Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 8, 1932 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 8, 1932
Page 2
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by Ste* PubllahlnS Co., lac. ", at &T Seuth Main itreet, Hqp*, Affc , ft WASBBtmN. feditw *nd ___________ rt the Mh« Att rf March 3, at Ret*, *Wss» The Associated Press is excluiJvcly of all »6w3 dispatches cwdltcd to it «r aadfites ft* feo*lnewff published hwcln. tit sp«sto dfep«ieh«s hweJtt are also reserved Ch*fS« win fee ftade for ell tributes, card* eri*fc, toftcefilft* the departed. Cowflttretal la th* news loromns to protect their nadir* m««»«rlals, the Star disclaims respoosibillty of any unselldtcd manuscripts. - to Ad*wx*): By dty carrier, per tot tfaB .yea* $5.00. By tnall, to Hempstead, Nevada, ettKttWa. «3>W net year, elsewhere $5.00. _ ._ tostihfthSh ddweloped by inodetia dviliaafloA to 8f QW) day, to ftjstar commerce trad Industry, through widely aid to furnish that cheek upon government which . _. b«sti able to urovide."—CoL R. R. McCormlck, T" t i <- The Star** Platform .rttttfttttt of the municipal power plant to develop the •octal twowcM of Hope. '•t*W«#nt {A 1932, and improved sanitary condition* in t bttsjne** back-yards. b* Cntfmbet of Commerce. COUNTY nwiiMy program providing for the construction of a t of alMeeattef rotfd etich year, to gradually reduce the •wragft. -~«riH& economic rapport for every scientific aoripulmml pmwfe- Offers practical benefit* to ttempttead county'* orroWsj K farmer organizations, believing that co-operatiue effort '* *""**« counfry M it t* in totcn, STATE cm the state high-wry program. . and a more efficient government through the -oj ezpetidttures. £& &*"- Riches to Rags __ papers announced the other day that a man L-CLeo Melanowski was liring*|n the home of the -_*S of the Poor in a middle west city, it didn't sound V interesting—unless you read on and learned about 'background. , Celanowski was one of the big men in the early days lUtomobile industry. Three decades ago he was con- ***hib£blylhe best automotive engineer in the country. - of fact, some men still feel that way about him. ™_ Knie JSenry Ford asked him for a job. He guided y development of the motor industry; he once held "s t>|4?ord,stock, which, if .-he had held on to it,.-would sd blto mbre-than a millionand half in cash in 1919. •'«**&&* lives i n the home of .the Little Sisers of the rhole story emphasizes the prodigal way in' like life in genera^ usesi human talent in aOTpki IStfoVthe only one of thiei earlygiants of the • **«me topwind up'inpoverty. V«lmoM>pei^uless in Deferoit^few -years ^^^^^^^^.^^^-^^^^ flw.V'Awf-fUA «>1*>»£. < n'I?:i«*k..<." ay business tEat has'tales like that.* Nearly . can duplicate "thenl [ust why things like that should happen is not at all : Nojndtistry ever had a surplus of brains. The old say- n^re's always room at the top," is perfectly true. A atstanding ability is always in demand. yet—every now and then such a man of that kind ^absolutely nowhere. It is as if there were some hidden cplicable rule by which business must sacrifice, now a, a keen brain to some invisible and maleficent pow- anowski, Buick—you could make a long and dismal Jt testifies to one of the most detressing and wasteful its of modern business. A Rainbow of South State C, C. To Meet Jan, 15th Program Will Be Held at OuachUa College, Elli- ion Announce* The fifth annual convention of the South Arkansas Chamber of Commerce will b* held in the auditorium t Ouachita college at Arksdelphla r rlday, January 15, Manager Luther *",Hiscn of Camden has announced in letter to The Star. The program at Arkadelphla on the 5th will be as follows: 10:00 a, m.~Convention called to or- ler. music, Ouachita College band; nvocation—fir. H, L. Wlnburn, pastor 'irst Baptist church; Welcome—Sen. D. F. McElhanncm, Arkadelphia; Annial message—resident M. L. Sigman, vlcnticello; Appointment of standing ommWttees; &itcrtainment features. 10:45 a. m.—"Keynote Address"— Ion. Lamar 'Williamson, Monticello, Round table talks. 11:30 a. m.—"Cotton Acreage Situa- ion In Arkansas"—Dr. W. H. Toland, author, Toland Farm Relief BUI for Arkansas, Nashville; general discus- ion of this question; Agriculture's larl in Commounity Development," Ion. T. Roy Reid, Little Rock; enter- ainment feature. 12:40 p. m.—"Annual Report and ans for 1932"—Luther Ellison, genera] manager organization, Camden. Announcements. 1:0 p. m.