Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 5, 1932 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 5, 1932
Page 2
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Sy7J+\ ^WFsWBftv ^¥*-v! W/^-t - «*VM» h ' ••*"..<,". Z&.3&.-.:•".. ^ fflS ait ttwps, mm dejsaf ttd. 'GSmmerclal cIVluzadori to and Industry, through widely that cheek Uon govBftftfilht it Delay in Tax Payment Is Sought by Railway Do You Aerial School OperAtof i 'and Ss Windlnf rtlthe way of 4n»4M>j||g'j Visitor enters ally ,, , , ,_-__:bns fee ttipar$&& toss at-Him i'dto;.city f * fhisite Specially tone to fc£'T«H&r»«.Mi<«*?r,4.*. VK.M4 i&.. TtY^-- -^ York for -an Indian >c to Keep their Trtemery , gWvely, "Save yotrtiVer seen Santa «ffl visitors <cstn use that cdtti'e^batfk. fpr §W|TtdWri haveigeefo Santa 'Pe theift^elvels ; ftiolesbme aiftiddte to tile c,urf e.;rtt -worship BgS, people shtd teays that is worth bear- j/i» iu V|sTtojrs, distinguished or'otherwise, i iM'CrtiflSf f rota 'New York flowii to v s8ine lAe- iflor we tend to put too great a •mv.i-.ing. of their tall buildings, , ., „ „ „- - - - toijg clatter, «nd ftoiSe; we r us^sd'that.we accord *rteiw a'respect that; rfjSailWl I • ?!'*> h " '•! tfltl nil i tia^t»' ^together too itffleh o5f 'a childish ad- f .^ega'use a given' bffilcfiftg IS high- ri city is ^ - Tanojher, ft Th-QSt ^e.fitre*/ Bec'dtise a 'g5ven city an "another, it "must be ^ "bettef ^lafce to live. Be- Wtofajfr Aiore elabdr^tllffn ano'ttier, it must be fe%:\)V,'' "„ .,>;•» \ \ '" ' managed /fco 'escape fhat mistake. TJram- ftnii that;>Santa Pe could- stand very well. Perhaps thfe 'towers of ptendid to Wien who ate tis^d to 0 New Mexico. Perhaps the congestion of seem entirely praiseworthy to men who '$ the southwestern plains. , Weir attitude was 'a sane one. At 'a time -hopes, .somehow, to 'become bigger and year, Jt is a gbod one to keep in mind. $>r s?h Relieve Idle and ftevfefop State «uppjy t of Jaijor in Arkansas will, be idle this ' The Arkansas State 'Forestry the Statfe Extension Service iott.te ^absorb much Of this idle ^lab'or and render e 'of tfce State 'of Arkansas, oif Atkansas ^re in need of attention. They 'iii "tf?e 'best possible condition to withstand fire ^Jontrol and thinning out to promote mote rapid -'Theresa' no Letter time for the State Forestry Com- Jp co-operation wfth the Esrtension Service and the Htate^' Forestry Forces to 'organize crews of men workoinder the supervision of the state and federal and offer this service to the forest owners of Arl v || )ta expense, -except the labor employed. AGO J. H»Head and Miss Suttdn, botli of this city, were married in St. Louis last week. The bride Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. K. P. Button, and 'the groom is a fireman on the Iron Mountain. Misses Fern Singleton a'hd Nora "^Dudley, who have been spendirtg 'tlie holidays at 'home, returned yesterday 'to Oustchita College. Fred Maaiebrooks, of this city, and Granaison Rdyston, of Washington, Who have been at home for the holidays, left yesterday for St. Louis to rfesume their' medical studies. FIFTEEN YEARS 'AGO Neely Black, after spending Christ- mai, Wfth his family dt the home of his father, Capt. J. H. Black, returned -Sunday to Houston, Texas, where' he is ehiei fertginetir for' the Gulf Pipe tJinep Co. Miss Marvine Cunningham has ret dined home after 'a visit to MrS O. Berthe, at Little Rock. ST. L0tns.-(fl»)-0flclal!