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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 60

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 60

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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CENTRAL LOAN ASSOCIATION BUSINESS GOBC STJNDAT OaklanD Crfbune JUNE 28, 1931 FASHIONABLE JPJB1ENT TD FLOCKS Customers Await 'Go' Signal Huge crowds daily await the opening of "Bargain Boulevard," one of the features of the Sears summer savings event now in progress at the Sears, Roebuck retail slore at Twenty-seventh street and Telegraph avenue. This event will continue throughout this week. Aisles are named as streets and "stop" and "go" signals add to the effect. 'El Mirador' Is Opened This Vine apartment building is the latest addition to the fashionable lake district apartments. It is located at 491 Crescent street at Santa Clara and was built by F.

E. Hostetter for R. E- Mayer. Douglas Dacre Stone was the architect Fast elevator service, adequate steam and water heating installations, electric refrigeration and Simmons wall beds are a part of the conveniences. III OF OPEN TODIf Operator of Tract Sees ln-i Many New and Modern tcrest in Home Building As Result Features Embodied in Design 8-0 HUE SUBDIVISION ryrn I Foa2znxnzD 'tiff'-'-' A The formal opening of "El Mira dor," the beautiful apartment build slll-llillf July 1 Completes Its Mosf Successful Six Months In 22 Years When Central Building and Loan association declares its regular semi-annual 6 per cent dividend on July 1.

It will have completed the most successful half-year period in its 22 years of business. This information was given to the board of directors of the so ation in the form of a report by Jesse L. Delaney, presi hwwij. niffsy ing Just completed at 491 crescent street, is announced for today by R. E.

Mayer, the owner, and F. E. More than three thousand people attended the format opening of the Chula Vista. Heights last Sunday, according to I B. Metheyer.

home builder operating In the tract. "Thin, to me," states Matheyer. If iff 'V 1 5s '4P 8 I Hostetter, the builder. The location is one of the finest In the Eastbay section, a part of the fashionable I 'HES-BiaSBI. Lake district.

It is two blocks rrom the Lake Theater, shopping district "ts concrete proof that Interest In "the acquiitlon of good homes is Increasing. A short time ago an attendance of this kind of a tract opening waa beyond expectation, the crowds of people that were constantly coming and going at and from San Francisco and Oak land transnortatlon. dent. "El Mlrador" Is an adaptation or "The six months wnicn win Andalusian architecture designed by Douglas Dacre Stone, eminent on June 30, have Drougnt increased business in every phaho of our operations," ueiAiy architect. The building Is a creation of art and beauty throughout, and has for its chief exterior adorn Chula Vista last Sunday proves that the home market Is on the up grade.

This result was plished through exclusive advertising In the development columns of The Oakland TRIBUNE. "The tract has been decorated with colored flags, and each of the ment a modified Spanish bell tower. yesterday In commenting upon report. "The dividend to be declared on July 1. will be the larf-st in our history-a fact that will Interesting to those who have tneir A special Indirect lighting arrangement affords an equal Individuality to the tower feature In the evening, as Is presented during the day.

'From our own standpoint the period was highly satisfactory. Owners of guarantee stock will receive their regular dividend figured on the basis of 10 per cent per an- LOFTY CEILING "The Interior Is marked by a very unusual lobby with lofty ceilings. no TO SEE mm several homes has been (riven an Individual name, which Is displayed conspicuously on decorated metal panels nuns; at the main entrance. This gala appearance Is being maintained today, and we again invite Eastbay residents to Inspect Chula Vista Heights. A well as the beautiful homes that may viewed, there are many choice sites from which to make a selection and OLD EXECUTIVE TENT CITY IS coffered and beautifully decorated after the Spanish manner.

The special lighting fixtures of this lobby are In themselves a feature and in keeping with the medieval adaptation. All of the Interior walls of the Berkeley Gets Heat Treating Plant lor Metals BE OPEN SOON FLOWER FETE building, with the exception of the bathroom and kitchen, are finished COMPLETE BACK IN CIH NI in an antique textured plaster of fire resisting composition. The upon which- the purchaser may build a home designed according to his own Ideas. Due to the location, wonderful panoramas of the bay and foothills may be enjoyed from fully 60 per cent of the home aites. Maximum sunshine with a minimum of fog Is another advan According to Nelson Brothers, Establishing the only Industry of owners and builders of the eight- Its type' In northern California and SAN LEANDRO, June 27.

