Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 7, 1932 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 7, 1932
Page 3
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Henry Telephone 821 &'i & >j|/ fear *M» doubt your horoscope, ifl you need dretm or deed Is just a hint of hopel AOt turn back the attack, Tho doubt and dread conspire; tope on. you'll find 'our path will wind 'To goal* you most desire. ,,/,i^& jrtKmg, be brave, > However grave « r Events forebore your til; f you'll find it true Life's good to you, If, you keep hoping still! •, tAtS, ft. A. Hearon who has been the 1 i lest of Mrs. R. A. Tharp and Mr. aid'Mrs. R. T. White for the past W«k left Tuesday for a visit with relatives in Texarkana before returning to her home in Dallas, Tex. *0n Sunday afternoon January 10, at 3 o'clock at St Marks Episcopal Church on South Elm street, the Choir fit the First Baptist Church of Tex- atkana, Tex., will present Dudley Buck's cantata "The Coming of the Ring," directed by Mrs. Fred Marshall of Texarkana. Mrs. Lloyd White of TcXarknnn will preside at the organ. The public is cordially Invited to attend Mrs. W. T. Wray and Mrs. Guy Nor- ood of DeQueen arc guests of Mr. a >d Mrs. Evan Wrny. The Cemetery Association will meet Jjriday afernoon at 3 o'clock at the city hflll, v/ith the new president JANET 6AYNOR CHARLES FARRELL -In- "Delciious" SAENGER [ Sunday-Monday Mamie Brinnt, presiding. A full attendance Is urged. The regular monthly meeting of the Paisley P. T. A. Wai held on Wednesday afternoon at the Paisley school, with the president, Mrs. Chat-lea Haynes, conducting the business period. A most helpful devotional on "Citizenship" was given by Dr. J. L. Cannon of the First Methodist church, followed by a talk on "How to Select School directors" by Dr. Do'h Smith, President of the school board, The meeting Was followed by a joint meeting of the Paisley and Brcx>kwo6d study class, with Mrs. Gus Haynes as leader. Mrs. R. V. Herndtin was hostess on Wednesday afernoon to the members of the Friday Contract Bridge Club and a few special guests, al her hoem on South Main street. Contract Bridge was played from two tables, with Mrs. L. W. Young scoring high for the club and Mrs. Kline Snyder for the guests, Following a scries of pleasant games, the guests were invited into the dining room, where a most tempting plate lunch was served. The Bay View Reading Club held their first meeting of the New Year at the home of Mrs. R. M. LaGrone on North Hervey street, with the president, Mrs, Gus Haynes presiding over a short business period, responses to the roil call, were current events. At this time the meeting was turned over to Mrs. J. A. Hehry, program leader for the afternoon, who had for her subject the interesting state of Arizona. Mrs, Henry gave some interesting experiences of her recent automobile trip through the state, followed by. Miss Mamie Twilchcll, who told of the Grand Canyon and the Painted Desert; The Arizona Indians and Indian lore furnished a most interesting topic by Mrs. W. A. Bowcn. During the social hour, the hostess assisted by Miss Maggie Bell and Mrs. Robert LaGrone served delicious refreshments. Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Long ami little daughter of Detroit, Mich., were Thursday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jus. L. Jamison, en route to Florida where they will spend the winter. •BHPBw^MHBVMMWBHiKgpMlHWMHHBQBIM 21« OFFICIALS Jer«> TuHiw, Jo* Portettleld/ GfcHtt: Frtnk HiU, AUtn Johnson. Shttltt: Jew Cdlllni, •/ . BaUiftfleI<Mudges: Qua Smith, M. E. Held, 6. W. Springs. Clerk*! E. K. Smith, Elbert Tarpley. Sheriff:'J, H.- Morton. •Tnka Jones-sfudges: Wlnburtt Tim* berlake, Hubcy Button, R, L. Button. Clerks: Eddie Button, J. W. Hftrt*« field. Sheriff: 3. M. Adcock. Deaneyville—Judges: Ed Loe, Stanfield Bonds, S. D. Yerberry. Clerks: M. S. Bates, J, G. Harding. Sheriff: J, F. Burns. Ozan—Judges: D. M. Cltty, 0. C. Robins, J. S. Conway, Jr. Clerks: Wilbur Jones, B. A. Barrow. Sheriff: H, A, King. Washington, Box 1—Judges: Luther Smith, Pd Velvin, E. F. Turner, Clerks: Paul Howe, Paul Dudney. Sheriff: Deal Beck. Washington, Box 2^-Judges: Bob Leavlns. Jim Pabe, Willie Stroud, Clerks: P. 0. Loylls, Hugh Gilbert Sheriff: Bob Patterson. DeAnn—Judge: C. M. Burk, John Willis, H. F. Stoppe. Clerks: M. V. Derryberry, LeRoy Samuels. Sheriff: Bill Burke. Friendship — Judges: J. C. Long, Oscar Stone, R. L. Gorham. Clerks: Sam York, J, L. Walters. Sheriff: J. W. Self. Union—Judges: R. O. Robins, Elbert Robins, J. D. Webb. Clerks: Claude Loveless, Melvin Smith. Sheriff: J. C. Taylor. Goodlct—Judges: H. O. Stuart, J. F. Stuart, F. B. Hannah. Clerks: Earl Stuart, D. E. Goodlet. Sheriff: H. E. Hannah. OfffcersPrepared County Treasurer «id Sheriff of Newton Co, Under Indictment JASPER, Ark.