Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on April 10, 1932 · Page 14
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 14

Oakland, California
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Sunday, April 10, 1932
Page 14
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DaklanD Crffiune APRIL 10, 1932 A-1 5 PLAYGROUND ACTIVITIES Co 2rnu ctez By J a me Gjley SUNDAY - J' r. , I - The Bret Harte Junior High team mate may be depended Upon at all times to furnish the best of competition among playground contenders. Under the tutelage of Miss Ethel Kirkp&trick and Director Jack Klaus 0ns0. the girls this past week concluded in inter-class net and volleyball tournament in which the group above Jrherged as class winners. The boys nave reached the final rotlrid of ,j In the six divisions. The girls' winning court teams from left to right 0re: firs line, Viola Betx, (capt.), Josephine Draskovitch, Dorothy Silva, Ellen Vigeon, Dolores Chapper, Antio-nette Cuneo, La Verne Mountain, Gladys Roberts; second L SPORT TOURNEY Klmhuri't athlPtP on Saturday nd Sunday Ifagufi fpains manaeM by Director I-ee Ftiiart have Just completed a month's whedule of 0ouinnment satin-. that Included aaeball, basketliall, handball nnd tennU. Three ten ma w ere entered In earn sport and on occasions, four tems saw action In a favorite pnstlcp. ' The KimhurPt players roinpcted Halnst tennis from Krick. Allendale, K. Jlorils Cox, the Klmhifrst Athletic club RMl various unattached teams. On the whole 'victory" was the "theme Inns." How-evar, a few defeat were chalked up here and there The unlimited bnskclball team defeated Krlck. 70 to ZH; the Klm-htirst A. C, 4 to ltt; but took ft devastating beating from .ths Al- lendale quintet. 69 to 3. The Klmhurst team include Johnny Pchwaniinel, Screio Jlianchl, .tohn Sluvella, .'unzirt Castalluccio, Hank nd Joe Moniz, Gcorsre and Art Fisher. Zuvella was hi-h point -nan of the eries with a total of 7 and-Hank Monlz second with 30 points. - - - These iam players, with thfe.ad-ditlon of J."ytie Caatalluccio, Bob 'Callahan, George Crnpley, Charles Fllva, Johnny Ferrelra and Tony Mendonca, then turned their attention to baseball and defeated the E. A. C. by a decfslve to 2 score. Th ' JSM-iKinmtors re a peel somoMliat tlic same kind of ulory In tlfle oerfes wIicti tlMy liat-fled to Krkk ant) n a in pod the Boulevard c-accrs In a flrt name, 216 to 24 and then made It a little more satisfactory In tlic re-turn frame by taking, a !!) to 14 win.. Then alone came tli Klm-hjrst A. C. team In this division to take like walloping to the tone trt 3S to 12. Winners de le were: Pete Cast clliiwlo, -Pete nianthl, Sick Zuvella, MII- I mi Conrad. luirlcs Silva. J'ote ' HesL-io. Itirbort tallahnn. (Jcoruc C'eoplry. Jack lifrry and Jk McKay. Nick Zuzel la -shared honors-with Eother John as high point man In his series with a total of 40. while Pete Bianchi came second with IS. There was no baseball jum In this division, the boys Paining fnrcea with the unlimited suad to complete that lineup. The 0-pound lightweichts had about the heaviest schedule of the aeries with their close neighborhood rival. K. iloriis Cox. They came through, however, undefeated in basketball and baseball but were subdued on the handball court. Boys tin the squad were: Henry Kepgio, Elden drassi, Wilbur Bonilley, Joe (Jambino, Goedon Dempster, Don Parmeter, John Nunea, Harold Lockyer, John Demello, Jack Atkins, Tommy Atkins and Eddie Cabral. Fall Todaro. a member of the McClyirMmds Tioxin rtub and the Twmile team, refined from 'Tnrtland Thursday. I1( X the Trst bout in the inateur tourr-y nd his oppct.err later won the final matches nd will leave for yew Tel: to quilify lor the CM rapt trjouta. ' .... !"