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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 22

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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22 Dak I an 0 Crffiune NOVEMBER 19, 1931 THURSDAY EVENING Covel, an expert on Lake Merritt ducks, plans to give on the subject If the park department will agree, according to park tatives on the lake but others are families euch as the grebe, gull, cormorant, widgeon, teal, canvasback, bluebill, mudheh and goose. MAJ.bEN.KDBBE DIES IN SOUTH 36 SPECIES OF FOWL Oil IE TODAY in the HIGH SCHOOLS Court Bargain Sends 2 Women Home Together DEATH CAUSE TEN VISITS IN ROMANTIC SPANISH AMERICAS EN ROUTE TO SIC FIGURES There are 36 species of feathered creatures on Lake Merritt at the present time, according to a census reported to the park department today by Paul Covel of 1448 Madison etreet. The census includes seagulls and everything else. Many of the species have only one or two represen- TVpEW TORK, Nov. 19.

UP) I They made a deal, these three. Bald Mary Bracken. 65 years old, homeless and frlendlesg: "judge, 1 am old. I have nothing. Please send me to jail.

There at least I will be sure of food and shelter and It will be warm there." Said Nellie Kennedy, 50 years old, in court for the sixty-third time on a charge of" intoxication: "Judge, I know you're going to send me to jail. While I'm away, let this poor old lady stay In my home." Said Magistrate Sabbatino: "Mary Bracken, take charge of Nellie Kennedy's home. And take, care, too, of Nellie Ken-, nedy." The two women, flung together In a magistrate's courtroomone poor, one weak-walked out side by side, headed home. PASADENA, Nov. William A.

Knobbe, retired U. .8. army, officer died at his home yesterday following a lengthy Illness. A military funeral will be accorded him at the- San Francisco Presidio, Friday "morning. He was a veteran of Civil and Spanish wars and the Philippine Insurrection, having been in army service forty years.

He held two citations for gallantry In action, one dated February 6, 1899 for gallantry at Manila and th other dated March 26, 1899 for bravery at Luzon. He was born in New York in 1840. He is survived by the widow, Mrs. Margaret Kobbe, one daughter, Mrs. Charles Perry of Turlock, and three sons, William H.

Kobbe, New York, Herman Kobbe In the Washington, D. war department, and Col. W. Kobbe of Pasadena. Take your holiday in gay Havana this year! Go by PANAMA MAIL'S Route through Panama Canal, and en route make ten visits In 7 foreign countries.

In Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama and Colombia, inexpensive, Inland trips show yon the beauties and native life of these fascinating countries. There are also shore visits in Nicaragua and Costa Hloa. The first class cost is most reasonable $200 to Havana. One way water one way rail tour, returning by boat to Florida or New Orleans and thence to California by train via the southern routes via Florida $334, via New Orleans $320. To and from oilier than California points, consult local Railroad Agent.

Going to New York you enjoy the lame thrilling itinerary, including die ttop at Havana. The cost is only slightly higher 1250. East by water west by rail (or vice versa), $350. No passports. A cruise liner sails from San Francisco Nov.

27, Dec. 11, Dec. 26; from Los Angeles one day later. GRACE LINE (PANAMA MAIL SERVICE) Pine ton rrenthce, 848 So. Spring tot Angl or outhorlnd ognt.

i The "Castle Cuba" will have complete charge of next Tuesday's issue of the Ye Castle Crier, the student newspaper. Marvin Bennett, editor of the Crier, Castlemont high paper, said the first year news students will be- given an opportunity to show "their Journalistic ability while the regular staff "takes a week off." According to Miss Pauline Wyeth, Journalism instructor, many members of next semester's ataff probably will be chosen from the "cub" staff of next Tuesday's paper. The "cub" staff will be headed by TVUllam Murrlsh, editor, who wilt be assisted by John Houghton, Owen Phillips, Louis Smith, Barbara Lane, Morgan Harris and Alvln Levoy, assistant editors; Carson White, sports editor, and Harue Ukal, news editor. Reporters ere Marion Atwood, Alice Boulter, Vivian Corbtn, Her-mlene Davis, Herman Oelser, Martha Harris, Fred Jones, Leo Cahlos, Adah Tower, Earl Watson and Elsie Hadsel. PLAN SERIES OF PLATS The first of a series of one-act plays, prepared by dramatic students of McClymonds high, will bs presented during assembly tomorrow.

"Sham," by Frank O. Tompkins, Is the name of the play to be given tomorrow. Charles Busso, Florence Lowe, Peter Brattesani and Carl Athayde will appear in the cast. Plays to be given later in the semester are "The Unseen" and "The Boon." Andrews Voorhees, Isabel Smith, Edna Loebs.and Ruth Acty compose the cast for "The Unseen," while players for "Th Boon" are Elizabeth Lorray, Joseph Teasler The richest in health-giving vitamins MELTING POTS GET GEMS AUCKLAND 14 Larg of Jewelry which New accumulated In prosperous days are being melted down to help make ends meet. Gold and diamond buyers report a boom, business.

Mnrderg, Suicides, 'Natural' I Fatalities All Outdone Safety Council Reports i 'Trafflo accidents were responsl- ble for more deaths In Oakland during the past ten month than either murder, drowning, suicide, manslaughter, industrial mishaps, street car collisions or even those attributed to "natural causes" such fes heart failure, sickness, old aite and other factors. It was announced i "by official of the safety council to-) day. There were 88 lives claimed by 5 traffic accidents so far this year, I 85 of them occurring during the past ten months, It was reported by Jr. C. Bltterman, president of the I safety council.

