Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 1, 1932 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 1, 1932
Page 2
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I cttdll^f jte £0* a—j- R*T™^ HeWs* published herein. is htteln are also reserved, made for all . ! departed. • jy.5»» wimo to protect TB^ Star disclaims manuscripts. fey modem t thrduut , t **** f^ 8 * SfweaaanaaA which . $&&,"** -i> 1? Hafipitgad; Nevada, counties, HflO jjjer tfur, elsewhere TVStar'. flatfera ci"«"; to fll», a^31m^oty«I sanitary conAttoftt IH jokebook there is no perennial any . . a,bo^t New Year's resolutions. ,cJOaes, .each man (according to the joke- ^p't^^Iff?'j S °\.? s ^ aauar y opens, r he is full wiJFbe a paragon"of all of t i. f « . • • t«f#£ Mf» -<* ^9»rje, Jies in the fact that a i^backSniail of, ih,e $$ r,ute. Nothing is more *n to a r\ t *fy vows of the aawning y,ear. No r you (turn over a' new leaf, you soon - same^ojd jage^vi,th all the thumb f New Y.ear;s ; reso- )"t ,6f rriaking 1 them siding of-f and looking a moment of objective or- even the most saintjy, (f je^-between, wJmt we are and what we ought cases, the gap is fairly wi^e. But we are not feev ffom"forgetting that that gap wji9,,in all ages, has'.drawn man- emnation. New Year's resolulaqns .ar.en'it .entirely wasted. a ?ter more or less Jetfisearching, and pres- >^ran, t %p!d in a little while it is as if we had &of W ei S?' b^-SP 0116 residue is left with us, and >y u, if only slightly. $Te .cornpel ourselves to ad-a. year, .that we are ,not s^ft fine fellows as we £ & pretend. ThaiMmis^op, if it does nothing p/omotes a healthful humility. ' for any kind of sinner except a com- Carelessness $,^pre.than IgO people were killed in accidents istmas holiday in the United States empha- again, m a tragjc manner, the amazing careless- American people. ia' .-, aJame.when.only the, Fourth of July brought very large accident toll— and that was largely due to fire- Now, however, any holiday is certain to inyolye an ex- Aumber of casualties ; ^a'nd the deaths are from varied fr 0 mauto accidents down to gurisjiot wounds! ''What is the Answer -to it, anyway? Are we, as a people, ty foo 8^uj)i4 to handle ourselves properly whenever we a day off? Does the holiday spirit make us forget to % usual safeguards? The m^n who can find a way to t t^e steady increase in holiday fatalities will be a b«nefactor. Problem to se,e why the jPostoffice. Department would like ,^, m , T ^e the name of the town of 3anta Glaus, Ind. The p^has a population of less than a hundred, but its annual "* »*"<">", It to get a bulk of Christmas mail greater than .r-nm.-. ,mny tljm$s its 9\ZQ ever see, Handling this extra }-every j?ear is a nuisance and an expense; a methodical kwiaato,. general can hardly be burned for wanting a 'develops that the people of Santa Claus are al- iQjjsly opposed to any change; and that, it seems rgftt,to he that, After all, the people of a town have T'eaJl Weir town by any name that seems good If the people of Santa Glaus Ijke the name they be flowed to keep it, Japan's War Machine 5_ ppint to rememher in studying the move- Japanese arniy in aijdftbout Manchuria, is -e war department operates under a set-up tt of Any other modern nation Jots Around Shover Happy New Year to all. Christmas in this vicinity passe4 .oyer very nicely. The fine weather after so many day;? of rain was certainly hailed with joy for {hat day. The roads have been very bad in places but all passable except one near Earlie McWilliam's which stopped the mail carrier on Route 2, going through with his .car. Ray Rogers substituted on horseback and we see our mail everyday. Mr. Petre has been on the route again for a few days. Thad Vines is moving to the Mrs. Ella Hodnett farm. ! Oppie Karber had'the ill lucjc to get a shoulder out of place last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Sanford were made happy Christmas day by having all of the children home for the day, .the .only ones not present were tfyeir son Silas and family and son,-in-law [J."B.'