Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on May 31, 1931 · Page 18
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 18

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 31, 1931
Page 18
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6-T SUNDAY Oakland Ct.&une MAY 31, 1931? ME2 FOR SALE M a masts Article Begin. Advertisement, WWWW"i"i" " aaaa-afca-Aafcafcan.,. FRANKLIN AMFICO reproducing piano, bench, rolls JlKe new. run pi hjo o. wij-mj KIMBALL player piano, bench. 60 rolls, jitMi. ayttu weDKier. KUHLEK-CHASU parlor grand - cheap for cash. BE rkeley 6160J PIANO, Steinwsy, upright, mah bench. looks line new, peaut. tone. 1650. Terms. PI-6373W PIANO, perfect cond. Make of f er for quick gale, pnone ul.-i. VICTHOLA Electric, like new Reasonable. 437 Euclid, No. 4. BABY Grand, email size, terms or rent. AShberry 9285. GRAND oiano for music student! Good tone. Prof. Bicardl's piano. Brenner, " 1-Clay. HI 434 J. --? SEE us for real bargains: Cllne Piano warenouse, 347 is est, J. AND C. FISHKR piano, mhg. case, perf. cond., fJb. 3 mo. Breuner's, lt-Clay. HI. 4841. Now Your Chance Beautiful Duo Art Player, like new. guaranteed. Mahog. case. With rolls and bench 1295. Terms to suit. Ring FK ultvale 13J6, ask for Mr. nue. PITTWT piano. No drayage, $4, - SHERMAN, CLAT & CO. 14th and Clay Sta. v7'i"---rWi,,,, taamii j- Waal ni 14 Special Summer Piano Sale Kohler and Chase Player Piano, mahogany finish, uuaranteeu. rnira iike'new. Wl 11 sanr I f Ire f Or 97. 15 DOWN DELIVKRS, BAL- ANCB LIKE REMT. rree piano lessons. Wurlltsers, tzi l m. SUMMER SPECIALS PIANO RENTALS fl.00 Take advantage of Free piano lessons. 525 !4th St J. A. MIlNRO. Auctioneer AUCTIUiN SALE At Auction Rooms, 582 19th Street near San Pablo Ave, Oakland. SALE TUESDAY, JUNE 2ND at 10:30 a. m. Open for Inspection Monday afternoon and evening. Comprising: A complete line of electrio radios which Include Roister, Sparton, Stelnite, Apex and Midgets, cabinets, portable sets, battery sets, accessories, chargers, eliminators, phonographs) 16 upright pianos; new Vlolann electric orchestra, cost $2200.00, etc. MINI A TURF! OOLF AUCTION Golf clubs, benches and equipment, electric supplies. pipe llttlnps. etc. T.l nl h-a1 vu tr a OTXTn APPAREL About (0 suits and dresses, underwear, hosiery, etc. rv B. These stocks must and will be sold. A errand chance for the nuhllc. J. A. MUNHO, Auctioneer. Phone LA keslde 426.: ADDITIONAL SPORTS 11 tills offer. Wurrts SpecialSummerPianoSale Baby Grand Piano, Bungalow size. Mahogany finish. Sold formerly for 1585,1 will sacrifice for II DOW1 DELIVERS. ' Free piano lessons. WurllUefs, 625 14 Bt. cpTTHin mnHfll Knhler & Chase. Ilka new. only $135. Terms to suit. Cllne Piano Warehouse, 147 18th Street. Special SummerPiano Sale ... ji. , .... .... I. n Wurntier nivaiu jni" right, mahogany finish. Just like new. Used only months. Sacrl- JDOWNDELIVERS, BALANCE, Free piano lessons. Wurlltiers, 525 14 Ht. SpecialSummerPianoSale Baldwin Upright. Good playing condition. Will sacrifice tor -. Terms as low as 11 per we. Free nlano lessons. Wurlitser s, 625 14 Ht. AUCTION DE LUXE EXCLUSIVE IIIGII- GRADE FURNITURE AND RUGS Wed., June 3, at 1 p. m. 1340 El Centro AVe. Off Park Blvd. Contents of nine rooms. See Monday and Tuesday paper for full description. The finest lot of goods offered at auction for some time. A rare onnortunltv. Don't miss this one. J. a. BRADLEY, Cryer. 8. NANKIN, Auctioneer. JESSE H A R P E R I CARNERA PICKS WILL VISIT RIVALS By LAWRENCE PERRY SPECIAL BT WISE vn TtfP TBTHUNE . 1 EW XOUK. May .su. N' (CPA) Jesse Harper, the new director of athletics at Notre Dame, is coming to New, York early next week to visit West Point and meet other parties ! involved in J Noire Dame's program ior the remainder of the year. So far as the athletic author- ties at West Point know Harper's visit will relate to the establishment of acquaintanceship with the army folk. Those who nave been following ffnirs at Notre Dame throughout he sprint- believe that after the football season next fall definite EASY MONEY III EAST Bv SPARROW McGANN SPECIAL BY WTB.E TO THE TRIBUNE N' EW YORK, May 30. Primo Camera can take it on the chin. That is, a legal blow. Ruled out by a federal judge, the colossus of the ring continues to over shadow anything and everything in the game today. There's a reason. The big fellow is an attraction any where he showa and you cannot blame the first flight heavies for pushing: each other out of the way for the first crack at the Italian. A match