - - - -- - - ' — iouay. delayed his assuming office until today. Herman Cross, who lias been serving as postmaster for the p:ist five and a half years under both temporary and permanent, appointments, wns "checked out" yesterday by two postoffice inspectors who "checked in" Mr. Stevens this morning following his receiving the commission earlier In the week. Under » recent law passed, Mr. Stevens will be under classified civil law, making lib appointment indefinite unless the law is changed by an act of Congress. The itiw wa.s passed so as to place postmasters in the same class as other employes of postoffices, thus eliminating patronage, it Is claimed. The position pays $3200 yearly. Strict enforcement of the" law was shown In the delay over proof of the new postmaster's birth. Born in Lola, Ky., 49 years ago in the days when the family Bible served for a birth certificate, the civil servile department refused to nc- .--'pt this proof without .supplcinun- lary evidence and an exhaustive search wns made during the past two months to further prove that ,ie was born 49 years ago. In a statement made public to- today. the new postmaster said: Grateful to all my friends who have wished me success In my new position, I want Io publicly pledge my cooireration with the people in Blylhevillc to make the post- office of service to all. I hope to maintain a personal relation be- M-ECII the postoffice and the people it serves." Without any_ formal ceremony, have added information, which is being checked. Charles S. Collins, former chief deputy collector, and Charles G. McNutt. his assistant, will face trial on embezzlement charges March 2G, At present 14 Iron Guard leaders remain In prison. It was learned that all togelhcr 800 Iron Guards hare been released during the past The Mason and Dixon few months, line has I The official gazette announced 1 —• b'.'.^m: uimiHULI HI been found, by modern surveyors,. new releases of Iron Guards this to be as much as 400 feet from its week after it had been announced correct location; but to correct It i <hal Premier George Tatarescu would necessitate the changing of world make n radio speech to the other boundaries throughout the nation tonight clarifying tile gov- J.'ilcd States. ernment's internal policy retarding die outlawed Iron Guard which assassinated Premier Armaiid CM1- Incscu last September. Beauteous Portia Stock Prices AT&T I 7 2 Am Tobacco 87 1-2 Anaconda Copper 271-2 Belli steel [[,' 723-4 Chrysler \ 84 ,_ 8 Cities Service 41-2 Coca Cola .'.' us i_ 2 General Electric 377.; General Molors I'll Harvester .... Montgomery Word . N Y Central North Am Aviation Packard Phillips "." Kadio Republic Steel '.'.'.'. Socony acuum 53 55 3-1 523-8 15 21 1-2 3 3-4 38 3-4 C 19 11 1-4 Grace Tainsli, once voted most Mrs. Ben Hamner, 50, Succumbs Early Today Mrs. Ben Hamner. teacher in the Lone Oak school, died nt Walls hospital at 10:30 o'clock this morn- Ing of a strcptococcic infection She was 50. Taken ill from an ear ailment, rlie was removed to the hospital Tursdny when her condition became serious. Funeral services will be held Sunday afternoon, 2:30 o'clock, nt Lone Oak Methodist church with Gcorgf? W. Patterson, pastor of the because he was" sworn into the new position Jan. 13, Mr. Stevens began his work as head of the first class aloffice with Its 13 employes. A resident of Blylhevllle tor 32 years,' Mr. Stevens is widely known in this section. He has been in the life insurance business for a number of years in addition to looking | (fry. Pallbearers will be: Dr. A. Werl, Floyd A. White, Russell Musickl H. ,E. LaSliot, George W. Barhani. Nixon Slilvlcy. Glenn Alexander and Russell Phillips. I3orn In Henderson, Ky., Mrs.iioss 01 Hnmner had lived here for a nimi-lnisli!n°s, Osborne Home At Manila Is Razed MANILA, Ark., March IB-Trie residence of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Osbornc «-as practically destroyed by fire last night with an estimated Including (lie fur- Studebaker .... 10 3 4 Slandard Oil N J ...'.'..:.' '43 M Snuare" Texas Corp 44 7 . 