.'.Gray." Earlie McWilliams and family and Mrs. Dora Alderspn spent .Christmas .with Mr. and Mrs. Silas L. Sanford and daughter, Darleen in Hope. A- targe crbwd gathered at the P. P. Otwell home Christmas night for another' of thq§e jolly good tinjes that the young folks and the family enjoy §o much. A party was given at each .of the named places recently: Mr. Mitchells, Thad Vipes, Darl Arnold arid .^George Kar,bers, all report a nice time. Mr., and Mrs. Joe Dorethy spent the day at George McMilliaris, Tuesday. Mrs. Nellie Leach was a Monday morning called at H. B. Sanfords. Sid Thomas who has spent several days at the Farmer home returned to Hope Saturday. Leo Farmer has been on the sick list for some time, but not bed fast. • Mrs. J. R. Gray called on Mrs. Karber and Mrs. Jordan Monday afternoon. Mable and Verle Rogers of Hope spent Thursday night with their aunt, Mrs. Adell Sanford, Miss Manry Rogers accompanied them home for a short visit. Harold Sanford and family spent from Christmas evening until Sunday evening visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Camp and family of Hinton an dat Hamp Huetts, near Patinos. Mr. Karber has moved some of his out door stuff to the place near Rocky Mound where they will live the coming year. Milton Caudle and family attended the funeral of his father at Bodcaw Monday. Mrs. J. R. Gray spent Wednesday night with her sister, Miss Pauline J. Stanford in Hope. Harold Sanford and family spent Wednesday night with A. A. Rogers and family in Hope. Mrs. Emma Bearden spent Christmas day at H. B. Sanfords. Womnn, Sheriff Jailed iu Bank Robbery Probe PORTLAND, lnd.-(^p)-The arrest of a woman lent impetus Wednesday to investigation of an aliened conspiracy in which Sheriff Ira Barton of Blackford cpurity is" charged witli complicity in robbery of three Eastern Indiana banks. Mrs. Hazel Green, 45, pf Munc.ie, surrendered to Delaware county authorities and was brought ,tp the Jay county jail here, where >?heriff Barton also is held. They Will be ques- .tipned by representatives of the' state bureau of criminal identification. Both maintained! their nnocence and Bar- .ton termed the charges a "frameup." .' '..-' ..a»J«> . — r— — • Help! Murder! j i -r-' j- ( JACK SON yiLLE, Fk,— "Help! There's a* murder being committed /IgTit outside my house," a woman's frantic voice cam eoyer the phone and into' th,e ear of Lieut. Sylvester ' Wr-! rlsh. Police Tyere dispatched to-'^e '"crime." v Arriving on the scene the only person they saw was a motorist in whose car a radio was going -wUh volume turned on full force. The woman had heard part of an exciting rad^o program and thought Jnurdervvas being committed'. ' _ ..-. --.. ....... The word "pajamas' comes from a Hindustani word mearning "jejg. Big Sno.wstorm Sweeps Over Nebraska Prairies OMAHA, Neb.—(/p)—A heavy snowstorm Wednesday was sweeping Western Nebraska's prairie, tying up highway and air mail traffic and delaying .trains. All highways and country roads in that .section of the state vv'er.e blocked by snow drifts. Although temperatures had not fallen below the freezing point at noon, stockmen feared a heavy loss in cattle" and sheep. Because of the mild December weather, preparations had not been made for st,brrns. The storm was general over the Nebraska panhandle. A wet snow which .commenced falling Tuesday night blanketed General" Squth' Dakota toa depth of about 4 inches at noon Wednesday. A slight wind blew from the "northwest. Although the snow was tpp wet to drift, ,highway -traffic..was slo\ved by slippery surfaces and poor visibility. Two Men Are Hurt in Laboratory Explosion WASHINGTON-^)—Explosion of a detonator in a bombproof shelter at trteiuyar.rese.arch laboratory Wednesday afternoon injured two men, one severely. They were taken to a naval hospital. ._.