Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 7, 1932 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, January 7, 1932
Page 2
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6 to Star Slf Sbirth tttta «««, H<$* At*. and Publisher vtm of aU new» dlspatchw credited to it or local r»**|rtibtfel«d for «*d» H#otee* , , Tie Sfttf dfechttms tts»oa*il»aifr t tit any tttMblklttd Manuscripts. in AdVaa«); Sy city amrlcf, per acire-tf- «a LaFayetta counties. &QO pef year, elsewhere $5.00. ' '"' Platform CI*1? i* 0^ the ntuntc^dl power plant to develop tfa ,. , WDttrM^ Of IfOpQt »*itt tit 13SS, (Hid tonpitwcd wnirory condition* in of Commetc*. program prowkllMo /or the consrtuction of a roarf each year, to gradually reduce the support for every scientific a^Hmtltural Wi 6ff«t* ptttCticol tctnefite to Hvmpstead county's preatest |fltt(t« orottrtiiah'mu, belfeirfng that co-operative effort £» the c«J«tr« M it k in town. ' * STATE * on the itote highway program. reform, and <t more efficient {/overnment thrmtp't the expenditure*. ' Government Begins at Hotne ! |/ " ' —, »' . t^this newspaper last Tuesday, R. E. Jackson of & statement every thoughtful citizen *?• 37 Memberi of Thi« ily Spend ChrUtma* Near DeAnn Christmas was a happy time for the W. J. Harttfi*W famwy, the DeAnn community, about S north ot HO#K No! only was this K etey of feasting; Hut ft homecoming and reunion, attested by' members ol this family And ro*fly Wends, totaling about SO in numfter. The morning'Was spent in joyous greetings, pleasant reminiscences and in preparation of the bountiful midday feast, which alt were anxious to partake. Mr. and Mrs. Hartsfield are ?6 and 72 years of age. They have been residents ot Hempstead county their entire livest This couple have nine children, fbrty^two grandchildreri, three great grandchildren living, thirty-seven of whom were present on Christmas day-. Members of this family are more or less scattered, some of them, live in California, some in Indiana, some in Oklahoma and lome in Texas. In.-the-evening a program of songs, rfecltations, readings and solos was rendered by the young people, much to the delight of the older ones. Annoanctmnti t*»St*f is«rt!»«i«rt«*i action ot th* DtDMeratte primary «te*. Hon AufUst §, 1§»! HEMPSTEAD COUNTY M. Atk. Th* Navy has at last agreed ta a RAMAN i*»« ThVl •flOtft .f fefttMAKY ***** ii«» At* »inee HMMhni •Mt'Ceetl Oft it .(twit *imHft _««"BO« >ha*« loft* fcAHHY football truce with Army. sides* can major in. football both lh« •cM. »f with BA enrniiift*. «*<»' I* 1 * «S, 38. ••« PMlI.il' yttttHK lA«tte». ar* »»» Ihftl* matttMie ttiottcti Men efl»u«r* »«•«••• », <• Tfir i«»* ni<i» MeKtiiBt, HH «nRln«cr, ae »»«»«•«• *a« refaii<>« *» ih» w*MI«« a«ie be* *ke eaaanH !**»• AHA with »*«pon»lbllH» ot tk* IS, n«d Atlil la Do You I twice: tetead county needs a constructive program made 'resources and needs. It is unwise to allow our i to go neglected, while we sl>end our time w,or- ite and national ones." >m;0f Mr., Jackson's statement appears in the in'our city and county governments are we personally. Beyond these, we empower dele; for us. We follow the course of state govern- jreports from our delegates in the legislature; anal affairs to leaders only remotely dependent "'; and we appreciate foreign relations only as *- J 'intne notes and letters of .our diplomats, ment, its- issues, its success or failure, is our natidnal lite for .which an immediate sin-the hands of the common" citizen. For while : x freely about the tariff, he^knOws nothing about fore nobody pays him,.an^ attention; but the &< county goyernment-h'e"can quickly and easily when a citizens starts talking; about the facts of lent sooner or later he gets surprising, results. attention this newspaper has attracted with TWENTY-FIVE XEABS ACO Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hutchinson will leave Sunday for a few days visit to ..