Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 5, 1932 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 5, 1932
Page 3
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I >!*i»ii ,*.»2&A,J, at »(4 M MI, f I*.. . bfltie a few, hflcfl, Wtlfe ih truth, »»„'• H»fd*r IdtOr, *, "friendly HBl|h re wf £8bd mCfidS 061 If, tfffl yoU, and you) *t;«»un*it Heart b'f some afe lowly, ry Is hbly. '"t«ihtey $Kit hBS «p«iit ""'ft*. VttWhg with H8t In WWt'Pottft, ft. 1?,, _|Jtt Phitadflbrila and >. 'On arrived home on ing. . 6.- •!(.' foster bf Shrdveport is ..... In the hrtrie of ____ wof^fi JMeot tfei, rea flarfMSl A. 4 et ttte Woman's M»»- ciety of the First Methodist th Mr». Don Smith as lead- L. <3o*flell a^Utant lead- 0. Kyler, secretary. Mrs. rkaftOreV, and Mrs. Vesey_________ Cdrfdsponding seiSrtWry, hatd iJielr Sbntlary nieetinVbh Monday oftfertitfbn in the homo of Mrs. W, 6. AVenue TB, with Mrs. H. Stuart -as jt^lnt hostess. The Was called to order by the leader. Mrs. .R. L. Gosnell, Ml*, Vesey-Cftifchfleld gave a very InspiritwdevotltfrtHl txilhg as her theme the 6th Chapter of Euphesians. A most interesting Missionary Dialogue was given by Mrs. Stuart and iCylef. "Fellowing the regular j tine 4»t business, -the hostesses serv- j a delicious salad plate With hot >ffee.' ' Miss Jennie Belts left last week for Ames, Iowa, Where she will take a lourse in the Iowa State Agricultural College. i -• The Won^ans Missionary Society of the First Christian Church held their first meeting of the. New Year nt the, home of Mrs. W. W. Duckett on South Elm str^e't. Mft. Lille Moore was feadef f6t 'tMe aft<Jrnoon v and assisted by Mrs. J. R. Floyd and Mrs. W. F. Saner .(JreSCht't'd a most interesting . prograrrt. ' , ' «» Friends Will regret tb learn that Mr. and Mrs. H. 'Benson and children maoria theater riarjiences rjcclftlrn her. fiat Cofry tell, despite her Spanish 'tippeaVfcnce, 'really wag bbfh in 'Pennsylvania, U. 8. X. 7 Sparkling Song Hits You'll '60 Mumming Soon— -In- t rrStarring— CHARLES FARRELL JANETGAYNOR EL BBENDEL SAEiNGEfc SUNDAY-MONDAY will leave some time this week for then- hew n6me in.El Dorado. Circle'No. 1 of the Woman'* 'Missionary Socitily of'"the Firtt Methodist churbh held their January Meeting on Monday aflerttrjori «t the home •of Mr* Dan Green on South Elm street with 18 answering -to -the foil' call. A most helpful devotional was given by Mrs. R. A. Hearon, of Dallas, Texas. Mrs. Hearon's devotional is especially interesting to old friends as she received her early Christian training in the Methodist church of this city, having spent her girlhool days in the home of her aunt. Mrs. P. A. Tharp, later moving to Dallas. Tex., where she and her late husband were closely Identified with the Southern Methodist University. The following officers were elected 'for the coming year: Miss Dell McClanahan, leader; Mrs. Fay James, assistant leader; Mrs. M. M. McClung, secretary; Mrs. C. E. ROmig, treasurer. Following the business pot-lod, the hostesses, Mrs. Green, Mrs. Mc'Clanahdn and Miss Dell McClanahan, assisted by Miss Mary Jones served delightful refreshments. The Pat Cleburn Chapter of the U. D. C. will hold their first meeting of the New Year on Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the home of Mrs. R. T. White on North;" Washington street, with