-'-- ' '" "" MHURST ENDS BRET HARTE JUNIOR HIGH ATHLETES FURNISH GOOD - COMPETITION Parker School Holds Easter Egg Scramble T'nder the management of Miss Abhy Rrhmits, playground director-(beg pardon. It shodid hf ftirer; visor th"newr rating ' that ha gone Into effect has us all boggled), the small playfellows at the rnrkcr schriol spent a marvelous afternoonliastr egg hunting last Saturday, nnd these are the happy youngsters who collected hours f joy supreme along with the decorated,, the chocolate and' the ','o!on PRgs: ' . 'Dolores and Ronald Pelvera,' Muriel, Wallace and John fllover, Betty Stewart, Kvelyn Stafanl, Virgil Stnfanl. Buddy Boberts, Rugenn HI ley," Ralph -Vat!, Itonald; Frances nnd June Andree, Bobby Bangull. Hulh and Eddie Hansen, pllly Barnes. Jvan Ijerty, David SrTirr, Robert and Adrios Duhn, Walter and Bersice Robber. Harry and Jack Rooth, Jack Such. Robert Mncler, Sam Huber f.'ooms, Willard Noble. George McDowell, Marion and N.rma Iirson, Hope Jenson. Hulh Lilly, Marcella and Billy Woollen. Beverly Kanford, Brioe and Mclvin Nelson, June Klint, Jackie Robber,' Sunny Vale, Margaret Wallace, Anita and Gloria Larsen, Philip Lilly. Lucille Holcome, Jean Roberts, Ruth Pattin, Betty Pat-tin, Constance and Helen Benford, Irene Hendrlckson, Winifred Claw-son, Veronica Olivers, Junior Dawson. Raymond Fernwood, Evelyn Srlimldl, Jock and Paul Chase, Stanley Fernwood, Hob Swift, Patsy Wallace, Laura Thomas, Marjorie Lilly, Doris Anderson, Norma Sherman. ,'T Sectional Hoop Champs Named At Castlemont After a series of strenuous games in the preliminary rnunea of basketball tournament at Castle- mont, the following class teams ! emerged as sectional winners and I this week will play In the, finals' to determine the court championship of the school. Players on the following Qualifying squads promise plenty of excitement and will attract a large audience. Winners to date are: Seniors, Clusfoni Jun lors. Townsend? high sophomores. Butts, and low sophomores. Seeker. The long waited for crevr practice for the Castlfimont girls has started and fifty-five strokers will report for duty on the lake every wiek hecinning Tuesday. The season will terminate with the annual inter-class regatta to'-decido,. the school championship. T)i Crusaders golf team which in entered In the city tournament . on May II, sponsored by , Tba TRIBUNE, give promise ostein one of the warmest threats fofTifst place in the big eontegt.-The C'astie em made a tine showing aginsti Piedmont two weeks ago when ffceyV chalked up a record of an average K-nre of s noints for the ISOio!. . n the "team are: Henry TowVfl.1 Burt Paulson. Mai Figueirn, Rav Stagraro. Bill Martin. Phil Gordon. Ok-n Mntch. IJoyd fellman aad Harvey Courragea, line, Helen Goodfellow, Bernice Kerr, MartiTa Gifford, Julia Knowles, Marjorie Gonsalves, Barbara Mawman, Agnes Mackenzie, Marjorie Van Dusen; third line, Frances Hoover, Helen Swainson, Elizabeth Jasey, Ellen Lewis, '(capt.) ; fourth line, May Nielson, Virginia Gibson, Charlotte Nelson, Ruth Desious, Lorraine Robinson, Helen Esplin, Virginia Coleman, Esther Swan-strom, Joy Giantvalley; fifth line, Charmion Johnson, Evelyn Sylvester, Donna Miller (capt.), Jane Saybaugh, Dorothy Baker, Dorothy Ryan, Eunice Monzo; top line, Frances Jensen (capt.), Marion Morgan, Merlen Hast WESTLAKE HAS PADDLE MEET Under Miss Blanche Pope's direction, the tVestlake .girls Tield a practice play day In paddle-handball