-„- ^,- Power, the premier and Parliament epntjmiQus control over the Actions of their Tijrough hysteria or incompetence they may ° control, of course—as actually happened in 18&B fountries when the World War was Jgpily they are in complete charge. The army is answerable only The singing Memnon was a statue in Egypt which gave out musical note when the sun rose in the morning and as it set at night. After the statue was tipped over it no longer sang. Good News For Hope Williams' Laboratories have arranged to have a man in your town who will tell you about WILLIAMS FORMULAE, the New Formulae that those who have been fortunate to get a bottle are so enthusiastic about. This Formulae is available in this community for the first time. (Jet your bottle now and see for yourself what wonderful results it produces. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money refunded. GET BACK YOUR PEP . YOU KNOW THAT "WONDERFUL FEELING" Recommended for stomach, liver and kidney disorders covering dyspepsia, biliousness, gassy stomach, distress, chronic constipation, sick headache, neuritis, neuralgia, rheumatism, lame back ana general weakness. Keec y$ur stomach, liver and kidneys fcesfthy and nature will do th# rest. CU4 a bottle today from & SOW, ~ An All-Expense Week-End Vacation in Little Rock Just $8,00 for Two, or $4.50 for One Including All Expenses 1. The Albert Pike Hotel offers you an ideal week-end vacation in the capitol city. On arrival you may purchase the special week-end card entitling you to— 2. Room (twin beds if preferred) and private bath. 3. Car storage in Albert Pike Garage. 4. 5-course dinner in main dining room Saturday night. 5. Dance tickets, Silver Slipper, 609 Main Street, Little Rock's newest ball room—or— 6. Theatre tickets to the leading theatres. 7. Breakfast in Coffee Shop Sunday morning, or Continental breakfast served in. ro9m. 8. Table d'hote luncheon in main dining room Sunday The above accommodations and entertainment for two $8.00. For one, just $4.50. Please do us this favor- T«i avoid delay on arrival, wrj^e ojr wire lor advance reservations and mention, "Special Wwk-.«nd v*£3«n? Address communication, Attention Seventh and Scott SUe»ts Little Rock Arkansas W. T. ($%) gRJGCS, minf Body ut'Amy SuitA f OL» '^Iriaod-^-S c 6 nt y s\vimmlng *ults 5re r,o\v forbidden in competitldHS In the \vest of England, under a dCbliloH by the Western Counties SMfemlng assorintion. These IhdtiiST backless suits and those with cut-away aides. "The real trouble," on offlolnl explained. "is In club faces and open competitions at club galas. "Some of the costumes I have seen ore positively Indecent. This is bad for the sport and If not remedied will do much damage. Officials enforcing the law are often abused for doing their duty,' 1 ' AhoUipr official said men and women Were equnlly culpable. Nor.te Dame'Type Teams See Winning Grid Year SOUTH BEND, Ind.-(XP)-The football season of 1931 in the "Notre Dame conference" — major schools coached by Norte Dame alumni— was u season of victories dimmed by losses. The 20 leading schools coached by Notre Dame men won 107 games, the same number as last year. But there is a diference in the number of games lost. Defeats in 1931 total 70, a dozen more than last year. There were H ties this year, eight less than last year. _ Chicago Win* . who has the reputation of bclftg the "crueUst jfcBigstor" in Chicago, was freed Wednesday on charges of slaying his wife, Mrs. Elfriedn Miller Me- Erlane, whose bullet riddled body wns found in his autpmqbile. An Investigation failed to ling McErlane with the killing, Assistant State's Attorney Harry Dilchburne announced as he asked that the cnse be dismissed in felony court. Chimneysweep Mayor LONDON.— The new Mayor of Bethnal Qreen, H. Brooks, has been a chimneysweep all his life and, at the age of (M, has no intention of dropping his trade. Brooks has been a member of the borough council ever since it was formed in 1900. and has had the ambition to be mayor for years. He learned to sweep chineys from his father at the nge of 12, and it is the only trade he has known. Whitney K. Cast was crowned the Indiana potato king with a yield of 506 bushels to the MCI p. the S<*» Is aujh the follotvlnir cmw *c»lon of the Democrat!