Consuls and vice consuls from at least thirty-eight different foreign countries will be entertained during the story steel and concrete apartment house now nearlng' completion at 41 ft Uellevue, off Grand, those ten seventh annual California Flower After an absence of five months, Max Sobel, popular merchandising executive of the Eastbay, ha returned to Oakland to assume duties the Pacific Northwest, the Heat Treating and Nitrldlng Company has opened offices and plant In Berkeley's manufacturing area nt Festival to be held here September 11, 12 and 13. according to Charles ants who made early reservations will be permitted to occupy their suites today. While the date of the formal opening of the structure O. Davis, general manager, today. "There has been a slight increasn in the number of loans made and in the amount of loans In force.

Foreclosures have remained at a minimum while collections showed distinct improvement over the last half of 1930. "All In all, we feel decidedly optimistic over the progress made In the face of general unsettled conditions. We are even more optimistic over the prospects for the future, for there is every indication that conditions are improving In every line." State Leads Nation In Landing Fields Leadership In aviation is largely measured by landing field and airport facilities. In 192. there were only 27 recognized landing fields In California.

The aviation committee of the state chamber of commerce undertook a statewide program of landing field development. Assistance was given to local communities In organizing airport committees. Expert advice has been provided on technical matters such en nroner location of the Third street and Bancroft way. It tage at Chula Vista. "Chula Vista Heights Is reached 1 from the downtown section by wsy of High street to Redding street, thence to Blrdsall and turning into Meldon or from Foothill boulevard to Fifty-fifth avenue to Blrdsall and Meldon, from the areas east of High street" Foreign representatives of coun can not yet be definitely an bathroom walls are of colored tile, and those of the kitchens nre finished In glistening enamel.

The electric lighting fixtures, throughout the building have been designed to follow the key to medieval Gothic, as exemplified by of the main lobby and foyeft Exceptional beauty la also the rule In the general woodwork finish, which Is of special design. The doors are massive and heavy, and the hardware Is of a type to correspond. TWO FLOORS OF GARAGES "The three, four and five room suites ot "El Mlrador" present every convenience of modern apartment construction. There are two floors of fire-proof garages, which take advantage of the natural nounced, permission to Inspect the was announced today by Charles O. Adams, managing director of the chamber of commerce The erection of a tent city for the Seventh Day Adventists at Fairmont avenue, near San Pablo, in Albany, ia one of the large contracts for canvas to be fulfilled by the Daahl-Thoms company, specialists In tents, awnings and other canvas supplies.

W. D. Von manager of the concern, states that "accommodations to house 2000 delegates under canvas have been provided. In addition there Is a huge meeting tent that accommodates 3000 people, a tent cafeteria, stores, offices and school tents for children. The Kev.

Andrew Nelson of Oakland, a Seventh Day Adventlst minister for forty building In advance of this open tries, central flower markets of which are to be depicted in "Flower Markets of the World" are giving active assistance In reproducing the principal flower markets of their countries. Ing date is being given to those applying at the building. "We' have centered our efforts on completing the units of the Huge Enrollment Saturday, September 12, the sec hnfMlnir fAK vlifstt M.ant.Hnn. fjt of were made In advance," states The concern, headed by J. L.

Foster, owner and manager, is equipped to do all types of commercial heat treating and nitrldlng a special form of "case hardening." Foster, before coming to Berkeley was factory metallurgist for the Willys-Overland Motor Company. Toledo. Ohio. ond day of the show, has been set aside for foreign visitors. A luncheon will be tendered consuls, visitors from other states and officials of Alameda county, at which Gov jh i Acnuu, aim nuiug una now been accomplished, we will as r- chandlaing man ager for B.

K. 1 s-Inker Sons. who has been In rchan-d 1 1 work ever since 1 graduation from the University of California 1 1911, suc-coeds a form erly lesln-ger's concentrate on completing the years; supervisea me ounums i street grade for entrance without the use of difficult ramps. A fast the tent city. The Daahl-Thoms company also ernor James Rolph, will be one of the principal speakers.

automatic Spencer elevator, equip ped with automatic self-opening In renorta many Installations and in Work is nrogressirlg on nrenara- tlon of these great scenlo sets. terior doors and the newest safety breaking system, serves the build illlliill 'i Immmmm which will form the background for "Flower Markets of the World." ing. The car Is large enough and Heat treating, Foster expiainea, comes under the category of "case hardening" of metals, while nitrldlng, which also comes under the same heading, provides a harder and more durable surface. Heat treating is accomplished by the use of carbon, while nitrldlng uses nitrogen, he said. The plant occupies 2400 square of sufficient speed to afford transportation In a structure twice the Sets for Vienna, Holland and Santiago, Chill, have already been size.