Mrs. P. A. Tharb, Mrs. R. TJ. Harmon, Mrs. J, E SchooF- ey and Mrs F. S. Hiintleytis associate hostesses. / ' ;. Mrs. Don Smith' left SUriday for * visit wiUvher daughter, Mrs. William J6t stoves—bathed «HcK a drank te«-cBent WHttfcey artfl cent bwr-Hrode -"bltfyoleB, tUggltfc br slelghs-^ent in f* fttUUiVMftnftM 12 hoflfs a day-arid 1IV«d 'to a I'/P* old -figs. - . •8(tfre'j burned coal ell laMp1M(!W* tied ev«r$tWttfc ifdm a needle to. a plow-trusted everybody— neVeV todk Tin Irtventary^Dlatiea, oftWfs^foT fftttfls * ^ar in adVflHc*-rt'tway« made mctfiey, • , , . . 1 9 « 2 Today women Wear slUt Btookifiig, short skirts, low shoes, ho CWiett. In 'Write.' df un-ac*rtV6ir-4iaye bolfl^d Kerf, Stnoke, paint arid po%d«r, mm «tfcTfis1k play bridge, drive daft, •have ffet ddgs, and 80 itvter.ttolltiA. Wen Wfive'hl«h blOOd (feiiSui'e. wear no hats, and Wme ho H*lf» ihaVe flielr WKIiifcert, ihoftt foil, W(he twice 'a day, 'drink ptii«Jfi,, J»l*f - 'the sto(!k market, rl^e In ilVjllfihes-never rfo 'to bed 'the sarte day 'they jet update mlsiihdertto-ttd atTiortie^-wbrk fl^e hours a flay, play ten-^lie young. ' Stores liave eleWlo'trgliis. ctfsli reg- iiKWfc. tleHWiorsrriever Kav;e what tMe customer Wantt-^trust nobody— taMe Inventory p ftally~riever "biry 'in adVaride —have oVerhfed— markiliMmarkdoMfc —quota budget — aHvertlsfn'g — stoclt control— annual and semi-annual, tiriS- of-mofifh, 'dollar day, founder's fla^, rummage, economy d|iy sales — arid never make any moriey, ' . —Exchange. >b* ( tfiirfcerWs to IllsVi ]6««&Mi!t MerW T>ft«ltt.?MMH>0,to0. 1t .. _ pitiable »Ufh in view of thtr distress. It 'fs'tf 'feeble Wtty to deftl To Deve PARIS.—'France is 'to 'develop one of Its 'most neglected possessions—French GUlana, the midget of the trrfee European Guianas in South/Amerlca. Some 24,000 square miles In the interior of this country Tiave' ht»1 been penetrta- ed by man. IVe'nch soldiers and Imported laorers, however, will attempt to open up this wild land'which now harbors Indians and.Bushmen. 666 8GG Liquid or Tablets used Internally and 66G Salve externally, make-a com"' plete and effective treatment for Colds. $5,000 in Cash Prizes Ask Your Druggist for Particulars They Love to Make You Laugh ! "Girls About Town" ' Hunters STOCKTON, Cal.— Most men, when bear hunting, prefer to park behind a rusty rifle when they meet an enraged bruin. Not so with Claude Rose and George.R. Johnson. They go beat, hunting with bows and arrows. They recently bagged a fine '400-pound bear, killing It With four arrows. idkiz zer Just An App *- — : — • /' f '' STOCKTON? Cal.— Whin -ft-" man's really i hungry anil hasn't'. £ate"h '.ISr ' ' ' day*, -'12 snails .are just' In ' ,.... the whif^t 4pprbi»rlalldn. con lint the gralft shtfu'M! be bought frtirfl'tfie farmers! rather thefr be given odt of the surpM 'held' by the Farm BiJard. The bill, WHMh nbw goes to the H6use, would tufftHhe toheat over 't6 th> Amerlclh ftett Cfdss of other'e1ttrf« IMble orgiihUatloila,designated by 'the president for aWtfibUtibfi. The 'cost of the whe&t'wbula.oe cn^Pged dg^indf (He revolving fifrid df the Farm fidard. : . .