Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on December 4, 1931 · Page 48
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 48

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 4, 1931
Page 48
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FRIDAY EVENING afelanD Ctf&unc DECEMBER 4, 1931 B 49 i mmt Jiei 12 EMPLOYMENT FOR lEN '.Continued ) " iri"i"VWVWVAJVV' HEN, any lge, sell direct necessary article of merit, which every ipjn uses. Sales plan unique, honest, sincere. No house to house. Liberal comm. Small capital necessary. Call any time, n,. rsunon, -"juu Aaams St. Alameda. AL ameda 1446J. xF.AT appearing young men, outside solicitation.' Columbia Outfitting Co., 1635 Telegraph Ave. SIX men needed to help handle tremendous advance Christmas sales value. Apply after 9 a. m. Rm. 201, Syndicate Bids. S'l'EAUV de- 45.. WORK Al man. un Box Ml 65095, Tribune. OPENING for four intelligent, hard working salesmen, who, when prove ability will be promoted to 'senior salesmen with protected territory and splendid opportunity tor further advance nient. Splendid opportunity for immediate earnings as, we have a number of exceptional specials in w.ashers, Ironers, 'refrigerators and cleaners. APEX, JOHNSON WASHER STORE. 3443 San Pablo. PERMANENT position for rer sonable man with large ac quainlance" in retail trade. No selling. See Mr. Cornwell, 9 to 12 only. 1116 Webster St. VvANILD One energetic neat appearing man between 25 and 40 years of age. Permanent position to right party. Promotion with big future. Can earn $40 per 'week to start. Apply 9:30 to 11 a. m., or 5 to 6 p. m., 1828 Webster Street. WANTED 2 installment account salesmen. Apply Mercantile Bldg. Loan Assn., 1712 Broadway YOUNG man, 19 to 24. to start with about $25. 8:15 to 9 a. m. S72 Blake Block. 20 WORKERS WANTED. NEW FIRM, RM. 507 CALIFORNIA BLDG., 1736 FRANKLIN ST. 2 MEN for sales work. Perma nent It satisfactory. J. A. Sum mers. Ray Bldg. 4 MEN, sales work, small proposition; big commission. 6S Federal-Telegraph bldg. 13 EMPLOYMENT Jor WOMEN Position Begins Advertisement. BOOKKPR. for cleaning plant, Alameda, state fully exper., sal. desired. Box M177904, Tri bune. CHILD'S NURSE, care Ibf' care inrnt asst. hswk., exp. $35. TE-8T39.I SOLICITORS Producers are of . fered an opportunity with company who has enjoyed a fine volume of business for past five vesrs Famines based on pro duction plus over-ride. Full or part time workers. Apply 1 p. m. 1737 E. 12 Bt. ANY unemployed local resident. Full or part time; short job; quick money. Apply 1724 Franklin St., Oakland. COUPON SALESWOMAN, grand onen nf otter, uom pay anu bonus. 473 14 St., Room 92. LADIES! Make new fadeless wood-fiber flowers, $3.5o daily possible. Kree Instruction. Myrtle Studio, 111) j ranu. .T. Amies ti to $6 daily while learning sales work, part oi full time. Rm. "12. 1916 Hilwny MANili " stacker and folder, must be experienced. Home T.mnidry. 2S33 Hannah. STATE Fit EE EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES, WOMEN'S DIVISION Kiu iinh ntrpi.1 Oukland. Telephone No. GLencourt 3864. Second maid, must speak Hungarian and English $40 to $i& Domestic, mother and two children, Plc'd, 23 to 25 yrs. refs. $Jt Domestics, nil prices, must remain over night, rot's. Canvassers various articles .. . salary and comm. WOMEN to Introduce food product to lioiisewves4" com. and guarantee. 1082 Jones Av., (Ink. bet. 9-12. . vvoMF.N for studio, exp. un- nec. Permanent If satisfactory Ausyn Studio. Ray bldg. 2 SALESWOMEN. 30 to 45, per" manent position; references re- 14 EMPLOYMENT N'JK MKN AND WOMEN DEMONSTRATORS, crew nigra, $5 to $8 dailv. Sell 25c Xmas gift. Open, terrlt. 1448 Webster. Room 127 15 ACENTS SALESMEN WANTED AGENTS, men and women to demonstrate and sell popular new game to homes, churches, lodges, etc. A real chance to eanr liberal commissions. Territory offered to capable people, bee Spencer, 5C60 College Ave. at once or call OL ymplc 5922. SALESMAN with car. Bond and refs. required. National Nut Co.. 1st and Franklin. SALESMAN with car, some knowledge batteries, new prod-. uet. Morris, Hlchfteid may. jV SPECIALTY, highly endorsed by local firms. Attractive com. Worthy of Investigation. Motor Float Co., 2840 Broadway, 9-12 only. RAPID PROMOTION A well known corporation has opening for educated, neat appearing man with car. Must have references. Good Income while learning 6042 College Ave., Oakland 16 EMPLOYMENT OFFICES' DnorAiT (w nrPTIPATION UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AS hberry 4395. Students available for part-time work stenograpners, noon Keep- isrD la Kn far a Cfl rdenprs. window washers, etc' University women available t stay wnn nmuiru In the afternoon or evening. WE can supply you with experienced secretaries, stcnograph-. it-nut. hookkeeners: comp tometer, telephone and adding. machine operators; Diners, lcal workers, and all other office help, within a moment's notice and without charge to employer or employee. State F'ree Employment Bureau 519 19th St.. Oakland. Tel Nns. GL-3S64 and 2884. WOMEN'S DIVISION. Women's Employment Bureau FREE SERVICE Community Chest Acency Y. W. C. A. Building nr. oncourt 1337. Has trained and experienced stenographers, bookkeepers, typ-i Ists, general oince assiHiiiiim. Waitresses and factory workers Beauty operators. 17-181 WANTED MEN,J Position Begins AdvertlMement. ANYTHING, student will have to give up education unless he finds part time work for living expenses while In college. Call LA keside 2600. ANYTHING, handy man, etc.. $2.50 day. TR-140U2 or FR- t946J. ANYTHING, Japanese boy in f a m i ly or apt. HI ghgate 2730. ANYTHING Filipino, handy man, rel, Al ref. TR-6023. ANYTHING wanted by Japanese school boy. nt gngaie suns. CHAUFFEUR, good local refs. wlf excellent Bohemian cook wood housekeeper, will consider leaving city, $100 mo, room and Board, rnone uuympiu- io. 5478 College Ave. lr POSITIONS WANTED MEN (Continued) pruiur r jcujx aestres position does not smoke or drink. Reference", FR ultvale 1365W. COOK, experienced, colored. Or nanay man. TH ornwall Z834 CHAUFFEUR and choreman reas. wages, good ref. OL-7650. HOUSBBOY,' experienced. C. student. Box M181268, Trlb. MACHINIST wants position, all niVUIUl. 