The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 15, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 15, 1940
Page 8
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JPAGE EIGHT BLYTITI3VILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS They Hail From Down Texas Creates! Ball Club On Market If You Can Pay Price By I.ES1.IK AVEKV United Press Slafl Correspondent NEW YORK, March 15. (Ul>>— The New York Yankees ore for sale, bit! it will take mound 57,- GCO.OCO to buy them, ami nobody with that! of cash has comn along. 'Die greatest baseball club In history Is on the market, a fact nimored ever since Die death of Col. Jacob fiupperl Jan. 13 las', year, but brought into the open by another of mnny fake reports that the Yankees had been actually sold. George Rupperl, brother of the late Colonel, and Edward Barrow, president of the Yankees, were quick to deny thut the club had been fold, or would bo sold to a syndicate headed by Gov. Frauds P. Murphy of New Hampshire. The, club was the only thing among his possessions the lute Colonel prized enough to nltcmul to protect in his will, but the sweeping powers he gave his ccutors enable them to' sell it. hi preference to other properly for the cnsli needed to pay state and federal inheritance taxes. "The Yankees are for sale," Barrow sold in Sebrinu, Flu., "bill ns president of the club 1 would be in a. position to know whether tile Yankees lind been sold or not. No deal has been completed. There is nothing definite or .semi-definite to announce now. We have had several tentative offers in the last six months." Barrow is nol one or the executors of the estate. It is understood that he owns but one of the 3,000 shares of the capital stock in Ihc Yankees. He is. however, a trustee of the estate. George Rnppert. reached at hri Florida winter estate, said that "It. might be several months or longer before Hit Yankees are sold. Such a deal requires considerable tim?. There is no immediate prospect of a sale." With the Yankees will go their far flung farm system, the most productive In baseball today. It's nine minor league clubs include two Class AA outfits, the Newark Stars ot the International League, and the .Kansas City Blues of the American Association. The property also includes the Yankee Stadium, which Is assessed nt $2,650,OM for lax purposes.' The New York -American League franchise is estimated worth $1,000,000, and the present Yankee player roster, $1,500,000. No accurate estimate. of Col. Ruppert's estate will be available until the audit of his vast properties are completed. Guesses range from $15,000,000 to $80,000,000. A source close to the Ruppcrt interests places it between $40,000.000 and ,$50,000.000. It It Is 50 million more than $8,000,000 in state and about $25,000,000 In fed-! eral Inheritance taxes must be I paid. Col. Ruppcrl and Col. 'rilling- hast Huston purchased the club for $460,000 ill 1915 and baseball men laughed at them. Eight years later Ruppert bought out Huston for $1.600,000. In the 24 years lie headed the club Ruppert paid more than $5,000,000 for players alone. He was the man who paid Babe Ruth $80,000 a year for blasting home runs and built the Stadium to make it caster for the Babe. "Baseball paid me big dividends," he said shortly before his death,] "not in money but in satisfaction, [ in fun, In victories and in championships." Ruppert left virtually all Ills property to llirec women—two nle- ees and a long time friend. His brother George and his brother-in- law, H. Garrison Silleck.. Jr.. wcie ITEJUGi 1 rlTHIITICS SET Dlffl bnii °.l ? kctball Riard; Wolcotl, lower » ,1"'° ," ! '°" lllCm Bt -Uy Jameson. upper ' Uppcr l0 "- no!)b >' Mom ' ""'"Wily of Texas' All-America right, u. S. Women's cjolf champion fro mSan Antonio " right, world hurdle, champion, from Hici- Institulc; Sclioolbo vRowe low- left Preu one- Red-Hot Rookies left nothing. Mrs. J. Basil Maguire and Jfrs. Joseph Hollcran, both daughters of Silieck, and Heien Winthropc Wcyant. a former nci- rcss, were ln'3 chief beneficiaries. , AM /f>'SH CAMP, C.