The heating and hot water comploted and work has been The University of California Is a co-educatlonal state university, administering to the educational needs of older adults a well as to young men end women on cam-pases, and at extension, centers throughout California. During the academic year. 1929-SO, a total of 11,128 graduate and undergraduate students was regis-tered on the Berkeley. campus during the regular fall and spring se mesters. with 60R0 registered for Intersesslon or summer session be- tween the regular semesters.

When the totals registered at other cam- puses and research stations administered from Berkeley, arr taken into consideration Los Angeles 171 In regular session, 8606 In summer session; Ran Francisco professions! colleges, 1021: Davis suites that are still to he leaned. We expect to announce the formal openln gdate shortly, as soon as everything about the structure is In order. "Every unit ts located at a corner of the building, In this way providing for maximum sunshine and views. Two separate floors give abundant and easily accessible garage space, so that tenants can park or leave the garage with ease. Details of an advanced system for efficient and courteous service have been worked out, and we believe that from this standpoint the 41 Bellevue apartments will be unexcelled." started on the Hongkong exhibit.

quiries for canvas equipment irom home owners of the. Eastbay cities. According to Von Ounten, the demand is greater this year for awnings, terrace roofs, porch furniture, lawn furniture, shelter nooks, and sleeping porches than has been noted heretofore. The concern maintains a staff of canvas stylists that originates designs in keeping with particular architectural schemes, it is stated. They extend an invitation to visit the canvas display at their show ueneral Manager Davis an landing field, Its size and layout, regulation marking.

liRhtlng and service facilities. During 1929, in-servlces of a federal airport specialist were secured, and he was) personally conducted on a toUr of 67 California cities, where, In each instance his expert advice on local airport problems was given. The Joint effort of the aviation committees and local communities has) placed California In the leading national position, with 180 recognized landing fields. plant were designed to supply a considerably larger requirement than will be developed In a house of this slr.e, being fully 40 per cent In capacity above the usual prac nounces that already eeventv-two feet of floor space and is equipped MAX 80BEL. exhibitors have reserved space, and with electrically heated furnaces.

manager. nat ine cut flower tent is already tice. 7u per cent filled and the nursery tent 90 per cent filled. The firm does no manufacturing Itself, but Is used by Industries demanding surface hardening of metals for motors, tools and dies, EXHAUST FANS There are electric exhaust fans Before going east Sobel was manager of Schleslnger's basement division for more than four years. Previous to that he was merchandise manager of the Eighth street In the kitchen and every bathroom Is ventilated either by an Individual room, 2336 Broadway, Oaklanu.

Associations Join and other metal products. store. He became manager of one ran or is connected to the mnln Realty Board Head system, which Incorporates a large Farm of the College of Agriculture, U. S. Loan League New members of the tTnltod lOTM IIIIIM 178 of the Owl drug store chain of stores when twenty-five.

Later he. was made an executive of a large Han Francisco firm. motor and fan unit. This operntes silently at all times. The electrical of Oceanography, Rlver- Known as Subdivider tltutlon Ion Htfltes Hulldlng and Loan lenciie refrigerators have' been especlnlly Me Experiment Station and else added this week.

Include eleven as Lawrence T. Stevenson, newly elected president of the National designed and constructed, using sociations in eight different states. cork Insulation. The interiors Association of Heal Estate boards. according to H.

F. CeHarius, Cin these refrigerators are lined with Is a successful home building sub. cinnati, Ohio, secretary-treasurer Oakland Printing Firms Consolidate green porcelain. The electrlo ranges EL MIRADOR A PARTMENTS where, IB the number of stu-dents, to whom the university offers regular Instruction of some kind, reaches a total r' Iff. 667, with deductions pride for those registered on more than pne campus or attending both summer and regular sessions.

divider or Pittsburgh. with thi distinction of having all his sub oi ins league. Those whose admission Is announced by Ceilarius win be a Joy to every housewife, ana are of full automatla type. divisions completely Improved be "An extra amount of study has for they are put on the market Two prominent Oakland printing concern have Just announced their for sale. He has been actively engaged in the renl estate business In been given to the problem of sound transmission and absorption, and the noise nuisance has been satis consolidation Into the Goodhue- nciuae Building and Loan association of Abbeville, 8.

C.j Mechanics Savings and Loan association, Rock Hill, 8. Bonner Springs Building and Loan association. Bonner Springs, The Lincoln Building. Savlno-a and Loan Kltchener Printing company, his home city for 26 years, accord. Ing to Watson of Brentwood factorily eliminated by the use of Broker Gets UMlMant II.

I 1 approved deadenlna- materia and with George B. Goodhue, president; 491 CRESCENT ST. Am Term Accented E''e association, who was on the PRESDWOOD FLOORS association, Pittsburg, Raymond S. Kitchener, vice-president; and Arthur R. Anderson, sec dead air spaces In the party walls, floors and ceilings.

