Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 1, 1932 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 1, 1932
Page 3
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NEWS Telephone 821 thy desk with quivering ttachef, t wnnt a new leaf," ,«nuat 'h«V* gpdllcd this one." tttee of the leaf so stained And biotu f* rfHfe him a new one all unspot- i his sad eyes smiled— ye now, my child." M to the throne with a quiv- Jsdul- ' Ijrear was done— "ather, hnsl Thou a new leaf .„, tne? ffliVp Sboilcd this one." Sk the old leaf, stnlned and ..Jtted, J jkVe us n new one nil unspotted, ' flto our sad heart smiled— ettef now, my child." —Selected. „,,„ Pcrshing Floyd is spending week visiting with his grand- rite, and other relatives in Nathan. $Jr. and Mrs. Jack Meek of Brad- •wero Thursday night guests of and Mrs. K. O. McHae, Sr. rtlse Frances White had ns Thurs- V. night guests, Miss Auda Wiltrip Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Franklin returned on Friday front a holiday visit with freinda and relatives In Oallatln and other Tennessee points. Mr. and Mrs. J. ft. Floyd had as over-night guest, Mis Lola Crawford en route to her home In Conway from a visit with relatives in Nathan. Miss Mary Nell Carter entertained a group of her young friends, on Thursday afternoon at the home o: her parents,. Mr. and Mrs. Walte: Carter on South Elm street. Christ mas decorations and favors featurcc the occasion and "Progressive Bug' was played, with Miss Nancy Ruth Carrlgan and Charles Brlant winning the prizes. Following the game, th young hostess assisted by her mother served a most tempting sandwich plate, Mr. nnd Mrs. Sidney McMnth hav returned from their honeymoon tri to Hot Springs and Memphis, an ore at home at 109 Washington stree Dorscy McRac. Jr., will leave Snt urday for Fayetleville, where he H student In the University of Arcansas. ,„ Louise Oglesby nnd Martha *«,• of Lcwisvllle were among the I'ot town guests attending the New Year's dance at the Elks club on ^hursdoy evening. >4frs. John P. Cox visited with friends und relatives in Waldo on Thursday. .'deorgo Brannan of Little Rock was v * lasday business visitor in the ity. {.Miss Allcnc Horton, who has spent tnb holidays visiting with her mother SjJs. F. S. Horton left Friday for Black River, Mo., where she teaches rriuslc in the public school. Mrs. H. M. Hamilton and little son, H. M. Jr., who have been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Brown of his city, returned to her home in Waco, Tex., Thursday. JP-X iSf'SSgv, ;r£is w^m^'-. -1 ",-*..-T ^mr^FW»™wiii»»» ww ^ ^ Farm Debts Urged Dean Gray Potato Out Other Poi.ible Aid* to Farmer* of State < FAYETTEVILLE ~> Dan T. Gray, dean of the University of Arkansas' College of Agriculture in an interview said that farm relief will come not at the result of inflated farm pfoductt prices, but from recalculation of old debts, use of home labor, readjustment of farm taxes, and practicing good farm management, "As a rule," Dean dray said, "those seeking farm relief look toward higher prices for farm products. This is perhaps natural. However, relief, as I see it, will not be secured through high prices. The hope of the future does not He in high prices, nor, In all probability, does it He in the hope of prices rising much above the present levels. Of course, there will be some fluctuations of prices, but in my opinion the farmer or business man wro looks to radical upward trends in prices as farm relief will be out of the farming business long before relief actually comes." As to what is to be done in farming, and whether the future holds anything but discouragement, Dean Gray ienTyou sec The oil magnate, whose I sa . id . : would thflt thfi farmers are j me is worth many thousands of dol-| nn( fnpintf flny more difficultly than 1 m<j ™ arlT liii hour, after he had set an ex- I n °* mple for others to follow by serving | «e ______ on n sheriff's jury for the ourth"time in a year. As "Juror No. 2," he helped to decide a breach onlract case in New York. McWtlllnms—Pelt The wedding of Mis Trudic Mc- WilliainK, daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs J. W. McWilliams of Stamps and Leonard Pelt, son of Mr. nnd Mrs Louie Pelt of Buckner was solemnized nt 8:30 o'clock Thursday evening at the Baptist parsonage in Buckner The Rev. N. L. Eddy said the ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. Pelt left for n shor wedding