with Camera, means big money. Victories bring the fighters a certain meed of consolation. No-Limit Rules . - Make Wrestling -Leading Sport steps will be taken In the matter Purses do more than that. They of selecting a football teacher who mean imoney to ride around In will he head coach In all that per- limousines and otherwise live the tains to such a position, if not in life of a gentleman name. UHED pianos, Grands $165 and up, players G0 and up, uprights $16 snd up. Price and terms lowest In Kasthay. See us for real bargains. t-nn x-. Warehouse, 347 18th BU corner Webster. ' - S1 DIAL IN ON 141 Mtef 180 Kilocycles Classified Hour Request Program II to noon (except Sunday) Phone LA keslde 6023. Camera Is drawing a prince ly sum to staire his exniDitiona for the revenue at box lug shows by Just showing His form In a tight fitting gjm suit. Oh, yes, the Primo Is a veritable gold mine to promoters of all sorts. Now that Madison Square Gar den has Primo tied up, it goes without saying that the far-seeing directorate of that body will not have htm lying around Idle. That would never do. ,Carnera claims he does not want to fight for the garden crowd because he is pro hlblted from -meeting a good man .Ither one of two men at the foot- " . IL! ba.l he.m of the university One chme. ng-8trlbllng Wt nj form, His boxing didoes to date have been little more than exhibitions, Successor to J. A. Munro Co. rB."7." ..l.A.nnA that .ithpr nf What the Italian hate to lose is f'urn Lowest Drlees all times. .L " ,j . t,. .., m the easy money he has been col 1017 Clay St. HI ghgate 0520. ohtftn. In snlte of comparatively Meeting during the hot months of Inferior material at Vlllanova com rrt.hiv ihrA ktiA it Is certain that A UCTiONEEn, again In business. the future will see bigger and bet- rarno Proir frt .,? 1lufIay. 582 '" st. vtiianova outfits, as for Madi- Vjame rreserve to -raiviniiui iriiVMiv ittienruunii such . , . ... j ... i w ond floor. Phone IA keslde M2fl. an, ne is wen orioveu Aioraga vauy anu omw ijic,oci,,kj Hltuaed. Still, the can or Aima It Is not felt that Ilarpcr will he very active In coaching. Of coarse be will serve In an advisory, as well as a supervisor nosltlon, but he has been ont of the game so long that the storm and stress of having football men in ins aired charge would not appeal to him, even If he had Kept lilmtcir n breast of all the gadgets that have been learned at Notre Dame In the course of the) wars. The opinion of men pretty close the South Bend institution is that the season of 1982 will see Wrestling has changed a Jot since the days of Gotch and Hack. And the crowds have changed, too they're larger. Observers believe the DODularltv pjpf the game of the present is due u me aiaengnts.- The sky la the limit. The ref eree frowns only on the stomach butt and the stunt of throwing one of the wrestlers out into the lans of the reporters. But the blg- even get away with that. They're permitted to grunt end groan to their heart's delight. The fans like that, too. They can grin or grimace, too. A referee who disqualified George Hills' for pulling the beard of Serge Kalmlkoff wa roundly booed in Newark. ,.i , Herman Wolf, Boston referee; was hit on the head by a bottle thrower who didn't like his work. The Montreal referee who gave Henri Geglane half of the world's championship because Strnngler Lewis bit him, gained great fame. Twenty policemen tried to sepa rate Jim McMtllen and Diok Davis-court In Baltimore and failed. Because Jim Dondos, wouldn't wrestle Ed Lewis and) ' make one championship out of two, the state of Illinois ruled there was no chamr plon at -all. Its the little things, like these, are packing the arenas at all pachyderm picnics. ENGLISH DERBY Uttal tatfetita HAS COLORFUL HISTORY David Bercovich is Harry fituhldrehor, now at Villa-nova, and the other Edward P. (Slip) Madigan of Bt. Mary s in Innllfnrnla. Itls understood that either oi J " A H II TTP Inferior material at vinai . IVlUIr.LJ Stuhldreher is seated .very c w " VV- fortahly there and it Is certain the summer. (Oopjrrlnht, 1931, for The TRIBUNE.) It iiwAki'!' "1 Mater is a very potent thing. 70 CLAT AT 1JTH BT. D emonstrator RADIOS BTKWATtT-WARNER screen grid In a beautiful carved cabinet. 1187.60 originally. tOQ Ah Installed tyjy.JV $1.76 WEEK tt MAJESTIC Hibny, Sr.1.'.1.":!'' $84.50 $1.60 WEEK &TBWART - W A ItNER S-Tube ficrsen Grid. Formerly $16. 47Q 5Q InsUlled 9l''JV fl.10 WEEK PHItiCO console model. Formerly $i.o. 474 50 Installed QI1,JV $1.