Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 4, 1932 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 4, 1932
Page 3
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•m tug ton* ' iheiiiht swd m« mind, a sowing . 8«r time. . that 16 planted " of Its Wnd, grdWft ih the ground ih th* ,»lnd. Wfaat and *r<&rrt, """ and '*" ,th(-y Multiply always {Arid W* reap true to name. jSow a thought, reap an act; fSOW art act, reap d habit; • erji -t a habit, reap a character: 1 o character, reap Hfcatiny. —Selected. r. and Mrs, John Oreen and Miss slyn Green who has spent the two Weeks Visiting with Mends relatives, left Sunday for t)ielr hfcme in Little Rock. •Ai'ter a holiday visit with Mr. and Mrs. Goo, Breedlove at the home of J&. and Mrs. Roy Anderson, Mrs. W. F. Broening and daughter, Julia have returned to their home in Little Rock. John Wlmberly left Saturday for Atlanta, Ga., where he is a student in Georgia Tech. Mac Anderson of Little Rock, was the Sunday guest of his sister, Mrs. James L. Jameson and Mrs. Jameson. . Miss Virginia Berry, who has spent the holidays Visiting with home folks left Monday morning for Batesville, where she is a senior In Arkansas college. Mr.-and Mrs. Galnes Anderson, Edward Anderson and Miss Martha Elizabeth Anderson of Texarkana, vis- lied with friends and relatives in the city on Sunday. Gebrge Ruffin Marshall has returned from o holiday visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Marshall in Texarkana. Mr. and Mrs..Ed Williams spent Saturday in Texarkana. :, Misses Mary and Edna Jones spent Sunday With relatives and friends in Washington. Mr.. and Mrs. Hlhton Andres and Mrs. Burton Andres of Dallas, are the guests of their aunt, Mrs. Ella Bright in this city. • Mrs. R. L. Gordon and daughter, Edna, and son Dale,, of Broken Bow, Okla, spent Sunday in Hope, the guests of their daughter and stater, Miss Etta Gordon. 'Mr. and Mrs;' Jackfetree of De^ 1 Queen spent Sunday visiting with Itlends and relatives in Hqpe. Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Snell of Emmet announce the marriage of their daughter Rose, to Harry Hawthorne of this city on Tuesday, August 18, 1931, at Prescott, Ark. Mr. and Mrs. Hawthorn left Sunday for a short wedding trip to Hot Springs after which they will be at home here where Mr. Hawthorne connected with, the fire of- Moore & Hawthorne. Mrs, J. R. Henderson has returned from a week end visit with friends and relatves in Pine Bluff. Mrs. W. S. Lacy, who has been the fue* of her ilA White B«« A visit Telephone 821 HSBH ir, llfrs. Couiiey left Saturday *. in El l»aso, ilhff tb her homfe In In^athnfFamily Btfititt fbimd in Home by on at -6'^tfck *t the vrtth on as . Sill HiBtchen* and ftls jutesl, wald WHIftmtt of ft j«ip, m»., hffve returned to thefr .p.st In li'orl Sjll, Okla.,«i«ir a holiday vlMt Wtlh Mr. and MVs. W. P. Huteh*ns. Mf. and tits* Oeatgt i «elih ah^ noun* tne'attival-bf <a IltWe Aon in their Home bit Park Driveway, on Sunday, "January 8<d. Talbot i"elld..Jr., .who has spent the holiday vacation visiting with hbM6 folks, left Monday for SUatiee, Terth., where he is a stdderit in the University of the Sbrith,, Miss Elizabelh Middlebrobks will leave Monday night for St. Charles, Mo., where she Is a student In Linden- Wood College. - Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harrell and little daughter, Prances visited With friends and relatives in Prescott on Sunday. Miss Virginia fiutchehs entertained a group of her friends at a buffet supper at her home on East Division street on Saturday evening as gpeoial compliment to her -brother Bill and his guest, Oswald Williams of Tupelo; 'Miss. The guests of the evening were Sergeant John Joyce, Oswald WIN I Hams, B. E. Thompson, F. M. Biissqy, E. L. Allen, .Howard Lamb, Johhl James and Misses Vera Van Clckle Louise Robertson, Sue Chambless Dorothy Wright, Wllma Huddleston Abbie Hutchens, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ozmer and Mr. and Mrs. W.J3. Hutbh ens, dancing was enjoyed throughou the evening until the hour set for mock military Wedding, Which proved very interresting to the guests, Ser geant John Joyce read the ceremony The Brobkwood P. T. A. will mee in regular monthly