„. __-__... brother of R A. Thompson, of the City Wood Yard, has arrived from Akron, Ohio, and will make his future home in Hope. Miss Lillie Middlebrooks returned Wednesday to Ouachita college after spending the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Middlebrooks. FIFTEEN AGO Misses Dorothy Thompson and Willie PurkinS returned to Henderson- Brown College Tuesday after having spent the holidays at home. Miss Kathleen Broach returned to her studies, at Henderson-Brown college, after spending the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. !•• Broach. The Hope Dancing Club entertained at the Elk's Club rooms Tuesday night. Guests were ' invited from neighboring towns. A Spanish king was seen to smile only three times In public. . Calvin CoblldjjB would have thought him sllfcr. K«ws item says an heiress eloped with a salesman. With the depression whipping up the sea of matrimony, he must have known his satis. Finland voted for repeal of prohibition, But while th* war with booze there isn't what it is here it was a fight to the Finnish. Japanese say they only want to rid Manchuria ot bandits. And also, apparently, of Chinese. Shover Springs Kc« killins has- been the order of the day for the past few days in these parts. Health fairly good in. these parts at resent, thMieh we are sorrv to r»o^#* Mr. ftirlv McWilliams on the sick ;llst at this writintr. Tj. K. Darwin and far""v vi«ted ,nt Meaner, Ark. from Thursday to. St""1av of last week. Jimmie Rodcers from Helena.. Ark., visited his mother. Mrs; Jetti* Rodsers "f this nlac» for the oast few days, U»vln« for home Sunday. " * School opened up a fa in Monday nfter being dismissed for two weeks fm- the Christmas holidays. Mr. W*»h Laster and fomfly from *I«N>H •«crel|y due to it has tackled f about'which accurate ^formation could be pb- H^it; generation ago it was* customary for a country ppfegt Wax brilliantly rhetorical, blazing away with aljuse -•*"-- local politician, who replied, equally rhetorical, Ve. Times, have changed, Today a newspaper about some .waste of public funds, some abuse yw,er t and lays thgse facts before the public as ly a* a surgeon- inUie operating room. Times have The politician no longer replies to an editor's crit- l^fent hunts out the •'most'remote fork of the creek to ply " aent unhampered arid unembarrassed by facts. county needs a world of something beside pol- j which she is Over-fed. We have seen county govern- rrrefeent years decline and decay, supporting office- rat tne cost* of every worthwhile activity that the com- |?fs expected to engage in. around us, less populous, less rich, have retained ^ up. their county farm and home demonstration T . .rork. Hempstead hasn't given tax-support to such a sin for the last three years. ^Tou may not agree with us about the county agents. You "£''deny-that they are either necessary or desirable. Still, 'iy&JSE hardly fall out with us when we say that if Hemp- /jt '-.LI_.^ . g g e ^;| n g mor g tax money now than ever before _-y—as she is—certainly she is doing less, and the therefore is being wasted.: And you probably will lat as long as money it; being thrown away in it might be thrown away to a good and per- unty agents'work, m't make votes.- Good, all-weather flilgfeways don't make as many quick votes as a few re men building up graded dirt roads each spring. •We'<Joift have cownty agents, and we don't have good .nty-roads, simply because that calibre of leadership which 9 OHjje nursed in rural communities like Hempstead county I blazed forth over the nation as statesmanship, hasn't *Vd from in many an election, Hitler on Germany's Bonds If the Gulf stream failed, France would become uninhabitable in wint- erV But France wou!4t probably. gp ink), the'r^firigeraitihg: b]isln*s8, to K* franc about it. ; . t HITLER, head of the German. Fascists, tells an R correspondent in Berlin that American bondr .„. __...