trip to northern Arkansas They will be at home in Buckne where Mr. Pelt operates a genera merchandise and feed store. Mrs Pelt for tho past year has been con nected with the Southern Ice & Util Hies company here and is a popula iMr. and Mrs. W. G. Lewis hnve a: riouse guests, Mr. and Mrs. M. Gar 'iflllo and little daughter, Laura Ann tllwl „„..., ... "o! Little Rock and Mr. nncl Mrs. L. C. member of Hope s social set. Ingrntn of Baslrop, La. '• Mr. and Mrs. R. V. Hcrndon entcr- ' talned at a most delightful Wntch Party on Thursday evening at their %omd on South Main street. The rooms were festive with 'a Christinas colors and bridRe wns played from five tables, prizes wert won by Mrs. M. M. McCloughan and Mr. und Mrs. 'J. F. Porterficld. Delightful refrcsh- iinents were served throughout the t evening. • ' business men. Farm- must be ai John Monk Saunders, who Wrote "The Last Flight," a First National screen version of which, starrini ; instruc- Though pense fullest $200,000 Liquor Cargo Hijacked 3,500 Cases of Whisky Stolen From Auroa (III.) | low prices." Railroad Yards utilizing home labor to the) part extent. The farmer and his "t SI*' ^ui 'fitiii^ M««»i*»« Alfwiiy*;SWpf . Pit* Up Mwnphit Depot make hjm fee] the tragedy .. clamors for wild action, for speed, lot anything tbut humdrum. There is something in the bearing and the eye of an ex-airman which Is instantly recognizable to others of his kind. Only those who have gone through he soul-shattering experience can see yeneath the exterior of an ostensibly able bodied and normal man, and" glimpse the tense spirit within. Some >f these men have remained wrecks or the rest of their Ivies. Others ia\je managed to heal themselves and ind their way back to so-called clv- llzation. It is of the days following the Armistice that 1 write in "The Last Flight.' "The story was first called 'Nikki «,id Her War Birds' when it appeared serially in Liberty Magazine—and ater {Hied 'Single Lady' when it was published as a novel. The characters chose were Cary Lockwood, and his ,hree boon companions, ex-fliers, who wander from one cafe to another try- ng to drown memory and to find excitement. "Into their midst, as they guzzle, sing and joke in their Paris hotel room comes a slim, young lady in red shoes, who abruptly anrl with a twinkle, begs one or all of them to scrub her neck! When questioned by the startled lads as to the reason for the red shoes, she says she wears them because she can walk faster than in the ordinary kind. "The four adopt Nikki. She is comrade, mother, child-sweetheart, sister —to them and the five set out on a round of pleasure-seeking, which caused thousands to write me, condemning my story as a series o£ tog on the Clndn&aU-fdrt Worth St. Lotils-New Orleans lines oi the Embiry Rio'dle division of American Airways elUWftated MernphW from thefr list 6f stops Thursday because of the muddy condition of'the field there. The eastbound Cincinnati * Fort Worth plane unloaded passengers for Memphis, St. Louis and Chicago- here and then continued to Nashville. The St. Louis and Chicago passengers were sent to St. Louis by train, while the Memphis passengers were taken there in small planes operated by American Airways, the Memphis field is considered safe for the smaller ships. Reports received by American Aair- ways officials here indicated that planes of the St. Louis-New Orleans line, southbound, were flying direct from St. Louid to Jack*in, Mm, leaving Memphis passengers at Jackson. On the northbound trip, Jack-' , son is the last stop before St. Louis. Lucky in Fall LOS ANGELES.—When he gets out of jail, Charles A. Furchner should become a professional high diver. Police trapped him in an apartment as a burglar suspect. As they entered a third floor room, Furchner dived backwards out o fthe window. Officers hurried down to pick up the corpse. They found he had taken an other dive, this time through a win dow into the basement. He was un hurt. 'ohm . «le*te on .— tt£ &ldyui& Of •»___•** »*M»»ii |L_a_.