on Wednesday, two daya preceding their big city play day. This group of girls represented those who were more Interested In paddles than baseball.. Thirty-one doubles competed among themselves. - .The following girls met In Competition: Class, E Nohuko Tamahe, Laura Tom, Nancy Ziegenfuss, Betty Avery, Shirley Bean, Teggy Bunker, Grace Bostrom, Gra e Mac-Srlfirir Bessie Boj'd, ""Klixahwh Sutton, Mae Lew, Joyce Lindsay, Clarlta O'Connor, MarjorU Wick, Maxine O'Connell, Khlzuko Morquio. Class F Norene Dopp, Evelyn Robins, Annabelle Kelley, Janet Kisteman, Elizabeth McElrath Sydny Wheeler, Pierette r- Vin- cinzl, Eleanor Crow, liable Tick, Ah Gee Ira, Tashlye Yamabe, Lou Won Lee, Katherlne Foster, June Diywnle, Bessie Ng, Elizabeth Smyth, Gertrude Jeons. Cla'ss (1 Elizabeth Hynes, Barbara Long, Dot Bastian, Dot Cutter, Stella Lew, Mary Yee, Mny-bella Woo, Elizabeth Jeong, Virginia Mulhern, Ann Leong. Class H Veronica Sequoia, Mildred Downle, Loretta Taylor. Henrietta White, Aryiie Lew, Jeannette Ng. . Class I Sally True, Betty H.irL Ing, Amy Leong, Thelnia Rivllt. .'lass J-Hele Kwlng, Virginia Pomeroy, Virginia Bobbins, Isabella Kane, Margaret Bird, Bernice Warnock, Doris Kirk, Eleanor Murtaugh. Tech High Tumbler Billed at Theater The present Technical " high tumbling team, under the direction of Coach Ray Hamilton, Is preparing for the "biggest nnd best" exhibition since the season of '2. when the Brond way school acrobats performed for one week at the Grand Lake theater and one night at the Orpheum. "The lads of 1332 have the making of a star team." said Coach Hamilton, "and much time Willi be given to pyramids and Intricate stunts." There also will be a 0o act on the parellel barra by the team captain. Warren Render. Coach Hamilton has worked up a spectacular finale that should bring popularity to the team, according to those who have seen them in practice. Hawthorne Girls in Return With Dewey Two team from Hawthorne i'aveled to Dewey on Friday for a return series In longball with these girls In the lineup: Dorothy Hubert fesptalnl,- Ruth Landowitz. Dorothy Sutherland. Gertrude Simmons. Norma Johnson, Beverly Hodges and Bernice Mathias. Louise Doswald (captain). Fafiny Feigenhurg. Virginia Xoonan.. Virginia Troutwine. Francesg Muhl-dorfer. Lillian Erodie and Helen Cummings. Interest High as Teams Reach Baseball Finals The fhlrd round of the baseball tournament on the Junior high Circuit was ushered "In this weekTin balmy breezes and brilliant beams of sunshine, bracing and bright enough to warm the heart of the most rabid player and the fan alike. And Is the population hereabouts Sold on baseball . . , Ask those In -the family circle who either did their dlrilng alone for the week or waited for the return of the; belated baseruiiners and blencherltes to gather 'round for the evening 'chovv" . . they'll tell you . . . they are yearning for expression. Baseball has that effect . , , It's funny that way. ' What with this tournament reachlng'the rinsing' round and the-Coast League opening what chance has any well ordrjred household rlgh now of running on s hedule routine? None. The big season is on, nnd for the time being, home is Just the port of call after the game Is over. And what a game! And these lads In Junior high school now playing teammates in a clty-wlde contest for a championship award are the real builders of the game the ones who in truth make It a national pastime. Among them are players whose names in future yeara will flash their way trt fame via curves and Strike and hits and drives, but tney will never give nor get a keener