8 > ffi a , O S Steel 5i 1-B „_.,_.. , ltllluu ' T ~~- " ! os a" artists' model helnprl nav Faulty regulation of Ihe carbu- her way through ' ' P P?5 rctor is one of the principal i said "Eve causes of carbon ' dcposlls. — ... *,,. , tt t ,, IUJ ,, iiuuj- i iii.Sfiiri^s ,i/»hi.r S A"T ° 5UrvlTcd b >' one'o'clock. Although the flames were tltth " r - Mrs. Joe Hamby; one | cxllnguishcd before the walls com , . "" "' here: b "" lcd ' ">e house eon- id "fivetybody has forgbfien that beauty til* by tioiv." Raber, bolh of brothher, troit, Mich. -. i. and one Daniel of De- nu HUG. from a Holt Funeral Home Is In charge. Mr. Osbornc is a teacher in the Etowah school nnd Mrs. Osbome teaches In the Manila school. gram Of State Dealers' Group .'. ,;' Jly.s.s' Stevens' nfter his farming intere.sls and for three years was a dlslrlbiitor of appllarccs. After having been born in Kentucky, Mr. Sleveiw also llveil in Illinois for a few years before he came here when n young man. He served in the United .Stales nivny for a year during the World War. Co-Ops Must Require Bonds To Pay Wages LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. Mar. 10.- Cor.(rac(s for erection of rural '.'Icctrlfication lines must provide !or a surety bond Io insure payment of hborrrs' wages, state I.ubor Commissioner Ed I. McKinley Sr. •nformcd officials of rural electrification co-operatives in Arkansas yesterday. He said one contractor liad recently concluded a conlrnct not containing- this provision and laborers had lost SCOO in wages Mr, MrKlnlcy s;iid the Kural Eleclriffcation Administration had informed him thu clnuse providing for the surety bond must be in- wlcd in cnch contract. He said some co-operatives had not met this requirement. A seven-point program set HUB lorlh "fair principles of luxation" •or the slate's petroleum Industry nnd Its motorist-customers was latlfkd lust nliihl by (he Missis slppl County oil Dealers' association, nt a ineolhig here, iicrordln? Io announcement by p.- n. Joyiicr chalnnnn of Ihe association Thu association Includes In its membership petroleum distributors, scr- yjce^lnttoii operators, and others the liidnslry In idciitltlcd wilh Mils dlsltlcl. W. F. St'arborouiili. secretary of Ihc Oil Dealers' Association of Arkansas, discussed Ihe stale program of the (issocfatlon. which l( oil'. the slate. The seven points In (lie progra ...^ .n.*vii ijuiuis in me jiro^ram ^^JIMII-^HI ui ivir.s. Menu! Am ralificd lasl night by Ihc county :ll > who wns critically Injured Oil PllTl nrn • I hr> fnlllt-lm, nF I...-. t -.._i... i. oil men, arc: To urge reduction In the state gasoline lax, keeping in mind tha College Men Declared To Be More Serious NEW ORLEANS (UPI —College fraternity boys no longer follow 'h^ "Joe College" pattern, accord- ng to Hamilton W. linker of Hos- ;0n. who Is president of Kappa Sigma fraternity. "There is less drinking and less of the playboy stufT popularly associated with college fraternities." Baker said when be arrived here 'o preside at a meeting of officers of Kappa Sigma. "The boys arc more serious ibout their studies, nnd (he prob- of getting a start after theyj holders. To sponsor ||) R •ninclinent of n -, conslllullonal amendment prohibit- S'Utieral Rites Held »>!t the diversion of uasollnc- and motor vehicle laxes Io oilier tha highway use for which llicy are levied nnd collected. To urye reduction and cllmina- llon of multiple municipal privilege In.vcs now imposed upon Peace Drive Rumors Continue To Center Around Welles' Visit nml Ity Untied Press , Kui'dlH'ini interesls ccntoi-cd today on Sumncr Welles ,.'':i |) "^ 1 !! 1 !^. Ul !^; 1 olf^J 1 -!™' 1 )mi « ht result f??m and London. ' ''••;. * A hint of .such n possibility was contained In an eilllorlal. in liie newspaper Corrlorc Padana of Fer- J'lini, owned by Marshal llnlo Bal- lw, which said peace In Europe still Is pOKslblc bccnuse (he wai- has not yet entered a decisive phase. . The cdllorlal was Issued as Welles rounded out hip European Joiir by lulks today -with king n PQ nc ' clc S 1 ? nporlccl ? ±l sr^P-x^t Ull oibena By Japanese. "' 1 '" 1 "" News Agency TOKYO, M'ir. III. (lj|')~ji,prtii protested Io soviet Russia today ullneks by Riisslmi bolder (Jiuirds on forces on the border ucmw Kii«hnlk>n 0 [[ Siberia. The ptoU'sl wiis lwl(jcd with llui Soviet einb.'tssy here this afternoon ulU-r Jiiinini'si' rwiUorcenieiHs, uc- cordlnu to Ihi; war office, hud a>pulsed guards. frontier Tin- war office said Ihal nusslnn en another An (be In the cliislu-s had not been determined. Newspapers re- liorlcd Unit u t least 10 llasslans wurc wounded. The liiisslims used rifles and machine BUILS in the attack, the win- office