10 13 aV. PRESSER, bushelman, 1st class nlpnnpr tnnlla,'. I. .1 11-.. iclass, wants position, go any- tuViara ( 1 1 T c J?- 1 .....c ii. i,UWCijf ana i-iean dro. 1300 154 Ave. lilt'lrPU'l.ilj fPTAr 1 -.-.i inuuunAiuii, .jLeisei eng. or bookkpg., clerical wk., age an, iiiyrrieq, wisnes pos. FK-Zlion, COLLEGE student wishes part time wk., chauffeurlng pre ferred. 10 yrs. experience var ious cars. AS hberry 897S. vvi.NDOW trimmer, free lance. Christmas decorations. Phone mi ungate 3208. ELDERLY man desires work handy man, watchman, anything, anywhere. Box. B10362 Tribune. GEN. office clerk and stenog. de- ouea position, age a, married, best refs. L. Eddy, 1608 62 St., Berkeley. Phone OL ymplc 1589. YOUNG man, Russian, would line several hours of anv kind worn in mornings. AS-Z091. YOUNG man will work small farm on shares. Box Ml 8031 3 l ri mine. YOUNG Japanese boy. steady P'ace wuii iamuy. al-Z340W EX-SERVICE MEN CALL American Legion Veterans Memorial Bldg. If you need skilled or unskilled labor: or If you have vacancy: also let usV have your list. GLencourt 7783. ANYTHING, truck driver, chauf feur, steam plant operator. mechanic's helper, retail clerk, married, must have work, good references. Phone TR Inldad 7430 or OL ymplc 7198. ANYTHING, handy man, can drive car, strong and reliable, $2.50 day, $12 week. TR-1401J2 or FR-9946J. AUTO mechanic's helper, experienced, garage or service station, ex-sorvlce, single, go anywhere. Phone H. F. S, TH-7762. ANY KIND of work, 40c hour, carfare. Best of references. Need work badly; do not drink. No selling. LA keside 6086. ANY KIND of work, exp. laun dry man wishes wor. HO 111- 602 22 St. ANYTHING, age 34, want steady or part time work. Able to do hard work. FR ultvale 0926J. ANY KIND of work, no selling Lfl Kesiue bom. Koom 8, GROCERY or fruit market. Have chain and independent store exp. win ao any kind of odd jobs. Married man. need work badly. Mr. Ball, 4302 West st. pi edmont 2727R. MEAT cutter. 12 years' expe rlonce; married, needs work badly; also does machinist work or will do any kind of work Phono AN dover 7091. STIfiADY or part time work, ex perienced in warehouse, jani tor, stevedore and light truck! urmng. can rurnish references age 31. BE-3522W. WOULD War Vet., age 31, wishes work of any kind. My past ex perience has been dock and warehouse clerking and urlntlnir. Can no anytning tnat requires mechanical ability. Address Mr. Stanton, 1706 92 Ave.. Oakland. YOUNG man, experienced book keeper, salesman, clerk, best reference. FR ultvale 7968R, IF In need of help of any kind, call Canadian Legion, HI ghgate 3078 AN dover 4745, eves, for ex-service men. 18 POSITIONS WANTED WOMEN Position lleglns Advertisement ASSIST or manage home. Exp reliable white woman-, refs. city or country. BE-7763W. ANYTHING, eve., morn., good wrk, ref., home nltes. LA-410S ANY KIND of work, young. strong, white. FK-8379W. ANYTHING, part time, neat colored girl. OL ymplc 9482. CLEANING, hswk., laundry, day hr., rel. white woman. HOlll day 8776. COUPLE, care for apt. house in ext-nunge lor rem. ,xp. Zteis Rox M17791 8, Tribune. CAKE of children, housework good ref. OL ymplc 7650. COOK good Japanese girl. Exp., wants position. LA-1309. COOKING, hswk.. wear uniform If req., woman. FR-8418W. CARE one child. Pract. nurse Hskpr. Refined. HU-6018. COOK lunches, dinners by the . nour. Kefs, an dover 6024. COOKING, Al refs., $60 to $66 mo. Adults. AL ameda 6453 w COOKING, housework, In or out or town. Kef. OL ymptc 6Zbt, COoK, very good, serves nicely Kxp. nskpr. Best rer. UL-188B COOKING, housework, neat col girl. Phone HI ghgate 3477. DAY WORK, part time, 25c hr. ana carrare. pi-41.v.i w. DAY WORK, comp. white, expr, Oliympic 6032. DAY WORK ofhour, refs, com petent, gnod Ironer. GL-2633 DAY work or hr, neat, reliable Danish woman. Ref. TR-1175. FOUNTAIN girl, 3 yrs. exp, refs, wants work. GLencourt 7271. HOUSEKEEPER With 14 yr. old girl for motherless home. Good cook; exc. ref. ALsmeda 0686 W HSWK, good plain cook, home nights, $40. LA-3759 before 9 a. m. or after 4 p. m. HOUSEWORK, washing, cleaning. 40c an h'our. $2.50 a day and carfare. FR ultvale 2764W. HSKPR. Full charge motherless home, cook for men. PI-8076J. HSKP. for old people or wk. on rancn, exp. woman- TE-liso, HSWK, comp. womrfn, good refs. FR ultvale 3944W. HOUSEKEEPER In motherless h ome. Refs. Apt. I. 661 22 Bt. HSWK, rel. mid. age worn, hr. or day, Sat. or Mon. HI-0877. HSKPR. and cooking In family. Box Ml 79079 Tribune. F IK PR, exp, refined; couple or eld. lady. FR ultvale 0338W, HSWK.. room, board, wages, exp. ref. Phone LA-6463. Rm. 11. HSKP, motherless home, exper. rel. 1443 80 Ave. TK-6995. HSWK, cook, half day by week col. la gestae ozitti. HSWK,, ref. woman, go home or stay. Rer, 4Z3 nutter st. HOUSEWORK, rm, board, $40 LA-6463, Rm. 11. mo.; ref.; exp. HOUSEWORK, cooking, light work, colored, exp. ol-bjsho. HSKPR. In motherless home, exp, Reliable. Moraga 451. HSWK., by Japanese lady, by hr day or week. AL-4069J. HSKPR. for elderly lady couple. HI ghgate 4388. NURSE, hosp. train, 10 yrs. exp, wishes care of Invalid or infant, ref. HO-8732, 10-12 a. m. VTTPKET nrflfit.. Or hswk.t 9 tO 4 day or week; exp. HOlllday 10193, Apt. i. NURSE. Prac, exper, reliable. Ref. HU mboldt 1728. NI'RSE. practical, hos. exp, Ref, OL-1500 or uu-ifuo. 18 POSITIONS WANTED WOMEN (Continued) NURSE-companlon for lady,' good cook. exc. rer. ztt yrs. last place. AL ameda 0686W. NURSE, prc any case. Chron., aged or mental pret. fi-iimj. NURSE, Al prac, hospt. training, exper., reas. mu mooidt oiai. NURSE, prac, capable, help housework. OL ymplc 5828. NURSE, Al, pr hosp. tr., dr. car, travel. Dr. loc. ref. BE-7209W. ASSIST hswk.. plain cooking, nurse, undergraduate. ME-3023 COL. woman, neat, wants gen hswk., will, wrkr, ref. OL-2371. JAPANESE woman wants half pay worn except aun. tii-iqig. REFINED woman wishes post tion as housekeeper in respec table motherless home. P. O. Box 647, Holllster. REFINED girl, exper., care of child. LA keside 1841. SCHOOL girl, Japanese, wants work In family. ME 3827. 