(0 WEEK 1 MAJESTIC In Lowboy cabinet Formerly ?n.u6i?;d $69.50 $1.21 WEEK Be Object Study WASHINGTON, May 80. (UP) Several wild life societies have accepted Invitations from the Forest Service to cooperate In study of wild life and game con dttlons in the Kalbab National TTnMat A I T.. It BOSTONS. ,Pntna anfl Sttl.l f " " in ou.r. wo. La nZZL; utttmphts. Mav SO. tUF) announced nere by u. Rachford Ave. Pet Shop, 8407 Grand A ve Frederick Smith, wealthy Memphis assistant forester In charge of uniiTnu .....,,. -u i.-.. 1. Innnrtumnn ana owner 01 '""e" uiummrat 8763 Mldvale. ' DOCS, CATS, BIRDS FOR SALE Wins Boat Race but Loses $500 on Deal B1SAUTIFUL fers. kl mei ave. at Oakia Kav .lock sportsman and owner or me i"Bo movement. ' speedboat "Greyhound" which, set Overcrowding-of the preserves 0, new time oeiween incw urieitnsi aiunu unuuimi r uresi, v PiMilnnd St. Loula, making the trip in particularly in the Grand canyon 1 JltA u mA fnnf ml nn to- Innf A Preserve. nrfflltfltd th rumnval little TVddvVVbe.PrU.PP,ev.rvJ0: '600 side bet on the raee with the of a part ofjhe gam. there, par- feotlonateL wonderful playmates, puilder OI tne ooat, 11 was turn ' "! sired bv De Lamar LI Mu Cha. nere. -.. nn nf Iniarn.ti,,,.,,! ,h.ni.n Hmlth hnusrht the boat from Ed and hy restricted hunting. Choonam Brllllanilne. Very rea- Hlggins, New Orleans boat builder, The forest service points with Konably priced. Must sell. SUM who before the sale boasted his pride to its work In the Kaibab Central avenue, Alameda. hoftt coua beat the time of the forest, where absolute protection Bogle, record holder which was has so increased the stock that It owned by Dr. Louis LeRoy, Mem- was necessary to reduce It by uuiiijijfs. 11 im ainD remarK&Die, CHOW PUPPIES nark red, pets and show dogs. Lki. .h.iri.n nahle. PR ultvale 0607. K -rh r Reason The two men agreed If the I the service says, that of the 62;ft lULLta;, male, fine watch dog. Greyhound did break the Bogle's nunters in tne area during the rc.. 10 riK"i pany, kju. time Smith would add 600 to the past nve years tnere was only one FOX TKRRIKitB, BCOTISH TKR- purchase price. He made the trip accident and nojrfMalltles. . rifrh anp police PUPS; un river in the boat and accord- The WjniTJK&rf of game on wTir rt vrSwi?i tV,Y 'nB to Captain Hafvey Brown, pi- these preserves the southwest BT- andovrr $723. ,t alded mllterlaliy ln breaking expected to furnish ample sup- ",n,ri m0i i rained tor the record. Hlggins was a passen- piy ior ine survey, nont''2l"V. WtCh " d" Ber " the iaunc l8- GERMAN rollers, Hunsakers. ni J ' - 1. nldad 2249. U1U VIlUlllS ItlCCl 103 88 Av. TR In On Grinnell' Courts Wily Fox Protected For and From Chase LUVK lili'iln, $8.60 pr. Zebra finches, $2. GO pr. 2184R 2 Ave. MALAMUTK. n o 1 I n (!,,. I GRINNKLLi, la.. May 80. (Uf) Betts Pet Bhop. 7816 E. 14. John Tatom, urinnell college OLD English sheep dog. Import- tennis star, ana t,anos itaymona, the fox has been given protection The wily fox still has Its friend in Oklahoma. Outlawed as a preda tory animal In most states, there ed prise winner. Mr. Lowry. tennis player of Cos college, met bv a recent act not onlv alavatina- HUmbolt 161 9. Ion the courts here after having jt tne ,tatus of "a game animal PEKINGESE, 1 lovely male pup- oeen separatea several years. for the chase," but maklng.lt 11- pies, months, iteas. m-iti2. iney nou inuimiium 1 legal to kill the animal at the end ROLLERS, deep orange. up. Kt h ffl tJ5 h.Sl "y'.V'I?"n th pemaies, 1401 xnm Ave. I " ... I aiDuuianuui ALL-ELECTRIC radios rented. table or console models. Rea-annahle rate. Hauschlldt's. 1818 Pan Pablo. LA-7669. Est. 40 yrs BEFORE YOU BUY All tnskes at cut price. Be us ior your rauio Atwater Kent !8.6fl Radlette V.Hll Philco $44.50 Zenith Snarton $47.60 Sliver Marshall Buperhet. . $48.60 COAST RADIO CO. 8S 11th Bt. OLencourt 6118 WT ,., : Pine Islands, during their boy e Trn628.nrb. "tJ: I Maxwell Booking. TOY Fox Terriers for sale. Ra sonshie. 10.1(1 78 Ave 71 POULTRY AND SUPPLIES FOR SALE AUSTRALORPS, pullets, young breeding cockerels Austral. Tatom defeated Raymond, 1-1. Grimmett Bookings! Rasehsll games scheduled todays t'.AK'rilAY ln MOLAY LEAGUE Kruilvale vs. Oakland, Bayvlew orpa. Red chicks weds. 8818 8:1 , ,,,. ,.,nir. vnnf. Ave. - siA,nH' v. Rnck Rldae. Rich Baby Chicks and Ducks mri.nXPv.: Swu."shTngton, w..h- ueas. hocks, juinorcns 10c es. ington, 12! umpire, Leghorns $1 per doa Wyandottenl nniMMETT'S INDEPENDENTS QUCNiinil SI'O 1240 Free ton Bis. Established 1308 Morgan's Hatchery . . . 