session, Wednes day afternoon at 3 o'clock at thi Brookwpod school. The Study Clul will meet promptly, at 2 o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. George Meehan h. returned from a holiday visit with friends and relatives in Louisville Ky. The City P. T. A. Council will hoi ;heir regular monthly meeting on Tuesday afternoon at 4 o'clock at the Oglesby School. Miss Bertha Turner McRae, has re .urned to Henderson State Teacher- College, after spending the Christmas vacation visiting with home folks. Benjamin Haynes has resumed his studies in Ouachita College, Arkadel- Jha, after spending the Christmas lolidays visiting with his parents, Mr and Mrs. Gus Haynes. The Bay View Reading Club wil meet on Wednesday afternoon at ! o'clock at the home of Mrs. R. M .aGrone on North Hervey street. Comer Routon has returned to Ouachita College, Arkadelphia, after (pending the holidays visiting with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Rout- Alleged Slayer OARV, lnd.-(/p)_Willlam R. Gib' tti 42, a ohtttttst, was arrested Sunday following the slaying bl his wife, Florence, 32, and their daughter, MBN faret, »6W8h. , " ^Sfhe 1 bodies of flie nidther and child, Who were «h6t t» death, wire fduhd In the Qibibrt hbfna. b|y Dr.'Ltfo Ryan, whi* harf been iummoned by Olbs6n. Gibson denied killing the pa It. He told police he had been in Calumet City until 2 a. m., when hie returned H6me and rtUr&J, Shortly thereafter, he said, he was ferdused'by gVodns doming from his daughter's robm. he said 1 he fbtiha the child on the floor, bleeding from seveniV bullet wourids and at once telephoned Or, Hyan. fle- IbYe the doctor arrived. Gibson tdld police he found his wife in her btfd- room, also wounded. fh'6 child Whs dead when Dr. Ryan reached the house, and Mrs. Gibson died a few minutes after being taken to a hospital. 'f & f Stari *« Misses Edith Lewis and Helen 3etts have returned from a week enc visit with friends in Rison, Ark. LAST TIMES MONDAY Two Who Made Screen History JACKIE COOPER WALLACE BEERY -In— THE CHAMP Life is a Laugh And so is Love! I For these beautiful, but no-so-dumb. Kay Frocis Joel McCrea Lilyan Eugene 411911 Man Hacks Child to Death in Carolina Wife and Brother Also Wounded in Drunken Rampage CHARLESTON, S. C.—f/R)-A 12- year-old girl was hacked to death and her Another and Ibrothbr Seriously wounded Saturday in what officers described as a drunken rampage by her soldier father in ins army cottage at Fort Moultrie, across the bay from here. The father, Sergeant Charlie Long, a native of Oklahoma, and a member of the post supply company, was taken to the Fort Moultrie hospital sufering from slashes in his throat and wrists, said to have been self inflicted after other members of the family had been attacked. Ermgod, the 12-year-old daughter, died shortly after she arrived at the hospital. Mrs. Long, a native of Germany, who married the non-commissioned officer while he was stationed on the Rhine after the armistice, was reported in -a critical condition from head and'shoulder wounds. The young boy was treated for heac injuries. Physicians said he might recover. Screams from the cottage attractec the attention of Sergeant McGhee. He attempted to enter but told officer Long threatened him, and he callec other soldiers to his assistance. When they entered, they found the four members of the family stretched out on the floor. Long was said to have used hatchet and a butcher knife. Its Coming Soon America's Sweethearts Together Again Janet GAYNOR Charles FARREL1, -Jn- Spring Hill and Patmos Play Nation*! Guard and Emmet Game Ends in Victory for Locals Four basketball games were played at the armory Saturday night, three boys games and/one girls game. The Spring Hill and Patmos girls played a tie game, while the first and second teams of Spring Hill defeated the teams of Patmos. The feature game of the evening was one played between the National Guard team and Emmet, the Nalipnal guard five defeating,the Emmet lads 21 to 18. Pate and Snell led the scoring for Co. A, while, Beaty and Allen led .the Emmet attack. The National Guard team,'will meet Guernsey Tuesday night at the armory. Other games will likely be played, although ijone have been definitely announced. F lty Countll with seme 'matter* that thought were of vital impdrtant* to 11 ptejster'ly t>w»#s in th6 City of :op%. They tnated me ni<«ety but I lo not know whether they or,we will ..