Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 6, 1932 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 6, 1932
Page 4
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t*« rv% ,1 • S--Tokio y^SfSJSBS »i Many from this place attend I . me«f{ft«-«i fttll'* ca>»1»l- *very Wednesday night, &u*1to« -6* HWpft ,week Wlthi home, folks. [Monday aitetnemsr wtth Mrs. Marie . , Stale Wood* Mil daughter of st*nt Cftrtstnias week with hi* Wlh*. Mfffi Ida W<fcd, - Mr» IfflW. Cktedlettlr and hsf sister, Miss Glady Hat*i* of this place are going to spent the next two weeks •teive lived in this report that thi* aV6 icnfeWit tn6* it a standstill Ttfts- and as there is- no MfcCasMllI tne school art ttattsi*l«d ffont each day were forced & T%* Buses' «u* op- foutfe eaclt dsy carry* ,to be^receded B 'the* bridges; WU1 be resumed residents of Blew- News Events . 1s visiting Mr. Thompson of Nash- SR» lit tftls'-cwnmunlty have - Qntistmss. Whitlwnlng,ls now liv- flurrch of fimst PM ,/. R. Thompson and dinner guests of Mr. Smith, Saturday. Hay McLaughlin and " of Roy,, .vjsited Mr. .-JieKwootf Sunday, ^ittthe Nashville special ji*d; their work Monday, two JweelJs .vacation.; The of the Nashville dis- r, the whole north . Jounty;from Ozan . five schools in the of 'the children are . Mil*. Stuart visited in ^RdBert'Blackwood- vis-" 1 ' A. J. Blackwood Mr. and Mrs.-Ted Garner who. has jbfcen, living, in the housfr with Mrs. Buford Stephens has moved below Hope. Mrs. Byrum and Mrs. Stephens spent Sunday atfernaon with Mrs; Stella Vfltes, Mrs. Cullins and her daughter, Mattie Cullins of this place spent Monday afternoon with Mrs. Irene Bonds. Mtss ttrna Wood is spending this week wittt relatives at Washington. School Reopens on Monday at Blevins Eight New Pupils Enroll Monday for Remainder of the Year > The Blevins and McCaskill schools reopened Monday morning January 4th, after a Christmas vacation of sev- 'eral days. According, to J. Glenn Coker, • superintendent of schools, eight new pupils Were enrolled in the Blevins school Monday morning. Teachers were handicapped Tuesday by^the absence of 105 pupils from .Red Land township.. These pupils transported by bus, were unable to get to, school on account of the high water.- Blevin?P.-T.A.to IWeeton RevV J; ^ €b|fe1lilrjf»f Vf- ligtftjE fortfc Baild Cdngtegation i>-fr K./ . . ReV. -J>- - D. . Copeland- opened, his. years. <work in Blevins lasLJi-uaath-.liaVr ing bfeen named as pastor of the Blevins Church of Christ. He preached an impressive sermon, Using as his text '"'There ls : a,.Work= That I Cart Do.",| . V.'- 1 ; ':•'':" •' : '.:-*-! : ' / The Simday school of this congregation hiw Been well attended throughout the past year. Those who have a perfect attendance record by nol Missing a Sunday in the year are Floyce Leverett, Alice Garner. Reba and Ozelle Leverett and K. B. Spears Those having missed only one Sun dtfy are: C. W. Leverett, Floyd and Lloyd Leverett and Charlene Stewart T. J. Stewart missed only two Sundays and several missed only three. Some of those -who missed -Siinday School in Blevins attended at some other place on that' date; - : Rev. John Slater of Fort Smith, who represents the Orphans Home, was also a Blevins visitor recently. He preached qn Sunday night and left Monday, taking. with him a number of articles, and food, donated by the Church of Christ congregations in this section. A great work is being planned by this church this year and all are urged to work faithfully during 1932, ^-JJLJ.1^ . \ Twins Bdfttoi feuckfiiwersof Blevins Convene Evelyn Joan and Doris Anne Ferrari are twins, but Evelyn always wil be a day older. Because Evelyn was born at 11:50 p. m. at a San Francisco hospital; and her sister was born 24 minutes'later, or* 12:14 a. m., next day. They're shown here with Margaret B^driner, n,urse Indians won .damages from New York state for lands they were cheated out of. And farmers.are trying to collect financial reliesf for. the lands they are unfortunate enough to own Plan Acreage of and Tomatoes for Car Lot Shipments . A publics rftbetlilf of truck grow*!