- ;:;' ,.,••,; )( r -;-,.. a declaration by'Sdtia'tor Wheettr, that "I am aga*inst a dole but the dole is credited with saving England frtm 'a reWlutlqn flftd if tHe cbnditifin of affairs cdhtlhues In this country it will be H«des^ary. '(or the Urlite^ States to apfirdptlate mohey out of the Treasury tb ssve America from b resolution." heslrlngg by ihe Seriate Manufa<> tures C6«ifriitte> will be resumed, on thb bills of/Son^Wrs-La Fdfiette, Republican, Wisconsin, flttd Costlgan, Ddmocrai, 'CdldrhdO, to ap1)ropriaffe fuhds for i-ellef. C.- B. 6enmhn, Of the 'Farm Boar'a asked the House Agriculture Com- -mitte today for tMmbursement for Mny ; fe6vehrtJieiit-6vVhed wheat used for the •Unemployed, tie said: "I think that if there is need to saVe_ anyone 'ahyWhere from being hu'nili'y we should Hak"e anything any- whefe and giVe ft to thfem. But If it is 'taK«n '6'ut of our 'stabilization holdings I; would rgcomntehd that it be repaid either in money ,pr wheat.'. Promoters Convicted of Using Mails to Defraud OKLAHOMA ClY.— (fp)— S. E. Cox, speculator pr'Oriloier and frorrier convict, his wife ahd three other persons, were convicted of' mail fraud Mon- da'y for 1 the .pre-organizatioh activi- tie's of the 'Universal O'il & Gas com- pdny. Co'x was-fdund guilty of a scheme to ds-fraud -and o'n eight other counts. His wife was 'found guilty of a scheme to defraud and of conspiracy. Others convicted are. T. A. Whit, geologist; H. -A. Kroeger, treasurer, and W. W. Edwrads, r falso 'at one tlnie treas- tfrer of 'the Pre^organization Board'. 0rfrfU:rB%«M fiat Monday Vhilb *he was seated ort hfer frent pofeh %#b Then Hrtfv% *ip in. J automobile, «natdHefJ flW||urs« • She lost $1,200 in cash, B C3tmfeder-' ate 'pension certificate tttM Valuable (o 6{«n Tuesday rfforhlftg. whereby "The 'kduse Beautiful' 1 w^ be tifmttiea in Hope at atstttstrrlesi' admission prices than are currently. In vogue In Kansas City. The bem seats Ih the Sienfefer theafre will be two dollars and the scale ranges flown to E^veiity-fiVe cenfe TEor'fHe "/eHel^eTa scctibns. ; pjfpb,abjy - - pendcd 15-cfay sentence ''after Jie had been brought to- .court -charjedywith stealing the snails from a caf&- Jlm- .inez was given a square-, meal to -fill the void in his stomach.- -WHh- KAY FRANCIS 1ILVAN TASHMAN JOEL McCREA Light-hearted, gay, they go about the business of snaring men's hearts for the fun of it. And 'business Is good—until one of them falls in love for keeps! It's rich in romance. Lavish with laughter: See and be gleeful. •• NOW! COMING SOON JOHN GILBERT —in- West of Broadway -With- EL BRENDEL LOIS MORAN Brashier and Mr. Brashier in Eastland, Texas. • , ' ' After a holiday visit With honfe* folks, Jimmie Harbin left Monday afternoon for Conway where he is a "student in Hendrix collage. Mrs. Corbin Foster left ,Sunday for a visit with friends and relatives fn Oklahoma City, Okla. , The Paisley P. T. A. will meet eta Wednesday afternoon .promptly at 3 o'clock at the Paisley school. The meeting will be followed at 3:30 by a joint study club meeting of the Paisley and Oglesby P. T. A.'s, continuing until 4 o'clock. The B. & P. W. Club will meet on Tuesday evening at 7 o'clock at Hotel Barlow, with Mrs. Ralph, Routon as hostess. , •, . Mrs. Dale Wilson of Hope was operated on at Prescott Monday'by Dr. Buchanan of that city, friends learned here. Mrs. Wilson was reported resting easily. .