\L,, ///IS Trie if&T MME AS TflE #£DS BUT 15 NO f>£LATiON... furnish me that figure, but It came lo me from 11 source entirely reliable. And the Yankees will be sold, nuiybc not this year or the next, but In the not loo distint future. Tile properly is now in the hands of the estate, and the estate Is In the hands of three women. Loot; back through baseball history and yon will find that when baseball clubs have passed into the hands of the l.idies. they soon passed into other hands—hands more interested in the game. The Murphy rcpor- marks 1 '' the 10th, llth. or 12th time the Yah- !:ee; have been "sold" since the (tcath of (he man who made them mid loved them — Colonel jaki- nuppert. Today's Sport Parade Bj McUiMOlW SP.BR1NG. Fla, Miirch 15. (UP; —This is comparatively small city but it has excellent telephone, telegraph and carrier pigeon facilities, a fact which would lead one to believe that if thj New York Yankees had been sold someone Timid Deer Disprove It ENNIS, Mont. .UP)_Ranchers throughout this section are wishing that the deer would live u» io ilwir old reputation of "bein, timl'l ;>s a deer." Cold weather, snow -n i! lack of forage have di:,v;> ihotiv I ands of them to the towhris where I they are eating the ranchers' hay I stacks and winter [odder and «Ho-,v ' more of a tendency to fi^ht tirn ! U^nec^ when the ranchers objrci Washer Need Tuning Up? JUST GIVE US A CAU, FOR EXPERT WASHING MACHINE SERVICE —All Makes— PHONE 233 We have secured the services oi ' i Mr. Phillip Frlc, a factory train- ' ed Maylag Service Man. j ivmiw have Informed Edward ' Barrow. Barrow has a ri-.n to !.ny.v baseball's biggest hoiciin i clmnjcd hands. After nil," lie IS'MIIII of '• president of tu 1 man with thv bl^csl say. lint when I talked with him. as jr. recked serenely on the porch o Kcnllworlii Lodge liere. lie lunii't heart! nnytlung about the repjrle:! sale of tin- ti-.,m io Fraud': i' Murphy oi New Hampshire. The Vankes arc foi sale. nc. dou'at 01 th'.t. Not only the Yankees themselves but the whole vast baseball empire. Bnrroiv frjtnki? admitted to me that there had been several fairly largo nibbles from prospective buyers, but said -otliln, had come from them but a lot m Lon\or: : :uion The price pliced on (he Ynuke.-s imd all their lur-flung possessions neat and completely «uirlj S7,5SU,000. Uanow didn 2 Great New Gasolines! ^^Stl^r 1 <*• . APPLIANCE CO. Strrice On All JJakes lUdloa—Refrigerators 2»6 W. M»ln Phone 233 €sso Penn Ignores Hockey Team But It Wijjs PHILADELPHW (UP) •— Truly amateur is the University of Pennsylvania's undefeated, untied—and—ice hockey team. Unrecognized by tiie university, tiic team is known as the "Dxv.'.j Pntro!" on the cninims fccrniise the playeis arise al 5:30 a.m. for -frbi practice sessions al the AreiV! where the Phllndelphln Ramblers play their games. Tlie players borrowed jayve football Jerseys, football sh.ou'lrii; pads and flannel trunks from the U'.iivcrsity equipment room. The ic's cqui|>menl obtained from the Philailelphla All-Stars. K Is Penn's only inulefealj^ team, with victories 0"er \>?>:n Stnte. LeliluU ami Hershey In the Pennsylvania Ice Hockey i.en«uc— and yet the team is -ol rc:ojniz!.>d by the university. Tiie sport was discontinued at F'enn in 1928. ' Athletic Director H. Jamieson Swarts has announced, however, that players may be awarded minor •uoris letters at the end of the season, providing eligibility regulations are not violated. Lone Slav State Produces Many Fine Alhlctes Writer Finds H.v JKKilY NI:A service Kiiort.i Writer We sue in no way payfiiij orr a drbt to the Texas Chamber of Commerce when we take up the .-.iibjret »t hand. H Is rapidly bc- comiiii! :t mailer or record that tlie Ixme star State is producing more Its share of athletic I talent iind is a .virtual Inctibmor of champions. Jimmy Demnrot of Houston, li-iidiiig money winner of the winter «oir clriiiill, is the latest to :all ill;nlioti to the stars of the range. Tnc colorlul clouter who has brecucd through five of nine tonr- nrys is only one of ;i great Texas jolfins brigade. Texas linksuu'n heisded by Ralph Ciuldnhl of Ual- In.', liavc H-OJI the Westcri Open five limes in a row. Byron Ncl- •cuii of Port Worth hasn't fared badly either. It .seems he ivon a National Open title last year. During 1339, golfers who learned their game In Texas won 13 of the 28 leading professional and 'pen tourneys. Then there's peri Betty Jaine- on. the San Antonio lass who won (he 1!J39 U. S. women's 'soM championship. Ohio and Pennsylvania may disagree but Texas will slaud a lot of beating ivlii'n it foni"',- !.