* Iving along ttte Prescott NbrtHwes(*tti Railroad lri)th«; Blevins terltbry was held In; tHe auditorium of trie Blev> ins school TrftirStlay night. Plans fbrplimlmg truck cft>fls IMS spring were discussed. All farmers in this section: plan to plant am acreage of radishes < and had last MondaV set as tha day to begin plowing tHefa- land. THe fain Sunday night, Mbn- day aud Motiday night however hsis delayed this planting and U is not known now when the main part of this crop will be planted. A plan is expected to be worked out in this section, whereby tbmatb growers will grow their own plants A few farmers- have in the_ past grown their own plants with" success and a considerable saving in plan cost is expected should this methtx be adopted. The outlook for truck crops is saw to be somehat uncertain-and the acre age jvill riot be unusually large in this 'section this year, spme of tHe growers said. ....Marjorie Rambeau's new husbanc Francis A. Gudger, was identified bj another woman as Richard Francois Case'bf bethg mixed up with two othe people. Woman Missionary Set I Free by Cnineae Band' FOOCHOW, China.— (fP) -Harriet! Halverstadt, Wellington, Kansas, mis- lotiary who was captured by Chinese wndits December 24, returned here ate Monday and told of a harrowing IHMstrtas. : (. : She spent it" tramping over rough mountains and sleeping in a barn, al- hough she insisted.,the treatment she rerfeWed was .''comparatively good." lefciheaihl was excellent. She was pleased Sunday nt Futaing after nine aits negotiations between the bandits irid' the provincial, authorities. Aged Resident of Gcmnty Isteied Billie Yarborougfa Died at His Home Near' Deany ville Monday Night First Basketball Game January 15 Btevin» to Meet Columbus at Mope f o* Season's Beginner the Sieving Basketball season is scheduled to open Ih Hope on Friday night, January 15i when this team Will mrike their initial apearance for the season, against the Columbus quintette. ,. Practice' at Blevins has been rather slow on account of the weather and an open coitr.t With the consolidations of several schools In this section last summer the Blevlhs school acquired the McCaskill basketball team, who won the Junior championship at the county tournament played in Hope last spring. With this team and a number of Blevins prospects the team from this scflol is expected to develop Into a great machine with in a short time. ToRepairRoi Several Cars of ThbWeefe Severn! car loads of been sidetracked nt Blevifts by Proscott Northwestern ^Hre** -j^v, use in regravollng their roadbett IB, , the vacinity of Blevine. . ^ ' According to a report last week «Ut rond IB operatin« at a prof H'. and tWK repair to the road is in P«l»™U6n for the heavy loads of truck aftd frttll expected to bo hauled from tW» WC- tion later in the spring and summwi, . Uncle Billie Yarbrough, aged 79, well known resident-of north Hemp- rtead county, died nt his home Monday night, following a 1 , brief illness. • The funeral and-burial services were conducted Tuesday afternoon at Mas- adonia cemetery, near Beanyville, with Rev. W. H. Stingley and Rev. York in charge. He was one among the oldest members of Union Grove Baptist church. Mr. Yarbrough is survived by three sons. W. T. of Blevins, Neal of Texarkana and Joe, who lives in Texas, State Prison Entered and Auto Is Stolen COLUMBIA, S. C.—(ff)- Thieves broke through the walls of the state penitentiary Sunday night and stole an automobile belinging to a guard.. They also took the keys from all the prison trucks parked in the yard and escaped. • i • — The U. S: Department of Agriculture's estimate of the 931 cotton crop sets it at 16.918,000 bales. Battle Field Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Baker arid family were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Nations. ' Mrs. John Morgan returned to Her home near Evening Shdde, after on Mrs. Ed Turner. Mrs. Linnie Johnson of hear Spring Hil! was visiting her mother and Sdtt ut tliis place Monday. Lige Bcnrdcn of near Washington was visiting Ben Wilson at this pi* Wednesday. Mrs-. Maggie Atkins was the dinner. guivt of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Reid Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Wilson and' llf- tle dau^it^r. Dorothy June, Spent Sunday "afternoon with J. A. Smith and family. WASH TUBBS Leave It to Rip! By Craw _y,was a business visitor -Wednesday. a and, family of Blev- t relatives here Thurs- &"$ V imtH 4>Ji lA •> and family of Murto this community Wisdom and Maude Saturday night with j- Hawkins of Murfrees- - relatives in Tokio Sat- , weather permits, there will slipper at the Church of Saturday night The pro. for church expenses. and son, Otis, were Interesting Program Is Expected to Be Rendered This Week The Blevins P., T. A., will meet Thursday night; in the.auditorium. _ the high scJiooL A speciM program for' the occasion has Been arranged j by the program committee, who also have a program completed for the coming year. Regular meetings for this association are announced for the second Thursday night of each month. Much interest is shown in P. T. A. work in Blevins and a large attendance is expected at the meeting Thursday night. visa, v\cvae MV BONES w BUST MN NECK! I MUS 1 Be eeTTlN 1 lAJEAK'W PUNY. 