1 n ..A.,lek flrAitkri Free Market. Sth and Wa.Iiina-1 Aaeipnians - - - ' - . " n n Mrt 1 1 II !J1II. T( flames today In the MAAWELu Sl'MMEB LRAGlin Enclnal Terminals vs. Calatons Waters, Washington Park, I; um pire, Tye. Alameda Eagles vs. Goodman Clothiers, Lincoln Park, I; umpire, Movers. Fisher Body vs. Oakland Eagles. Lincoln Park, 13; umpire, Faustina. CONTRA COSTA COUNTY F1RK.MK.VB LEAGUB Concord vs. Mt. View, Mt View, I. Valona vs. Pittsburg, Plltshurg, S. IMIKI'K.XDK.NT GAMES Oakland Firemen vs. Oakland Na- odnra Shoe Repair ts Post No. tivea, San Pablo Park, 1:80. FACTORY to you, $24.76 complete screen gria. aynamic epeaaer. Stbz Broadway, eves, bunaay. SEW TYPE auto radio cheap Auto Inst. 1821 11th Ave. NEW PENTODE MIDGET 8-Screen Grids t.l.t nrlca. 889.60 Your Net Price t?4 Complete. Installed. ..'".' V RADIO, bouaht new 60 days ag $165: leaving city. Will sell for $75. THornwall 78J4. HL'NDkHUS of battery and electrio sets at your own nrlce. RADIO BARGAIN SPOT 814 Broadway. Render Pent., $49.50 A radio second to none In Duality. PENTODE TUBE. TWIN ROTOR CONDENSER at a price vhirh Is the greatest value in date.; stun town, wa Breuner's. HI-4J48. ll-Clay St. 49 RADIOS REPAIRED V4rWreisrrSaV A. A. ABBOTT CO. AH radios repaired. $1.60 Parts extra. Work guaranteed. 1716 fcn Pablo. GLencourt 76. cl'A RANTED RADIO EERV ICE. by rer'ltled radio men. HALSCHILDT WU'SIC CO. Ft. 40 yrs. Phone LA keslde 7069 S American Legion, Bayvlew No. L 2:45. . .. Babv ChicksDucks LMn5 a Btar'' Uh7' White Leghorn, loo each. Reds St. Marv'a Midgets vs. Morlera and Rocka 11U each. On hand !rn,-ir. Knvvlew No. t. 1:45. ,in Ha v I fmmonu o 1 r,f) th Infantry vs. tiAitririKLh, s. lutisiiroa uusners, .cusnrou !. , 1:30. . B. P. Sw tchmen vs. w. A. oung. nn.hrnd Kn S 10:30. Macy Movers vs. Lanai wrayage. LEGHORN, R. I. REU. day-old Bunhrod No. 8. 1:46. and started chicks. Broilers. tJamanrt Braves jrs. tu. uuiiaiui Overpack s Hatchery, 83 Grocers, Allenoaie, v.tv. Open eves., Sundays CANARIEH, 1 mnles, females, aviary, cheap. 4251 Redding FK Ultvale burant. nr. E. 14th. Ban Leandro Melrose A. C. vs. Oakland Modern TH-6800. IVnnilm.n Vremont. 1:30. ruucia, r. i, j4 weeKS, ll,..r i:,,M.n tlate. S:S0. dos. t-'ian gan the Puilotman.l i-. . n n inarinni. -.o .t.t., inr.ira, IQolden Gate, 11:80. . SPANISH black laying chlckena. Best Taint CoU vs. Blue uoia. K at $1.25 ea. AN driver 43 8. LOCKwooa, ii:au. 1 luiinnh V f T va Ran Pahlo. vy. ixi.Lf.u, oroiiera, iric-ic.n Pahln J. caaeea, R. I. H. fryers, pullets. I ,'-,i v r T n Ttodeo. Con- ruHPiintf duckr. Ki. Jing, 2Btcord. 2:30. Manton Ave., rastro alley. I sianrlaril Feed A Fuel Co va PULLETS. Hansen stock. Dnlan Wreckers. Riihmond. 2:30. W. 8V4 mos. $10 dos.: 8 wks. 87 rtos. 398 Sybil ave., K. L. BW-KujJ Cardinal A. C not playins (Jougare, Scorpions vs. Cougars, Emery- iIIIa Kl I'M WHITE Leghorns, 350, 60 lay- Melrose Billiard vs. Fern Candy, nig. uartiain it sold complete.! irvti ti n e Denot. 11:3(1. 196i 88 Ave. I Kan Leandro Y. M. I. vs. Castro Vnllev. Snn Leandro.'ll. Pleasanton Mcnts. vs. aiansanuo 6U" V. L. oulletH. 8 k $5 do box 3ti2A Lake t-iiauot tin. Ul V. Hayward. 8 COMP, cage breeding or train ing cage. 18. uu. AL-Z3Z6M. I IVFSTIM'K KIR SALE 1JADI0S ."riVio. Your T BABBITS FOR SALE LEAVING tows. N. Z. white Pd. hurks. does, hutches. lliU ITumboidt, nr. II Ave. ("luh. Pleasahtnn. 11. Kl Cerrito Firemen not playing. Mortoaa Fords vs. Elmhurst Cleaners, City of San Pablo, 11. Bells Pharmacy vs. Oakland Ave. Mchts., Washington, 10. Hawks vs. Anthony Packard, FRKPH Jersey cow. BE rkeley N''5o1 Park. 10. 8177. 1726 6 St., Berkeley. I Bruges Smoke Shop vs. Thomas .uoiors. iNicoi rara, i-. St. Mary M. II. C. vs. Rose Baking Col., Fruitvale Depot, 1:30. I'o nt Arena vs. Royal Giants, Point Arena. 2:30. Cowell vs. Bay Point 8. P- Cowell, 2:30. Isndrons vs. Broadway Cubs, Thrasher Park, 10:30. Alameda A. C. vs. Latham square Barliera, Lincoln Park, 10. Ardlans not playing. Aliens Grocery vs. Uenetians Gro cers, Tech. Hi. 11:30. Cubs vs. Sarogosa, Bayvlew Ne. I, 10:80. . Younr Athletlca vi VTnwmm All Stars. Kenny Park. 11. Phone Your WANT ADS LA Lcfide 6000 Oakland Czibunt Mallos Grill vs. Sousa and Son. Technical. 1:80. Kant oukland outlaws vs. . o. A. Ramblers, Loekwood, 8:80. Albany A. C vs. Gersten AUstars, Albany, 10:30. Oakland Barbers vs. Bebastapol at Senastapol; 1:30. t Vlx Barbers vs! Rowland Dray ace. Allendale. 8:30. North Richmond Cubs ts. Toung Eagle, Richmond, 8:30. Burke Tires not playing. Oakland Cardinal Jrs. vs. Emer son Drugs, Fruitvale Depot, 8:30. Berkeley A. C. vs. Frultvals Tieers. San Pablo. 