* profited by the ttifcgegtlons that 1 gave them. In Saturday's Arkansas gazette f read Ah article where the editor" said (hat the people, of Little Hock had four taxes on* their automobile: "Xu* tax, city taH, gasoline tax & 'Jl'i .__ r _ M Fiji Front Oklahoma Teacher Dies Following Operation . ROGERS, Ark.—(/P)—Miss Lfeota psborn, 23, tea,cher at Haskell, Okla., died here Sunday .at the home of her mother, Mrs. Ida Jolly after a short illness following an operation. STREET IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT NO. 11-SPECIAL ASSESSMENT The tax books for the-collection of the special assessment for the purpose of paving, on the real property in Street Improvement District No. 11, and its Annex No. 1, have been placed in my hands. All owners of real property lying within said Districts are required to pay their assessments to me within thirty days from this date. If such payment is not made, action will b commenced at the eri'd of 'that tlnu for the collection of said assessments and legal penalty and costs. Given under my hand this first day of January, 1932. JOHNNIE McCABE, Collector. NOTE: Said Street Improvenien District No. 11, and its Annex N6. 1 are the Districts on South Main Stree in Hope, Arkansas, and the amoUn to be collected is the same as last year Jfanuary 4-11. Intf puberty tax. Tne>peopW of Hope have .these four and , another-*an oil tax, .making five taxes. The City of Hope is almost entirely fcaVed .and with the great bulk of the automobile owners who live in, this city, they are all paying a gave- ment tax or street tax. When WvSy put this pavement down they told Us it would do away with the labiSr on the streets. If they had had a com- tietent erfgineer or the cbuncil would' have listened to the advice given them, they would have saved thousands of dollars on lowering the gas, water and sewer lines on the North dide of town and saved having to haul dirt out of the paved streets every time they have a big rain. The property owners that are living on paved streets are up against the hardest problem that they have had in years to jiay their taxes and Insurance. Those people who have bought property on the paved streets and paying it out through the build- Ing and loan associations are not able to meet their payments arid are having to let their houses go back., The City Of Hope ought to cut their -expense and relieve the people of v h" small burden of City Automobile tax Which is so unjust and I believe if it were tested would be found Illegal. —n- t ^ v / 16, of MM* fiflek, Ark.) (aped wrteus Jnjttry when he IS feel ftttlft the Hatahah fore da*M Saturday. .Jackson was'&i route here frtjtt Blythcville on foot. Re was SttrWtl m a viaduct failing waiting for a ftfelfht train when he lost hts balance* and fell. NATION EVENTUALLY (Continued from page one) humber 61 unused miles of transportation left in ear owners' hands Is estif maled to be 17 per cent less than at the end of 1930. In St. Louis a recent survey, revealing conditions that are probably typical of many cities, show ed that doubling up in living quarters had resulted In two and (trie-half times as many extra families living in single house as there are vacant houses. ' » . These citations could be extended, but they Will make the point The difficulty is not shortage of wants, but lack of the equilibrium which wouia permit the flow ef satisfactions from one person to another on an equitable basis of exchange. Costs are too high and incomes tboo low only because the basis of exchange Is disrupted. There is no cause for disp*air in this, but only for resolution in attacking the problem. Along With the old Industries, new ones constantly appear ahd grow. No electrical engineer or chemist, familiar with the progress that science is making, will ever subscribe to the Idea that there is less WOrk to be Hone. In modern times wants are ascertained by investigation and inventions ma'de o order to satisfy them. Industries Jan. 3, 1932. Hope, Ark. Yours very truly, J. A. Sullivan. Arkansas Supreme Court Reconvenes Number of Cases Taken Under Submission for Hearing Later LITTLE ROCK.