<_,_i___^ ___*____, •^•dttllwkAM laCKSOfi. waB UDxlunUCu « Wednesday in circuit court The continuance -wrt "" permit physilanfi to )ame, confessed stayer determine Ws *Hfttty. _. ession implicated Star/ton. _. jield at the stat epem;twrtiary.;J tfi ]Etd6)t* v Jackson's body wa* fOUftd it! wo miles froni here tftfy I ""* ber. Dame confessed he shots at the night marshal Said Earl Uecttei- had ""** nto an automobile. Slflyton offered him Jackson. Dame said. and Decker have denied the ions, Alderman's Wife F< Wandering at LITTLE RQCK,-(#}-Mi her home since Wednesday Mrs. Alice Olive, 44, wife of man*elect, was found < the downtown section ... ,, parently in a dated condiUWl. , She was taken ot her Kofttt which detectives went to qiiesttftttj Mrs. Olive left a 1 cafe shs^ol.K"' soon after noon Wednesday to, bill downtown. She had -~~. heard from since, although ^UH police force had* beeft watch for her. £SS&£SSVS~ sa. r -± 5 ±'',.!rg; i=?^jrah.s| ^ "S^o;™ ™* which increase the I crops. Fortunately, me B><«>« •••«•*— i -—— -----j- . , our farmers can operate their laughed, drank and businesses on the basis of present | them. ...'.LAST TIMES FRIDAY... *£ JR i c h a r d ^A'RTHELMESS —In"The Last Flight" I .Starts where "Dnwn Patrol" Left Off -With- JO1IN MACK BROWN HELEN CHANDLEK Several Basketball Games Scheduled Her Several games of basketball hav been scheduled for Saturday night be played at the armory, starting about 7 o'clock. One game will be played between Spring Hill'ana 1 PatmoS. Both teams nre strong, and will bring many supporters. • ; .-" Another gnme will be between Emmet and the National Guard team. A third game is being arranged between Columbus and some opponent yet unnamed. Fans who come out for these get their' money's worth. arc faced with the problem of meet- CHICAGO.—A gang of 25 gunmen ing o i d $&{& with low-priced cotton, hi-jackcd 3,500 cases of whisky valued ) flnd wiu fin - " ' -'""—• at $200,000 from two freight cars in Aurora Tuesday afternoon, it was learned Wednesday. The whisky, intended for the New Year's Eve trade, was said to hnve come from Cuba. The gang, armed with machine guns nnd revolvers, left Aurora and sped toward Chicago. Their caravan consisted of eight truck loads of the liquor, convoyed by four limousines. The liquor arrived in Aurora over . , "There is something that h.gh-speed ^ inde btedness he said: fi yin g in war times does to a man "Those who are heavily in debt that changes the course of his whole e problem of meet- jjf e) " say Mr. Saunders. "His nerves th low-priced cotton, arc shattered. His life, far above the exceedingly difficult ear th where ordinary mortals live, has . y acc limate himself to it. , He canno t fit himself into the olc the Chicago, Burlington and Qumcy railroad. It had been sent from Key West, Fin., to the Aurora Distributing Company, a fictitious concern. The consignment was labeled "shrimps. The two freight cars containing the shipment were standing on a spur line rcduce expenses to a satisfactory been a succe ssion of thrills. Imagine pomt . Being in debt is no new situa- tiorii but under the present exchange basis many farmers cannot repay and he is tnrus t back into the ordin- tne ir debts, and a recalculation of in- ary rout j ne o f life. He cannot pos- debtedness should be made, particular- ]y w h e n the farmer is doing a good ]y wnen tne larmer is UUUIB u __,>~- » He cann ot III nimsen mw "«= ««• job of farming. groove, complacently sit at a desk or "Those who hold mortgages against y^^j, He _ s s t.H vibrant with surg- farms operated by good farmers will do themselves—and the farmers as j well—a good turn if they will make | rcalculations of. the old debts, settl-1 ing upon the basis of present low prcies. A godo farmer on a piece of land with which he is thoroughly acquainted knows beter than anyone how that land should be farmed. UCIIUU1J& »»»,7. «w,7 — drinking bouts. Before it ended, however, I am sure they realized that in her own unique way Nikki was trying- to help them back to sanity. If the note of tragedy comes to their lives— t is only the natural accompaniment of suc h tragic surroundings. That the theater-going public will love them all, as the reading public did—I have no d'oubt-and as I loved them myself." "The Last Flight" gives Mr. Barthelmess his most appealing role. The girl Nikki is played with inimitable gaiety and tenderness by Helen Chandler The buddies are portrayed by John Mack Brown, David Manners, Walter Byron and Elliott Nugent. William Dieterle directed. "The Last Flight" touches a new phase of lite. It's uproariously human sequences are suffered with the tragedy which must accompany any true picture dealing with any phase o£ war. . nerv ous energy. Something in him -, Mnniw'a Worth Uot MOttey S Worm DENVER.—When little Regina McCutcheon, 11, goes to the movies, she 1I1U IWU JlU-ifeiii- *•«•« • « H ««....