( of the -St. LouiS'San Francisco railroad announced from headquarters here Sdt- urday that in order 'to r nteet Itittirttst 'payments, the road was asking a postponement df tax c^llMtldns in 'three of the nine states in Whidh it o'fier- ates. • "The three states are Missouri, Kansas and Alabama, where the delinquent taxes total about $1^600.600. In a statement, E. T. Miller, vice presdient add general Solieitdr, said the Frisco 'had sufficient cash to meet! the lax charge's, but because of Txmd and an nstallment of about $1,000,000 on an equipment trust obligation due January IS, preferred to defer tax pdy>- inens fort a brief period." Former Kaiser Wilhelm 111 Due to DOOfiN, Holland.— (#>) •**' Kaiser Wilhelm was ill in bed Sunday nigh with a slight attack of influenza, and cold which he app&rftritly caugHt sawing wood during tf fe-recent frigid spejl. ':•?''"• While there was rib axnie'ty regard', ing his illness, it increased the depres- op. erator df a '/lying school h«re, killed and Cliff Swindle, a pilot, was trrjured slightly when their plbhc <<failH«d dbou't a mile from the 'was arrested early Monday tor the ;*cond tlme^^hllR a year and a half i .:*_,.. ., .. .*. -\*. -.„ ..»_., — ^ ihril TJrltaln. « President Vallafchal Patel of the 1ft. AttdfhTrtrfiflha-ilillM A^t)Mtt«*«* M!MM «li«H 4tkt» ^CUfln 'lUHHWilllfl COnBTMS /flUKF WM •"*** i*W fWi'tfr AttA4«tU<* '*ftr*iin4 uJK^k. <en into i CUStOQy * ; Bulli were jundeYH ttttWi ing remol^d to Yerawda'jijl 'for "good and 1 sufficient reasons. 'Vleer% Ldrd Wili(>t|tloh*« <di 'm«Ve 'Was -made after *teVenth:»hoW ' '' mpts to m-fliKrtit* na'tlOrtlist 1t»a^ to tlrinn about <• cdrnpTrWrdsefWid ,.. id.' Gandhi postponed a trip to 'flte snHHe-Kt^rml tH» lidjhs 'tHa* -hfc C«titd -cotr* hgr*«rh«Kt With We VlWroi' ovw <«; •aveHhe ttilidh ftftm a WVWal *tf W Commonwealth .-THe *Wch'AirlJdnJstTy Ms! esiatilfsHed a *ap ; lhe bide ftr tt fh» interior of France and dh a'mbbriUlifa far Up ih 'the afcs. The Ifcse !» nt- uated on a flarh towWing *boVe * rocky canyon formed by the^riVtr brae, %e dam forms a wa'ttr surface 'three-quarters of V mile wWe Oh Which *apkn«s can lan^and ««'0'ff. ih lor '{he XrHe-ricali Power Corporation, appointed oh 'the irterest of $2,480;000, due January ,!,( tost day'Of'the m year, began StiWr- day 'their new work of administering. &e far-llutig affairs of the '$500,000,-' (BO,public utility holding corripahy. Bmyfort MEW YOWt.-Stoce the flofd «eh- hett Field begin ;p*s*enger Mi May 23, 131, ^t-iit»port plerity ;toufty. DuYfrti thetperfdrt that -flat* 10 'OetoBer<31, its tf sh»W ttift fnwte ihtfn ft',000 :-oasfcn»*rs were caWed >by <MiH»u«lftt *bV field. FORT , Texas-(/P)-*'«'«* committee was atootnt* "hlWJf 'tht- mov*m*nt 1ft thtS-hdWfnattof. o'f -WelOtft X. Traylor, Chicago banker and national 'financial leader, as '.the democratic W*rms « flt . Wie x*ffnfnitt«e announced by B. B. J&alr'm'rffi 'ft 'the fnovelrierit in ihl««h'W MWposfld of Walter Col- Una of Hlllsboro, ' John Erharrf of DaL Tas, 'W, R. Walker of Cleburne, John t*e tif ,Sin An*e1ti, fctrhtfn Wdrrtow dfHrictihaTaH*. «.<L. AsrWritft of Stil- phur Sprint* and Lloyd Wheelock d! CorsicaA*. , . ' Cognltanc* of the movement In fa- Vor^itr* wmUnafion of Jtihri W. Oar- me <* maltk. democrt'tlc spenWr of Ihe house of rtpreaentaUyes, wa« Wk- \m to tbe-toop* «xjire»ed in the state- 'total lha tU* Tntu •«6hjtr«*sman Will ibotouoee hfe altitode-at once. - 'tfitttHS MM flnfeet" in u»8i-urtite wwt. '«lecWff'he«irf« rtement Is «ewed 'tweeft iH» llMn* tfnfi «ttttf t^, Uhe glefrd. A S^Itcft in the «6c*bH 'the plane turn* the current on or off. *^^*4.