--Luncheon, dining room Ouachita college, special rate of "fifty cents" each. 2:00 p. m. "Educational Needs for 1932"—Dr. G*>. W. Bond, president, Louisiana Polytechnic Institute, Ruston, Louisiana. Round table talks. "How Forestry Effects the Welfare of Do You TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO Mrs. Mary Belle Meadows, formerly of this city, but whose home is now at Atlanta. Ga., is visiting friend's here. Mr. Alvin A. Brightwell .of Washington, and Miss Mamie Richardson, of Wallaceburg, were united in marriage last Thursday, January 3. 1907. Charles West, the genial proprietor of the Model Bakery, made a New Year's visit to Fort Worth, Texas, his former home. FIFTEEN YEARS AGO The House Beautiful Mrs. -R. L. Tillson, of Fall River, Mass., is a guest at the Barlow Hotel. Mra. fTillson was reared in Hope, and when a^girl was Miss Willie Rose'. Her father was one of the first merchants of Hope. When she married, her husband,'Roland Tillson, was one of the town's leading business men, and for quite a while a member of the town council. About 25 years ago they moved East, where they have since resided. Miss Mae Briant has returned to Lindenwood College, St. Charles, Mo. Fay Scudder, of Chicago, and R. W. Scudder, of Metropolis, Itt., were in his city Sunday. « D. C. Welty, agricultural commissioner of the Iron Mountain, was in iope on business yesterday. Miss Linda Jewell is visiting friends at Foreman. Washington Bro. J. L. Lenord preached his regular sermons at the M. E. church Sunday morning and night. A .Miss Olena O'Steen spent thf week end at New Hope visiting Miss Myra Lee Boyett. Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Kinball, of Litlte "Rock, were visitors in town Tuesday. While they visited the ojd state capitol building and other historic landmarks. Miss Charlean Trimble and David Trimble of El Dorado spent a few days of, last week with relatives and friends. Preston May is here from Texarkana, on a visit to his brother, Jimmie May. Miss Bessie O'Steen spent last week in DeAnn, friends. visiting relatives •lends.' * ' Huston Wolf of Hope -was here Mod- day on business. Friends of Mrs. Mary Horton former lummy vjiuaui* wt,» « 'citize'rrof' this -town;'regref to 'taw*- ^nos Saturday mornirnj: _f 1 _^_* _.._ •I1_._ ru . —4- L.A« VIA.THA i»t T>:i1*^. — i« 131 JnM r\t T)n< of her serious illness at her home in Wilson, Ark. Washington and the surrounding community are certainly glad to have the services of Dr. A. C. Kolb. Hihton Health is very good at the presen time. We are having somewhat cole weather now. Several have killet hogs. • j-iiiiiir Mr. and Mrs. Lawson Cox and chil dren were visiting near Mt. Nebo las week end, in the home of his parents Mr. and Mrs. Cox. Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Cornelius hav returned to their home near Bodcaw after spending a few days with her parents of this community, Mr. and Mrs. John T. Smith and family. Several of the young folks were pleasant visitors at the A. J. Camp home Friday night. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bobo of near Fairview sn^nt Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Odam of this community. ' •, Nathan EUidge spent Saurday night With J. D. Smith. Tommy Gibson was a visitor at Pat- Boy, 13, Held as Slayer day night. Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Rider called on Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Ward Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Smith of Shover Springs spent Sunday with his parents, Mr and Mrs. John T. Smith of this community. A large bunch from Patmos atended singing at this place Sunday night. Mrs. John T. Smith and daughter, Mary Louise are visiting her son and family, A. A. Smith. Something snapped inside Anthony Pomante, Jr., 13, he said, when his mill-worker father struck his mother in their Philadelphia. Pn., home. He shot his father twice and killed ihtn. is the belief of police who are shown taking the boy from his home after the shooting. Political '.H the Slut Is *ttihwi««l t« * the following candidates «uW«t action of (he Demotratlc printtty »l Uon August 9. 1M2; , __^ HEMPSTEAD COUNT*' For Sheriff SIMON M. SUTfOM Druwfat, «<**, Alfc, •• MchoseNo.2 My Town"—R. P. Bowcn, Chamber of Commerce, Mnlvern. Entertainment feature. 3:00 p. m.—"Industrial Outlook for 1932"—Hon. H. C. Cough, president. Arkansas owcr and Light Company. Pine Bluff. Report of Committees; Election of Officers; Announcements. 8:00 p. m.