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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio • Page 7

Cincinnati, Ohio
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Tin: 1: i i i a i. a i i s. 1 i nt Pi ice Hill offi- 1 1 Hoot To Sliaml Willi Dure. Franco ccis nir Uov (liiniiM, President: CLUB TO VOTE JULY 11. Of! ici df the i.i iillv Twentieth Wild Kepllblicatl i 1 1 1 announced nl.iy tliat tins will Imld its ntl- Walter nnly fit in the I'luums in foiinul tiiMavi.

on lv the not very nubile mstiu ii'i ntn lit of the puppet iclme by Mich lllcll lis lp posed the war tliiitihout in sluSit, bv tmitms. DEFENSE BOARD Urged By Dewey. Klnier Duly, Vice. President, and Hubert Clehgnn, Secretary and Trcasui ci i. rv-o and l.jt.t-i ly ihc udiiutu't ration military ur.picparedne.

addressing the Vcimoni F.i organization, said a I'lviiian boaid ss neces saiy that the American people would he adequately prepared to "fight to the death" in case of fci ei'n "We otganize civilian defense," he declaicd. "But. in doin. this we must never lose sisht of the fact that we are arming to protect a free repuhlic. We must not let its freedom be destroyed in the Wmchel! BROADWAY Tr Mrk fopirtthl, lstg.

Pil Mlrrr Continued l'roni rn'ccdinc i Cechit-flnvakln from Munich to the sciuie of Piifiip fur months later. Under such tesinic. Hot on "suggestions" lioin Beilin at cveiy mJ7 I AND ASSOCIATES Would Made I Of Civilians, lie Sins. Mil OH I II II 111. tilt lnli'0 tanlral Hlilg NEW ENGLAND MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO.

Oldett Chartered Mutusl Life Insurincc Cornpmy in Ameriei CHAMBER OF COMMERCE BLDG 2272 tuin. the Krrnch would he rcgi-jmented into the continental which Germany is fius.nR. a car the French will be a sub- Think I Never Knew and Still Donl Know: THAT EDITOR William Alien White's auto license number. picked himself, is 13-1313. (His idea being that no one'U steal very process of its preservation, "it is evident that any measures with a number like that.) Thr.t all the grout powers appoint thin for civilian defense must be es I men as Ambassadors to Japan.

(Bec.iusxi the Japs don like fat men.) manner as nui r- i i i in a. In Blaming New Deal For Military Unpreparedness Campaign Nears End. i i nu in i nnoaopny lor uur iuuuo m. gwtu irj'uns mm of those! whCould uVVt for th; extcnaionlha prased the technical marvcte of our clviluatUm to an sage he received this acid comment, "Yes, you can fly in the air like of their political power. The civilian defense board should be com- rctotftlvr ft-oa rlitital Hnminatinn birds and swim in the sea like fish but you do not yet know now to walk upon the earth like men" That married women in'Dutcli So tnelr husbands can nn h.

n.eessrv Gu: na have to wear bells around their necks locate them when they want them.) That Jascha HeifoU nas an v. In nmn u.rtith.ii I A vA 11... UlUllllllUIH VlUMll Wltll ll IIC II UWItip n' U.l. IrttlU TIlltTII llll Burlington, Vt, June 17-IN3 Winding into the final week of his preconvention campaign, Thomas E. Dewey, Kepublican presidential aspirant, tonight proposed establishment of a civilian authority to carry out ita task without bureaucratic Interference." Dewey contended that "hete In America, after seven years of warn- ings, we are totally unprepared violin needs repairs, Heifeti sends it to a plumper ') What sort of guy Sir Walter Raleigh must've been, tile always wor? a corset, even when he slept.

He also wore pearl earrings.) That the gold vaulti- of the U. S. Treasury contain 300 tons of opium for emergency use in wartimes That Cecil Hunt's definition ot a friend is one who aays nasty things to your face Instead of behind you back. THAT QUEEN ISABELLA of Spain boasted that she had only two baths in her life one when she was born and the other when she married from a military standpoint" for war. He charged that the army lacked sufficient combat planes, rifles, am-muntion, tanks, antiaircraft guns, and gis masks.

"We are dependent upon foreign That Brenda Marshall, though an established movie countries for 23 materials essential i Ferdinand star, has never been kissed on the screen That all the page boya at the NBC studios in Hollywood must attend classes in acting and LL'NCHKOX CREAMED CHIPPED BEEF 1 nd Aaparatui nls an Tnasl. I Jiillriuir I'lilaiiiri. I Frull fl Salad Miinhattnii. Ilelli Butler. (lolfre, Te or Milk.

Krifd A. M. In 40c yM to our national defense," Dewey added. Full blame for the nation's unpreparedness, Dewev said, must be placed upon the Roosevelt administration. He charged that the President offered the nation "political trumpery instead of military preparedness." "is woKi.n or Font Pointing out that "we are living in a world of force," Dewey continued: "In such a world Incompetence, delay, and deception are the instruments of national disaster.

