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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 11

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 11

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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Oakland APRIL 7, 1932 If GETS Irish to Insist on Parley at Dublin LONDON, April 7.0P) Usually well Informed circles Bald today the- government of the Irish Free State will Insist that any confer ence between itself and Great Britain on the oath of -allegiance and the land annuities must be held in Dublin. President Eamon De Valera of the Free State and his adherents are Irrevocably opposed to a conference inr London. Man Dies Following Funeral of Wife COLUSA, April 7. Frank Fer-raiuolo, 66, formerly in charge of the city street cleaning department, died here yesterday three weeks after the death of his wife, Mrs. Carmella Ferraiuolo.

The family had been living In Stockton. Ferraiuolo coming here to attend the funeral of his wife, who was buried In Colusa. He became 111 the day after the funeral and died yesterday ef a heart attack. TO FIGURE IN Hikes THURSDAY EVENING HIS J0BBACK AIDES SOUGHT 7x IT Berkeley Biking Cluft. Murietta Caves near Livermore will be visited by the Berkeley Patrolman George Morrison, dismissed by Chief of Police James T.

Drew for an alleged assault on John Goodwin, barber, S44S Fruit-vale avenue, because he objected to the way Goodwin had cut his Hiking club next Sunday. Meet at University and Oxford, Berkeley, at 8 a. m. Go by auto via Liver- What a Value This Is! Improvement Club -Plans To Erect Sign on Pioneer 8th Street Dwelling more to the caves. Douglas Beae- sen's hahv lairacte e-thejOakland ley will lead.

A theater party at the New Par amount, Oakland, will be 'held Starting morning at Clinton Improvement associa- Electric Alarm Clock next Monday at 7 p. ni. Sierra Club. SAN FRANCISCO. April 7.

Appointment pf a citizens commit, tea of. BOOO persons to entertain the. thousands of delegates to the Shine national convention here be-gan today following a meeting of the San Francisco Shrine Convention, and the tharttber Ot commerce yesterday; The comlmr conclave, scheduled for July 20, 27 and 28. was characterized as a $25,000,000 expression of optimism" by William H. Wood-field, director general of the local Shrine organization.

He declared 157 Shrine temples are preparing to spend lavishly to make the convention a success. One of the features, according to present is a "Hollywood Night" in civic center, which will be converted into a stadium for the event. Sixty-five temples" have pledged attendance of bands and uniformed bodies, Woodfleld said. State, civic, business and professional leaders attended the meeting yesterday. nine crowds jammed this great1 store.

Enthusiastic. Members of the Sierra club Will visit Marin county next Sunday. tion, embractnaterritory which was occupied and owned by one of the first white settlers in Oakland, I planning a distinctive celebra-tion during the observance of Oakland's eightieth anniversary week, TVt 1 in a Take the 8:15 a. m. boat to Sausa lito.

Walk along ridges to lunch spot at a spring, then continue to Complete with cord and Plug crowds, amazed at the saving Sears' savings! Join these crowds tonight or tomorrow or Saturday. The earlier the better to assure best choice while assortments are full. police force. His chastisement of the barber, however, will cost him suspension of 60 days without pay, the civil service board has ruled. Morrison's dismissal by Chief Drew was approved by Cily Manager Ossian E.

Carr. The dismissal was based on the Goodwin charge, and on other complaints of alleged brutality against the officer. Morrison appealed from his dismissal, and in a session, which commenced Tuesday night and ended yesterday, more than' BO witnesses were heard. Commissioner James C. Walsh voted to uphold Morritson's dismis Mill Valley.

Leland E. Smith and John P. Schagen will lead. Attention will be directed by the club to the home of Albert B. Chase at 404 East Eighth street.

A- dinner meeting and travel talk will be enjoyed next Tuesday at the Bellevue hotel. Newton Bell, Sierra member, will tell of "Climb' ing Volcanoes In Mexico." Contra Costa mils Club. Colbert Coldwell, past president of The quarterly meeting of the tha chamber of commerce, was sal. President Bernard Silversteln and CommlsToher John Irish voted named provisional chairman of the citizens entertainment committee. Contra Costa Hills club will be held next Sunday at San Rafael ridge.