20 ALCATRAZ AVE., 540 SPACIOUS 3 and 4-room. furnished and unfurnished apts. Especially attractive to families with small children. LARGE PLAYGROUND AND NURSERY IN CHARGE OF NURSEMAID... All transportation. Rentals $50 up. I) RBOR VILLA 2809 8 AVE NEAR PARK BLVD. and 3 room furn. apts. all con eniences. Frigidalre. steam heat.' not water. Gas and eiec. in cluded in rental. $35450 ABBINGTON ARMS 377 LENOX. NEAR GRAND. J-3 KM.. FURNISHED. $45-$65: STEAM HEAT, JANITOR SERV ICE. ELEVATOR. NEW furni ture. Also weekly rates. Rent Includes everything. Half block Key train ana partt. te-omd. nTlGUILAR APTS. I ft Lake district, 3 and 4 room V 'apts., furnished and un furnished $37.50 up. Steam heat, hot water, Frlgldalre. 468 Stow ave. HOlllday 6674. ALEXANDRIA APTS. 1906 Jackson St.. on Lake Mer rltt. Newly renovated. Modern 2-3-4 rm., furn. or unf. Weekly janitor service. Inspection in vited. $50 to $75. Downtown. AYRSHIRE APTS. Newly decorated 2 and 3 rrreni ants. Nicelv furn.. electric stoves, steam heat, rngiaaire; au transp, $35 and up, everything inciunen. ozs za sr. ALT A CASA 8500 35 ave.. Oak oa St. heat, tile bath, frig., h. W"" w Rlchlv furn All clan cor. apts.; trans.; garage inc. ANABELL APT. 544 37 St., nr. Teleg. Choice 2-rm., now, beaut, fur. plenty steam ht.; nr. trans. Reas ALAMEDA r729 Central. new sun. outside 2-8 rms. Furn.. unf All mod. conv. $40 up. Ambassador Arms V4.Gndnd' rms., iurn.. unr. jvery con v.. elec, local, S. F. cars. ALAMEDA. Casa Nueva, 743 Santa C ara. 3 rm. furn. Keas Rent Includos all mod. conv.. 10 mln. to Oak., 30 mln. B. v. Alicecourt Apts. nea's. st. ht A j Apts., 2332 Foothill miuuver 2 rm 2 rm. fur., $22.60-$30 AMERICAN. 1628 San Pablo 2's, 3's, $20, 130. St. ht.. hot w A A r '21 " St., 2, a r t. Aaron Apt. ht.. frig., $30, $40 LISS TERRACE DISTINCTLY DIFFERENT 2460 Richmond Blvd.. nr, Moss and Piedmont Aves. Unfur nished 5 rooms, open air balcony, private storeroom, garage, steam heat, refrlg.,,$65 up. LA-ibos. BELMONT ST., 378 Bet. Perkins and Staten. 4 and 5 rms.. unf. steam neat. Frigid. janitor service, S. F. trains. TL m plebar 301T7 or mi.). BROOKLYN AVE.. 624 Lake dlst.. fur. or unf., 2-3 rms. elec. equipped, Frig., St. heat, gar.. Janitor, maid serv,, $40 up BERKELEY, 1525 Spruce Attr. sun. cor. 2 rms. stm. heat, elec. refrlg., bay view nr. U. C, reas. BERKELEY, 1773 Oxford, beaut. 4 rm. unr. apt., newiy redeco rated, heat, frigid., Incinerator, elevator service. Transp. at door. BERKELEY, Chandler apts, 2449 Dwight, nr. U. C, fur. and unt. 2 3 rm, Frlgldalre. steam heat, elevator, janitor serv. BROADWAY, 4248 Sun. furn, $5 Week lor nusmess coupie. PI edmont 7622R. BLACKMAN Apts, 4149 E. 14 St. AVtL- T7,. 20 mo. up fur, z- fO WK. Up rm,. priv. bath, gar. BERKELEY, 1945 Stuart, cor, Mllvla, sun. clean, 3 rm apts. fur. S. F. trains, all conven, $25. BROOKLYN AVE, 600. furn. 3-4 rms, lge. sun, lake view, stm. ht, hot wat.. $35-$40. BEACON ST.. 637, $32.60 up, 2-3 rms, rum. ana unrurn. ivew, mod, gar. City trans. TE-2694. CALDWELL COURT APTS.. best location, fronting Lake Mer- ill l, V, II in, i ibvii. , bi i.., . rms, furnished, chesterfield; Inc st. heat, hot water, light, gas free park, space. $27.60 to $37. CLAREMONT APTS. Newly renov, rent reas. Key trains close by, 2912 Claremont ave, nr. Hotel Claremont. CHARLOTTE MILLER. 13th and Market, fur, st. ht, h. w. low rent. COURT APTS, mod., furn. chstfld. 1108 Francisco. Berk, $25. r AC A VAT ITNrTA 3600 13 Avs. Sunny 8 rooms, furnished. JAPP 6T, 8027 Dlmond Dlst. Fur, unf, 2. l. 4 rms.. incl. beat hot w.. frigid, elec. $30 up. DeAR.MOND, 1455 1st ave, furn z-3 rms, neat. Frig, fsu-f.i.v ! ECHO GLEN APTS. ! BEFORE YOU MOVE Come and see an unusual rental value. New, strictly modern, spa- clous 3, 4 rms, furn, or unfurn. QUIET. 8408 Richmond blv. Oak ELLITA. 473. sunny -apts.. over looking, lake; half block to ears, quiet, modern, low rates Garage E. 24 BT, 1007 sunny 4 ropms, furn, gar, light, water, pnone InAlnri. SQn MIT f-ilt 1A9Q E. 17 St., 4103 "SS:'1 IT.,-at H05, oor. Park Blv. 3 EiVerett ,un. r $27.50, gar, $30. EL DONN, 1816 35 Ave, eleg. 2-3 rm.. Frigid, st. h, chstfl, ress SSAIRMOUNT APTS, 410 f9 1 Fairmount Ave, 2, $ and 4 I J rms. Furn. or unfurn. St, heat. Frigid. Oarage. $40 up, FOOTHILL BLVD., 8624 Mod. sun. 2 r St. ht-, frigid, h. wat. $25. FOOTHILL, 64 Furn. t-rm, Chenterfield, $20 to $$0. 2-8-41 20 APARTMENTS TO LET (Continued) HOTEL 'AKLAND Beautiful Rooms and Suites. NEW LOW RATES SAVE MONEY by living at the Hotel Oakland enjoy the comforts arid pleasures of Oakland's active social and business center. Why occupy lonesome, gloomy quarters when you can really enjoy life in cheerful sur roundlngs where there is always something going on and Interesting people coming and going. All rooms at the Hotel Oalclan d. are outside rooms, warm and cheerful, beautifully furnished. New low rates make it possible to enjoy the luxuries, comforts and pleasant surroundings of Oakland's largest and finest hotel at very small cost. s:ee OUR SPECIAL BACHELOR ' APARTMENTS FOOTHILL, 2120 New 2 r. fur., hstfl., furn., gar., $?u. Trans. FILBERT, 931 Furnished apt. tor rent, 1U to $15 per mo. FRUITVALE AV 1910 Furn. 3 r Inc. gar..wph.,$25, FR-0999J. Glencairn 4256 Piedmont Avenue REDUCED RENTALS Sunny 3 and 4 rm. apts., steam heat, furn. or unfur., 1-30 to $40. Piedmont 3034, HU mboldt 4137. rantf View Apts. 2878. 