^*..i*. • .aiLuttfeA 3Mifc-j| nmif iir-nrH BrilHimt Record %ASmMOTON.-M6j6r R. S. (3el- ger, who. succeeds the late Col. thorn- db'O,'1*urn«r w'Chlef 'of Marine Cotplf Aviatloa hak Hd8 a brilliant record in aviation. He was on duly «rtth the 1st Marine Aviation 'ToWe In Trance and for his services .there was aWard«d 'the Navy Cto*. He rfttft holds fJicaraguan and Hattiart cant' palgn badges, as well as the expeditionary Hbbon for Cuba arid the Victory rriedal and butWn for Trance. ' »j Sam KNOXVILLK, Tehn^Sum P. Smith, stman, was making his 'rounds when Mlcaa two Huge tits doiiig Battle, Sam aiH^aachea, one 6f the vicious nwrled and dived 'for him. *he'first fjifhg Sa'm kn6w lie >fttt.the !rat inside hi* trousers near 'his hip. Th&iklng the animal was next to his 'flesh, Sara • shoved his hand In his •twcke't to 'keep Itid »at from "biting him. Ih a flash he jerked his hand <o»V *»yihg with pain, the .rat had •rntde is way Into Sam's pocket and had taken a nice chunk 'out of his hand. Scientist!) Ifale fbUrid codtnlc -rays In -the Xljfe AS Ifi-ting as th<S3e in ChiCa- 'g6. Who «6<iia' MaVk ihdUght "they cdtfld 'ra^s fhtft hl|h? Record Air travel -The hiimKsr of carried on American air lines during the first ten months 6t 19& was greater 'than the number car. riect during the entire year of 1036, the U. S. "Department of 'Commerce re-pdrts. ^Phe 'tdta'l for 19*) was 411S05; whfle at tdnd 'of'October. 1931, the B^toes ''for 'the first 10 months at 1431 showed 428,465 passengers. Iittpotied Cook ItaNfriPEG.—Canadian girls ore all! right, 'but fhey can't cook for WiHittin, Palrrierstdn. Wanting to get •marriji' jl and remnrklng 'tha Cahadia'tn wome. "are prefty 'handy with a can openei but don't know ; how to use n fryii pen,' Palmerston enlisted the aid Mayor fialph'tyebb. Webb started i ball, rolling by putting William touch'with Annie tfighnett, of En land. The two corresponded and we recently married when Annie arriv at Quebec. Misses Stella and Gussie Sheltonjsiqn prevailing in the Hohenzollern have returned from a visit to friends ; residence because of the critical illness at Haynesville, La. • •! of Wilhelm's sister, firooks Shults of Fulton, spent yes- - Sophie of Greece. terday in Hope. ' My. and Mrs. W. P. Agee, Jr., of Liittle IRobk, spent Christmas with his; parents in this city. former 'Queen iBARK Salaries of movie stars are to be cut. all. And that's the unkindest cut of Market report: Sole leather .markets are quiet. Probably aren't'well heeled. ' Since increased taxes are necessary, Congress may sock the higher incomes. A sock by any other name would be unholy. forest owners would take advantage of such a .there 'can be no cfueation. Great good can be In building up Arkansas' supply of timbef, 'it from fire loss and at the same time afforidng * to a terse numbet- of idle citizens of Arkansas witttet months, Imagine indigent movie stars struggling along on a few grand a week! Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Franks and children have returned 'from Texas. MiSs -Anna Somers returned to Iilt- tle Rock Sunday after a two weeks visit with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Wylie and faih- Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Wylie and family, spent New Year's day with relatives in Nashville. Miss Mary Cloud and John .Rodgers of Prescott were recent visitors here. John Pranks of tileries' Was a Tuesday visitor here. , Mr. Wm. Oarks and children nnVe moved to DeArin. Mrs. Lois May was shopping in Hope Saturday. ' A number from here attended a rodeo at Alex Hosier's at Liberty Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs.-John Weaver and son, : Why, it's enough to make some of John Mack, of OdjeOn, Texas,, were them go back to soda jerking. the holidays guests of relatives. THIS'CURIOUS WORIP Jft, that Arkansas' forests constitute the Forest conservation is vital to the future and development of Arkansas and anything that 3<rve 81 * d develop this great resource will go that ljig prosperity to the ^tate, furnis'hing work for d and otherwise substantially assisting in .. an industry that has brought large profits to fn the past, and if properly developed now, can to fts fopme? high place in the economic life of Fifty Ywri of Service .III fi^t«NW»ed Hot Springs Sentinel-Record celebrated its |#Jf eeatury birthday Sunday. For fifty years this splen- * ie^jpaper has been rendering valuable service to its fe tftf a.nd the state, and ia still going strong getting k "* J '| it weltows with «^e, out service in a community, day by day and m?, f»r filty years, }s »n achievement and a dis- .. that fails to the lot of few, public enterprises out_ ttre newspaper business. This j* true because there t other business in a community Hke it. The soul of a per i» twfvipe, and this is true of the small and ob- f €fi(^ri*tlilat« the gentinel-Reeord on lt« birthday and in Iwere swuy roore, which ^ w% ap4 that it will I* to perform the greaj sei-viee |t is mvlft* tP the state if, aJid w* few aiwe of ttLat—vawdfv News. if WAS NAMfiP /NPMN FISHINfi "* -" Cecily said. «J Holt '"im reTlsed.'' "Yes, b^ yoO aont like my dlgbts of fancy anyway, 4o yo«T" Ban-y askeil. "Love '•m. lAp tin *p tn4 lick my lips. But 1 tret so « burrassea I have to fO UlM«nt. Would you tatlrer l al4n't lipstick?" • , "Otflly, "no. Not if yoa IHn It. foil know better 'than 1 4o abVut (emlnlB* *«Tnf», anfl ft "lilt my business. "Would you ilk* It if t'4 let my •air grow * little longer? Tbese boyish bbba are clear out, yon know." "I WOTltfl BOl," ft* B%t«. "I'd been tbink'lltg »bqnt Jet- rttgitgrow, tt curlt n* Wb»n Itl longer." ''Great! Bort Of a' tbain* (6 Biae tboje »»t Itttl* ro&/4 know b««t abo^t "I've alwayt ijr«nt«4 to w«*» tarrings, but my family 4o**»'t "Will yon l«t it* ftt yo for a. jrt-wwtt Wfcfct ten "Do yon Uk* (9 on otber flrlt. I Mi«F'4 »* nwell la your «a. ,M» **»« "Dear, you *r*n'| pr«> polt, Iff youf ^ . '"t « > *« «1WU," •• •»!*, •Bat 4wtob, VMT dorsk, f to weet ypu bafr: ; iene<L '.. ^Wbw 1 ttow: CUM la.t ilgbt 1 atk»d JN>| «• Hiarfy a«. In , yo« *e, or I wouM(x't UaV* bn too bappy to oik tb* b*m« tt , • .',,.. -•». •*"- hner teTf. tooT ror a w'hri* k fc '"•.;"* ••••** *T,T* ? *"• .'•V »••*» leiir, '.Meam* .-ttat h what > I bb«ht^^»irer tbatt a Bl •*ii.'-ii T '*)i'ri J ; '" bt>itt« put on {hint o< ta*t »r»^f»w"f»p **•. vw«««w» *fw*,-.'»* fatta for. Jwpu_I«e «n4riw«»i — it cour^n Wttrik JWre it COB^ cerned." "Dear," tbe protetrtJJ, "10 I. Sohaval." He tbook bit head, "1 4on't •ndertlata. H ttttat to m* WW eltberfon Wt« art Woufb tb»t r«u'U »*rrr ni% or tl doi't lot* ink ft «n but «*• » Hiyi " " fo «ll In, f6r i f«w mootbt yon aloofuew, "1*1. tot {III H»at." fit WM Initaatly Kt&Uant, "I. WtJM tUNil, -.