thrill than the victory that comes to them today on the playground lots. Here the sport ot sports Is all sport. Following are teams that will decide the westslde ehamplonsblps -In six classified divisions during the forthcoming week: Prcscntl: Class E Emlllo Dlro-donl, George Santos; Ahdo Allen, Paul BlacR, Jim Gianopolas, Zickie Plrak, Kenneth Proctor, Leonard Strickland, Tony Camara and Eddie Fernandez. Class F Amos Coe, oherle Dyrett, Newton Baker. Arthur Lewis. Iceland Thompson, Albert Cezar, Frank Jurich, James Doyle, Lawrence Jackson, Harry Norager. and Albert Rijdrlgues. Class G George White, Tohy Romley, Nick Muyo. Mack Pehe well, Guido Piceobonl. John Morn. Ravmond Nunes, and Godford Ise-be1I. Class H Edgar Enos, Harry Gemignanl, A merino, Doridoni, Eddie Fernandez Joe Milnno. Al-vin Madruga. Herman Fasquln, John Fernandez and Linto Giam-poll. Class J Oliver Desmangles, Leleon Huff, Harold Jackson. Walter Hardy, Joe Campi, Frank Gliozzi. John Zorlch, Morris Wheatley, Elliott Milancnn. WcWHlrnv Wilson: Class F M. Lepori, M. Young. Rob Beckr V. Caneva. John Jones. Albert Steele. Jack WMtaker, Jack Gordon. Otis Nordstrom, Leo Cramer, 'Rudy Pederson. Frank Taylor. Mess Solarl. Class O Albert Allen, Boh Alamelda Fillfo, Ca levari, RIH Sewell, George Cuckovltch. R-Perry, A. Mutlev, 'Bill Lesperson, S. Rowe, Buddy Hewgon, Carl Krelg, Frank Bowden, Art Boero. Clasa H Al Damaschlno, John Fregulla, Paul Jackson, Aldo Gal-lettl, Leon Lafallle, Meyer Black-man, J. Ferrlera, Jim Moore, Bob Sims, Jack Flynn; Abe Brown, Billy Dorsey, George Thompson. Bob Matthew. Class I Oliver Devine, Jack Dufoaee, Robert Looney, Roy Meliana. Oeorae Walsh. Charles Warren. Bill Sax on. Aldo Gianninl, Russ Farran- llne. Jack Moore, Charles Man. Class J Massa'to. Wheeler. Chir- co, J. Iaola, F. fcardoli, F. DaValle, IMM.M., .n.Li,r." im.nn.niin 11 i iMMM,aiiaMMMiMiriw;Miiiir rrsmiuii t n r-;Ti-'--T;ti-"'-"Ti n n ings, Verda Powers, Margaret Nagey, Lillian Arutzen, Valma Johnstone, Bernice Ehrhart, Marjorie Fox, Eleanor Peterson. Baseball squads from lower to top are: first line, Class E: Jack McCann, Morrell Muller, Wilbur Lee, Bob Stumph, Douglas McLean, Edwin Stabler, Bob McClus-key, Ted Bradley, John Hutzler, Chester Thompson, second, Class F, Mat Sylvester, James Gallagher, Bob Smith, Remo Maniketti, Karl Rigor, Raymond Tobey, Woodrow Walsh, Sidney Troxel, Carlos De Rego. Emery Elleryt third. Class G: Jack Tummins, Richard Delguidice, Weldon Smith, Walter Dice, Jack Strath-earn, Sam Kureich, Lloyd Jones, James Turkelson, Wal L. Oulder, L. Henderson, A! Isola, H. Marty, J. Lafalllp. Golden Gale: Class E John Opagaslan, Fred Borland, Ray Yeaw, Joe Amnral. Charles Secor, Arthur Occel'l, William Fitch, George Burnett, Ernie Falera, Wilfred Resarl. Class F Manuel Gonsalves,1 Tom Klvin, Salvador Ventlnlgh, Louts Passarino. George Elvln, George Egrsn, Billy Enos, Vernon Ryan. Closs G Albert Ghlggert, Billy Wilson, John Vu-kas, Edward'Wilson, Alfred Costa, Russell Games, Lovell. Smith, Wayne Oyler, Vernon Draysdale, Tnnv Gunarl. Class I Ernest Goodrich Dick Dlnl, Joe Gnncalves, Ernest Boyer, James Zuffer. At-tlllo Lucchesl, John Peters, Silvio Musso, John Cnrvslho, Jerry Larrib,- Thomas Mesqulto, Mark Burnett, Mart Scott, Armando Rossi. Class J Richard Truscott, Fred Moresco, Bob Nicholson, Ray Souden. William I'.alzs, Kenneth Oyler, Boh Pelusl, Leonard Snnd- grass. jack Kavanaugn, jonn Browskl. . Clarrmont: Class f Albert March!. Gordon Green, Billy Nelson, Frank Mory. James Swift, Frances Oliver Roland Nelson, James Taylor, Stanley Oluen, Ray Jones, Harold