^ not fear for their money if the Fascists come to pilrll* Qermany, unless the world accepts the French thesis I political debts must take priority over commercial debts. 1 iTW? sounds well, but it is rather cold comfort. For that pi$ ap far has been, acepted unfailingly, and French iu- $&& will probably see to it that it is accepted again. """ ' disturbs purppe and America is the thought that K^oop comes to power there will be an open clash 1 reparations that might even lead to war—in which case JF poljtieai per commercial debts would be worth the ^bey are written en- M ft Cuatomer ' {Soviet government has ordered its commercial agent in , the Amtorg Trading Corporation, to reduce its b* gQ per cent. This is because Russia is buying far country than it did a little while ago. In the JO months of last year, for instance, it placed orders 'MQQ t OOQ worth of goods; in the same period in 1930 its totaled *103,800,0^0. that tbe- decline is partly due to Russia's in thte country—credits which are J» addition, the Ame*jc>n esm of Soviet products Ji» a poiltfe teu»ja«»» iMn ought to ponder over. Rug \ te an «*eeU«»t customer—she has bought $200,000, 1 ii 0erwas SMm tfell X ea)? ' for example. But sr miWSS^m ** **« trea «^ Her a* Rent It! Find It! Buy It! Sell It! With HOPE STAR WANT ADS The more you tell, The quicker you sell. 1 insertion, lOc per lin» minimum 30c 3 insertions, ?c per lln* minimum SOc 6 insertions, 6c per line, dinimum $1.00 26 insertions, Sc per line, minimum J4.00 (Average 5% words to the line) NOT E—Want advertisements accepted over the telephone may be charged with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, the day of first publication. Phone 768 TAPEN UP—One old Jersey cow, no marks or brande. Charles Kendall, y Poundmaster It. FOR RENT FOR RENT—Furnished, attractive apartment. Close in, with garage. Reasonable. Phone 730. 5-3tc FOR RENT—Nicest 5 room home in Hope. On pavement—strictly modern —hardwood floors—new home. Fur Shreveport, La., visited his father and brother of this, place a few days last week. wV had a fine Sundav school hqre Rundnv and a fine attendante, although the weather was a little bad. Come pn folks let's made this a banner y*ar for Sunday school work. J. M. McWilllams was dinner truest Sunday with his son Earnest of Hope. AmonK the callers at the home of Early McWilllams Sunday afternoon was W.- A. Walker. C. C. Bennett. '3* M. McWiUiams and Earnest. ;McW|K ; : liarns-<rf- v HoBe^n^.''-.---^'";:'' ; ,,i Grady Beece and family visited nea^ Bodcaw Saturday night and Sunday. , J. S. Reed is back at home''from Hope where he has been at work as, night watchman at the compress, the past'two weeks. Albert Smith and family visited his father Sunday, near Patmus. Mrs. Lattie Byere and daughter, spent the oast week end'at this; place with her husband Gilford Byers, but returned Sunday afternoon to her school at Guernsey. < The condition among cows known as "salt sick" has been found, according to the American Dairy Science Association, to be caused by a de- it _._ ••tor. on neveral oecinloH*. hn» led klm to M* llt»e *fc» lit 18 t»nt* <knt. M* trl«» to per*ttn<* her I* b*eom« kU partner In n vnndevlll* n«.t< Phil tiikc* Ann la dUncr at • MoMtaln roort. NOW CO ON WITH THE STOttT OHAPTBR XXVI •'YOU'VEl been so good, lately. •* Ann said. "And 1 know you are working too bard. All tbat evening work—-" "Do you know, Ann, when you took like this you are so beautiful that 1 scarcely feel as If 1 bad a right to love you. When I'm away from you t forget, at times, bow very beautiful you are—or 1 decide tbat'perhaps 1 am exaggerating It. But when 1 get with you again—It makes me humble, dear." •."FhiH Isn't that alllyT Everyone says I'm good looking/so I suppose I must be. Bu'. it Is no credit to me. I didn't make my face. You don't lore me just because I'm pretty, do you, deaj?" "You aren't pretty," he said. "You are supremely beautiful. 