•> football. The finest organized high school comi»t1tion is set up there and the Southwest Collegia!? Con- lerence, with sis of its seven tcam- from Texas, admittedly is the pioneer of the modern open gamp. From Texas has come the widest use of the forward piss. the feats ot Sammy Baiigh and Davey O'Brien. Last fall it was I'cxns A. &. AT, tiiat wa-T recognized as the top team in the country and many critics regard Bis; John Kimbroiigh as, the greatest fullback of all time. HOWE A'lTKMl'TINO MOUND OfJMEBACK Schoolboy rtowe, lankv Detroit pH'jher who holds the "American League record of 1G straight victories, and who is atlemptin; :. comeback after a siejje of mm trouble, is only one of a tremendous list of Texas ball players. iBjitor: We thought Rowc wns an AI* n- san.) To name a few there arc Sam FRIDAY, MARCH 15, 19-11, Madbon bnll-handler seen in Hqnare Garden In .years. The world's greatest hurdler Is Fred Wolcott. the lightning blond from Rice who most likely will be lie first Uirco-Uinc wimiw in ij,e ; history of the National ColliHale ' meet this June. Frank Guernsey, ,i;iolhcr Kice atlilela. is favored Io become (he first man in K. c. A. A. annals to Win the singles tennis title the years hand-running. ft mlslit be the climate, the dir-t or merely tiie hcrluge of mcj> jijjj Sam Hoiisio-i, w. H. Travis and Col, James Bowie. Anyway, it appears when better Complies Exceilient Record .During Cage Season 1 ree Manila's high school taskelbail representatives compiled oulstand. "iff records during the season that closed last week. The girls climaxed their cam- (raiifn by defeating their arch rivals from Lcachvilte for the County Class A title. Thev won 10 lost ' and finer athletes are turned Texns will produce them. out. rind fleet one. Although Die Lfons failed to re- lum their county title, they had :i winning percentage of'.104'for year, the winning ) 9 of 27 KltmcSi Ihrec of those defeats were at the "anas of (he powerful Jonesboro Go den Hurricane which won the slate championship over a classy The. girls Bi5$ PI I" I H U , ,\ 1U! slrls UWc almost utibnu- HM HI ,' ' wlthl " lllc counl >'- T »ey reg- Rr HA ' Sterad "" lllclr triumphs over IIL.1.IIII, county teams and werE be . ll( .,, Oll . way 34; Manila 41, Dell 40; Manila 3!), Marmaduke 21; Manila Parkin 28; Manila 51. Caraway 3:t; i Manila 28, Horaersvillc 25; Manila «, Blytheville 22; Manila 28. Lcachvllle 26; Manila 31, Shawnec 2ii; Manila 31, Jonesljoro 54; Manila 'ft, Keiser 18; Manila Shawnee 35; Manila 20. Steele 37; Manila 49. Burdftle 35; Manila L 20. Marmaduke 1C; Manila '11, Keiser 25; Manila 41, Lnxorn 11; Manila 20. Jonesboro 70; Manila 59, Dly- thevllle 33 < Tournament); Manila 18. l.cacliville 32 (Championship game); Manila S3. Dell '20; Manila 24, Dlythevllle 34; Maniln 6'9, B therillo 31; Manila 3U, Jonesboio C8 iDlstriet Tournament), Lid Goes On For Fisherman Who Like' Their Bass Beginning tomorrow, those bit; black buss local sportsmen have angling for can relax. Today l.y Oirco limes, 'ilietr most outstanding victory was over the crack Keiser sextette, 38-32. Their tie was a 20-28 affair with Dell. They scored 403 imints to 419 for • the opposition. j The offensive chart of the Lions ' shows n deckled superiority, cl<t- rwheliniiii; scores by Jonesboro. They tallied 703 points and is the final day of Arkansas' open j ll!lti on| y 592 chalked .season on bass until Jime 1. the crapple, goggle eyes and bream will nibble at baited hooks at their own peril for state laws do nol provide a closed season on these species of gnuie fish. Buy Your I AMKRICAN KXTKKHS ', MONEY OliDliltS ' ROHINSON'S Drug store up against them. With exception of the 1340 champs, and Steele, Mo., the Lions | never failed to beat the teams' that held decisions over them. That list included Blytheville, which WHS routed three times. Hor- THE PAINTERS' PAINT 1'au) Damon, slate game warden. I " ersvltle «"<' Shawnee once each. The complete records for both teams follow: (Girls)—Manila 28, pointed out that the new regulations of the Arkansas Fish and - _-. Qiiine commission also prihibit the Leachville 19; Manila 23, Del) 21; taking of tine species of minnows i Manila 13, Hornersvlllc 23; Ma- t'rain waters of tills slate during ! llilB 31. Caraway 10; Manila 2G, STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF LOUISIANA Our Service IS YOUR Assurance OF Safe