750 Warfield Ave., nr, Grand-Lake Theater. Mod, li-slory bldg., 1-2-8-4 furn. or unf. Close to transp.. $30 to $85. GRAND AVE., 3704 large sun- ny unr. rms., taKe view, $o. pi. Av., 46, nr. Pied av. Reas. "" Mod 3 r. ctnr Pl.21.tliW Ililgard Near Euclid Two and 3-room modern apts. uniurnisned, steam heat, elec. re frigeration, wall beds. $35 to j47.hu. as noorry 6Y&4. HOPKINS ST.. 28713 rm. furn or unfurn., stm. ht. Every modern conv.. water, gas. elec. gar. incl. in rent, $42.50 to $47.60. IIILGARD, 2444 Near Euclid, 2 and 3 room mod ern apts. Unfurnished, steam heat, elec. refrigeration, wall beds, $;i5-$47.50. AS hberry 6764 i ARVARD HOTEL APTS. 542 25th Bt., by day, wk. or mo. $i up. bunny 2-3 rms., stm. ht., h. wat., car space HAWTHORNE. 396. attrac. 2 or 4 rms., furn.. unfur.. heat, re- rrig., gar., $40 up. Also sip. rms HIGH ST., 2926, $16, 3 room fur., car space, water. AN-0591. HARRISON, 2319, 2 room furn apt. Bus. couple. GL-9846. Perm JACKSON ST., 1511 Near Lake Merrltt. easv walklnc distance to business center, mod ern, steam heat. Janitor, Frlgld- aire, i ana 6 rm. turn, apts., ga rage. Reasonable rent. LA-8862 JACKSON, 1434 Down town Home, well arranged, attract furn., 2 rms.. Frig., stm. heat $32.60 up. T71VTllffrTr' 3252 Lake- murivlij shore Aveune REDUCED RENTALS. Exclusive Lake district. Attrac ttve, sunny 4 or 5 rm. apt., bkl'st nook, fireplace, shower, batn steam heat, garden, janitor, ga rage: local, S. Ja:ihVi K1NGSLEY, 3629 Close to Park Blvd.. off Hopkins Moaern room apt., unfurn., $40. gar. extra, LEE STREET, 444 Just across the boulevard from Oakland's famous Lakeside TJLi walklnu: distance to tausliFc center: S. F. and local cars: mod ern, up-to-date two and three room furnished and unfurnished apts.; janitor service; steam heat, hot water, Frlgldalre, ga rage. Reasonable rent $46 to $56 Leslie Apis., Alameda Furnished 2-3 rms. Reas, rent Includes st. heat elec. ranges, refrlg. and gar. 616 Central Ave r ATVP APTQ 6160 Claremont li.rmL.rVr lo. cor. Telegraph. Nee our rum. 1-3-3 rooms in modern fireproof building. LAKESHORE Ave, 3600-3010 2 to 5 rooms, all conv. $30 to $60 LINDA, 203, mod. 3 r, si. pen. unr, $.!; fur, $;i(i. hh.isisz. McKINLEY AVE., 1146 At Park 31vd. Rents reduced, how $30 to $42.50. Mod. 2 r, heat, Frig, electricity free, furn, unf, fyne location; see these bargains and save money. GLencourt 5508. MAI iRYLAND Apt, 8301 Telegraph Rent Reduced mi-iau. kuiii, - - o i in.,, sicuiii 111.., h t wat, $20 up. Piedmont 4460. Mnnlo Rffll 20 Hawthorne, off MODte Dell 91 anfl Taleirrau i. 2 rms, completely furnished In Monterey style. Every conv. Twin beds, gar, $40 to $50 Includes all IMYHTLE, 1337, nr. Hi. 1, 2, 8 sunny rms, z-f4.bo. la-.iisi. MANILA 8805, nr. Key, 3-4 rms.. wat. incl, low rent. pi-b87W MYRTLE, 1600. new, $35; chsfld. bedr, wallbed, walk, dlst, gar MOSSWOOD, 8532 Telegraph p nr. z-3 r, new, dec, $zo up mriJirilVC 437, nr. Grand Av i Liiuwiio Elev, Frlgldalre, i, t, rooms, turn, or unrurn. steam heaj, reas, extra service Week or month. GL-2635. PARK BLVD, 8839, attractive unfurnished rms, $25; close In. PERALTA APTS, sunny, mod. fur. or unf. GL-9256. HO-7840 Regill A f. 7 rrna tlftA n M HID,, SJIUV J " $275. HO lllday 2360. SFVTr T V 88 Cleveland Ave. JX-i V.lM-iLiLd rm... altrnctlus- iy furn, st. ht, hot w, cas. elec. Fr-alre, gar, janitor. Reasonable Srinftpr bt'i0- -r, fur, stm. ht, OJiaiier hot WBt. Frigid - tip shop, dlst., transp, schls. Reas SwirlcnrH f21 n St' 2'2 r OWILftUI U furn. heat.. Frlll oycainore furn- compiete, $25 TELEDONIA A II Mod. fur. 2 rm, dinette fT) II apts. Frig, continuous 1 1 II stm. nt. Mam serv, ta.tiv up. 626 95 st nr. Tel. - TRAHK, 64378, 4 furn. rfns, nr, o. r,, scnoois. neas. AM-dytn TELEG. AV, 2936, beau, furn, 1, 2 rs, kit, elec, f3 up. Bee them VALLE VISTA APTS. 840 -York st, off Mandana, nr. Grand, 2-rm. furn, unfurn. Frig., ngnts, gas mciuaed. Nr. trans VANPFTT 6m College Av, Modern 2-8 rrna, furn. or unfur, st. ht. Frig, elec. ranges. VTTP du Lac- 304 Foothill, 2-3 -JJ-' rms. furn, stm. ht, hot w, nr. Key. OL 6287. . WORLEY APTS. 1143 McKlnley. Distinctive Studio Apt. All electric: 3 rooms, furnished. HOlllday 6044. 5TH AVE,, 1247, cor. E. 14th Four unf. rooms, hwd. firs., hot water. Newly renov. Call A. M. Kent $25.uo. 9 AVE, J0J3 6-r, unf., stm. ht. a.. , irig, gar. sou. jntt-tuvy. 20 APARTMENTS TO LET 24 (Continued) FOR ONE OR TWO PERSONS. THE LAST WORD IN MODERN CONVENIENCE AND COMFORT. Permanent guests may pay by the week, every two weeks or monthly. The meals at the Hotel Oakland are unexcelled and" the prices are so low that you can actually save money by eating here, instead of going to all the trouble of buying, groceries and cooking in your kitchen lunch 50c, dinner 75c, breakfast 25c-65c; new low a la carte prices. Dinner De Luxe $1 in Crystal dining room. MEALS ONE-HALF PRICE FOR CHILDREN under 10 yearsof age at all times, including Sundays and holidays. AVE., 22502 room front anart ment. newly renovated, hnmp iiKe, rein reasonanie. AV., 1836. best 2 rms. in town chestfld..' gar.: trans. $20. 14 ST., 1158, 2 cozy rms., nice x 111 11., ,ouk iioors, Z6. 34 ST., 647 Furn. 2 rms., st. lit hot water; 522.50 up. 24 ST., 473, $20, $25, $30, 2, 3 rm. ensm., nr.. wi., el., garb, free qoRD st., 660, nr. Tel. Sunn elec, water, garb. Pl-7166. 37 ST., 6193 r. apt. furn.. newly renovated, $20. 38 Ave.. J5"! ulurl0.:'L tuJ2 dinette, refrlg., it., laund.,' reas 40 ST., 604 Unf., 4 mod. sunny rm., w.- pea, gar., on Key Kt. 47 ST., 1017 4 rms. completely iurn., inc. ranio. water, uas. nent, gam., bath, $;ib. ol-0921 68 AV., 14122 and 3 rm., furn n. w., gar., garb., nr. cars reus ADULTS, only $20 and $2:1. Re duced rates, 1 lett, 2 blocks from Montgomery Ward, 2 rm., attr. furn. apt. (Not new but clean.) Unf. If desired; 1701 27th ave, bet. E. 14th and Foothill Blvd. ADT heat and all else Inc. $28. 