10:30. West End Merchnnts ts. Gam blers. Clubhouse, 10:80. Golden Gate v oodinen va Mooney Allstars. Bay View, 1:30. Bay View Athletio Club vs." Sau sallto. 1:30. Bay View Realty vs. Mcintosh Clothiers, Bay View, ,10:80. Richmond Elks not playing. Eagles No. 6 vs. Samarkand Ice Cream. Golden Gate. 1:30. Great Western Power ts. Fuller Paints, Bay View, 1:30. Oakland Sterling Club vs. Stan dard City. Standard City. 2:30. Oakland Red Jrs. vs. Trasher Park Boys. Allendale. 8. Concord Bovs Club vs. Touna- A. C, oncorrt. 10. Waluli Drugs vs. Htselhurst AIL stars. Concord. 12. Dalley Motors vs. I, C C Crockett, Crockett, 1:80. Allendale Indenendenta va Un. Knnwns, ilmhurst, . Touncs Radios va Cardlnala Loekwood, 1. Pals Sweets ts. Douglas Grocers. Golden Gate, 18:30. Piedmont Barbers ts. Oakland Bears, Piedmont. 10:80. Young Giants vs. - Barbarians, Richmond. 12. Santa Clara Merchants va Salinas. Santa Clara. 2:30. Henry Tires vs. Blum Sweeta Golden Gate, 12:30. Richmond Gianta vs. Taunrl Radios. Richmond. 11:10. Napa Sodas vs. Oakland Flyers, N'sna, 1:30. Howdy's vs. Independents, Roosevelt, 1:30. Insurance Forma va Davis All-stars, Funston, 1:30. Sherry Billiards va Ocean loa. Hay ward, 11. California Sportsmen Migrate to Oregon PORTLAND, Ore., May 80. (UP) Oregon may become California's sportsmen's paradise. The state chamber of . commerce reports that from IE to 20 real estate transactions a day for Oregon, property Involve Call fornlans. Many of the sales are in southern Oregon, fishermen's paradise. Numerous estates along the famed Rogue river are owned by California sportsmen who come annually to enjoy angling in President Hoover's favorite stream Game abounds In this section. Borne of the California buyers maintain large farms for fruit and dairy cattle. Others build their vacation residences on the very banks of the streams. Through recent legislative action, Rogue river was closed to commercial fishing In the interest of sport. Giant Athlete Is Pointed for Olympics NEW ORLEANS. Mav 10. (UP)-r-Calvert "Foots" De Collgny. Tulans hurdler, who has not lost a dual meet race ln two years of competition, and who finished second ln the 120 highs and 220 lows at the Southern Conference cham pionships. Is to be pointed for the gruelling 440 yard hurdle for the Olymplo tryouts. Coach Frits Oakes of T' made the decision after De Collgny ran a 440 lap ln the relay ln 61 seconds, after having already par tlclpated In the hurdles. The speed and stamina of the big hurdler made him an ideal proanect fc the longer stick race, Oakes think De Collgny, a rangy six footer, weighing more than 180 pounds. has played tackle and end on Tu-lane's football team for two years. He has another year - of varsity competition. Former Turf Kings Are Cheap Today The day before the Kentucky Derby, Flying Ebony, former winner, brought $2600 at a disposal sale. Coventry, once the toast of th I'reaKneas, orougnt oniy siuuu i the same sale. Butter Beans was bought at Ha vana last winter for 2i and would Dring szo.uoo today. War Feathers, New Rroom and War cost more than $160,000 but probably wouldn't bring mors than a tentn of that now. Twenty Grand and Mate are worth about $100,000 each today, out the price may ran overnight. High School Girl Has Javelin Record PUTALLUP, Wash, May 0. CUP) Gertrude steuing, high school student, has lust been notl fled ah holds the national women'i record for the Javelin throw. She hurled the Javelin a distance of 101 feet and 10 Inches at a high school meet Spalding Bookings AimM honked todav follow: Nehl vs. Benlcla Redman at Benl- ia, 1:80. . Orinra Crush ts. Chiefs cats at Kenny Park, 1:45. Reno vs. 8. P. Store Office at Reno, 1:S0. ..... Twines Market vs. Utopia Native Sons at san i.eanoro, z;ji. Reflnlte Waters vs. Fruitvale Wmriman Ashland. 2:80. Roses All Stars ve; Golden Stats Bakery at Concord, 1:30. San Leandro . Mcts. va Vlrden T.-l,ln . I R.n Leandro HI. 1:30. Sacramento Japs vs. Alameda ATK at Sacramento, 1:30. Golden State Theater Tl Leslie Salt at Alvarado. I:3U. Rlsdon Bakery vs. Joe's Hambur ... - Vn I. 10:30. Jory's Super Pervtce v. Marigold Milk Co. at Allendale, 1:80. J. J. Kreig vs. Diamond Feed 4 wl . 