«»•*• T It has been found by English experimenters that flies will' avoid rdoriw fitted with windows made of red or yellow glass. Rent It! Find It! Buy It! Sell III With HOPE STAR ADS Jfthit Ortgfrs, EtHcl Intrtpldl, Arch Maddbx ih CHannlng Pollock's "The • Ai " fefeiJtiflful," coming to the Saehger, Tuesday, 3ahuhry 14th. teresting. The play deals principally with the lives of Archibald and Jennifer DaVis, rtewlywteds, ahd throughout their thirty years of niarjieB life. The world could look 'upoh'fhem as mere ploddess.bu Mh. Pollock's skill as a playWriigh guilds Mehi" on ;He thesis that a rriah Who we8rs a shiny blue serge suit can be just as much a hero as the knight in shiriirig armor of the old tays. ' :. Not the least interesting feature of "The House ^Beautiful" is its stage craft. Some twenty scenes are'shown, "The House Beautiful" is actually built upon the stage while the action of the play is going on and despite the rriany changes of scenery, the curtain is lowered only during the regular intermissions. To meet the current conditions, special arrangements, have been made By one Of those lucky 'breaks ih booking, Hope Will see dhannlng Pol- Idiik's latest play, "The HOuse Beau: (if(»T,'i on Tu'e^day,.night, January, 12,. with a New York company headed by Ethel Intropidi and John Griggs. The arrangement was completed late yesterday. The company is playing this week at the Shubert theatre, Kansas City and a sudden decision having been reached to play the company in the Gulf cities, Hope was" fortunate enough to secure one of the performances that will be' played en route. Channing Pollock is one of the leading playwrights of America and is well remembered wherever there is a. legitimate stage for his "plays "The Fool" and "The Enemy.' In his latest play, Mr.- Pollock has written, as he usually docs, of everyday people* but he makes them'extraordinarily in- Good N«ws Williams' Laboratories haVe arrans* d to have a mrfn 'in yotir toWn wfto Will tell you about WILLIAMS FOR* MULAE, the New Formulae that those who have bee^n fflrtu'hate'B get, a tot- tie are at> enthusiastic about. This Fortnulae- is Available in this confmunfty for the first tinie. Get your TsOttle new Snd tee fdr yourself what Wonderful results it ptdduces. Sktisfatstitin ^urfrahteed or yovfr money ffetirifled. . ^ tOtJ KNOW !lirAl"**VONiteft- 'tUt ^tOmacTt, liefer and Ttfdney disorders e6verlrig 'dyis- pepsia, biliousness, gassy ? 'stomach, distress, ' chronic conStipa"«6n,j 'Siek headache, neuritis, rieiiralgla,.rhetlttiai- tism, lam'e tack ahd 'general weakness Keep your 'stomact, liver stnfl 'kidneys healthy and nature will. do ihe rest. 'Get a Tio'ttle 'today from, WARD & SON, Dr^ttistn — Adv 28x4.-75.t9 29*5.00-13 Telephone.'257 The mo're you tell, The quicker you sell. 1 insertion, lOc per lint} minimum 30c 3 insertions, 7c per line, minimum 50c 6 insertions, 6c per line, minimum $1.00 26 insertions, 5c per line, minimum $4.00 (Average 5V& words to the line) NOTE— Want advertisements accepted, over HW telephone may be charged with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, the day of first publication. Phone 768 \ -vy.- -, ' ;--'->'?xX ^ % * N ?