Wallace, FranK Roberts, Leo Mowaj-, " Kenneth Havs. Class G Harry Clausen, Wlilard OmmerVRob Jacobs. SHff Bagley, John Lftrconl, Caldef Hayes, Boh 'Vhalley, Bill Lee, Boh Harris, Junior Franrrnia, Mernen Llgda. Class I Milton Rowley, Dallas Bartram, Bob Olson, Bill Ny, George Boyner, Bob Cuaclo, piih Johnson, Ned Flanders. Bill Ti-e, Harold Martin, Ames Clark. iWetlnke: Class F-Le t'm-phred. Jack Mcyullllan. Bill Pratt, Tom Takahashl, Melville, Mendel-son, Eugene Stephens, Jean Hyams, 'Roland Jones, Albert Elckhoff. Jack Williams, Jim Livingston. Bnd Blodgetf. Class l Lloyd Snyder, Ival Sutton, Bernard Goldstein, Phil Crakow. Ted Malteson, Harvey Croswhlte, Mrtr! Naborl. Wilbur. Fountain. Lyle PIflnJe, Stanton Markovits. Class 11 Ed Howden, Tom Collins. Wilson Fung, Hilly McArthur, Bill MeCammon, Era-mett Rose, Stan Jackson. Herbert Hoover! Clasfl E Jack Shields, Harold Belluoml. . John Smith. Wallace Smith. Regis Hnr-lev, John Marhettl, Hymel Fads, Shori Iijima, Walter Pensley, Benny Kunshl, Bill Alston, Ralph James Guaragno. Class F George Alameda, James Dogatt, Nick Rago. Bernard Uribe. Alex Grata, Elmer Romine, Charles McClure. John Monroe, Willie Costes. Art Geddis. Wallace Moss, Wilbur Blodg'tf, Jack Karnabrams. Warren D'Asquith, Fmll Gostafson. Clasa G Iiwrence Iovlne, Peter Antone, Frank Pacheco, Dante Puree Mo, Angelo Fagliano. Airren Husso, LeRojr Mlddlekauft, Tom IsuJI, Frank Jorgenson, Vic Re- morto, Chester Martin, weiaen Creamer. Class I Jimmy ien-dosa, Melvlft Piomba. Willie Mello, Frank Thomas. George Lrett, John Fltzpatrlck, Joe Romagnola, nn Cartenson. John Molao, Fred D'Asquith, Bob Murdock, Jack For rest. Wendell Anderson, uiaaa j John Murtaugh, George Brown, La.Marte DeWindt. Walter Leof- fler, Islle Boyle, Jack Reischman, Elliott Rochlln, Frank Kteinbaugn, Rudolph Kelly, erfion Porter, Kenneth Bryant. Lowell: , Class E John Strat-house, Oliver Harris. Edward Alexander. Joe Rugtlerrt. Ed Pedronl. Joe Klyota. Ka:no Mayeds. Jepux ' Torres. Adolph rrtoni, Felix Ciri-mele, Uamora Hiroia, Jack, dal- i ' . " STANDARD OF HEALTH GIVEN From the office of Willard E. Glvena, superintendent of schools, cornea the announcement through the weekly bulletin that: "A. committee appointed by the Superintendent's council, which Included membership from principals, supervisors, teachers, the superintendent's staff, and the Jiealth department, has worked out a minimum standard of health for Oakland public school teachers which has been considered and approved by the board of education. "Teachers coming new to Oakland are given a thorough physical examination by our own health department before being employed and again before being made permanent teachers In our system. Tearhers now In service who clear ly do not meet these minimum standard of health will be asked by the superintendent to come to the health department for a thorough physical examination. "The Oakland public schools are owned, maintained and o)er-ated hy the people primarily for one pnfposo the instruction and development In the finest ny possible of the children of our city, the bulletin In part statea, And health Is vital a factor with anyone who Is working -on-staiuly with human beings that, the welfare and best Interest of the children demand that those of ns who work with them shall keep In good physical condition. Our hw.lth affects directly our mental attitude and our spiritual Insight. "The adoption of this standard of health for our public school teachers la an effort to set un In a clear and confine way a standard which In sures to the children of Oakland the finest type