1 (ncoln Park. 10:00. Fruitvale Radio vs. Fruitvale Modern Woodmen at Bushrod No. 1, 11:30. Johnson Oil Burners vs. Vor-waerts Odd Fellows at Bushrod No. 1. :6. . , Sllvas Groceries vs. Berkeley Tigers at Bushrod No. 2, 11:80. American Y. M. I. No. 8 vs. John s Barbers at San Pablo No. 1, 12:30. Kenny All Stars vs. Cory's Ga , k'.nn X-rlr 1 fl 00 Pleasanton T. M. I. va B. L. F. E. No. 141 at Pleasanton, 1:30. Glen Ath Club vs. United urocers at E. K. Wood. ;80. . . Fruitvale Club vi. & it oay ai Hawthorne, 11:30. Palace Theater ts. Roses Inde pendents at Roosevelt, 1:30. Roosevelt All Stars va Art Pottery at Roosevelt, (:30. Parkua Cubs vs. Loekwood Ath. Club at Castlemont, 10:30. Imperial Club va Highland Ath. Club at Castlemont. 1:30. Astee Ath. Club va East Oakland at E. K. Wood. 11:80. Mm Ath. uiud va ciranursc ludi at Loekwood, 11:30. C. A H. Sugar vs. Piedmont Native Sons at Crockett, 10:30. Berkeley Raccaracha Ts. Athens Elks at San Pablo No. 1. 12:20. Berkeley Pirates v. Pullman All Stars at San Pablo No. 2, 2:45. nutchlna-ton Co. va MacMarr Stores at Uutchlngton, 11:80. Oakland Cubs va Trojans at Loekwood, 1:80. By TOM CREEDON CPSOM DOWNS, England 1 . May 30 (UP) The toss of a coir more than 150 years ago decided the name of England's most outstand ing turf classic the English Derby, to be run over the gruelling course here June 3 Had the coin landed on the other side, the race might to day be known as the Bunbury stakes, after Sir Charles Bunbury However. It was the twelfth Earl of Derby., good fortune to give his name to what has become one of the greatest sporting events in th worm. Sir Charles : Bunbury was compciiHutcd, however, for losing the toss- by winning the race when It was run for the first time In 1780. In that year there were 88 onirics and nine .starters. Hut 200 pimple witnessed that race on the downs. Little attention was attracted by the derby during the first 60 years. iiut it has grown enormously pop ular in the last '100 years. In re cent years there have been 200 or 400 entries, and millions of people throughout the world take an ln terest in the raco. The house of Derby the orlg inator has so fa'r won this classic race only twice, with a gap of 187 years between. jThe first occasion was eight years after the first race and the other in 1024. Only one reigning monarch ha up to now won the event. That was in 1909 when the late King Edward's Minoru, ridden by Her bert Jones, snatched the race on the winning post by a mere nose Tho present King George has Din do several utlemptet to win tho derby without success. In 1913 tragedy was as-HfMlutcd with his representative, A inner. As tho horses were sweeping at top sccd round liatlenhain comer a woman suffragist hurled herself in front of the king's liorttc. The woman was killed. I'"urther excitement was added when the stewards diwiiiulif led tho winner, Cragunniir, which started favorite, and awarded the race to a 100-to-l outsider, Aboyeur. Since then a double lino of rails guards the Inside of the cunier for several hundred yards and tho public, are kept back several feet from tho track. Altogether 28 American - bred colts have been started for the Epsom derby, winning once and placing three times. One American owner won the race with an Eng llHh colt bred ln Middlesex. The first American "attack" be gan in 1800 when Kichard Broeck Umpire finished seventh. In 18771 H. Kanford brought Brown Prince to England, and the horse ran second in the 2000-Gulneas classic, but unplaced In the derby and Bt Leger. In 1881 Pierre Lorlilard won with his American-bred horse Iroquois. In 1901 W. C. Whitney was successful with Volodyovskl an English colt which he held on lease. The late "Boss" Croker ef New York won the derby in 1907 with Orby, which was bred ln Ireland from an American mare, Rhoda B The most recent American vie tory was ln 1914 when H. Duryea Durbar II won the spoils. Thle animal was bred ln France from an American mare and was owned trained and ridden by Americans. No woman lin yet succeed-in winning tho Kpspm derby, although one woman, Ijidy James Douglus, Won a "war derby" at Newmarket ln 1918. This Newmarket race was a substitute event which was ran In the war years 1915 to 1918 when racing was curtailed ln England and lCpsom Downs was used mainly na, a military training camp. In the entry list for this year's derby there are It women owners, Including Lndy Derby and one American, Sirs. Corletto Glorney. Probably the most picturesque owner of a derby winner was a man named John Gully, .who ln 1806 began life as a prizefighter at the age of 22. In a few years he was a champion with the knuckles He then became a bookmaker and prospered. In 1832 Gully was elect ed a member of parliament and that same year won the derby and St. Leger. ln 18 46, after