He tated that there were 11 i.L Smurders, 71 suicides, 86 Industrial jtatalltles, two drownings, one street Scar accident which proved, fatal nd 4 deaths from "natural causes," during the ten-month pe-jriod just passed, as against the 85 lives lost In traffic mishaps. "It Is seen," he continued, "that Automobiles are responsible for Jmori deaths In the city than any individual cause, hence it is imperative that we direct our ef- forts at their reduction In the fu-' ture. "The safety council Is extremely 'anxious to secure the cooperation -tot the publlo in this war on trafflo slaying, and It is our hope that during 1(81 we may witness a further reduction in the number who 'meet sat monthly under the of automobiles." Democratic Club To Hold Meetings BAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 19. The Democratlo lub of California will hold the first of a series of lunch-eon meetings, to be addressed by prominent members of the party, at the Palace hotel on December 8.

Professor Theodore H. Bogus of the department of at i Stanford university will speak on the tariff. The meeting will be 'public Annamae Falrchlld, secretary, Crystal Rogers, finance; Mel Wo-Roman, yell leader, and Alice Dickie, girls' affairs. SIGNS COMi'IKTED Under the supervision of Alfred Samuelsen, commissioner of maintenance at Technical high, work on a set of -offloe signs, which have been under construction In the sheet metal shop, has been completed. These signs are of sheet metal announcing the names of the various counselors.

The lettering was made by wire formed Into the shape of letters. The' construction committee on this project consisted of Dean Hall, Edgar Sutton, Samuelson and members of the sheet metal shop. The maintenance board was divided Into three groups to take care of the construction, art work and installation of the signs. Dean Hall headed the construction committee, assisted by members -of the sheet metal shop. The committee of art work was composed of Echo Leanhardt, Margaret Snider, Elsie Reidt, Walda Barton, Euth Powell, Verna 8herry and Merrltt Anderson.

Installation work will be done by Andrew Ferrero, Frank Laxzaiino, Leroy Blake and Cyril Davis. GLEE CLUB PROGRAM Members, of the Woodrow Wilson Junior high Olee Club will present a radio program tonight under supervision of Miss Nona Calhoun, muslo instructor. Th personnel of th club Is as follows: First tenors Leon Lafallle, Patrick Fuller, Robert Looney, Usko Elseman, Douglas Denton, David Schellenger, Robert Kimball, Arthur Borks, James Gulney, Eddie Rule, James O'Donnell, Louise Delaney, Marlus Brambllla, Roger Comfort, Francis Branchlo. Second tenors James Oessler. BUI Bolton, Henry Vernasza, Jack Downing, Ward Smith, Ethan Bernstein, Tom Rowe, Jack Rowe, Avery Tlndell, Robert Gulder, Tom Elliott, Meyer Blackman, Robert Smith, George Thompson, Donald Clark, Henry Peacock, George Klessllng.

Baritones John Malllson, Jack DuFosoe, William Brown, Jack McBroom; Oliver Devlne, James Raycraft, Thomas Ferry, George Llnteo, Milton Conlln, Jack Harrison, TUlle Avanzlno, Wayne Mahurln, William Cote, Rae Cln-lmond, Donald Fisher. Bashes Arthur Ferguson, Walter Young, Charles Luok, Arthur Sinclair, Harold MInas, Ronald Eves, Hubbard Van Dyclt, Hobert Comer, George Apedalle, Rodney Randall, Ernest Clark, Hudson Foster, Jack Lafallle, George Ras-mussen, Wong, Lum, Aldo Ias-trone, Duane Tenney. San Leandro to Make Beach Safe SAN LEANDRO, Nov. 19. Steps will he taken this winter to make the San Leandro beach safer for swimmers next spring and summer.

and Eugene Hay, ADDRESS A. Member of th Oakland high hoard of control, an organisation for th purpose of bettering the school, delivered short talk at a recent meeting of th Parent" Teachers' association, According to H. E. talks were given by th following commissioners; Robert Ksnna, com missioner of entertainment; Ar thur Nightingale, commissioner of athletics; Dorthy Schuster, girls' athletics; Fanlta Toakum, publications; Rupert Crittenden, president of the student body; Raymond Parker, self-government; rr 1 1 WfiSi I PROTECT. fHE 1 i LIT KAY.

NO LAN ON A FROZEN PUDDING according to city officials. Installation of etgns calling at tentlon to deep spots, sand bars and other hazards, the stringing of ropes as guides and aids to bathers and perhaps the hiring of life or XshanKsai guards will be asked of the county Doing will solve th problem of a light, delicious dcnert for your holiday dinner nd rejiev you of the burden and worry of in preparation. Delightful to th eye and to the palate a well at kind to the digestion, A wide variety of pudding! and Individual moldi from which to choote. Surpriiingly economical. supervisors by the city, it was asserted.

Last summer two children wre drowned at the beach, and previous seasons have taken toll of human life. The beach is outside the San Leandro city limits. Local civic and sefVlce -organizations and Individuals have urged the safety 6 ICE CREAM 2743 San Pablo Oakland 'AAA VIOLATOR, SENTENCED SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 19. Lloyd Jackson; who won three years' probation on a liquor charge In 1929, must finish his term and 18 months additional as a parole violator.

Jackson failed to report, according to the terms of his parole, since the first of last January. He was picked up on the street by former Federal Probation Officer Edward Powers, now state nnrcotto officer, and turned' over to federal uthorltles. Federal Judge Frank H. Kerrigan added the additional term today. StJ tr UltphoHt fvr dturlfi-Uvt fldir aastpfojf ear mid tf puddiup mi Mitiil moldi.

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