1 loathe pretty -women." "Nothing ot the sort. Cecily's pretty, and you don't loathe her.' "Nor do 1 think she is pretty. She baa a charm about her .face; but ber features are far too small and her coloring Is too delicate to suit me. It won't last aa yours lasts,-Ann. But let's leave Cissy out for this one evening. Here we are. lust, the two of us. Let's leave 'everyone else in the world out for this evening, will you?" "We . will," she agreed. "Don't look right away," she went on, "but there's a girl over there who keeps staring at us. . Just now she said something to the boy with her. and he turned to look.. I wonder wh"f'ier ystr know her?" PhtUookc'' instantly. He noddeu to the girl. His face flushed, and when he turned it again to Ann .there .was a suggestion of fright /i.and anger In it. "What's the trouble?" she asked "Nothing whatever. She worka across the hall from my office—a filing clerk, I believe." The encounter, at least, waa not Philip's fault. Letty had told him that she bad to go with her mother tbat evening out to see a poor ol< blind lady who lived In Forest QfOffc "But," Hid AM, «jm toftteif ii it you wer* after?, ot emtamtted, or toiiMthtnt," "1 wa* pottlMjr. f»« told me not to took ittt tn**, fettt i did and got sattght fit the §«& Also, I wai slight)? annoyed <mr the fact tbat people ««t« statin at ua and dls- attaint «*." "Sh« dots itarV aatd Ann. «sue hasn't taten bat «»e& away from me once since Uw sat dow^ever there." , _, "And that," laid b«, "fit Ha penalty of beauty, you know. But suppose you Mop looking at her, and ou won't know that she ta looking at you, NN tried looking again at th» t> mountain', tat It ha4 tort Hi AtptM glow aid ha4 bacon* a to* bidding thing, in cold broea and whites, a* lonely aa majeaty. She has such a bright. luttd way ficiency diet.. of copper and iron in the It was a theater party. But they probably had scene enough. ORDINANCE NO. 451 An Ordinance to be an Ordinance En : titled, an Ordinance to Regulate Electric Wiring- in the City of Hope, Arkansas, and for Other Purposes. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY «Watl« combination at M»t— tod stlrild toward their la- M«. It* HttWt •** had caused to rearrange some flowers in a vase.) tin Mm," f staring, 1 * Ann said, ot get* on my oerres.' "It-It aort "Shalt w» altow It to spoil our yon ovenlfig, tr shall we forget Ann asked. "How well do know her, Phil?" jealous of Ceetiy and And Grand and Ro- about to saj that hat acciwtUdfi wa* ubjmt aad ttutfue, hot tike waitef spoke first, "SSvwy- titfot all right, altt" Pliirp aald, "Yea, Quite ail rt***-" "ftMf vl«* out east there,",tne waiter auge«st«d. *• » • A MM looked out east there. Philip said* "Y«s," The waiter moved away, "May 1 sea that note, Phllt" Ann ttld. "Shall 1 pato It across Immediately? Or might 1 look at It ttrttr "R«ad It yourself, first," said Ann. "Some notwense," he frowned, as h« unfolded the tight two square Inches of paper. He continued frowning aa he read: "Darting "My dear girl—' odd how notUag can be as ' impatient aa uatienca, heavily stressed— "how well ta one' apt to know an office "1 thought ahe worked ta Una office acroee tn« ball;'' "Shedoee. We meet occaslonaUr n the hall or In tb» elevator. Not long ago .she lost th« heel of, her shoe Id tha •downstalra entrance, and I took it around to tb« shoemaker's for her. Sloe*, then, she stopped Into my office one day to sew the hert of her dress— or petticoat— that had ripped." "Why didn't she sew It In her own office?" "Because there happened to be about a dozen or more people In ber office, and I am alone In mine." "Oh," said Ann. The girl bad stopped, staring and was Writing. something with a red fountain, pen she had borrowed from tier escort "Why didn't you tell mar said Ann. "Tell you what?" "About the heel, and the ripped hem and all?" Ph(l. pressed his lips together, and straightened them to a smile, and shook hla bead slowly. Ha meant; by so openly despairing of Ann's Intelligence, to, anam* ton