—(#>)—Reconvening after the holiday, the Arkansas Supreme Court handed down no 'opinions, but took a number of cases under submission, setting for hearing five weeks from Monday the Crittenden county political dispute, in Which the suprem ecourt issued a temporary injunction, restraining the county judge from making changes in the township boundary lines in order to change the membership of the County Democratic Central Committee. The court also set for hearing, three weeks from Monday an appeal of the Arkansas Tax Commission from a ruling of the St. Francis circuit cour against the commission in favor of the county equalization boards ordering a 25 per cent blanket tax assessm reduction. ' , V4li CURB & GUTTER DISTRICT NO. SPECIAL ASSESSMENT The tax books for the collection o: the special assessment on the rea property in Curb & Gutter District No 7, and its Aniyg No. 1, for the purpose of curbing, grading, draining and guttering, have been placed in my hands. All owners of real property lying in the Districts are required to pay their assessment to me within thirty days from this'date. If such payment is not made, action will be c'ommencec at the end of that time for the collection of the said assessment, and the legal penalty and costs. Given under my hand this first day of January, 1932. JOHNNIE McCABE, Collector. NOTE: Said Curb & Gutter District No. 7 and its Annex No. 1 are Districts on South Main Street in Hope, Arkansas, and the amount to be collected is the same as last year. January 4-11. COLDS THAT DEVELOP INTO PNEUMONIA Peniatent cough* and coldt lead to •erious trouble. You can stop them now with Creomulwion, an enjulwfted creosote (net U pleasant to take.Cxeomulwon is 9 fiew medical discovery with two-fold action; it soothes and heajs the inflamed membranes and inhibits germ growth. Of all known drags, creosote is recog- Hbod by high medical authorities as one of the greatest healing agencies for per- listent coughs and colds and other forms of throat troubles. Cieomukion contains, in addition to creosote, other healing elements which soothe and heal the infected membranes and stop the irritation and inflammation, while the creosote goes on to the stomach, is absorbed into the blood, attacks the teat of the trouble •Ad checks the growth of the germs. Creomulsion is guaranteed satisfac- tory diseases, Up flu. Money cold, no matter „ „ i* not relieve^ afcw A* f A Nagging , BacKkche May Warn of Kidney or BlaiMer Irregularities A 'persistent backache, with bladder irregularities and a tired, nervous, depressed feeling may warn of some disordered kidney or bladder condition. Users everywhere rely on Doon's Pills. Praised for more than 50 years by grateful users the country over. Sold by 'il druggists. Rent It! Find It! Buy It! Sell It! With HOPE STAR WANT ADS ,The more you tell, The quicker you sell 1 insertion, lOc per lina> minimum 30c 3 insertions, 7c per line, minimum 50c 6 insertions, 6c per line, minimum $1.00 26 insertions, 5c per line, minimum $4,00 (Average 5% words to the line) NOTE—Want advertisements accepted over the telephone may be charged with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, the day of first publication. Phone 768 'Jlprfcftl *J»t LA*official oflOTp^t Company gfirtgd jft JW8 tMt i 4jtfftt fill_h.friu_irtii8t CWftA 1 ,U)uU .prOuuCuOn vfn9 - -»- -- —.. lines treVcidfyeu Bif)fl&^ <IHS w«*. \ it Is said trwt.jfrfaultuns.intUii suffer from the «Sfects d! de&terated £rt>wfn 61 population sHUl fooch needs. Undoubtedly readjustments will be rTftclXilrieti. Bill to the rebfearch fihem^ Ht HlWisuUurfll products fare already more (nan food of simple raw ma- 1fef1«s. Cottbh is not 6Wy cotton 1 , but .