The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 15, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 15, 1940
Page 7
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FRIDAY, MARCH 15, 1940 IUAT1.IEV1LLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE; SEVJilN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line for consecutive Insertions: One time per line .............. lOc Two times per line per day....08c Three times jwr line per clay... Otic filx times per line per day ..... 05c MonUi rate per line ............ 60c Cords ot Thanks ........ 5l)c & TSc Minimum charge 5llc Ads ordered /or tlircc or six times and stopped before expiration will lie chuiged for the number of times (lie and uppeareu and adjustment of bill muue. Ail Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons reslumg Cui- SKIC of the city must be accompanied by cash. Hates may be tus- ny coinpulvu Jrora aoove tauie. AOveriiijirii oruereu lor irregular insertions last's Uie one- lime rum. ho responsibility will ue IHKUU for more uian one iiicurrtci insertion oi any cJassmi'u «u A LOT OF CAR FOR A LITTLE MONEY We moke il very much worth your while lo let us appraise the trading-value of your presentee:. Our values are high and our prices are low—terms are very BllSilieSS QjV I liuitiea liberal on a better car. No better Have a real Investment for cash, trade than now. We'll give , . •> rent houses and store. Kesidcn-i s 6 rooms. Residence 6 rooms.' Y ou ° 9° od d<!al '<>' Vour money. ' ccs 6 room . CoJI 759, Mr. Roliison, Moore's Up- -3!) CHEV. COACH parly to ^invest about 51000 in lo-' Beautiful Grey'Finish. Dl'iv- cul business enterprise that snould pay! returns each year, investment practically guaranteed. May take active part iti en less than 1,000 miles '»8 1'OIU) DKL. TUDOU $645 For Kent room unfurnished ninutlnrul.' Adjoining onth. Neivly decorated. Phone 150-W. 14-ck-tl 1 Two furnished rooms, 300 South Division Street. 13-i>k-lB j There are 101,000 legally ijuullfled I physicians In the' United Slules, WEEK ENO 81G W. Ash. Nice littlo npuitmeiH ivllli pi-Irate bath. $15.00 monlli. Thomns Land Co. 1'2-ck-l^ Nice furnished room. AdjoinTnu''31 Dodg« 4 Door Sedan bi\lh. Iimersprlug mnltrcss. All I conveniences. Wionc 6'36. • 12-dli' , ._ ^^^ i 7 room residence. 11J3 Hcimi. V«-1 • conl March 15. 530 per month.; E. D. Ferguson, phone 100. 12-ck-lflj Mo'or Overhiuilcd New Paint. Blue Color Leather Cushions $129 in drill mid tractor for rent.I'34 Che fa'ee Ben Craig or Paul Byrum, ^'»« y-ek-ii Real Buy Farm Loans Large or Small At I.rnv Interest Itatrj,. vtV nrr (vnilpiwd to luindle lurgo or small | (III | U , n) lmv mn \ tl . iict "i fiu-rn IIIIKI. i.i. low 'cost, and at ' low Interest rote. '!WRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY jl-MViilmit Bt. Blylhevll'.u. Ark Ixewt f.xwu K iin rciialrhii;. See E. M I'unmu ,,( ,ho Hlytlii'Vlllf Arm- J^»n Wi'dnesilays and Tlmr.sdnys. " 3 room furnished nrmrlmcnl. New-1 >«,> r i \r r> r> ly