*'> V S^' I '<&& •><% SAENGER TUBS. m 12 ! First Road Show in Two Years CROSBY GAIGE'S PRODUCTION OF CHANNING POLLOCK'S New York Boston and Chicago HIT! a^ar** •••••• —— HOUSE The Greatest American Pramu On Tour BEAUTIFUL A Lovo Slory About Pvwy-Doy People, Tol4 ThriJIIngly, Excitt|»g»y and Fawinatingly by the Man Who Wtote "THE SIGN ON THE QB," ''THE FOOL," and "THE ENEMV." With ETHEL INTOPIDI, JOHN GRIGGS and » New York Ca«t As Appearing This Week at the Shubert Theatre, Kansas City tt.i • enclose stamped self-ad- NOW! ^essed envelope with your re- SSm!i,i mittance. Pricei $8.00, $1.50, $1.00, ?5e Seat Sale SUrt« Friday When One of YoWr t>e«ir Ones li Sick That is when your doctor and your .druggist step into share the responsibility with you. That is' when our every resource is entirely at your command. Should illness come to your home, It is reassuring to knpw that our service includes everything that a thoroughly, equipped, w$J, stocked drug store of high standards should have. You can depend jiipon us for the proper preparatipn of medi- .-iiies, nursing necessities; and sick room corafoi'ts. Ward & Son The Leading Prufjists "We've C|ot »»'4 PHONE 62 • • Motor Cycle Delivery FOk RENt FOR RENT—Furnished, attractive apartment. Clcfse 1 in, with garage, 'Reasonable. Phone 730. 5-3tc FOR RENT— Nicest 5 room home in Hope. On pavement— strictly modern —hardwood floors— new home. Furnished pr unfurnished. Phone 178 or 848. J. M. Harbin. 5-3tc. RENT— ROoms with board, telephone 374W. Mrs. S. R. Young, 320 Sriuth Pine. 4-3tc. WANTED WANTED—Dry wood, Hope Steam Laundry. 2-3tc. WANTED—Buff Orphmgton Hatching eggs. Must be from good stock. Will pay premium aliove market price. Braemar Hatchery, Texarkana, ArV4. 12-31-tf. NOTICE NOTICE—Tune and repair your piano at reduced price. Beusbergs Musice Co., Second and Walnut. 31-6tc. I ^4 - »J 4 : liiiiwiiiiuimiiiHiini "mminiiiiMiifiTi iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiir -fli Copr.. 1KS3. Th« American Tobacco Co.. There's none so good as LUCKIES FOR SALE MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS — Fine piano for small balance will sell to someone in this vicinity who is willing to take up the small monthly payments that the original owner is unable to continue. This piano can not be told from new. Write or wire at our expense before we send our truck for it. Patific Finance Co., 1005 Elm St., Dallas, Texas. 4-3tc FOUND FOUND-One black snd white kid glove, practically new, on downtowij streets. Owner rnay have same by calling at this office and paying for this ad. 4-ltdh SHE'S MISCHIEVOUS, RESTLESS, AND 20, WEIGHS 112 POUNDS. Miss Horlow ha* smoked luckiu for two years... not one cent was paid for her signed statement. She rose Io stardom in "Hell's Angels" . . . and if you've Men her new COLUMBIA PICTURE, "THREE WJSE GIRLS," you'll understand why thousand* of girls are trying to match her riotous platinum blonde locks. We appreciate all she writes of Luckies, and so we say, "Thank*, Jean Horlow." 'T -e tried all cigarettes and there's none so good as UjCKlES. And incidentally I'm careful in any choice of cigarettes, I have to be because of my throat. Put me down as one who always reaches for a LUCKY* It's a real delight to find a Cellophane wrapper mat opens without an ice pick," JjL-fn.^- 'TOY s w**' "It's toasted" Your Throat Protection^qaotfiit lrrlfqHot»»aoa>ait coufh ^••IBWP MHMHMMi KHHBIIIIW'i^l'ftPII' PMPBM|||l|Bf fl>pBBBWBBpP _ m^^^f^^^^ ^^^^mw And TUNE IN ON of tofoy bf comes the newt minute* w* Af tomorrow', every Tw«MW>i MIS

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