-I *• — «r«oX Hit— WUt to tt, <3 I'm tired of • • TIB taia, "Tbt wonrt of It It. I a KW tt," tna 'ftftifl » cbarj- he with a U. 1 iup- ot at. to Hl» It >aa to <tenot» bete Hiirtne^thoroufh Ine- VrMttok. .IJwlBt .to UJl yon about Abli Itebft '«n« her ik*> mm. • torn* ad k«> tor ye*ra- oe m w««k ttt clean aco ahe t» inotk *p th« tot wrapt oft and tttrnlnk It on ke«|/itffc It fWft* WOW of the AUbt I»bel ii»«rand aport, 4to*i it Itfr » *o*gr« « or m<rt-»: fc«t la*t ***** ibe /fluty, ^oi'v.jrott iroVk, ta«»r »f rou'fl ttop ,wiflt fwUr— bnt n«irth«l>(!WrtiOtd $pt*d tp Taifib, before Ae »ald, '<But' 1 '.don't tee^ttr* sup- »ald, connection "Ot Worse you flob% liter* lln't *njr, I wal chantlnt tbe to •ccept tt '1 *now * nice one, Miter Bdt, Wn'o at« " n4d Hopped In MMM wWrt her |«M Mt the ( & , tn» olea, "It— it . «dt of rl«bt then, Tnwe't an anawer, cfeiiicat, to th»». You know it, _ no n»or« IW* • twlno ot 4outt tnt ai4 |«(t filw. At the door <), to « *»4 IH1»fH hloni, He'd «a«» t«<*1»a m)i^'4 nt»y there, 48«b!» fritti, k»4 block tb« IrkBo, t lr« wort tb« bWCk lace kit with nW too*Ml tbt brlto 10 utiaft p»r- li Wttero » Q 4 Ukeo to «>« tbe thing there. AgfM, Tot One .Te'attoti or another, butj probably beoaurt 'It rbymad tidily straight tbrongb — "mine.; wlrfe. belsh'ts, nights, desfr«, flr».; rest, breasV Hk6 tbat—tma flfl-1 ddubtjfdiy becante It was silly and 5 did not tnake Stinse to her. Maty trances decided that tt was tori her ana had it charged out on hei;| library card. She chose a hfgbt fn May, wb«al tbe starlight tmelled of all tb«| helibborhood's pink roses, and small .new motm swam, Bfniilni. 6n its back In tbe sky, to reoltd to fiarl DeArmount— No matter. It is tiot wortb (jnotltiB, and ttti cbild ba4 not the faintest 140 What she Wa% talkih'g about. Bttrl'l tesponse is the only thing ot In pdrtance connected witb tbat pai; tlcular evening, "Citfial" saia Be, ana, "AW, L ton! Aw, gee—1 don't know as yo ougjbt to rave like tbat. Frank* sure 'tuUs you (or a name. Fr«nJ -4eaT And yet so pure and inn •een't 'and ail. i ain't worthy touch tbe soles ot your feet—se On tbe 'square 1 afn't. Ana sometimes, you seem like a woma gro^n ana other times like a Iltt) bitsle—" bo paused, ^astiaipusly „. siro'us for pertlnenc^ of diction^ "eutle baby girlie, ana I guess that what's got me kind of going ab ydu—see? And you feeling like yq just taia about me, and all, it Been, kind of mean to go oft and leal you, specially since I got no pro. poets la eight elsewhere at preset Tb» fttepben 0, Sparry Playo| after Jin unfortunate few weeks tbe Hong- Kong Moving Plctu f beater, bad been supplanted tbe Qrazy Crooning Coombers, i "unablft to make other satisfac^., contracts, were resting indefinitely, 1 ! 'But for three breathless Frldaj nlgbtt HaryFrances bad gone wttt "' W4 Mr. and Mrs. HI* ^„,,,_.,.,, to mention tbe eldo^ Hills' fgoorance of plot, design, of " 9~im$ ')* a 4* at w ^b poundlni j. - - * 0( 4 pSTtea ||ps ana watche'4 Rarl moTlng aboQt among peopij tbQ.wer* in the highest ot blgtj so«t«ty. «e was debonair. He wa| 4aUntles4 Witb tea-colored deca ters; b« opened doors for ladles wt >r»r» folog to Bigbt ana couutr clebs; b.* r»eg for butlers; be '~ »*4l «»4, In fact-Ill ciurasllyr. „, tbt tbiag« tbat tba Reggies and Qeofft an4 Ferdles always do and 4JW to Mrs. Mayfairlng's mornlt rpo», or Captain starkweather |ftnir», Time tbe Present, A M»ry-Prances baa an obedient me_ and an energetic imaglnatioi Karl," sba now protea ,«n't come t--tW0en you —,»a irofes8l:mal career—not fofi tbe woria, Vou'Jl }us|| Duty calls you, i|f> But o@ltb.0r •.liH&fna; can part u». (To Be

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