"Trunk room and separate locker -1 I nominating itmni ttn when People Mutual Building and Loan named the new officers, are available for each anartment. retary-treasurer. The consolidation consists of the Goodhue Printing Stevenson Is head of the company of Pltts- association, Waterloo, Iowa; Prudential Building and Loan association, Little Rock, The Norfolk Building and Lean Associa and an electrically 1 A Beauty laundry is also provided for the use company. and the Kitchener nurgn, -served as president of his or me Color real estate board, and is the orlgl tion, Norfolk, Progressive Building and Loan association. Mil.

Printing company. The former concern was established In Oakland In 1907 and the latter which was one nator In his district of the rolled Durable waukoe. The Community of the oldest concerns In the East- 'Realty Brief' Building association. Covl A decision recently rendered by Superior Judge Yankwlch and concurred In by Judges Lucas and flhaw, at Los Angeles, i to the effect that If a person employs an agent to obtain a contract for the exchange of a particular place of property for another, and agrees to pay a commission, the broker owns the commission as soon as he has obtained an acceptance of the agreement of exchange, and Is entitled to the commission even If the deal later falls through, according to the California Real Estate association. curb.

Extension of 5. bay, waa started In 1888. Kitchener National Savings. RniMino- states: To Aid Sales and Loan association, Kansas City, and Aurora TTnmA RnlMlnir "The Goodhue-Kltchener Print CHICAGO, 111.. June 27.

First Highway Assured and Loan association, Aurora, Mo. ing company Is a two hundred thousand dollar corporation, and release of the suggestions that won the awards offered In the new Idea Extension of United States high combines the resources of equip A VAST MARKET The Far Western automobile used in "El Mirador" THE VENOR CO. Builders Exchange ment and personnel of the prede contest at the recent Baltimore convention of the National associa way No. 60 from Its -present prescribed terminus at Sacramento to Oakland Is assured, according to market consists of more than cessor companies. The plants win be consolidated at an early date In tion of Real Estate boards show 000,000 people.

A studv of ner ornciai information received Inst a new location not yet determined. capita wealth statistics shows that that the use of the property brief In selling reality was adjusted the best of the new thoughts presented. For the present our offices will be this group Is in a better position than the average to buy motor cars. week by Henry L. Hlnman, chair, man of our goad roads and high' ways committee.

located at 16S7 Webster street. In the case In question a licensed real estate broker won his suit for commission even though the defendant set up as her defense the fact that the deal fell through because the other party to the exchange could not deliver a clear title. GLencourt 7400 Oakland J. Klngsley rowel 1, Metuchen, N. who won the silver plague given JOSE who have seen this su-perb dwelling place, just completed on Crescent Street at Santa Clara in Oakland, have marveled at its loveliness and distinction.

Built to guarantee the satisfaction of discerning tenants, El Mirador is now ready for occupancy and invites inspection. Three, Four and Five -Room Apartments. trucks and accessories. Sales records prove that the desire to buy Approvnl of the plan to extend the terminus was voted by the SIMPLIFIED PRACTICE coupled with the financial ability The State Chamber of Commerce 0 to do so In 1929 the west purchased 117, 869 motor cars a has now undertaken, as the offi Dy the Heal Estate board of Haiti-more, submitted the use of a detailed property brief as the best method "to Increase the efficiency and productivity" of a real estate cial representative of the United healthy slice of the 6,621.709 which States department of commerce. American Association of State Highway Officials at their meeting in Washington, D.

C. Similar information confirming the approval by that organisation has been received by the highway bureau of the California State Automobile association. constituted the total production of the program In California to eecure the country a factories, and the simplified practice and standard west contains less than one-tenth ization In Industry. With respect to of the United States population. the iron and steel industry alone, Tilework for Beautiful EL MIRADOR SUPERIOR TILE PRODUCTS CO.

3743 Broadway Piedmont 2468 the Industrial committee has already secured written agreements' from seventy California foundarlea office. The plan used by Powell provides that a fee be charged for the preparation of the brief, and the Incomes from these fees, the Intimate and detailed knowledge of the property resulting from the work of preparing the brief, and the respect and confidence of clients were listed as the benefits. The fees charged for the preparation of tbe briefs are credited ree to use simplified practice recom mendations for making casting. Recently the committee has extend uge Mokelumne Hydro Plant Ready to Operate (Continued from preceding page) ed Its work and has tow organized twenty-two Industrial groups in the state Into working bodies for against the commission If the pro perty Is sold, the brief, neatly elimination of waste and unprof R. E.