—Auditorium of Ouachitn College. Music, Ouachila College Band; entertainment feature; presentation of officials; Address—Hon. Chas. H. Brough, former govrenof Arkansas; Address—Governor Harvey Parnell, who will also crown tc queen, ageant—Presentation of queen and maids. La., has returned home after * »> day visit with her cousins, M«M» Ethel and Pearl Ncwberry. Coleman of Arden is visiting frfetwtt ond relatives here. , Friends of Mrs. K. C. Zimmerly a* sorry to hear she was operated on last Saturday. . rf JVlr. Newberry and family of Spring Hill, I.U., spent Sunday with J. 1. Newberry and family. Tliere will be preaching «rt »« place JanuatT 10th. Coce and bring some one with you. Yes, He Shivered , TULSA, Okla.— Homer King and Coy Jones found a jug of "jelly" while hunting. They took It home and found that small pinches of It would burn with a bright blaze, hey called Of- ficerT E. H. King, who came and «ot the jug. He took it in his /car over seme rough roads to headquarters. hen he found the "jelly" was nltro- glycerin. He shivers, every, time he thinks of his rough trip with the "jelly." _ Smoke, But No Fire KNOXVILLE. Tenn.-The old sayingj that where there's smoke there mu8t| be a fire was partly refuted here whenj cb-crven thought J. O. Chamberlain'8| car was on fire. Dense clouds of smoke poured out of his car. But he! explained that he saw a huge rat inl the vehicle. He was burning sulphu" in the car in an effort to kill the dent. Tillman Rider of Patmos called on Oscar Rider Saturday. Several of the young folks of this community attended Singing at Patmos Friday night. John Henry Norvell of DeAnn. was Mrs. Edith Rider spent Monday NING POLLOCK has planted right in the midst of New York a play that glorifies honesty, sincerity, And the most amazing feature associated with it is s ujipre,c,edented success of this product of his genius. ^ -He calls "his play "The House Beautiful." And they are st tsommoMplace people—the folks that present the drama *»*Stt4ts-vicissitudes. When the hero and heroine of this play meet for the first gpieir combined salaries equal $58 a week. The wife, who .stenographer, earns $18, the husband $40. *33*e-y-buy a house in the suburbs—the house beautiful. j*you see glimpses of their lives over a period of twenty- is. no dark-eyed villain for them to cope with. You the struggle that they have to make to live for each . *-- 1m husband was honest and there was within him a def- Jnjte formed determination to travel the strainght road. He WHS tempted on many §ecasions, but he refused to deviate from the rigid principles that guided his life. But what makes the play stand out as unique is the fervid ^devotion, the sacrificial love that binds these two people to- Thirty-three speeches were made the last day of the Indian Round Table conference in London. They said, "No." Prohibited from drinking white wine, firemen in Paris got hot under the collar. But that was not cause for alarm. A news story says million-dollar incomes aren't as common as they used to be. It's no trouble to get the zeros, but it's hard to get one to stand by I them. Their one child is reared under proper discipline, and he shows a tendency now and then to stray from the path, he turns out to be his father's son. jH,.-^ A simple story of common people with uncommon ideals ,.-*^»^-8 strong belief in themselves! Humane and human at all e», »TW* : - 8«t through all the vicissitudes of life th«re was that £' Steadfast faith in each other, that undying affection that • *e4 to weld them together with that character of faith ;•!» 4ivinely eternal. YO» are surprised when you see this play, so beautiful jfs arthrtry, so exquititely and delteately rendered, so com- all its details. ]f And when you see the crowded house you are inclined to * T r fa? we are in the midst of money-mad New York sentiment is usually classed as nonsense, where love " sold just as you would merchandise. It is a source of untold satisfaction that a drama built fine Ideals can succeed so splendidly. ar« not all tainted by modern materialism. There __ e&#ptioas. AnxJ there is something about this play |» inspiring. YOIJ think more of yourself and your fel- affcer having seen it. know what kind of man he is r». He is the salt ot the I hope he is rewarded TE-fS***!**!}:- flpiteyftoplisfjtpffcj* - J wish we rftyaJtie* iBARB visiting Aubrey O'Steen Monday and Tuesday. Paul Dudney made a business trip to Texas Saturday. -~~. Dr. T. J. Robison spent the week end with home folks. afternoon with Mrs. John T. Smith and Mrs. R. B. Cornelius. Mr. and Mrs. S. Mayton of near Grange Hall called on Mr. and Mrs. Doc Taylor Monday. MUses Lilly and Ora Smith visited 1U WllU llUlilC L\*m&. . J¥A1£3C£4 .l-MHJ' allu WA« t_..