'L' OL' ^^NOU£ LAKE THM,'N' ^ET IT OFF. f NO, \N'e I4M> NT - fs.Ut> NT OMVS TeLtS TV\E OF We MAHEVl. OH, \^ e\ieRVTH\NG— SIMPLY e\/EWfTHIKJ6. j I-1 DON'T V(^OVl \NV\W To W O'DAN WM'T QUIT. LEPM6 ME THE ONG&6RTO MN ROOM, I'U. KISS rX V\G IF 1 ^Cr-J'T FIND • • ? THAI SECRET. maptft Nashville Friday. sr-Thompson and family were bus- rp to.jMfaleral Springs; Fri- 'tuck of Bingen was a Tokio Visited in Prescott the Si-News 1 " ; .'.• . • '• •• i • iin Sunday school; and B. Y.jl dwell att«»dedRere'Sunday. ,jv and Mrs. J. L. Eley and little lugnter, Louise, and Mr. and Mrs. "' Daniel visited relatives in • last week. ';&,if/Dotson and son Shelby tiyes in the Friendship • Week. JUra, J. A. Peters smd chili tije Sunday fuest? of Mr. /, V, Hampton of McCaskill. ^^ Mrs. Willie Harris of Wash- hVWted his mother, Mrs. Harris ^^ Jfcs, James T. Dodson and > were visitors of Mr. and Mrs. , Sley Sunday. r,,an4 Mrs. John Harper of Doyle and Mrs. J. P. Pickett V, Peters and Mrs. Jeffers ._, of Mrs^J<*n Tinsley Sunday. , . . Jeffr^pses and ^hilt qt IJadlville visited -Mr.' and Sheppard Everybody had a splendid time here Christmas. . '•; : Raymond Cornelius has returnee home after spending a few days with his uncle, Luther Cornelius of Guernsey. Mr. and Mrs. L. J. McBay spent Sunday-night with his parents of this place. Mr. and Mrs. George Gilbert and children spent Tuesday night with Jus aunt, Mrs. Alice Finley. Roy' Cornelius spent Wednesdaj night with Frank Anderson of Tex arkana. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Boaze of Texar kana called at the home of Mr. am and Mrs. .W. L. Cornelius. Sam Hacker has moved to Sheppari to start' business. We hope him sue BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES , •ft.OOT'p «.tM_VY W XO »Ac — Wheel Byftfc FRECKLES AND Ifl3 FRIENDS •...•• •, i . - . Better Act Quick, Oscar! By Bloi tile Sunday guests of Mr. . Ootson. r I Closes Early Saturday ii^tHw*- 1 *'^ *»*«»*^^**^r jflftagnoiia [ office commencing January 8, will 8t 1 p. m, Saturday, on account i 41-hour law which gives clerks " • weekly. pe Sitter, noted Dutch as- ajsertg that the formation in our solar system was collision of our sun with •tajr. Raymond and Lucille Corneliu spent Wednesday night with Edna and Wesley Mayo of Guernsey. Mrs. Alice Finley called on Mr; Pearl Cornelius Saturday. Gladys and Christeen Cornelius spent Wednesday night with Blanch Clayton. Raymond Cornelius called on Li lie Maud McBay Tuesday night. Tob Taulkner was visiting Mr •Alice Finley Monday. tost Prairie We are glad to have Mr. and Mrs. Lon EUinburg of near Garland City to move ht our community. Hubie Button of Jaka Jones is vis^ iting his son, Luther Button and family of here. Miss Minnie Ellenburg called to see Mr. and Mrs. Void Wormington a while Tuesday night. Mr; and Mrs. Tom Wilson, and children of Garland City spent Sunday with Mr. W- T. Vickers and family pf this place. The birthday party given by Cecil Rateliff Thursday night was enjoyed by a large crowd. Mrs. Fannie Morgan, • Mrs. Lessie Godwin and baby spent Sunday with Mrs. Willie Ellenburg of here. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kreiger of Beck's store was the Sunday guest of her mother and father, Mr. and Mrs, E. E. West. Boy, 7, Robbed, Takes Action; Two Arrested W. Va.- (O>) -Ralph robbed of $1-20 by two boy*, 11 years old, went to headquarter*, obtained a the boys arrested. on the WJJMte 4fi«»»ot fcr stty, POM'T AAIHD ' A GOOD I TUIKJK I'UU GO OU A ARREST DEMA ...ctey OOPSAT AUA FRUIT.... AU. OUT OF BREATH... I CAUT GO n lib BESIW THE CATS UP A By Cowan So Far and (Mom'n Pop) o JNeari YOU'P %t RED IM THE. F4£E,ToO.I 1UEZ COACH IM (WE HALL AHC>\ JUST D IARS Giwwt'i or- f^OMiwG. llAOM&O AMD MKK\M6 OFF UJltW t-LL OUR. WELL , UJlTMOuT A WORD, LME Z f?/XMG DpoR-BELL WvlO VUUO COURSE NVRS. GltAVAltS , OMUV OUR STEP- . LAST P/^tt (XMP \?!'%V& DOE'SV4'T VT &Ht>- JUST AM SORROWED OUQ MK '.MO CAST MOM ED L RlGrUT MOW SHE'S WQVtP ANT? SKIPPED OUT viJiTH in

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