11.1,.,,.. too. HU 2176. A SUN., cozy 2's. 3's: best cond. All tran.. sep. ent.. $20. PI-7134. PARK BLVD. DIST., 3 rms. fur hot wat. Garden. Gar. $30 Clevlnger & Griffin, 4187 Park WATCHES, diamonds, clothing, ate tlnit vmi no louver need but which otiiers will find useful can be turned into cash through i TRI RUNE Classified Ad. Call LA keside 6000. . $27 TO $35 Finely furnished, well heated 3-1 rm. apts, easy beds, sou i uns 1052 W. 14 St. lit) lllday 9623. Wk. Blackman Hotel. Apts. ' 2-3 r, bath, gar. 4149 10. 14 st 21 APARTMENT FLATS, DUPLEXES. FOR RENT ELWOOD Ave.. 448 4 rms. unf Very desirable. Garage. T 5499. GILBERT, 4210, nr. Pled. Mod unf. 4 r, sun pen, gar, view AU trans. PARK BLVD., 4536 5 rni. apt, garage and gas fur nace. Low rent. YORK ST, 881 Sun. 4 rms. unf. kit. fur., gar, redtic. 111-4264. C A 171? 2021 5 rm, ant. Hat J " Mod, gar, nr. wilt rans 11 AVE., 1514 4-rm, unfur., heat, gar, 1 blk. cars, adults 51 ST.. 328A Sunny 4 rm. apt flat, gar, nr Hdwy, Tech HI Quiet 2 rm. dup, $20-$ ,.11.1 rv Chstfld. 17 cor. II av. 2001 22 BUNGALOW COURTS ALTA RITA ST., 1644 23 ave, nr Foothill Elegant new 2-rm., fireproof, furn, chstfld, gar, $26. BERKELEY, Mnrwood Court, 1315 Dwight Way. New 3 rms, furn.. unfurn, Frig, steum heat. hot water, garage, all trans. playground, $30-$:i5. TH -0(l(t7 CAHRAL VILLA, 35 St, 965 Sunny 2 rms, dinette, chstfld. Frigid, garngexnr. Key cars, $30 j. i i ,, zinno jvioa. - is, nein-lv for- nr. cars. $22.60 FR IO 20.1. ARDEN COURT APTMTS 57 Ave, 1812,2-3 rms, completely fur, gar, wat, garbage free: nr. cars. S. F trans. $18-$2."i. 68 KT, 8862 rms, furnlBhcd, ga raire. nr. K. II.. cars. reas. adults only. OLympIo 0792. 9rr 1431 79 Av.; extra cln, sun. 9 2 r, dr. r, w. bed, chstfld, refrlg, wt. garb, gar. Inc. ; quiet ADAMS WOT EL, 668 12 st. Rates 75c up. $3.10 per wk. and up. with or without batn. plenty hot water and steam heat. Avalnn 2010 Telegraph. Ro yvvaion $4 wk, up- ji rty Rooms up BROADWAY AT 22NI) ST. Key Route Inn Ph- Wtttf "A GOOD FAMILY HOTEL" Large lobby, fireplace, best fur and hair beds, f, $6 wk.; $2 mo Priv. bath $8 wk.; $30 mo. Modern. Coffee Shop. Garage. NEWLY RENOVATED. HOTEL OAKLAND NEW MANAGEMENT NEW LOW RATES. $1 60 with out, $2.00 up with bath. Special low rates tor permsnents. HOTEL CLAY-TEN NOW UNDER THE MANAGEMENT OF OWNER. Attractive rates to permanent guests, $3 wk. up. Transient $1 duy'up. HOTEL OLYMPIC FV 12th and 2nd ave. GL2481. All bths, shower. $7, $8, $9 wk. Fireproof gar." $4 mo, 24 hr. serv. LARK. 22 St, nr. Grove Outside rms., 60c day. $2.60 wk. car sp ST. PAUL HOTEL, 12-Clay Sts , rms, $2.80, $2.75 wk. up. Nights 60c, 75c up; st. heat, 634 utn st CT Clt APT l7Cf2-r'0 wk.up. Tr ' 429 13 St. Rms ST. MARK & aio mo. Home cook.; garage $6 mo bridge, billiards. L,. Aher, mgr rri; i 16TH AND CLAY. i ourame priv, i,athi $ Wk, up EDUCED RATES! Live In rkslty'i flneit sole! et rt lent thsn rent. Reomi lew si $16 month; with 2 swell $42.50. Alto lulisk Quiet rel. Idtnlljl dWrlct. Onrasl H fsleqteph. Inpectlos Invited. LL HOTEL DUR ANT , REDUCED hotel rooms. Peralta Apts, 184 13, GL-9266. HO-7840, 24 ALCATRAZ, 6$7 3 nicely furn. nr. all tram, $2.50 wk. OL-67&8 ROOMS TO LET (Continued) E. 19 ST., 829r-Cozy rra. In apt. nse., st. nt., wat., nth. $15 mo FOOTHILL, 3524 Clean, sun. rm St. ht., h. wat., car sn. Reas. GRAND, 370 Large sunny front room, iiurn., gents HARRISON, 1951, opp. lake., lg. rm., priv. nome, n. w ht. turn HAWTHORNE. 416, nr. 30-Teleg. oun., sc. neat, priv. batn. Keas HOWE, nr. Pled. stat. Tea rms. hosp., Irg. rm., $12. HU-8915. JACKSON ST., 1602 Single rms. In apt. house, steam heat, daily service, men only, $12.50 up. KINGSTON AVE. Furn. rm, suit, z, priv. nome, $a. P1-38GOW. LAKESHORE, 3900 Comf. cor rm., priv. home, ell conv. man. MERRITT AVE., 435 Room fac ing Lane. Nr. transp; HO-2174 PIEDMONT, cor. rm., hot wat. In dress, rm., nr. trans, $4.50. n eamont I ivi v. PEARL, 81 Comfortable heated rm.. Driv. nomp. it 9 Cars 1 hlk., brd. opt. HI-1149. PARKVIEW TERRACfe. 330 lake dist., In priv. hm., $18. SHATTUCK. 4728, -clean, sun turn, rms., $2.60 up. Car space VERNON, 4732 sun. rms., 2 gentlemen, gar., reas. TE-6944 WARWICK, 339, nr. Perkins gentleman. GL 0920. lovely rm., 3 AV., 1233, nr. lake Large well iurn. rm., rurnace neat, phone. f leasant nome. $3.;0 a week. SI', 639, nr. K. R. Sun. rm., priv. bath, hot w.. slnala rm. 5;i..il WK. 4 ST., 319 Frt. rm., all wall bed, piano; reas. Incl j AVE., 1952 Cozy room, 1 2; bath, parking space. 27 ST.. 491 Nice furn. front rm All conv, car sp, gar. op. Reas. 27 ST, 665, nr. Teleg. Sultablel for 2f $3.60; garage, park. sp. 27 AV, 1 638 Sunny, mod. front rm, with or without garage. 28 ST, 410, west of Bdwy, halt blk. Sunny rooms, steam heat, hot water, new, furn, $12 mo. up. 2STH ST, 4 51 Large sunny rm, completely furn, reas. LA-13U3 98 AVE., 13522 rms, furn, incl. linen, wk. w-Z4(ili. FREE rm, by lady for lady com panion emp. mi mboldt 6419. LAKE dlst, steam heated rm. In modern private home. Lady prer, i& mo. MKrritt 3689. LAKE DIST, st. heat, clean, snower, gar. Gent. GL.-344X. LAKE dls stm. heat, hot water hlk. local, city cars. GL-4959 ROOM In beaut, home, half blk above College: 6 blks. south of Campus. furnace heat, $15 UE-3957J. Brkfst, gar. optional ROOM in Pied, home, nr. trans. flu. Hoard optional, HU-9961' REFINED priv. home, nr. lake; alcove rm. Gent. GL-7899. $5, ATTRACTIVE room, bath, st. neat, i nzs san fuoio. TE-bu&o. 24A ROOMS i Wanted. ROOM nr. 75 Ave, Foothill, north sine., llox M 180526. Tribune. Location Begins Advertisement, BERKELEY, 2110A Ashby, 2 rms, tn, f 14, s. r. $;i inc. gas, ngnt CASTRO. 1425, lge. sun. rm. with kitchen, stilt. 2; st. ht. CASTRO ST, 19153-8 sun. frnt, rms. $3 wk. up, gar, phone. E. 12 ST, 647 1, furn.; newly ren. 2 rms, fully $2.50 wk. ut IS. 12 ST, 547 $2.60 wk. up, 1, 2 rms, newly ren.; furn. all Incl E. 14 ST, 1305, cor. 13 Ave. Frt. r, $2.50 up. Wat, elec, garinc, FKIJITVALE AVE, 31482 clean sunny hskp. rms., garage, $17 GROVE, 3 0 4 0," Oa 1( 1 a nd"l room kltoh, gas, elec. "Iur-,, $-4 week HARRISON. 