Take 8:15 Sausalito boat for his return to the forcer and train to San Rafael. Meeting which is said to be the1 oldest frame dwelling in Oakland, and Is occupied by the grandson of Ptoses Chase whocame to these Bhores In 1849 in search of health. Chase spent his time hunting and fishing and was discovered leading this pleasant life by the Tatter brothers, who joined with him and eventually founded the little town of Clinton, later taken Into the Incorporated limits of Oakland. sign foii norgjy The Clinton Improvement association plana to erect a suitable aign on the house designing its historic importance' and to illuminate It during every night of anniversary week with, flood lights will be at 1:30. James Bassett Guaranteed for a Year Only Sears can bring you this Value.

Polished walnut colored Bakelite case. Plugs Into any outlet. Never needs winding and Anita Fisher will lead. California Alpine Club. I Added 1 jl Attraction An overnight trip to Alpine lodge will be taken by the Call fornia Alpine 'club next Saturday ftnd Take.

3:15 p. m. Double Bed Couch Sausalito train; to Mill 6 ayr- ta 8 1 1 aw m-. Sausalito boat and train to Mill, Valley. i making it risible to all pass- rsby.

With Three Kapok Cushions oofwean with a Cm 1252 120 value. Folds out te a double bed. Complete with cretonne combed mattress. All-a teal frame, comfortable spring. newTnenae The club, with the cooperation the Down Town Association, also plans to loan to Oakland merchants many of the hlstorlo relics, "which Chase has retained, for use In store window displays.

It Is also tentatively planned to demote the regular monthly meeting of the club during that week to a pioneer program, and Chase has been named chairman on arrangements. R. J. York is president of the club, Axel Wahlstrom, Chase and Miss Agnes Morgans are vice- YOUe-Everybody Will Be Talking About SearV Dollar Day Friday, April 8th Open till 5i30 p. m.

Saturday, April 9th Open till 9 p. m. 50- and AO-Watt Light Bulbs 4c Chief Counsel of Finance Body Quits SALT LAKES CITY. April T. The resignation of a.

A. Marr of Salt Lake City, as chief counsel of the Reconstruction Finance corporation, was announced in a Washington dispatch to tha Tribune last night. The dispatch aays that Marr has completed details of the plan under which the corporation functions and placed its legal machinery in full swing. As a result he feels that he can not remain longer. The directors, the story says, accepted Marr's resignation with regret.

His successor has not been chosen. Lifebuoy Soap 4 for 19c The famous health soap. Full size bars. (Limit 4.) presidents, J. T.

and R. R. Talley are secretaries. B. O.

Burge la and Miss Margaret Crystal clear tin ier bulbs. Only Wash Dresses Rayon Spreads 300 Sprirtg Hats while lot lasts, Winton is recording secretary. COMMITTEE TO MEET. eacn tc. A meeting of the general civic $1 committee, which Mayor Fred Windshield Wings Morcom appointed to supervise GiarstM: ut ior a NIW DHGIS iriT FADERI SIms 1 to SO, 8s t.

43.. Vat d.Ttd print', ind color llaRVt 'In eotorfal, The Rumba 1 White Elk, Black Trim While Trim White Elk. Blue Trim White Elk, Red Trim Also all While The Gloria A swanky sandal in all White Kid. Boulevard heel and Spanish heel. the city-wide observance of Oak 169 land's eightieth birthday which falls on May, will be held In the Dress up the car' with ium 1 1 ate glass windshield Wings.

flit Without a doubt the best collection of. hats u'v at It. rl- mayor's offices, Friday afternoon mart andpractlcal trlaa. Plenty at styl.k Harrv O. Williams, city auditor Fair laolnd.d.

Kbort and vice-chairman of the commit tee, will preside in the absence of William Nat Friend, chairman, Waling those that usually sell for around doubio Vhs price is rivaled In this group. Turbans, Kough fjtinti-a, Brims; Brown, Gresn and Pustel shades. All head sizes. ulrtrH with con-Iraitlnf plplnfn; flared and pleated 3 for $1 who is out of town. 80x105 In Blze, Jacquard design, popular colors.