* 1 (Ion AtiftHt I, 1032: HBWSfTEAD" C( For She SIMON M. SUTTOrf, Druggist, Hone, Amateur Advice Destroy* CHlCAGO.~(#)-WalcoU Chicago negro, once a m* boxing threat, was a good ,, cause he took advice in lh« rlri But he took advice once too.O Troubled with an eye inft, Langford related his trouble* ',1 aged negress. She advised a i application. Now Longford is ly blind. Following her advice! stroyed his sight He makes a living selling pag*f boxing shows and still retain* cheerful, sunny disposition. COLDS THAT DEVELOP . ' Crowley Hits Emphasis of Football Detractors LANSING, Mich.- (#>) -Too much emphasis on over-emphasis is the only thing wrong with football, says Coach Jim Crowley of Michigan State. Crowley says persons who never played football shouldn't meddle with it. "Football players don't go around rapping other games or businesses of which they know nothing" he says. "Then why should outsiders try to tell the public about football? "There can't be much wrong with a game that has millions of fans excited from September to January " PenUttnt cough* and cold* lead to •erious trouble. You cain stop them now •with Cieomulsion, an emulsified creosote that is pleasant to uke. Creomulsionisfl new medica) discovery with two-iold action; it soothes and heals the inflamed membranes and inhibit* germ growth. Of all known drugs, creosote is recognized by high medical authorities as one of the greatest healing agencies {91 persistent coughs and colds and other forms of throat troubles. Creomulsion contains, in addition to creosote, other healing elements which soothe and heal the infected membrane* and atop the irritation Wt&i Inflammation, while the creosote gMt< on to the stomach, is absorbed into thft_ blood, attacks the seat of the trouble' and checks the growth of the>germi. ' Creomulsion is guaranteed utf«f«6>" lory.in the treatment of persistent, coughs and colds, bronchial asthma, bronchitis and other forms of resplrai' lory diseases, and is excellent f?« building up the system after colds or flu, Money refunded if any cough b# cold, no matter of how long standing. Is not relieved after taking according to directions. Ask your druggist (ad».f TttccQHaH M coLo Happy New Year The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea (Co. takes this opportunity to extend to ail their Friends and Patrons, Greetings for the year 1932. Pillsbury's Verigpod Flo ur 48 **•** Aunt Jemima's Pancake FLOUR 2 P 1 N K SALMON Tall CansV4 Pure Cane s 20 Lbs. FANCY Winesap Apples lOc Doz 15c Texas Seedless Grape Fruit 6 Fo 25c 9| Fancy Yellow fiUtabag 7 Del Monte Pineapplfr-Slked or Crushed-No. 2 can Sultana Red Beans 4 16 oz. cans Fig Bars—2 Ibs. 25c Rabton's Food—Pkg .21c Quart Mustard 15c Q. M. Catsup—14 oz. bottle 15c Dried Apricots—2 Ibs 27c Scott's Toilet Tissue—3 rolls 25c Pacific Toilet Tissue—3 rolls 13c Grape Juice—pint 18c Shrdedde Wheat—pkg 10c Dill or Sour Pickles—Jar 19c Queen Anne Mince Meat- Sparkle Defert—3 pkgs.... Eagle Brand Milk—can Del Monte Raisins—pkg.... Cream of Wheat—pkg Rice Krispies—pkg Navy Beans—3 Ibs lona Corn—No. 2 can String Beans—-No. 2 can .... lona Peas—No. 2 can Bulk Macaroni or Spaghetti pound Quaker Maid BEANS 1G Oz. Cans 23c Campbell's SOUP Asst. Cans 'I A&P COFFEE —Supreme—• 8 O'CLOCK—lb 19c RED CIRCLE—Ib, 25c BOKAR—Ib 29c WHITE HOUSE MILK 3 Tall of 6 Small cans Grandmottu BREA 16 025. Loaf BEEF Round Steak Lb 19c Decker's Tall Korn Breakfast Bacon Lb 17c Pol Pork Steak Pound SHANKLESS PICNIC HAMS CHUCK ROAST-Beef or Veal Pork Shoulder ROAST ENP GUT$—^ lOc FIRST 100% Pwe Sausag Lb IQc 13c | Bnlk Shortening ^i ~" MJMMIIIMMMIIMNm 4 to y Found Average-Lb. pound SEVEN STi Povwd 13c Shoulder CLOD ROAST "> 15e

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