snld, Russia owns tho northern luilf And Japan the southern hull of Ihc Island. The Domcl news ngcncy (Japanese) said Hint the clashes oc- , „..,„., cm-red yesterday ut Karafuto In Ihu through Italy . , Willie Welles was talking with Climo tho Clcrmnn ambassador Huns von Mnckrnscn arrived at the (mlncc. H had been reported that Welles, while In UcrHn, had asked Adolf Ultlor to write out lib peace terms ' and diplomatic circles at once suggested that Mackcnsen might have delivered Hie terms 'io Welles. -Hie latter would bad liad (line to read them' before seelns Mussolini this afternoon. ••. '••'•••. '• It Is licllcved 'tlmt' Welles wiio wns received by the pope' during Ills first slop in Home will be glw- audience tomorrow.' "pence drive" rumors nontrd. London and Paris continued to make It clear thai a pence with lliilcr is out-of Ihc question- The French senalc issued an order of the day endorsing (lie government plan Io continue thu war to a "complete victory" and tli'at France would reject any "pcace. pluns" which might bu put forth Uusso-JnpaiH'.se Smjhnleln border when llussl.nn guards crossed tho Irontlcr mid entered the Asuse trlcl. which is Japanese territory, Asuse is cm the eastern coast -of the l.ilimd. • The llusslans. according to Domcl, fired on Ja| police, Injuring one seriously mid several others The Japanese, after receiving rc- enforccmuiil.'i, iiltnckcd the UtisJilnns aud drove Ihem back to their own side of (he fronll'itr hut, Dumel said iho sllualloi! remained tense. Along, the, uitlri border , , orer Domi'l icpnrlcd both Russians and JapaiK'sc were being rc-cnforced, In connection with the visit of Welles two . Interesting .developments arose Indicating-'sonic wishful thinking In the attitude of the. lierlln-fiomc axis toward the United States. ; ,-, Italian circles suggested (hat tiie united states and Italy might 'lie ''" "'' - ' " by -vVellfs' newspaper visit and Mussolini's l'0|iolo d'ltalla hinted that tli'e n 'J>1 European war might estrange fl'ie. United States ana Britain: ,It-'8r ; > Biied that Iho -.AUlM will not"• right-« but Insist, .upon devastating wbrldi- econoi'ny •• ill •eUcclina'-'th'e'-'r'nln . bl""' : - Germaiiy .which- Ufa. Untied Stales i doc.s hot like. ' Great Inlcrest' was shown 'In Wellcs's rcliirn visit. When lie wns jhere before/people hardly know..or . I his arrival because he was almost ; ! Defendant Fails To A r T • i ! '" s nrrlvnl Because he was almost Appear tor lrialj | IJ'>orcd by Ihe nbwspnpcr&- Since I 'hen, however, his activities in bel- Cnse of J. M. Ueckliam clmrucd " Bereilt "ppllnls has been described with drlvlny while under the ln-l fll!l >'- llucncc of liquor In connection with (i serious highway accident Wednesday night, was continued Ibis morning In municipal court because ol failure of the defendant Io np- SUtc police, who Investigated • -. ,.. t tionuciuiiuH, wincn is " lc "ccldeiK. were notified • Io see I! submitted for ratification to llmt Bcckhmn was In court when county groups of O n men through- lll c case was heard. He Is at liberty ' ' ' Under S3.W bond. Condition of Mrs. Nellie Arnold, the collision of two trucks, Is unchanged today, she was riding In (he truck driven by lieckhum which ..... p in.^ptu^ HI j|t] | in UJIU -••*• i'""-j\ MiiiL.ii tty UCllKUlIll \VIUI_ll Arkansas not impair the «b- collided with n machine driven by ll"iitlon of contract with (he bond- J- W. Ford of stcple. Tho fact that Welles Is paying Iwo visits to Rome was welcomed . here. Italy regards herself as the l:ey millo'n In any move for peace. Importance was attached to (lie .scmi-otridal Vatican Information Unit Welles probably'would sec'Uie pope tomorrow. Rlbbenlrop, on hfs visit, bad n long talk with the pope a (alk which, it was reported, did nothing to reconcile the tiaa government and the Vatican but during which Rlbbentrop was believed In have discussed pence possibilities with the pope. . required of vice stations and bulk Ihc levies on those line with the luxes other local business To urge that the dale for resls- tration of molor vehicles be during the month of October with permission (o the governor to extend the ' ' " davs. For Fred Forsythe, Jr. TYLER. Mo,, Match 10.