*i*n. Lee Watkins went to -Little Rock our school Monday afternoon. on business Thursday. Sardis Mr. and Mrs. Ferris Fomby of Pat- mcs spent last Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Rider. Lester Hamiter and wife of Hope called at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Self Crews Sunday evening. Miss Georgia Mayton and little Mary June, returned home last Thursday, atfer spending a few days •with her sister at Hope, Mrs. Vida Prayther. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Johnson and daughter, Mabel Francine Rogers, spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Lamb Jones at Patmos. Sevier Mayton and wife attended singing at Hinton Sunday night. Bob Mayton made a trip to Hope Saturday. Robert Rogers and little son, Robert Charles, spent Sunday evening with Lester Hurston and family. THIS CURIOUS WORLD WOjOSEO IM A BOX AND (WED WSlOS TAI THH wsecTARv &>u.otn<3. FAK ANO WIOg MALE MfifoS AffV SCIENTISTS Several from here attended the ball games at Hope Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Odom called on his parents Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. John P. Odom of Spring Hill. Mrs. A. P. Griffit is visiting near Mt. Pleasant this week. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Marrison has returned home after spending a few days near Bradley, Ark. Rich Jeanis made a business trip to Patmos one day last week. Our singing was well attended at this place Sunday night. Everyone remember there will be preaching at this place next Sunday morning at 11 o'clock and maybe Sunday night. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Odom attended singing at this place Sunday night. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rogers were visiting in this community and attended singing at this place Sunday night. Miss. Avis Woodul and Fred Camp attended singing at this place Sun- Rent It! Find It! Buy It! Sell It! With HOPE STAR WANT ADS The more you tell, The quicker you sell. 1 insertion, lOc per line minimum 30c 3 insertions, 7c per line^ minimum 50c 6 insertions, 6c per line, minimum $1.00 26 insertions, 5c per line, minimum $4.00 (Average 5!£ words to the line) NOTE—Want advertisements accepted over the telephone may be charged with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, the day of first publication. Phone 768 FOR RENT FO RRENT— Five-room unfurnished house. Close in. Middlebrooks Grocery. 8-3tc. FOB RENT—Five room house, Magnolia addition, Mrs. J. E. Schooley. 8-6tc WANTED WANTEP-Buff Orphington hatch- eggs. Must be from gP°4 stock, pay premium above market price Hatchery, Texarksuw, ' " An Array of Grocery SPECIALS FOR THE WEEK-END Many important grocery items are featured.at,.yourJ neighborhood A&P this week-end at special pridesJ A&P stores make it possible for you to obtain yor~ favorite brands of foods at the lowest prices. SUGAR-purecane,101bs. 49c 201bs: * 96i torn Flakes-Sunnyfield Brand 3 pkgs. Macaroni or Spaghetti-Encore Brand 3 pkgs. NATIONAL BISC. CO. SPECIALS Premium Crackers—Lb 14c Excel Crackers—2 Ibs 19c Peanut Cakes 10c GRANDMOTHER'S BREAD Regular 16 oz Loaf or Pan Rolls.. Sliced Bread, loaf Raisin Bread, loaf 1< Peanut Butter SULTANA BRAND lib.Jar 14c 21b.Jar 25i Vermont Maid Syrup—bottle 2Sc Comet Rice—small package 8c Raisin Brand—package 12c Ralston Food—package 21c lona Salt—4 Ib. box 10c Rajah Cider Vinegar—pint 10c lona Peas—No. 2 can 10c Comet Rice—2 Ib. box -11 Dried Apples—2 Ibs. Blackeyed Peas—Ib Buffalo Matches—6 boxes ,....li Van Camp's Hominy—med. can.. Hershey's Cocoa—'/ 2 Ib ^. Delecia Sandwich Spread, 3 cans..< HERSHEY'S COCOA 2 1-5 Ib. pkgs. 13i TOMATOES^-Standard Quality 2 No. 2 cans 15i TRY A&P COFFEE SERVICE 8 O'CLOCK—Ib. 19c RED CIRCLE—Ib 2Sc BOKAR—Ib 29c A Coffee to Suit Your Taste ENCORE Spaghetti 2 QUAKER MAID Chili Sauce Med. Cans I Dl 18c Bottle BROOMS—4 strand medium weight-Each 25c ECONOMY OATS 3'/2 Ib. package 12c Pillsbury's Verigood Flour Every Sack Guaranteed 48 Lb, Bag 79c FIG BARS 2 L , 25c | Shredded Wheat fkg 1 0c SLICED Breakfast Bacon Decker's or Swifts 100% PURE PORK SAUSAGE Pound 9c SEVEN ROAST Veal or Beef Pound 12c Pork Shoulder Roast-First cuts, Ib. 10c End cuts, 9c Bulk Shortening 3 ^ 25c | Seven Steak ^ 13c DRY SAIT BACON Lb - 9c RICH CREAMY CHEESE 19c CURED HAM Center Slice* Lb

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