retiring from parliament, he won both the derby and daks, and ten years later one more won the great Ep som classic,, and the 2000 Guineas race as weTl. In the history of the derby only ene dead-heat has occurred in 1884, when the stakes were dlvld ed. Extreme outsiders which won the race were Jeddah (1898), Signo- rlnetta (1908) and Aboyeur (1918) All started at odds of 100 to 1. Tod Sloan, the one-time famous American jockey, rode several times in the race without success. An Kngllsh Jockey named Fred Anlier rode five winners in his time. In recent years Uie best record is held by Steve Donoghue with four wins, Including three in successive years, all at Epsom. Besides this Steve annexed two "war derbies" at Newmarket. Some remarkable stories are told of how, in olden times, four-year- olds were more than once substi tuted for three-year-olds In the race for the derby. One of the most sensational was in 1844 when a horse named Running Rein won The owner of the second horse objected to the winner on the ground that he was not a three- year-old. A lawsuit ensued and as result the Jockey club officials disqualified Running Rein and awaxded the race to Orlando, who placed second. Bat Slump Is Not Fault of New Ball PITTSBURGH. Msy 80. (UP) Barney Dreyfuss, Pittsburgh Pi rate owner, does not believe the new National League ba,ll is re sponsible for the slump m hitting of many of the league stars. "The new ball isn't to blame tot the low averages of Terry. Wilson. O'Doul nd other hitters," Dreyffliss said. They lust haven't alt thelr stride." 1 I T R I B - i; - U N E WAN7 ADS B R I N. G R E S u L T S fUarrtanpfl - (MARRIAGE LICE.NSKS ISSttFll. FHEDEHICKS, Hoyd. 1 -2i7 onia jiara, .1 cerrlto BKINGSRID, LIIIIsb l, 2100 Mitrv. bu, pernio HEINE. Karl G, 24, l James I ave.. Oakland TRIPP, Dorothy , 1401 Edith WTLBO.-T, Ckarles O 13 X . fll. A. WOOLEY, Joyce 21, (744 Tele ave., uakland JCOSfTBEHA, Ansel 2(, 417 Mar- r nei ei.. uaK and I SINISTER A. c.mfla 26, 417 tnei su, Oakland Httai BtntMxtB (Continued) RITSOJf, Edward L. Jr 1715 X ave., Berkeley uoouK, France; M. 10, 1726! n j , oeraeiey SMITH, Joseph 482 Sixty second st. Daki.n? J ,??'. A'I'J1 22. 4007 San uau di,, iuKiana I""1""'. Ansrast aj aks Elchth St.. Oakl.n ' 1 AUSTIIft Richard A 19, Mar I tlnei ca-iw.- ca,re I. 88. 6226 FRIDAT, Joseph. H H, VaL I ICJU "vv"" sv. vaiviailQ SY5!fT.'y"'" V- . Oakland """ A, IS. oak REIIXT, Sloaer D, J, Emery SCOTT, tactile M.. 14, Oakland. KSlAyj1"""- Berkeley. I "' icn, ciara jc, zu. Oak ituu, BURGESS, Walter It, 41, Oak land. I SPENSER, Anne B., II, Oakland BOW!l, Trlsam B Jr, 2L Pied I mont. I MKH KICK. Eleanor MS Pled- tuuuu I RALPH, William L, 48, Oakland. iiuu, liinaa) nu, oaKiand. WILCOI, David O. IT, Rich mono. BAXTER, Mllle r, 16, Berkeley. SIIWAR, Tony. 27. Richmond j FERNANDEZ, Adrfcaaaa A. 10, I, A NO. Harold D, 19, Oaklnd. WHITE, Haael A. 26, Oakland. HERBERT. Wllllnm, 47. Oakland SCHL'MMEL, Alma. 44, Oakland. CARLSON, Raymond O, IT, Pat terson. SWAHU, Hilda L. 14. Tnrlook I DYER, Clifford M. 14. Oakland I DROWN, Thelma A, 12, Oakland. STEIKTIER, Robert W. 14, Baa I L,eanaro. SOUSA, Elisabeth. II, Oakland. IRETELLI, Lawrence A, II, Oak-poi.i.ASTRINI, Resw D, 1L Oak- tana, r IFRIBERO, Carl L Jr, It, Oakland. HOWELL, Harriet F. II, Oak land. ' ' t " Itiffr, John, tl, 0an Francisco lHAr t kaii.is nosaiio, IS, r airiax. OAKLAND INTENTIONS ' lirl.LEY, Elkanah II, Berkeley I Won LEY, Dorothy L It Berks ley I wnEGMAVJt, William II, San Francisco TETTER, Louise 17, Baa Fran CISCO . IWALDEN, Albert J. tl, Santa Kosa JONES, Rosalea A II, Oakland IBI'RN". John J. B6. Oakland I SCHMIDT, Frances L 47, Oak- iana HAMMOND, Charles F. 14 Berkeley LLEWELLYN, Horah D-10 Berkeley GORDON In San Leandro, May 28, 1931. Meta J. beloved wife of the late Charles W. Gordon, loving mother of Capt. John Carson. William. Gcortre and Capt Charles Carson and Arthur Gordon. A native of Germany. Ared 84 years. Friends are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral Mon- ll 1 T .. , ,QO, - O-OA - M " " . n 1 1 c i.gi, n l o.au a. 111. from the Mission Chapel of Free man & Lox-toach & Kenney, 1901 Fruitvale Ave., thence to St. Elieabeth's church, SUh Ave., where a requiem hl(?h mass will be celebrated for the repose of her soul commencing at 9 a. m. FREDSON In Oakland, May t'T" li31. Israel Fredson. hushnj of the late Sophia Fredson and raxner or unaries Hilda M.. nd Chris ArFredson. A native of Sweden, aged 81 years, 20 days. A member of Healdsburg Lodge, I. O. O. F. Friends are Invited to attend Uhe funeral at the Grant D. Miller ..w.tu..j, , ino. vui inruiii street, corner of Twenty-fourth avenue, Oakland, Monday, June i, ac o ciock p. m. - intenment Mt. V iew Cemetery. KOOKEN In Oakland, May 29, 1931. Abraham H.. helnverl un cle of George A. Kooken and Mrs. T. R. Halliean of Los Anireles: a member of 6an Francisco lodgs .o. h, ij. u. o. m..; a native or , Pennsylvania, - friends are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral Mon day, June 1, at 19 a. 