but II seemed not to work tbat way. "Why didn't ion?" said ABA :» "Because 1 hadn't an Idea tbat auch mlnutlaa would Interest you. Also. I forgot tU Are 'you paying me the doubtful compliment of Jealousy, or what Is the object ot thl» inquisition?" The girl gave the iota to the waiter. " Ann said, "Yon ara Jealous ot me when no other man If concerned at ail." (The waiter, superelUout, sweetheart malt: 1 didn't story to you, honestly 1 didn't Call me up when joil get borne and I'll explain everything. Yoitr, U It I think ron are mad at ma 1 won't sleep a wink. Call up sure." Semt-senslblehess waa ail that waa ever claimed for Letty; but occasional cleverness has been claimed for Phil, and an assumption that he waa smart enough to make hit way In the world. Ue burned the note, right there In the ash tray, while Ann looked on. 'I think I'll go home," Ann said •Darling." Phil pleaded. "Don't please! I'll explain everything later." A certain similarity to the word lag of the note may be seen. But Ann, who had not read the note liked the unusual "darling," and she liked, also, the eager promise to explain. She did not like the connotation of "everything," so she repeated It, -Everything?" Philip had gained time and found himself. "There Is nothing to ex plain," he said. "After all, 1 am a lawyer, and I do try to observe some ot the ethics ot my profession." "You didn't tell me that she wa a client of yours." ,,,.>.,,, "She Isn't But there happens t be another woman with a poor ol blind mother—" He stopped. "Be here, Aim. 1 have no right to go Into this. It you Inplat— But why not take my word for It and trust me? ')-. Woo't you please do that. *uW &»** stopped in th« eft*H** moment in the wowing, t w» peel ttai tn« «of« reason W wf ending the note waa to, mag* t&t oy She Ii with ieatoulk* , "Of «er <ald Ann. _ "Hardly. Sbe'e allly,. but »« any, 1 believe, At «y raw, yot ren't leaJous, are you, Yott Witt* "No," wld Ann. "What'i amet" 4 "King. MissKlftg," "Wl)at*8 her first "Letty, 1 believe she said. H*tt> — Betty— something of the sort. I really don't remember. You arettl latlng your pastry, dear. Don't »01 :aro for It? Shall 1 order I0ta» btng else tor you?" "No, thank you. I've bad all I can eat. Qet your check, Phil, ao< et'o go." "You've changed your mind about he dancing?" he asked hopeful!} as be beckoned for the waiter. "I'd forgotten. But unless yo% want to, 1 think I'd rather gt home.' 1 As they went down the lantern* hung path toward Phlllp'a car Letty King said to Kenneth Smith, "I'm, all In. positively. I've got to get i* early tonight and catch up on my sleep. I've kind ot got a headache** 44TT must mean something," •*• offored, when he and Phil An* "Well, yea." said Ann. "Still 1 do th'"k It is very strange tbat she should have to write notes about it in a place like th'ls.f '!^* "She didn't have ,tov* 8ne I? an extraordinarily afllf tfttl* itrL She were safely started toward the. City, 'that, alwnys, In the end we decld» tbat, better than anything else, w« like to be alono together. W« d« find aomethlng, don't we, that w«(, can't Una In the hurly-burly <rt lights and music and people?" He meant It. every word of It He was furious with Lett;. U« was grateful to Ann. She purred a gentle response and thought ot the pretty (rock the dllng clerk had worn, and hoped with all her heart that Phil Would not notice the slight knocking sound In the engine, or wherever It was. 'We do, dear," he continued. "Together we flud peace," (He certainly would not telephone to Letty this evening. It ever. He was fed to the eyebrows with her foolish- uesa.) "and' security, and— Usteu! There goes that knock again." "Oh, not" Ann protested, and; tried grasplugly to think ot now handsome Phil was, and bo.w wls« and good and copiously vlrtuoui. She needed these fortifications, and more, to contend with knocltaC Phil was odd about knocks.. The moi InQnlteslnial knock closed! hi senses' to"all olhef^perceptfbnl physician, stethoscope In ears, bend Ing above a loved child, critic stricken, had nothing on Phil when It came to knocks. "There's no good- flajlttg; ,'OB no.'" Phil reprimanded. "There It Is again. Listen!" 