1 023 1 -2 rms. kit., gas, free Qnrk. Gar. $3.60 up. IIOHAIIT ST, 533 Neatly furn gaH, elec, wood htr, $3J3.50. LINDEN, 914 Small rm. In rear $2 week, KHR, elec. ill MYRTLE, 211083 cln, rms, urlv bath, Juts, wat, gar free. $20 inont li. MADISON, 1551, nr. Lake. 1-2 rm. Newly renov, $2.50-$4 wk. Inc all. MARKET st, 18293 sunny frt. rms, $4 wk. Gas, Unfits inc. MYRTLE. 1025 Sun.; $2.75, $3.75, $4.75; lit. wii t, gas, elec, ph, garb. OAKLAND AV, 670 Large frt. rms, $3 to $5 wk.; heut, hot water, garage. PI edmont 6592W SHATTUCK, 4728, 2 furn. rms. bath, piano, elec, car sp, $5.50 week. TELEGRAPH. 2414 Clean, close in, lice phone, $2.60 week. TELEGRAPH, 2125 Well furn. 1-2 rm, gas, el, $3-$!, close in. WILLIAMS, 558 1, 2 sunny rms.. opp. Cnpwell Mkt. $3 wk. up WEHSTKR, 1 5291, 2, 3 room, transient, steady; gas, linen. WARWICK, 312 L. dlst, priv hm, lady, all con, gar, $20 W. 18 ST, 1060 Sun. lg. 2 rm., coal htr, gas, range, elec, $18 AVE, 19051, 2 fr. rms, all incl.; homelike. $4-$4.r.o. wk 7 AVE, 1621-1. 2. 3 rms, nice k I tell., wall bed,, chstfld, elec washer; gar. $3.50 up. GL-6947 S AVE, 1224 2 front rms, priv. nam, nt. w, gas, eiec, tur, gar 8 ST, 1451 Rm, kit, gas, el, car sp. $3. sing. $3 up, 10 ST, 9872. 3 sun. rms, $8.50-$5 wk, gar, pk. sp. Adults 12 ST, 277 Front rooms, regu lar kitchen, $18 mo. up, every thing Incl. Single rm. Heat. 12 AVE, 1755 2 sun. front mis. Kas. elec, car sp. $5. 15 ST, 775, 1, 2, 4 sunny rms. KHH. eiti;, lift, up, iil-fftv ill... 15TH- ST, 713 Sunny room light, gas, park sp, $3 week. I6TH ST., 919 Sun. frt. 3 r, w bod: rent red. to perm, people 16 ST, 771 Front rm, klt'n't., $3.25 for 1, $3.60 for 2, g,l,lnc. 18 ST., 721 Lge. sun. rms, $2.76-$3.50 and $5 wk.; car space. 18 ST., 771 New 2 rm, priv. bth., ent, gar. uiose in, ti. 19 HT, 735 1 and 2 clean out side rooms, gas, eiec, m up. 19 ST, 332 3 rms, new. ren. suit, for 8, priv. bath, $22. ill UT Ctl) Nlcolv furn. 1.9 rm suites, w. oeas, iz up, pk. space 22 ST, 8082 rms, gas, light laundry inc. $.4.50 wk. 22 ST, 634 Sunny 1 2 rms, nr Teleg av,; pk. sp. $8 wk. up 24 ST.. 867. nr. Bdway. Close In A clean, quiet house. Large sunny rms.. witn Kitchenettes Gas. eiec, neat and laundry inc, No extras, Rent very reasonable. 24 ST., 631, sunny, single, $3; I rm, ti; waiamg atsiance 26 ST., 7163 sun rms, kltnt. Hung.; sep. tine; gar, jtn ipn 26 ST, 406 Sun. front rm stove, kltch. Very reas, car sp 28 ST., 1180 Bun, rm, pk. sp., prl. toilet; sent.; $12.50 mo LA keside 8893. 29 ST.. 628. 2 sun. .rms, -wallbed gas range, bath. arar. or oar space, sa wk. up, inc. everything 29 ST., $96 Cheerful rms, 1-2 kltnt, $10 up, gar, car space 31 BT, $28 Fr. r, kit, gas: new mgmt.; eiec, wat, pit, $n, iii 31 ST, 693 Frt. rm, hdwd. tin., firepi. Kit. Reas, oar. opt. 25 HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS TO LET (Continued) 33 ST., 587 1 sunny furn. hskp. rm., gas, elec, pnone, gar., $12. 36 AV., 1414 Large furn. front rm., kitchen, private bath, gar. 39 ST., 541 2 lge. frt. rms., nr. 40-Tel,: K. R. Reas. Gar. 10 AVE., 1215, 2 rms., priv. bath, $4.60 wk. Adults. FR 7791R. 58 ST.. 548, sunny comf. room for working woman; ciose reieg. K. R. Private family; $9 month COZY rm., dr. rm. and kit., Incl elec, h. w.. ph., linen. Suit, for bus. women. Ref. OL ympic 4033 HOUSEKEEPING rooms In ex change .for light work. 2547 East 27 Street. PRIV. HOME; lg. sun, attr. rm Kiten., close in,- reas. u-4346, $8.50 UP Newly furn, all conv. free car sp. 2S68 Telegrapn, Location licglns Advertisement. BERKELEY, sun. r, home priv, iur. nt, an trains, ttrj-aniw EXCELSIOR. 601 If you want to live In a lovely home, extra good food, every comfort and reasonable. HO lllday 8686. E. 12 ST, 830 Sun. rms, hot w.; excel, tab.; social rm. $8.50 up HARRISON, 3849, beaut, rms, St. ht, $30. OL ymplc 6194. NEWTON ST, .271. nr. E. 19 Bt. and park Blvd. Lovely comr. rm running hot water; excel. food, $36 mo. GLencourt 6237, OAKLAND AVE, 670, lovely rooms, excel, meals, heat, hot w reas. OL 8497. WALKER, 809, 1 blk. to Grand Lake theater, all trans, every conv. GLencourt 8605. 7 AVE, 1837 Private family, nr 23RD ST, 514 -Nice home, good meals, low rates. TE-0258. 24 ST, 540, nr. Tel. Sun. rm.; good bd.; home comf. HI-2622. 34 ST, 617, lovely sun. front rm. single or ante, nice nome, gar, 37 ST, 656, lovely, sunny rm, suit, for 2; also single room. a6 St., 57, nr. Grove Sun. rm. gd. bd, home priv, reas. A REAL home, good food, heat and hot wat. 2 young men or business couple. UL-uZi3. DO YOU appreciate a warm room, priv. bath? $45 for 1; $70i for 2. Nr. 22 St., Bdwy. LA-9243 GRAND-LAKE d.. $85 mo., ac com. few more, excel, food. HO-8071. HOMELIKE boarding place for eiaeriy people; 3 not meats. Reasonable. LA keside 0963. LAKE dlst, lovely rm, furnace neat, nr. all trans.; priv.. excel food, home privileges. TE-7991 REAL home, bus, people, close In meals opt. Keas. HU-4346. YOUNG couple wants 2 bus, girls to Bhare rm. in priv. nome; twin beds', priv. bath; exc. meals. Laundry incl Keas. TE-7991. 28 CHILDREN BOARDED ATTRACTIVE neighborhood, re flnement and loving care for your little girl. Parent room bonrd. TE mplebar 7717. A REF. Christian home for 1 or 2. 3469 Coolldge. AN-2770. CHILD, care for, day, wk. or mo Apt. for parents. BE-8934. LONA HAZZARD School, public school course study Plus inai virtual attention. AL ameda 0750J NICE Pled, home I or 2 child. Room for parents. HU-9083, 29 INVALIDS' HOME ALAMEDA, nurse's care, eld.,1 conv, Inval, -mental cases AL ameda 8444M. lake view home aged, conv. good food and care. GLencourt 4969 A CLOSE In warm, sun. hm, eld Inv, good fd, nurse. PI-3043W. A GOOU home. eld. pen. or Inv. prac. nur. AN-2478; Fr-9397W riirrDV Lake dlst. Nurse. Vjiiuijiix invl. Aged. TE-2549 NURSING HOME. Orad, aged, Invslld. P1-4476J. REST home, aged, conv, mild mental, spec. red, rate. TE-912B SUNNY home Inval, conval, aged Nurse, diet, reas. TR-5963. 