MAYER, Owner F. E. HOSTETTER, Builder D. D. STONE, Architect bound, becoming the property of the client.

itable practices. Road Maps, power crete was 'poured for th tower voir now to operate the houses for two years. Salt Springs power hoime, at the foot of the dam. has a generating capacity of 15 000 horsepower at present, and Tiger Creek power Touring Ornamental Hardware from MARKUS HARDWARE Distributors of Yale Si Towne Builders Hardware and Rylocks roiinnations. Kebullding of Newark substation, located at the southern end of San Francisco bay, In Alameda county, is completed, and the station la now ready to distribute the power which I generated on the Mokelumne.

This substation is the heart of the P. O. and E. system and constitutes one of the biggest pools of power In existence. Directly or Indirectly It Is connected with all of the company's generating plants 48 hydro and IS steam plants, with a total generating rapacity of more than a million and a half horsepower.

The station has been trebled in Hire at a cost of 12,000.000. EQIIPMEXT INSTALLED SIMMONS WALL BEDS NOT JUST ANOTHER BED installed in "El Mirador" O'KEEFE COMPANY Information 7th and Washington HOlliday Exclusive Distributors nouso a capacity of so. 000 horsepower. Tliey constitute an Immediate contribution or 95,000 horsepower to Pacific Has and Electrlo company power resources. Twenty mllvi of concrete flumes snd tunnels earr? the water from Halt springs power houxe to Tiger Creek.

Keepini- several years ahead of present demands, plans for future development tmilU'te an sildltlonsl unit of hnrpepower at-'Salt Spring, ard 0.000 horsepower plant on the site of the prevent Eleclia house, aid horsepower at Wet Point. This will tnereece he ultimate, generating capacity i tills project to 230.000 horsepower. The pover generated on the Mukelumne Is conveyed 110 miles to "Newark: over two 220. 00 vol' etrcuUi. From Tiger Creek to Val-I Painting and Decorating pi 51 2nd St.

San Francisco New equipment installed to 792 22nd St. Oakland Hlghgale 0141 may be secured from the handle the Mokelumne power Includes seven 24.000 horsepower out door type transformers, the largest of their kind on the system: two S3. tied horsepower synchronous CHULA VISTA HOMES INVITE YOU Come to Chula Vista Heights the ome lover's paradise today. There are many wonderful tilings to see, and a wide variety of homes and honiesites to select from, in case you are satisfied. A residential site in Chula Vista will be your proudest possession.

Sites can be obtained on very reasonable terms and are within the reach of the average family. Glorious panoramas of bay and foothills; conveniently located as to schools, San Francisco and local transportation; and the finest climate in Oakland. Reached by way of High street to Redding street to Birdsall. and turning into Melddn; or from 53th avenue to Birdsall and Meldon. L.

B. MATHEYER Builder condensers, housed in a special Hardwood Floors of Beauty Installed -by by H. F. WELLS Estimates Given 334 Hanover St TE mplebar 5362 building; together with necessary auxiliary equipment. A special feature Is the Installa I PARQUET INLAID FLOOR CO.

ley. tarings two parallel lines of snow-type towers support the steel-cored aluminum conductor, which 1 tion of underground cable of volts capacity, the highest voltage underground cable' on the 4044 La Cresta FRuitvale 7064 Is one Inch In diameter nr.d weichs spproxlmately three tons to the mile. From Valley Unrlr.ts to New Information Bureau First Floor. ark, copper cable one inch in diameter and weighing more than four and a quarter tons to the mile. Pacific coast.

There are now nine high-tension lines ranging from 60.000 to volts leading Into this distributing station, and twelve 60.000 to 110,000 volt lines leading out of it to various distributing centers, i'ower from all parts of the system Is pooled here and distributed through lines that radiate in all Is used. 2 TOWFRS IV LIVE The towers in the line re Plasleringhy ROBERT STREIFF 985 Pearl St. ALameda 4443J Plastering Materials Supplied by HENRY COWELL LIME CEMENT CO. quired more IMan ihih of tower steel, which all fabri 3 cated1 in California. The special river-crossing tuwors vary lrom 114 to 21 feet in T.eicht.

and weigh as much as 30 trim, stand- rd snow towers are 1.7 feet high directions, forming a network over the counties of central California. Throw: this complex system of generating plants, lines and substations, an immense section' of California is welded Into a single unit, with Alameda county as its core, Newark telng the distribution point (or the entire system. snd vary in weight from two to seven tons. The douhle circuit lowers are 91 ft hleh. Annrnxl- 3000 vhilort last Sunday.

faauly 0T9f cubla srd eon-.

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