of teaching servlceand a standard by which the teachers may measure themselves and seek always to keep in auch physical condition that their services will be of most valge to the children with whom they wrtrk." llano, Anthony Campo, Grant t'arletnn. Class T Uinnlilo Caruso, Francis Jordan, . Raymond Duke, Frank Neatl, Patsy Dorazio, Carleton Brown, Sam Quintlni, Kenneth Valladro, Himey Saruer, Tadacht Ysmada, Tadashi Hiratl, Leonard Gross, Lewis Wertraro, Jerome Freitas, Harold Kleine. Class G Jlmmie Dick. Hara Ka- luakl, Louis Crosetti, Alfred Spin- golo, Joe Ullozsle, 'Richard Casera, Fred Baker, Billy -hidy, Jlinmle McCloud, Llewellyn Husband, Ernest Kalmondl. Dewey Bargiac- clni, Philip Hlralez, Manuel Del-clno, JIartin Pulardo. Class H Frank Fazio, Anthony Milano, Clarence Jenklni, Vernon Egamba, Victor Adelson, Milton Breneman, Frank Miyake. Charles . Grasso, Sam Ouerreque, Joe Todaro, Dean Young, Albert Raimondl, Joe John- ion, Eddie Kruse. Clasa I Mel- vin Alamano. George Manrtlsn, Richard Epperson, Raymond Car- dello, Lawrence Saeni, Malcolm Harvey, Alfred Jorden. Angeio Runlch. Lewis Spector. Goro Su- xuwkl, Ray Gendle. Charles Per- lando, Roy Boseoeci, Tony J)oven to, Dan Guttrldge. Class J- George Johnston, Don Farrell. Caf-men Gomez, Edward Dame. Thur-mnn Brooms. Henry Castro, Mill Kurk, Bernard Imsn, Kd Sor-rtiU bld Tbomciun, Leonard lace Pearson, Peter Zmitrovich, George Mepp, Frederick J Green, Vernon Owens; fourth, Class H: Quentin Morni, Francis Morris, Walter March, Jack McCluskey, Bob Kohn, Lester Nelson, Willard Davis, Jack Youngstrom, Jack Miller, Virgil Holman; fifth, Class I: Don Whitting. ham, Rudolph Hennig, Bert Jones, Spencer Murray, George Seiboll, Eyrie Campbell, Robert Harris, Juliua Hennick, Anthony Risch, Dick Wight, Fred Abbott, James Pastor; sixth, and top line. Class T:. Hansen, Chase, , Williamson, Harris, Merrick, Abbott; top, Devol, Decoit, Williamson, Harris, Merrick, Abbott; top. Devol, Rischell, Thea, Lucas and Norman. TRIBUNE photos. ' Play Day for . Girl Athletes Holds Interest With thirteen district senior high schools represented, the , eeml-annual play day of the' Girls' Ath.-letlc nssociatinn to be held at San Leandro on Saturday, April 28, Is claiming the spotlight among outstanding lenders and athletes of the prep school population-in the Eastbay region. Each high school will send a committee appointed from the senior. Junior and . sophomore classes, and following a morning of sports activities f luncheon and business meeting will conclude the day's ceremonies. , Athletes who will represent Roosevelt high at the federation Include: Elaine Bailejv presiding officer; Margaret Gallagher, Nettle Grant, Alice Cummings and Lillian Wager from the senior class. The Junior delegates will he Gladys Buckingham. Georgia Mc-Cune, Cornelia Musch, Vivian Iown and Jean Martin, Those representing the sophomores are Vernlce Chamherlain, Hazel Harris. Alice Pratt and Margaret Willis. Castlemont high leaders who will attend are: Marlon Conklln,. Mildred Henshey, Helen Jones, Ida Merrick and Loretta McMannls, seniors. -Mary Key, Fern King, Catherine Mllhone and Elinors Spencer, Junlou Violet Goldman, .Romnlne Hansen, Norma Talhert and Marianne Walker, sophomore. Peralta Midgets Organized for Baseball Games The Teralta Midgets are a new ly organized baseball lineup at this west side playgrcund where a clan of enterprising batsmen from the fourth and fifth gradea havii derided to reap some of the glory that Is being handed out to wizards who wield the wicked willow. They have a full team and manager and the