301 UNFUUNISHED 'VoiSntb Location lleglna Advertisement APOAR, 596 6 rms, hdwd. firs., bkfst. nk, garage. PI-8160J E. .12 ST, 26353 rms bath, range, able, gar, $zo. r it-,iB(j FALLON, ST, 703, Mod. Sun. 8-rm walk, diet.; an trans. $zo. GENOA ST., 5817. key at 68254 rms, sip. pch, gar, yd, $25, nr Grove car. S. F. trans, schls. LAK USHOKE, 8882- Up. 6 rm., narst. rm, moa, gar. Frig. OAK ST.. 8186 r, sun. Nr. all transp. Rent reas. ao-imi TELEGRAPH, 22186 rms, low er, ell transp, $20. HU-8404. WALKER AVE, 1068, near num. rm, sun porcn, now. uri., gar.JW'o- roc. 488 Beautiful 4 room GO Ol., lower; Just renov.; nr trans. Reas. to steady adults. MONTH free, 5 rooms, modern, Lakeside flat. TE mplebar 0988 26 AVE, 2401, COZY UP. FLAT, HWD. FLltS, OAK, ivii. FURNISHED, $19. FRUITVALE Kr.AL.Tx (JO, 6 till J&. 14 Dl, FR ultvale 5897. $20. $22.60, 4, 6 rms.. sun. cor. In ducement to- good tenant, AN 4018. Owner, 2639 Filbert, $20 4 Neat, sunny rooms, gar. ul 9Aln QQ (v. f nr 6 rms. 426 E." 10 St. HI ghgate 1760. 31 FURNISHED VmiDtb Loentlon Hrsjlns Advertisement AILEEN ST, 10664 sun. r, well fur, chstfld. Low rent, gar, ADELINE, 6804 Clean 8, 4 rms.; schools, trains. $22. HU-4382 BERKELEY, 1914 upper, mod, sun. Woolssy 6 ! gar.; reas. CHESTNUT. 1821 Sun. 6 rms, gar. Close In. $27.60. HU-34Z7 B. 11 ST., l2l Nicely furn. rooms, garage, phone, $18. E. 24 BT, 21335 r, furn, dean, attr, wat, gar, $86. AN-0707. GROVE ST, 29034 r, gar, $20. inq. zuui urova Btreei, HOBART, 600 6-rm., fine cond, - conv. bus. center, $80. PI-2878J. MOSS AVE, 4764 beautiful tun. rms, nr. all ears, adults. OCCIDENTAL ST., 68376 rms. gsr. Reduced rent, nu-mi, JTH AVE., 18204 rms, lun. large yard. ill. mw-iibj. 13 AVE, 16154 r. modern, h fl, 2 bedrms, 25. mk-iioi 1$ AVE, 4 rms.. fit: big yd. Key at gas nation, 1560 E. 13 Bt. 13 AV, 8503 4 rm, upper, hdwd, firs, sun. cor, gar., 3. ULen court 7891. 31 AVE, 2186, 4 rm, sunny, low- sr, gas nir, waiwr, sur, fti.pv 33 BT, 667, nr. Teleg. Bun, 3 rn upperj'completelyfurn, $25. 23 BT, cw, Linden Close in. ( un. rms, I bdrmi, water, $21 29 ST., 5622-4 rm. flats, partly iurn, 20. ULsnooun iisl 31 FEATS TO LET (Fnrnithcd) (Continued) 38 sis, ail trans., aauus. m-son. t-i c 747, 4 rms, well furn, 04i OU steam heat, low rent. 68RD ST., 614. 3 rms. Garage free water. $20. 00. 331 UNFURNISHED $5.60 s lint s Bontb Locntloa Begins Advertisement ATTRACTIVE RENTS. GL-7438 K 2809 . V D.,b Blvd ATHOL av.. 56S Mod., sun. 5-r. si. pch bas.. gar. $40. AN-4532 ALBANY 609 Cornell, new 6-rm cement bsmt, $27,50. AN-3158. AYALIA st, 6702 Mod. 7 rooms, garage, can ul ymplc E64g. r PU..L1.. 2935 Magnolia. 7 rooms. $45. TE mole- bar 8688.- Mr. Htllback. BROOKWOOD, 857, Lake dlst, 3 bedrms, dble. gar, gas furnace, range. OL ymplc 3996 or HI-4681. BOULEVARD WAY. 458. fir. Grand - 7 r.. fur., ear.. $65. hi gngaie 1Z31. BOYD AVE, 5316 5 rm. bung., sun porch, gar, OL ymplc 7166. CHESTNUT ST, 1302-tt rm. cot tage, sunny, close to It St. S27.60. GLencourt 8271. COLBY ST. 6838 6-r. bunsr.. 3 oeurms, gar, yard. Pl-381tij. E. 11 ST., 904, cor. 9 Av. Sun cottage, gar, reas. rent. FLORA ST, 6671, 4 rm, hdwd. iirs, gar, $30. tk 3074. GLEN AVE, 1209, Berkeley, 6 large rms, reflntshed, hdwd. f Is., gar, bsmt, nr. U. C, all cars Highland Rental Bureau Piedmont and Lake Dlst. Rentals 3285 Lakeshore Ave. H1-16C7. HUMBOLDT AVE, 26476 rm. stucco bung., newly decorated. reas. fnone owner, ol-0468 eves, HUMBOLDT AVE, 2369 Sun, new paper, oalnt. b rs, ear $25. LA keside 0896. INYO AVE.. 2601. cor. E. 23rd 4-rm. and deck, modern bunga- iow, garage, fzo. Key there. INYO AVE.. 2509. 1 blk. off 23 av, t rm. sun. cot, $20. f iv! nun i j . LUSK, sunny 6 rm,, gar., cars, K k, newiy re.nov. OL-668U. LOCK WOOD ST.. 7875 $40. 6 rm nouae. Basement. Double gar age. Nice dist. Like new. S. P., scnoou. TK-6622-P1 6041J. JACKSON FURNITURE CO. 13TH AND CLAY. FREE RENT DEPARTMENT Use the service of Jackson's rent department In locating a home or listing a vacancy. Furnished or unfurnished. No cost or obliga tion, r n K E MAPS. MAXWELL PARK CO. has 5 and n room bungalow, $4i-$45, aui. HOUSES HAVE FURNACES. Nice res. district. 2800 Rawson St, cor. Fleming, near 55 Ave, MOSS AVE.. 189 5-rm. cot. gar, bsmt. reas, PI-0527 day. eamont iiiy., eve. MONTGOMERY ST, 4327 5 rooms, redecorated, basement. garage, $37.50. Phone PI edmont 1810. MASTERSON ST., 4220 Sunny 5 rms, basement, gar, chicken nouses. Kent $35. FK-14B4W, MANDANA, 6 rms, mod. stucco, 3 bedrms, gas fur, range, gar $66. Owner, Piedmont 7454J. MADELINE, 3901, above Hopkins, 6 rms, gar. $80. KR-4467W Piedmont Renlal Bureau Lake dlst. and Piedmont. Pl-210 ROCK. RIDGE, 6466 Locksley Av, 145, rms, w. ntr, gar., iur nace, house open. TE-4045. REDDING PLACE. No. 19 8-rm stucco, $35. TE-0744. Eve, FR 4618. WALLACE, 26736 rm, mod, H OIK. to car, zo. r n-46oU. oo BT, 644 Lge. family home 0" or suit, to sublet, gar, 2 baths 46 AVE, 16125 rm. house, 2 bl a. v , rrains, scnoois, z&, 60 AVE, 21686 rms, clean, modern bung, near S. P, cars. scnoois. r rt-4((, $38. 76 AVE, 1261 Clean 6 rooms, nr. E. 14 St. Double garage, $30 BEAUTIFUL bungalow, 5 rms, bkfst. rm.. garden, nr. cars. schools, reas, double garage. Key, 2878 38 ave. FR-3852. A 4 rm. doll house for couple, mod, clr. heater, rn-, w nd.. heart of Fr, $22.60. Key 8760 E. 14 at. BROADMOOR. rms.. modern dbl. gar, nr. S. p.. schl, 326. uu vmpio zone. FRED T. WOOD CO. Get our rent list. HO-8700. 1727 Franklin. 630 Grand Ave, FRUITVALE Sun. 6 rms, bsst conn, gar, 3f. ou. fi-7ii4. LARGE house, g rms.. 19th and Webster, $46. Lovely t rm. home on Oak- mont. $65. several fine bungalows, $25 to $ioo. ah parts or Oakland. WHITE & POLLARD. 1728 Franklin. GLencourt 8018. KT T) Oft r Jt ..... C tj-ouwy,, o rm., ren. Kurt. $25, 3 rm. $35. Key 234 Oakland $25 6-rm, stucco. Liv. rm. aoross front. New gar. PI-8579W. 341 PIIV.1II.I W l ' I 1 J FURNISUtD $5-Mslln. s aonts Location Begins Advertisement APRICOT ST, 1078$ 5-rm mod, piano, yard, basement, gar, nr. sohools, $27.60. Owner. I K-1D49. ALBANY 810 Masonlo Ave, t rms, gar. Or apply 981 Adams st, BERKELEY, 1813 Derby. 