decoralcd, Oarage. Close In.! •>•• 1'OVrt V-O Loupe 120 Dugan Street, Mrs. lielle Wood. Comfortable front bedroom, oul- side entrance. Phone 351, 615 W, Walnut. l-fk-li 2 room furnished apartment. lO'Ol \V. Ash. UO-ck-lt 2 room modern furnished aparl- Lartje comfortable bedroom, twin beds, 2 closets, steam heal. Men preferred. Photic 1, Mrs. J. G. Bml- oury. " $99 $89' merit if desired. Stale age, pres-i - - ----- — ~—^-» occupation and other nuor- 'Color black. Tires, Body and Rooms furnished or unfurnished. Ncwlv decnreted. Reasonable. H14 Hearn. 20-pk-3-2li mallon auout sell, J-'or interview address Box "100" c/o courier News. Welding EXPEKT ELECTRIC & ACETYLENl;* WELDING Drag line and heavy welding a specialty. Barksdale Mfg. Co. Phone 19 or Res. 1019 Expert Electric and Acetylene WELDING Dragline and heavy welding our D. W. Dell, Ark. specialty. Fiionc 8-F-i! $455 motor in excellent comlilion .... '37 1'LYMOUTH TRG. 2-I)r. Dual oquipmoni. Motor eom- pkilely recondilion- etl. Color palm green. 'Hi) FOUI) OKI,. FORDOK Black color. \Vhile sitlewall (ires. !,o\\ Nice bedroom lonvenlent to bath. Steam he«t. Phone 280, ick-tl Bargain '31 Chevrolet Coach Special $85 '29 Chevrolet Coach Only '36 Ford V-8 Tudor For ; $249 '35 Chevrolet Coach A good one $159 '34 Ford, V-8 Tudor As Is $64 " ANYTHING " i- Cull /•'or & Deliver es, Irons, FIUIS, Toastrrs, Hul .;«, Lumps. UpholsU-riiiB, Pur- ""w, Slip Covers or mivlJiln B von mil-ill j u ,ve. Hlvlhcville Kuniilure Co. 120 Eiitl Main St. English Castle Becomes Home Of Silk Worms KENT, l!i )( ,. (Ul')-At J.ullllis- ttoni! CiiKlle-n lovely old jiluci: In Krnt-.MOO.COD sllk\vgrius mul 60 lumiuii hi'lum me imikJiiu mid spinning hilk for jmraclinles. Even (his |n]^ c (|unnilty ol woitns cnn produce only (iCO puru- chuU'.s nijahihl the IhouMinds Ihul nif needed. IntiTt^tlnj; fact* uf ihrlr cxlul- riice wi'i-o provided by Undy Hurl Dkyf, (tie chutdnliir of (he captle. At least nr> tons of nuilbiu-ry leaves niv coiiMiini'd by ihls ur.v Jtoixlc «f lii.scicls i!ach ycnr. Enrfi eocoiiwi I'ontiiliis 1!» miles of silk. Every l\v« years 100.000 new silkworms me linporlcd from Mnr- t.clllcs. Thp rrai nre bred on inn i,pot. Sllkwormii In the 28 dnyii ol "pRESCRIPfiONS^ Sufe - - Arciinile I'oilr Fowler Drug Co. M»!ll ,(• I'lrsl I'linlle HI Ihelr IKc Bjinn, grow In sudden singes: (hey cn&t their skin four Clews Pojni t 0 SALT LAKE CJTV/Utiii'lUP)- . . miu A uoivb \Jtii, Ulfltl ( lil* l _ limes n»d fnwt'O, cadi Umc a lew Prowlers who broke Inlo tjie Klik- sl' tnrsor. flb.'cponci' have the I ham grocery here had -a iniri n, ,,i, „ ...... !,„., ihi... t niolhs laid Ilidr ctujs than they die. Dr. J, A. Saliba Announces' the removal of bis "flic* from thf TiiKrjim Bulliliiij; lt> 124 E. Kentucky, ftcs. 1'hune 410; Office I'll. 118 Mt£K UKIJVKkY !•• W. Mnln Si, riioiir 16 tooth. Their loot: four pics, tour of (-hewing gum and a : n assortment of candy bars. "' ...' : Irlwl the Kdi't/iNoiv try TIIK JIKS'JT COAI/ uowirar ASH— HiGH£sr HCAT REDASHS1O.OO DIXIE QUAUfV L.P. S6.95 Ul.ll KUPKU10H i'AUI>-l'IIONJMOI) Freshest Stock ''• * .Guurnntccd Besl Prices Kirby Drug Stores Now Located In Cltncuc Hold Dldp. ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KDWAUDS, I'roprlrtor All iMuki's of Kcbiilll Ty|ic«rllcrs, Adillnc Machlnts and Cnlculitlors—liciialrlDE—I'ar Is—Hlhbons Room, close to, Mrs. Nolen, 310 Walnut St. JiV ROY CRANK Wl.VES. ^TUDV CLOSEtV H16"DE <SEUECATE FACE, HIS APE-LIKE BODV, OWCE HE WASTED MIS TiXl.EWTS TERCOEIZIU6 •SOUTH M\EBICAH VIUA6ES-ESPECIAUV THt= WO MEM '36 Dodge Pick-up Truck Unfiiniished apaitmer.t in Shane Apartment Building on West j Main Street. Call 571 or 107. 1-ck-tr 2Q Ford A Model 11 '37 1?OIU) COUl'E Color black. Tires & motor A-L. Bargain. 'SB KOIII) "CO" TUDOR Color black. Equipped with lieater. Motor reconditioned PHILLIPS ,,•:', ':. Personal Arouse Sluggish Liver, work off the bile to rla yourself of constipation, gas pains, and that sour, dunk reeling. Take one box of HUSKY'S ACTIVE fcJVER TILLS 25c at au Kirby Stores Position Wanted Middle aged woman wants placn call 155-\v-l to,- orders of milk, as practical nurse or housekcep- cream, or churned butter milk. er. Flossie Garner, phone 113. All cows government treated, Hai- For Sale Part cash. 119 W. Ash. 15 rooms.j 4 baths. 2 sol vant houses. Rom i Jor 5ID5 month. Rollinson, ijlionej 759. Ifi-pk-aol Sudan, mixed hay. $(i to SB ton. O. [ R. Garner, Armorcl, Ark, I !S-|)k-4-lJ T Truck, License .. $89 Many Others to Choose From Easy G.M.A C. Payment 13-pk-lfi sell's Dairy. 12-|)k-4-12 ABLE INVENTOR HORIZONTAL 1,6 Pictured inventor of the lelegrapli. 11 To accumulate. 12 ImbecUe. 13 Fruil decay, 14 Ravine. 15 Every. IS Exclamalion. 18 Aurora. 20 Musical nolc. 21 To gaze. 22 Provided. 2-lNotf! in scale. 25 Not memorable. 31 Island. 32 Railway slation. s:> Pressing lool. .'{•I Boy. :ifi Pointed end. 37 Mineral rpring. 38 Forward. •Id Hurrah! « Existed. •13 Plural. W Credit. to Aimver lo Previous Puzzle 50 Goddess ot' discord. 52 Measure ol capacily. 53 CJicek. 55 Smooth. 56 To deem. 57 Fungi spore sacs. 08 He invented (he telegraph in 1832. 59 He invented telegraphic code of. dots, • and VERTICAL 1 South America. 2 Easy gait. 3 Public walk. •I To consume. !i Great regard. 6 Central leaf vein. 1 Epic. B To vex. 9 Songs for one voice. 10 And. 15 He was also a professional 17 Careful consideration. 19 His code is also used to with flags, 21 To daub. 23 Flicks. 25 Sick. 2G Adull males. 27Perlaininglo opera. 28 To pilfer. 29 Preposition. 30 Epoch. 35 Burmese knife. 37 Membranous bag. SOPlnnl part. •I 1 Serf. 42 Telegraphed. '13 Pennies. •15 Finger ornament. •("Tanning pod. •iS Five plus five 49 Ncl. 50 Tree. 5J Measure. 53 Fuel. 54 Sloths. Louis $K,0,COO.OOU to build (he palace at Vcrsnllles, WASH TUlUiS Laundry-Cleaners 180 LET ME PRESEMT RODERIGO TIIE EVIL t-OVELV PEt-LOW, ISW'T HE? 