—Funeral service were held Friday afternoon at the Tyler Baptist church for Fmd Foreythe Jr.. 30, who died Report Marble Machines; Losing Their Appeal LITTLE ROOK, Ark., March 16. —The marble machine business In Little Hock, a lucrative enterprise, tcck a nose dive late yesterday when owners of the "gold mines" made a hurried canvass or (lie cits' and made mechanical adjustments (hut removed the free game fea- •.".u 'unjii !><:i- ri'-u ruisyme jr.. 3U, wno died l "»i removed tne free game fea- 1k plants until Thursday morning nt Blythcvillc '•«''<!. Tills left the maehiiics little outlets arc in Hospital from gunshot wounds In- i more than hat racks. -." ; dieted by Ray Little, who has con- i In "'e morning chief of Police (csscd the shooting. conducted (lie riles with burial in Mount zlon Cemetery. 1'itcock received an opinion from The Rev. J, M. Harrison, pastor, clt !>' Attorney Ed I. McKinley Jr., to (lie effect that even though op-' j craters [Io not pay a nickel |fpr .„ ... The same pallbearers who served cac '' flcc E nmc ' ns long as the period for another 30 at the fimcrnl of Ellis Foster, 47,1 ") ncll !" e otrcrs a toe game it'.is IJ'f' , , , also fitally wounded by Little in 7o render assistance to stale and | an Cilrl , L..,,^ „,„,,?,„„ „„"' federal authorities and elimination of evasion. In detection gasoline tax To urge repeal of the unjust and unfair federal taxes on gasoline nnd lubricating oils. To seek only fair nnd equitable treatment Of automotive transpor- n early Sunday morning: affray, .s-ei'vcd at this funeral. Mr. Forsythe Is survived by Ills wife, Mrs, Luna Mae Wilson; one dangler, Betty Mac; two sons. Charles Lynn and Fred III; his parents. Mr. nnd Mrs. Korsythe Sr.; two brothers. Hiuiford F. and Wil- iiiiumciu 01 automotive iranspor- H,.,,, .,„.. ., .. , tatlon ami the pelroleum Industry. -"' .^ hc ' n ' :d "I 10 ^ c1 ,' Mrs •i->.. r_it~...i. ' ,..., ...... '-"O Hundhnusen. all of Tvlcr. The following resolutions wcrc unanimously adopted by the coun-j ty organization: , r* I'J . u !ral ! tandidates Must violating the law. Mr. McKinley also advised the chief that the persons found playing machines on which the operator pays on in cash or free games, is as guilty as [he operator. : Two Students Admit Kidnaping Charges Advocate repeal of the tcde... gnsolinc and lubricating oil taxes. Ratification of the stale pro- Opposing any new or increased taxes upon (he petroleum hull-. and Its motorlst-cuslomers, HARRISON, Ark., March .16. (UP)--Two Topeka, Kansas, high , school students who pleaded guilty I to kidnaping a Harrison coupie Q '. Ci i i i ! *° kidnaping a Harrison coupie Ult atate JODS! win r» sentenced late today in cir-- — - • cult court here. LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Mar. 16.- All state employes who decide to seek public office at the summer's The two. Howard Reynolds and Glenn Gott, both 17, forced Haf- old Mitchcil Holt and iDss Nancy flees In .... ..._ be held here April 2. The office of municipal judge; ii'tK puonc olllce at the summer's OKI MHCIICH HOU, anu MISS Nancy prlnurles must rc.slgn effective May i Whilakcr to drive them in Holt's 1, Governor Bailey decreed yeslcr- automobile from Harrison to Alta day. A similar order was issued to Monday Is Deadline For City Candidates Monday Is Ihe final date for Ml- «"..^u ti.n.i-i m mi- WCCK i ------ ing petitions as candidates for of- "I have instructed my secretary i custody. llrrs In MM> Hflinlrltvul nlr/*Mnlt M 1 In foil Hm ntfAt.^l^.. ^r t. i_ -r _tt ' Revenue Department employes by Revenue Commissioner Z, M. Mc- Vista. Superintendent W. W. Wright of Highland Park school at Topeka was in Harrison to ask tlie cf'r- n«n;iiuu tjoiunnssioner /> M Ale- < Carroll earlier in the week.' ! cu " jluigt to parolc tnc two lnl ° the Municipal election to.' to call the attention of heads of all > here Anrll 2. department to Mr. McOarroll's ! bulletin and suggest to them that j WEATHER . , - rnll ably due to the hardships their par- 1 a^ rm, ents arc having to go' throush toione fvom cwiTard are " send them to college." o niled they do likewise," the gvpernor said. I Arkansas—Fair tonight and oun- Mr. McCarroll directed those who day, not much change in : tcmpera- plan to become candidates this tore. v> !. summer to submit their resignations ' Msmphis and viclnity-iFair to- H by April i, with their employment night and Sunday, wsrmer Sunday, 'to be terminated May 1, 'lowest temperature tonight about U,

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