4 rm. sun. cottage, gar. AU tram. $37.60. BERKELEY Mod, 4 rm. cottage. aouoie gar, $30. hu-iiv. BROADMOOR. English pe bung, furnace, $45. TR 046 CALIFORNIA ST, 2318, nr. Hop- gins, i rm moa. Dung. Lg garden. Gar. CLARKE BT, 3811 i rms, yard $30. Nr, 88th-Teleg. HU-0488, DOVER, 6024-6036 Sun. I rm. homes In a garden, gar.. 180 $30. 0 33 ST., 1942 8-rm sun. cot.. frar, yard. $25. TR-1048. EASTMAN, 2843. nr. High St. Lovely sun. 3 r. bung,, gsr, $25 LYON AVE, 40138 rm. bung, Chestfld, gar, $83.80. AN-0543. MIRA VISTA, fine 7 rm. view home, piano, $75. PI-3969W PIEDMONT, mod. 6 r. nr. tram. scnis, is mo. HU-1896; W1SCON8IN, 1283, off 85 Ave. r, cou, gar, tauits, t. 10 AVE., 2600, 7 rms, sip. pch.. comm. reno, oisno. lurnase gar, bsmt,, lg. .yrd, 358. - II HT 178 kimv I rm, mod. bung, wlk. dlst. town, well furnished, reasonable. It BT, 10834 room furnlsnedj DtingaiOW, IB. LA'4I- ith avf ions K room bun galow, garage, $3$.$t Ipoludlng water, open aunasy, $ AVE, $533 Bunny J-room, cottage, rear. Adults. is, 81 ST, 87 rm, well tur, bed. rmi, lg. ya, gar. I. ri-ss(j, 34 HOUSES TO LET (Furnished) iv,onunuea; AVE.. 1954. 4 rm. SDanish bung, garage, $45. FR 1415. 45 ST, 10544 rms, mod, hdwd.. gar. ULympio ssub. 48 ST., 1035. nr. San Pablo Ave. Bung. 4 r, tile sink, gar., $25. 50 AVE, 10646 rms, well fur.. ; gar, nr. all transp, schls, reas. 74 AV, 1441 Well fur. 4-rm.; new paint; ht, gar, w. inc. -Zo. BROADMOOR district. I large . lUVIIID, IIIVU,, UU. 5BI.. VAU Q goo I place, $50 814 E. 14. TR-8800 EAST OAKLAND. 8 rms, en. clos. si. pcti, nr. trans. FR-4566J ROCK RIDGE 6 rm. br rm. i car gar, $65. HU mboldt 4744. . WILDWOOD. 6 rms, bkfst. rm., , beautifully furn. modern bun- i galow. Very reasonable. ' WHITE ft fULUKU, 1728 Franklin. GLencourt 801. 122.50: $25. Per. Monthly 3, 4 room cMtages, comp. furn, ,v r., private garage, ueriunu ., BEACH. ALsmeda 5431J or 0702. STTTTTTTTyf f IB STUDIOS, SHOPS, HALLS ). TELE. AV. nr. Sears-Roebuck-, Large cor. orr, 3. iA-iaaa. A A HUPfi HALL, U Harrl. f AAHMLS.on street, da or ' ' nights. Seating capacity up tar 600. For further Information see Recorder, Aahmes Temple, i Thirteenth and Harrison. f BUSINESS OFFICES OR RENT Light, airy offices, all outside rooms, for lease In this outstand ing building. High class tenancy akes for congenial neighbors.! or particulars, see a. j. eiagat, i Tribune Tower Lobby. .1 PART of office, nice .reception ; rm. Reas, 1755 Broadway. Rm. I 406. -' .: lilQT S8'J- r. Franklnl. Lg. , XU SI. stores, reas. rent. Gl 755 i 1 AND BROADWAY t dee this 15x20 store at 401 II St. I Ideal for radio, drugs, etc At tractive rent to right party. 17 ST., 359 Ground floor office, n,.....n. - V. An . n able rent. GL-3633. 38 GARAGES TO LET SPACB In fireproof garage, suit able for used cars. IK- AAA Must sacrifice to settls ; estate, fine service station cor- I ner 76x100, on good cross town I artery, jziuu. Bowies, uooi-hlll Blvd. A BEAUTIFUL Bay view; level;, treeB; restricted, near univer sity. Price $1380. Terms. Box. M181174, Tribune. BUS. lot Investment. $1250, wort-' - $2800. P. O. Box 78V. Oaklarf DO YOU want the best In Horn sites? Then visit Exclusive Claremont Pines. PI edmont 10S8. EQUITY, fine lot, cheap. Sell OL ymplo 3666. acct. Illness. PIEDMONT. level, 80-ft. frt. $3850; tan $2850: take 2nd mtse. for full 2nd mti or part pmt. HI-1568. 8. OL-6651. y i i, 'nr. BroaV , $1350. . OOn SACRIFICE, 40x100, way, cnabot road 80BO. ii i bb i.iv.t rvm f iu i 3 ABSTRACTS, titles, save $10. Pa. ctflc Abstract Co. J. S. Burpee, Richfield Bldg. HI ghgate 3625, A 5 ROOMS, $3500 ; At Foothill Boulevard 100 ft. to Foothill Blvd.. cars and' stores. Nr. High St. Neat and clean as a pin. New linoleum, paint and paper, Dble. garage. I Lge basement. -J Lot MJxl3i A snap that should sell In 24 hrs. Terms, Mulford Co, cor. 47th Ave. and E. 14th St. (437) A REAL CHRISTMAS ' PRESENT ' room modern rustic bungalow In upper Broadmoor; neat, schools, transportation, anf shopping center: i years old; lot? will take 84250. Make the terml easy on yourself. Key at 815 i.- I4tn, Han Leandro, pnone umnj Idad 6680, evenings TR lnldal 6343. A Lake Merritt View My s room stuooo Dungaiow on Brooklyn Avs. Mahogany finish,' bk. room; 3 bedrooms; til bath; electric heat; 2-car garage. APv prsiBea at jio.uuu in is. prai von think -It's a bargain at $8600 now? Phone owner, GLencour 39 3 or FR ultvale 8431. ' A Piedmont Special j Attractive 7-rm. ounr ? v galow, close - to ai Reduced from 19760 ti J 1676I) for quick sal Phone Mr. Mahan. i AN dover 1865 or HO lllday 8701 A JUST COMPLETEDi Lovely Spanish bungs, very latest finish, frig-i Idalre, Inlaid linol, 2-car garagi; close to schools and ' shopping district. Frultvale Ave. car two blocks east on Bona. A sunny corner bungalow in Lakeshore Hoghlands, $6250. W. F. Lewis, GL. 7589, HO.3700. 1 A -: $1500. f Total price. 5 rooms, lot 40x100, near 67th ana urove. HO mboldt 8368. Eve. OL-4410. AS LOW AS 3390C Excelsior Ave. Close In district. 3 bedroom Colonial. Olve terms. GLencourt 4874 or P1-6066J. A Must be sold, , $800 - cash, beautiful 1 , rm, bungalow, . it, i...... .... tr. I , , 1 .. ail rmioKi, nvw, jui, , 4uii GL 4431, or GL 8614 eve. AT a sacrifice, beautiful 4 bed-rm. home nr. Lakeshore -cars; your terms. Mr, Dolan, GL 4431, GL 8614 eve. - - . ' : ' A 4 RM, house on corner lot 60 x 100, Merrll and Greenacre Rd. Only $1800. HUmttoIdt 4918. A 6-RM. cott, 85 sU oM Tel, 4ox; 120. $3600. $100 dn. $35 mo. Wolcott. $13 17 st. GL-3765. A BRAND NEW g r B. P, 3 blK $5000. TR-885 3; A 5 RMS, HIGH BASEMEN!, $15. OLYMPIC 4980. BUSINESS FUTURE Good, modern rm. home, price 1 to sell In this msrket; locatd I i section where big devlopm-n' are coming. Call. Mr, Dui; HO lllday 8700. BIGGEST bar. In Cen. Oak. 1 I to K. R. Terms, HI ghgate C. J. PFKANG. owner and In. tor 6 sna o rm. oun-Idora Park. OLympIo ? - DLMOND DIST. owner. bung, dbl. gar, nr. cur-.. Price red, trms. $635 (Continued) 7

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