—(/P)—Prosecuting attorney Hplt prepared to file a motion in circuit court here Thursday «tf«r* noon asking the removal of Curgus Young, county treasurer and Will Jones, sheriff and collector of Newton county ( who had been indicted for embezzling and rendering false returns Wednesday. * ' There Is an alleged shortage of some $12,000 In Youngs accounts and over $9,000 in the accounts of Sheriff Jones. Italy is estimated to have about 10,000,000 sheep, yielding from 22,000,000 to 24,000,000 pounds of scoured wool annually. A slot machine sels oiled paper umbrellas in Berlin. Mississippi Man Shoots Wife, Baby Bullets Fired at Mother of His Estranged Wife Go Wild—He May Die MERIDlAN-(;p)-As he gave his estranged wife a parting kiss and embrace, officers said, Elmer Martin^ suburban resident pulled a pistol, shot his wife, turned the gun on his 15 months old baby, his wifes mother and himself. The wife and baby were seriously wounded and Martin is not expected to recover. The bullets missed Mrs. Martin's mother. Martins wife and baby had been staying with Mrs. Tom Golden, her mother, following the separation of the couple. penriey's £vent , figuring' White Goods - Linens- Bedding-Toxvels Economical Housewives Buy "Nation-Wide" SHEETS A good quality, long wearing sheet in the so popular and convenient extra size—81 x 99 inchel (before hemming). Take advantage of Penney*! VERY low price 1 Pd« a year ago: 89c! Naiv Pillow Case* Price a year ago 21i IMPORTED ALL-LINEN CRASH Luncheon Cloths 52x52 inches Savings the Whole Family Will E*}oyt Prict a ytar wo 79c eaehl— Gay plaids and ttriptd bar- dirt in rose, blue, gold, grttn, — Hemmed. Improve with nxuhing! Bath Towels 23x44 Inches! Sturdy - Absorbent A wonder value! Large, soft fluffy towels of substantial double- thread terry that will wear and wear. Smart colored stripe borders — in pink, blue, green, gold and lavender. For Wear . •. "Honor" Muslin 10 yds. for 79' 39 inch unbleached 36 inch bleached 36 inch longcloth Pure' fir.iih, fine quality, a muslin that will stand wear and tear. A thrilling buy I 17x17 inches! Men'fl Whit* HandkcrchUU 6 - 17* • Hemstitched •Soft • Serviceable • Right Size • Remarkable Price A Wise Buy! "Belle Isle" Muslin Muslin that wears exceptionally well. 36 inches wide bleached and 39 inches unbleached . . . it's an unusual value even at Penney '«! Penney's Low Price Ford may put out an eight. But It's Just as well to point out here that probably that will not help the depression, for you can't chew a spark plug. ^ After a visit in the United States, Bertrand Russell sailed for England with a red nose. A nose by anybody else's name would be a confession. ' COMMISSIONER'S SALE ' Notice is hereby given, that persu- ant to the authority contained in the decree of the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Arkansas, made and rendered on January 4th. 1932, In cause No. 2468 wherein The Midland Savings & Loan Company, a corporation, is plaintiff and R. B. Carney et al are defendants, the undersigned will on Thursday February 4th. 1932, at the front door of the Hempstead County Court House, between Uhe hours of said day fixed by law for judicial sales, sell to the highest bidder upon a credit of three months, the following described lands in Hempstead County, Arkansas to wit: A part of the East one-half (EV4) of the North West Quarter (NWVi) of Section Thirty-three (33), in Township Twelve (12) South, in Range Twenty-four (24) West, and more particularly bounded and described as Good News For Hope MBftt feet Westerly it of Lot Numbtfhsd T*o (2) in Numbered Blaty.flve (fig), (A ton's Second Addition to the City, Hope, Arkansas, according to tft8 recorded plat thereof, thence running Westerly on a line extended front Mid Lot Two (2), One Hundred and Potty (140) feet to Elm Street, them* South* easterly along Elm Etreet Fifty (50) feet, thence Easterly and at right angles to Elm Street One Hundred and Forty (140) feet, thence Northerly and parallel with Elm Street Fifty (SO) Feet to the point of beginning, being the Northerly one-half of the tract of land conveyed by W. T, Sullivan and wife, to A. C. Erwin, as recorded In Book 78 at page 188 on February 11, 1920, in the Records of Hempstead County, Arkansas. Said Sale will be made subject to the approval of the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Arkansas, and the purchaser will be required to execute bond with approved personal security for the purchase price and a lien wilt Piles Go Quick Without Salves or Cutting Itching, bleeding, protruding piles arc caused by bad circulation of the blood in the affected parts. The parts become weak, flabby, almost dead. Only an internal remedy can remove the cause—that's why salves, suppositories and cutting fail. Dr. Leonhardt's prescription, HEM-ROID, succeeds because it removes congestion, restores circulation, heals and strengthens the diseased parts. HEM-ROID has such a wonderful record of quickly ending even piles of long standing, that Ward & Son say one bottle of HEM-ROID Tablets must end your Pile agony or money back. Adv. Williams' Laboratories have arranged to havo a man in your town who will tell you about WILLIAMS FORMULAE, the New Formulae that those who have been fortunate to get a bottle are so enthusiastic about. This Formulae is available in this community for the first time. Get your bottle now and see for yourself what wonderful results it produces. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money rfeunded. GET BACK YOUR PEP YOU KNOW THAT "WONDERFUL FEELING" Recommended for stomach, liver and kidney disorders covering dyspepsia, biliousness, gassy stomach, iistress, chronic constipation, sick icadache, neuritis, neuralgia, rheumatism, lame back and general weakness. Keep your stomach, liver and kidneys healthy and nature will do the rest. Get a bottle today from WARD & SON, Druggists —Adv. Quality Repairs At Lowest Possible Prices Brakes Relined Cars Overhauled Repainting Wrecked Cars Rebuilt Radiators Repaired and Record Good-Year Tires Please visit us and let us give you an estimate on your next job. We have modern equipment and complete stocks to do any kind of repair work. ARK. MACHINE Specialty Co, Phone 857 21$ N. Walnut Closed Thursday To attend demonstrations in Little Rock of representatives of the Max Factor Studios of Hollywood Upon the "Magic Art of Make-up" as practiced in movie studios. Will be open Friday prepared to give our customers the benefit of these lectures. MARINELLO SHOP Main Street Phone 39 6n said hrttf paymlrntjhemrf, * <$ JMff waive ft* ertdit _ Mo tft cash, if he so elem Often uhdeK- my hand oft diay of January, 1932. WILLIE HARRIS Commissioner In Chanfc«fy, •faff. 1, 14, 21 COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY Q1VEM, That In pursuance of the authority and directions contained In the decretal order of the Chancery Court of Hemp* stead County, made and entered oh the 21st day of December, A.D. 1931 {ft & wrUHS cltuit (Sulred to % law and (ffifc Mid Court WmUU'jaiUUIlll^ <» UQBll JIUUULMIUV1IJ wmplainaM, ftftd I, fd $fe8$*l*, it at, defendant*, this under»l|tn*d, M ComjnlMlonef of Mid Court, will of- ISr for tale at public vthdue to the highest bidder, at the frttot door of entrance of the Court House, Washington, Ai-karuae, in the County ot Hempstead, wfthln the hours pre* scribed by law for judicial sales, oft Thursday, the 28th day of January, A. D. 1932, the following described real estate, situated In Hempstead County, Arkansas, to-wil: Lots fen (10), Eleven (11), and Twelve (12), Block Ten (10), in JWscoDee. 31, Jart *, iiT"* •>' the.Mte eljfi *~ from date of wl« . lien being retained sold to secure the purchase money. Given under ffifr I of Decerhber, A. Of FARMERS! Trade Your Surplus Sorghum—Corn—Peas—Live Stock For Musical Instruments! FLOOR MODEL VICTROLAS PIANOS Bargains at $3.5O-up 57.5Q-up Electric Radios Greatly Reduced. $5.00 Delivers—$1.50 Weekly. Prices Start at $32.5O '>mi $1,00 WEB1 will deliveif or A Bensberq Music Co W . -• , 'vtt< 207 South Main Street Hope, Arkansas Ho Met Her at Midnight . . . They Were Married at Dawn! JOHN GILBERT —ln- The Thrilling Romanitc Drama "WEST OF BROADWAY" Ladies Night This Coupon will admit one lady free when accompanied by one paid adult admission. Winnie Lightner SIDE SHOW Copr.,1932. Tli« Am»rlc»n Tobacco Co. 1 swore off harsh irritants'' "Certainly I am on the LUCKY list. Last summer* while camping in the high Sierras, I hiked six miles to get my supply of LUCKY STRIKES, I swore off harsh irritants when the talkies first started—and I've smoked LUCKY STRIKES ever since. And that improved Cellophane wrapper of yours—with the little tab for easy opening—is a gem." "It's toasted YourThroat Protection-, qgqlnif Irritation* ggcitiit cough SSST THE LONGEST NAME IN MAZDA IANEI "Twelvolrees" is a tough name on electric lights, butHebn wouldn't change it...not even after she mid- die-aisled it. She's a Brooklyn girl. She studied art but paints only her own furniture now. Helen is Hollywood's best bridge player. She loves to climb mountains...whero even the goats have to wear skid chains. Watch for her new RKO- PATHE picture "PANAMA FtO." Helen's smoked IUCKIES for two years... and there was no price lag on her statement. •. LUCKY STRIKE i« grateful I TUNE IN QN UJCKY STRJKE~60 modern roinwtei wtdi the world's finex of today becomes the news «/ tomorrow, every Twewwji, Thursday orch*«r<W and Walter Winchett, ova N' B. C.

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