Colors are blue, rose, gold, lavender, green. Williams spoke to the Clinton Improvement Association Monday City Employees Must Live Within City SAN FRANCISCO, April 7. City employees must conform to the charter requirement that they live within the city or lose their jobs. In a communication to department heads, Mayor Angelo Rossi said this rule must be enforced, and executives have begun a check of their employees. In some instances, it Is said, employees have given addresses within the city when, in fact, they lived In the East bay or down the penin Water Pails 12c Heavy gaivan rVnieht.

and reported that a score 8Un. Sheeting yd. 27c Unbleached! A very good quality. Firm, even weave. Hound threads.

of other organizations have already announced their Intention of con "Hornet" Golf Balls ducting individual programs prior ised with strong 2 Carloads'to Start Sale! to or during the celebration. The HOSIERY New shade of suntan correct with the white theme $1.25 pair 2 pair for $2 bottom. (Limit 20-Gallon Ash Cans Estra heavy galvantxed Iron with tight-fitting oover. Fall 10-gallon 1 sue. Priced at climax of1 the city's birthday ob Wliat a ball! Selberllng's famous "Hornet" for practice or beginners' game- 1).

er'vance will bs the civic pioneer program to be given in the Oakland Theater Auditorium on the sorry, limit 4 A 1 sular. for a for to a custome Bamboo Rake night of May 4. L. A. Society Girl To Wed Journalist 12.

Strong, 11 hi weight rake wltn bamboo handle. (Limit 1.) Floor-o-Ieum Guaranteed Perfect FLOOR COVERING We Should Sell 5000 Cans at This PrUeu 100 Pure Pennsylvania OIL, 2-GaI. Can Victor McLaglen Sued for Beating LOS ANGELES, April T-(UP Charging that Victor McLaglen, motion picture actor, "set upon him and beat him severely," Thomas R. Hughes asked 110,000 damages in a suit on file today. The attack occurred at the Fox studios last January, Hughes alleged.

He claimed that McLaglen, who played the hard-boiled Captain Flagg in "What Price Glory?" inflicted a broken nose and other injuries. I IjOa ANGELES, April 7. OP) With the announcement they were to be married today In 1'hoenlx, Miss Harriet E. Huntington. Angeles society girl, and Charles Hoppe, South African newspaper man, left here last Crystal White 1544 Broadway, Opp.

16th Men's 8 hop, 14 JS Broadway, opp. 16th jAepresonrATlve cOlthcMcnv Classic footwear 5 for 14c Flour Sacks 10 for 59c Large finished, ready to use. Ideal for dish towels. (Limit 10.) in the wide world Is tills ell te be compared with mnr low-yrleed oil. THK BFT Olt, TfOlI CAN BUT Brfini-d lo Meet 8.

A. K. SO-40-50 Teat Week after wuek inotorlsti come back for this oil, oven at the regular higher price. Now the same quality oil that costs 30o and 85a a quart at service stations SKA US hers, 1 gallons (8 quarts) for $1. The favorite laundry snap of the West.

Special L.lmlt si. square yards 4-Sewed Broom Made of 1 ed night. The couple met in tne South seas test year when Miss Huntington was the head of an expedition filming native dances. Hoppe, that time, was touring the Islands. i Driver May Lose Operator's License MARTINEZ, April 7.

Suspension of the driver's license of E. Morel, 1420 Seventeenth street, Oakland, will be recommended to the state motor- vehicle as the result of an accident on Pleasant Hill road Monday, Captain George A. Beion of the state highway patrol said today. Morel Is said to have been involved In a crash In which Dr. I H.

Rothlisberger, Walnut Creek; veterinarian, waa injured. 25' brown corn- quality at a low price. Kach 26c. (Limit 1 JevSLOAJNE SUTTEtl STREET mear GIAUT AVE SAN1 FRANCISCO 81x99 Sheets You've been paying up to 1.59 for thla quality. Pull 81x11!) Inches, neatly hemmed.

Absolutely dj 1 without dressing Boys' Sox Cuff top sox in fancy patterns. Klantlo A fc 1 1.65 Oven The Ideal pie and cake oven. Hets on gas burner. tl Qlass front 1 Bird Cage Strong wire cage, complete with cups and perches, ejl Finished in 9 1.39 Stool Strong stool with- rubber covered and treads. Green finish, 1 limit 1 35c Kleenex The vatlon's favorite tprs.

gurter knit $1 Ovaltine 69c The nation's favorite health bev-e a (Special. (Limit 1) Toilet Tissue 5 for 19c Good quality1" tis-Suo, Early shopping is advised. (Limit 6). Toweling Piirt linen: blached soft- The best vnUn In ft Days Sale. We know, because 3 carloads were snlil out in a nil alsorbent.

i'lnk or blue woven .11 yds. $1 border hurry weeks ago. High pollnh finish, wanted patterns." Will lie flat on floor without tnrklna. Cut. Men's Overalls from full rolls.