'or Prompt r.aiimlr.y and Cleaning Service Wert Optometrist "HK MAKICS M!ftl SBH Over Joe Isaacs' Storc honc 5•!!) MOW HE SPECIALIZES 1W PERBUADI1J6 PEOPLE- TO !)0 A'o 1 TELL THEM. ftMC, (VI CASE YOU DOW'T MIWO_VJHW MAPpEUS TO YOU, MV HEAP, I'LLTORt! ^ " , ~> Hlk\ LOOSE OKI VOOE FWHER, MO, Mo! TA1HER 15 )—IT. " " WOT WELL. 1 '')\ - THEH V.'KY WOT i3t'JE UP VOUK S'l.l. Plan Open Nights & Sundays.. L CHEVROLET CO. Only Giiiiliiulc Ojitomc- Irlst iisscs rtttc.!..^^!}' fj§ VS.A'JD -1HETVL NEVER Could This fie KeBistered Duiw; piss 'I'l'ick lyjie. v, 01 Id champion blood lines. Slanton A. Pepper, iu. 1, Blylhc- ville. !5-|>k-22 i \ 100 E. Kentucky five., 7 room collage, plaslered house with hardwood floors, fireplace, large rooms and nice porches. Corner lot «iihj 100 feel frontage. -427.51). Price S2250--5350 cash, SUSflO, nip.. Q%, 'I'lioina.s- Laud Co. TURKEYS: B Toms and 4 Urns. , Mrs. W. K. Dyt'fs, Route One, Near County Farm. ll-pk-18 Hardware We Specialize In SWEEPING COMPOUND Shousc-Henry H<hv. Co. Sewing Sewing i- Slipcovers. Mrs. Smith & Mrs. BiackweU, Armorel. Phor.c 936. 7-ck-4-1 Found 1910 Arkansas !i ton Truck license. I Number 224-"3. Owner mas' have] same by paying cost of (his acl. i Courier Nesvs Office. 1040 Arkansas License Tag number ftl-086. Owner may havcj| same by paying cost of this ad. Courier News office. ALLEY OOF' 8i/r,MY FR'IEWD,\I KWOW ix HSCCULES BL>I THIS ISW'T THE WAYlFIBST 3\E GOT TO RUM UP TO "THE. LAND OF /STREAM A WAYS TO FIND THE WAERIOB- /A PAR1V G,~ FRIEWDS.. WOMEM! ITS ; IT SHOULPhJ'T TAKE LOUO IW THIS BU66Y Otxid looking youn; girls lo travel I «'llli slunv with reliable company.! Steady, pleasant work. Experience | not necessary. Musi be of age and free to travel. Apply to Mrs. pnrd. Sol's Liberty Shows. Fairgrounds. Caruthcr.sville, Mo. Washing Wanted Family Laundry. All clothes washed separately. Mrs. Mick, GIG Lake. -l-pk-4-4 j Notice Work VVlillc You Sleep! Wake up before they damage your properly. For Free Inspection Call 592-W. Walker and Archer Slate Licensed Operators | ,'| For Sale or Trade MEANWHILE... SOME PiSTAWCE UPTHESTR&OJ.1 WITH ALLEY COR OOOL A AMD DOCTOR BROMSOM... /' YES WU IWv/E,OOf7..WE /SHOULD BE CE TTIMG &^>i J " IM (i. M. C. '3/.i Ton Truck, Sideboards. Overload springs. ! Flume '150-W. !4-ck-tl MOLES U'ill trade fnr Sluics, (,'nws, Hnss, C'attlc. Corn, Hay and Lumber, Delia Implements, Inc. Sec Floyd Simpion 8-ck-lt Lost LOST —Painter's tarpaulin sli-p about 20 ft. tQUarc. Notify Gcorac Cummlngs, 100 East Rose. 15-ck-lS WHY THE"IF"?/ IT'S MOT , IIAVE VDU (JO ) VCiC- IT'S JUST COMPIDEMCG(THAT I'UE GOT A I, TO TROY" PRETTV SOOK .--'AkJD THEt ^•tlOW, PRAISE BE,.' BACK TO TH' ^,CJ(ijl'uSifl <l ^''.',fe\ \\'f<\ 4;;lx ,/rl"\ ,.K — — S-f* • •• •' I,". f"\, \\ M \'*i.±:Jt; —1—JJi : .a«.;w A CAW «>c/xvr // otoCt WRt AV.SO"i TOR YOO« ' AMD IF THE PICTURE; ISMT so GOOD , PLEASE fxwr OEM.AMD tOUP. MONtY BACK / ' ALL CONTRIBUTED 'It) WHAT YOU ARS ABOUr "(D Stn / THCY'Rf _ . . . . FiRsr WHAT'D ) THERE IS HAPPEN KjUNEWAYM,U IF J- V. - Lj\f?l) SMITI TbUCHGD I --- NUTTY ; SOMETHIM'.' J COOK---

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