'rnat ths Fruitvale chapel of ClarenceTST. Cooper, Fruitvale ave. at East mm st. i .q WHITEHEAD In Oakland May 10. 1931. at Peralta W;,Affl.. Blanche Williams Whitehead, wife of the late Rupert Whitehead and sister of Mrs. Robert Mills, a native of Canada Ontario. Canada papers please copy. r unerai at at. f aurs cnurcn. Bay Place and Monteclto Ave, Oakland, Monday, June 1, 1911 at It o'clock a. m. Internment Moun tain View Cemetery. -- -- .wwwwwwawi FLORISTS. " iv,irnrriv ,irn iniu'i.o.m)umnje funeral JJesiffnt OUR SPECIALTY Oakland Floral Depot Complano and Oarese Florists and Nrrserymea 130 Washington St Res. phones OL ymplo 127t. ' Piedmont 12H7.T Depot Phone LA keslde ZS1 MORTICIANS . -"-"" -,-,nniiiirirLrLivuxruij For the Service A Beautiful Sanctuary Costs No More ALBERT BROWN UNDERTAKING COMPANY Established 1171 Win. Nat Friend. President F. I Van Fleet. Secretary PIEDMONT AVENUE AT -WESTALL STREET Telephone PI edmont 0711 LINCOLN, Harry r-tl, Berks lev WAHREN, Helen M 21, Oak land TORRAO, Manoel M. 24, San If rancisco CLIFFORD, Ola sly a II, Oak iana BOLDTJC, Rey g. 14, Oakland KENT, Marale O 17, Oakland OLTV1ERA, John. IT, 1411 Hay I ensrout boulevard. Oakland FRATES, Adeline. 14, 1011 East iwentietn tstreet, Oakland. LFE, Benjamin F. 14. 1111 numnnint avenue. Oakland. MrKENNA, Betty M. 1J. J2 "tuums street, Oakland. MURRAY, Paal B 14, Liver- more. LA WOCQT'E, Aa-nes, tl. 1229 unirty-iifth avenue, Oakland PETERSON, Walter, 0. 07 1 wenty-flrst street. Oakland I MITCHELL, Bonnie 11, 14S lirana avenue, Oakland. BOSTICK. Joel K 14, 1604 Oriole avenue. Ban Leandro. COSS. Daisy E.. 20. 1007 Vic toria avenue, san Leandro. I WILSON, Jnnies I., It, Tselton. i if i kip, vtinona. 19. willows IDESSCM In Tountvllle, Callfor nla. May 18. 1911. William Del- I sum, beloved husband of the late Marpraret K. Dessum; a native of I Pennsylvania ared 81 years. A I member of Appomattox Post. IU. A. K. Friends are Invited to attend (services on Monday afternoon, Jons I, at 1:10 o'clock at the lAioert Brown Mortuary, 1476 I Piedmont avenoe. under the aua- I pices of Appomattox Post Interment, ML View Cemetery. IDESSCM In Oakland. May 14. 1331. Aiartraret K.. beloved wire lof the late William Dessum, and I sister of Miss Anna Katiell; a native of Ohio, aged 86 yeara. I (Columbus. Ohio, papers Please .- icopy.j ... Friends are invited to attend services en Monday afternoon, I June 1, at 1:30 o'clock, at the Albert Brown Mortuary, 1476 Piedmont avenue. Interment, Mt. I v iew cemetery. KRONE In Oakland. Mar 19 1911. Dr. Carl Rudolph Krone, I beloved husband er Louise A Krone; aged 71 yeara Funeral ana interment private. n JULIUS. UODEAU, INC 8 21l0WeWltOAKlANO Fhone HI ghgate 4041 Oaa rnrdK i Ikxikat tNDEPKNDENT 4 THt TRUST 1 Complete Mortuary Service Friendly, sympathetle serr-loe to you In your hour of greatest Deed. CLASSIFIED INDEX "" to And what yon want in th... t . . . t5 , b "ok headlines at the vase in this order: KliMellMH;,, ilL,n,. mna P'ofssslonsI announcements (Clas.es Nes. 1M Lost and Found (Nos. 4, I). Personals (Class 6). 4 Jechera In all branches (S, io. Classes Nos. 1J to 18. nmp, situations and Employment offices the kind of ? mi nrsi tor key! word always. R&m.l'.? APrtments (aaa.es Each "To 'Let" elaa. h.. i,. Wanted" class following with amenumber followed by let- NowJ4,'te1doon- No, I4A, Rooms H..n I"'' ,hop"- on-f-town. . (U.MM .0, let) i stn :r, CUsslfled by kind of property. no location; 1. o 'Lot.,, Are You Loyal to Your Lodge? Do you keep yourself informed by reading the Fraternal Paget' Get the habit! Classes 50-50. business chances. Stocks. Loans offered and wanted. Classes 60-TS. Miscellaneous Far nit are Pianos, Pets, Poultry, "Swaps.? Except Realty, which runs as above (Claa.es 40-49). 68 If you are Interested In radio prog-rams, tune ln at 11 a. nv on KLX (about 40 oa your dial ju meters). Xot only ear a but servile. rentals and travel. In all classes the "Wants" fol- lOW II fil A " A nt.i Classes te'ta. . v

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