average weight ef the plarers Is 15 pounds. They are preparing for a busy summer season of challenged games and they expect to develop Into another one of the several squads of clever small batsmen that are located about the playground. These are the ambitious sluggers: Donald Harry. Bob Keneli, V'II1 Mayer, Jimmy Prouty, Bobby Colburn, Armando deMlngo. John Rogers, Tommy Rogers and Charles Harmon. The manager Is Justin Pah a tore. Humphrey, Ed Prado, ' Vincent Mori, Arthur Escoto. Lincoln: Clasa F Hafbo Vyeda, Masato Naklo. Leond Hague. Billy Croter, Walter . Dang, Morris Abrama. Arthur Candelarlo, Harold Ruhenstein. Bernard Lyman. Class H Teo Fazio. Wal On, Gregory Albetrio. Alfred Won?, Robert Barnes. Frank Lew. Mtchio Hlra- Jr-ara,- flerald Payne. Harry Lee, uonain 11. v.inss tjiiiv v nn-nelly, Herbert I"e, Philip Rosenthal; Vincent Di1rrfano, -Edward Chew. Iorfu . Manl?)', llertert Hdkerham. NETBALLftiEET RESULTS GIVEN In the inter-school girl' Plar Day aeries to determine the champions In the netball tournament between toama from Golden Gate, Peralta, Santa Fa and Washington, on the Golden Gate courts th results In the four classified dlyU Bin na n.nr-a a fnllowH! Class A Won by Santa Fa Va, Peralta, 17 to 11. Clasa B Won by Golden Oat vs. Peralta. 24 to 16. Class C Won by Peralta Vi. Golden Gate, 2S to 21. Class D Won by Santa Fe M. Washington, 14 to 13. Teams In the contest were! Gulden Gate: Clasa B Lor raine Hughes. Marian Atkins, Rarhara .Navelllcr, Phyllis Walker, Margaret Dunn, Cynthia, McCahe, Zolda Israel, Margaret Casvon, Olive Brooks: Class C Annette Starr, Klizabeth Carlson, Gcraliline Ga-bar, Flora Mac-Parian, Patricia Garsean, Ann llckkcr, Barbara Wllaou. Lucil Read:. reralta: Class A Dorla Eaken Martha Sherwood, Helen Maries, Barbara Scrlbner. Marian Russell, Allce Spracklen, Vernica Hoffman. Class B Frances Hurley, Viols. Wood, Frances Sauter, Janet Stu art, flora ueieie. Sante Fe: Class A -Betty Brsd ley, Patricia Gordon, Claira Bean-Ion, Eleanor Zontlne, Evelyn Harrison, Dorothy Valerio, Ethel. Hughes. Class D Doris Chapman, Helen Hill, Dorothy Rarg, Elaine Frechanl. Alary Kinaiai, jnyrtiy Oliver, Peggy Locke, Charlotte Johnson. Washington: Class C-D Jan Ann Baker, Harriet Anderson, Raminn. Garcia and Phyllis French. a ii r,:i- : Miicnuaic vjiiss tit Busy Sports Program As a special attraction for ths spring days, the Allendale Girls' Sport club has Including hiking,, swimming and tennis In their activities scheduled and at thaif weekly meeting on Wednesday program of these events was arranged and the full- membership of 3."i girls will be engaged In a tennis nnd' swimming seiles with. Saturday hikes to the nearby hills. In the meantime the Boys' Drama, club is rehearsing for the presentation of a play called "Daniel Boone." which is to be one of their contributions to the spring assembly programs with, the cast Including the follnn-lng: Clark Keeney, Bob Starr, Jimn r Costes, Anthony Guisto and Bob Boyd. Boy' Council Formed At Lowell Junion Hi A boys' athlctio council has i organized at Lowell juniorr hieh tor manage the noon-hour program of activities on the playground. A representative from each one rf the major rooms has been si-pointed to arrange competition t r his class. George Johnston. prel,!"i :: Thurman Brooms, vlce-pres , Georsre Mnnadlsh. secret t: ' " las Williams. Sam fnnri'! i, T - Jordan, John Strs-h"iie, ; i Kruse. Gene Cnmervn. Bell. AVernick R.--en-..-";". 1 i Rennlvk. P'T'n-'-I "- i t'ar-u'o, T -,i - I nn!p n. A i - . i -i.,,-,- ! .-'. t . l

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