'A (To Ue Continued) COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF HOPE, ARKANSAS. ' Section 1: That hereafter it shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to do any electric wiring in the City of Hope, Arkansas, without first obtaining a written permit from the City Electrical Inspector, and paying a license fee to the City of Hope, Arkansas, of Fifteen Dollars (J15.00), which license fee shall permit said applicant to do electrical wiring within the City of Hope, Arkansas, for a term of one year from the date of payment thereof, provided the party applying shall receive written permit from the Electrical Inspector of the City of Hope, Arkansas. Section 2: All entrance wires are to be run in % inch pipe with approved entrance fitting with safety 348. 3. M. Harbin. 5-3tc, WANTED Manhattan Shirt Sale WANTED—Dry wood, Hope Steam Laundry. 2-3tc. WANTED—Buff Orpbington hatch' ing eggs. Must be from good stock. Will pay premium above market price. Braemar Hatchery, Texarkana, ArVi. 12-31-tf. NOTICE NOTICE—Tune and repair your piano at reduced price. Bensbergs Musice Co., Second and Walnut. 31-6tc. FOB SALE MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS — Fine niano for small balance will sell to someone in this vicinity who is willing to take up the small monthly payments that the original owner is unable to continue. This piano can not be told from new. Write or wi»e at our expense before we send our truck for it. Pacific finance Co., 1005 Elm St., Dallas, 7**as. 4-3tc FOUNP FOUNDr-On» Wa<* a°4 white kid gtove, wast|ea^» »w. «» 4»wrt9 street* l^rawr w»y tow »ame by <-allto# at thla am* aad payfeg thi* w. 4-Jtdh Our twice yearly clearance of the high grade, nationally known Manhattan Shirte and Pajamas Reductions from 25% to 33%. Anticipate your needs and buy while you can take advantage of these savings. meter trim switch. All entrance wires to be not smaller than No. 8, rubber covered. All wires from main cabinet to be run in BV or conduit to first opening, all service wires to enter building at nearest point convenient 'to the Hope Water and Light Plant. All buildings in fire district, and all public buildings shall be wired in rigid iron conduit Section 3: All ordinances and parts of ordinances in conflict with this ordinance shall be, and the same are hereby repealed, and this ordinance shall take effect and be in full force from and after its passage and publication. Passed and approved 1, 5, 32. JOHN P. VESEY Attest: Mayor. F. Webb, City Clerk. Announcing the Re-Opening of the Green Parrott Inn at 324 North Main, Near Oglesby School UNDEB NEW MANAGEMENT Now ready to serve: Barbecue Pig, Sandwiches and Drinks Special—Big, juicy hamberber 5c. Real Hot Dogs for a nickel Cakes—Candies—Bread t Green ParrottInn E. G. FULMEH, Proprietor First Road Show in Two Years NEXT TUESDAY NIBHT at 8:30 SAEN6ER All Kinds of People Rave about Crosby Gaige's production of |1.95 Shirts and Pajamas now $2.50 Shirts and Pajamas now £ 4 U|» $3.50 Shirts and .^ I • VV Pajamas now ' J5.00 Shirts and ' Pajamas now $2.45 $3.35 $3.00 Shirts .and Pajamas now $3.15 "Where ?me and Quality Meet" WILLIAM LYON PHELPS savs< "Full of laughter and tears. One of the best plays in New York." Channing Pollock's Great Play THE HOUSE BEAUTIFUL By the Author of "The FOOL" and «The ENEMY 2000 FAMOUS MEN AND WOMEN THEATRE GOERS GEORGE M. COHAN "Prove* that there it still a Public for clean, wholesome, entertaining plays" If everybody else feels IlkeO that WHY NOT YOU • Priew—12,00, tl.50, $1.00, 7&c—$eat Sale Starts Friday MAIL 0110111$ Now Received Send remittance with iclf-*ddre velope for MHwn of dc

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