*6lltMS8e, arid torn Is <a rich rfepost* •tdjyidl; Chemical elements. .Mtlriafteti &«irtiecies'»f tf& tiast W& have said-that the belief that ,there Is less jwtffc to be done is an a'riolerit drie. in 1844 the then United State Comtrtlsslbfier of Patents, Henry L. Ellsworth; "cbhtemplating the astounding advances made In the mechanical arts during" his lifetime and Incumbency of tifftcev and fearing a cessation of all endeavors in the'field of mventidtf, aoplfehehsively said; "aaVaftftmerltt of the arts,-'from td year, ta«es our;credulity and sterns to presfege 1 the aVrival of that tterltfd .tyjien htiman rlmprovemettt a telephone of 16, read by electric Jno. Phone 84 '. Cbx FORfeENt FOR RENT—Newly finished house apply'A. D. Middlebrooks. Phone 6(K 607. . l-3tc Three homes, close in for ^ent o select a bargain. See L. M. Boswel l-3tp. , FOR RENT—'Rooms with board, tele phone 374W. Mrs. S. R. Young, 32 South Pine. 4-3tc. WANTED WANTED—Dry wood, Hope Steam Laundry. 2-3tc. WANTED—Buff Orphington hatch Ing eggs. Must be from good stock iVill pay premium above market price Braemar Hatchery, Texarkana, ArVi. 12-31-tf NOTICE NOTICE—Tune and repair your 3iano at reduced price. Bensbergs Co., Second and Walnut. 31-6tc, FOR SALE MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS — Fine piano for small balance will sell to someone in this vicinity who is wiling to take up the small monthly payments that the original owner is unable to continue. This piano can not be told from new. Write or wire at our expense before we send our truck or it. Pacific Finance Co., 1005 Elm St., Dallas, Texas. 4-3tc FOUND FOUND—One black and white kid love, practically new, on downtown :treets. Owner may have same by calling at this office and paying for his ad. 4 ltdh There's still time to beat Old Man Winter , , . 7 'Winter-Proof your car with POINT SERVICE MAGNOLIA PETHQUUM COMPANY STATIONS AtyQ PBALEB5 IN TEXAS, OKLAHOMA. ABKANSAI AMD MEW Eef>uort~t> fthe of ' NATIONAL i ' fetope, •At the Close of Business on>lk&}nbeiJ 31 3 ,1931'> ^fM •'••'• I ' ^ " * V^ni RESOURCES Loans and Discounts...... 50fr,415.50 Capital Stock Banking House and Surplus • ' 'Fixtures ........... ... .......... 36,275.00 * """ p rn.u T, i ^ . , Other Real Estate ... ..... 51,200.00 „ , .. _ , . Redemption Fund ..... ..... 5,000.00 United States Bonds ...... " 150,000.00 Bonds> Stocks, Securities 24 ) 7,494.47 Demand Loans oh • * Cotton ............ . ....... . ..... 7,798.32 Cash and Exchange........ 15'0,293.76 Undivided Profrb i Circulation DEPOSITS 1 ^ 1,154,477.05 total ..... -. ...... :. ..... .....ly What's New in the New Chevrolet Six Wh«sn you read what's new in the neto Chevrolet Six, you, too, will agree it's the Great American Value for 1932. %ncro.Mesh and Free Wheeling combined for the first time in'a low-priced car! Engine and chassis improvements that raise performance to new . heights of power, speed and smoothness! Tht finest Fisher bodies Chevrolet tiasWer . same qualities df reliability imd^rcooomr th«t I the approvai of miUTong of Cbcvrolet * you will find In the hew Chevrolet'Sir a prices in the market! Thnt^wfajr the new.|| is called the Great American V»lne for X93BJ^$!j Syncro-Mesb TransmiMion Syncro-Mesh permits you to shift gears with marvelous quickness, quietness and case. It even enables you to shift rapidly from high back into second, '«ny time yon want to use the braking force of the engine. A Smoother, Improved Six-Cylinder Kngiae Chevrolet now has down-draft car- buretion, new cylinder head, mani- folding, counter-balanced crankshaft and rublier mounting, increasing power 20 per cent to 60 horsepower. Simplified To take Free Wheeling, on the dash. Un , you coast when your foot is o erator. You ahift with »8^ W to io WUe* tan Hour with PMter Acceteratioo Vital new features in Chevrolet's six-cylinder engine enable it to develop 65 to 70 miles an bour. Stopwatch test* show an acceleration from 0 to 35 miles in 6.7 seconds. Stobittwd Pront*End Mownttag Chevrolet's e*clu«ve method of mounting front fenders, lamps, double tie-bur and radiator securely to the frame stabilizes the front- end and inmreft tt^rgdinBM when traveling over rough roads. Chevrolet's new Fwher hodiai the smar^st ov* to »ppe*r low-pnce field. Furth cratomen bave a4cled of streagtli, quietnoia to the Smoother Operation , . . DUtinctive New Front-End Appearance , , ( An Improved Clutch ... Down-Draft tntretion ,,. CounterfciOfliiced 475 CU4C arm- atari* print o«4 mm •halt * « , Fintfer-ToucU Front Seat THE GREAT AMERICAN VALUE FOR 1032 SEE YOUR DEALER eii.ow Young Chevrolet >.*3g

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