~— ,«-J ^UWIlUUi*, "I 0~ . t_ _«« shipment were standing on a spur line e i<.e how that land should be farmed. {s to sec all she can f or her mon- awmtinfi unloading at the Thompson In connection with recalculation o£ T ^^ dcsir( , cause d police to look o.- „„,! Tr^it Comnanv when debts, there should also be a read- ' . for u er a t the request Saturday— BOB S T E E L E The Screen's Daredevil Cowboy The Nevada Buckaroo Rent It! Buy It! Find It! Sell It! With HOPE STAR WANT ADS The more you tell, The quicker you sell. 1 insertion, lOc per Hn» minimum 30c 3 insertions, 7c per line, minimum 50c 6 insertions, Gc per line, minimum $1.00 26 insertions, 5c p'er line, minimum $4.00 (Average 5V4 words to the line)' NOT E—Want advertisements accepted over tho telephone may be charged with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation ot statement, the day of first publication. Phone 768 torage and Transit Company when ic gunmen appeared 1 . A half dozen mployes ot the Thompson concern were "forced into a rear room and ocked up. Then' the gang spent a lalf hour loading up the trucks. News of the hi-jacking reached Cni- ago as federal agents reported that jootlcggers were prepared to sell alcohol for New Year's Eve at the lowest prices since the advent of prohibition. , justment of taxes. a over o of her mother. The little girl had j u.9i,ii*b»w «» -—--—— — Q* ficr uiuwici • •»• **^ »»»*•*- s_>— management of inefficient farmers . ^ ^ ghow and had seen four will gradually be .transferred to other *-. te performances, occupingmore owners, for it will be impossible for ^P ^ hours Her mother became " a " * . at a reasonable hour. Police found her in a front box in the show. Two, who made motion- picture history! The cheapest and safest commercial college in the state is the Four States Commercial College, Tcxurkuna. Write for our terms. By J. W. Hi". Mgr. 31 P- FOR RENT FOR RENT—Newly finished house, apply A. D. Middlebrooks. Phone 6UB 607, i" 310 Three homes, close in for rent or sale at a bargain. See L. M. Boswelt. l-3tp. Newspapers Ask If Gandhi to Ride Bicycle BOMBAY.— (/P) —Newspapers here Wednesday eagerly asked the question: Will Mahatama Gandhi soon be seen riding along the streets of Bombay on a bicycle? The Mahatma, they said, brought a bicycle from London when he returned from the round 1 table conference this week. The Times of India wondered wneln- er "the public is to be given a treat by seeing the tiny Hindu leader, in his loin cloth, pedalling a bike with his skinny, unclad legs while Miss Slade his disciple, mounts another ;md Madame Naidu brings up the rear on a third. If the Mahalma does go in for this form ot exercise, it was pointed out, ho will violate his well-known rule against machinery and mechanical contrivances. Distress Hits Aurochs; Zoo Sends Relief Fund FRANKFORD-AM-MAlN-WJ-Re- icf for the European bison, or aurocn, hreiitcned by extinction, has come a a contribution by the New York /oologicul Society to the International Association fcir thu Preservation ol Aurochs. The association embraces « countries. , Only Germany, England, Hollana u.id Poland have a few scattered specimens of the animals. an inefficient farmer in debt to live I «»£ meed "Vhen"she"' faiTed to return through the conditions which will I alarmed we . „ 1S __ ,.„,„,, prevail for the next few years." As to the outlook of farming fro young people, the dean said: "The next several years offer young men and women very encouraging opportunities to make beginnings in rural affairs. Lands are cheap and CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—For the firs time in history, the Henry Drape m edal for research work in physic For All Stenographic Work '" Call •••••• , • -A°J CLARICE CANNON Tfie First National Bank Building , Phones 205-543 Otfice NoV servXry. She has listed hundreds of housand y s of stars in her w?"