We are living in a world In which Mr. Roosevelt should know that arma announcing That 60 per cent of the women in this country wear their stockings inside out. (Because the dull texture Is more flattering to their ahems!) That Cholula. Mexico, is probably the most Mligious town in the world thero are S65 churches there, one for every day in the year That according to Edward Weeks, when Henry Foid was Interviewed on his fiftieth birthday, the reporter asked him "Mr. Ford, what would you say Hie the dlsndvmlHges of gieat weallh?" Ford replied: "Well, for me It was when Mrs.

Foul quit cooking!" THAT RESERVE OFFICERS of flooring's Air Corps are working as pilots for commercial air line In South America and regularly fly near the vicinity of the Fanama Canal That a new dry shaver will be on the market shortly which doesn't require electricity That Frjme Minister Winston Cnurchill paints landscapes which he exhibits under the name of "Charles Marin" That according to Roger Babson, the thrtc stages of dictatorship are Hero, Nero, Zero That the latest war development In England is "while you wait" gas mask ments 'on order' are good only for 'repair shops. (Children masks need the repairs, because they yylv n. Ov i I tv XX i I Lf- if N'f'O! Iftef meoni a really fine performonca, 7s x.t ond why nioy 59ainfl 4 J. him in SAFARI, Poromoun' cur rent production. 1 political deception.

"This has become a gangster world. I know something about ganguters. I know that soft-minded men and guns on order' are no help against them. I know that tough-minded men and adequate weapons are the only defenso which they respect." Dewey said that the present plight of France and England arc due chiefly to their "fumbling governments" which "dealt In words and social amenities while other nations were dealing in hard work and guns." He warned that "fumbling" by the Roosevelt regime must bring the same results in ihe United States. "The menace of total war," Dewey continued, "requires total defense.

With the proper organization of our energies and the united will to free Institutions, this country, yes, this hemisphere can made impregnable to any assault." use them for toys!) there's neither air nor WHter on the moon. lAnd a day there is 14 times as long as a day on earth.) That in Timor Laut (an island near Borneo i a woman must keep one eye shut in the prcsince of a man. If she looks at him with both eyes, she's branded as immoral!) Why the British railways classify portable typewriters as musical Instruments Whether bachelors i. Maryland know that tho law there says that S'X visits to the home of a girl constitute, a marriage proposal. THAT THE SYSTEM of house numbers in use today (odd numbers on one side, even on the other) was originated by Napoleon That in Washington, D.

there's beauty shop for cats and dogs That the average fly travels more than five miles every day. iGosh, you'd think they'd get worn out!) That in Maryland it's ngainst the law to be cruel to oysters. (And you can go to jail for It tut the law isn't enforced.) Thu' on the Island of Badu, in North Austialia, the law makes It puniuhable by tine for any wife to nas or cook badly That a Ccrnian, on the death of his father, recently put an "in memoriam" ad in a paper in Hitlerland reading, "Piny for the soul of Ernest Mullcr, whom God has called to a better world." next day he was arrested for criticizing the government. THAT IT WAS TEDDY ROOSEVELT who dubbed the building al the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue from the Capitol at Washington "The Wrhite House." (Before that it was known as the Executhe Mnnsion.) Whether it's true that whiskers are actually a healtn aid. hecause thev kern du.t nuclides from erttin? into a man's luniM Get quick relief with EC" works fail and rellevst In a hurry.

That's why It's on ol the laiteil ailing remedies of Kb type on the American market. RUts headaches, neuralgia, muscular ache and acts ai sedative la simple narrouinait. Us as directed on package. Consult a physician when pains peralit or recur frequently. 10c 25c siies.

That in Persia the only men to whom women are permitted to speak on tho street are policemen. (But most of the guys get around that by being appointed policemen.) THAT ADOLF HITLER said, "If you wish the sympathy of broad masses, then you must tell them the crudest and most stupid things." (As Texas put it, "Hello, That there's a new substance which makts planes invisible at altitudes above 100 feet That according to a recent survey, business executives prefer brunette secretaries to blondes That in Japan, "after-dinner" speeches are made before dinner That according to News Review, a British 1 Mi vv afr weekly, an Undersecretary In the Hitler Cabinet has been assigned the i t' iis JF special job of directing Gorman propaganda in the 17. S. to keep F. D.

fiom being reelected. The man's name is Leo Habicht That Americans smoked an average of 1,300 cigaietles per person last, year That Sir Walter Scott, the autnor, bad such a bad meraoiy that he once tP sJhJ praised one of his own poems, thinking that Lord Byron had written it! Qifmfdcut THAT WHEN A NAVAJO INDIAN squaw wsnls a divorce she ON THE ELECTRIFIED puts iier husband's saddle and other belongings outside the door of thcii hut That George Bernard Shaw's delinition of a pessimist is a man who thinks everybody is a. nasty as himself, and hates them for it That Ernst Henri's "Hitler Over Europe," written six years to the Pacific Northwest Thenj'a a vacation atmosphere on the "KO, prophetically called the turn on practically all of Hitler's moves Exclusive features, such as soecial open observation i lo date, and, according to the book, the S. is next on the schedule cars in the mountains, make your trip more fun. 6S6'tifter England.