Driving! Safe motoring ts the aim (> f every driver. Then, why net assure yourself of this 'safety as far as your automobile is 'concerned. Drive In and in O ur mechanics put your car iti shape for any driving. Tho r ,,,, t ls reasonable and the work antecd. EXPERT MECHANICS . MODERN . EQUIPMENT ALL WORK GUARANTEED PHILLIPS Wesl of Wcnlhcrlv of Senators; the 'Indians; Pinky Iliggins of Detroit; Lee Grisso;si oj the Yanks Turner of the Hcda: Tex Carleton ot the Dodgers; Beau Dell of the Indians; BDb S:«ls of tiie Ciiants; Deb Oarms of tho Pirates, and a dozen others. Lew Jenkins, the 23-year-old cclter who knocked out Tippy Lar' ...... " recently to be- challenger for kin in one round come the lentlln Lou Ambers' lightweight crown, is ol' course, from Texas. Ssveet- water Ls Ihe town. WOI.CO'1'T BUST 1IUKD1.EK IN .WOltl.f) TODAY The southwest got a late start, but today some of the best basketball in the nation is pin red in Texas, lilce and the University of Texas had two ol the country's greatest teams this past season and Bobby Mocrs. Texas' All- the closed season. He said Hint minnows cannot be taken from any bodies of water'by any means such as seining, trapping, dipping, etc., but that the regulation floes not mean that fishermen cannot use minnows for baft Hint have been obtained from a properly licensed dealer. In other words, minnows that were caught, before the closed season and handled by a licensed denier are legal bait. Today also marks the final day until May 15 that artificial bail such as plugs-, files and other manufactured lures can be used. t Many anglers are not familiar I witli the regulation which pro- j hibits fishing within a zone 100 i yards below any dam or similar j _ obstruction. This taw is in effect }] the vear around. riii-ix 'rowiiM'"^^- .. - ~ . . ,. . < l^liu clilalm-d Trom rsw No fishing license is required oi I oy.un, oilier tonka iur residents of Arkansas who use live.' bait, but those who use artificial bait must have a license for its use. Game wardens arc particularly strict on the taking of undersized crappie. Tiie crappie must measure al least eight inches from Dell 26 Itie); Manila 20. Marmaduke 35; Manila 21, Caraway 10, Manila 10. Honiersville 29; Manila 22, LeaclivUlc H; Manila 35, Shawnee 19; Manila 32, Keiser 28; Manila 12. Shaivnee 22; Alaniln ta. Steele 22; Manila 31, Burdcttc 23; Manila 35, Marmaduke 39; Manila 9. Keiser 42; Manila IS, Luxora 17; Manila 10, Dell 18. (Boys)—Manila 23, Leachville 21; Manila 21, Honiersville 22; Manila 40, Dell 13; Manila 41, Cara- Was Old at 54 AMA2EDI FEELS YEARS YOUNGER! PITTSBURGH PAINTS atcpai'nt- en'paints—llit fiuiibes lht*e deft ciaftiincii rely upon. They flow easily find evenly from the brush leavjng a smooth, hard surface of long-tailing beauty. They offer more painc "mileage" for every bnuhful. The colors are anc/io/ec/ for permanence. P«tk up ikakty >, a l1i W H1> Wol hid*. Ihc lamoui "On(. ' Doy Paint". .>el ye^rs yoimctr. J. the tip of its moufli to the tip of the tail or it must be immediately returned to the water from which it was taken. There is no size limit on bream or goggle eye. The number limit of crappie for one fisherman is 15 but he can possess a total of 25 in the aggregate of game fish. Si.xly cities in the world have populations of more than 1,090,000 each. HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. Phone 32 "Quality, Variety anil Value" COIORS BY NATURE—PAIKTSBY PITTSBURGH IJO^TOK wr!(«~<: "U did so much for iiMlf nw. ' J look It D»:elJ. Rt*:i!ij> flue." Slop feflluc .»W. Gel 35c. slie Oslr,'* lalilcts tollay. only 20c. j Start leelltiK Knpkr. year* jouu^tr. :Ms ytry dr.y, \ :t all Klrby Stores. Trv One of Our Delicious PIG SANDWICHES Ole Hickory Inn Across Prnm Illeh Srhno) 5lh Walnut r| ionr This IS news! Olenmorc Silver Label (90 proof) is now Old enough to be n bond -..yet slill tollled al ihc lower jn-ooi' lor mildness. s£. OUtr-'MiUe .|Aor« Mellow Sjp INCREASE '<TN PRICf ' PINTS $1.00 QUARTS $1.95 Pout Cr-(.r. 1910 i;)<vir»iQfe DUtiltrrir* Co., lac. Louii\illc—Owcniboto, Ky. .. if OH (jet mete f\ Assessing If you fail to assess your property the law requires me to assess it for you. You know the value of your better than, anyone else. Please help me. to fix the proper value on your property. County As&essoi

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