6 square yards 1. Sweeper Full roller brush set In ma- nogany finlBb wood case. cleansing tissue, at a record Kublier treaded Wlieels, We Think Youll Admire Gur European Show Window Have you seen it? It has caused unusual comment. low f- eozes $1 $1 long handle for price. 65 first grade heavy blue I in, triple a 1 1 ched, rustpro ns, reinforce a' all points of strain.

Mattress Cover Made of Black Rock Sheeting. Taped seams, unbreakable buttons. or full size. 1 Buy Two -Bring a Friend Tell a Neighbor Don't Miae ThU EventI DRESSES Leatherette Jackets Del Valle Camp Worker Found Dead LIVERMORB. April 7.

A man tentatively Identified by police as Fred Tomlan, 30. an employee of the Del Valle camp here, was found dead this morning under a bridge in the railway yards. There were no marks of violence or evidences of suicide on the body. An autopsy 'will be held to determine the cause cf death. Santa Cruz Church To Note Anniversary SANTA CRUZ, April 7.

When the First Advent Christian church of this city celebr.ea next Sunday the twentieth anniversary of the dedication of its ohurch building, one of the speakers will be-the Rev. George E. Cooprlder of Bel-lingham. who wae pastor here when the church was built in 1912. Liquor Possession -Char pels Dropped Malt 5 cans SI Old Burley Brand Liarge Cans (Limit 6) Sugar Pure C'sne.

Cloth Bag. (Mmlt 1 Bug) 25 ibt. $1 Rainproof and fleeced lined. Brown, red. tan, "green Slses to 11 a Men's Coat Sweaters You'll Find Dresiet Valued Up to 5.95 in the Croup.

Surprising I i Cups and Saucers pore wmte Bt. Dennis otton with a mixture of" wool- I oxford brown and green 1 eather Colorful Cretonnes '7. shape cups and inner while lot lasts. Pair 7c $1 Full It inches wide, spl.ndld quality. 10 A yards.

pair for Unbleached Muslin Mayonnaise Famotn blue muslin, full wide edge unblearhed 15 yds. $1 19c Full MARTINEZ, April 7. Charges of possession of liquor against Robert Lowery were dismissed yes- terday by Justice of the Peace B. Wilson on motion of District i Steel Shaft Golf Clubs 1.95 Former values np to CHROMIUM heads mid-Irons, putters, siashles. niblicks, etc.

Pillows All feather bed pilloi Primrose Brand, guaranteed highest quality. (Limit 1) s. well filled 2 for $1 reatner ugnt A French living-room ensemble of the" Louis XV style, arranged from our recent European importations. The Imported Drapery and Upholstery Fabrics were specially and exclusively woven for us, as evidenced by our name woven in the selvedges. c' SILK DAMASK BROGATELLES BROCHES PETIT POINT PIECES for SEATS and BACKS VELOURS DeGENE FRENCH MOQUETTES A FLEMISH HAND-LOOM TAPESTRY, 14th Century Design window display is an index of the style and quality which distinguishes our imported Furniture and Fabrics, extensively shown in out store.

-WeinYit6-youunspectiojindaomp ent prices for distinctive furnishings with the cost of the commonplace. The Show-WinRocs are lighted until 10:30 evenings. Attorney James r. Hoey. iwery had pleaded guilty through Attornoy Thomas D.

Johnatotuand demanded a jury trial. The athibn ticking Prints Crepes Roshanaras Georgettes Knit Fabrics Table Lamp Card Tables nA or Art let lo pottery bane complete with laced parchmentixed shades to match. 1 rin was dropped for laeg or eviaence, Plan NOV TO VISIT THS Worth l.t wear. Kapok a si ftamnn In, "and short sleeve. well a.

Genuine Tartars. New clean kapok. braced. models. Uara aaa Boft and silky CI Kach 79c iua a like ehadea 6is 14 to 4.

a Redwood Empire cf Mi It 7. HUMBOLDT i Send for Okwrsted booklets which will id TOO map oat an ideal Vacation. 3 ii nm Hi liaHtCoty BcafaefTi OAKLAND Telegraph at 26th SAN FRANCISCO Miion, Army, Valencia Sla. I yiutU Part ea HMt CTJ -(This is echd POULTKY-KAISINO iwgiea. Writs tor iKtSm ea mniiBai.


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