* has classified *em according tojh«r spectroscopic records, and i was o that she. wa sum* "•*****• *— this intricate work awarded the medal. will remain so for many years. Other commodities necessary for farm opera- lion have declined in price and will no doubt have further reductions. The outlay for making an initial investment for a farm and its equipment is at a point now, and probably will remain so for many years, where it will be profitable for young people to cast their lots with farming, with the view of growing along with prosperous times and increased pricts." DARWIN STORE . Pickles SYSTE STORES J *• ^ LOCALLY'OWNEDAND OPERATED "NEW YEAR'S GREETINGS" Soliciting Your 1932 Grocery Trade Arid Offering ;* '^ Quality—Price and Appreciation Oranges FOR REN T—Bedroom adjoining bath. 320 South Elm St. FOR RENT—Front bedroom, adjoining bath. Close in. Mrs. H. C. Whitworth. Phone 505-W. 31-31 FOR RENT—Nicely furnished apart ment, adjoining bath, garage, reason able. 104 South Main. WANTED Rent in Hugs Rock Island Road to Change Schedule Memphis, El Dorado and Little Rock to Be Effected by Change LITTLE ROCK.— (ff) —Discontinuance of a Little Rock fast passenger train between here and Memphis and the addition of a train between here and" Hot Springs was announced Friday by the Rock Island railroad, effective January 10. The running time of the two trains between here and El Dorado will be reduced 15 minuios and the running time of the Memphis-Californian, between here and Memphis will be shortened 20 minutes. Atlantic University Goes Into Bankruptcy WANTED—Chevrolet or Ford Coup will trade Piano, Radio, Victrola of equal value. Bensberg Music Co., opposite Post Office. 31-3tc. WANTED—Buff Orphington hatch- .ig eggs. Must be from good stock. Will pay premium above market price. Bruemar Hatchery, Texarkana. ArVi. *r -SAENQERr- S1JNDAY AN» MONDAY SERVICES OFFERED:—Your expert foul specialist Dr. C. B. Bledsoe Chiropodist, using modern methods to remove corns, bunions, callouses and in- ! growing nails, is back at Patterson's' Department Store. 30-ltp EL PASO—As a landlord, Earl R. Geschwind is a good lover, Mrs. Amelia Santoscoy believes. In a suit brought against him by Jose Santos- coy, Mrs. Santosloy testified in court thai Geschwind came to collect the rent. When she told him she could not pay at the time, he tried to collect the rent in hugs and kisses. The hugs he elapsed around her daughter, she said, and the kisses were forced on Cannon Miranda, a hairdresser. Hot Ice Box MIAMI Fla.-Can you imagine an ice box jjelting hot enough to catch on fire? Well, one here did. and two fire engines were called out in the early morning to subdue the flame. Instead of keeping cool Ikie it should have the machine got hot under the collai when its motor jammed, allowing elec tricit yto How through it until insu lation'was scorched away. "Dozen" Lemons NOTICE NOTICE—T-ine and rep»'r vour iano at reduced prioe. Bensbergs Co.. Second aud Walnut. 31-Glc. RED WING. Minn.—Mrs. M. Buchholz has a lemon tree that produces "dozen-in-one" lemons. The fruit of this tree is so nimed for its size, The Itmons weigh about a pound and u half, as compared with the rodinary tour-ounce N O R F OL K, Va.—(/P)—Immediate discontinuance of Atlantic University, established in 1930 at Virginia Beach, was authorzed Wednesday for the pro- ecton of creditors by R. T. Thorp, eferee in Bankruptcy. Discontinuance was recommended by Percy S. Stephenson who was named receiver of the institution several days ago. Dr. William Moseley Brown, pres- dent, announced that an attempt will ae made to transfer the students, lumbering approximately 150, to other institutions of their own choice. It was learned here that Morton H. Blumenthal and Edwin B. Blumenthal. New York financers, who were instrumental in establishnig the university, do not intend to give further aid to the institution since they severed connection some time ago. Powerful Microscope SAN DIEGO, Cal.—Dr. Royal Raymond Rife has announced the completion of what is claimed to be the mos powerful microscope in the world. I magnifies objects 17,000 times aud uses quartz prisms to break up Igiht waves It reveals many bacteria heretofor invisible, and will be of great aid ii combating hiseases. The instrumen WHS in tlw makUig tw U years. Texas Grapefr'it Dining Car and Sunnybrook Coff Meal Full Cream— Wisconsin No. 1— Pound Apricots Van Camp's— No. Can— 2 For Hominy Catsup Egs Our^Bargain Counter" 4 Sewed—Green Straw Good Weight Brooms 55 oz. Package Oats Coffe Lard gif —Nn. 2 can tic Pears-No. 2<A can. 17c Salmon— Chum........lOc Fig Bars— 2 Ibs. ...... 23c Oodles of Other Special—Come In Salt— 2 pkgs ........... 5c Low 1932 Specials For Saturday Low 1932 Specials For Saturday HAMS CHEESE Morrell's-10 to H Lb. Average-Found SLAB BACON PORK SHOULDER Sliced Bacon Pork Ham Roast SLICED SPARE RIBS LIVER CHILI LIVER BOLOGNA FRANRFORTS

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