(The name is believed to be a pseudonym for two Ger- electnlied miles in a scenic wonderland. New! Une- man army stalf officers.) That in Fome parts of China, when a day motor side trip through the Heart of the Rockies. i man doesn't pay his debts, his creditor has the right to remove the door hi jt Lots to do In Washlnaton lof nis house Benjamin Franklin predicted the use of parachute ii if Viril and th. Grand Coule. Dam trooP as far a8 1784 In Laastcr, the Mennonites paint Seattle's colorful water-1 thcir shutc's blue tell the world that there's a marrlagebls daughtei In the house.

I 1 il I. U. 1 means J-ii-J i -1 i 1 I uniiea wa bti di ruusi odudu uhu. dwuii. uua.i lilAi Triu Musi r.Ai,r...MVii; car in Hollywood isn owned by a Sailings from Seattle lor British Columbia and Alaska, movie star, but, by a press agent- Alan Gordon.

(It's taken two years to make and cost $3,000.) That if a mother mocking bird finds oni ll "II Oi her babied stolen and put in a cage, she'll bring it poison fruit. (She rather kill it than see it deprived of its liberty.) That the Chlnesf TIME-PAYMENT VACATIONS Travel now pay later in convenient installments. Ask us about this new helpful plan. I Au EADrC Return 1 San rranolKo and Calilornia. iww rwncj Utjh or throuch Canada.

Atk far boekltt, "Vacation Suggtttinat Nortoweat and San Franciico Fair." Cincinnati Office 204 Dixie Terminal Bldg. Phon. Main 5010 G. C. Armatrong, General Agent viiestenieia cigarette girl In the Sky Room of San Francisco's Hotel Empire speaks with a Southern accent That children In the Gypsy schools In the Balkans are punished by being deprived of their cigarettes! (In other words, it's like taking cigarettes away from a baby.) Whether th, Industrial School Journal (of Lancaster, Ohio,) doesn't offer the right formula, "For eating grapefruit, keep your eyes shut and your mouth open.

For success, reverse the process." ST. LOUIS SIZE EBBS AS NEW YORK GROWS As Important as YOUR TOOTHBRUSH! Chesterfield means the Cooer, Beff er-Tasting, Definitely Milder Smoke One of the best-known slogans in the whole country is "They Satisfy" and it describes Chesterfields one hundred per cent. And here's the reason Chesterfield's Right Combination of the best cigarette tobaccos that grow in all Tobaccoland makes them cooler, better-tasting and definitely milder. 1 Sl. Louis, June 17 (AP) The population of St.

Louis was reported today by the Census Office to be a ricciease of 8,212 from Its figure of 821,900 in 1930. when the city was the seventh largest In the country. The Tost-Dispatch said severs! days ago it had learned that Baltimore, eighth In 1930 with a population of 804,874, had passed St. Louis in the 1940 enumeration. New York, June 17-'AP) Preliminary census figures announced today showed New York City had a population of 7,380,289, a gain of 449,813, or (J per cent, during the last 10 years.

TO TELL OF SWITZERLAND. "My Experiences In Switzerland" is the subject of an address by Miss Eleanor K. Taft at an open meeting of the Men's Club of the Church of the Nativity, Price Hill, tomorrow night. Miss Taft returned recently after a year in the International Labor Office. U.XZJ MTCHT OffKl ftUT I CAMT A 6ROOV6 YOU MU6T I RUKl DC? YOUR CAR' a6-r to "I mustn't forget my toiilli'iriish!" How many limes have you told yourself lliis ery same thing Miien packing your haps for a uell-earned vacation? Afler all, your tooth brush is a mitzhty important item for a pleasant vacation.

But The news from home is every hit as important when you're away. The news from home is every hit an important when you're away. Your vacation int complete unless you keep in touch wilh the cloinjjs hark home and your favorile Enquirer comics and feature writers. The Enquirer will follow nil wherever jou go at no evlra rharpe. JuM tell your carrier where, when, anil how long lo send The hnquirer.

Or. if your prefer, call 2700 and p'nee. your vacation ortlrr with the Circulation THE ClliCh ATI ENQUIRER G6T OUT BEHER MADE FOR JI TTEc BETTER SMOKING HuH' Every Cheiterfield muit conform I Vv. rSiSr and ihape for cooler ''si Kr-SK I tasting, definitely milder imoke. vH rfj Cheterfieldi are made right in SfrV) every detail to give you the cigo- fX! rette that really lpJ i 'Vk.

4 111 Nf OP IT llsd'l'f Svdir0tf Copytiiht IW. Lnwarr It Mvua Tobacco i.

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